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May 1 -- 31, 2008



Doug Riemer

Certified Vedic Astrologer

Sedona, Arizona



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May 2, 2008

Spring-Summer Timeline

     The April 25 Celestial Wheel published the below Spring-Summer Timeline, stating, ...there's a burst of activity at the end of this month and into early May.  Then, there's a calm interval until late May.  Then, the karmic complexities arise again


(Note: right below eclipse point Ketu, I've added eclipse the opposing point, Rahu.  Being opposite, both change signs simultaneously.)



Mars finished in Gemini 4/28   

       Ketu finishes in Cancer 5/4     
           Rahu enters Capricorn 5/4  

Saturn ends retrograde 5/3                                        

                                                           Jupiter retrograde 5/11                                                                                                                        

   111111111111111   111111111111111   111111111111111   111111111111111

                           April                                 May                             June                                    July                                                  

                                                                                   Mercury retrograde    

                                                                    Mars conjunct Ketu  

                                                                                                Mars conjunct Saturn



   As shown, Mars finishes its painful extended transit through Gemini April 28, Saturn ends its retrograde May 3 and Ketu and Rahu change signs May 4.  These account for the short term activity burst occurring now.

     The ensuing calm interval until late May is followed by the upcoming Mars/Ketu and Mars/Saturn conjunctions, during which there's a confusing Mercury retrograde.  Also, with Jupiter weakly retrograde, the great benefic loses its capability to counterbalance Mars harms.  So, things will definitely heat up with the summer sun.

     This graph can be converted into a Vedic sign chart, thus labeled by using the natural zodiac starting with the first sign, Aries.  The Celestial Wheel has named this World Transits.  In displaying the planetary dispositions in the twelve signs, as well as the planets' house placements, it's like a global weather forecast.  (For example, Jupiter is in Sagittarius no matter where in the world you live.)   Every one, every nation and the entire world is thereby impacted by this chart. The period under consideration is through July, consistent with the above Timeline.


Global Predictions

     May 10 is selected to illustrate clearly the dispositions of the planets listed in the Timeline -- Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu/Ketu  (For non Vedic folks, see the below mythology about Rahu/Ketu.)

     Wealth in general is somewhat uplifted because Jupiter (wealth) is transiting the ninth house of wealth and fortune and is no longer aspected by wealth-wasting Mars.  However, Jupiter is weak being close to the edge of the thirty degree wide sign/house.  Too, the next day, May 11, Jupiter turns retrograde, which will inhibit Jupiter's ability to act positively.  However, Jupiter likes its own sign of Sagittarius, bringing optimism -- though this expansiveness is not warranted.

     Rahu over-stimulates wherever he is placed, in this case the tenth house of career.  As Rahu is also illusion, this head-of-the-dragon eclipse point brings expectations of great gain. 










World Transits May 10, 2008


     Rahu, together with Jupiter's undue optimism, gives a potent karma wanting and expecting too much -- overreaching.  

     The fifth is also a house of wealth, signifying investments.  Constrictive Saturn remains in this sign of Leo, which must continue to dampen the stock markets globally.  However, there is some easing of investment constraints, for dissolving Ketu has moved away (backwards) into the fourth house.  Plus, an unafflicted, albeit weak, Jupiter throws an expansive aspect.  The risk here is to read too much into minor economic improvements as the bigger picture becomes more challenging.

     Wealth is further injured by malefics Mars and Saturn both aspecting (glancing upon) the eleventh house of gains.  Because Mars is aggression and Saturn resistance, this combination indicates struggles, which includes downfalls, and misuse of authority.  With Jupiter and Rahu overly optimistic, Saturn constraining stock values and the Mars/Saturn in a tug-of-war for gains --  in areas outside the stock markets, like commodities -- there's another potent negative economic karma for destructive competition.

     Fiery Mars combining with fiery Ketu signals a conflagration.  (Note: Cancer is Mars' fallen sign, making him weak and dangerous.)  As Ketu is a spiritual influence, when it combines with warrior Mars, seething anger results.  This conjunction was first discussed in the December 30, 2007 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Predictions For The New Year.  Here's the salient paragraph,

     Mars will create further problems when it transits into Cancer April 28, into which dissolving Ketu will also shift into May 5.  So, a Mars/Ketu conjunction will occur.  This is the fourth house of the home (real estate) in the World Transit Chart and the ninth house of wealth in the U.S. chart.  Mars/Ketu is the duo for seething anger and has a record for disaster, including 9-11.  The October 12, 2004 Celestial Wheel Commentary tracked four previous Mars/Ketu conjunctions, finding violence in each and predicting tragedy November 13, 2004.  This actualized in Iraq the battle of Fallujah, the deadliest of the war, and which destroyed the city.  This upcoming Mars/Ketu conjunction will be analyzed in detail in upcoming Celestial Wheels.


     As specifically mentioned above, real estate is harmed by Mars/Ketu.  Ketu is also gas and oil, and The Celestial Wheel has correctly forecasted oil/gas price peaks when Ketu has been afflicted.  These predictions include peaks from 2004 onward (See the June 11, 2007 Celestial Wheel), plus  the last two peaks last fall and this winter/spring. 

     As the fourth house is ruled by the Moon, the lunar significations for grains and the home (nation) are also impacted negatively.  When looking back at the Mars/Ketu tracking done in the October 12, 2004 Celestial Wheel Commentary, violences occurred when Mars also influenced the Moon -- the Afghanistan earthquake February 6, 1998, the World Trade Center bombing of 9-11 2001 and the February 1, 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia explosion.  Since the Mars/Ketu conjunction occurs in the Moon's house of Cancer, the Moon is again injured.  Of course, when Mars also harms the Moon by aspect, its doubles up, as it will on June 13.

