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June 2, 2012

Like A Chessboard

     Vedic Astrology planets combine in a myriad of ways.  Like a chessboard, the simple square chart holds complex and hidden patterns of influence.  And like chess pieces, Vedic planets are dynamic, shifting into ever-changing patterns symbolizing events and trends.  Some can be anticipated.  Others are only seen as events occur that then suggest unseen patterns.  An amateur sees a few bits to predict.  A professional Vedic Astrologer integrates those into larger pieces.  But even the most experienced and skilled practitioner cannot grasp all the ramifications.

     Today's VedicLeaks explores both predicted and unforeseen events and circumstances in unusually impactive current planetary dispositions.


Five Cats In A Bag,

     Five planets planets continue in Taurus.  In astrology, three planets are enough to create a combination of unique intensity and complexity, called a stellium.  Well, if three planets form a stellium, then five make a super-stellium!  The below chart for June 1 displays this configuration.  It uses the natural zodiac starting at Aries -- global planetary weather.  This means everyone is impacted, in relation to their own Vedic charts of course -- individuals, organizations and nations.

June 1, 2012


       A stellium is like putting cats in a bag -- an energy riot.  They screech and jostle, pushing and shoving against each other in the too-small space.  The entire bag shakes.  Fur flies.  The cats eventually calm in an uneasy peace,  Yet, just one small movement can make them erupt into another frenzy. 

(Note:  When a person is born with a stellium in their Vedic chart, their early lives are incredibly intense.  Even as they mature, and learn to calm and manage the energy effectively, they are always in some kind of turmoil.  So, any babies born during this interval will not have an easy time.) 


     Beyond being intense and complex, super-stellium energy is absolutely unbalanced.  Adding in the May 20 solar eclipse in Taurus shocked the stellium planets by blocking and revealing as is the natur of eclipses.  Shock is the term used in the April 18 VedicLeaks to characterize the eclipse.

     The media-notable example of these energies was the May 18 Facebook public offering stock offering.  The stellium in wealthy Taurus drew so much action. the trading system overloaded.  Investors moved in and out of the stock reflexively, even with wild abandon.  Fur flew!  In the end, the eclipse's blocking effect tipped over the stock.


    The Celestial Wheel didn't report on Facebook,  My excuses are that I truly dislike it as drivel and saw the Facebook stock offering as just another one percenter's speculation.  Certainly, however, if anyone on Wall Street had asked, I would have counseled no -- too much energy crammed into a wealth sign and the eclipse blocking.    

       What does the Facebook flop really mean -- to society?  It casts a harsh light on Second Gilded Age Greed that continues unabated.  It shows how vapid our culture has become in reducing the real meaning of  friend to just a cyberspace link. 

     In truth, to us individually and to business, Facebook Friends are not worth much of anything, even 900,000,000 of them.  Facebook is a fad degrading our personal associations and has so little capitalism value, the stock offering had to sink. 

     Well, eclipses do also reveal.

     I'm risking going so far afield, this VedicLeaks will end up lost in the weeds.  However, I can't resist a few more observations.  These could also reveal to stimulate critical thinking. 

     Similar to Facebook, slinkies and hula hoops were also fads.  But, they have proven enduring and valuable.  Slinkies have inspired generations of young people to pursue science and engineering -- still do.  The hula hoop has become an important performance art in many venues.  I saw a hula hooper at a drumming circle on the beach this winter.  She captured the crowd with her sinuous grace and oneness with her shimmering hoop.  The belly dancer nearby was rendered almost invisible.  Slinkies and hula hoops have become cultural icons.

     All this being said, Facebook is effective for organizing protests and non-profit ventures.  And it's useful for connecting with real friends at distance geographically and in time.  These qualities may become enduring and valuable, or not.  Facebook's stock failure should alert us that it's yet a fad, and may very well fade away, like the pet rock.  Facebook's cacophony is meaningless, distracting and degrades the quality of communications.  In fact, Facebook is the opposite of wordsmithing.  More apt is cyberspace farting



Stellium Development

        The Celestial Wheel discussed the stellium Taurus several times in May VedicLeaks entries.  May 12,  a Heads-up, kicked it off, stating,

     The issue now is that four planets are very weak at the edge of signs. This is called Sandhi, which means dead in Sanskrit. It is apt. They are: Venus, (love and joy), the Sun (self and soul) and the two big planets, Jupiter and Saturn, which enclose and steer the entire solar system. Like driving a car with only half the cylinders firing, nobody is going anywhere fast right now. Or think of this like a ship dead in the water with no wind. The energy lull will continue throughout May, and we have additionally the destabilizing annular solar eclipse May 20. That can be a major shock, since are four planets sidelined. Without power, it's very difficult to get out of the way when stuff comes at you.


