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November 2015




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November 2, 2015

The below was a direct email VedicLeaks entry,

Venus & Mars Are Changing Signs

This transit chart is drawn for this tonight at 10 PM ET.


As shown, Venus and Mars will both have just shifted signs from Leo to Virgo.  Like changing horses in midstream, this results in instability, and for some folks, hidden fears bubble up.

The most current VedicLeaks entry -- October 23  -- discussed this sign change, as well as how Venus is additionally afflicted by being in close tandem with warrior Mars.

Venus' significations for love and vehicles were noted, as well as her Ayurvedic physical qualities -- kidneys, urinary tract, reproductive system..... Virgo was also mentioned as being a tough sign -- acute illness, enemies... Not mentioned was Mars' ruling machinery, muscles, strength, the blood, accidents and violences.  These naturally harm Venus.

Notice that Rahu, the toxic head-of-the-dragon eclipse point, is also in Virgo.  Rahu was flying carpets in the ancient East, and is now thereby all transport by air.  Illnesses from Rahu's toxicity are also indicated. 

Consider these qualities of Venus, Mars and Virgo to perceive what risks lie ahead.

Venus and Mars will get close to Rahu by the weekend. Rahu intensifies, and its impacts are both unexpected and cannot be controlled.  Rahu will harm both Venus and Mars.

Thus, while you can be moderate and careful in your actions, with Rahu on the field, you cannot always play karmic dodge ball with complete success.  Still, you will benefit from not confronting dragons in your life.




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November 4, 2015

The below was a direct email VedicLeaks entry,

Mars/Rahu Conjunction With Venus!

The (above) November 2 Venus & Mars Are Changing Signs cautioned about warrior Mars going to Rahu (head-of-the-dragon eclipse point) -- with Venus in tow.

Harms to Venus' transport signification, notably planes, were discussed.  The October 23 VedicLeaks entry was referenced for other Venusian sensitivities -- relationship, kidneys...

Not covered was the effect of Mars conjoining Rahu. This is a very rough combination.  Rahu intensifies Mars' violences and also stimulates intense desire and hostility.  Since Rahu is an eclipse (blocking), the psychology is outer courage with inner fear and also fury when blocked.  For those who function on the lower levels, they are inflamed to commit cruel, even degraded, actions.  Natural events are also intensified and can be cataclysmic.

When Mars last joined Rahu in mi July 2014, three hurricanes raged, people were gored at bullfights, gun violence escalated and Israel invaded Gaza. (See the July 7, 2014 VedicLeaks entry).  Other Mars/Rahu conjunctions have been similarly disruptive.


Below left is the chart shown and and drawn for the November 2 Heads-up.  Notice Mars just entering Virgo, with Rahu over six degrees away.  Below right is a chart for November 6, this coming Friday.  Notice that Mars will have advanced toward Rahu, less than four degrees away, which is close enough to be lethal.

Most importantly, though, notice that on November 2, the all-important Moon was in Cancer; late this Friday, she will have advanced into the maw of the Mars/Rahu conjunction in Virgo.  Because the Moon is the primary planet in Vedic Astrology and moves very fast, she is the timing indicator for major events.

Thereby, starting late Friday evening, there is potent karma for destructions and violences of all kinds. This sensitivity will continue until the Moon leaves Virgo late Monday morning.

                 November 2 at 10PM ET                                November 6 at 11 PM ET


Let's see if we can narrow this down to the most likely harms.

With Venus being transport, Rahu airplanes and Mars machinery, aircraft (or other flying machines like rockets) can malfunction, even explode.  Since Virgo is an earth sign, these would be over land, not water -- as happened this morning in Sudan -- Cargo Plane In Sudan Crashes, Killing At Least 41.  Other transport recent transport accidents are listed on The Celestial Wheel's home page in November Results.

As Mars is animals, and Virgo the sixth house of pets, we can expect animal violeces -- both pets and animals in the wild -- but again, on land because Virgo is an earth sign.