     This Celestial Wheel does not overlay the World Transit chart upon birth charts of persons or countries to further identify specific harms.  However, it is worthwhile mentioning that the Mars/Ketu conjunction occurs in the U.S. chart's eighth house of catastrophe.  Thereby, an event with global reach could occur in the U.S.  Further, Mars/Ketu hits the Iraq Independence chart's twelfth house of loss. 

     Put the pieces together -- overreaching stock investors, destructive competitiveness, violence in the U.S. and Iraq, another oil/gas price spike, a deepening grain crisis, the real estate debacle continuing -- all precipitated on or about June 13.


The Most Beautiful Rendition Of Gayatri Mantra

     However difficult world affairs and our individual experiences living in the world may be, the inner life can remain undisturbed, even improve.  Too, bringing the outer life into balance with the inner elevates consciousness.  As the Second Gilded Age's gluttony is already yielding to material conservatism, many are beginning to reclaim the values and benefits of a simpler life -- a healthier diet, no cravings for big screen TVs and even bigger cars and houses, the value of contemplation, the importance of friends, family and community.

     Click here, or on the image, to listen and watch this most beautiful and stirring version of the most famous and ancient Gayatri Mantra on YouTube.  Perhaps it will stimulate your inner life to motivate and merge with the outer.



A Celestial Wheel Forecast Is Published In The CVA Journal

     The March 31 Celestial Wheel  reminisced to a previous turbulent era in citing the 1970 Beatles ballad, The Long & Winding Road


     The February 6, 2005 The First Baby-Boomers  seems like a long way back on the winding road of

publishing The Celestial Wheel.  To readers of the Council of Vedic Astrology Journal, however, the information remains valid, although election references reveals its composition is not.

     The First Baby-Boomers is published in this current CVA Journal issue.  The article's pages were scanned in and are available to review at TheCelestialWheel -- CVA Journal.  Please be patient.  This is in PDF (Potable Document Format), which can take some time to load.

     It's interesting how well a Celstial Wheel forecast looks in print.  Too, this is a very nice accolade for the even longer stretch of road that began The Celestial Wheel in July, 2002.

     CVA's new administration has updated the Journal by selecting articles of general interest which are very readable by the public.  Thanks President Gary Gomes, for helping to make Vedic Astrology more accessible.  If you're interested in Journal copies, these can be ordered from CVA Journal, 854 Brock Ave., New Bedford, MA 02744.








     Rahu, and its companion Ketu are unique planets to Vedic Astrology.  These hard to understand Eastern symbols are basically intensifying influences.  Malefics Rahu and Ketu, are the Moon's Nodes, the astronomical points calculated to pinpoint eclipses.  As they block the light, Rahu and Ketu are called the shadow planets -- in Sanskrit the exotic sounding Chaya Grahas.  That they normally move backward, called retrograde, is indicative of the Nodes' unique natures.

     A rich mythology underlies all of Vedic Astrology, describing the deep meanings behind complex Eastern symbolism.  This ancient story tells how Rahu and Ketu became the shadow planets. 

    Lord Vishnu, the creator and preserver, gathered the planetary gods together and offered them a vial of Amrita so they could live forever in the solar system. Lord Vishnu  then left the room, and a shadow serpent crept in to drink from the vial.  Alerted by the Sun and the Moon, Lord Vishnu quickly returned and cut the demon in two, but too late to deny the two pieces, Rahu the head and Ketu the tail, immortality.  The shadow planets thus joined the solar system as great enemies of the Luminaries. Rahu and Ketu powerfully swallow -up the Sun and Moon in eclipses. Then the stars can be seen, revealing deep knowledge from the dawning of time.

     This story illustrates the malefic powers of the Nodes.  Rahu, the upper part with a brain, signifies our manifestation into the world and thereby gives insatiable conscious cravings and intensified earthly desires, which can never be fully satisfied. Rahu, then, is also an intoxifying influence, and during its cycles, Rahu brings the most intense and significant worldly experiences.  Rahu is the future.


    Ketu, the mystical brainless bottom half, intensifies by dissolving materiality into spirit, creating insight and perception. Ketu is unconscious desires, and while it is a superlative mystical influence, its otherworldly energies can also bring the most devious and weird effects into the real world.  Ketu is the past.




Copyright 1999-2008
Doug Riemer


May 14, 2008

Further Spring-Summer Global Karmas

     The May 2 Celestial Wheel converted the Spring-Summer Timeline into a World Transits sign chart.  Both are useful tools -- the former to see the the planetary karmas ebbs and flows and the latter to identify specific karmas. 



Mars finished in Gemini 4/28   

       Ketu finishes in Cancer 5/4     
           Rahu enters Capricorn 5/4  

Saturn ends retrograde 5/3                                        

                                                           Jupiter retrograde 5/11                                                                                                                        

   111111111111111   111111111111111   111111111111111   111111111111111

                           April                                 May                             June                                    July                                                  

                                                                                   Mercury retrograde    

                                                                    Mars conjunct Ketu  

                                                                                              Mars conjunct Saturn




     The ensuing Global Predictions analyzed Jupiter, Rahu, Saturn and the Mars/Ketu conjunction. 

     It concluded, Put the pieces together -- overreaching stock investors, destructive competitiveness, violence in the U.S. and Iraq, another oil/gas price spike, a deepening grain crisis, the real estate debacle continuing -- all precipitated on or about June 13.

     Mercury retrograde and the Mars/Saturn conjunction remain to be discussed. 

     Mercury will be retrograde May 27 to June 20. 

     The resulting communications failures and confusions must harm responses to disruptions from Mars/Ketu.

