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Arrest The Wall Street Bankers
January 27, 2013

Innumerable Measurements & Techniques
     Vedic Astrology is as vast as the realm of human experience.  Innumerable measurements and techniques can examine truly anything on the globe.  However, we Jyotishis* may, at best, master some basics with a few specialized techniques our Jyotish gurus give us.  If any of us could embrace the full realm of this spiritual knowledge, perception would open to the entire past, present and future, making us Gods -- and God certainly wouldn't allow that!

     Beyond this natural human limitation, as Jyotish, as the Science Of Light, can only be a search for truth -- and isn't that what spirituality is anyway?  If Jyotishis knowingly, or even unknowingly, deviate from the truth, then we suffer for that -- in one way or another.  This is the law of karma -- action and reaction.  Accompanying this it the karma of personal responsibility.  If we can assist humanity in any way, we must do that.  As Jyotishis, we naturally have a unique role, for who else has a divination form and toolbox insightful techniques to predict the future with reliable accuracy?  I publish The Celestial Wheel because I can do that specialized work and thereby am obligated to do my best.  Keep in mind, however, that I'm not absolutely prescient -- no one can be -- and I check my predictive results and post corrections.  The very worst thing a Jyotishi can do is issue statements that are not true, and thereby mislead others.

(*Vedic Astrology in India is called Jyotish, and it's practitioners, Jyotishis.)


Individual Charts
      The same constraints must apply to individual chart analysis, whether of people, nations, organizations, even pets... ( A Vedic chart drawn for anything if the date, time and location of its inception is known.)  After all, that is the mainstay of mundane astrology, although we also use the transiting planets for natural events.

     Understanding a person's chart well requires substantial effort.  Initial consultations can only address what appear to be major karmas.  It's akin to hearing only a few orchestral instruments, and the other 75 silenced.  Often with clients, it takes months, even years to get to the bottom of central issues.  Not only are the planetary karmas complex, but free will shifts them, and peoples' reports of their experiences cannot be exact.  Well, nor can my understanding of what clients say and write be precise either!  Too, not everyone's ears are read to hear when the receive Jyotish information about their charts.  Well, all human endeavors occur in an imperfect world.


The U.S. Nation Chart
     Nation charts are much more difficult, for they reflect an entire culture, history since birth, plus all the people in the country.  Woah!  That's a minder bender.

       I've had the correct U.S. chart since 2004 and have worked with it extensively since then, -- July 4, 1776 at 6:17 PM Philadelphia.  This is the Declaration of Independence chart, realistically the birth of the nation.  There are lots these fourth of July birth charts, each using a unique time the author believes correct.  There is no general agreement as to which is the right chart, so far. 

     However, very few U.S. Vedic Astrologers do mundane (world) astrology as a vocation.  Most do mundane as a sideline, or only for major events, like presidential elections.  The results of my efforts speak for themselves in driving Celestial Wheel forecasts for nine years in multitudes of predictions.  I then check these, verifying the chart, which also adding to my understanding of it.  Certainly too, if 6:17 PM were wrong, many errors would have resulted, violating Jyotish's search for truth.  I would then have experienced negative karmic kicks.  So far, I'm still standing!


Criminality In The U.S. Chart    
     The above January 18 entry about Lance Armstrong's win-at-all-costs is an extreme example of Second Gilded Age greed, which has been discussed many times for nearly a decade in The Celestial Wheel.  It is only when a Progressive Age follows a Gilded Age that private sector criminality is brought under control by the force of law.

     This suggests, however, that Armstrong's lying, his criminality, his lack of honor, exists only within the private sector.  That is not true. 

       In the 6;17 PM Fourth of July U.S. chart, leaders, and government officials in general, also have a dose of this harmful karma.  It results from Saturn (government officials) placed in the tenth house of government officials, where it is afflicted, primarily by a very selfish and aggressive win-at-all-costs Mars.  (Note, as planets in charts can denote more than one influence, this Saturn all symbolizes industrial and financial leaders.)

