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  March 1 -- 31, 2012



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March 4, 2012


     The recent tornado rampage across the Midwest results from the U.S. Vedic chart running very difficult Dasas -- planetary cycles.  The February 9 Vedicleaks addressed that issue,

     While the tornadoes were not anticipated, they do give us a heads-up for damaging events for the next month.  As the Dasas are the underlying karma, and transits the secondary karma, we can readily see how the U.S. Dasas of Mars/Saturn/Rahu from February 7 to April 7 are destructive.

    In the below U.S. Vedic chart, the transiting planets are shown in dark blue.  Transit Mars in the ninth house (wealth) aspects (throws glances) to head-of-the-dragon transit Rahu in the 12th house of loss, transit Sun (wealth and self) and birth chart Moon (home) in the third house of desires and transit Mercury fallen in the fourth house of the home.

     Transit Mars (violence) thereby causes loss of wealth -- ninth house, Sun and the twelfth house -- and brings storms damaging the home -- Moon and the fourth house.  Tornadoes in South, Midwest kill more than three dozen.  Another downside risk area is real estate, for again the Moon (home) and the fourth house of the home.

     We should expect further such Mars destructions until April 7, when the challenging Dasa planets of Mars/Saturn/Rahu yield to Mars/Saturn/Jupiter - for Jupiter is naturally protective.


Mercury In It's Fallen Sign Of  Pisces

     As also shown above, Mars is aspecting Mercury in its fallen -- weakest -- sign of Pisces.  Unfortunately, Mars will continue to cast this aspect to Pisces until late June when he finally leaves Leo.  And also unfortunately, an upcoming Mercury retrograde March 12 to April 4 keeps Mercury in Pisces until May 5.

     So, Mercury is hit really hard by Mars through the tough Mars/Saturn/Rahu until April 7.  But, Mercury continues to be Mars-attacked for another month, until May 5.

     Mercury's native significations are for the calculating mind and communications of all kinds and physically the nervous system, skin and respiratory system.   Aggressive Mars pushes the weakened Mercury mind too fast, causing anger, heightened aggression and selfish competitiveness -- but also hasty calculations and regrettable actions.  As Mars is machinery, expect problems with computers and equipment in general.  Mars' signification for infections and hot illnesses brings these ills to the nervous system, skin and respiration.  Those with asthma and other respiratory illnesses may suffer more, and spring allergies will be aggravated.  With Mercury's nervous system weak in Pisces and attacked by Mars, people feel overly sensitive, nervous, accident prone and foolish.

     For the U.S. chart, Mercury is a business planet for being communications and ruling the seventh house of the social nature and the tenth house of career and government officials.  When Mercury and Mars are conjoined in a birth chart Mars' significations and selfishness and logic result in lawyers and politicians, but also related liars and thieves.  It's easy to deduce that corporations will be especially devilish now and government officials act to serve selfish and intolerant agendas, not the public welfare.  See, 3 Mega-Banks Screwing You With Sneaky Fees -- Again.  We should also expect governments to be even more extreme, even bizarre, 30 arrested as hundreds protest ultrasound-abortion bill at State Capitol, and  Notice this article speaks to both the regressive and extreme Republican agenda against women's reproductive rights and also rising public protests.  The Celestial Wheel has repeatedly predicted escalating public protests this winter and spring.  Thereby, the hard right's actions give both impetus and opportunity to public protests.  Of course, the Republican presidential candidates will also veer even further from the center path in their Tea Party inspired and enforced libertarian platforms.

     Mercury went into Pisces at the end of February, and we can already see the fruits of his afflicted actions in truly nutty stuff.  Here are a few,  Courtney Stodden Proves Her Breasts Are Real, Anti-Occupy Movement Rallies Against ‘Obama's War on Nature’ and, the incredible Limbaugh apologizes to law student for insult on sex, says he intended no personal attack.  This last is notable for both the insult and the crafty (lying) apology, which truly is no apology at all but a dissembling public relations ploy. 

     Too see how absurd, ridiculous, mad hatter this Mercury is, the last time Mercury went retrograde in Pisces was March 20, 2005.  (Clockwork Orange is a more contemporary analogy.)  That was when the nation went into a frenzy to save the life of Terri Shiavo, who had been in a vegetative state for years, resulting in Congress passing a special bill to prevent her feeding tube from being removed.  VedicLeaks (then Short-subject Commentaries, posted the this on March 21, 2005,

Certainly, Congress' convulsing over the Terri Shiavo case as a life issue to pass a law specific one person is a manifestation of these planetary energies.

