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U.S. Psychology

August 7, 2008



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U.S. Psychology


     Vedic Astrology's predictive model, as compared with Western Astrology's psychological one, suggests that Vedic doesn't measure the mindset of a person or country.  This is untrue, for Vedic Astrology readily unveils the chart's desires, courage, fears, anger, jealousy, objectivity, (or lack thereof), mental acuity, selfishness (and the opposite, selflessness), greed, compassion, altruism, benevolence..  all the factors that make up human behavior, which is what psychology is.  For example, a prediction for overcoming a business failure naturally rests upon the lifelong and emerging karmas of talent, wealth and power.  But without including courage, initiative, social skills, etc., a reliable prediction cannot be made. 

     As the greedy and corrupt Second Gilded Age ends November 30, 2008 nearly in tandem with the November 4 general election (President and Congress), the country is at a crossroads.  Will the extreme neoconservative agenda continue, will an equally extreme liberal prevail, or will the people choose leaders dedicated to resolving problems to serve the broader needs of the entire society?  In other words, will the U.S. continue to be prey to its psychological frailties, or will voters select leaders striving for objective analysis and fair decision-making?

     This crossroads concept is fundamental.  As explained in the December 1, 2007 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Through The Second Gilded Age, following this second 10 year greedy Moon planetary cycle (Dasa), the U.S. chart's second * 10 year Mars cycle indicates an economic depression.  This occurred in the nineteenth century -- during the first Moon and Mars cycles.  The first ten year Moon cycle in the 1880s marked the peak of the First Gilded Age.  The following first seven year Mars cycle saw the Financial Panic of 1893 begin the spiraling down that culminated in the worst depression to date.  See, The Depression of 1893 for a thoughtful analysis, which includes looking beyond that depression,

    Hard times intensified social sensitivity to a wide range of problems accompanying industrialization, by making them more severe. Those whom depression struck hardest, as well as much of the general public and major Protestant churches, shored up their civic consciousness about currency and banking reform, regulation of business in the public interest, and labor relations.

     Although nineteenth century liberalism** and the tradition of administrative nihilism that it favored remained viable, public opinion began to slowly swing toward governmental activism and interventionism associated with modern, industrial societies, erecting in the process the intellectual foundation for the reform impulse that was to be called Progressivism in twentieth century America. Most important of all, these opposed tendencies in thought set the boundaries within which Americans for the next century debated the most vital questions of their shared experience. The depression was a reminder of business slumps, commonweal above avarice, and principle above principal.


(*Planetary cycles are the heart of Vedic Astrology.  Each of the 9 Vedic planets has a cycle lasting from 6 to 20 years.  Adding these together gives a total of 120 years.  Obviously, for personal charts, no one completes the cycles of all 9 planets.  However, for a nation chart that was born more than 120 years, ago, as the U.S. was, after the first 120 years cycles set is completed, the nation begins its second cycles-set.  Chart analysis thereby includes looking at what occurred during each of the first 9 planetary cycles to learn how these planets will behave when they are active again in the second set.  For complete information on these cycles, see the December 2, 2004 two part series, The U.S. Through Its Planetary cycles, Part 1 and Part 2.   There more information on the upcoming Mars cycle in the December 1, 2007 Through The Second Gilded Age predicting an economic depression.)

(**Liberalism here is not social liberalism but rather economic liberalism.  This was termed laissez-faire capitalism, denoting no government interference on commerce, like today's neoconservative philosophy.)


The U.S. Chart's Optimism, Wisdom, Wealth & Paranoia

    For many charts, and always for particularly powerful and accomplished individuals and nations, there are definitive planetary dispositions and combinations symbolizing karmas of great potency.  The U.S. chart is one of these.

     Optimism ensues from a great, warm, devoted Jupiter ruling the Ascendant (self) and placed in the seventh house of the other -- partnerships -- and thereby the relationship of individuals to the nation.  From the seventh, Jupiter aspects the first, which binds the nation together so firmly that even the greatest divisions -- like the Civil War -- do not break the Republic. 

     These Jupiterian influences also describe the Constitution, which respects individual and group rights.

     Wisdom also comes from Jupiter, the planet of the higher mind, philosophy and religion.  This signification is cemented by being conjunct the Sun (ruling the ninth house of higher knowledge).

United States

July 4 1776  6:17 PM

Philadelphia, PA

     Wealth results from Jupiter being wealth, ruling the good first house and the fourth house of property and other fixed assets.  This rich Jupiter conjunct a wealthy Sun (ruling the ninth house of wealth) and wealthy Mars (ruling the fifth house of investments) signifies tremendous wealth of many kinds.  (Note: This Mars brings economic loss during its planetary cycle, but during the cycles of the other planets, its wealth signification flourishes.)

