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September 2015




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September 3, 2015

Fall Concerns -- Hurricanes & Financial Losses

     After a pretty nice summer, the planetary karmas began to tighten up in August -- signaled first by Saturn, the great malefic, turning powerfully forward in secretive and dangerous Scorpio August 1.

     Hurricanes and financial losses were predicted.  August certainly brought both! 

     You can review these on the home page.  Subscription Drive marketing on the home page validated predictions with results.  Predictions were put in bold italics red within the VedicLeaks synopses; a Results table matched these with media links about events.

     Now we look ahead into the fall months.  While other things will be going on, it's important to focus upon hurricanes and financial losses.  This is, after all, the height of hurricane season, and August already saw tropical storms in both the Atlantic and Pacific.  Regarding financial losses, August also brought turmoil in the markets, which will tend to continue.  After all, the house of cards of free money from the Federal Reserve is like a house built on swampy land.


Dasas  & Transits

     As all Subscribers should understand, Vedic Astrology uses Dasas (planetary cycles) as the foundational karma and transits as secondary karma.  Karma, of course, simply means influence

     For any given chart, the current Dasa is like a section of the river of life.  Transits are weather events upon your lifeboat's journey down that particular Dasa section of the river.

     Thus, if the Dasa is tough, the river itself is difficult.  Good transits can these mitigate difficulties/losses.  Bad transits can make the journey more challenging.

     Transits act like catalysts -- making events happen during a Dasa.  They are thereby considered to be timing indicators.  Even the most potent Dasa sequence won't bring much without impactive transits.


U.S. Dasas

The U.S. chart is running Mars major and Moon minor Dasa planets (Mars/Moon) from May 2 to November 30 of this year.  A quick and dirty analysis considers what occurred when the U.S. chart ran the same Dasa planets recently to determine how this combination will influence this year.  Moon major and Mars minor (Moon/Mars) ran from October 1, 1999 to May 1, 2000.  Results should be congruent. 

This timeline from Wikepedia's 1999 Atlantic hurricane season shows significant hurricane activity after the Moon/Mars Dasa cycle began October1, 1999.


     Regarding financial losses during that Moon/Mars Dasa cycle, on March 11, 2000, the DotCom bubble burst, and the stock markets spiraled down until bottom in October 2002.

     With this history, plus this year's hurricanes and financial losses in August, we should expect more of these events until Mars/Moon ends November 30.  Too, while your own chart's Dasa planets my be favorable or not, these transits are sufficiently potent to impact your life.  Don't ignore them!



     While restrictive Saturn turning forward in dangerous watery Scorpio August 1 alerted to financial losses, transits this month and next are even more troubling.  Below is a listing of potent transits.  These signal major events during the last few months of Mars/Moon ending November 30.

Transit Mars is in watery Cancer, its fallen (weak) sign from July 30 to September 15.  This is the eighth house of turmoil for the U.S. chart.  More hurricanes and financial losses can occur by mid September.

Mars will transit Leo from September 16 until November 2.  That is a bad position, for then Mars throws and aspect (glance) to Saturn in Scorpio, and Saturn also aspects Mars.  In Leo, Mars also afflicts abundant Jupiter right away and gracious Venus beginning in October.  This brings tremendous stresses in all areas of life.

Eclipses are also transits -- for they are special planetary positions in today's skies.  September is eclipse month, and here is the information:

September 13  Partial Solar at 26:05 Leo

September 27/28  Total Lunar at 10:35 Pisces


     Fortunately, neither of these eclipses hit any planets in the U.S. chart, but still, as eclipses destabilize the luminaries by blocking the light of the important Sun and Moon, risk increases.

Mercury will be retrograde September 17 to October 9.  Mercury retrogrades for three weeks three times annually -- so it's not unusual and thereby harmful by itself.  However, when Mercury stops to turn around October 9, it will be right on top of Rahu -- the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  Plus, at that time, the all-important Moon will be conjoined with Mars.  Storms and financial panic for early October are indicated.

In mid October, Mars closes in on Jupiter, which can waste his wealth.  At the same time, Mercury continues to hang around Rahu, another wealth harm.

     These five powerful transits combine to suggest further hurricanes and huge financial losses during September and October.  VedicLeaks entries will track these as their planetary karma unfolds.


