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August 25, 2015

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August Predictions -- Your Personal & Financial Well Being

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Although the August 1-3 disasters interval is well passed, the August 22-24 U.S. hurricane karma peak is fresh in our minds. Hurricane Daniel fit exactly into this time slot.  And there are more storms brewing, which will continue into October. 

The predicted financial losses karma is a global drama that impacts your savings/retirement funds, especially mutual funds.  See, Investors Race to Escape Risk in Once-Booming Emerging-Market Bonds.

So, yes, your personal and financial safety are at risk now.  Hopefully, though, Subscribers paid attention, and acted upon, the July 12 suggestion, This auspicious last half of July offers an excellent opportunity to batten down your financial hatches -- or at least forgo unnecessary spending and any debt increases.  If you did, you dodged major financial losses. Not a bad deal for the few dollars Celestial Wheel Subscriptions cost!

This email continues the Subscription Drive -- needed to fund future forecasting.   Sign up yourself and let others know about Celestial Wheel forecasting accuracy and usefulness -- and if they won't go for the $4 to $12 subscription cost, gift it too them!   Just go to the home page and scroll down for subscription choices.

Of course, there's the old standby for folks who don't follow the planetary winds, Don't Worry, Be Happy!

PS Here's a freebee -- the Donald will run into another buzz saw by month's end.



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Major violences August 1 to 3

8/1 Queensland earthquakes: Magnitude 5.7

4.4-magnitude earthquake felt across Israel

Myanmar floods batter countryside

Guillermo Continues to Strengthen

Tropical Storm Soudelor Threatens China

8/2  Wildfires rage across California

8/3  Earthquake strikes Calif.

Earthquake Jolts Iran




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