With Virgo being the sixth house in the natural zodiac, it symbolizes foreigners.  Rahu is also people foreign to you.  Violences, then, would involve foreigners -- whether those events occurred in the U.S. or abroad.  The Mideast is a good example here.

Venus is female, and the other female planet is the Moon.  Expect problems with and about women this weekend.  Certainly, then, don't expose yourself or women in your life to any risky situations.

Sixth house natural zodiac Virgo is the area below the navel, which matches with Venus' kidney, bladder, urinary tract area.  Mars is infections, and Rahu is toxic.  Seek medical treatment for any discomfort or pains in the abdominal area.

In the U.S. chart, Mars is investments and losses, and Venus is debts.  There can be disturbances in financial markets and discord over debts -- especially among government officials.

Expect the unexpected.  Rahu the serpent strikes from out of sight and without warning.  Events this weekend can come out of the blue, and they cannot be controlled.

Mars will continue to advance toward Rahu the next several days, and turmoils must thereby continue.  However, with the Moon out of the way, their severity will tend to decrease -- even as their frequency increases.  The exact conjunction of Mars to Rahu will be Thursday, November 12,  but turmoil continues through Friday, November 14 (Moon in Scorpio again).  Use care in your life until that date. Avoid letting the Mars/Rahu combination of fearful temper cause problems or escalate minor events into major ones.



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November 14, 1015

Keys To Vedic Astrology is the companion website to  The former offers Vedic consultations for individual charts.  The latter adds depth and breadth by predicting events and circumstances in world affairs -- societal, economic and political.  We all swim in an ocean of unseen karmic currents.

     There are four key statements on describing qualities underlying this metaphysical craft,

Vedic Astrology is about time

Vedic Astrology is not just about knowing the life

It's also about planning the life

That which remains hidden in the unconscious is experienced as fate



Tracking Predictions

      To better support planning your life, The Celestial Wheel was streamlined in August.  October VedicLeaks is the third month of testing and refining this smart phone/ and tablet format.  It also follows the sagacious advice by my first Vedic teacher, James Braha, Astrology is all about being more specific.  How often we miss the obvious!

     Notice the two current monthly Matching Predictions To Results tables are posted on the home page.  Previous monthly results are placed at the bottom of each VedicLeaks monthly page.  Below are links to the final entries for August, September and October, each concluding with that month's Matching Predictions To Results table.  Take a look to measure the accuracy and usefulness of these predictions -- and how knowing them supported your plans and activities -- harnessing planetary karmas to your benefit.

August 25

September 27



     To be freed from being a servant of your fate, bring the the darkness of the unconscious

into the light of consciousness.



October Review

     Below is a screen shot of the October prediction results table.  (For live links, go to the home page.)

     A quick look shows the predictions, some to the day, came true for tropical storms well past the hurricane season peak and other intense destructions.




November -- So Far

     With the Mars/Rahu/Venus conjunction impacts winding down, it's a good time to review the first half of this eventful month. 

     There have been lots of transport accidents, and remarkably, 10 aircraft crashes in just 1 1/2 weeks -- 6/7 per week.  To understand how unusual that is, this article explains, How Many Planes Crash Every Year, And How Many People Die In Plane Crashes? [CHART], shows that in 2014, there were about 150 crashes, or 2.5 per week.

    Further, these crashes were all over land, as predicted in the November 4 entry, Since Virgo is an earth sign, these would be over land, not water.   Following this thread, notice the bus and train crashes and the absence of marine accidents.

     The prediction for animal problems came true with two weird alligator incidents that hit the global press.  Well, Rahu is a dragon.



