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July 2, 2012

Back In The Saddle

     I publish a VedicLeaks entry at least once weekly.  In worst case, when the planetary karmas are really intense,  I'll publish a quick Heads-up.  Sometimes I'll also, or instead, do an In-depth Forecast.   Reliable continuity is a basic ingredient in forecasting, like flour for bread.  Plus, there truly is always something going on which merits comment and prediction.  People similarly need, and depend upon, regularly scheduled weather reports.

     The last entry was the June 23 VedicLeaks, a week ago Saturday.  I have tried to get focused without success since.  Why?  There appear to be two reasons.  First, as explained June 23, the section, The Energy Is Just Weird...when Saturn and Mars, the major malefics, but also indicating power, are weak, and their benefic counterparts Jupiter and Venus are weak, the energy becomes just weird.  Jupiter is my composing and publishing planet, and while Ketu's influence is great for insight, Ketu also acts to fragment, causing doubt and confusion.  Lots of ideas have popped into my head, but I was unable to organize and integrate them -- to bring this otherworldly sourced information to earth, organize and use it.  Even now composing is difficult, but the karma (influence) to do my Dharma has tipped the scales.  So, back in the saddle.

     Second, last week brought disruptive weather.  Tropical Storm Debby had been soaking Florida for several days, finally making landfall on Tuesday, June 26.  At the same time, Scorching June Heat Wave Puts 50 Million in U.S. on Alert, During the June 22-to-28 period, there were 2,132 warm temperature records set or tied in the U.S.  Naturally, Florida (I live in Venice, Florida) has been hit hard by the torrential rains followed by heat, and this combination has boosted humidity.  One can almost see, and certainly feel, the hot sun baking moisture out of the sodden ground.  It's hard to write in this environment.  

     We all do live in the world, and combining otherworldly Ketu's weirdness with worldly torrential rain and heat blocked me.  Ketu sapped my mental energy and the humid heat my physical energy.  As these are transit karmas, acting much like weather events, you can identify with my experience.

     Of course too, the rest of the country baked, and western forest fires peaked, Colorado wildfire expands viciously.  Again, Tuesday was the worst day.  This dovetails with the June 23 VedicLeaks prediction, the U.S. chart is at risk now, and the morning of Tuesday, June 26 could bring one of more major shocks.   Then, the Moon hits a re-energized Mars

     What I missed in my Ketu confusion and too soaking hot weather is that the all-important watery Moon would continue to be afflicted as it crossed malefic Saturn early Thursday June 28 and then crossed malefic Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point) Sunday July 1.  Intense Storms Called a "Derecho" Slam 700 Miles of the US

     Thereby, even though I hit Tuesday as a sensitive date, I was wrong in the June 23 VedicLeaks, Mars thankfully finished it's eight month reign of terror in Leo June 21 with lots of action in Leo's government signification, related wealth issues and also fires and water storms.  The reason for this error is explained in the next section, What's Ahead?

     With these weather ills so widespread, nearly everyone in the U.S. has been affected.  So, my apologies for not giving advance notice -- prediction.

     Note, while the U.S. chart is in bad shape now, these transit affects are global.  See, India floods: Many thousands flee homes in Assam.

Note:  I wrote of my writing challenges in part so that you could relate personally, for this hasn't been easy for anyone.


What's Ahead?

     Unfortunately, the U.S. chart continues to be badly afflicted through July 7.  Here's why.

    Recall the U.S. ran Mars/Saturn planetary cycles (Dasas) from April 22, 2011 to May 31, 2012.  That was a year of conflict and stress, interrupted only briefly this past winter when abundant Jupiter in transit blew a very fair wind from mid January through mid April.  If you don't recall any difficulties, consider just the dry Saturn-caused drought and the craziness of the Republican presidential primaries.