     Yes, most are good, capable and honest civil servants.  They choose the work to serve the public, not get rich.  If they weren't, the U.S. could not be a modern, advanced, wealthy, capitalist democracy.  A Progressive Age must thereby also root out those public officials who fail in their jobs to serve and protect the people.  Consider only the criminal justice system, which is a fundamental.  Without an effective one, legal anarchy results, and criminality flourishes, destroying commerce, and thereby the country's well being.  Prosecutors are key, for they charge, arrest and try criminals in the courts.


Has The Second Gilded Age Begun?
     While the December 9, 2012 In-depth Forecast, Has The Second Progressive Age Begun?, suggested this rebalancing society to regain shared democratic values was initiated with Obama's second term win, that doesn't mean he was a Progressive Age president in his first term. 

     In fact, if the Second Progressive Age just now started, then it couldn't have been in effect in Obama's first term.  Why?  Then, Obama was running his fallen (weak) Jupiter planetary cycle.  As Jupiter is wisdom and law, Obama failed in both areas.  The previous administration under Bush committed many crimes, most egregiously lying about Iraq to invade that country.  (These were the corrupt neoconservative government officials.)  They also tortured people, remember?  They cut back necessary regulation, allowing the real estate boom and bust orchestrated by Wall Street Banks.  With all our money, banks must always be on the tightest leash.  Look at any boom and bust, and bankers are there, usually front and center.  But Obama did nothing about any of these issues. 

     Obama deferred on prosecuting Bush administration officials by claiming the country should look ahead.  He didn't reform government agencies weakened and corrupted under Bush.  He didn't prosecute even one of the senior Wall Street bankers who wrecked the U.S. economy.  This was the incredibly foolish too big to fail concept the Wall Street bankers convinced him of.  Instead, he bailed them out, protecting them.  What's with that?  Without the rule of law, we revert to being a nation of just men.

     The neoconservatives continue to roam free, many involved with conservative think tanks, hard right political campaigns, yellow journalism talk radio and the prince of press darkness, FOX News.  In fact, their past transgressions are used as qualifications for these positions.  At this late date, all remain off the hook, prospering from their crimes in their media positions. 

     Corrupted and weakened government agencies did respond to Obama's democratic appointments, but without this being an administration priority, corruption and rot remained.  Bureaucratic inertia is always the stumbling block to progress in the public section.  Real change in government agencies requires a potent focus and push from the top, from the Oval Office.

     Protected Wall Street bankers did stop selling their crappy mortgages but only because that market busted.  The Dodd-Frank Financial Reform law began rein the banks, but only a little and very gradually.  The banker's lobby watered down and delayed implementations.  The banks remain free to pursue their nefarious ways:  the low interest game the Federal Reserve is playing with the big banks to drive up stock prices, computerized trading programs, derivatives, gambling with your deposits, currencies manipulations, cornering precious metals and commodities markets, selling securities to clients and then betting against them.  Again, to date, however, not one Wall Street senior banker has been prosecuted.  Yes, there have been lots of fines and adverse financial settlements, but the Wall Street banks are so wealthy, they have just allocated a small portion of their profits to pay those off.  Fines for the big banks are just part of doing business.  That's so clearly criminal, anyone can understand.  

     You would be better off to be a lovely damsel in a port town attacked by Henry Morgan, who coincidentally is a direct ancestor to the Celestial Wheel editor, Conrad Morgan!  At least she could perhaps run or swim for it, or hide in a cellar.  When the banksters are on the rampage, there's no safe haven.   Sarah Palin Going Rogue is a meaningless side show by comparison.

