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September 4, 2017

Interpretation -- August's Karmic Onslaught


The August 24 entry Next Up -- Saturn Turns Forward began with, August's Karma Onslaught is well advanced.  And Trump the bear has taken a lot of arrows in this knockdown month for him.  That entry then explained about heavy transits in August, These eerily match up with Trump's faux pax.

Let's update the August 24 entry to include the entire month by matching transits with major events.  (Note the below heavy summer/fall transits timeline has been revised for newly found heavy transits in August and September.)

8/7 lunar eclipse  8/8 Trump’s North Korea Threat Is Eerily Similar To Harry Truman’s Hiroshima Bombing Announcement In 1945

8/12 Mercury retro  8/15 Trump Defends Initial Remarks on Charlottesville; Again Blames ‘Both Sides’

8/21 Solar eclipse  8/23 As Trump ranted and rambled in Phoenix, his crowd slowly thinned

8/25 Saturn forward & 8/26 Mars/Rahu conjoin  8/26 Trump gives new meaning to the Friday night news dump, enraging his critics.  (Joe Arpaio pardon as Hurricane Harvey hits)




Saturn retro*

Saturn retro

8/25 Saturn forward



6/19 Saturn into Scorpio
Saturn in Scorpio
Saturn in Scorpio
Saturn in Scorpio
10/26 Saturn into Sag
6/9 Jupiter ends retro
9/2 Mars/Merc conjoin

8/7 lunar eclipse

9/5 Mercury forward
8/12 Mercury retro
9/8 Rahu into Cancer
8/21 Solar eclipse
9/14 Venus/Rahu conjoin
8/26 Mars/Rahu conjoin
9/15 Mars/Merc conjoin
Rahu in Cancer

(retrograde -- backwards motion)

The August 24 entry made a key interpretive comment,

It's as though there's an unseen puppet master pulling Trump's strings,

Trump's reflexive attacks are symptomatic of how vulnerable he is now.  After all, none of the rest of us have gone nuts, like he did, immediately following a heavy transit.


A key word here, of course, is vulnerable.  Trump is emotionally drained by restrictive Saturn sitting on his already frail emotional Moon -- for the third time. since last December.  That's like hitting your thumb with a hammer three times.  Saturn, the planet of  reality and suffering, is now moving  forward at 27:10 Scorpio, closing in on his Moon at 28:05.  Saturn will continue to batter Trump's Moon with setbacks, losses, deception, self-deception and depression until it leaves Scorpio October 26.  That is why Saturn is included as a heavy tranist in all five months of the timeline.  Other planets cause struggles and challenges, but these can usually be overcome, or at least mitigated.   Saturn, however, is the one planet which cannot be resisted -- as the Borg in Star Trek said, Resistance is futile

Thereby, all counter-puncher Trump can do now is reflexive attacks -- like a wounded animal in fear, not a thoughtful human being, and certainly not the President of the United States.

Trump's allies in the administration, Congress... are emboldened by his weakness, and hidden enemies come forward -- further battering the increasingly sensitized emotions, and ego too.  Remember, Mueller lurks.  Trump, born on an eclipse is all ego and no soul, as explained in the February 3 entry, The Hollow Man.  There is no inner strength, no self assurance, only a brash ego subsisting on power, money, bullying and feeding upon the adulation of his craven base.

In the midst of all these sef destructive words and deeds, Trump also barraged his own party, Fallout grows as Trump continues attacks on fellow GOP members, and fired key staff, like Bannon.  The great counter-puncher is now just wlidly swinging at anyone in senseless, self- destructive reflexive attacks, sometimes even without being first attacked.  The fearful animal analogy can be extended to a snake striking a stick when poked.