Fall Subscription Drive

     While the targeted 25 subscribers was not reached, enough new Celestial Wheelers came on board to fuel forecasting for two months -- until October 31.  So the Subscription Drive continues, and I'll keep on highlighting specific predictions and updating the Results.  After all, the best promotion is to proven forecasting results.




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September 11, 2015

Relative Quiet

     Things have been relatively quiet since the last Vedicleaks entry September 3.  This prediction from that entry has yet to really actualize, but then, Mars has a few days left in Cancer, where he's fallen and brings danger for that weakness.

Transit Mars is in watery Cancer, its fallen (weak) sign from July 30 to September 15.  This is the eighth house of turmoil for the U.S. chart.  More hurricanes and financial losses can occur by mid September.


     As Mars is animals, and for pets, dogs, when Mars is weak is like your pet dog being sick or frightened -- he barks, even bites.  And Mars' last few days in Cancer naturally puts him at the edge of the sign, which disposition is called Sandhi, meaning dead.  The Indians have such colorful ways of expressing themselves.

     Too, there's gathering energy for the solar eclipse this Sunday, September 13.  As eclipses indicate instability, this additional karma can unleash Mars, especially this coming Monday and Tuesday.  Let's see what happens.

     There have been some major Mars violences recently,

Crane collapse kills dozens

Tropical Storm Etau Devastates Japan

British Airways Jet Catches Fire at Las Vegas Airport; 20


     And, of course, the Syrian refugee crisis, as well as the war there, is a mess.

     Sunday's solar eclipse is partial -- so not very potent, but being in Leo does add to the energy.  The September 27/28 total lunar eclipse in Pisces can be more impactive, but lunar energy is more emotional and personal.  Still, tropical storms and financial losses can relate to that.  The good news is that world will not end at this lunar eclipse, despite all the hype.  Whatever happens relates to the tough transits, not these eclipses.


The Presidential Candidates

     But at least Donald Trump has quieted down, well a little.  And while he went poof a bunch of times, he struck a nerve in appealing to the many who continue to suffer during this Millennium Contraction.  Too, voters are rejecting the old, and pretty tired, Bush and Clinton dynasties.  And out of frustration and fear, they're favoring Trump's xenophobia, even though they know it won't fly.  This fall should certainly see more rankings changes, and don't forget, the next Republican debate is Wednesday, September 16. 

     And then, on December 1, when the U.S. chart ends its seven-years-of -hell Mars Dasa (planetary cycle) and enters Rahu -- all hell is gonna break loose as the U.S. enters the Second Progressive Age.  Remember, Rahu is an 18 year cycle, and the first time the U.S. ran this head-of-the-dragon eclipse point was in 1775.  The second time was in 1896.  With Rahu in the eighth house of calamity, there's fear and strident rejection of authority that stimulates hard won battling to gain shared democratic values -- independence.

     So, whatever is going on now in politics really means little.  This is just warm-up time.


Tropical Storms & Financial Losses

     Primary concerns, however, remain tropical storms and financial losses.  The Atlantic has been pretty calm with hot and dry El Nino winds snuffing out budding storms before they reach the U.S..  But the Pacific has been riotous.  Well, El Nino, which simply means the Pacific Ocean is hotter, fuels tropical storms there.  See, Is Hawaii Suffering Hurricane Fatigue?


     And there's still action in the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico too.  Plus, the early part of October looks bad for tropical storms, again as predicted in the above September 3 entry.

     This has not been newsworthy so far, but it's coming, Prospect of Another Shutdown Looms as Congress Girds for Fights Over Spending.  The battle begins on Tuesday, just as Mars changes signs to Leo -- government -- which is also the ninth house of wealth in the U.S. chart.  Get Ready Too Rumble comes to mind.

     And these articles from Bloomberg remind us the financial markets have both rocked and rocked confidence,

These Two Charts Show How the Stock Market Volatility Slammed Consumer Sentiment

Wall Street Is Deeply Divided Over the Fed's Move Next Week


     Mercury retrograde starting September 17, is bad for both tropical storms and investments.

     China ran the tough Dasa sequence of Saturn/Rahu/Saturn March 22 to September 3.  In June transit Rahu crushed China's Sun in the ninth house of wealth.  The Dasa planets are now Saturn/Rahu/Mercury until the end of January -- a very unstable line-up, especially considering the challenging transits this fall. 