     Beginning May 31, 2012 the U.S. runs Mars/Mercury planetary cycles for a year.  Mars is the planet of war, causing disruptions and conflicts, and for the U.S. chart, it signals a 7 year depression that began in 2008.  (See the July 2010 Through The Millennium Contraction.)  Mercury is a difficult planet in this chart for being placed in the eighth house of turmoil, with Rahu!  Mars/Mercury is thereby a very tough Dasa line-up for the U.S. chart.

     From June 29 to July 7 the U.S. Dasas to four levels are Mars/Mercury/Mercury/Rahu .  Here's the U.S. chart with the transit positions for Mercury and Rahu in red.

     You can see birth chart Mercury in the eighth house, along with Rahu. Transit Mercury is also in the eighth, and Rahu is in the twelfth house of loss.  The sign positions are both water -- Cancer for the eighth and Scorpio for the twelfth.  This is what I missed in predicting Mars ending in Leo June 22 would see water storms and forest fires calming.

     Plan, then, for water storms, fire storms and heat to continue to plague the U.S. through this week.

     As a related aside, after I published the the July 4, 2010 Through The Millennium Contraction, I quickly published a sequel on July 18, Millennium Contraction Migrations.  That forecast predicted migrations out of the Southwest due to drought.  The Mars/Saturn cycle certainly elevated that problem, and while the media hasn't generally picked this up, Alternet thankfully has, As Farms Bite the Dust, "Megadrought" May Be the New Normal in the Southwest.  That forecast also predicted migrations out of the Midwest due to over-pumping the Ogallala Aquifer.  The last out-migration region prediction is the Gulf Coast states because of  increased hurricane activity.  Mars crashing into Saturn in mid August and then into Rahu in early October could see major hurricanes return after being largely absent for six years.



     All of this natural events stuff is part of the transformation the U.S. is going through during the Millennium Contraction -- a long seven year war between Gilded Age monied interests and the rest of us.  There are many battles in this war to regain shared democratic values.  Some have been victories and others losses, but close examination shows they are all generally trending toward the needed transformation to fit our old square pegs into new round holes

     The surprise Supreme Court decision to uphold Obamacare is a clear win, even though major battles lie ahead in cost cutting -- the basic issue.  Without the greedy Gilded Age cost inflation, the health care issue would not be acute. 

     The Supreme Court also last week upheld a key piece of Arizona's immigration law, let stand a controversial provision allowing police to check a person's immigration status while enforcing other laws.  That's just common sense in the long term development of immigration reform.  Consider, what other country could we go to illegally and not be questioned about our status when stopped by the police?  None.  

     Scott Walker beating back the Wisconsin governor recall election may also appear to be going backwards -- until one considers that public service benefits have ballooned as longevity has increased.  At the same time, governments have lost tax revenues due to the Millennium Contraction.  It's obvious that the public service income, benefits and retirement programs must all be reworked. 

     A final issue is the J.P. Morgan investment loss scandal.  This is ongoing as the amount has increased from an initial manageable $2 billion to as much as $9 billion, which is not manageable.  Calls to break up the big bankster banks are finally being both made and heard, It’s time to break up the big banks.

     The transformation from Gilded Age excess to Progressive Age is the U.S. coming back into alignment with its Dharma -- the highest and best use of its energies.  We individually must do the same, and we are all being forced to change by society's change.  Considering again my saying, fit our old square pegs into new round holes truly does mean re-aligning ourselves to our Dharmas.

     When we are using our energies, as symbolized by our Vedic charts, in their highest and best use, we are fulfilled, and thereby happy.  When, we don't, then smoothly integrated functioning is lost, and we are beset by ruts in the road -- jolts, failures, losses, partial successes without satisfaction, souring of consciousness and physical suffering, including both mental and physical pain.  Yes, there is a mind/body connection.  This article is a timely heads-up on that, Chronic pain is determined by emotions, scientists believe.  I've personally noticed this in dealing with a chronic fluid retention issue.  When I do work for clients and write Celestial Wheel entries, the pain subsides.

     This last is fascinating, of course.  I'm working on an In-depth Forecast now on the topic, citing example charts and explaining how Saturn's nerves, the Sun's skeleton and Mercury's nervous system relate -- bringing pain when Dharma is not done, and alleviating pain when it is.