Thus, G.W. Bush flies back from Texas to D.C. to sign this bizarre Congressional bill into law.


     Did Rush Limbaugh, a bell weather for absurd conservative hate politics, weigh in on this 2005 craziness too?  Of course.  He couldn't resist, Rush Limbaugh on Terri Schiavo's Death,

"It is plain as day what happened here. The United States government ordered the starvation of an innocent citizen who was not dying. ... Having now gotten their wish in having Terri Schiavo put to death by court order, the American left is now free to turn their attention to saving Scott Peterson from the same fate, which will no doubt happen. ... The US judiciary forced the killing of an innocent American by virtue of torture, two weeks of starvation and dehydration, and resisted all efforts that were within the realm of the legal system to just take one more look at it, to save her life. It's just incredible that it has happened."


    Although Mars violences and Mercury weirdnesses can command the news, it's important to keep in mind that Jupiter remains strong, and his higher mind religion, philosophy, judgment and wisdom can be used to deflect and confront extremism that may appear to be beyond belief and thereby does not touch out lives -- but it does, if we allow it.  Beyond staying on the high and dry road of sanity, Jupiter can help us advance our goals through his wisdom and good fortune -- continuing the all-important changing out old square pegs to fit into new round holes.


There's Always More Multiple Planetary Influences

     This VedicLeaks is also an object lesson that life is complex.  It's not and never a simple two dimensional image.  In fact, life is even much more than a three dimensional object.  Time brings in a fourth dimension of constantly shifting influences combining and recombining in new ways -- but that so often are just repetitions that occur to remind us, even demand from us, change  He who forgets the past is condemned to repeat it. At the same time, however, it isn't wise to drive your car forward by looking into the rear view mirror.




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March 11, 2012

More Storms/Violences Coming

     The above March 4 entry opened with a section titled Tornados, stating,

While the tornadoes were not anticipated, they do give us a heads-up for damaging events for the next month.  As the Dasas are the underlying karma, and transits the secondary karma, we can readily see how the U.S. Dasas of Mars/Saturn/Rahu from February 7 to April 7 are destructive.

     Wealth issues and real estate were also predicted.  A chart was included showing transit Mars' harms.

     This coming week appears difficult.  On Tuesday, Mars will exactly aspect (glance upon) Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point in the U.S. chart's twelfth house of loss.  Mars will also continue to aspect the Sun and throw another close aspect to Mercury that day.  Mercury is communications in general, but in the U.S. chart, it is very dangerous for being placed in the eighth house of catastrophe.  Unexpected and extreme violences are indicated.  Tuesday in the mid afternoon is the most dangerous.  Of course, with the Mideast over half day ahead, violences there can happen late Monday or very early Tuesday morning.  Non astrology types eyes are likely already glazing over, but everyone can understand the concept that it's best to lay low on Tuesday.


Mercury Turns Retrograde Tomorrow

     Mercury will turn retrograde tomorrow about 4 AM EDT.  Already weak in his fallen sign of Pisces, retrograde will further restrict Mercury.  Further, the violent Mars aspect to this weakened Mercury will be definitive -- like the Starship Enterprise being attacked with its shields down.

     This naturally ties into the Tuesday concern discussed in the above section.

     The March 4 entry discussed some early weak Mercury issues, notably the Rush Limbaugh scandal, which has continued in both discourse and in advertisers fleeing.  First it was a trickle, which has grown to 50, Rush Limbaugh's Show Filled With Free Ads; Sponsor Exodus Continues.  The word Exodus is interesting here in being so biblical for this Christian Conservative.  While this is not definitive, Limbaugh's Vedic chart suggests his problems will escalate, and again, Tuesday is a very bad day for him.

     Other wild and crazy stuff relating to Mercury being the nervous system has also already occurred, Flight attendant on plane rants about crashing and US soldier kills Afghan civilians in Kandahar.  There is also this weirdness, Invisible Children’s ‘Kony 2012’ video goes viral — but what does this mean?  Alternet has an answer in Invisible Children "Kony 2012" Leader Suggests It's About Jesus and Evangelizing.

