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February 3, 2017



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The Hollow Man

Trump's endless barrage of half truths and confusing aggressions against foreign countries and their leaders, along daily extreme, even bizarre, barbs shot at U.S. companies, policies and individuals is absolutely nerve wracking. Jon Stewart described this perfectly, 'Late Show': Jon Stewart rips 'exhausting' Trump orders, 'vindictive chaos'. In this pic from the show, Stewart -- a dead animal on his head, red tie trailing to the ground and maniacal grin -- reads from a scroll of upcoming crazed executive orders, demonstrating again a picture is worth a thousand words.

The Celestial Wheel has offered snippets from Trump's Vedic chart. Notable is this from the December 1, 2016, which entry was aptly titled Reiterating The Disturbance In The Space Time Continuum,

Upcoming is a Celestial Wheel analysis of Trumps chart, titled The Hollow Man.  A fundamental here is that Trump was born on a total lunar eclipse, making his life a striving for love and acceptance to fill an always hollow heart and empty soul.


However, before this is discussed further, following that excerpt is this fundamental and long term planetary karma for the U.S. chart.

"Yet, this is just part of the Rahu long eighteen year planetary cycle (Dasa) in the U.S. chart that brings the Second Progressive Age by tearing down Second Gilded Age inequities and unfairnesses.  Rahu is ideal in for this transformation -- as the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point, it is the destroyer of now and creator of tomorrow.  Trump, then, is merely and only Rahu's agent for destruction.  Later will come the creators of tomorrow."

Keep this in mind when reading Celestial Wheel entries and in your daily life as well to maintain perspective during this unnerving time.  Yes, a dragon came through the rift in the space time continuum, but after he torches groups and institutions that no longer serve America, he'll flame out.

The January 11, 2017 Celestial Wheel entry, Trump's Hidden Enemies, discussed further Trump's birth on a total lunar eclipse.  Here are the introductory paragraphs of that entry,

At the time he was born, the constellation (sign) of Leo was ascending - rising above the eastern horizon.  This set the position of the first house of the self (identity) in Leo; the planets in the signs were then fitted into the twelve houses.  This is why the time of birth is so important -- distinguishing the person from others born the same day but at different times.

Leo is ruled by the Sun -- kingship -- and it is powerfully placed in the tenth house of career.  As the ruler of the first house of the self, the Sun is further an indicator of the self. Interestingly, the Sun's colors are dark red and orange, and its metal is gold.

However, the day Trump was born, a total eclipse of the Moon occurred.  A lunar eclipse is exact when the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun -- and this one was exact at 12:30 PM, a mere half hour after birth.  So, this eclipse hit the birth chart, and the resulting life, hard.  In fact, the eclipse was already underway when Trump began this incarnation.  While a lunar eclipse naturally blocks the Moon, is also impacts the Sun.  The solar ego is both large and compromised.  As eclipses are shadows, the life is shadowed.

Thereby, the entire life is eclipsed -- blocked -- in some way, and despite great power, intellect and wealth, Trump is knocked down -- thrown out -- periodically.

Note the emphasized sentence, The solar ego is both large and compromised.  This results from Rahu (head-of-the-dragon eclipse point), which is powerful in the world, giving our worldly cravings and desires, both supercharging the solar ego and eclipsing (blocking) the solar soul.

Eclipses occur when an eclipse point is within twelve degrees of the Sun or Moon, but notice in Trump's chart Rahu was just slightly over two degrees from his Sun.  This doesn't make the astronomical eclipse stronger.  But it does inflame Rahu's astrological influence upon the Sun -- the ego and the soul.

As the Sun is a significator of the father, there's a lot of karma with him, especially in living up to paternal standards.  With Rahu, no matter how much one achieves, it's never enough.  That the father abandoned Trump by throwing him out of the house into military school at age 12, added to this psychological issue.  Not only is the ego huge, but Trump is always fearful of being thrown out again -- as he also was by the bankers from his Atlantic City casinos and will now again as President.  (See again the January 11, 2017 entry about his being thrown out by Saturn crossing his Moon.)