     Financial loss predictions began in August, and while that month was tough for markets, the stability in September and October ended this month.  I can't find the article which stated a basic truth, but paraphrased is, Financial crashes never happen as soon as forecasters believe, but the drop is also faster and greater than anticipated.  While recent economic travails have not been focused on government debt discord, this is the ticking time bomb creating fear.  When interest rates do rise, payments on the huge government debts around the globe can crash the world economy. 

     Results on predictions for challenges with and for females and abdominal ills, being personal, are not headline grabbers.  You can evaluate these with your own experiences.

     Thankfully, with Mars having passed Rahu, and the all-important Moon now safely out of Scorpio, disasters are tailing off.  However, yesterday's attacks in Paris warn that the world remains unsettled. 



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November 22, 2015

The U.S. Chart Is Afflicted

During the next few days the U.S. chart has some transit afflictions -- bringing stresses.

Below is the transit wheel for this evening, Sunday.

The grouping of Saturn, Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio (the twelfth house of loss) are shaded to show their proximity.  Mercury is currently sandwiched between the not Sun and fast approaching Saturn, the planet of blockage.  Deception is an issue. The nervous system and business are overly sensitive.

On the right side, transit Venus is fast approaching birth chart Saturn in Virgo, the tenth house of government officials (also shaded).  Saturn blocks Venus, harming vehicles, females, groups, goals and debts.

The two red arrows are Mars' aspects (glances) across the zodiac to the Moon -- charging her up and stimulating outbursts.

Tomorrow will see these three influences combining, with Tuesday being a peak.

Government officials are Saturn, making these a focus. While a terrorist attack is not suggested, noise about terrorists is predicted.  Stock markets will be under siege.






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Doug Riemer



November 24, 2015

It Is Said

     Ancient India's seers divined the universal knowledge that underlies the vastness of Hinduism.  This information was passed down orally* in scriptures through the millennia, the dates of origination forgotten.  Universal knowledge does not relate to time, location, culture or any other variable.  Universal knowledge just is.

     When Indians speak of universal knowledge, they use the adage, It is said.  An example is It is said a chart sometimes can be understood from just one planet.  For this VedicLeaks entry, that planet is Saturn transiting Scorpio.  This planet of reality passing through that treacherous sign of hidden depths brings forth potent karmas to simulate events and circumstances that can make history.

     While Saturn's transit through Scorpio occurs every 29 years, Scorpio Saturn does not always, make history -- or at least history as we perceive it from the narrow focus of our culture and era.  But, when there are major issues of global reach, as there are now, Scorpio Saturn's reality that cannot be resisted requires humanity to face them.


(*Brahman Priests used oral transmission from teacher to student because they believed writing scriptures down, would make the mind lazy.  Ancient scriptures weren't recorded for thousands of years.  Today scriptural texts from different sources are remarkably the same -- often literally clones.  This incredible memorizing skill survives in India today -- A Master of Memory in India Credits Meditation for His Brainy Feats.)


Saturn, The Great Malefic

Malefic, although meaning harmful, is not the same as bad -- a difficult concept for the Western mind to grasp.  Malefic quality is most especially true of Saturn, The Great Malefic, called the destroyer and the creator.  Malefic energy often brings good, for, without it, achievement is stunted.

Saturn destroys that which is no longer necessary to make room for the new 

     Saturn is reality.  Saturn teaches us lessons.  Saturn is our duty and responsibility

Hardships and losses of all kinds elicit from Saturn, but understanding Vedic Saturn can change this negative of suffering to advancing.  (When a young person has a strong Saturn influence in the chart, he/she is pressured to start acting like an adult -- becoming responsible.)   Yet, doing the right thing is often also the most difficult thing. 

     Within this conceptional framework, we can understand why it is said Saturn is the remover of misery.  For example, dieting is unpleasant, for hunger is irksome.  But, the result is good.  As excess weight falls away, health and vitality improve.  Being overweight is actually the misery, which Saturn's dieting removes.