     Recall Mercury's retrogrades last three weeks.  So, he (actually it, since Mercury is sexless) will be retrograde until April 4.  As always, use care in business and other communications, and avoid making major deals or purchases.

     Mercury's communications signification, afflicted by Mars' machinery, indicates issues with all kinds of equipment.  The Celestial Wheel has noticed previously that solar flares add further destructive karma. The recent solar flare that hit the earth Thursday was reported to have done little damage.  However, when I tried to purchase a YMCA membership on Thursday, their computer system was down.  And Friday morning early at the grocery store a large freezer unit was broken.  You may have had similar experiences, finding minor issues that didn't make the news.  Certainly computers and the web are vulnerable, as are cell phones...  There is a new storm that sent a flare due to hit tonight -- Sunday -- Solar Flares 2012: Another Storm Coming.  However, the entire week is risky, Planet Earth will remain in the bull's-eye until that giant, solar storm-spawning sunspot known as AR 1429 rotates out of view sometime next week.


Greek Debt Default

    While the above topics are of immediate and personal interest, recall that Jupiter (wealth) continues to be strong and favorable.  The world gave a heavy sigh of relief to learn on Thursday, Greek debt write-down: The era of risk-free government bonds nears its end.  This was simply the right thing to do, and in the end reason won out, Private Investors Said to Agree to Swap About 85% of Greek Debt.

     This shouldn't be sugarcoated, however, for its a default on Greece's national debit, a huge $177 billion -- the largest in history. Investors lose 2/3, In the exchange, investors will receive new bonds with a face value of 31.5 percent.  These losses hit, Greece’s largest banks, most of the country’s pension funds and more than 30 European banks.  The frequently used terms write-down and credit event are disingenuous.  This is not a big deal, but a momentous one.

     Let's see how the deal survives through this Mercury retrograde, and also whether it is the first domino to fall, Greek credit-default swap causes concern over other EU bonds.  Because Jupiter continues to buoy up both objective and subjective realities, further sovereign deb defaults may be held off until the late summer crunch described in February 20 In-depth Forecast, The Economy And Oil.


Venus Joins Jupiter

     Venus is fast closing on on Jupiter in the western sky, a true close encounter of the two brightest objects in the sky, after the Moon, of course.  Astrologically, art, happiness and humanitarianism are favored.  Overindulgence can be an issue, however.  Don't forget to look up! 

     If the above seems confusing in any way, it's because there's simply a lot going on now after a pretty calm winter so far.  It is important to value, even cherish, the bounty of  Venus and Jupiter joining, for it fills the heart and soul with joy.  As The Celestial Wheel is founded on the belief there is order in the universe, perhaps the Venus/Jupiter conjunction is God's way of  lifting our spirits during an otherwise turbulent and sometimes frightening interval.



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March 17, 2012

Heads-up Danger Ahead

     The below was emailed directly to Subscribers at 1:50 PM,

Danger Ahead

Something markedly violent, in an odious way, should happen today or tomorrow, and if not then, certainly Monday.   Of course, multiple events could occur these next few days.

Notice in the below listing of planetary transit positions, followed by the transit wheel of the U.S. Vedic chart -- that transit Mars is now at 14:27 and transit Rahu at 14:01.  Mars throws an aspect (glance) 4 houses away to Rahu.  This 4th house aspect relates to the meaning of the 4th house -- emotions, property, devotion, mother, the past... Both are planets retrograde, but Mars moves much more quickly -- 9 times as fast as Rahu.

Mars has been approaching Rahu all week, which is why I wrote in the last (above) VedicLeaks, This coming week appears difficult.

Mars is closing in now on Rahu.  That aspect will be exact Monday at 1 PM.  Then, Mars will also be aspecting the all-important Moon, and Monday is the Moon's day.  Too, Mars continues to aspect the Sun and Mercury. These additional karmas confirm the harm.

While an approaching aspect can trigger the karma anytime, Monday brings the greatest risk.


planetary transit positions


transit wheel of the U.S. Vedic chart

Again, keep in mind, events in the Mideast occur over one half day earlier than ET, and there is always some delay in media reporting.

Too, as transits are current planetary positions, and thereby describe global planetary weather, everyone, everywhere can be affected.  Please be circumspect in your activities.  Karmic dodge ball works.