World Transits May 10, 2008


     The Mars/Saturn conjunction becomes impactive soon after the mid June Mars/Ketu conjunction in late Cancer at 26 degrees.  Mars shifts into Leo on June 21 and then closes with Saturn July 10 at 11 degrees Leo.

     This a difficult conjunction in Leo, the sign of government and investments.  However, an aspect from benefic Jupiter (see arrow), although not very strong, mitigates this malefic energy.  A follow-up tragedy to any mid June Mars/Ketu destruction is thereby unlikely.  The Jupiter/Mars/Saturn combination will more likely result in a contest for power over relief efforts botched by Mercury retrograde effects -- making the earlier disaster more disastrous


And Some Final Thoughts About the Mars/Ketu Conjunction

     Cancer is Mars' fallen (debilitated) sign, where it is weakest.  This turns Mars' logic into violent impulse, courage into spite, valor into tem per.  Ketu doesn't perform well in Moon-ruled watery Cancer either.   As an eclipse point, it blocks the Moon's perceptional and worldly benefits, stimulating irrational responses and truly weird harms.  As explained previously, fiery Mars doesn't combine well with otherworldly (and also fiery Ketu), bringing seething anger.  In Cancer, this is exacerbated.

     To make matters even worse, Mars conjoins Ketu at 26 degrees, just 2 degrees from its maximum debilitation point of 28 degrees.  This stimulates Mars' to act precipitously with extreme violence.  That position is also within the dangerous Lunar Nakshatra (one of the 27 Moon houses) of Ashlesha, The coiled serpent, which enjoys secrecy, is often misunderstood and likes to operate out of sight.  There is the snake’s wily nature and insincerity, danger, deception, cold-bloodedness and unexpected attack.

     The last Mars/Ketu conjunction in Cancer occurred June 21 - 23, 1972 -- coinciding with the unusually early, destructive and wet Hurricane Agnes, From June 19-24, 1972, Agnes dropped as much as 19 inches of rain as she roared out of the Gulf of Mexico and across every state from Florida to New York.  Too, the entire Watergate scandal was unfolding, and on June 22, Nixon and Halderman taped their discussion about obstructing the investigation.  Also, just as Mars moved into Cancer, on June 18, a British passenger jet crashed, killing all 118 passengers and crew on board


The Burma Typhoon

     It's ironic this last Celestial Wheel was published the day before the massively destructive typhoon hit Burma/Myanmar -- Myanmar Death Toll Surpasses 22,000.  This astrologer does not specialize in weather events.  Plus, without a nation chart for Burma, it would not have been possible to predict this major catastrophe.*  Although the statement, ...there's a burst of activity at the end of this month and into early May was valid, it is too general to be of any practical value.  In retrospect, however, just a quick glance at the Spring-Summer Timeline, reveals the destructive karma.  Then, Rahu and Ketu were weak in changing signs, Mars had just gained strength for violence in Cancer and Saturn's grinding to a stop unleashed its destructive capability. 

(*Note, however, the U.S. and Iraq charts are at hand, enabling predicting for the the upcoming Mars/Ketu, event with global reach could occur in the U.S.  Further, Mars/Ketu hits the Iraq Independence chart's twelfth house of loss.) 


China's Moon Earthquake

     The May 12 earthquake in China (Death Toll From Chinese Earthquake Exceeds 12,000), however, can be seen from its birth chart*, even though the birth time is not known.

     The transits of Mars, the Moon and Saturn for May 12 are shown in red in the middle of the chart square.  Transit Mars and Saturn are very close at 7:36 and 7:47 degrees respectively, and they both aspect Aquarius, as shown in the below World Transit chart.  These malefics also aspect Libra, adding tension. 

     Yet, all charts have this same Mars/Saturn destructiveness, but only China experienced a major earthquake.

     This earthquake more specifically results from the transiting Moon and Saturn also being closely conjunct in Leo, where birthchart Moon and Saturn are placed.

September 21, 1949

Peking, China

     This doubles-up the planetary karmas.  Further, China's Saturn (industrial production) was eclipsed in the March 3, 2007 total lunar eclipse at 19 degrees Leo.  Eclipse effects can endure for years.  Finally, transit Saturn crossing the houses around the Moon is Sadi Sati, bringing long term and extensive harm and loss to the country.  Thus, China has a cascade of problems -- toxic toy exports, peasant protests, water and air pollution, inflation, unemployment, Tibet, child virus, the problematic upcoming olympics and now a major earthquake.  That Saturn stays in Leo until September 2009, and the Sadi Sati effect continues until the end of 2011, suggests China will continue to face adverse conditions as 2012 approaches.

     There are two important points here.  First, No tree grows to the sky.  China's growth must stall, just as Japan's was, beginning in 1990. (Remember the 1980s, when everyone thought Japan would overwhelm the U.S.?)  This dovetails with The Celestial Wheel prediction for a global depression around 2012, as seen from the U.S. chart -- December 1, 2007 Through The Second Gilded Age.  China's recent and growing travails may very well be a confirming signal of the beginning of that depression.  The, Long Slump May Follow Crunch is an early admission by a major U.S. financial bank that the current economic slowdown is just the beginning of economic loss.  (Note: depressions don't just happen but unfold over a period of time, with one economic shock following another until the economy is ruined.)

(*China's chart has yet to be rigorously rectified, both as to date and time.  If any subscribers would like to underwrite this project, please click on this encrypted form, Contributions.)


Timing The Global-Reach Mars/Ketu Event

    The second point is that China's demonstrated challenges, as verified in its chart, dramatically prove how pivotal the Moon truly is. 

    In Vedic astrology the Moon the primary planet.  It is all-important in signifying the benefits in life -- not very convincing, unless one really considers that that means.

     The May 2 Celestial Wheel predicted an event with global reach could occur in the U.S. on June 13. 