Finishing up this August review, the August 30 entry August's Karmic Onslaught Finale predicted a major event that day, While September 2 is actually the next month, the planetary karma begins when Mars gets close to Mercury -- especially since with Mercury retrograde, they are moving toward each other.  Today, Wednesday, which is Mercury's day of the week, is the inception of this destructive karma.  Nothing untoward happened then, and Trump was unusually quiet. But North Korea's nuclear test on September 3 brought an over-the-top Trump attack, Donald Trump’s Reckless Response to North Korea’s Nuclear Test.. He ranted on Twitter  atNorth Korea and then South Korea and China too!,

“North Korea is a rogue nation which has become a great threat and embarrassment to China, which is trying to help but with little success,” he tweeted next. And then: “South Korea is finding, as I have told them, that their talk of appeasement with North Korea will not work, they only understand one thing!”


Take another look at the updated heavy summer/fall transits timeline. Just two September transit events has grown six -- the same as in August.  Further, these tough transits occur in Leo, the sign of the total soar eclipse, which has not yet wrecked its havoc on Trump.

With all these faux pax, one can make a very good case that Trump has indeed been knocked down during August and will be thereby even more severely harmed during a similarly challenging September.  And Saturn will continue to pound his Moon into late October when it finally leaves Scorpio.  That would be when he would be thrown out.

Of course, this also means Trump will have finished destroying the old political order, which is his sole role as the first new President under the U.S. Rahu planetary cycle --  destroyer of now, creator of tomorrow -- the Second Progressive Age.




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September 15, 2017

Hurricanes -- Foreseen And Unforeseen


Some natural events can be foreseen with pretty solid reliability.  Intervals predicted to be sensitive for these -- hurricanes, earth crust events, fires... -- are worthwhile paying attention to.

The Celestial Wheel has a track record of successful hurricane predictions.

Here's one, from the May 28, 2012 entry, when Rahu was in watery Scorpio aspected by Mars, the planet of war,

Here's another.  The August 6, 2017 entry Follow The Moon reiterated one made way back in 2008,

The May 23 2008 Celestial Wheel stated,

There is one more wrinkle in this summer's planetary fabric -- a total solar eclipse August 1 at 15 1/2 degrees Cancer. ...  The total solar eclipse, however, is within a degree of Rahu -- the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point. Then, the U.S. Dasas will be Moon/Sun/Rahu/Mars.  This is certainly negative and could signal a confidence collapse, revealing secreted government or private skullduggery, or a major physical disaster -- like a hurricane.

The entries in September 2008 discussed results of the predictions made May 23 2008 -- hurricanes hitting the U.S., Houston oil refineries disrupted and ...continued riling in the financial industry -- the Federal Government taking over Fannie May and Freddie Mac last weekend and now the Lehman Brothers collapse.  From September 2 through 7. 2008, closely clustered together Mars, Mercury and Venus crossed the solar eclipse point at 15:30 Cancer.  That, of course, is when the Millennium Contraction began, though Trump said recently, "a lot of people don't know that".


I may have similarly predicted Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, but the solar eclipse was in Leo, a fire sign.  In 2008 the solar eclipse was in Cancer, a water sign, which made sense for hurricanes.  Certainly widespread forest fires in the U.S. West fit this year's fiery sign eclipse location -- but not hurricanes.  The problem with hurricane forecasting is that these storms are sometimes unforeseen.   I analyzed the top ten hurricanes that hit the U.S. since the 19th century and couldn't find any pattern to the planetary karmas that fitted even a third of them.  Yet sometimes, considering water signs and malefics -- Rahu, Saturn and Mars (the god of storms) -- does work as I was correct in 2008 and 2012 -- even last year.

The August 12, 2017 entry Potpourri stated.


As for hurricanes, it doesn't appear they will hit this summer.  The fall, though, could bring a hurricane, and the first week in October looks dangerous. Then, Mars, the planet of storms, will be afflicting Saturn, planet of destruction, in watery Scorpio -- like last August. I'll write more about hurricanes in upcoming entries.


It looks, then, like the hurricane season for the U.S. is not yet over.

