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February 28, 2007



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February 28 , 2007

Culmination In The Mideast


(Note:  This forecast has been updated with the

August 18, 2008, The Challenging Summer Of 2008)

Ancient Karmas

     In June, 2004, the Celestial Wheel published an In-depth five part forecasting series entitled, The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Ancient Karmas: Forecast_Archives_53 Ancient_Karmas.  The logic was twofold.

     First, anthropologists now generally agree humanity spread over the globe through successive migration waves out of Africa through the Mideast, over as long as 200,000 years.  The route was primarily through the the Isthmus of Suez, a mere 70 mile wide bottleneck, after which these tribes spread out through the Mideast and then later into Europe, the great Asian continent, Australia and the Americas.


(* isthmus, narrow neck of land connecting two larger land areas. Since it commands the only land route between two large areas and is on two seas, an isthmus has great strategic and commercial importance and is a favorable situation for a city. In modern times many isthmuses have been cut through by canals to eliminate the necessity of land transport. The most important isthmuses are the Isthmus of Panama, connecting Central and South America, and the Isthmus of Suez, joining Asia and Africa. Canals were dug through both of these. . )


Image from Solar Maps astrology program

     Forecast_Archives_53_Ancient_Karmas explains how tremendous karma has thus been accumulated in the Mideast:


     Each migration wave, to pass through this area, first confronted residents from the previous migrations.  This geographical bottleneck has thereby been contested since before the dawn of history.  Further, as each new migration was the future of humanity, and indigenous Mideast residents the past, each migratory clash mixed the past with the future.  The blended result still consisted of tribes, albeit tempered and enriched by confrontation, which spread outward to populate the world.  From the tribal unit eventually came the national identity integral to today's nation states. 

    While migrations through the Mideast is also the model for later human expansions (from the empires of antiquity to those of the recent colonial period) and is thereby a universal trait rooted in our common DNA, it began in the Mideast, where the history of global humanity was first forged.

     As the discord from these recurring ancient clashes touched everyone, it became a pervasive and deeply ingrained aggressive karma within humanity's nature --  an instinctual  but protective memory, like fear of heights...


Image from Google Earth

    Second, the eclipse points Rahu and Ketu, in representing the past and the future, are integral to this culmination.  Head-of-the-dragon Rahu seeks to engulf everything.  It is a planetary symbol for aggression, and also thereby the future and destiny.  Tail-of-the-dragon Ketu is the past, and also gas and oil.  Rahu/Ketu figure prominently in G.W. Bush's chart (an oil man), where they signify his rise but also indicate his inevitable fall caused by invading Iraq, his great misadventure.

     Last fall, Rahu and Ketu, plus Jupiter and Saturn (together the four planetary heavyweights), all changed signs literally simultaneously to bring a culmination of karma.  This was a uniquely powerful and historically unprecedented energetic shift.  In the U.S., that planetary karma quickly actualized in the Midterm elections overthrowing the Republicans in Congress and chastising G.W. Bush for the failed Iraq war.  Of course, that election was just the opening salvo in the effort to disengage from failed Iraq war.  In the Mideast, this culmination did not have an immediate initial event, but is rather unfolding over time as the Arabs and Persians (Iran) push back against this modern western oil colonialism. That is the subject of this Celestial Wheel.

     Omitted from the Forecast_Archives_53_Ancient_Karmas was any mention of Islam. While this religion obviously plays a key role in current Mideast politics, because it was founded in fairly recent historical times (seventh century AD), Islam rests upon an underlying tribal structure that has for hundreds of millennia defined the Mideast.  Even today, peoples throughout the Mideast identify first with their tribe and second with the Islam.  Further, while Islam may be a common denominator for the Mideast, it too is fractured into competing sects -- Shiites and Sunnis. 

     Finally, how the Mideast will be reshaped by this culmination of karma is not predicted, though a hope was expressed in Forecast_Archives_53_Ancient_Karmas:


    Perhaps this time we can get it right by understanding our expansionary mode of the past 200,000 years has only brought strife and never resolution.  Humanity's spreading across the globe through aggression was long ago completed.  God hid the oil under the Mideast deserts before humans stood upright so that at the right time, oil would draw us back to our common home in the Mideast to confront again our differences.  We can continue the karmically-rooted violent inheritance or abandon that disunity and exclusivity for the lasting peace and prosperity that can only come from unity and inclusivity.


Examining Four Key Nation Charts

     Forecast_Archives_53_Ancient_Karmas examined the charts of four key Mideast nations: Israel, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.  These charts were determined by reviewing Mundane Horoscopes of Nations, which information is available on line at http://www.  The quality of the birth data and multiple birth data possibilities made it necessary to verify the charts by matching their significations with historical data.  This was an exhausting process, but the resulting charts are reliable for that empirical effort.  Charts of other Mideast countries have not yet been subjected to this testing process, and it is hoped these four nation charts are sufficient for the task at hand.