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March 19, 2012

More severe weather on the way

I believe this results from the all-important Moon, which is the home and also kapha -- watery -- being under Mars' glare through Friday.   It's like a snowball rolling down a mountain getting larger and larger.

Weather Underground reports,

There have been lots of other mishaps in the U.S. and abroad, and these will be analyzed in a Prediction Check.

But right now, it's the extreme weather that commands our attention.




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March 22, 2012

Predictions Check -- March Madness

     The term, March Madness is used to describe the often frenzied college basketball tournament this month.  It's even more fitting for this tremendously difficult Mercury retrograde March 10 to April 4.  Remember too that wise and ethical Jupiter is in his most potent position, which stimulates for progress resulting from turmoil.  Too, as Jupiter is protective, most of the natural disasters did not kill people.   

     While there's always drama in the news, for that's how he media makes its money, these last 10 days appears to be an uptick.  Just considering the number of significant reportings, 34, suggests an unusually high activity level.  Too, with all this stuff, it's difficult to sort through the news articles to find groupings of events.

     Events fall into three categories:  extremists who topple over, major political/economic actions and natural disasters.  Below are links for each.  The dates are for publication, not the events.  As the groups are judgments, so are the placement choices.  Read these with a critical mind and don't hesitate to send your observations and personal experiences -- email  See two previously sent Subscriber comments at the end of this entry.


Extremists Who Topple Over

3/14  Lindsay Lohan Car Accident: Actress Hits Man With Her Porsche  (couldn't resist including this)

3/17  Former 'tea party' spokesman arrested on kidnapping, rape charges

3/18  Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell hospitalized after public breakdown and New Jason Russell Video -- UP-CLOSE Naked Meltdown -- Kony 2012

3/18  5 wounded in Indianapolis gunfire, 2 critically

3/19  Rabbi, three children shot dead outside Jewish school in France


3/20  Report: Texas state senator’s office firebombed

3/20  FAU student threatens to kill professor and classmates

3/21  NYPD Says OWS Dumped Feces & Urine In ATM Vestibule And Down Stairs

3/21 Abortion foes do live ultrasounds in Idaho Capitol

3/22  'Suicide attack bid' on US Defence


Major Political/economic Actions

3/12  Justice Department bars Texas voter ID law

3/12  60,000 People Protest Gov. Scott Walker

3/16  George Clooney arrested in D.C. outside Sudan embassy

3/16  Occupy Rages Against Bank of America as 6-Month Anniversary Celebration Kicks Off

3/18  London, Ont. police turn to social media to find rioters

3/18  Dozens arrested at Occupy's 6-month anniversary rally

3/19  Mexican policemen killed after beheadings

3/20  Dozens killed in attacks across Iraq ahead of Arab League summit

3/21  China's Coup Jitters -- Chinese citizens understand their government is not as stable as it claims.

3/21  Chinese Coup Rumors Run Wild Online, Then Disappear




Natural Disasters

3/14  Swiss bus crash kills 28, including 22 children

3/14  Power restoration continues after transformer fire

3/14  Death Toll From Bangladesh Ferry Accident Rises to 105

3/14  Magnitude 6.1 quake jolts eastern Japan, no tsunami warning

3/16  Tornado slams Michigan homes, spares lives

3/18  Severe Storm, Heavy Rain Threats for Plains States

3/19  Fire, Explosions Rock North Chicago

3/19  Dexter tornado update: Officials say more than 200 homes damaged, 20 destroyed

3/19  Tornadoes strike Nebraska, flipping tractor-trailer and rail cars

3/19  Norway avalanche kills five foreign tourists

3/20  Strong Mexico earthquake sends people fleeing into streets

3/20  6.2-magnitude earthquake hits Indonesia

3/21  Tornado alerts follow flooding in southern states


What Does This All Mean?

     The world is in transition, with economic gains that won't hold and popular protests ramping up.  This busy interval will end with some significant social, political and economic changes -- advances toward regaining shared democratic values.  Tracking these, then, is the value of this VedicLeaks entry.


Subscriber Personal Experiences

3/17 Thanks for the heads up.  We in AZ are being told that we should be expecting a big storm starting tomorrow. An inch of rain, and snow in the mountains.  Already all of my electronics are behaving badly :(. s. 

3/20  Aloha Doug,  Here, we are just drying out from 40" in 3 days in my area and I have observation of a natural waterway, up close and personal.  In the house, the kitchen faucet had emergency leak, requiring full replacement. Outdoor shower head broke off and the tub is still leaking! Is all this water about the moon ?




