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May 3, 2012

Prediction Check -- May 30 Heads-up

    This past Monday's Heads-up cautioned about May Day popular protests and Mayday distress, Sensitive areas are Governments, wealth, property and marine.

     May Day protests were not huge headlines, but here are two reports, Dozens arrested during May Day protests across U.S.  And 'Festive, Righteous Anger': Occupy Makes May-Day Comeback With Massive Demonstrations.   The marine karma actualized in India Ferry Boat Accident Kills 103Feds announce biggest-ever Medicare fraud, totaling $450 million is also a pretty big deal.

Super Full Moon

     This coming full Moon Saturday May 5 will be larger than usual.  This NASA article explains, 


     NASA seems also to be waxing metaphysically in the opening paragraph.  This accompanying video, ScienceCasts: The Super Moon of May 2012 explains further, also singing that mystical tune -- until the end, when the almost cheerful scientist debunks any full Moon looniness.  This is a very small crack in NASA's denying metaphysics -- supernatural doesn't have a place in modern science.  Yet, it is a beginning!

     The video also mentions the Super Full Moon occurs regularly, the last being March 19, 2011.  This was discussed in the March 15, 2011 VedicLeaks,


      The March 18, 2011VedicLeaks was titled, Heads-up Tomorrow's Wild Full Moon.  Well, let's see.  Did anything untoward happen then?  The March 19, 2011VedicLeaks entry reported,


     Wikepedia's 2011 page states, March 19 – Arab Spring and the Libyan civil war: In light of continuing attacks on Libyan rebels by forces in support of leader Muammar Gaddafi,[20] military intervention authorized under UNSCR 1973 begins as French fighter jets make reconnaissance flights over Libya.  The beginning date of a NATO invasion is clearly of import.

     Will there be anything significant happening with this Super Full Moon?  No, for there's no confirming karma to indicate anything of merit.  Still, it will be a beautiful and inspiring sight.


May 20 Solar Eclipse

     A half lunar month following this May 5 full Moon, the Super Full Moon will shrink to new and eclipse the Sun May 20.  The April 13 VedicLeaks gave a full report.  Again, with no confirming karma, this eclipse doesn't indicate stresses or losses of any kind on eclipse day.


Astronomical Events Are Being Connected To The Mayan Calender End

     Many are really revving up now for the end of the Mayan Calender in late December, using upcoming astronomical events to justify predictions.

     Here's one.  Quickly following this widely visible May 20 solar eclipse will be Venus crossing in front of the Sun on June 5. 

    This video links these two events together and then relates them to the Mayan Calender ending, Coming Solar Eclipse/Blood Moon/ Transit of Venus significant to Mayans

    Notice the presenter first says, I don't know what it means.

    Then, he launches into this claim, ...this is more or less saying, it's going to be the return of Quetzalcoatl, of Kukulkan, of the Messiah.

     As I jokingly replied to Subscriber NW in Arizona who sent this video link, Don't worry.   You'll still have to pay your bills in June.



Mayan Calender End Fears

     Well, clearly, the Mayan Calender end has captivated a lot of folks.  With the Millennium Contraction now over 3 1/2 years old, and recovery still elusive, this tough worldly reality appears to mesh with the Mayan's mystical one.  Google Mayan Calender 2012, and you'll find an astonishing 11,400,000 results!

     Reuters reports, One in seven thinks end of world is coming: pollNearly 15 percent of people worldwide believe the world will end during their lifetime and 10 percent think the Mayan calendar could signify it will happen in 2012, according to a new poll.

     This article discusses the Reuters report, Ten percent of world population fears 2012 apocalypse, belief strongest in China.  It is included here for the amazing reader comment,


    The Celestial Wheel editor, Pipe-smoking Yoda, replied to this, Yes, great reply and true according to Mayan elders I spoke with.




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May 12, 2012

Heads-up -- Nothing Is Going On
     The below was emailed directly to Subscribers.