     Then, Mars will be nearly conjunct with Ketu and also aspecting the Moon four houses away. See too that Saturn will also aspect the Moon then.

     Here's that chart, for midday.  Notice too that both the Sun and Venus are very weak, being at the edges of the 30 degree wide signs. 

World Transits

June 13, 2008 at 12 Noon EST


    If, we follow the China earthquake example of timing the event by the Moon's conjunction position, then June 7 at 6:00 PM would be an earlier alternative choice for timing a catastrophic event.  Here's that chart.

     Then, the Moon is literally on top of the Moon/Ketu conjunction.  Too, since this conjunction occurs in the Moon ruled sign of Cancer, there's a repetition of the karma.  That is, the Moon is doubly harmed.

    Too, and this is really interesting, exactly at that time, Mercury and Venus will be closely conjunct the Sun.  Because the Sun is both light and heat, it burns a planet when close by.  Termed combustion, it means the planet is not just subdued, but actually temporarily blacked out.

     This, then gives a second chart nearly a week earlier to predict a calamity from Mars/Ketu.

World Transits

June 7, 2008 at 6:00 PM EST

     A common, and naturally human, astrologer mistake is to see an interval of intense planetary stress and believe it signals a single major event.  Historical records and the media lead us all to believe that cataclysms are singular occupancies, even though global news reporting is both selective and very recent.  It is entirely possible that more than one catastrophe results during the stress period, the event continues for several days or even recurs.  Too, for such a vicious conjunction as Mars/Ketu in Cancer, disturbances occur throughout the conjoined interval, not just at the peak.  The Chilean volcano, Chaiten, began erupting May 2, for the first time in thousands of years, and now Patagonia fears environmental damage from volcano

Photos: Chile Volcano Erupts With Ash and Lightning


     Today's news reports, Second cyclone aims for Burma -- a recurrence. And finally, Mount Etna in Sicily has been erupting since Saturday.  Check out this amazing video.  Too the world is not only a really huge place, but the independencies and complexities arising from globalization link countries and regions together, sometimes in ways we can't fully appreciate.  The chaos theory* cliche that when a butterfly flaps its wings in Tokyo, a week later it rains in New York has a compelling application here.  We've certainly already seen dramatic examples of global links of stock markets drop in one region cause markets all over the world to shudder.

     Upcoming Celestial Wheels will relate this information to charts of nations and leaders to better identify locations, types and the timing of potential Mars/Ketu violences.

(* From Wikipedia. Small variations of the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system.)


Copyright 1999-2008
Doug Riemer


May 23, 2008

Mars/Ketu and Mars/Saturn Conjunction Impacts

     This month The Celestial Wheel has focused upon the upcoming dangerous Mars/Ketu conjunction in Cancer mid June -- and the following Mars/Saturn conjunction in Leo during early July.  

     Conclusions about the seething anger Mars/Ketu signifies are ...overreaching stock investors, destructive competitiveness, violence in the U.S. and Iraq, another oil/gas price spike, a deepening grain crisis, the real estate debacle continuing and Mars/Saturn ...will more likely result in a contest for power over relief efforts botched by Mercury retrograde effects -- making the earlier disaster more disastrous.  Finally, because Ketu is otherworldly, his actions are precipitous, unforeseen and fierce.  These qualities are confirmed by the Mars/Ketu conjunction occurring in the lunar house of Ashlesha, ...the snake’s wily nature and insincerity, danger, deception, coldheartedness and unexpected attack.

     Ketu is called smoke, an apt descriptor for this veiled planetary karma.  Sensitive dates and the types of harms can be seen, but where a specific calamity may occur will be unknown, unless it is shown in the chart of a nation, as 9-11 was.  Even then, no astrologer could predict the type and locations of those attacks.  

     Two specific calamity dates were selected for Mars/Ketu -- June 7 (specifically at 6:00 PM) and June 13.  July 10 was chosen for Mars/Saturn, when these two malefics exactly conjoin.  July 6 is added as a second sensitive Mars/Saturn date.  Then the Moon will be conjunct these planets.

     Here then are these sensitive dates, with sign positions::

     Mars/Ketu: June 7 and June 13 at 26 degrees Cancer    

Mars/Saturn: July 6 and 10 at 11 degrees Leo

     There is one more wrinkle in this summer's planetary fabric -- a total solar eclipse August 1 at 15 1/2 degrees Cancer.  This is added to the analysis.  This will be a Ketu eclipse, making its effects weird.

     Examining the charts of nations and leaders* can narrow down types and locations of harms relating to these powerful conjunctions and the solar eclipse.  Earlier Celestial Wheels have already alerted to risk in the U.S. and Iraq charts.  Keep in mind that although Mars/Saturn is not so dangerous like Mars/Ketu in signifying a major loss, if it hits a planet in a chart within about 2 degrees, it will cause destruction. 

     Too, even if neither the conjunctions nor the eclipse hit a planet, if the house location is difficult and/or if there are planets in the affected house, loss of some kind will result, even if indirect.  The reason for this is that in Vedic Astrology a transiting planet affects the entire house/sign, just as turning on a light anywhere in a room illuminates the entire space.  These factors can also be applied to your personal chart -- so if any are operative, it will cause you problems.**


(*The U.S. chart and charts of Iran, Iraq, Israel and Saudi Arabia were previously rectified because of the region's instability and oil reserves.  See previous Celestial Wheels, The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Ancient Karmas and Culmination In The Mideast.  Charts of U.S. leaders, including the presidential candidates, are also available.)

(** If you have your Vedic chart handy, check for any of these hitting one of your planets.  If this occurs, a Chart Update will evaluate risk and plan avoidance strategies.) 