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March 26, 2012

And The Beat Goes On

     This very tough Mercury retrograde continues until April 4, when Mercury turns to go forward.


Subscriber Experiences

     The above March 22 entry included two subscriber experiences.  Here are two more.  The first, asked, Is my comment suitable?  I don't know.  They might think you are making stuff up :)  My response, No, you're actually a poster girl for this weird Mercury retrograde!

But here is what is happening.  My dad celebrated his 90th birthday on the 12th in the hospital.  He went back home last week, and today the veteran's home said they were calling hospice in for him.  On Tuesday I took one of the cats to the Vet.  I have had her for 14 years.  I thought they were going to just give her medicine.  Only they said it was time for euthanasia.  So she was put to sleep.  My other cat I have also had 14 years is not well, but I am working with him.  Next, yesterday the touch pad, on my Mac broke 2nd time in a month.  So it it back in the shop.  I know several people who have family members in the hospital of have died.  It is a little strange.  K.M., Florida.

     By telephone from the Phoenix airport, Subscriber P.F advised

I went to Phoenix to catch a plane to Mexico for treatment of a chronic ear infection.  I met an old beau at my daughter's home last evening.  It was a sad meeting, as his illness has progressed, and I believe he traveled from Colorado to his Phoenix home to spend a little time with me.  We ordered in salads, and while eating, his cell phone beeped.  Later he checked to find a text message -- his granddaughter had attempted suicide. 

     This retrograde and fallen Mercury is in Pisces, the twelfth house in the natural zodiac beginning with Aries.  The natural zodiac brings an additional karma to all charts.  It's global planetary weather.  Using this zodiac, Pisces is the twelfth house of loss and final liberation, and Mercury rules the third house of the right ear and the sixth house of illness and pets.  Well, this certainly fits with these experiences.  Recall in the above March 4 entry discussed the last time Mercury went retrograde in Pisces was when the Terri Shiavo saga occurred,

Too see how absurd, ridiculous, mad-hatter this Mercury is, the last time Mercury went retrograde in Pisces was March 20, 2005.  (Clockwork Orange is a more contemporary analogy.)  That was when the nation went into a frenzy to save the life of Terri Shiavo, who had been in a vegetative state for years, resulting in Congress passing a special bill to prevent her feeding tube from being removed.  VedicLeaks (then Short-subject Commentaries, posted the this on March 21, 2005,

     Shiavo's feeding tube was finally removed March 18, and she passed on March 31.



Dick Cheney

    In Cheney's chart, Pisces is the eighth house of chronic illness and calamity.  He had a heart transplant this past Saturday, he waited longer than average as well -- 20 months vs six months to a year.  His planetary cycles March 21 to 28 are Sun/Saturn/Jupiter/Mercury.  Beyond the Mercury affliction, Saturn causes Cheney's heart condition, and his cardiac Sun is very weak in transit.

     These planetary dispositions suggest Cheney experienced a cardiac crisis, which pushed him ahead on the waiting list.  (Well, he is one of the 1%!)  These also indicate, however, the transplant will fail -- for being done incorrectly because of the weak Mercury (skill).  Alternatively, his cardiac system -- veins and arteries -- is so debilitated, the new heart doesn't solve the problem.  Think of this like getting a new engine for a car but still having the old worn out hoses.  On the other hand, Vedic Astrology, being from ancient India, has not been adapted to fit modern western medicine.  So, just as modern medicine saved Cheney from passing on during this Sun/Saturn cycle via the heart transplant, modern medicine can also bring a long term success.  Still, on balance, it seems Cheney will pass soon.


Yet Another Distressed Person

     After a respite from the coffee shop, I went this morning and saw a friend who owns the spa next door.  When I told her how tough the planets are now, she exclaimed, You don't know how bad my life has been.  First, it was an eye infection, then my closest friend passed and finally I had a car wreck last week.  She was greatly relieved there was a reason for her travails and that she should end soon.


A Reminder On Mercury This Mercury's Issues

     The above March 4 entry, in the section, Mercury In It's Fallen Sign Of Pisces, stated,


Can The Retrograde and Fallen Mercury Be Doing All this?

     No.  Even the most difficult planetary dispositions require a confirming karma to indicate a major events such as this -- primarily illness, but also other turmoils.