     Each listed chart includes this verified birth data, as well as current Dasas -- planetary cycles -- and influences from Rahu/Ketu, including any eclipses.



     Israel's ten year Moon Dasa generally signifies responsibility, peace, progress and effective diplomacy for the perceptional Moon's position in the tenth house of the public with a powerfully dutiful Saturn.  This Moon/Saturn combination is particularly effective stimulating guilt and gaining a victim status to gain sympathetic support.

     However, Israel is experiencing Sadi Sati, when transit Saturn crosses the houses around the Moon -- transforming the life by removing that which is no longer necessary to make room for the new.  Transit Saturn is now retrograde in Cancer in the tenth house, and this double Saturnian influence works to remove Israel's support from the West.

     Saturn's doubled influence also negates the Moon's nurturing, resulting in suffering and selfishness.  The Moon/Mars Dasa cycle beginning June 2006, aided by cruel Saturn, brought the unfortunate, destructive and failed Lebanon invasion last summer.


   May 14, 1948 4:37 PM Tel Aviv

Dasas: Moon/Mars 6/9/06 - 1/8/07

            Moon/Rahu 1/8/07 -7/9/08

     Israel changed Dasa planets to Moon/Rahu in early January of this year.  With birth chart Rahu in the seventh house of relationships in Mars' sign of Scorpio, this toxic head-of-the-dragon stimulates antagonism and direct or indirect hostility -- but also outward courage and inner fear -- paranoia.   Rahu's current transit position in the fifth house of creative intelligence, which is also influenced by an aspect from Mars, doubles this dangerous karma, suggesting an unexpected attack on a feared enemy.

     Note Rahu's prominence.



     This chart, for the islamic fundamentalist coup in 1979, reflects that movement's Jihad orientation -- the twelfth house of loss and final liberation has the spiritual warrior combination of Mercury/Mars/Sun.  Also, Saturn/Rahu in the seventh house indicate success in foreign counties for this extremism.  This has certainly been proven true during Ketu/Saturn Dasa 12/26/05 - 2/4/07.

     Spiritual Ketu's seven year Dasa has reinforced this tendency.  However, placed in the first house of the self, Ketu is negative for worldly achievement.  Thus, while Iran has successfully supported fellow Shiite movements abroad, the country has been unable to effectively exert its influence in the area, or to develop nuclear weapons.  Iran has fundamentally been a paper tiger, albeit a very scary one to many.

     Now running Ketu/Mercury Dasa, Iran is vulnerable to attack, just as it was during it's Mercury Dasa beginning in 1984, when it

Iran (fundamentalist coup)
February 1, 1979 9:00 AM Tehran

Dasas: Ketu/Saturn 12/26/05 - 2/4/07

Ketu/Mercury 2/4/07 - 2/1/08

March 3 total lunar eclipse 19 degrees Leo

was attacked by Iraq in a very bloody seven year war of attrition.  Iraq's Saturn is exactly eclipsed in the upcoming March 3 total lunar eclipse -- and this is a Ketu eclipse.  As Saturn rules the first house of the self and the twelfth house of final liberation, and Saturn itself is the planet of death, this eclipse could bring another attack against Iran.  This would likely be by air, for Rahu is conjunct Saturn, and Rahu indicates flying machines -- airplanes and missiles.

     Again note the prominence of Moon's nodes -- Rahu and Ketu -- in both the Dasas and in the eclipse.



     This new nation continues to disintegrate under its Rahu Dasa, for like Israel, Rahu is in Mars' ruled Scorpio -- bringing hostility, both direct and indirect.

     Rahu in the ninth house of fortune is connected with Ketu, the indicator of gas and oil, making this wealth the basic area of contention among its three religious sects and underlying tribal structures.

     Iraq's subcycle continues to be Venus, a powerfully beneficially planet that stimulates cooperation and love of country.  But Venus cannot overcome Rahu's toxicity.

     Transit Saturn in the twelfth house of loss with Mars indicates ongoing strife bringing deaths and destruction. 

     This coming Saturday's total lunar eclipse exactly hits Jupiter, the planet of fortune and wisdom.  In Jupiter's ruling the fifth house of government and eighth house of tragedy, the eclipse could cause the government to fall. 

Iraq (Provisional)
June 28, 2004 10:26 AM  Baghdad

Dasas:  Rahu/Venus 10/8/04 - 10/8/07

             Rahu/Moon 10/8/07 - 3/3/2010

March 3 total lunar eclipse 19 degrees Leo

     Note that both Iran and Iraq are hit by the lunar eclipse.

     Again, for now the third time, see the prominence of Rahu and Ketu -- in both the Dasas and the eclipse.