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July 7, 2012



The heat wave and storms should begin calming tomorrow -- at least in the U.S.

The above July 2 VedicLeaks stated,


Tomorrow, Sunday, Jupiter replaces Rahu in the U.S. chart's Dasa lineup.  Jupiter, the great benefic, is both protective and can cancel harmful karmas.

This good Jupiter cycle lasts until July 13.

It may not be until late Sunday or Monday morning, however, until the weather actually begins to settle.  There is some karma for rainy storms with the watery Moon in watery Pisces, aspected by stormy Mars -- but that would be a positive in bringing relief to drought-stricken areas.



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July 14, 2012

Mercury Retrograde Tomorrow

     Mercury goes retrograde three times a year, and in most cases, it isn't a big deal.  Well, Mercury retrograde was a big deal this past February and March, for then Mercury was in its fallen sign of Pisces, aspected by Mars.  If you've already forgotten this Mercury retrograde, there's a good review in the March 4 Vedicleaks.

     This Mercury retrograde is in Cancer, which is not a bad position in most personal charts and is the fourth house of the home and devotion in the natural zodiac, signifying global planetary weather -- karmas.  Fourth house real estate can be harmed, and religious inclinations will be strange, with some harkening back to the past.

     The U.S. chart is hit hard by this Mercury retrograde, however, for Cancer is the eighth house of hidden things and calamity.   Too, the U.S. chart's planetary cycles (Dasas -- the underlying and thereby primary karma) is Mars major and Mercury minor since May 31.  This is a bad combination.  Mars brings discord and Mercury signifies all kinds of harms, including drought, which continues in the U.S.  In fact, when the U.S. ran its 16 year Mercury Dasa from 1948 to 1965, the cold war ensued and there was major drought for seven years in the great plains and southwest.

     Here's a current transit wheel for the U.S. chart showing Mercury's position.  Note that Mercury is just beyond Ra -- Rahu, the head of the dragon eclipse point.

     Storms in the U.S. occurred July 2 to 7 when Mercury was approaching and crossed Rahu.  As shown, Mercury is now beyond Rahu.  The problem is that this retrograde will take Mercury back across Rahu for exact conjunction on July 21.  The ensuing days will be perilous as the energy builds.  This coming Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be the most difficult.

     While further heavy weather may occur, the great risk area is in business, especially the unveiling of eighth house secrets and calamities occurring.  Note, Mercury was the trigger for the September 15, 2008 crash that ushered in the Millennium Contraction.


It's Beginning To Feel Like The Summer Of 2008

     That we've recently seen business calamities unveiled is evidential.  Mercury went into Cancer June 21.  Since then:

      JP Morgan Chase's gambling loss has zoomed up from $2 billion,  JP Morgan’s black eye nears $6B as bank says traders may have tried to conceal losses.

     Barclay's admitting to fixing interest rates -- the LIBOR scandal -- has crossed the Atlantic, Barclays' admissions bring new class actionFed knew of Libor issue in 2007-08 and This May Send Wall Streeters to Prison The European and U.S. fine is $453 million.

     Wells Fargo, Justice Department settle discrimination case for $175 million

     PFG Collapses Amid Fraud Allegations and With ego too big to fail, Iowa broker admits 20-year fraud

     Visa, MasterCard, banks in $7.25 billion retail settlement

      Missing banker accused of fraud in Sarasota

     HSBC's money-laundering crackdown riddled with lapses

     Encana tipped off Chesapeake to land plans in Michigan

     Phoenix arsonist likely took cyanide after guilty verdict  Lots of "little guys" are losing Gilded Age gains.

     GlaxoSmithKline to pay largest health-care fraud settlement in U.S. history  $3 billion


     These are mainly financial services scandals. I told my editor recently, gilded age bastards taking lots of hits now.  This is a part of the Millennium Contraction, during which monied interests are pitted against the rest of us in a long war to restore shared democratic values.  Part of the conflict is the chickens coming home to roost for the gilded age crooks.  Mars/Mercury Dasa planets for the U.S. chart calls for that.