     Then, only Venus and Ketu (the mystical/dissolving tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point) were in Taurus, and the Sandhi Sun and Jupiter were at the sign border -- getting ready to enter Taurus.  Mercury was behind but moving fast to catch up.  Here's the chart for May 12.  It was the lull before the storm.

May 12, 2012


     The stellium fully formed on May 20, eclipse day.  Jupiter, Venus, the Sun, Ketu and the Moon combined in Taurus then.  Two days later, the fast-moving Moon escaped to Gemini, but Mercury then came in -- maintaining the five planet intensity.  That stellium continues still, as shown above in the June 1 chart.

     Everything is intense, everywhere.  Tension is palpable and inescapable.  Coffee shop buzz is loud, neighbors are fretting over their jobs, cars careen through parking lots......  Wealth concerns are everywhere, from the E.U. plugging holes in the dike to a resurgence in panic about the U.S. deficit, to bad economic reports...

     The stellium will start to ease off on Monday, as Mercury goes into Gemini.  Still, there will be four planets in Taurus --  until the Sun makes it's Taurus escape June 15.  Then, a three planet stellium will remain in Taurus -- Jupiter, Venus and Ketu.  Unfortunately, this will continue until Venus finally exits at the end of July.  Still, gradually, this planetary intensity will wind down.  It's also true that because Ketu is the dissolving tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point, he moderates, or more accurately, shadows, wealth excess from wealthy Jupiter and Venus in wealthy Taurus.

     Remember, Ketu is soooo weird, it is impossible to predict what he may do, except that it won't be within our normal range of cognition.  Wealth issues are a natural focus, but so is over-indulgences.  There is one hint, however, for as Ketu is the past, he will bring up earlier experiences with wealth, and perhaps even old wealth suddenly asserting itself.  Just a guess.


An Unforeseen Stellium Impact

     An amazing, although horrific, stellium impact is extreme abuse that can even be depraved.  Here again is the chart for June 1, to which I've added three arrows showing aspects -- glances. 

     The first arrow shows the aspect (glance) from aggressive Mars to Rahu, which has brought scandals, some sexual.  This was discussed in the May 28 VedicLeaks entry.

     Second is an aspect from Saturn to Rahu in Scorpio, which brings victimizing.

     Third is the five-planet aspect from the stellium in Taurus to dangerous Scorpio.



     These aspects to Rahu in Scorpio result in eight planets out of nine influencing Scorpio.  Here are media reports fitting this karma, which, after I read several, stimulated search for the reason.

    First, Serpent-handling pastor profiled earlier in Washington Post dies from rattlesnake bite.  This certainly fits Rahu as the head-0f-the-dragon.  But it isn't that horrible.

     This is horrible, Cannibals In The News: Five Bizarre Acts Of Human Flesh Eating In One Week

     Then, there's this, Flesh-eating bacteria hospitalizes another victim: New S.C. mom

     While these have been personal harms, this toxicity can impact world affairs by harming leaders.  Here's one that could end a tyranny, Report: Chavez's cancer has 'entered the end stage'

     I've noticed people reporting illnesses with unusual toxicity this spring.  So, this is a very useful alert for you personally.  If you experience any adverse physical symptoms, get medical attention right away.

     Here's a caution:  You can see the Moon in the above June 1 chart in Libra, approaching Scorpio.  The Moon goes into Scorpio tomorrow and Monday.  That make nine out of nine planets influencing, or influenced by, Scorpio, the abyss.

     And from cyberspace, there's the new, and most toxic virus of all, Flame: world's most complex computer virus exposed.