The U.S. Chart

     Below is a World Transit chart (giving global planetary weather) showing the positions and dates of the Mars/Ketu and Mars/Saturn conjunctions and the solar eclipse.  These points and dates can then be visually compared with the accompanying U.S. chart.  (Note: charts of Iraq, Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia, as well as U.S.leaders will follow in the next Celestial Wheel.)


World Transit Chart -- the
conjunctions of Mars/Ketu and
Mars/Saturn and the solar eclipse

United States

July 4, 1776 6:17 PM Philadelphia, PA

     For the U.S. chart, Mars/Ketu at 26 degrees Cancer does not hit any planets, but it does occur in the eighth house of catastrophe, where Mercury and Rahu are placed.  The U.S. Dasas, the planetary cycles symbolizing the underlying karmas will be: June 7 -- Moon/Sun/Sun/Ketu, June 13 -- Moon/Sun/Moon/Rahu.  (These Dasa planets would only make sense to readers well acquainted with Vedic Astrology.) 

     Taking all these influences together, a major physical violence in the U.S. is not indicated*, but financial markets and the economy (gas and grain prices and the real estate market) could violently respond to a calamity elsewhere on this interconnected globe.

     Mars/Saturn at 11 degree Leo also does not hit any chart planets, but it aspects eighth ruler Moon, just 4 degrees away.  U.S. Dasas will be Moon/Sun/Rahu/Rahu on July 6.  These become Moon/Sun/Rahu/Jupiter for July 10.  The suggestion here is for an exaggerated emotional reaction which fails to curb the economic crisis.

     The total solar eclipse, however, is within a degree of Rahu -- the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  Then, the U.S. Dasas will be Moon/Sun/Rahu/Mars.  This is certainly negative and could signal a confidence collapse, revealing secreted government or private skullduggery, or a major physical disaster -- like a hurricane.

(*Mars and Ketu are both Pitta -- fire.  This naturally stimulates forest fires in this sign of Cancer, the home.  Expect an uptick inforest fires, both in the U.S. and globally.  Thank you subscriber B.R. in Arizona for this reminder.)


Reader Comments

     Although The Celestial Wheel is not a blog, reader's comments are invited and most welcome.  Whether your observations come from Vedic Astrology or not, they both inform and stimulate new avenues of inquiry. 

     With the U.S., and actually the entire globe, sliding into a recession, this summer's planetary stresses must further stress our material experiences.  Too, there is the very real possibility that the recession of 2008 signals the beginningof the major depression predicted in the December 1, 2007 Through The Second Gilded Age.

     You can email your comments to or  (Note: I shut down my 10 year old email address a month ago due to excessive spam.)

     In the meantime, I already laid out the charts for U.S. leaders Bush and Cheney, the three presidential candidates and the four Mideast nat ions.  Now, only the analysis remains, and your comments will be helpful in stimulating conclusions.


Copyright 1999-2008
Doug Riemer


May 25, 2008

Further Mars/Ketu & Mars/Saturn Conjunction Impacts

     The below May 23 Celestial Wheel completed analysis of the Mars/Ketu and Mars/Saturn conjunctions, added the summer solar eclipse* to this mix of challenging planetary karmas and interpreted these influences upon the U.S. chart. 

     Here again are the sensitive dates and sign locations of each:

     June 7 and June 13 Mars/Ketu: at 26 degrees Cancer

     July 6 and 10 Mars/Saturn: at 11 degrees Leo

     August 1 total solar eclipse at 15 1/2 degrees Cancer


     Remaining to be analyzed are: the charts for U.S. leaders Bush and Cheney, the three presidential candidates and the four Mideast nations.  This Celestial Wheel addresses the first of these three groups.

(*There is also a partial lunar eclipse on August 16 at 00 degrees Aquarius, but these factors so weaken eclipse effects, it will not signal anything major.  Much more significant then will be Mercury and Venus conjunct Saturn, and this will be analyzed in a later Celestial Wheel.)


Impacts Upon U.S. Leaders -- Bush

World Transit Chart -- the
conjunctions of Mars/Ketu and
Mars/Saturn and the solar eclipse

G.W. Bush

July 6, 1946 7:26 AM
New Haven CT

   Since last fall, G.W. Bush has piloted the ship of state with a mixture of deception and self-deception -- courtesy of his foolish 16 year Mercury Dasa (began May, 2006) and optimistic and powerfully influential subcycles of Rahu and Jupiter.

     Bush shifted belief in his commitment to principle from incontrovertible failures in the present to the unassailable prophecy that history will herald his greatness.

     This remarkable sleight of hand, however, is not Bush's idea, but rather brilliant Cheney's -- the real Bush's Brain.  The latter's intellectual Moon/Mercury combination aspects Bush's second house of learning, knowledge and speech, as also does Cheney's philosophical Jupiter. (See Cheney's chart, below.)  Bush thereby naturally and readily accepts Cheney's mental leadership.  Too, for being a consummate liar, Bush doesn't know his own truth.  Finally, Bush as President, has relied upon unwavering support from his third house close associates, seventh house relationships (partnerships) and eleventh house friends and groups.* 

(Note, the rulers of all these houses -- 3rd Mercury, 7th Saturn and 11th Venus -- are placed in Bush's first house of the self.  This has brought unwavering support from his appointees and Republicans in both houses of Congress.)


     So, as the economy began its relentless downward slide last fall, and Iraq became a conflict with no end, Cheney dressed Bush in a majestic robe of optimistic and self-certainty.  Bush was able to perform this magic trick via powerfully advantageous subcycles: Mercury/Mercury/Rahu 9/28/07 -- 1/28/08, followed by Mercury/Mercury/Jupiter to 5/24.

