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August 18, 2008



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The Challenging Summer Of 2008

August 18, 2008


Catching Up With Summer 2008 Predictions

     This In-depth Forecast follows the two previous December 2007 In-depth Forecasts,  #72 Through The Second Gilded Age and #73 Predictions For The New Year

     It compares predictions made in May 2008 Short-subject Commentaries about the destructive summer transits -- Mars across Ketu* and Saturn and the solar eclipse** -- with actual results.  This predictions-check is helpful in guiding predictions for current and upcoming conditions in the U.S. and globally.  

     The analysis:

     A.  Updates the Spring-Summer Timeline to a Summer-Fall Timeline.

     B.  Recaps the predicted global predictions and results of the conjunctions of Mars with Ketu and then Mars with Saturn in June and July 2008.

     C.  Provides a predictions check for the August 1 solar eclipse

     D.  Matches May 23  and May 25 predictions on charts of countries and leaders for all three transits: the June and July Mars/Ketu, Mars/Saturn and the August 1 solar eclipse.

     E.  Summary & Conclusions


(*Ketu is one of the Moon's Nodes, which are the the eclipse points for the Sun and the Moon.  Rahu is the other Node. If you don't know about these planets, unique to Vedic Astrology, read this essay on this astrologer's professional website, Vedic Predictive Astrology)

(**A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is sandwiched between the Sun and the earth.  It is thereby actually a transit, which is defined as the positions of planets in current skies.)


A.  Updating The Spring-Summer Timeline to a Summer-Fall Timeline

     The April 25, 2008 Celestial Wheel first published a Spring-Summer Timeline, displaying graphically just-passed winter-spring transits and identifying two significant summer transits -- the June Mars/Ketu conjunction and July Mars/Saturn conjunction.

     On May 23, The Celestial Wheel added the August 1 total solar eclipse and published predictions for all three these transits on their global impacts.

    The Gauntlet was added July 25.  This describes the temporarily disruptive transits of Venus, Mercury and the Sun across Ketu and Saturn.  One may understand these as salt on a wound.  The Gauntlet, however, is not discussed in this forecast.

     This updated Timeline eliminates the spring months of April and May to focus exclusively upon the conjunctions of Mars with Ketu and Saturn, the solar eclipse and The Gauntlet. 


Summer-Fall Timeline



                                                  Solar Eclipse 8/1                                    

     111111111111111   111111111111111  111111111111111   11111111111111                         June                                      July                             August                           September              


                                                                 The Gauntlet                                  

    Mars conjunct Ketu      Mars conjunct Saturn



B.  Global Predictions & Results Of The Mars/Ketu and Mars/Saturn Conjunctions


Global Predictions

     The May global predictions for Mars crossing Ketu in June and then Saturn in July were summarized in the June 21 Celestial Wheel

May 2      

     Global Predictions  Put the pieces together -- overreaching stock investors, destructive competitiveness, violence in the U.S. and Iraq, another oil/gas price spike, a deepening grain crisis, the real estate debacle continuing -- all precipitated on or about June 13 (by Mars/ Ketu seething anger).  It is worthwhile mentioning that the Mars/Ketu conjunction occurs in the U.S. chart's eighth house of catastrophe.  Thereby, an event with global reach could occur in the U.S. 

May 14 

     Further Spring-Summer Global Karmas  The Mars/Saturn conjunction (July 6 -- 10) is a difficult combination in Leo.  However, an aspect from benefic Jupiter mitigates.  A follow-up tragedy to any mid June Mars/Ketu destruction is thereby unlikely.  The Jupiter/Mars/Saturn combination will more likely result in a contest for power over relief efforts botched by Mercury retrograde effects -- making the earlier disaster more disastrous. 

     It is entirely possible that more than one catastrophe results during the (Mars/Ketu) stress period (June 7 - 13), the event continues for several days or even recurs.  Too, for such a vicious conjunction as Mars/Ketu in Cancer, disturbances occur throughout the conjoined interval, not just at peak.


Results -- Mars/Ketu Conjunction

      The July 15 Celestial Wheel  verified two event(s) with global reach prediction for the June 7 to 13 Mars/Ketu conjunction,

     The first major destructive conjunction was Mars/Ketu's seething anger that peaked June 7 to 13 and brought two events with global reach.  As explained in the June 21 Celestial Wheel, two such events occurred:

    First, on Friday, June 6, the Israeli Transport Minister threatened to attack Iran, stimulating a record oil price jump of $11, which then caused stock markets to drop precipitously. 