Karma Has A Way Of Sorting Things Out

     In closing, here's a pic The Celestial Wheel editor Pipe-smoking Yoda sent from his undisclosed location in Steamboat Springs.  He's promised it's not Photoshopped.  Visit Yoda's blog under his latest nom de plume, BJØRN LANGSLOW.  Pipe-smoking Yoda is not a paranoid.  However, he does consider their golden rule, Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out go get me

     Somehow it's fitting for the information in this VedicLeaks.




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June 4, 2012


     The below was emailed to Subscribers yesterday at 1:45 PM.

Dear Subscribers,

I spent much of Friday and yesterday researching and composing the (above) June 2 VedicLeaks entry.  I've included the publication e-mail at the bottom of this message.

Unfortunately, I completely forgot night's partial lunar eclipse!  Thank you NASA's Space Weather for alerting me -- so that I can remind you. Well, this error is certainly evidential of how intense the planetary karmas are now.  The summer eclipse season was explained in the April 13 Vedicleaks -- should you wish to review.  It will be visible around the Pacific ocean rim, but since it's partial, and a weak partial at that, it won't be awe inspiring.

Similarly, it's astrological impact won't be major either -- will be so weak as to pass unnoticed, except perhaps for a pall over the lunar emotions... However, in combination with all the other intense planetary karmas carefully and methodically described in the June 2 VedicLeaks entry, even a small measure of eclipse instability can make the next few days tumultuous.  Remember the Arab saying about the straw and the camel.

There is also the impending transit of Venus across the Sun on Tuesday, June 5.  I missed that one too!  Well, this doesn't help calm the celestial seas either! Let's hope it passes quietly.  Because the Moon and Venus are the female planets, women will be more affected than men.

Let's hope the camel has a strong back :-)

PS Please don't blow this off -- ignore it.  Recall the April 1 Heads-up on upcoming disruptions, which ended with, I never panic, as longtime subscribers know well.  But, this is a toughie. Two days later, tornadoes in Texas were so violent, tractor trailers were thrown high into the air!



Zombie Apocalypse

     This adds two pretty funny media articles from The Daily Beast, about extreme abuse that can even be depraved.   Hmmmm..... maybe this isn't funny at all.

     Map: Signs of the Zombie Apocalypse? 

     11 Signs of the Zombie Apocalypse: ‘Miami Zombie’ & More (PHOTOS)



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June 10, 2012

The Planetary Whirlwinds Are Beginning To Calm

     The tremendous energy intensity signified by the planets is finally beginning to unwind.  The May 20 powerful solar eclipse in Scorpio date-matched the beginning of the five planet stellium in opposing Taurus.  There on June 4 was the partial lunar eclipse, followed the next day by Venus crossing the Sun.  Finally, Mars has been aspecting Rahu -- degraded aggression.

     None of these significations are particularly heavy, but taken together they add up to major karmic weight.  Thankfully, the heavyweight malefics -- Mars, Saturn and Rahu -- have not been players in conjunction, where they wreck havoc.  This resulted in harms being intense, but typically brief and impacting individuals more than nations.

    Yes, the flesh-eating bacteria issue and the depraved cannibalism instances were horrible, but these are harms to individuals.  And since the June 4 last entry, that karma is easing off, although it's not over yet, Copycat 'zombie attack': Miami homeless man high on 'Cloud 9' drug growls, tries to bite police officer, Police: Pastor Creflo Dollar choked, hit daughter and Drug-resistant gonorrhoea has spread across the world, say health officials.  Then, there's the mayhem, Several reportedly shot near Ala.’s Auburn U.

     Other individuals have experienced high toxicity illnesses, and I cautioned about these in the above June 2 entry, I've noticed people reporting illnesses with unusual toxicity this spring.   So, this is a very useful alert for you personally. If you experience any adverse physical symptoms, get medical attention right away.  That information has been very helpful in advising a client who had been contemplating, but not yet scheduled, removal of a growth that would tend to increase and inflame quickly.

     This Mars/Rahu toxicity has also brought some mental aberrations and psychological abuse.  Unfortunately, I didn't publish cautions about these.  I had two clients recently dealing with those karmas.  Fortunately, I saw the mental issue in the first case and cancelled that Vedic consultation.  I then shifted all my focus to the second, for I could help with abusive spousal behavior.  And while earth-shattering world events have not occurred, the media has been chocked full of abusive politics.  Obama and Romney have both been shot at with poisoned tipped barbs.