     As of yesterday, May 24, however, Bush shifted to Mercury/Mercury/Saturn.  In past years, Bush has used his cruel and stubborn Saturn to dominate, but now transit Saturn is very weak in his second house of speech.*  We can see how much this disempowers Bush by Congress being poised to override his vetoes of the Farm Bill and the Iraq War Spending Bill.  Bush vetoes ignored by Congress.  Dorothy has finally pulled back the curtain hiding the Wizard Of Oz.  This weak Saturn also harms his seventh house relationships. 

(*Transit Saturn receives only 1 point out of 8 in a weighting system called Ashtakavarga -- stimulating Saturn's destructiveness.)


     The June 7 and June 13 Mars/Ketu conjunction at 26 degrees Cancer is close enough to bring significant harm to Bush's birth chart Venus at 28 degrees.  It also impacts his 16 degree Mercury.   Further, transit Venus and retrograde Mercury will be obliterated by being conjunct the Sun.  Three potent karmas result: 

     (1)  Bush becomes even more incapable of thinking and speaking rationally.  As the prediction for Mars/Ketu U.S. economic violence comes true, Bush will fail to respond effectively to stop, or even contain losses.

     (2)  Bush may suffer the long predicted nervous breakdown.  Recall the Western Astrology prediction that Bush will die in office because he was elected in a year ending with a "0."   A nervous breakdown would be a kind of death, like Alzheimer's destroyed much of Reagan mind during his second term.  (See the April 10, 2006 Celestial Wheel, which predicted a nervous breakdown, or a stroke, as the way Bush would die in office.)

     (3)   Third house ruler Mercury's close associates and eleventh house ruler Venus' friends are injured.  Bush's first bulwark was Dick Cheney, who has directed Bush's policies and self understanding from the beginning.  The analysis below of Cheney's chart indicates he suffers from these summer conjunctions and the solar eclipse.

     The July 6 and 10 Mars/Saturn conjunction at 11 degrees Leo (Bush's second house of speech) will further harm Bush's ability to communicate, as well as stimulate further harm to his associations, for Saturn rules the seventh house of relationships -- partnerships.  This confirms that disaster relief efforts will fail -- The Jupiter/Mars/Saturn combination will more likely result in a contest for power over relief efforts botched by Mercury retrograde effects -- making the earlier disaster more disastrous

     Finally, the August 1 total solar eclipse at 15 1/2 degrees Cancer will be just one degree from Bush's mentally unstable Mercury, and less than two degrees from his Ascendant -- the point in the first house indicating the self and body.  As another U.S. violence, this one, a confidence collapse, revealing secreted government or private skullduggery, or a major physical disaster -- like a hurricane, could be Bush's end, especially since he may not have Cheney's brilliance to guide and support him.

     Taking this all together, these summer transit conjunctions and the solar eclipse will throw the U.S. into a downward spiral, and G.W. Bush will be powerless to intercede.  Bush may even suffer further and significant mental degradation, or physical harm, which could not be hidden from the public.

     Way back in The Celestial Wheel's infancy, the January 2, 2003 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Face-off Bush/Hussein, began with this haunting and eerily prescient prose, in the old Celestial Wheel blue.*

II  Preface

     At the inception of this second year of the new millennium, uncertainty hangs like an impenetrable fog blanketing a sailing ship.  The view ahead is obscured.  The captain's fair sailing promises and favorable marine weather reports fail to dispel the crew's cold clamminess.  In this unfamiliar disconnection between personal reality and official statements, the cold penetrates right to worried bones.

     An outward optimism (a cloak over the inward discomfort) gives the confidence needed for the crew members to operate the ship.  Each must do is duty for the safety of all.  Cerebrally the crew believes, but doesn't feel the belief, that all is well.  To the senses, the fog conceals the course and hides dangers.  Instincts give alarm, stimulating a search for truth about the suddenly fated voyage.  In its cloaking of reality, the fog even steals free will.

     This fog-bound ship analogy to our nation's current dilemma doesn't suggest a prophetic "Heart Of Darkness" voyage, nor a "Brave New World" society view.  Yet, memories of these kinds of worrisome scenarios inevitably echo back from the disconnection between the reality we feel and the reality we're told.  We are figuratively floating, seeking firm ground, even as the ship blindly floats with no clear course.  As the analogous crew's fears stimulate a search for truth, we too search for certainty in our foggy sea.


(*See also the July 25, 2007 Celestial Wheel.)

     It may very well be that he U.S. ship of state crashes on the rocky shore toward into which G.W. Bush has blindly steered.  After all, Cheney, the wizard's wizard, will no longer be plotting a the course from in his hidden stateroom down below.  (In Cheney's world, there's always a second curtain behind the first.)


Impacts Upon U.S. Leaders -- Cheney

     Dick Cheney is Bush's closest associate, partner and friend.  He's thereby the most likely to suffer from upcoming challenging planetary karmas in Bush's chart to these areas.


     Cheney will finish his great twenty year Venus Dasa (planetary cycle) July 5.  Venus rules his tenth house, making it his career planet.  Being placed in the fifth house of creative intelligence, with a aspect from higher mind Jupiter, Venus Dasa has both elevated Cheney and illuminated his brilliant, but paranoid, mind. 

     Venus is grace, empowering its Dasa to also shelter Cheney from succumbing to his weak heart.  Even as the planets have stressed his cardiac system, and associated arteries and veins over the past several years, this fortunate Venus has always saved him.

     Cheney's six year Sun cycle will replace Venus on July 5.  As the Sun is the heart, the unhealthy cardiac karma will be activated

Dick Cheney

January 30, 1941 7:30 PM Lincoln NE

     The June 7 and June 13 Mars/Ketu conjunction at 26 degrees Cancer doesn't hit any planets but occurs in Cheney's twelfth house of loss and hospitalization.  The conjunction also aspects his cardiac Sun in the sixth house of illness.  Lastly, transit Venus will be combust the Sun then, negating Cheney's Venusian good fortune.