     In Great Britain, the public is rebelling in response to the Barkley's scandal combined with RBS-NatWest bank meltdown rolls on: Chaos to hit millions all weekend, customers STILL can't get wages - and it may last until next week -- see 'Big five' bank customers vent anger by taking their money elsewhere.  Perhaps that too will cross the pond to the U.S.  It's overdue.

     I also told my editor, It's beginning to feel like the summer of 2008.  For those of you who don't remember gasoline going over $4 per gallon then, and lots of other problems that culminated in the September 15 crash.  Read this August 18, 2008 In-depth Forecast, The Challenging Summer Of 2008.  And, yes, gasoline is already moving up again.  Remember the February 20 In-depth Forecast, The Economy And Oil?

     Mercury will be retrograde starting tomorrow for its usual three weeks -- ending retrograde August 8.  Mercury will still be in Cancer then and won't exit this eighth house of turmoil in the U.S. chart until August 28.  Thereby, Mercury will continue dredging up hidden information and bringing business reversals through August.

     The truly heavy karma, however, will be Mars running into Saturn August 15, which I discussed in the May 16, In-depth Forecast, Sorry, But It's Not Over Yet.  That signals major destruction.  The forecast also explained that Mars then transits to Rahu in early October, signalling another destructive interval.  Malefic Mars crosses malefic Saturn and just six weeks later malefic Rahu.  It's a deadly two punch combination.


It's beginning to feel like the summer of 2008



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July 19, 2012


     The below was emailed to Subscribers Thursday, July 19 at noon.


The U.S. Chart Is Seriously Afflicted

The July 14 VedicLeaks (above) discussed the current Mercury retrograde, noting it hits the U.S. chart very hard this week. Today, Thursday, is the most sensitive, but tomorrow, Friday, is bad as well.  I don't know whether the harm will be a scandal (likely financial) or a physical disaster -- but certainly something big will happen. We may not know about it until tomorrow's news, however.

Possibly related to this, recall that Mitt Romney's Vedic chart was hit hard by the May 20 solar eclipse, and this would relate to secrets and his reputation.  Romney's business dealings and personal income have certainly come under attack recently, and the information must come out. Eclipse effects continue for up to six months.

Also, and this is a new topic, the next couple of weeks ending August 4 are negative for health, and some folks will pass on.  This results because Saturn is finishing his final stint in Virgo, the sixth house of illness.  Saturn did this same shift last November, (exiting Virgo) but his retrograde this past winter brought him back into Virgo in the spring for a finale of Saturnian loss and suffering.

There has been so much stuff hitting the fan recently, that Reuters now publishes a special video, Scandal Watch. You can see it on the Reuters website or on YouTube.  Well, the (above) July 14 VedicLeaks did conclude with the section, It's Beginning To Feel Like The Summer Of 2008.

Note:  The July 19 Colorado theatre massacre occurred just after midnight  --

so actually early Friday morning July 20



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July 22, 2012

Weather Forecasting

     Planets moving in current skies are transits.  Transits impact the entire globe and are thereby akin to global planetary weather.  Transits, however, yield only general information.  Really specific predictions about trends and events across the globe can only be made by considering the individual charts of nations.  Similarly, specific information about a person can only be found in the individual's Vedic chart, applying Vedic Astrology's famous Dasas (planetary cycles) as primary karmas and transits as secondary karmas.  (Note: karma means influence.)  This may sound complicated, but it's actually very straightforward -- when Dasas and transits match up in indicating the same kama, that karma occurs.

     As this is a U.S. based forecasting service, I have the correct chart for America, which has been validated by tracking trends and events over many years.* 

     While the U.S. is hit hard by these transits, weather here is especially harmed because its Vedic chart's Dasas are harmful.  This was explained in the above July 14 entry in the section, Mercury Retrograde Tomorrow.