     This April 2011 article compares Wall Street banker prosectuions after the real estate collapse to those in the 1980s savings and loan crisis, In Financial Crisis, No Prosecutions of Top Figures, This stands in stark contrast to the failure of many savings and loan institutions in the late 1980s.  In the wake of that debacle, special government task forces referred 1,100 cases to prosecutors, resulting in more than 800 bank officials going to jail.  Jail, by the way is not the correct term.  Jails hold criminals for short periods, up to a few months.  Prisons lock them up the really bad guys for years and years.  And did those extensive prosecutions work, stop the crime?  They sure did.  With the senior executives in prison, the criminal leadership was gone.  Another result was shutting down that segment of the financial industry, savings and loan association industry.  A poisoned well can never be trusted for pure water again.  Good riddance.


Obama's Second Term As A Progressive President
     Obama ended his foolish Jupiter planetary cycle in July 2012, beginning his very tough and honorable 19 year Saturn cycle. 

     Obama has really excellent Saturn, and it is unique in the one planet which cannot be resisted.  However, Saturn often lifts one up, just to drop one down, and Obama does owe a big karmic debt for failing to due his duty during his first term.

     Winning the election in November was a major signal here, for as Has The Second Progressive Age Begun? as explained, big money couldn't steal this election.  And instead of Obama naïvely and weakly blinking, giving in time after time to the hard right Republicans in the House, he stood firm at New Years and actually got taxes on the rich raised.  Obama learned that staring down bullies actually works.  He's also not allowing the Republicans to roll him over again using the debt ceiling limit as a club.

     Obama's inauguration speech sure sounded Progressive.  He has made some noises about deep cuts in Social Security and Medicare -- for which government insurance programs we have already paid.  Medicaid for the poor is at some risk, but Obamacare seems to protect that.  That was a misstep, but possibly a political move he knew wouldn't be accepted.  I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one.

     A huge battle remains ahead this winter/spring on further required action to cut the huge federal deficit.  Tax reform -- getting rid of loopholes -- can raise a lot of revenue.  Success there will continue to redress the issue of an unfair taxing system, in which the rich keep getting richer, and the rest of us keep getting poorer!  The hugely bloated military budget will be the cost cutting area battleground.  Let's see if Obama's hard and tough Saturn makes the case that the U.S. must prioritize taking care of the old, the sick and the poor over a military that spends 40% of the world's total on defense and never wins any wars!

     We have, however, the remaining issues of prosecuting the Bushie neoconservatives, reforming government agencies and prosecuting the Wall Street bankers.  As stated, the first isn't going to happen, and it will continue for many years to be a stain on the U.S., both at home and abroad.  However, the extreme right press is suffering setbacks in the court of public opinion -- becoming too extreme, losing the election.  Other media are taking up the baton of truth.  As Bill Clinton said, MSNBC is our own FOX news, and NBCis boosting the MSNBC team with respected heavyweights -- David Gregory, Andrea Mitchell...  Further, they've lowered the bombast level, focusing better on issues and facts.  Too, respected main stream media are regaining respect as the broadsides launched at them by the discredited extreme right have lost punch. 

     So, we have a very mixed bag so far in redressing Second Gilded Age abuses.  However, there's a glimmer of hope now in prosecuting Wall Street.


The Fourth Estate   
     The press is called the Fourth Estate because it alerts the public to failures in the first three estates, what we call government branches:  Executive, Legislative and Judicial.  The Fourh Estate is the peoples' watchdog.

    The Second Gilded Age under Bush, and continuing through Obama's first term, were periods of first greed, and a then inevitable economic collapse.  We are still in going through the latter.  The Second Progressive Age is a gradual rebalancing society to regain shared democratic values.  It will take many years before policy changes begin to help us regain lost ground with regard to the rich.

     During Bush's eight years and Obama's first four years, the press did not do its job.  It was variously hoodwinked, bought off and drowned out by the right wing.  If the press had insisted, as it should have, government agency shortfalls and failures to prosecute the bankers would not have occurred.  (Too, the Bush administration criminality would have been stopped and prosecutions there done.)  It's somewhat excusable the press didn't do much during the Bush years, although there always were media voices revealing those truths.  That was a high hill to climb, and an energized right wing press was on his Bush's side.  The press should not, however, be let off the hook for its responsibility as the fourth estate during Obama's first term.  The Fourth Estate totally failed their karma of personal responsibility.  They had a friendly administration then, which could have been forced Obama to do his job of enforcing the law.