     The July 6 and 10 Mars/Saturn conjunction at 11 degrees Leo will be even more harmful, for Cheney will then have entered his vulnerable Sun Dasa.  Too this conjunction is within two degrees of Cheney's Ascendant point (the body).

   Finally, the August 1 total solar eclipse at 15 1/2 degrees Cancer will be in Cheney's twelfth house of hospitalization and almost exactly opposite his vulnerable Sun -- just two degrees away.

     These influences combine to at least incapacitate Cheney and possibly even send him to the great silver Airstream in the sky.

Venus signifies vehicles, and this is Cheney's "life support" airstream trailer -- inside a C-17 transport plane.  This shot was taken during his February 2008 trip to war zones in the East.    


Copyright 1999-2008
Doug Riemer


May 31, 2008

Reviewing Sensitive Dates

     Here again, for easy reference, are the sensitive dates for the upcoming challenging conjunctions and the solar eclipse, along with a chart showing these placements,    

     June 7 and June 13 Mars/Ketu: at 26 degrees Cancer

     July 6 and 10 Mars/Saturn: at 11 degrees Leo

     August 1 total solar eclipse at 15 1/2 degrees Cancer

     Note that while these are the days when events will tend to occur, the entire interval between these dates can bring the results of these difficult karmas. 

     Additionally, more than one catastrophic event could occur.  Too, there influence from the Mars/Saturn conjunction that disaster relief could fail.



The Mideast

     The Celestial Wheel has long been concerned about the Mideast.  In fact, the very first predictive effort, Forecast August 2002 -- July 2003, published July 21, 2002, expressed concern about Iraq, stating, While the entire Mars transit through Scorpio until February 23 is threatening, January 27 can bring a violent calamity or even the beginning of the invasion of Iraq.  Provocatively, this was a Mars/Ketu conjunction, but instead of that seething anger bringing the Iraq invasion, it actualized in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster -- The Shuttle Calamity And The Future.  Yet, G.W. Bush did set his first invasion date for early winter, and it was only the U.N. weapons inspections that delayed the water until the spring.   

     A year and a half later, the June 24, 2004, The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Ancient Karmas series  (In-depth Forecast) postulated that humanity migrated out of Africa to battle through the Isthmus of Suez, and then fan out across the globe --  As the discord from these recurring ancient clashes touched everyone, it became a pervasive and deeply ingrained aggressive karma within humanity's nature --  an instinctual  but protective memory, like fear of heights, not a cultural dictate passed on such dress and diet.  Considering that Ketu is the past, and gas and oil, plus Rahu being the future, science and airplanes, can only be the oil that now brings humanity back from the most distant lands to the most ancient of all battlegrounds in the Mideast.  ... God hid the oil under the Mideast deserts before humans stood upright so that at the right time, oil would draw us back to our common home in the Mideast to confront again our differences.

     That forecast, however, did sound a positive note, We can continue the karmically-rooted violent inheritance or abandon that disunity and exclusivity for the lasting peace and prosperity that can only come from unity and inclusivity

(Note: That 2004 forecast rectified the charts of four prominent Mideast nations -- Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel.  Those foundation charts continue to be used.  Hopefully, they sufficient, for rectifying nation charts is a lengthy process.)


     Two and a half years later, the February 7, 2007 In-depth, Culmination In The Mideast followed up the The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Ancient Karmas series, observing (emphasis added),


    Last fall, Rahu and Ketu, plus Jupiter and Saturn (together the four planetary heavyweights), all changed signs literally simultaneously to bring a culmination of karma.  This was a uniquely powerful and historically unprecedented energetic shift. 

    In the U.S., that planetary karma quickly actualized in the Midterm elections overthrowing the Republicans in Congress and chastising G.W. Bush for the failed Iraq war.  Of course, that election was just the opening salvo in the effort to disengage from failed Iraq war.  In the Mideast, this culmination did not have an immediate initial event, but is rather unfolding over time as the Arabs and Persians (Iran) push back against this modern western oil colonialism.

     Here's the first glint of Mideast culmination.  It now appears the U.S. invasion of Iraq, rather than bringing the intended peaceful democracy to the region (to secure long term cheap Ketu oil), is spawning instead a collective Mideast unity.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend. is, after all, an Arab proverb.  See, As Bush's Neoceonservative Approach Crumbles, Allies Step Into the Breach.  This summer's planetary stresses will advance this still nascent movement, for oil is both the centerpiece of current global concern and a primary influence in the Mars/Ketu conjunction.

     Also fundamental to that forecast are that Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia were all hit by the March 2007 solar and lunar eclipses -- and recall that eclipses are signaled by the Moon's Nodes, Rahu and Ketu.  As eclipse effects can endure for years, the timing of the predicted culmination of karma can thereby only be generalized.  Too with Mideast media restricted, it's difficult to gauge how the fall 2006 shift of the major planets and the following spring 2007 eclipses impact these countries. 


     It is worthwhile noting that the law of karma includes mystery and surprise in how and where that karma will actualize. (God doesn't let us astrologers see too much!)  That is certainly the case in in this summer's conjunctions and the solar eclipse, which, as will be shown below, do not sufficiently harm any of these charts sufficiently to predict where a catastrophe would occur.  Thereby, any catastrophe(s) would occur in a nation whose chart is not known, nor analyzed.*   Yet, there are sufficient planetary stresses to involve, or draw in, these Mideast countries regardless of where a catastrophe would occur. 