Another solar issue is that his Sun is not just too close to Rahu the dragon, but it is at the very edge of the 30 degree house/sign boundary at 29 degrees, 49 minutes.  Like being at the river bank where these is no current, this tremendously weakens the Sun.  This results in outer confidence and inner fear.

Yes, Jupiter throws an aspect (glance) that steadies the solar ego and gives him leadership ability, the warm and comforting side -- until he feels threatened and then cuts perceived enemies to pieces to protect his ego -- status and feeling of self worth.  And his crazy Moon throws an aspect to the Sun as well, giving the ability to connect well with the public.  But, with the Moon ruling the twelfth house of loss in this chart, the lunar glow is an evil one.

Another factor in Trump being a hollow man is that his great but compromised Sun sits in the tenth house of career -- the future, the outer world and self.  But his tremendously afflicted perceptional Moon is in his fourth house of the emotions -- the past and ones deepest feelings and beliefs.  The tenth house, then, is the ego and the fourth house the soul.  Primary among the Moon's hardships is being close to Ketu, the dissolving tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  This makes Trump live by his emotions, but blocks perception of the soul, if not the soul itself.

Thus, Trump has a huge, even overwhelming, ego -- outer shell -- which he protects at all costs - but no soul.   He lacks internal strength -- no emotional foundation, no belief in himself, no confidence -- when confronted with enemies or criticism.  He is the hollow man -- appearing strong but actually weak, like an egg shell with nothing inside.

This explanation helps us understand not only why Trump has to slay all challengers, real or imagined, but also why he insists to himself and everyone else that he's a winner -- always.  This keeps the fragile outer shell intact. How does he do this?  Trump's greatest weapon is his tremendously strong Jupiter in the second house of speech, which makes him very slick (convincing) along with an aspect (glance) from his very nasty Saturn, that allows him to lie convincingly -- to both himself and others.  Even the worst failures become wins.  Yesterday's failed special forces attack in Yemen was, of course, a great victory according to Trump, Yemen Aftermath: Trump's First Military Raid Continues To Raise Questions.

The Celestial Wheel has explained that Saturn crossing his Moon for the third time will result in him being thrown out the third time -- called Sadi Sati in Vedic Astrology. Indians say about this cycle, repeating every twenty nine years, that often the grandparents are lost during the first Sadi Sati, the parents lost during the second Sadi Sati and that the person loses himself in his third Sadi Sati.

This suggests Trump falls ill or even dies during this current Sadi Sati.  The  December 1, 2016  Celestial Wheel also included the first prediction about Trump's health,

PS Trump is not just stressed emotionally and spiritually from these planetary karmas continuing to late January.

His cardiac system is also vulnerable now.  And remember, Trump believes himself to be in perfect health, as vital now as he was in his youth

Thus, he overtaxes his body in his attacks on others and in his strivings, and could land in an emergency room.


The astrological reasoning here is that the fourth is the house of the heart, and the Sun is the heart -- both of which are tremendously afflicted in this chart -- as described above.  Hospitalization is called for since his Moon rules the twelfth house of secluded places -- hospitals, caves, ashrams, islands....  However, there is no prediction for when this is likely to occur.   But this article suggests it will be soon, Trump’s emotional tailspin was predictable.

There is, however, a possible history of Trump being hospitalized, for a nervous breakdown in 1990 -- when his second Sadi Sati that resulted in him being thrown out of the casinos, occurred.  Faced with this loss, with the compulsion to always be a winner to protect his solar ego shell, Trump lost it.  Young to have a heart attack, his mind shattered.  Here's an article about that, Kurt Eichenwald Further Explains His Claim That Trump Was Institutionalized.  This makes sense astrologically, for in 1990, Trump was running his Moon with Venus Dasa planets -- planetary cycles.  His Moon rules his twelfth house of hospitalization and Venus is placed in the twelfth. Further, that year, eclipses occurred in his sixth house of acute illness and his twelfth house of hospitalization.

I don't quite know why this image is fitting to publish here. It just feels right.




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