    This forecast, thereby makes weather predictions that can be applied specifically to the U.S., and generally around the globe.

(* Unfortunately, while I have taken the time and effort to find and interpret good charts for some Mideast countries for oil and politics, the vast majority remain unknown.  It would be great to have charts for other nations, but unfortunately, these are hard to determine because most were not born just once with documented birth data.  Greece, for example, has had so many coups, it's impossible to figure out which government is valid for the birth of that nation.  There is also a cultural issue.  The birth data for China's current government is well known, October 1, 1949, Beijing, with an accurately timed source for the proclamation from “video tape of the ceremony and accounts in Xinhua yuebao and Xinhua newspapers…As interpreted by Guanghui Zhou…3.01.36 pm”   The word inscrutable to describe China has long been part of our lexicon.  (Note: I have been following events in China with regard to that chart and will at some point be able to offer predictions.  However, it takes a lot of time and practice to grasp even the basic karmas of another nations' chart.)  Of course, too, there are hundreds of nations makes the analysis massive.  So, we have to make do with transits for general global weather forecasting, with the U.S. chart to make predictions for here.



Recent And Current Weather

     There's been ongoing extreme heat, and lack of rain in some areas -- resulting in drought.  This has been punctuated by violent storms.  The combination has resulted in a tremendous amount of suffering, as well as worry for the future. Korean Drought Worst In A Century For North And South Korea  Heaviest rains in 60 years kill 37 in Beijing

     Malefic Saturn (Vata -- dry) has been transiting through earth sign Virgo since September 2009.  Saturn is slow to act, bringing the beginning of the drought during the winter of 2010. 

     By the spring of 2011, Saturn had dried out Texas, and the drought area continued to spread, including minimal snow in the Rocky Mountains.  The Colorado snow pack is source water for much of the Rockies. It also feeds the Colorado River, and dams there irrigate the entire Southwest.

     Malefic Mars (Pitta -- hot, fires) joined Saturn in Virgo June 22, which amped up temperatures and brought more forest fires.  This combination of the two great malefic planets also brings all kinds of destructions as they struggle against each other.   A good non weather example is the Syrian uprising getting close to liberating the country during the last month.

    The combination of Mars and Saturn in earth sign Virgo is shown in this transit chart for today.

Transits July 22, 2012

     Mercury retrograde in Cancer (Kapha -- water) contributes to dry conditions in the U.S., for Mercury in the U.S. chart brings drought.  Further, the hot Sun (Pitta -- fire) has also heated things up.  These are contributing karmas.  Saturn and Mars, however, are the planetary heavyweights here.


Summer Weather Predictions

     Saturn will shift out of Virgo August 4 into Libra, an air sign, where he doesn't cause drought.  (Note, not to unduly complicate, it's worthwhile repeating that Saturn ending in Virgo, the sign of illness, will complete the karma for chronic illness that has made so many suffer and many also pass on.)

     A transit chart for Saturn entering Libra August 4 is below left.  Drought conditions will begin to ease of then.  (Notice, however, that the hot Sun and Mercury continue in Cancer.)  Notice Mars is in Virgo.

     Mars will join Saturn in Libra on August 15, as shown the the below right chart.  This will end the heavy drought karma in earth sign Virgo.

Transits August 4, 2012

Transits August 15, 2012

     The karma for Mars running into Saturn on August 15 is naturally highly destructive.  In fact, that karma actually begins August 14.  So both dates are sensitive.

     There can be lots of destructions.  But for weather concerns, August 14 will kick off hurricanes in both the Atlantic and Pacific.  Gulf of Mexico hurricanes drench the land when the go into the southern states and Texas.  As they continue north and west, they continue to bring rain.  I remember in desert Sedona, Arizona when major hurricanes went to the Gulf several years ago, it rained hard about a week later.

     Hurricanes are naturally very destructive, but they also serve the positive purpose to bringing needed rain to the periodically drought stricken South, Great Plains and the Southwest.