Let's consider again September 2008 after the August 1 solar eclipse hit Rahu in Cancer in the U.S. chart.  Then, Hurricane Ike hit Galveston and shut down Houston oil refineries -- and the 2008 financial crisis began, ushering in the Millennium Contraction. Wikipedia reports,

September 13, 2008, the eye of Hurricane Ike approached the upper Texas coast, making landfall at 2:10 am CDT over the east end of Galveston Island, with a high storm surge, and traveled north up Galveston Bay, along the east side of Houston. ... The closing of refineries so soon after Hurricane Gustav, and the time required to restart production, also resulted in shortages of gasoline in such places as the Carolinas and Tennessee, partly as a result of panic buying.

It seems uncanny that hurricanes and financial crashes occur in tandem in the early fall -- most specifically from mid August to did October.  Then, the Sun passes through Leo and Virgo, the ninth house of fortune and the tenth house of career and in the U.S. chart.  The ninth house has weak foundation, which precipitates stresses.

Given that the hurricane season for the U.S. is not yet over, it is likely upcoming hurricane activity can again occur in tandem with a financial markets meltdown.   There, of course, may be a causative factor here, for Texas and Florida are both in the top four population in the country.  That is, hurricanes in these states knock down the economy as well.

Here again is the Summer/Fall transits timeline. You can readily see that although the first half of September is intense -- giving rationale to the hurricanes -- challenging transits continue into October.

Saturn entering Sagittarius means it's leaving watery Scorpio -- and Saturn brings its worst harms at the end its 2 1/2 year transit through a sign.

W Rahu in watery cancer, which is the eighth house of catastrophe in the U.S. chart, beginning September 8, expect the dragon will roar as it proceeds in Cancer through October.





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September 17, 2017

Venus Approaches The Eclipse Sinkhole

The July 28 entry August's Karmic Onslaught Looms explained that the solar eclipse location creates a karmic sinkhole,

Events resulting from the August 21 solar eclipse will tend to happen around, not on, the astronomical event.  An eclipse is like a sinkhole.  So, when other planets cross that point at 4:46 Leo, events are most likely.  This happens September 2, when Mercury and Mars conjoin at that point.  Another possibility is the Mars/Rahu conjunction, which begins August 20 and continues for about a week.  This duo approaches the eclipse point, and that energy is so destructive, it can bring an event.


A planet being within a degree of so of an eclipse point is within its bounds. This is called orb influence.

It turns out Mercury ended its retrograde September 4 at 4:24 Leo -- within the orb of the 4:46 solar eclipse point sinkhole.   (Mercury turned forward the next day.)  Mercury then hung around this location until September 9, when it reached 6 degrees Leo -- moving out of the orb.  Hurricane Irma made landfall in the Florida Keys September 10.  This, then, is a pretty good fit for a planet swallowed up in an eclipse point sinkhole being harmed -- resulting in a hurricane hitting the U.S.

No other planets have crossed the 4:46 degree Leo sinkhole point since.

This transit chart for today shows Mercury and Mars are well beyond the sinkhole 4:46 degree point. It also shows Venus approaching the sinkhole point at now 3:12 degrees.

Venus will cross the orb of the eclipse sinkhole beginning later today and ending midday on Tuesday, September 19.

It's impossible to know what may happen, but results must be negative.  Venus is a watery planet, and it rules an earth sign and an air (wind) sign -- Taurus and Libra.  Thus, its possible the two Atlantic tropical storms -- Maria and Joseph -- will cause problems within the next few days. Other disasters can occur.

Of course, remember the August 21 total solar eclipse hit Trump's warrior Mars and Ascendant point (body, self) hard.  The  July 28entry August's Karmic Onslaught Looms also stated, Notice that the eclipse at 4:46 Leo is right in the middle between his warrior Mars at 3:40 and Ascendant (self, body. head)) at 6:55 -- both within the two degree bulls eye range.  This takes the stuffing out of him, which is a good explanation why he's now lovey-dovey with the Democrats.  Trump has given in to their suggestions extending the debit limit and the budget for three months and then agreed with them to support DACA -- all without demanding anything, including money for his wall!

Remember that not only is Trump's fighting Mars eclipsed, and his body too, but also Saturn sits on his emotional public Moon.  This weakens the mind and restricts his ability influence the public.  Of course, there's the often repeated health hazard prediction too from Mars and the Moon -- head and heart.  Weakened in August and now this month, he's knocked down and by the end of October may very well be thrown out.