     Yet, that is how history unfolded, and now, with the Second Progressive Age beginning, the press can and should get some traction on these issues.  The good news is that this could already be happening.

     Earlier this week, PBS's Frontline aired, The Untouchables.  This was not the first revelation of  how and why the U.S. Justice Department failed to prosecute even one of the Wall Street crooks who dealt the economy a nearly mortal blow.  They lured local banks to sell unqualified mortgages, and then packaged them into toxic securities that eventually failed.  Dozens or articles, TV programs and books have been written previously about this to no effect. 

     The Untouchables, however, take hold, perhaps only now because of the rapid shift in public opinion that was shown in the election, and also an emboldened Obama in his hard Saturn planetary cycle.  This is also a call to action for all of us.  Read again this section from the referenced above January 18 entry about Lance Armstrong,

    The wheels of justice always turn slowly and certainly often imperfectly.  It took decades before Armstrong's crimes (and there can be no argument his actions were not criminal) were revealed.  Sometimes, unfortunately, the crooks do get away with it, but if they do, it's only because we let them.  Justice is metered out by government, but public action is necessary to keep the criminal justice system honest.

     The Untouchables explains that the Justice Department's failure to prosecute and Wall Street Banksters results from the actions of just one guy, Lanny Breuer, chief of the criminal division at the U.S. Justice Department.  They hit hard and convincinlgy this bulls eye that everyone else was duped by Justice Department excuses that the work was too hard.  Bull.

     Breuer got cold feet after two early prosecutions against Bear Stearns executives failed.  Here's a pic from the show of that mealy-mouthed whiner who let us all down -- failing to do his karma of personal responsibility.  But guess what happened one day after The Untouchables aired? 

     Hard-hitting Firedog lake reports, Department of Justice Attacks Frontline As Lanny Breuer Resigns.  Hmmmm, looks like the law of karma does work, doesn't it? 

Well, now that the inept prosecutor has fled, there's an opportunity, indeed karmic duty, for the Obama administration to put a hard-nosed, tough, street-fighter type in his place.  The Banksters are truly big bad guys who won't be imprisoned easily.  You don't stop a rampaging wild boar by asking please.  Nor can you put him down with an arrow.


Is This A Turning Point?
     Breuer being fried under the glaring heat of The Untouchables is a wondrous example of the press in doing it's job.  But notice the Washington Post's take on Breuer's resignation, which while it does cite more misdeeds, is soft on the big issue of bankster prosecutions, Lanny Breuer, Justice Department criminal division chief, is stepping downThat's like reporting on a fellow robbing several houses, and an afterthought, three people were maimed.  Look, this one guy stopped prosecuting horrific crimes by a small group of bankers who nearly brought down the entire economy, also rocked the world, and from which we're still not recovered.

     There remains time to right this wrong, to prosecute the bankster crooks in this debacle.  The clock has not run out.  The Justice Department can to this.  It has the power and the expertise.  Remember, thousands of bankers went to prison following the savings and loan crisis in the eighties -- and that was under Reagan's direction.  Reagan simply said, all crimes must be prosecuted.   


 Consequences Of Prosecuting Bank Executives   
     Wouldn't criminal prosecutions of Wall Street banksters now do the same to the big banks, who took the greedy criminal role left vacant by the S&L's demise?  Yes.  They will close their doors in bankruptcy, or they will be broken up with their pieces sold off, which is actually a kind of bankruptcy.  But what about the argument the mega banks are too big to fail?  That's was the excuse to bail them out in the fall of 2008 and has become ingrained as gospel, even as it runs against the grain for the rest of us.  Isn't it true, rather, that they are too big to exist?  Obama was such a dummy here.  Mustn't the big banks be broken up before they wreck the economy again with their greed?  You can never trust a poisoned well.  If you have a snake in the yard, feeding him only makes him larger, more deadly.   