     ...The second event with global reach has been the Midwest floods.  While the flooding alone has been disastrous, the larger harm is pushing up global grain prices.

     Notice oil and grain are added to the real estate debacle for harms to the three basic requirements for survival: fuel,  food, and shelter


     The predictions for overreaching stock investors, destructive competitiveness and another oil/gas price spike are born out in speculators driving up the price of oil 20% from $123 on June 6 to an amazing high of $148 on July 11.  Notice that June 6 is just one day before the peak conjunction begin date of June 7.  Doubtless grain prices have also been pushed up by speculators.  The predictions for violence in the U.S. and Iraq, however, came true in only a limited way -- the storms and flooding in the Midwest and continued warfare in Iraq.

     The drop in Iraq attacks does not mean that suicide bombers and all violent frictions between factions have stopped, though Bush and McCain would like us to believe that.  Iraq remains a dangerous place.   See the August 15 BBC article, Viewpoint: Living with Iraq's violence.


Results -- Mars/Saturn Conjunction

     The July 15 Celestial Wheel verified the prediction for the July 6 to 10 Mars/Saturn conjunction,

     The second destructive conjunction has been Mars/Saturn, which peaked July 6 to 10.  Due to a protective, yet weak aspect from Jupiter, the May 14 Celestial Wheel global prediction was,

     A follow-up tragedy to any mid June Mars/Ketu destruction is thereby unlikely.  The Jupiter/Mars/Saturn combination will more likely result in a contest for power over relief efforts botched by Mercury retrograde effects -- making the earlier disaster(s) more disastrous. 

     Opec met June 21, and here's the headline, Opec meeting unlikely to resolve oil crisis.  G8 (the worlds 8 richest countries) finished meeting July 9, and here's another telling headline, G8 Summit Ends with Pledges on Food, Oil and the Climate.  Unfortunately, pledges aren't action.  And, of course, the U.S. Congress and the Bush administration can't get anything truly productive done to salvage and restore the three survival basics -- food, fuel and shelter.

     Mars/Saturn harms peaked July 6 to 10, as stated above. In the U.S., the big headlines on Friday, July 11, were IndyMac Bank seized by federal regulators and Fannie, Freddie sink on government rescue fears.  Again, there aren't any real solutions coming from government -- just another piecemeal bailout, this time of Fannie and Freddie and everyone waiting for more tragedies -- Analysts say more U.S. banks will fail.  Gee, anyone can put a finger in a leaking dike, but truly, the entire dike needs repairs.

     The Mars/Saturn conjunction peak of July 6 to10 also relates to the above stated oil price escalation, $123 on June 6 to an amazing high of $148 on July 11.  That is, oil reached its high just one day after the conjunction energy peak.  

(Both Mars/Ketu peak dates and Mars/Saturn peak dates match with the oil price escalation -- just one day off on either end.  As this astrologer's first Vedic teacher, James Braha, liked to say, When astrology works, it really works!


C. Predictions Check For The August 1 Solar Eclipse

     Specific predictions for this solar eclipse were made in May, summarized in the June 21 Celestial Wheel and are analyzed in the following section, D as part of a comprehensive analysis of the three destructive transits.

     Eclipse events begin about two weeks before the astronomical event and continue for a week following.  Below is a listing of events relating to this powerful total solar eclipse. (Dates in blue are U.S. events.)  As acknowledged in previous prediction-checks, there's always a lot going on in the world, making verifications difficult.  Too, in this case, the specific predictions are about nations and leaders, detailed below.  Still, just the number and consequential quality of these events gives a potent proof.  Also, note the two bolded events on August 1 -- unarguably eclipse effects -- just as the Bigfoot hoax this past Friday relates to the lunar eclipse that day.