Let's see what happens the next few days. Hopefully no further hurricanes will strike, and the only wind will be that knocked out will be Trump's.



The Celestial Wheel 2002-2017©
Doug Riemer



September 24 2017

Trump's Full-Speed-Ahead Jupiter Dasa Rammed By Hurricane Transits


It seems so long ago that The Celestial Wheel first examined the Heavy Summer/Fall Transits -- June 8, 2017.  That entry purposely, though mysteriously, began with a Primer On Vedic Transits. Here are the opening paragraphs,

Transits are simply where planets are in today's skies.  They move as the planets orbit the Sun -- as seen from the earth.  In fact, the word transit means to pass across or through an area.  In astrology, area means the signs -- the belt of the 12 astronomical constellations as seen from the earth.  Transits thereby are global in nature. And when the natural zodiac starting at the first sign of Aries is used to calculate a chart containing the transiting planets, global influences are revealed.  These are general in nature but do apply everywhere and to everyone. However, because transiting planets move, when they are viewed over time, transits provide a moving picture (movie), which gives specific information.  Transits are akin to a building as seen from a moving vehicle. First the building comes into view, and as you drive past it, details can be seen.

Transiting planets always move. Birth chart planets are fixed in place

Transiting planets can also be overlaid upon Vedic birth charts -- people, nations, marriages, new home, businesses... anybody or anything that has a birth, or starting point.  A birth chart is simply a snapshot of the transiting planets at the time and place of birth. That imprint never changes during the life.  The planets are thereby fixed in the signs and houses.

That entry next discussed Vedic Astrology's Dasas,

Transits are secondary to Vedic Astrology's primary birth chart planetary karmas -- planetary cycles -- called Dasas. Dasas are long -- 6 to 20 years.  These describe fundamental and significant influences during the life.  Dasas consist of a primary planet followed by four minor planets of decreasing influence.  They cycle through a set sequence: Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus.  Derived from the position of the Moon at birth, Vedic Dasas are eerily predictive.


Next was how these predictive methods interact, Dasas and transits work together to unveil influences -- karmas. The Celestial Wheel has often compared Dasas to being on a boat going down the river (of life), and transits being weather conditions on the river.

Then discussed was how Dasas operate and how they combine with transits,

If a chart is running a favorable primary Dasa and also supportive minor Dasa planets, your boat travels on a beneficial stretch of the river of life.  It catches a strong current and floats safely on wide and calm waters.

Conversely, if a chart is running challenging Dasas, the river is hazardous with snags, rapids, shallows, whirlpools, sharp turns and nasty currents.

Transits, if favorable, enhance the effects of good Dasas and mitigate the effects of bad Dasas.  Again conversely, if transits are challenging, they impede good Dasas and and amplify bad Dasa planets.  Truly heavy transits, however, can overwhelm even the best Dasa.  A tornado can sink your boat, though you may be able to pump it out to float again.


It is this last combination that is haunting Trump, Truly heavy transits, however, can overwhelm even the best Dasa. A tornado can sink your boat, though you may be able to pump it out to float again.

He is running now his tremendous Jupiter Dasa, the planet of expansion, luck and fortune but the Heavy Summer/Fall Transits are overwhelming -- first knocking Trump down in August and then his being thrown out by the end of October.  The June 8 entry explained that too, adding that the still new Rahu Dasa in the U.S. chart the country is transformed in the most basic ways in a Second Progressive Age.

It is useful to mention now that Trump is ironically newly in his great 16 year Jupiter Dasa -- wealth, luck, power, convincing, optimistic.  But heavy summer/fall transits will overwhelm him, primarily because of earlier bad deeds, but also being ill suited for the presidency.

