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August 27

August's Karmic Onslaught Continues

Friday evening's events expressed the dual heavy of Saturn's station (end retrograde) and Mars conjoining Rahu -- hurricane Harvey's landfall and Trump's news dump, Trump gives new meaning to the Friday night news dump, enraging his critics.

Thus far, the all-important Moon has not been involved.  Starting tomorrow morning the Moon will transit into it's fallen (weak) sign of Scorpio.  That will unleash more destructive karma from the storm and in response to Trump's antics.  The Moon will remain in Scorpio until Wednesday mid afternoon.  Hold tight.

This is certainly interesting, published last night at 10:47 PM, Trump’s business sought deal on a Trump Tower in Moscow while he ran for president.


August 30

August's Karmic Onslaught Finale

The July 28 entry August's Karmic Onslaught Looms stated "An eclipse is like a sinkhole. So, when planets cross the eclipse point at 4:46 Leo, events occur.  This happens September 2, when Mercury and Mars conjoin at that point."

Look to Trump again -- for the fifth time -- bowing to the planetary karmas, letting his aggressive nature exert itself. 



September 4, 2017

Interpretation -- August's Karmic Onslaught

Let's update the August 24 entry to include the entire month. Major Truump faux pas resulted from the lunar eclipse, Mercury turning retrograde, the solar eclipse and Saturn turning forward

The August 24 entry made a key interpretive comment, "Trump's reflexive attacks are symptomatic of how vulnerable he is now."  A key word here, of course, is vulnerable.  Trump is emotionally drained by restrictive Saturn sitting on his already frail emotional Moon -- for the third time. since last December.  Thereby, all counter-puncher Trump can do now is reflexive attacks.

With all these faux pax, one can state Trump has indeed been knocked down during August and will be thereby even more severely harmed in September.  And Saturn will continue to pound his Moon into late October when it finally leaves Scorpio -- when he would be thrown out.


Trump -- The Hollow Man

All ego and no soul

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Febuary 3, 2017


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September 15

Hurricanes -- Foreseen And Unforeseen

Some natural events can be foreseen with pretty solid reliability, and The Celestial Wheel has a track record for hurricane predictions. 

This year's solar eclipse was in Leo, a fire sign -- forest fires fit but not hurricanes.  Hurricanes are sometimes unforeseen. The top ten hurricanes don't hold a pattern of planetary karmas.  Yet sometimes, considering water signs and malefics -- Rahu, Saturn and Mars (the god of storms) -- does work as I was correct in 2008 and 2012 -- even last year.

The August 12, 2017 entry Potpourri stated, As for hurricanes, it doesn't appear they will hit this summer.  The fall, though, could bring a hurricane, and the first week in October looks dangerous... The hurricane season for the U.S. is not yet over.

Consider September 2008 -- after the August 1 solar eclipse hit Rahu in (watery) Cancer.  Hurricane Ike hit Galveston and shut down Houston oil refineries -- and the 2008 financial crisis began, ushering in the Millennium Contraction.

Hurricanes and financial crashes sometimes occur in tandem mid August to did October. Then, the Sun passes through Leo and Virgo, the ninth house of fortune. The ninth has weak foundation, bringing stress. Upcoming hurricane activity can again occur with a financial markets meltdown.


Sepember 17

Venus Approaches The Eclipse Sinkhole

The solar eclipse location created a karmic sinkhole.  Venus will cross the orb of the eclipse sinkhole beginning later today and ending midday on Tuesday, September 19.

It's impossible to know what may happen, but results must be negative. Venus is a watery planet.  Is possible the two Atlantic tropical storms -- Maria and Joseph -- will cause problems within the next few days. Other disasters can occur.

The solar eclipse hit Trump's warrior Mars and Ascendant point (body, self) hard.  Also Saturn sits on his emotional public Moon. This weakens the mind.  There's the health hazard prediction too from Mars and the Moon -- head and heart.  Weakened in August, he's knocked down in October may very well be thrown out.


September 24

Trump's Full-Speed-Ahead Jupiter Dasa Rammed By

Hurricane Transits

It seems so long ago that The Celestial Wheel first examined the Heavy Summer/Fall Transits -- June 8, 2017. That entry purposely, though mysteriously, began with a Primer On Vedic Transits.

That entry stated, Truly heavy transits, however, can overwhelm even the best Dasa. A tornado can sink your boat, though you may be able to pump it out to float again.  This is what haunts Trump now.

He is running now his tremendous Jupiter Dasa, the planet of expansion, luck and fortune but transits are overwhelming -- first knocking Trump down in August and then his being thrown out by the end of October. The June 8 entry explained that too, adding that the still new Rahu Dasa in the U.S. chart the country is transformed in the most basic ways in a Second Progressive Age.

Not only is Trump's fighting Mars blocked, and his body too, but also Saturn sits on his emotional public Moon.  This weakens the mind and restricts his ability influence the public.  Of course, there's the often repeated health hazard prediction too from Mars and the Moon -- head and heart.  Weakened in August and now this month, he's knocked down and by the end of October may very well be thrown out.


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