     Would breaking up the big banks harm you?  That depends in part upon whether your savings rest with those or with the nearly 8000 small commercial banks, 7500 credit unions and many other financial institutions.  (Of course, burying some silver coins or bars in your back yard is safest!  Those who have bought silver when its price has dipped have done very well over the past few years.)  If Bank Of America goes bankrupt because its top executives are marched off to prison in handcuffs, which they should, no other bank is big enough to take them over.  The FDIC will take months and months to send you a check for your account balance.  If you have money with any of the big banks, loans from them, even credit cards, you are both taking unnecessary risk, and your are enabling of their crimes.  They use customer deposits to fund their fraudulent activities.  Your karma of personal responsibility is to pull your money from the big banks.

     If the big banks are broken up, will that affect your other financial resources -- salary, commission, pension, annuity, mutual fund, insurance, rents, 401K...?  Yes.  But since the big bankster banks are on course to crash the economy again, income and asset losses are inevitable.  It's better to stop feeding the snake and instead cut his head now off before he strikes you yet again.  The bankers' greed is unlimited.  The have no consciousness of guilt.

     But truly, if the Wall Street bankers are marched off in handcuffs, and the big banks fail, will the economy truly crash -- as the bankers claimed?  Well, Iceland alone chose that other route, letting the banks fail. They screamed. The governments of Great Britain and the Netherlands howled in protest!  Now, Iceland's economy has completely recovered.  Watch this, Iceland president: Let banks go bankrupt.  Gee, did the bankers and governments lie to us about that too?  Sure did.  Little Iceland's 320,000 people outsmarted the banks and governments globally!  That's some 250 countries with 7 billion people!  Maybe all their beauty queens, and Iceland has a lot of them, aren't so dumb blond after all.

     Are there things you can do to protect yourself?   Yes.  As suggested, get your money out of the big banks.  Move any investments away from their clutches, including 401K, annuities, stocks, bonds....  Evaluate your employer's ability to take a major economic hit...  Cut your overheads.  Plant a garden.  Avoid the big cities where major riots will occur when the economy crashes again.  These just sample protective strategies you can take.  This is an era of transformation, which means we must transform, all of us, no exceptions.  If you don't transform the bankster banks will nail you again.  Protect yourself, for nobody else will.  And if you doubt this risk, just look back to September 2008, when the crash started, and then March 2009, when the DOW had halved to 6500.


What If The Feds Don't Criminally Prosecute Senior Bank Executives?
      There truly is no assurance Obama will now bring some big guns into the Justice department to level the banker's tall Manhattan fortresses.  And it may be too late to avert a crash late next summer.  Plus, the big banks have their hooks so deeply into the Federal government, they literally control policy.  I used to joke that Goldman Sachs serves Obama breakfast, takes Congress to lunch and tucks in the Supreme Court at night.  The problem here is that it's not a joke at all. This is colorfully called crony capitalism.

     We could push our elected representatives to finally take action.  If that doesn't work, we can become financial vigilantes by pulling our money from the big banks, forcing their closure, as suggested above.  I wrote about this years ago, most notably in the February 2010, Bankers -- Economic Terrorists and and the October 2001 Bankster Shave.  Remember this?   (If you're old enough to remember Burma Shave, you'll appreciate humor!)



Why Is 2013 Crunch Time For The Economy?
     I written many many times about this year signaling economic Armageddon.  Yes, for those of you who regret the world didn't end 12/21/12, there's another window of opportunity coming soon!

     The above January 16 entry is most current in reiterating the prediction that the U.S. economy will likely crash late summer 2013.