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September 16, 2015

The Solar Eclipse & Mars

     The above Friday September 11 entry expressed concerns about the these past few days  ...there's gathering energy for the solar eclipse this Sunday, September 13. As eclipses indicate instability, this additional karma can unleash Mars, especially this coming Monday and Tuesday.

     Beyond the Mars violences cited in the above September 11VedicLeaks entry, ferocious California wildfires that came out of nowhere on Saturday have been all over the news.  If you missed that, here's an article, California fire updates:  Valley fire among the most destructive in history.

This and the below image are from

     And on Monday, Utah was hit by a deadly flash floods that were similarly unexpected, This is something we can’t control. ... It happened too fast.”   And while the scope of the disaster was certainly minor compared with the three raging fires in California, the human toll was much higher with 15 killed, Deadly flash floods strike Utah.

     These are apparently the major Mars violences, and hopefully they are over, or at least winding down.


Saturn In Scorpio

     The Celestial wheel has also expressed concern about Saturn, the great malefic, in Scorpio, the sign of hidden dangers and calamities, since it turned powerfully forward August 1.  See the June 18 VedicLeaks entry.

     Saturn stays in a sign for about 2 1/2 years.  It entered Scorpio November 2014, went weakly retrograde last March until August 1.  It (Saturn is neither male nor female) will do another retrograde and finally leave Scorpio at the end of January 2017.  These current images show Saturn early in Scorpio less than six degrees.  He's approaching the claw.



     Saturn's challenges in Scorpio will be discussed in later VedicLeaks entries, but right now it should be pointed out why Donald Trump will not succeed in his bid for the presidency -- beyond stirring up a lot of trouble for the Republican Party.  Here's Trump's chart showing his fallen (weak) Moon in Scorpio, where it is afflicted by both dissolving Ketu and an aspect from his powerful Mars.  Saturn's aspects (glances) are tough too for hitting his powerful Rahu/Sun combination in the tenth house of career and his first house of the self.  There his fighting Mars is placed.  Both aspects slow him down and bring all kinds of setbacks and losses.  That also stimulates Trump's anger and can bring a manic depression. 


     We can learn more about Saturn in Scorpio now by looking back when Saturn was last in Scorpio 1985-87.  Bad investments during Saturn in Scorpio wrecked Trump in 1989.  Wikipedia explains,

In 1988, Trump acquired the Taj Mahal Casino in a transaction with Merv Griffin and Resorts International,[46] which led to mounting debt,[47] and by 1989, Trump was unable to meet loan payments. Although he shored up his businesses with additional loans and postponed interest payments, by 1991, increasing debt brought Trump to business bankruptcy.[47] Banks and bond holders had lost hundreds of millions of dollars, but opted to restructure the debt. The Taj Mahal emerged from bankruptcy on October 5, 1991, with Trump ceding 50 percent ownership in the casino to the original bondholders in exchange for lowered interest rates on the debt and more time to pay it off.[48] He also sold his financially-challenged Trump Shuttle airline and his 282-foot megayacht, the Trump Princess.[49]


Updated Celestial Wheel Format

     Yesterday I posted this on the home page,



     You may have noticed today's entry is short and to the point -- with large images.


Remember, Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow around noon.




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September 20, 2015

PS To The September 16 Entry

     The above September 11 VedicLeaks entry gave predictions for violences resulting from the combined energy of the September 13 solar eclipse and Mars angrily weak as he was exiting Cancer, a water sign.

     The September 16 entry was published in the morning and logged two major results -- the California wildfires and Utah flash flood.   That evening, the massive earthquake hit Chili, Chile’s 8.3 quake, evacuations, tsunami wave

     This makes a trio of consequential calamities -- proving out the prediction.  However, doing VedicLeaks about once weekly can't catch tight sequential events like this.  And even using direct email Heads-up notices is not always practical.  Neither does that technique group predictions and results together to identify trends and building issues.


Further Celestial Wheel Redesigning

     So, part of  The Celestial Wheel redesign announced in the above September 16 entry is to put Results in monthly boxes below the Current Short-subject VedicLeaks.  Take a look at the home page to see this format improvement, and you'll find September Results include the Chili earthquake, and also this past Friday's major stock market drop.