Pre-eclipse Events

7/23  Spill Forces Ships to Anchor -- Long Stretch of Mississippi closed for Attempted Oil Cleanup

7/25  The global economy is at the point of maximum danger

7/25  Another terror attack on India

7/29  Ted Stevens indicted, longest-serving GOP senator

7/29  Acts of War  (Iran violence)

7/29  Warmongering Loses Ground in Washington   (Cheney loses dominance)

7/29  Strong quake shakes Southern California

7/29  Four Women Kill Dozens In Suicide Blasts in Iraq

7/30  Who was the Puppetmaster pulling Monica Goodling.... (Justice Department hiring scandal)

7/31  Olmert Declares Intent to Step Down  


Eclipse-day Events

8/1  Israel's Political Vacuum

8/1  FDIC warns four US banks over liquidity

8/1  Iran Heads Toward Nuclear `Breakthrough,' Israel Says

8/1  Obama would consider off-shore drilling as part of comprehensive energy plan

8/1  US anthrax suspect commits suicide

8/1  House Dems turn out the lights but GOP keeps talking   Bizarre Scene on the House Floor 

8/1  GM posts $15.4 billion 2nd quarter loss

8/1  Small Florida bank is 8th U.S. failure this year


Post-eclipse Events

8/3  Tropical Storm 5 Forms in Gulf  (Edouard)

8/3  Stampede kills 145 Hindu worshippers in India

8/4  Elections Bill in Iraq Stalls On Kirkuk  (truck bombing)

8/4  Rescuers reach Italian after 11 die on K2

8/4  Chinese border assault kills 16

8/5  3 Tornadoes Confirmed In Monday Night Storms

8/5  'Way Of The World' Sees fabricated Case For War  (Suskind book, U.S. planted WMD letter)

8/5  UPDATE 4- Tropical Storm Edouard hits Texas coast


D.   Summary Predictions & Results On Nations & Leaders Charts For All 3 Transits

     Predictions were made on May 23  and May 25 for the U.S., Bush, Cheney and four Mideast countries -- Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel.  These predictions were summarized in the June 21 Celestial Wheel and reprinted here. 


U.S. Chart Predictions

     Taking all these influences together, a major (Mars/Ketu) physical violence in the U.S. is not indicated (excepting fires), but financial markets and the economy (gas and grain prices and the real estate market) could violently respond to a calamity elsewhere on this interconnected globe. ... The suggestion here is for an exaggerated emotional reaction which fails to curb the economic crisis. ... The total solar eclipse, however, is within a degree of Rahu -- the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  Then, the U.S. Dasas will be Moon/Sun/Rahu/Mars.  This is certainly negative and could signal a confidence collapse, revealing secreted government, private skullduggery, or a major physical disaster -- like a hurricane.



     The Mars/Ketu and Mars/Saturn impacts discussed above in B Global Predictions explained that the Midwest flooding ratcheted up grain prices -- an event with global reach.  The oil escalation from June 6 to July 11 was also discussed in section B.  The real estate markets certainly continued to weaken, with pressures on homeowners and financial institutions bringing tremendous loses.  No article citations are needed for these commonly known issues.

     Whether there was an exaggerated emotional reaction which fails to curb the economic crisis is a judgment call.  But certainly the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, the FDIC and other regulators, as well as Congress, have jumped all over the housing issue without a plan to band-aid failing financial institutions.  Certainly too, there's been no action to relieve high grain costs, which are pushing up food costs.  As concerns oil, the U.S. is stymied, and tremendously frustrated as well. 

     As regards the August 1 solar eclipse harms to the U.S. chart, the July 21 Celestial Wheel further specified a hurricane harming oil and gas, Gulf oil platforms and Houston refineries are naturally of greatest concern.  An August 3 email notice to subscribers warned of a tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico headed toward Texas, Tropical Storm 5 Forms in Gulf.  It strengthened into tropical storm Edouard, which made landfall in Galveston August 5 and crossed over Houston --  Edouard hits Texas coast.  As stated in this article, The U.S. really dodged a bullet. -- and a disaster prediction too.  This makes sense, for as stated in the July 21 Celestial Wheel, the U.S. chart's Dasas (planetary cycles) on August 1 will be: Moon/Sun/Rahu/Mars/Saturn.  This is a dangerous combination for the eclipse.  However, the Dasas changed to Moon/Sun/Jupiter* on August 2, and Jupiter is highly protective in this chart. 

     There wasn't the predicted confidence collapse, and this too responds to the U.S. chart's Dasas (planetary cycles) changing to Moon/Sun/Jupiter* on August 2.

     Still, these serious predictions should not be ignored, for eclipse effects continue for at least several months, and the U.S. chart was hit very hard.  Already there is more hurricane activity, and the financial markets remain at the precipice edge, Breaking up big banks questioned as losses mount.