Saudi Arabia

     This kingdom of unsurpassed oil reserves entered its very difficult sixteen year Jupiter Dasa last June. 

     Jupiter is harmful in this chart for being in its fallen (weak) position in the third house of desires (a harmful house) combust (burnt) by the Sun.

     Jupiter's currently transiting the first house of the self gives a false optimism.  Saturn transiting the ninth house of luck and fortune is negative for both. 

     The Moon is a dominant wealth planet for this chart in its ruling the ninth house of wealth and being placed in the fifth house of investments and past life credit.

     The March 19 partial solar eclipse is within a degree of this wealthy Moon.  The suggestion is that Saudi Arabia must suffer loss.

     Saudi Arabia  (capture of Riyadh)
    January 15, 1902 3:45 AM Riyadh

Dasas: Jupiter/Jupiter 6/28/06 - 8/16/08

March 19 partial solar eclipse 4 degrees Pisces

     There doesn't appear to be a link between the difficult karmas that Israel, Iraq and Iran share.  However, as Jupiter is children, Jupiter rules the fifth house of children, and the Moon is eclipsed in that house, these planetary karmas suggest Saudi Arabia's children (young people) will be the cause of the country's economic loss.  Too, as the fifth house is government, the ruling royal family could lose control.

     Again, for the fourth time in four Mideast nation charts, Rahu/Ketu, the eclipse points, are determinative. 



     With these four major Mideast nations charts all afflicted by Rahu/Ketu in one way or the other, and three out of four hit directly by this March's eclipses, these destructive planetary karmas are so strong and entrenched that March must begin the culmination of karma that was discussed above.

     While Dasas and transits of Rahu and Ketu are naturally important, it is the upcoming eclipses of three out of four of these nation charts that will stimulate this culmination: Israel's attacking Iran by air, Iraq's government falling and Saudi Arabia's young people rising up against the government.  This would be the shape of the regional war experts are concerned about.  However, as likely as this scenario may be, karma is an enduring mystery that can not be totally understood and thereby predicted with precision.

     Eclipse effects begin about a week before the astronomical eclipse and continue for several days following the blocking of the Sun and Moon.  Thereby, there is no prediction for Saturday, March 3 being the critical date.  (Note that China's Saturn is also eclipsed by the total lunar eclipse this coming Saturday, and it was China's stock market plunge that initiated the huge drop in securities markets globally yesterday, February 27.)

     These eclipse effects, however, will bring events this month that will be seen as the beginning of the culmination of karma in the Mideast.  Not mentioned above is communicative Mercury being retrograde until March 8 and also conjunct Rahu.  The resulting toxic thinking will escalate even petty issues and disallow effective diplomacy.

     April 22 (give or take a couple of days), when violent Mars conjoins toxic Rahu in Aquarius to stimulate a major violence, can only further actualize the instability G.W. Bush initiated by invading Iraq.


(Note:  This forecast has been updated with the August 18, 2008, The Challenging Summer Of 2008)









     Rahu, and its companion Ketu are unique planets to Vedic Astrology.  These hard to understand Eastern symbols are basically intensifying influences.  Malefics Rahu and Ketu, are the Moon's Nodes, the astronomical points calculated to pinpoint eclipses.  As they block the light, Rahu and Ketu are called the shadow planets -- in Sanskrit the exotic sounding Chaya Grahas.  That they normally move backward, called retrograde, is indicative of the Nodes' unique natures.

     A rich mythology underlies all of Vedic Astrology, describing the deep meanings behind complex Eastern symbolism.  This ancient story tells how Rahu and Ketu became the shadow planets. 

    Lord Vishnu, the creator and preserver, gathered the planetary gods together and offered them a vial of Amrita so they could live forever in the solar system. Lord Vishnu  then left the room, and a shadow serpent crept in to drink from the vial.  Alerted by the Sun and the Moon, Lord Vishnu quickly returned and cut the demon in two, but too late to deny the two pieces, Rahu the head and Ketu the tail, immortality.  The shadow planets thus joined the solar system as great enemies of the Luminaries. Rahu and Ketu powerfully swallow -up the Sun and Moon in eclipses. Then the stars can be seen, revealing deep knowledge from the dawning of time.

     This story illustrates the malefic powers of the Nodes.  Rahu, the upper part with a brain, signifies our manifestation into the world and thereby gives insatiable conscious cravings and intensified earthly desires, which can never be fully satisfied. Rahu, then, is also an intoxifying influence, and during its cycles, Rahu brings the most intense and significant worldly experiences.  Rahu is the future.


    Ketu, the mystical brainless bottom half, intensifies by dissolving materiality into spirit, creating insight and perception. Ketu is unconscious desires, and while it is a superlative mystical influence, its otherworldly energies can also bring the most devious and weird effects into the real world.  Ketu is the past.





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