    Of all these recent planetary dispositions, the My 20 solar eclipse was the most powerful -- which was why it was discussed in detail in the May 18 VedicLeaks entry, which stated, The suggestion is a major battle between the selfish and the selfless over wealth, one side pursuing self interest and the other protecting others.  That is certainly accurate regarding Europe's financial crisis, Humbled Spain will receive up to $125 billion bailout.  Even Syria, where Assad has been increasingly abusive to his own people, but this has finally stimulated international condemnation, which can lead to resolution.

     Well, the eclipse season is over.  Venus is clear of the Sun.  The five planet stellium in Taurus is gradually breaking up.  Mercury escaped to Gemini June 5.  The Sun will follow June 16.  This easing off both reduces harms and also gives opportunity to resolves issue.

     However, like a cold front bringing storms begins to break up, it remains active.  Audacity and brash actions can backfire.    


What's Coming Up?

     Mars will be finishing his nine month reign of terror in Leo, the sign of kingship, June 21.  Mars has overstayed his welcome in Leo since he first arrived there the end of October, 2011.  This was last discussed in the May 28 Vedicleaks, which recited recent fires, watery storms and earth crust events.

     Saturn will end it's retrograde June 25 in Virgo, an earth sign.  Mars is actually a contributory karma to Saturn's form and structure and things under the earth significations that bring earth crust events when he changes direction.  

     I've spent some time considering these issues and will report more specifically on them in an upcoming VedicLeaks.

     One karma I just recently saw is that Jupiter is advancing upon mystical and dissolving Ketu in Taurus, while Venus retrograde is backing into Ketu.  Jupiter is the husband, and Venus is the wife.  For women, Ketu with Jupiter indicates the husband is unstable and/or out of balance with her.  For men, Ketu with Venus makes women unavailable emotionally and unsatisfying.  Men can feel let down, even abandoned. This karma is going on now and will increase to a peak at the end of this month.  It will sorely try relationships.  Wealth can be an accompanying issue.

     Ketu's influence on Jupiter can be good for perceiving large themes, but also can create illusions about wealth --all that shimmers is not gold.  Ketu's influence on Venus is negative for vehicles -- autos, planes and boats.  Overindulgence is an issue, especially in changing ones consciousness with mystical experiences, alcohol and heavy drugs.

     There's always stuff going on.  So, these predictions should be viewed as useful for protective forward thinking.  Traveling can be rough with the Mars' natural disasters, perhaps abetted by Saturn's earth crust events.  Working through relationship stresses will be a focus for many, and avoid overindulgences, for that can only increase conflicts and also is self destructive.

     What is important is Mars rampaging across Saturn in mid August and then attacking Rahu in early October  That's the conjunction energy, mentioned above that is so impactive.  I've written about this several times, most recently in the May 16 In-depth Forecast, Sorry, But It's Not Over Yet.  Just as recent strife has not been earth shattering  because, as stated above, none of the heavyweight malefics -- Mars, Saturn and Rahu -- were players in conjunction, They will be late this summer and early fall.  Be prepared.



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June 23, 2012

Catching Up

     The above June 10 entry has two sections:  The Planetary Whirlwinds Are Beginning To Calm and What's Coming Up?.

     Yes, the planetary whirlwinds have calmed to some degree.  The EU appears to be holding itself  together,  The May 28 VedicLeaks entry correctly predicted,

     While the economic slowdown that began April 15, when Jupiter could not longer keep the bubble inflating, the eclipse has revealed further holes in the dyke. Of course, Europe is a mess, with Greece teetering and everyone else trying to hold the EU and the EURO together. You know it's bad when Lloyds backs off, Lloyd's of London preparing for euro collapse. Yet, there's a protective quality to this eclipse, as explained in the above May 18 entry. Plus, while the planets have been dead in the water, the wealth planets Jupiter and Venus, are now stronger for having swum away from the eddies at the edges of Taurus into the current. This suggests efforts to stabilize the EU and the EURO will be successful, or at least avert disaster. One can't plug holes in the dykes forever, but there are still a couple of fingers left.