     There's a caveat here.  As Saturn is duty and responsibility, it's the one planet which cannot be resisted.  Thus, what Saturn asks is not negotiable.  If Saturn's duty is resisted, then it grinds and crushes until it's requirements are met, regardless of any suffering that results.  Thus, if one should diet but doesn't, ones obesity will harm health -- until the person relents and diets.  It is said Saturn is the greatest of the planets but is not forgiving.  But Saturn's absolutism that truly makes him great?  Saturn is not incidental.  Saturn is consequential.

It is said

Saturn is the kind of pressure that turns coal into diamonds



The All-important Moon & Confluence

    The Moon is Vedic Astrology's primary planet, symbolizing the benefits in life -- and also the mind. 

     Thus the Moon is consciousness, and what can be more important than that? 

     Confluence means that karma (influence -- positive or negative) is strengthened when it repeats.  Boxers use combination punches to knockdown opponents. 

     When the all-important Moon is involved with potent planetary karmas, significant events can be predicted within very short time frames -- at least within the 2 1/2 days the Moon stays in each sign. 

     Sometimes shorter intervals, even to the hour, can be used to accurately predict events. 



Confluence Of The Moon Transiting Scorpio

     The Moon is fallen in Scorpio, weakening her, making her more vulnerable.  When the Moon transits Scorpio, any malefic planets also transiting that harmful sign bring greater damage.  This is the case now.  Slow Saturn, the great malefic, is transiting evil Scorpio.  Thus, confluence occurs now when the Moon transits Scorpio.

     Saturn's current Scorpio transit began in November 2014 and ends in early January 2017.  The September 20 VedicLeaks entry explained,

Everyone pretty well understands that Scorpio is the worst house in the Zodiac -- secrets, calamities, disasters, the cause of death...... And with slow Saturn, the great malefic, which is also the planet of loss and death, its transit through Scorpio has to be rough.  Well, that's a long 2 1/2 year journey -- from November 2014 through January 2017.  The entire time can't be rough, but then Vedic Astrology relies upon repetition of karma to predict evens and trends.  And because the Moon is both the fastest planet and the primary planet, it makes simple sense that,

With malefic Saturn in malefic Scorpio, when the Moon transits through Scorpio each month, where she is fallen (weak), life becomes miserable for a couple of days.


     The October 13 VedicLeaks entry repeated this information,,

The Moon's Monthly Transit Through Scorpio

The September 20 VedicLeaks entry discussed that malefic Saturn is difficult in watery Scorpio, the worst sign in the Zodiac.  Calamities lurk in its depths.  That entry also explained the Moon's monthly transit through Scorpio is difficult for that being its fallen (weak) sign.  Saturn being in Scorpio really blasts the emotional/perceptional mind and our worldly experiences.



The Moon's Recent Scorpio Transits

     Implicit in The Celestial wheel redesign is focusing upon major events resulting from the Moon's transit through Scorpio, where Saturn now lurks -- every 27 days.  This is interval it takes for the Moon to circle the earth.  (New Moon to full and back to new shows the light of the Sun reflected off the Moon and is thereby a different measurement.)

     Yes, there's stuff going on all the time now, for the world is upset, and the other planets have been stressful.  But the Moon's Scorpio transits identify the malefic peaks.  And because Saturn is involved, there are often major events, and they shape reality.  Let's look at the last three transits through Scorpio to see how this karma has actualized.

     The Moon transited Scorpio September 18-20, October 16-18 and November 12-14.

     The September 20 VedicLeaks entry stated, The Moon transits Scorpio the morning of September 18 (Friday) through late this evening (Sunday).  At the bottom is this monthly VedicLeaks page is the Matching Predictions To Results table for September.  Stocks plummeted, and the VW scandal hit.  Take a look for yourself!  September 20.


     The October 13 entry stated, ...the lunar month will bring her back to Scorpio 27 days later -- October 15.  She continues there through October 17.  The October Matching Predictions To Results table is on the home page.  The predicted watery storms and explosions resulted.  Again, take a look for yourself!  home page.  Also the October 18 entry posted nine dramatic images of these destructions.