     Note the term kick off for the hurricane season.  Mars stays with Saturn in Libra through the end September.  Then, in early October, Mars rams into Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  That portends a truly momentous destruction, which may very well be, or include, a major hurricane.

     Mars conjoining Saturn August 14 and then Mars conjoining Rahu October 2 have been discussed previously, notably in the May 16, 2012 In-depth Forecast, Sorry, But It's Not Over Yet.  That forecast includes at the end a laundry list of possible harms which would result in oil prices zooming up to new records and economic losses.  This topic will be updated in upcoming VedicLeaks and In-depth Forecasts.  For now, we can take some solace in the dreadful drought of 2012 winding down in early August and starting mid August the dry land's thirst quenched..



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July 27, 2012

     The below Heads-up was emailed directly to Subscribers.

Mental Instability

I'm not always crystal clear about planetary dispositions impacting global events and our own personal experiences.  When writing about sensitive times, I do try, however, to remind readers to be aware of the energies in their personal lives and use care.  This is one of those times.

Below is a transit chart for today at 5:30 PM EDT.  The Ascendant (self) is Sagittarius, the same as the U.S. chart.  This chart thereby describes energies in the U.S. most especially, although it also symbolizes global energies and the energies in your own lives.

The mental planets are become increasingly disturbed.  Mercury, the intellect and the nervous system, is retrograding into the hot Sun in Cancer, which literally inflames it.  The tension is palpable.  The Moon's perceptional and emotional side of the mind is weakly fearful in Scorpio, it's fallen sign, and approaching Rahu -- the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point, which the Moon is naturally afraid of.  This is most notably memories of the past bring fear of the future.

For the U.S chart, these placements are particularly bad for being Mercury in Cancer being the eight house of catastrophe, and the Moon in Scorpio being the twelfth house of loss.


This combination brings an anything can happen kind of volatile energy, somewhat like the energy last week when the CO theatre shooting happened. That is, it relates more to individuals than natural events, political issues or economic ones.  It's personal.

An individual, or two or three.. going off the deep end will tend to bring an event, or events, and the personal reactions to the event(s) would be exaggerated, resulting in tumult.  Thereby, it is both the event and the reaction that are important.

So, take care in your activities. Be moderate in all ways. Do not take risks, party hearty or expose yourself to situations which can result in harms. Walk away from tense situations.

This energy will peak tomorrow morning just after dawn -- about 7 AM, EDT. Of course, for locations east, the energy peak will occur sooner -- 5 hours or so in Europe and half a day in the Mideast. Then, the energy will begin to fall off, but still, all of Saturday can be tough.  I certainly hope nothing happens at the Olympics, nor in Syria.



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July 30, 2012

       The below Heads-up was emailed directly to Subscribers.

Strife Tuesday Morning

Tomorrow, Tuesday, just before 6 AM EDT, is difficult for warrior Mars exactly aspecting (glancing upon) the all-important Moon in Sagittarius.  The Moon is also a basic timing indicator for events.

Sagittarius is the first house of the self in the U.S. chart, which indicates harm to the nation, its reputation.  Sagittarius is a wealth sign because it is ruled by wealthy Jupiter.

An additional wealth concern is the U.S.'s wealthy Sun will be close to eclipse point Rahu in the eighth house of secrets, scandals and catastrophes.  Because the Sun is with retrograde Mercury, and these two planets indicate business, an unveiling of nasty financial business activity from the past is indicated.  Sun with Mercury also ties the ego to the mind -- people don't listen.

As concerns global planetary karmas, Sagittarius is the ninth house of fortune -- so another wealth karma.  And the Sun, being an indicator of government and kingship, suggests one or more governments will be grappling with financial turmoil.

Panic stock selling is likely.  Efforts to quell fears will fall on deaf ears.

Although the peak is at 6 AM EDT, the energy is building now, which can result in events this evening or overnight.

On a personal level, this Mars aspect to the Moon isn't so difficult.  It does, however, stimulate impulsiveness and also use of drugs and alcohol, which can result in regrettable actions.



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