     While I'll certainly continue to send you email notices of new forecasting -- so that you won't miss these entries -- if you visit the home page you'll be able to quickly get up to speed.  The only material there now are the synopses of Current Short-subject VedicLeaks and the results of current predictions -- grasp what's going on in just a minute or two.

     In that regard, I moved the Subscription information to its own page.  I did the same with In-depth Forecasts.  I didn't want to take these off the website.  While these are too long for readers in this fast-paced environment of smart phones and tablets, much of the information is of value.  For example the November 2009 What Happened To Clovis Culture addressed the issue of the old heavy Clovis Point spearhead for mega fauna disappearing.  It was replaced 3000 years later with the lighter and faster Folsom Complex spearhead for the now smaller game.  Similarly, we have to adapt now with lighter and faster ways of living.

     Another example of an old In-depth Forecast with enduring value is the February 2009, The First Baby-Boomers.  An old Indian text on Yogas (special combinations) guided me to understand that people born just after World War II -- June 28, 1946 to December 14, 1947 -- are especially powerful and enduring in our society.  The first example used was Donald Trump!  Well, whaddya know?  Guess who is also in the list? -- Hillary Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, newly appointed to host The Apprentice.

     I have some further work to get this section in order and will advise when it's completed.


The Moon Transiting Scorpio With Saturn

     The above September 16 entry included two images showing Saturn in early Scorpio.  These also applies to Donald Trump, explaining why his presidential run is doomed.  They clearly show Saturn early in Scorpio.

     The issue for him is his Moon -- the perceptional mind and benefits in life -- is fallen (weak) in Scorpio.  There, she is sad, unhappy, even truculent.  The Moon is so important in Vedic Astrology it is given primacy over all the other planets.

     Everyone pretty well understands that Scorpio is the worst house in the Zodiac -- secrets, calamities, disasters, the cause of death......   And with slow Saturn, the great malefic, which is also the planet of loss and death, its transit through Scorpio has to be rough.  Well, that's a long  2 1/2 year journey -- from November 2014 through January 17.  The entire time can't be rough, but then Vedic Astrology relies upon repetition of karma to predict evens and trends.  And because the Moon is both the fastest planet and the primary planet, it makes simple sense that,

With malefic Saturn in malefic Scorpio, when the Moon transits through Scorpio

each month, where she is fallen (weak), life becomes miserable for a couple of days

     That's exactly what's been happening monthly since last November.   And for September, It's also right now.  The Moon transits Scorpio the morning of September 18 (Friday) through late this evening (Sunday).  And because Vedic Astrology truly is astronomical, this image from Sky And Telescope shows you can just look up to see it!.


     How cool is that!

     Of course, Mercury the intellect and nervous system, being in confusing retrograde, adds to the mental woes.  Still, overall, this weekend has more subjective suffering than objective loss.

     So, take it easy on yourself, and others for the rest of today, get a good night's rest, and you'll wake up reinvigorated, relaxed and calm -- ready for this next week.  As for Trump, he must be having a tough weekend.  As the Moon is the public, there will likely be other news items tomorrow about personal struggles by public leaders.  The reason for this last is that Saturn is leaders in democracies, for it cares about the masses, not the elites.

     Oh, and take a stroll outside after sunset and look up!  The Moon being a thin crescent is not so bright that it blocks out Scorpio and Saturn.  The Celestial Wheel tonight is truly lovely as only melancholy can be.


A melancholy Moon, sympathy to the masses, especially those less fortunate



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September 27, 2015

Blood Moon Disaster -- The AntiChrist!

    Tonight's total lunar eclipse is the finale of the tetrad total lunar eclipses signaling massive destructions!


     The Celestial Wheel has never been an alarmist about such things.  When Y2K occurred, we demurred.  When the Mayan Calender ended, we yawned.  But this blood Moon is the real deal.  It signals the ascendency of Antichrist, Donald Trump, who, as President, will build a solid 2000 mile casino wall along the Mexican border!  With so many sinners, no Mexican will dare cross!  - not even the rapists, murderers and cheap tippers!  And many of you thought Obama was the Antichrist!  Well, everyone knows the Antichrist isn't black, any more than Santa Claus is black!