     Combining this optimism, wisdom and wealth, Turning lemons into lemonade is the essence of America -- as long as we can beat back the paranoia -- next discussed.

     Paranoia comes from eclipse point Rahu conjunct Mercury in the terrible eighth house of secrets and catastrophes.  That mental Mercury rules the seventh house of relationships and the social nature and the tenth house of the public, makes this a truly societal-wide issue.  Further, as Rahu is the head-of-the dragon eclipse point of a foreign nature, there is a deep distrust, even fear, of other cultures.  (Still, there's also a potent curiosity about foreign things and people.)  Powerful Rahu's influence on mutable Mercury makes Americans anxious and feel under attack, especially when under pressure.  As this does occur from time to time validates the belief, even as it is exaggerated.  Finally, the eighth is the house of mysticism, explaining why America always has religious cults of many kinds, and these often prey on American's fears and distrust of other peoples' and beliefs. 

     As the eighth house is also sexual power and forbidden activities, these cults typically bring those influences in -- and the most conservative political and religious leaders are thereby often caught with their pants down.  Note that cult here is intended to describe all the fringe groups: the evangelical extremists awaiting Armageddon, other doomsday cults, the fascists and other white supremacists, the survivalists, the conspiracy theorists, the fundamentalist Mormons, the Masons, the paranoid NRA, the neoconservatives, the false Indian prophets, and even the hippies, who for a time were protected by the lawless Hells Angels.  What brought these opposing hippies and motorcyle gang together was their shared fear and distrust of authority.  (The Appalachian Christian snake cult is the best.  It dovetails so well with Rahu.) 

     FDR said it best in his first inaugural address in 1932, when the nation was mired in the Great Depression, The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself

     To give a broad estimate of the how widespread America's paranoia is, consider that Mercury and Rahu are two out of the nine Vedic planets, and they are placed in the terrible (because it's terrifying) eighth house.  There are no other evil house placement in the U.S. chart.  2/9 computes to 22%, or a little over one fifth of the population, which not coincidentally is the neoconservative base which still believes in Cheney, Bush and the faked global war on terror.

     This mix of optimism, wisdom, wealth and paranoia is spicy, and as the planetary karmas ebb and flow, these qualities mix into distinctly different recipes.  America's is truly the most abundant and crazily diverse, yet firmly bonded, psychology. 

     Yet, the above discussion is about fated influences, and we do have free will.  In fact, some of these fated influences support free will expression -- as in the example of lawful Jupiter relating to the Constitution.  Understanding the mix of fate and free will is the most challenging task, and perhaps it is best addressed by this somewhat intriguing but typically enigmatic Eastern saying, Fate and free will are two blades of a scissor, and we still do not know which blade operates in cutting the paper.


America's Paranoid Second Gilded Age

     America has clearly been under the spell of its paranoid mysticism during this Second Gilded Age.  The task ahead is for the people and government to shift away from these delusions by using the Jupiter/Sun cycle wisdom.  This is already happening, for the U.S. chart's planetary cycles shifted from Moon/Venus* to Moon/Sun May 31, 2008.  Moon/Sun continues until November 30 -- after the general election -- and thereby characterizes the general campaign and the election.  This planetary cycles shift was explained in detail in the December 1, 2007 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Through The Second Gilded Age.

     The long primary campaigns honed the candidates positions, making them more thoughtful and responsive to the actual situation.  This has continued and accelerated since May 31, when the Moon/Sun planetary cycle began, thereby defining the general election campaign.  Both candidates are smart and generally ethical men, with legitimate differences, though it's truly brilliant and less inexperienced Obama who influences the more experienced McCain.  There have been valid campaign issues, even as there have also been paranoid appeals -- low blows intended to incite rather than inform.  After all, 12% of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim via internet rumors, despite no information this is true. 

     One encouraging campaign issue is that both McCain and Obama have evolved broad-based positions on solving the energy crisis.  Both now support the obvious strategy of using all alternatives, though each has his own mix.  Voters can then choose between two policies that actually address the problem, not Bush-wack it.  Let's hope that the campaigns of each stays on track refining issues, not appealing to unreasonable and unfair fears -- paranoia.

     However, there's still that 1/5 of America the fearful, and of course, part of this fear is of black men!  Racism, which runs both ways, is an unfortunate result of slavery and white America's paranoia.  This could perhaps wash, for many black folks will vote for Obama, as many racist white folks will not vote for him -- though this is an optimistic view with no data to back it up.  The point here is that Obama is not just a victim, but also a beneficiary of racism, just as McCain also receives support and lack of support from the same groups -- in reverse.