Heads-up -- Nothing Is Going On

With growth and abundance Jupiter weak now since mid April, economic news has been dismal. As predicted, winter's Jupiterian optimism bubble didn't hold.   Popular protests did come forward, although not so much against entrenched corporate interests.  The big action here has been European polls.  Several governments have already been toppled in national elections.   Local elections in others have weakened ruling parties. This makes sense in light of the austerity program there, which has cut gaping holes in the social safety net.  Europeans simply can't handle high unemployment and major cuts in pensions and other benefits. But national debts are too high to pay for those.  Europe's politics suggests a tempestuous U.S. election in November as America.

Mercury is thankfully forward and strong now, but many are still reeling from the over two month period beginning late February when this planet of the mind and nervous system fell into a dark hole.  In the last VedicLeaks, I termed this mental fatigue. It's notable that the French and Greek elections May 6 occurred just as Mercury was finishing this weak and afflicted interval. Mercury's mental fatigue and frustration were the additional influence pushing European voters to reject current leadership.

The issue now is that four planets are very weak at the edge of signs. This is called Sandhi, which means dead in Sanskrit.  It is apt.  They are: Venus, (love and joy), the Sun (self and soul) and the two big planets, Jupiter and Saturn, which enclose and steer the entire solar system.  Like driving a car with only half the cylinders firing, nobody is going anywhere fast right now.  Or think of this like a ship dead in the water with no wind.   The energy lull will continue throughout May, and we have additionally the destabilizing annular solar eclipse May 20.  That can be a major shock, since are four planets sidelined.  Without power, it's very difficult to get out of the way when stuff comes at you.

I have been trying to write a Celestial Wheel entry for days now -- with no success.  This Heads-up isn't great, but at least it's something!

I noted that Mitt Romney's Ascendant (self) is hit hard by this eclipse, and remember, eclipse effects last up to six months.  Well, this is admittedly not respectful.  But for a grin, check out this video on Mormon Magic Underwear.  While the video is humorous, well, the underwear is part of their belief system.  Maybe Mitt should keep his on for protection, but with summer heat already here, he may perspire a lot.


Note:  I don't make fun of just the Mormon religious cult.  Catholic Nuns have their own archaic habits, and their priests often collar alter boys.  And here's some more fun, Google Victoria Secret Burkas.   Then select Images from the Google tool-bar at the top.)




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May 16, 2012

Nothing Is Going On

     This entry has been changed to an In-depth Forecast titled, Sorry, But It's Not Over Yet.

Click here to go to that web page



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May 18, 2012

The May 16 Entry -- Nothing Is Going On

     The referenced was misplaced as a current short-subject VedicLeaks.  It's a long In-depth analysis and discusses future karmic clashes in August and October.

     I thereby switched the entry over to the In-depth format and designation.  That In-depth is on the right side of the home page.   The title is, Sorry, But It's Not Over Yet.  As you can see, the above May 16 entry has been updated to reflect this change.


Sunday's Solar Eclipse -- A Shock

     The May 12 Heads-up, Nothing Is Going On, explained the planets are weakened now, and the added blockage by the powerful annular solar eclipse on Sunday is difficult.

     This last part of the third paragraph sums it up.


...think of this like a ship dead in the water with no wind.  The energy lull will continue throughout May, and we have additionally the destabilizing annular solar eclipse May 20.  That can be a major shock, since are four planets sidelined.  Without power, it's very difficult to get out of the way when stuff comes at you.

     This is what appears to be happening with the EU debt crisis, Europe rocked by Spanish banking crisis.  I don't have reliable charts for Europeans nations.  One issue is that countries like Greece have changed governments so many times in modern history, it's impossible to identify a reliable chart.

       So, this is a guessing game to some degree.  But here are some hints about this solar eclipse.


Location In Taurus

     The solar eclipse Taurus, a sign of wealth, ruled by Venus, which also indicates wealth.