     The February 2 In-depth Forecast, The Economy And Oil, pinned the increasing gas prices on Kete, the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point, in his fallen (weakest) sign of Taurus.  As the eclipse points are always opposite each other, Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon) is in Scorpio, where he too is fallen.  In the natural zodiac beginning with Aries, Scorpio is the eighth house of catastrophe and chronic illness.  (This is the reason Scorpio has such a bad reputation.)  Rahu is both toxic, and his effects are intense, unanticipated and uncontrollable.

    Again from the March 4 VedicLeaks entry, here is the U.S. chart with the transiting planets added.  Notice that infectious, accident causing and stormy Mars aspects Rahu -- in that chart's twelfth house of loss and final liberation, which is Scorpio, the eighth house.  It is because Rahu is in this chart's twelfth house that the U.S. is hit hard.  Note, it is also because Mercury is in the fourth spiritual house of our deepest beliefs, that conservative politicians are beating the contraceptive and abortion drums.


     Thereby, in addition to the three groupings of harms listed in the above March 22 entry -- extremists who topple over, major political/economic actions and natural disasters -- we can add uncontrollable, intense and uncontrollable personal and health traumas.


What To Do?

     When a ship is in a storm, the only choice is to ride it out.  Similarly, there's the old hippy saying when things get tough, just smoke your way through it.  The latter is humor, not a recommendation.  It's important to keep a level head and not change your consciousness with drugs, alcohol or extreme spiritual practices that are truly just escapism and often self-indulgent.  Ships in storms with drunken sailers founder and sometimes sink.

     The Celestial Wheel is helpful here in identifying these karmas -- influences -- for knowledge is power.  My friend at the coffee shop was greatly relieved to learn there's a reason for her tribulations and that these should end April 4.  It's also a good time to have your Vedic chart interpreted or updated, to learn how this challenging interval impacts your life and find strategies for minimizing harms and losses.  For example, if you have accident karma for a fall, it's better to do that on the door threshold of the coffee shop than during mountain climbing.  Finally, as only through turmoil comes change, intervals such as this disrupt our lives; but the change is both necessary and positive as we all have to fit our old square pegs into new round holes during this Millennium Contraction -- which continues to tighten up and doesn't end until 2015.

This just in, At least 1 rugby player dead after players swept out to sea in South Africa





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March 31, 2012

April Fools

     It seemed best to do a quick entry today, for if I waited until tomorrow, nobody would believe the information. 

     But let's begin with something light, a kind of April Fools thing, Who is the Route 29 Batman?, that also has an important message.


     Batman was created in 1939, during the depth of the Great Depression, along with most other superheroes like Superman.  He lifted our spirits, representing all that was good in the world.  Batman was different from the rest, though, for, as a scion of a 1% family, he reminded the rich of their obligation to do their karma of personal responsibility.  Doing the right thing sadly was set aside during the Second Gilded Age, and now in the Millennium Contraction, Americans of all stripes are finally coming together to restore share democratic values.  Despite the red/blue artificial divide that G.W. Bush et. al. brought us, I found on my scooter odyssey across nine states, nearly everyone believed themselves to be Americans first and partisans second.


March -- In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb

     The old saw is backwards this year, and not just for the meteorological weather, but for global planetary weather too!

     Mercury retrograde weirdnesses continue, of course, and another old saying is appropriate, It's not over til the fat lady sings.  Mercury turns forward April 4.  Rather than publish a long list of extreme events again, here are just a few to remind us.  The first is the best, but the second should get a lot of votes too.  The third is just unfortunate.

     Ministers under pressure to bring in emergency rationing as 999 crews struggle to get hold of fuel  -- self inflicted insanity.

     Las Vegas Homeowners Association Scandal Claims 4th Victim*


     2 Dead, 12 Hurt In Mass Shooting In North Miami

     (*Remember this economic contraction -- the Millennium Contraction -- began as a housing crisis, which issue

continues to drive the economic bus,  Home prices hit a 10-year low  and Case-Shiller Real Estate Index Beaten Down)

     These last two events demonstrate the ills of the Second Gilded Age extend beyond the U.S. to embrace the globe -- like a pandemic expands until there's no place free of infection.