(*the U.S. Moon in the third house of desires brings an intoxication of power.  Because the Moon rules the eighth house of catastrophe, it also brings paranoia.  Venus brings overindulgence and debts.)


America's Paranoia In Action

     The following information has been peculating in this astrologer's head for the past several days.  In fact, it was composed first for this forecast.  Inspiration for the above discussion only came later today.  Read it through from the description of America's psychology.  You'll see both optimism and paranoia, sometimes combined, evidenced throughout.

     I don't want to spent too much time reading the bad news, said a Sedona businessman, focused on making his new coffee shop store a success.  Gasoline prices have been dropping -- that's good news! cheered a woman interviewed on CNN.  I need my big pickup truck.  I drive to Phoenix to buy beds, a resort owner argued defensively.  Even Vedic Astrologers dip into this peculiarly American reservoir of fearful avoidance.  Stated one, ...thinking about the plight of the world gets me wayyyyyyyy too depressed!  As another Vedic astrologer, says, "Don't worry about the world.. Things aren't as bad as you think - they're actually much worse... " 

     John McCain too pumps up false optimism in what can be derided as The Unreality Express.  Here's the lead on the Washington Post article on his speech at the Harley Davidson annual rally in Sturgis, S.D. earlier this week,

     Thousands of motorcyclists greeted Republican presidential candidate John McCain with an approving roar Monday as he sought blue-collar and heartland support by visiting a giant motorcycle rally.

"As you may know, not long ago a couple hundred thousand Berliners made a lot of noise for my opponent.  I'll take the roar of 50,000 Harleys any day," McCain said, referring to Democrat Barack Obama's recent visit to the German capital.


     But there's a fly in the Harley-Davidson ointment, a grand irony that McCain missed.  Harley-Davidson is a doomed company, a victim of its own greed and belief in its own outdated gas hogs.  This July 18 article, Harley-Davidson Takes Its Lumps, explains,

    “When the economy turns sour, motorcycles are considered a luxury item, and people stop buying them, it seems,” notes Kurt Antonius, a spokesman for American Honda, whose motorcycle sales, like almost everyone else’s in the industry are off around 20 percent so far this year.

     Harley-Davidson, which enjoyed two decades of record sales and earnings growth leading up to 2007, is the latest to feel the sting.  Sales for the second quarter of 2008, which were announced Thursday, dropped by 23.3 percent from the same period last year (which was not a great quarter).

     But Harley’s business probably can be expected to suffer more than many motorcycle manufacturers, because of the lack of diversity in its lineup of mostly cruiser bikes.  Mr. Antonius noted some of the drop in Honda’s motorcycle sales have been offset by increased sales of scooters.

“Scooters,” he said, “are flying off the shelves.”


     Even these Harley loyalists aren't immune to high gasoline crimping their lifestyle -- as their own paranoia drives them to roar for McCain's wide open oil drilling and nuclear power agenda.  Here's an August 5 blog from Hotbike,  

     Moving along Lazelle it was quickly evident that traffic was very light.  I talked with a couple people who said tat they’ve seen several hotels vacancies (which never happens).  The good thing was it made it easier to get around with less people in town, but vendors were saying people were happy and spending money.  There was a lotta cool things on Lazelle, but the real excitement came later that came later that night when we headed over to the Buffalo Chip to see presidential candidate McCain.


     This astrologer bought a 100 mpg Chinese scooter a year ago and gave up on his fueling old Lincoln in March -- selling it.  If he needs a car, he just rents one.  Sadly, there's no American made scooter.  The only American motor cycle company, Harley-Davidson, refuses to build one, even though it produced the Topper from 1959 to 1965.



Time To "Engage"

     As Jean Luke Picard so memorably intoned on Startreck Second Generation, to the delight of both men and women, to cast the Enterprise again into the stars, Engage

     This is the time for all of us to engage, and if we're fearful or otherwise reticent, remember what FDR said.  This election if truly a pivot point for the U.S., for the situation can become just as dire as the Great Depression.  It is, after all, up to us to decide which blade operates in cutting the paper.

     Take inspiration from others who are getting involved -- even Paris Hilton in a terrific video knocking McCain for featuring her in his campaign ad criticizing Obama's celebrity.  McCain found it funny.  Obama responded, Whatever.  And, everyone agrees, Paris has the best energy plan!

    Humor and goodwill are the best tonic for paranoia.  They also open the mind, so one can learn, even Paris Hilton, who maybe is a pretty great American herself for engaging.


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