Other Planets In Taurus

     Here's a natural zodiac chart for May 20.  Taurus is the second house, signifying income.  So, we have a wealth sign and a wealth house.

     There are five planets in Taurus for this eclipse, making it an energy focus.  All are weak, and thereb vulenrable.

     The three eclipse planets are: the Sun (which light is blocked), the new Moon (no light) and Ketu -- the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point.

     Ketu is other-worldly, making his influence weird, even inexplicable.  And because Taurus is so opposite in being very worldly, Ketu must cause problems there.  These are oil and water energies.

     Jupiter and Venus, the two planets of wealth, are also in Taurus.  They are weak for being in an eclipsed sign and at the edge of the sign, where there's no energy.


Vedic Moon Sign

     More useful information comes from the Vedic Lunar Nakshatra -- Vedic Moon sign -- where the eclipse occurs.  6:18 Taurus is in Krittika Nakshatra, and here's a summary of that Moon sign's effects. 

Ruled by the Sun
26:40 Aries – 10:00 Taurus

Krittika is represented by the star cluster Pleiades in the constellation Taurus.  Krittika influences for a ravenous appetite, a shining appearance and widespread fame.  Krittika’s symbol is a sharp edged instrument, giving people with this Nakshatra a sharp and penetrating nature, heroism and a commander’s ability in battles and disputes.  Larger-than-life endeavors of monumental nature are promised.

The luster of gold body armor gives the shining nature and an association with wealth.  The mythology also indicates, adoption, foster care, and the assumption of responsibility for protecting others.  Ambition, pride and self-motivation are also given.

The ruling deity, Agni, includes symbolism relating to the body’s digestive fire.  It is this influences that gives Krittika’s appetite, cooking skills and the mental fire that digests and assimilates information and knowledge.  Since fires grow and fade away, Krittika people experience frequent ups and downs in the private lives.

     The suggestion is a major battle between the selfish and the selfless over wealth, one side pursuing self interest and the other protecting others.


Solar Flare

     If  this isn't enough, there's a powerful solar flare that could strike the earth today or tomorrow.  Media reports are conflicting, and can also exaggerated, striking fear in already eclipsed minds.  Solar flare impact predicting is not yet accurate.  Already from mystical Sedona, AZ, one Subscriber emailed,  The solar flares are making us all crazy (this was suggested to me last night).  This report from NASA's is reliable,

INCOMING CME? A coronal mass ejection (CME) that flew off the sun's western limb on May 17th might hit Earth after all. NOAA forecasters say a shock wave from the blast could deliver a glancing blow to Earth's magnetic field on May 18th or 19th.

     The marine analogy suggests here that as the eclipse storm approaches, the solar storm knocks out the radar.

     Watch for news on this solar flare over the next few days.  I'll send out a Heads-up if any scientifically reliable information is published that this will hit the earth --- causing additional harms.


Eclipse Details

     The April 13 VedicLeaks discussed this eclipse season.  As this powerful annular solar eclipse on Sunday May 20 will shock any chart where it hits a planet, and the fairly weak June 4 partial lunar eclipse can still be impactive, here again is the information. 

     Sunday's solar eclipse will be at 6:30 PM at 6:18 Taurus

      The June 6 lunar eclipse at 7:10 AM 20:12 Scorpio.

     I've stated an annular solar is a powerful solar eclipse, for even though it's not total -- the Sun's light is not completely blocked -- the Moon covers all but a sliver surrounding the Sun. 

     Further solar eclipses have a much greater punch than lunar eclipses, just as the light blocking effect on the earth is different. 

     The eclipse blocking effect thereby remains strong. Here's an article describing this eclipse, First ‘ring of fire’ eclipse visible in US in nearly 20 years; also can be seen in E. Asia

     Note the vivid descriptor, ring of fire.