     Yet, there is hope, a beam of pure white light dispelling the darkness within the halls of gambling.

     And that beam will destroy The Trump, just as kryptonite destroys Superman.  Who carries this beam of godliness? 

     Who is our savior from Armageddon?  He's here, already amongst us, don't you know?  It's the Pope! 

     He came to America in a final confrontation with that oversized mop head muppet -- The Donald.  So, yes, the end is near, The Trump who will be trumped! 


     As entertaining as all this stuff is, tonight's actually just another lunar eclipse.  However, because it's a super moon (the Moon closest to the earth), the Moon appears, making the eclipse more dramatic astronomically.  There are lots and lots of articles on this unusually brilliant lunar eclipse, but this one from from the Washington Post, is top notch.  Tides will naturally be extreme. 


Planetary Stresses

     There are, however, significant ongoing planetary stresses, which began when Saturn, the great malefic, turned forward August 1.  Major predictions for financial losses and tropical storms were made.  The above September 3 VedicLeaks entry described these in some detail -- with the eclipses this month serving to destabilize -- like an overloaded ship is more vulnerable to storms.  Tough Dasa planets (planetary cycles) in the U.S. chart plus challenging transits are more egregious during the sensitized eclipse season.  (Again, the partial solar eclipse was September 13, and late this evening the total lunar eclipse begins.)

     Mars is often the culprit, for he's the planet of war.  Mars destroys.  Here's what I wrote about Mars September 3,

Mars will transit Leo from September 16 until November 2.  That is a bad position, for then Mars throws an aspect (glance) to Saturn in Scorpio, and Saturn also aspects Mars.  In Leo, Mars also afflicts abundant Jupiter right away and gracious Venus beginning in October.  This brings tremendous stresses in all areas of life.


      Here's a transit chart for today, showing Mar's influences.  Sagitarius is the first house in this chart, matching the U.S. chart.  (This actually recaps information from September 3, but it's a useful refresher.)

     The red and blue arrows show hot/aggressive Mars' aspect to cold/slow Saturn -- and Saturn's aspect to Mars.  they are attacking each other.  It's Mars' fire arrow against Saturn's sledge hammer.  This brings stresses and destructions of all kinds -- in all areas of life.  As Saturn is a wealth planet in this chart, it's position in the twelfth house of loss is naturally negative.  As Mars is also a wealth planet signifying investments, but a planet of loss too, it's placement in the ninth house of wealth brings financial harms.


     Jupiter, the planet of wealth, is also harmed by Saturn's aspect and being conjoined with Mars being. Notice Venus is nearly at 28 degrees -- just two days away from entering Leo.  There, she too will be harmed by Saturn and Mars.

     Finally, the pink-shaded box shows Mercury retrograde (backward) approaching the Sun, which will burn the planet of communications and business.  And as Mercury reverses course October 9, it will pivot exactly on Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  Thus, Storms and financial panic for early October are indicated.

     Another issue described September 3 is Mars crashing into Jupiter mid October -- wealth harm.



Major Predictions

     Another refresher is mentioning again the redesign of The Celestial Wheel, especially the home page.  There, major predictions are put in bold blue within the synopses.  Results are placed in boxes for each month. 

     It's always difficult to match predictions with results in an easily grasped way.  Too, there are judgment calls in which results are actually major.  Hopefully, this approach will advance the predictive task. 

     Go to the home page and scroll down to Matching Predictions To Results to see new major events since the last VedicLeaks on September 20.  You decide how accurate and relevant these predictions have become.




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Matching Predictions To Results
Predictions in blue and results in red underlined links To Articles



Hurricanes and financial losses by mid September

9/5  Depression Forecast to Tropical Storm Grace

9/13 Solar Eclipse & Mars unleashed

9/12  California Wildfires --Three Infernos

9/14  At Least 9 Dead in Flash Floods in Utah

9/16  Chile’s 8.3 quake, evacuations, tsunami

Tremendous stresses in all areas 9/16 -- 11/2
(esp. storms and financial losses)

9/18  Dow sinks 290 points as Fed jitters swirl stocks

9/22  11 Million Cars in VW Diesel Deception

Wall St. Drops as Oil and Commodities Sink

9/23  DOW down 180 -- China, VW & Fed



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