     I commented recently on this to The Celestial Wheel editor, Pipe-smoking Yoda, Too, I don't believe that large and extensive economic systems, like the EU, dies a quick death.  It's more like tightening the screws on the rack than the guillotine.     

     The Mideast is the other pot on the stove.  So far the Egyptian elections, the Syrian revolt and the Iran situation, although all heating up, have not yet boiled over.  And while Israel is now contemplating also attacking Syria, U.S. CONCERNED ISRAEL MAY LAUNCH ATTACKS ON SYRIAN WMD SITes, so far, it's just saber-rattling.

     Mars thankfully finished it's eight month reign of terror in Leo June 21 with lots of action in Leo's government signification, related wealth issues and also fires and water storms.  There's no need to cite references on forest fires, which continue to be historic in the U.S. West.  Water storms have also continued, although less intense, Tropical storm possible; downpours certain.  The Zombie phenomena was part of that, and that disturbing behavior stopped.  This today report is from an attack Friday, June 22, No bond for ex-principal charged in fatal rampage in Fla.

     It's hard to make a prediction about earth crust events for earth crust events signaled by form and structure Saturn ending it's retrograde June 25.  While Saturn's weak position at the edge of earth sign Virgo indicates tectonic plates weakness that could result in earthquakes and volcanos when Saturn reverses direction, this wrenching is not monumental.  The reason is Mercury, which rules Virgo, where Saturn sits, is weak but not afflicted.  Still, the U.S. chart is at risk now, and the morning of Tuesday, June 26 could bring one of more major shocks.  Then, the Moon hits a re-energized Mars. 

     There is the impending Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare due this weak, and there's enough turmoil in the U.S. chart to indicate a negative decision.  Again, Tuesday is the most sensitive.

     Too, we need to keep in mind that while the heavy economic hits don't come until mid August and again early October, the economy is not fairing well, and articles like this should give caution, Analysis: Grim prospects for Stockton as bankruptcy looms.



The Energy Is Just Weird

     The predominant energy right now is weirdness.  The media guides us in alerting to events and trends, which can then be related to the planetary karmas.  Generally, this process works.  During the past few days, however, nothing ties together. 

     This results from two sets of planetary energies.  First, Saturn and Mars are both weak.  As mentioned Saturn is at the Virgo sign edge and is getting reading to reverse directions.  That's not good for structure and organization. Mars leaving Leo is weak in changing signs.

     Second, the remnants of the stellium in Taurus of Jupiter, Ketu and Venus are becoming intense as Jupiter moving forward and Venus retrograde continue to close in on Ketu, the otherworldly tail of the dragon eclipse point.  I discussed this June 10 in regard to relationship being harmed.  It's also true that as the great benefics, Jupiter and Venus are eclipsed by Ketu.  Well, when Saturn and Mars, the major malefics, but also indicating power, are weak, and their benefic counterparts Jupiter and Venus are weak, the energy becomes just weird.

     Ketu's energy simply cannot be grasped by the Western mind.  Even for Indians, whose ancient culture is hard wired to Hinduisms' planetary symbolism, Ketu is confounding.  Here's a e-mail exchange with an American born client of Indian descent who has lived much of her life abroad,

Doug Riemer wrote,

Ketu is sometimes called the trickster.

And he is also said to relate to watch makers and plastic surgeons, which only an Eastern mind can begin to wrap itself around. Makes sense to me, but then my consciousness is always with the planets. Similarly precise and intuitive skill.

Just thought you may like to know that. :-)

The client replied,

I think you are getting more deep and intuitive...

Doug Riemer wrote,

You may have already gone here, but if not, consider how clocks and cosmetic surgery are both about time.

Yes, Ketu is that weird.


     Remember, Jupiter and Venus are both closing in on Ketu, and these three get close to exactly conjunction June 27 -- Wednesday.  This is uncomfortably close to Tuesday's sensitive date for the Moon crossing Mars.

     This coming week, then, portends heavy karmas hitting repeatedly.  However, again, these will be fairly minor, especially when compared to the main events in mid August and early October, when the malefic heavyweight Mars crosses suffering Saturn and calamitous Rahu. . 

     Keep a low profile.  Don't try to do or figure much out, for your energies are just as jumbled as the the global planetary weather.        



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