     The November 4 entry stated, The exact conjunction of Mars to Rahu will be Thursday, November 12, but turmoil continues through Friday, November 14 (Moon in Scorpio again).  The November Matching Predictions To Results table is on the home page.  The Paris attacks were November 13, but much more was going on during that interval.  Again, take a look for yourself!  home page


What Saturn Realities Do these Moon Transits Mean?

     Well, that's the big question isn't it?  First, consider what the events portend.  Second, integrate them..  Third, identify large themes.

     Certainly, good candidates are,


     Climate change


     The religious war between the Sunni and the Shiite branches of Islam

     The U.S. entering the Second Progressive Age (starting December 1)..


Next Lunar Transit Through Scorpio

     The Moon will next transit Scorpio December 9 to 11.  There are no confirming harmful karmas from or amid the other planets.  Yet, this will be a new Moon, making her even more fragile.  And certainly there is enough turmoil in the world now that it doesn't take much karma to signal other major events -- and consequences.





The Celestial Wheel 2002-2015©

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Doug Riemer



November 29, 2015

Tumultuous Month

     November has been a tumultuous month, as predicted.  The Mars/Rahu/Venus conjunction fired up the celestial energies.  Take a look at the Matching Predictions To Results -- November on the home page.

However, Mars will remain in Virgo until December 23.  So, until then, the voracious Mars/Rahu energy continues. 

Major violences and larger-than-life turmoils of all kinds will tend not to recur.  But still stormy planetary waters will disrupt progress in global issues and your own personal affairs.



All's Quiet

     The below chart is today's.  It shows Mars having advanced 11 degrees beyond Rahu -- a precipitous drop in aggravating energy. 

     Venus, although weak, is also less maligned.  Now at 29:34 degrees, she is far away from these malefics, and is just a day away from entering Libra.  Because Venus rules Libra, she will brighten there, supporting again her qualities of love, compassion, creativity, contentment, females, joy and the grace of God.  By Tuesday, Venus will begin acting like her normal self.


     The above November 22 entry expressed concern about Mercury between malefics Sun and Saturn.  As you can see in today's chart, Mercury is well past Saturn.  This settles Mercury's nervous system.  And the Sun (malefic because he is heat), is on top of Saturn, which covers the Sun's light.  In a few hours the Sun will pass Saturn and by Tuesday, he will have move out from Saturn's shadow.  For the next two days, the Sun's energy is repressed.

     In sum, then, with Mars/Rahu calming, plus Venus and the Sun remaining weak, the energy is All's Quiet.  Use this energetic lull to your benefit by being quiet and rest.  Do the same tomorrow.  Then on Tuesday, with Mercury, the Sun and Venus all picking up steam, begin again to travel your path ahead.

     Yet, this is no green light go but rather orange light caution, for Rahu's intensifying influence upon Mars overstimulates desire.  That can lead to frustration, anger, mistakes, even accidents.  So, follow this core idea in Hinduism, Do you best without expectations of result.

    And don't forget the above November 24 entry about the Moon's perilous transit through Scorpio.  The next one is December 9-11.  That will be a good time for a pit stop.



New U.S. Dasa Dawning

    On December 1 the U.S. ends its aggressive 7 year Mars Dasa (planetary cycle) and enters a 17 year Rahu Dasa -- the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  This heralds the Second Progressive Age.  It's not just a big deal.  This is a huge deal.  Shared democratic values will be regained.

     Being placed in the eighth house of hidden things and calamity, Rahu Dasa brings an earthquake-like rejection of authority.  Thus U.S. chart ran its first Rahu Dasa from late 1775 to 1793.  The Declaration Of Independence (from the English King) was signed within months, but wasn't until 1792 we elected George Washington President.  It takes a long time to transform society.