     For those of you who have forgotten that when an eclipse occurs within two degrees of planet in a birth chart, whether for a person or a nation (or leaders, or organizations like banks...... everything has a chart), that blocking action knocks out that planet.  The effect(s) can occur before the eclipse, on or about the eclipse day and/or up to six months later.  The classic example was the collapse of the U.S. investment markets in September 2008.  Through The Millennium Contraction explained in the section, Mapping The Millennium Contraction Via Planetary Cycles & Transits,

     The 7 year Mars cycle that followed the Moon in December 2008 brings the Millennium Contraction -- a Celestial Wheel term.  The August 1, 2008 solar eclipse (a transit) exactly on the U.S. Rahu in the eighth house of calamity, precipitated an early start in September of the economic slide.

     Thereby, Sunday's eclipse is not the end of the story.  This ring of fire could burn for some time.


Romney & JP Morgan Chase  

     Recall I stated in the above May 12 entry, Mitt Romney's Ascendant (self) is hit hard by this eclipse.  This could turn Republican politics on its head -- one more time. 

     If the JP Morgan Chase Vedic Chart were available, it would most assuredly have an eclipsed planet.  Not only was the initial announcement of a $2 billion trading loss bad, we learned yesterday it's much more!  JP Morgan losses grow by $1 billion, sources say.  An interesting quality here is that when a solar eclipse blocks happens, the sky darkens, revealing the stars.  Hence, eclipses both block and reveal.


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May 28 2011

Eclipse Effects -- Wealth Issues & Hidden Things Revealed

     Immediate effects from the May 20 solar eclipse have been realized, and these have included hidden information.  (This latter quality also relates to the next section on Rahu.)  Keep in mind eclipse effects continue up to six months.  Mitt Romney, for example, has not yet reaped the eclipse karma on his chart, as far as we know.

     The most obvious result, so far, is Facebook's flawed public stock offering, Facebook's pokey IPO a short-term problem looming large.  This is clearly Second Gilded Age greed, revealed.  It mistakes a fad for a valid business model.  Read,  Facebook’s biggest problem is that it’s a media company.  Also, doing the offering the Friday before the Sunday eclipse could only bring chaos, RPT-INSIGHT-Minute by minute, Nasdaq chaos engulfed Facebook IPO.  Ah the days that Wall Street used astrologers.

     And don't forget Second Gilded Age JP Morgan's Potential Trading Loss Just Keeps Spiraling Higher.  The mistakes occurred during this past winter/spring difficult Mercury, but it was the eclipse that first revealed the loss, which is being further revealed as larger and larger.

    While the economic slowdown that began April 15, when Jupiter could not longer keep the bubble inflating, the eclipse has revealed further holes in the dyke.  Of course, Europe is a mess, with Greece teetering and everyone else trying to hold the EU and the EURO together.  You know it's bad when Lloyds backs off, Lloyd's of London preparing for euro collapse.  Yet, there's a protective quality to this eclipse, as explained in the above May 18 entry. Plus, while the planets have been dead in the water, the wealth planets Jupiter and Venus, are now stronger for having swum away from the eddies at the edges of Taurus into the current.  This suggests efforts to stabilize the EU and the EURO will be successful, or at least avert disaster.  One can't plug holes in the dykes forever, but there are still a couple of fingers left. 

     Here are three further wealth issues revealed with the eclipse.  It's ironic that, as eclipses block the light, this one certainly is dimming Detroit.

     China's economy suffers 'sharp slowdown'

     Are U.S. car buyers getting jittery?

     Half Of Detroit’s Streetlights May Go Out As City Shrinks


Rahu -- Scandals

     Rahu transiting Scorpio stirs up and reveals scandals, often sexual and sometimes depraved.  This has been going on since Rahu moved into Scorpio May, 2011 and will continue until he leaves Scorpio late January 2013.  This is eight house of Scorpio effects in the natural zodiac (world affairs) and the twelfth house of loss for the U.S. chart. 

     There has been a scandals surge, most recently the U.S. Secret Service Columbia sex scandal to the John Edwards trial. 