     Some readers may be wondering how this entry began with Innumerable Measurements & Techniques, launched into a serious discussion about Lanny Breuer and ended reciting previous predictions for economic calamity.

     When I saw an announcement for the The Untouchables, it resonated with the nature, quality and flow of planetary karmas in the U.S. chart, which I have studied longer and more intensely than any other, including my own!  Remember, I stated in the above January 16 entry, ...any new gun control measures are passed.  They are at a fever peak about all of these, which has made them even more paranoid about the upcoming Fiscal Cliff and Debt Ceiling issues coming due in in February and March.  This is to be expected, for as the December 5 VedicLeaks correctly predicted, "An additional karma is the... Mars/Mercury/Mars Dasa until December 19. That will be followed by even more turbulent Mars/Mercury/Rahu until February 12.

     There hasn't been enough turmoil recently to account for the amount indicated in the U.S. chart.  I knew something big must be coming.  That's why The Untouchables caught my attention.  Lanny Breuer's quitting felt like that major event.  Think about it.  Just one guy blocked the entire prosecution effort, and now he's gone.  I plugged that into the broader understanding of the Millennium Contraction during the U.S.'s seven year Mars cycle starting in late 2008 -- that includes a dangerous drop during the minor Mercury and then minor Ketu cycles this winter through next fall 2013.  Like an inventor's eureka moment. the pieces clicked together.

     The Millennium Contraction began with a housing bubble burst, making that issue fundamental in its unfolding.  The lack of Banker prosecutions and big bank closings has been a problem.  Without those, the economy will continue to be hobbled, and the banksters would most surely wreck havoc again this coming summer.  Break up the big banks, and those 1/3 of mortgage holders who are underwater will have a chance to break to the surface, and breathe! 

     How this will unfold is unknown.  Certainly, however, the banks' investment games manipulating huge paper profits cannot be sustained, for there is no real underling value.  Banks don't create wealth.  Only commerce does.  Their wealth is siphoned off from productive enterprises, weakening the entire economy -- just as the Iceland President explained.  Certainly too, massive deficits must be paid for by the Treasury selling bonds, which at some point can only be sold only at higher and higher interest rates, bringing inflation.  That will push up mortgage rates, bringing another real estate crash. 

     An opportunity finally for criminal prosecutions by the Department of Justice can knock the big banks out, breaking their reign of terror.  Kill the generals, and the soldiers run away.  That won't stop a major hit to the U.S. economy this year.  But it would mitigate the effects, and by cutting out the cancer, both stop its spreading and end it.  The snake in the garden is a threat until he's dead.


Riots In The Cities May Made Worse By Gun Fanatics
    There's final piece I've recently placed in the U.S. chart puzzle.  Most Americans have become very weary of the economic losses they've suffered and haven't yet recovered.  It's been 4 1/2 years since September 2008.  This stress accumulates, weighting us down more and more.  Every paycheck for so many Americans has to stretch further and further.  The nice things we and our children enjoy for a first class country's quality of life are being sacrificed to groceries, rent, gas....  Even basic needs like dentistry, insurance... are increasingly unaffordable.  Aren't you losing patience, become really annoyed, seeking some action to stop the banks? 

     If the banksters aren't punished this winter/spring, and the economy falls off the cliff next summer, I believe people throughout the country will vent their frustrations by riots in steaming hot cities -- like we last had in the early 90s.  It's worse now with global warming.  Angry white men armed to the hilt surround cities in their suburban enclaves.  Should the inner cities riot, and the violences extend outward, the angry white men will open fire, whether they are actually threatened or not.  Or, they'll get in their big SUVs and trucks and head downtown, shooting to kill.  They believe in vigilante justice and are just waiting to enforce the law themselves, guns blazing. 

     The below pic from the Occupy protests is crude, but it reflects a legitimate emotional response.  It's not an undue price for them to pay for wrecking the world with their greed.  I wish they had jumped. 

     Don't you?


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