     The second Rahu Dasa ran 1896 to 1913. Its societal-wrenching change, however, was delayed until Vice President Teddy Roosevelt became President upon McKinley's assassination in 1901.  Rahu in the eighth house of death was impatient at the delayed movement to liberate an oppressed America from the Robber Barons.  So Rahu killed McKinley  This action gives you some insight into Rahu's dragon energy.

     Not much will happen at the beginning of Rahu Dasa. Although Dasa changes are turning points in the life, it takes some time for the new energy to fully come in.  The earliest we may see Rahu Dasa in action is will be just after the first of the year, when it attacks Jupiter, the planet of fortune.

     For some background on this coming Second Progressive age, read, the December 2012 free In-depth Forecast, Has The Second Progressive Age Begun?

     For a musical interpretation of weary Americans awaiting freedom from oppression by the rich and powerful, listen to CROSBY, STILLS & NASH -- Long Time Gone -- writtenin 1969 when Ketu's mystical Dasa promoted counter culture.

It's been a long time comin'
It's goin' to be a long time gone

And it appears to be a long night
Before the dawn

You can smell somethin' burnin'
But you don't know who lit the fire
You can feel pavement getting' hotter
You can see flames as high

And it appears to be a long night
Before the dawn

Turn, turn any corner
Hear what the people say
There's somethin' goin' on around here
The surely, surely won't stand the light of day

And it appears to be a long night
Before the dawn

Speak out, speak out against the madness
Speak your mind if you dare
But don't, no it's a special don't try to get yourself elected
And if you do, you better cut your hair

Because it appears to be a long night
Before the dawn

It's been a long time comin'
It's goin' to be a long time gone
But you know that the darkest hour
Is always just before the dawn, hmm



The Celestial Wheel 2002-2015©

VedicLeaks 2015©
Doug Riemer


Matching Predictions To Results


Water storms will continue until early November

11/2  Cyclone Chapala Aimed Rare Landfall Yemen

Storms Moving East Swamp Roads -- Now Alabama

11/3  Tropical Update: Chapala Causes Flooding in Yemen

Venus in Virgo starting 11/ 2 harms vehicles, planes

11/3  VW emissions scandal: More car with defeat device

Former Walmart exec survives plane crash

Minor injuries -- Amtrak train, 18-wheeler crash

Bus plunges down a hill in Nepal; at least 30 killed

Moscow-Yerevan Bus Crash Kills at Least 8

11/4  Cargo plane crash South Sudan kills at least 41

1 dead in plane crash off New York City

Four rescued after plane crash north of Juneau

Pilot killed after plane crash in northeast Georgia

Mars/Rahu Conjunction With Venus!

Destructions -- late 11/6 thru morning 11/9:  transport, animals, foreigners, females, abdominal ills, financial losses, government debt discord

11/6  One Dead in Light Aircraft Crash in Florida

11/8  Escaped Cobra Finally Corralled

Alligator VS Python -- Fl. Golf Course

12-foot, 800-pound alligator caught TX shopping center

11/9  Dow closes 179 points lower -- IBM, Fed eyed

No survivors after small plane crash near Colorado

Two confirmed dead in Parry Sound CA plane crash

No Survivors in Decatur GA Plane Crash


11/14 However, yesterday's attacks in Paris warn that the world remains unsettled

11/18 Texas campsite attack -- 6 dead

11/19  Deadly Siege Ends After Assault on Mali Raddison

11/24 Turkey downs Russian warplane

Note: responses in U.S. and Europe to terrorist attacks have been extensive, even extreme.  Too many to log here.

11/22  U.S. chart afflictions -- stress peaking Nov. 24  Government officials, stock markets

11/23 Black Lives Matter shooting in Minneapolis

Military helicopter crash -- 4 dead

11/24 Chicago Braces --Video of Police Shooting

11/27 3 Dead CO. Springs Planned Parenthoos Shooting