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History Repeats Series

Gilded Age To Contraction To Progressive Age 1998 -- 2015


These series presents the concepts and the unfolding of U.S. transfor-mation during these first two decades of the new Millennium. 


lThe United States Through Its Planetary Cycles Part I,  Part II   12/2004  A detailed analysis of the U.S. chart from Independence in 1776 through 2008. 

lThrough The Second Gilded Age  12/2007  The ending of the gluttonous Second Gilded Age and the beginning of the Millennium Contraction is predicted.

l Global Economic Outlook Into 2012 And Beyond  11/2009  The first two of seven predictions  1. To the spring of 2010 will be a roller coaster of major economic swings that will end on the downside.  2. The next 12 months to the spring of 2011 will show improvement, recouping some previous losses.

lThrough The Millennium Contraction  7/2010  Timing and nature of the Millennium Contraction.

lMillennium Contraction -- Migrations  7//2010  Examines population shifts arising from Millennium contraction and global warming.

lHas The Second Progressive Age Begun?  12/2012  Suggests Obama's second win alerts to an early start of the Second Progressive Age.

Special Sections


Whirlwind Summer And Fall 2013 

Every decade or so 10 to 11 the worst malefic planets -- Saturn and Rahu -- conjoin.  Head-of-the-dragon eclipse point, Rahu, dislodges Saturn's fixed structures.  In the Mideast, these conjunctions match major changes there seven times since World War !! --  1945 King Oil, 1956 Suez Crisis...


Predicting 9-11

In the article Prophets Of Doom, the author states, "Yet it’s easy to say such things with the benefit of hindsight.  The fact is, any practitioner of mundane astrology — which entails the study of societal forces — worth his or her salt should have spotted the danger before the events of September 11 took place.  Yet only a handful actually did this — at least publicly.  One astrologer who did was Doug Riemer, a practitioner of Indian, or Vedic, astrology."



You're Crossing


On That?

At the height of the Millenium Contrction in the spring of 2010, this journey examines America's transformation.


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In-depth Forecasts Of Enduring Value

7/2003 Commentary -- Of Philosophy, Politics & Astrology (Spiritual Citizenship and Vedic Predictions) 

Bush's deceitful Iraq invasion, osten- sibly to restore the Garden, must cause his fated downfall. 


5/2004 The Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction -- A New Twenty Year Era

Jupiter and Saturn are the planetary of social evolution.  Their double-decade conjunction maps upcoming eras.  Labor without borders is key to the 20 year era ending in 2020.


2/2005 The First Baby-Boomers  Yogas are special combinations, and here's one for those born right after WWII,

"If Saturn is in Cancer while Rahu is in Taurus, the native will be very liberal, will enjoy numerous yogas, i.e. will reach a very high state in life, will be famous, will be chief of his race and will marry many women."

Donald Trump


2/2007 Culmination In The Mideast 

Four major Mideast nations charts are afflicted by Rahu/Ketu.  Three are hit by this March's eclipses.  March must begin a culmination of karma.

(Note:  The Arab Spring began in 2010.)


8/2008  U.S. Psychology 

This mix of optimism, wisdom, wealth and mystical paranoia is a spicy mix. 

These qualities mix into distinctly different recipes as the planetary karmas ebb and flow.


What Happened To Clovis Culture  2/2009

We must go forward to survive, just as our Clovis Culture ancestors did.   Certainly the God Of Materialism must die, for that belief system has been the underlying cause of the challenges we face today. 

Change results from out-of-the-box thinking, not old thinking.  If those Clovis spear points were still useful, we would lacing them to sticks of wood to make spears, not letting them get dusty in museums.


2/2010  Bankers -- Economic Terrorists 

As in the nineteenth century, the bankers are economic terrorists.   They hold our money deposited in trust with them, and they gamble it away to our loss. 

Unlike other industries, which are supported by limited financial interests, banks are financed by everyone.  When they lose, the entire population suffers.


10/2010  Living In The Past 

Everyone lives in the past in one way or another.  It anchors us against storms but can get usstuck.  Cattle can't graze in one spot for long.


1/2011 Astrology's Zodiac Is Debunked 

Western Astrology's disconnection from the heavens makes it wrong on its face. How can a planet be in two different places? In the old shell game, the pea can only be under only one shell.


2/2012  2012Mayan Calendar End 

There will always be people in any society who want to believe -- and thereby, they do!  Indulging in delusions does not solve problems and diverts energy from basic lifestyle changes. We must have cool heads to think objectively, analyzing bonafide information.... to fit our old square pegs into new round holes.



4/2012  Unhappy Easter 

I saw nothing happy about Easter when the minister sonorously nailed home Jesus' message of death by the Jews and resurrection to save us sinners!   Wait, I cringed. I didn't do anything bad. I'm only seven!


10/2012 After The World does Not End  (Or -- Life Is Long, Except When It's Short)

The turtle in a whirlpool spins down around and around to murky depths. Death knocks on his door.  He must breathe. Life is suddenly short! Struggling for oxygen, life then becomes the great and only treasure.


1/2013  Arrest The Wall Street Bankers 

Obama deferred on pro-secuting Bush administration officials.  He didn't prosecute any senior Wall Street bankers who wrecked the economy.


Adam Smith

9/2014  Economics As Moral Philosophy & The Second Gilded AgeRobber Barons  

Economics is a fairly new term, replacing its original meaning as a branch of Moral Philosophy.

Most basically, economics is the ethical allocation of resources in society.


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