      Street fires, violence in Spain protest

      Anti-fascists mobilise against English Defence League summit in Denmark


History Repeats -- But Not Exactly

     The above March 4 entry pointed out this Mercury retrograde in Pisces is repeating fort he first time since March, 2005,

     As history repeats, but not exactly, this time we have the Trayvon Martin death, again a southeast Florida drama. 

     Long term repercussions from Shiavo have been to highlight limits on the Federal government in regard to personal liberties.  Thus, the right to lifer's Shiavo was a seed for the Tea Party that came five years later.  Yet now we find the Tea Party has pushed the entire Republican Party so far to the right, its candidates are un-electable.  And during this tumultuous recurrence of a terrible Mercury retrograde, the Supreme Court is weighing the merits of President Obama's health care law.  The test again is how far the Federal government can and should intrude on peoples' lives and also whether health care is a societal duty.  Interestingly, the Court will not issue its ruling until June, which makes all the media noise about the hearing of truly Mercury retrograde confusion.  The justices will each write their briefs and discuss the case in private throughout the spring.

     The Martin saga may or may not have major consequences, but undercurrents are white man paranoia, equality and again a question of fairness -- of restoring shared democratic values.  It does seem the symbol of the hoodie has now reentered American mythology.  It may very well become a central symbol is the battle to regain shared democratic values.  Similarly, the Occupy Movement's 1% idea grabbed the public's conscience.  Perhaps the two will integrate?

    Does the hoodie represent the pious monk's robe or the devil's concealing one?  Using a contemporary entertainment version of the struggle against good and evil, light and dark, Star Wars had both, though in this shot, Yoda's hood is down.  He didn't use it to obscure, for he had nothing to hide in and wished only to shine light to illuminate.


Sith Lord

     Hmmmmmm, doesn't someone else familiar wear a robe?  Batman, of course, and all the other superheros.  And what about the Romulan cloaking ships in Star Trek?


Spiritual Knowledge, Religion and Philosophy And Law

    My first Vedic Teacher, the great Jamaes Braha, often emphasized that from spiritual knowledge comes religion and philosophy, and then from these come law.  Law, of course, is how we relate to each other in mundane afairs.  Further, it is said that ancient Vedic India's spirituality was universal knowledge.  One result of is Hindus believe all paths lead to God.  Another is Hindus believe in all the great spiritual leaders.  A third is in India, Christian churches, Islamic Mosques, Hindus Temples... are all found in communities, peaceably coexisting.  Hinduism is thereby an inclusive religion, not an exclusive one.  (Note: in modern practice, these ideals are not fully achieved, for man's journey is one toward perfection, not of perfection.  Caste and other stratified cultural norms continue.  But it is the knowledge, not the application in India, which is important.) 

     The issue before us is how we as a society perceive and understand what is right and wrong in our essentially secular society that has been put adrift by sectarian interests -- exclusive to their followers and thereby do not include the rest of us.  That is perhaps the fundamental question, and the turmoil during this Mercury retrograde forces addressing it. 

     Here's one way of understanding -- going back to the Hindu fundamental of material Maya as an illusion but yet that that which we experience in the world.  Subscriber Juliet Rains, who has chosen for now to roam, and thus has become a Citizen Of The World, has graciously granted its use.

Your Radiance My Shoes
By Juliet Rains © 2012

I saw you in your white dhoti and kurta,
laying face down on the marble floor
in the Krishna temple in Mumbai
prostrating to your God.
You were moving
like a caterpillar,
kissing the floor
every few inches.
Your devotion a prayer
almost too intimate to watch.


Then I saw your bare feet.
Weathered and decayed
like rotten leather.
Your heels, cracks as wide
as an open wound,
rimmed in black
from one ankle bone to the other.
Calluses so brown
they looked like nails
randomly hammered in your soles.
Artifacts from a geological dig
they looked that old.
I glanced at my bare feet
soft, pink, smooth
freshly manicured
a tiny chip on the left baby toenail,
the only imperfection.



You took your final bow,
lips grazing the floor, lingering
like a lover that does not want to leave.
I watched you get up.
Your radiance stunned me,
like a blinding sun,
bright, bright, so bright.
You exit the gate.
I exit behind you.
You leave with the radiance.
I leave with the shoes.



     Perhaps a good step ahead now is for us all to become citizens of the world -- for as the Second Gilded Age became a pandemic, the cure is global, not national, ethnic nor religious.



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