     The secreted government, private skullduggery part of the prediction did bear up, twice.  The July 30 article, Who was the Puppetmaster pulling Monica Goodling.... reveals new heat about the Justice Department hiring scandal.  Also, the August 5 article, 'Way Of The World' Sees fabricated Case For War, explains that Ron Suskind's new book describes how the White House arranged for a fake letter claiming WMD in Iraq.


(*For those astrologers -- Western and Vedic -- who use the U.S. chart, this time-sensitive Dasa change validates again the 6:17 PM birthtime for the country's birth on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia.)



G.W. Bush Predictions

(1)  Bush becomes even more incapable of thinking and speaking rationally.  As the prediction for Mars/Ketu U.S. economic violence comes true, Bush will fail to respond effectively to stop, or even contain losses. (2)  Bush may suffer the long predicted nervous breakdown. (3)   Third house ruler Mercury's close associates and eleventh house ruler Venus' friends are injured.  Finally, the August 1 total solar eclipse at 15 1/2 degrees Cancer will be just one degree from Bush's mentally unstable Mercury, and less than two degrees from his Ascendant -- the point in the first house indicating the self and body.  Another U.S. violence... could be Bush's end, especially since he may not have Cheney's brilliance to guide and support him.  Taking this all together, these summer transit conjunctions and the solar eclipse will throw the U.S. into a downward spiral, and G.W. Bush will be powerless to intercede.  Bush may even suffer further and significant mental degradation, or physical harm, which could not be hidden from the public.



     The prediction, about the June Mars/Ketu events of global reach, that Bush will fail to respond effectively to stop, or even contain losses is accurate.  Energy and food prices skyrocketed, and everything associated with real estate is being wrecked.  Too, Bush has been unable to influence his great friends, Putin of Russia and Musarraf of Pakistan.  Putin pushed into Georgia with impunity, and Musarraf resigned today, Musharraf Resigns As President.

     The corollary prediction about the overall impacts, ...these summer transit conjunctions and the solar eclipse will throw the U.S. into a downward spiral, and G.W. Bush will be powerless to intercede is also accurate.  Real estate, food and energy prices continue to worsen, and these are dragging down the entire economy.

     The is yet evidence of Bush's nervous breakdown or illness, but certainly his mentality continues to weaken.  These issues are either being kept secret (like Reagan's Alzheimer's), or they haven't become severe enough to manifest. 

     The 7/29 Warmongering Loses Ground in Washington is both about Cheney losing dominance and Bush caving into pressures to cast aside the preventative war doctrine.  This is not mental flexibility on Bush's part but rather revealing his mental weakness compared with truly powerful advisors.  Puppets don't have brains.

     Bush's close associates being injured can be seen in,


     7/29  Ted Stevens indicted, longest-serving GOP senator

     7/30  Who was the Puppetmaster pulling Monica Goodling.... (Justice Department hiring scandal)

     8/5  'Way Of The World' Sees fabricated Case For War  (Suskind book, U.S. planted WMD letter)



Cheney Predictions

     The Mars/Ketu conjunction at 26 degrees Cancer doesn't hit any planets but occurs in Cheney's twelfth house of loss and hospitalization. The conjunction also aspects his cardiac Sun in the sixth house of illness. The July 6 - 10 Mars/Saturn conjunction at 11 degrees Leo will be even more harmful, for Cheney will then have entered his vulnerable Sun Dasa.  Too this conjunction is within two degrees of Cheney's Ascendant point (the body).  Finally, the August 1 total solar eclipse at 15 1/2 degrees Cancer will be in Cheney's twelfth house of hospitalization and almost exactly opposite his vulnerable Sun. These influences combine to at least incapacitate Cheney and possibly even send him to the great silver Airstream in the sky.



     Cheney hasn't suffered further cardiac issues, as far as we know.  The Sun, however, also symbolizes the self, career and reputation.  Again citing this the 7/29 Warmongering Loses Ground in Washington, Cheney has been pushed aside, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates are maneuvering together to remove any idea of preventative war.   Thus, in another way, Cheney has become incapacitated.

     What's interesting is that this power shift occurred just Cheney finished his powerful twenty year Venus Dasa July 5, to then enter his weak six year Sun Dasa.  Condoleeza Rice finished her weak seven year Ketu Dasa in late March 2007 to begin her much stronger Venus Dasa.  So, as soon as Cheney weakened in his new Sun Dasa, Rice replaced him.  (Robert Gates' chart is not known.) 