Also, the milieu Trump finds himself is the U.S. with its own Vedic chart.  The U.S. too is in a new Dasa, that of Rahu (18 years), the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  Rahu is the destroyer of now and creator of tomorrow, especially for this chart.  When the U.S. runs Rahu Dasa, the dragon stimulates great fear of foreigners and resistance to established authority.  Thus, social, economic and political systems are ripped away to pave the way for a new order -- a progressive age of shared democratic values.  This happened in the first Rahu Dasa beginning in 1775 (independence from the king), the second beginning in 1895 (First Progressive Age) and now the third (Second Progressive Age), which begun December 2015.


The September 7 entry Venus Approaches The Eclipse Sinkhole explained again how transits are impacting Trump's chart,

Of course, remember the August 21 total solar eclipse hit Trump's warrior Mars and Ascendant point (body, self) hard.  The July 28 entry August's Karmic Onslaught Looms also stated, Notice that the eclipse at 4:46 Leo is right in the middle between his warrior Mars at 3:40 and Ascendant (self, body. head)) at 6:55 -- both within the two degree bulls eye range.  This takes the stuffing out of him, which is a good explanation why he's now lovey-dovey with the Democrats.  Trump has given in to their suggestions extending the debit limit and the budget for three months and then agreed with them to support DACA -- all without demanding anything, including money for his wall!

Remember that not only is Trump's fighting Mars eclipsed, and his body too, but also Saturn sits on his emotional public Moon. This weakens the mind and restricts his ability influence the public. Of course, there's the often repeated health hazard prediction too from Mars and the Moon -- head and heart. Weakened in August and now this month, he's knocked down and by the end of October may very well be thrown out.

There are other planetary karmas in Trump's chart that haven't been discussed, at least not fully.  These round out our understanding. (Note: I should have gone through these influences a long time ago, but I kept thinking Trump would blow himself up sooner.)

First, Trump's Jupiter was stationary (stopped) just before he was born, and barely moving in retrograde motion at birth. This boosts Jupiter's influence to the very top of any and all others -- literally trumping them.

Second expansive Jupiter in the second house of speech makes Trump incredibly glib. He can say anything and still be believed.  By way of comparison, and demonstrating too how useful this is in a politician's chart, Hillary Clinton has Jupiter in her second house, and Bill Clinton's Jupiter aspects his second.  Remember when he was called Slick Willy?


Third, a nasty aspect (glance) from restrictive Saturn to Trump's second house -- which is not only speech but also truth -- makes him a congenital liar.

Fourth, Jupiter throws an aspect to the eighth house, which is the house of life. intuition, and also inheritance and forbidden things. Mars too aspects the eight.  This has resulted in Trump being truly pushy, being able to intuit others' weak points, inheriting a bundle ($200 million) and doing nasty sexual things.

Fifth, Mars in the first house makes Trump a fighter.

Six, Trump's tenth house of career has his chart ruling Sun placed there along with Rahu, the dragon, which pumps up the Sun. Further, Jupiter throws an aspect to the tenth as well, giving him a truly monumental career but also the ability to be warm and supportive -- when he wants too, and especially as he's lied to people and attacked them.

Seventh, his fallen Moon is full for being across the chart from his Sun.  And the Moon throws an exalted aspect to the tenth house of career.  This gives Trump the ability to sense what the public wants and also gives him a certain glow in public -- despite his not being a good actor, handsome or even charismatic.

Eighth, Trump's Saturn rules his seventh house of the social nature and is placed in the twelfth house of loss and solitude with Venus. Thus, he is antisocial and incapably of forming long term positive associations.  He's also isolated himself from the public.  And because Venus is love and compassion, Trump has neither. He's rather Saturn-cruel and manipulative, especially toward women -- Venus.

Ninth, Saturn and Venus aspect the sixth house of enemies, discords, litigations and debts.  So, he's always battling enemies in verbal and legal discords and has huge debts.

Tenth, Trump's perceptional Moon, though full, is a mess.  Recall it was eclipsed at birth, is with mystical Ketu -- another influence for intuition but also living by his emotions.  And warrior Mars throws a nasty aspect, making him blurt things out but also be immoral about the lunar benefits in life -- in our society, money, like Bill Gates.



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