(* the famed Chakrapani Ullal, in a radio interview about 9-11, stated, You know, people would have been able to predict it but what happens is that this mundane astrology is meant for leisurely work.  People who are funded can have the time to do this leisurely work for the purpose of research.  It requires the interest in pursuing that sort of information.  For instance, if there is an organization, like the government funding money to research scientists, funding a hundred astrologers then they would be able to do all this kind of work.)


     Looking at these four key nations for this summer's challenging conjunctions and the eclipse, let's see how these may advance the culmination of karma in the Mideast.


Iraq And Iran

Iraq Independence

June 28, 2004 at 10:41 AM Baghdad

     Iraq's Independence chart has the Mars/Ketu transit on the twelfth house of loss, widely conjunct Mars, the planet of war.  The August 1 solar eclipse will also be in the twelfth house.

     Mars/Saturn conjunction occurs in the first house of the self, where both the Ascendant degree and Jupiter are located. 

     While none of these three events is close to a planet, Mars/Ketu and the solar eclipse will be damaging for escalating twelfth house losses through war.  The current violence lull will not last.  Next, the Mars/Saturn conjunction in the first house will stimulate struggles for power in government with religious overtones, for first house Jupiter is religion and rules the fifth house of government.

   Iraq's Dasas are Rahu/Sun until September of this year.  Rahu stimulates excessive, even bizarre, religious beliefs that sew discord.  The Sun brings opportunities for government but unfortunately, these are constrained by authoritarian and deceptive friends -- the U.S., Iran and perhaps others.

     It won't be until Iraq enters its advantageous Jupiter Dasa in 2011 that the country will have the power and opportunity to begin the long process of gaining unity and stability.  Then too, Iraq will increase its oil production, its main source of wealth. 


February 1, 1979 9:00 AM Tehran

     Iran's chart has Mars/Ketu in the sixth house of enemies with Jupiter.  This is opposite the chart's three planets in the twelfth house of loss.  The August 1 solar eclipse will also be in the sixth house, and it will be exactly opposite warrior Mars.  (as planets all throw aspects opposite their positions, those locations are also sensitive.)

      The Mars/Saturn conjunction will be in the seventh  of relationships, where Saturn and Rahu are placed.  Fortunately, this too is at some distance from planets, but Mars will then cross both Saturn and Rahu, coming into exact conjunction with Rahu August 1.

     These dispositions indicate violence, losses and a breaking of relationships this summer.  However, the threat of major attack -- by the U.S. and/or Israel -- has largely evaporated, for the Iraq chart changed Dasas this past February from a dangerous 7 year Ketu cycle to Venus -- a wonderfully benefic and advantageous twenty year planetary cycle.  Venus brings the grace of God, wealth, popularity and excellent associations with friends.  The wealth factor does suggest oil prices will not drop over the coming years.

     While Iran will always struggle and suffer losses, this long twenty year Venus Dasa signals a period of comparative abundance and progress.  It also indicates Iran will become a willing and cooperative partner in the Mideast.  


Saudi Arabia And Israel

Saudi Arabia

January 15, 1903  at 3:45 AM Riyadh

     Saudi Arabia has Mars/Ketu in the ninth house of luck and fortune, opposite its four planet stellium in the third house of desires.  Again, the solar eclipse will have the same placement.  Noteworthy here is the eclipse will be just two degrees opposite warrior Mars.

     The Mars/Saturn conjunction will be in the tenth house of the public and government officials.

     These placements again indicate discord.

     Saudi Arabia entered its difficult Jupiter Dasa in July 2006.  Its Dasa planets are Jupiter/Jupiter/Rahu through August 16.  Jupiter, being weak and very badly afflicted, indicates long term loss for Saudi Arabia, both in income and for its leadership.  Rahu is tough for being in the twelfth house of loss.

     The suggestion here is for Saudi Arabia to begin to lose its preeminence in oil and consequent Mideast dominance this summer. 

     Within a few years, Iraq and Iran will begin to replace Saudi Arabia, becoming more equal oil, money and political partners in a cooperative Mideast aligned against Western influence, which is appropriately seen as colonial.

     If Israel softens its hard positions via a new Prime Minister, then this impediment to Mideast will end.



May 14, 1948 at 4:37 PM Tel Aviv

     Israel's chart has Mars/Ketu in the tenth house of career quite close to Saturn.  The solar eclipse will also be in the tenth house, just five degrees from the Moon.

     Mars/Saturn conjunction will be in the eleventh house of friends and groups, again in proximity to a planet -- in this case warrior Mars.

     Israel's Dasas are Moon/Rahu until July 9, when these change to Moon/Jupiter.

     The underlying karma for Israel is that it continues experiencing Sadi Sati -- the 7 1/2 year period when Saturn crosses the houses around the Moon to transform the life -- Since it is Saturn's essential purpose to temper the soul, it attacks our weak points to broaden and define the scope of our character, driving us to maturity.  Sadi Sati is a transit, and it is amplified for the Moon Dasa being the underlying karma.  Thus, the Lebanon war was a failure, and the government has been under pressure -- Pressure grows on Olmert to step aside

     Not coincidentally, this latest pressure comes from Foreign Minister Tzipi Livn, a woman.  The June 2004, Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Israel, showed this chart is matriarchal, suggesting better results from a woman prime minister.  This could result from this summer's conjunctions, and the upcoming Moon/Jupiter Dasa would make it successful.



     Taking all four of these charts together, it appears that no major catastrophe is indicated for the Mideast this summer.  Yet, The Mideast will be drawn into a catastrophe with global reach, and there will be a peak in violence and discord that could further draw the Arab nations together with the Iranian Persians for a unified Mideast -- against the West.  Too, Israel's reshape its leadership and policies from aggressive male to cooperative female could remove this frustrating impediment to the region's progress and perhaps even begin the process of integrating this essentially western nation into its eastern roots.


Copyright 1999-2008
Doug Riemer