     There's Scientologist John Travolta accused, John Travolta’s Alleged Shocking Sex Scandal Revealed, and a new Scientology movie, Cannes: Scientology Will Have to Deal with 'The Master'

     The eclipse revealed more.  Vatican in chaos after pope’s butler arrested for leaks, bank president ousted for negligency is really juicy!  And Italy has another, this one sports, Scandal mars Italy's Euro preparations.  And then there's the News Corp. phone hacking scandal, now entangling Tony Blair, Phone hacking scandal: Tony Blair to be questioned.


Mars Finishing In Leo

     Mars has been transiting Leo, the fifth house of investments and government since November 2011, and a retrograde keeps him there a long eight months until late June of this year.  And, the longer a planet remains in a sign, the more impactive he becomes -- like when Mars did the same thing in Cancer 2010, bringing the BP oil spill and horrific spring storms.  The April 13 VedicLeaks stated,


     Here's a Prediction Check for these natural disasters:


    Calmer winds help New Mexico forest fire crews go on offensive

     Ontario forest fire halts gold projects


     Update: Brooker Creek Fires Contained  (Florida)

     Crews making steady progress on Arizona wildfire


Watery Storms

     This year's hurricane season is predicted to be normal, NOAA Predicts Oncoming Hurricane Season

     Results so far aren't normal with two Pacific storms and two Atlantic storms already -- and the hurricane season doesn't begin until June 1.  These weather guys need to pay attention to Mars and Rahu

     5/15  Tropical Storm Aletta Forms in the Pacific

     5/20  Tropical Storm Alberto, First Storm Of 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season, Hovers Off South Carolina

     5/28  Tropical Storm Beryl hits northeast Florida


     5/28  Hurricane Bud Downgraded, Dumps Rain On Mexico's Pacific Coast


Earth Crust Events

     5/12  Mexico volcano spews huge ash cloud, frightens villagers

     5/12  Magnitude 5.6 - BULGARIA

     5/19  Volcano in central Guatemala belches ash, lava; authorities raise alert level

     5/28  Strong quake strikes northern Argentina: USGS

     5/28  Mexico's famed Popocatepetl volcano spews more ash

     Beyond Mars, Saturn, which for its significations of form and structure and things under the earth, is an earth indicator.  Saturn recently retrograde back into Virgo, an earth sign.  He is very weak at that sign's edge, which reduces the earth's structural stability.  Saturn will turn forward June 24.  This energetic wrenching can bring severe earth crust events then.  Saturn will remain weak in Virgo until August 4.  Earth crust events are thereby likely through June and July.  I'll be looking more closely at this topic in upcoming VedicLeaks.


Ketu -- Oil

     The February 20 In-depth Forecast, The Economy And Oil predicted gas and oil would remain high and continue to rise. 

     The Vedic Astrology on this is that Ketu is in Taurus, a wealth sign, where it is fallen -- from May 2011 through late January 2013.  Oil continue to go up until early April from fear of n Iran supply disruption.  Gasoline prices have since slid down from a peak of $3.92 to $3.65. 

     This results because wealthy Venus shifted into Taurus at the beginning of April.  Due to her retrograde, she stays in Taurus until the end of July.  Venus naturally counteracts Ketu's harms to oil in Taurus.  Additionally, wealthy Jupiter joined Venus in Taurus May 15, and he will be there for a year.  So, there's another buffer against high oil and gas prices.  That is why at this beginning of the summer driving season, when gas prices normally go up, they are still drifting down. 

     However, when Mars transits to Saturn in mid August, and just six weeks later he transits to Rahu, oil supplies will again be harmed.  The Mars transit to Rahu will be the larger harm -- from Rahu, Mars will exactly aspect Ketu.

     Further, the May 16 In-depth Forecast, Sorry, But It's Not Over Yet, which discussed Mars/Saturn and Mars/Rahu, included a list of hazards that could harm the economy, including gas and oil.  Notice that hurricanes is on that list.


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