Iraq Predictions

     During June's Mars/Ketu conjunction, the current violence lull will not last.  Next, the Mars/Saturn conjunction in the first house will stimulate struggles for power in government with religious overtones. The Sun brings opportunities for government but unfortunately, these are constrained by authoritarian and deceptive friends -- the U.S., Iran and perhaps others.



     The issue of Iraq violence was discussed in section B above.  Consider too this article, 7/29  Four Women Kill Dozens In Suicide Blasts in Iraq.

     The government problems prediction is accurate, but like violence, under-reported in the media.  Note the Post-eclipse event, 8/4 Elections Bill in Iraq Stalls On Kirkuk  (truck bombing).  While the administration and the media give this scant attention, the Iraq government remains dysfunctional, and U.S. pressures have not improved the situation.  In fact, the U.S. and Iraq cannot even complete a new security agreement, US-Iraq bases talks continue



Iran Predictions

     These planetary dispositions indicate violence, losses and a breaking of relationships this summer.  However, the threat of major attack -- by the U.S. and/or Israel -- has largely evaporated, for the Iraq chart changed Dasas this past February from a dangerous 7 year Ketu cycle to Venus -- a wonderfully benefic and advantageous twenty year planetary cycle. 



     This 7/29 Acts of War article reveals covert U.S. activity in Iran, The CIA today provides material support to the actions of the MEK inside Iran. The recent spate of explosions in Iran, including a particularly devastating "accident" involving a military convoy transporting ammunition in downtown Tehran, appears to be linked to an MEK operation. See also, Iran busts CIA terror network.

     The prediction Iran will not be attacked is holding true.  The 7/29 Warmongering Loses Ground in Washington article makes it clear the U.S. won't attack Iran.  Cheney has been de-fanged.  This 7/31 article  Olmert Declares Intent to Step Down shows the government lacks the power to attack Iran and Polls show Livni with an advantage in the primary. If she were to replace Olmert, she would become the second female prime minister in Israeli history, after Golda Meir.  Yet, this 8/1 article, Iran Heads Toward Nuclear `Breakthrough,' Israel Says, explains the other candidate for prime minister, Shaul Mofaz, is still beating the war drum. 



Saudi Arabia Predictions

     These placements again indicate discord. The suggestion here is for Saudi Arabia to begin to lose its preeminence in oil and consequent Mideast dominance this summer. 



     There has been little press about secretive Saudi Arabia.  Yet, this country failed to stabilize oil prices during the past year by increasing drilling -- as it did many times in the past -- whether through lack of oil or political power.


Israel Predictions

     Mars/Ketu occurs in the tenth house of career quite close to Saturn.  The solar eclipse will also be in the tenth house, just five degrees from the Moon.  Mars/Saturn conjunction will be in the eleventh house of friends and groups, again in proximity to a planet -- in this case warrior Mars.  (These combine to indicate aggressive discord harming Israel's reputation and associations.)  Consequently, the government has been under pressure -- Pressure grows on Olmert to step aside.  Not coincidentally, this latest pressure comes from Foreign Minister Tzipi Livn, a woman.  The June 2004, Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Israel, showed this chart is matriarchal, suggesting better results from a woman prime minister.  This could result from this summer's conjunctions, and the upcoming Moon/Jupiter Dasa would make it successful.


    This 7/31 Olmert Declare Intent to Step Down  article was referenced about Iran not being attacked.  Obviously it also relates to this correct prediction for a woman prime minister, Polls show Livni with an advantage in the primary. If she were to replace Olmert, she would become the second female prime minister in Israeli history, after Golda MeirWhile tough, Livni is not the pro Iran war candidate.


E.  Summary & Conclusions

     The above analysis is clearly extensive.  It took a week to compose, and readers will need some time to digest the information.  

     This astrologer will complete the Summary & Conclusions within the next several days.  The two basic issues are the U.S. and global economy and in what direction the Mideast is headed. 

     As regards the latter, crux of the issue was expressed in the May 31 Celestial Wheel,

     Here's the first glint of Mideast culmination.  It now appears the U.S. invasion of Iraq, rather than bringing the intended peaceful democracy to the region (to secure long term cheap Ketu oil), is spawning instead a collective Mideast unity.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend. is, after all, an Arab proverb.  See, As Bush's Neoceonservative Approach Crumbles, Allies Step Into the Breach.  This summer's planetary stresses will advance this still nascent movement, for oil is both the centerpiece of current global concern and a primary influence in the Mars/Ketu conjunction.


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