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August 7, 2008

U.S. Psychology

     Vedic Astrology's predictive model, as compared with Western Astrology's psychological one, suggests that Vedic doesn't measure the mindset of a person or country.  This is untrue, for Vedic Astrology readily unveils the chart's desires, courage, fears, anger, jealousy, objectivity, (or lack thereof), mental acuity, selfishness (and the opposite, selflessness), greed, compassion, altruism, benevolence..  all the factors that make up human behavior, which is what psychology is.  For example, a prediction for overcoming a business failure naturally rests upon the lifelong and emerging karmas of talent, wealth and power.  But without including courage, initiative, social skills, etc., a reliable prediction cannot be made. 

     As the greedy and corrupt Second Gilded Age ends November 30, 2008 nearly in tandem with the November 4 general election (President and Congress), the country is at a crossroads.  Will the extreme neoconservative agenda continue, will an equally extreme liberal prevail, or will the people choose leaders dedicated to resolving problems to serve the broader needs of the entire society?  In other words, will the U.S. continue to be prey to its psychological frailties, or will voters select leaders striving for objective analysis and fair decision-making?

     This crossroads concept is fundamental.  As explained in the December 1, 2007 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Through The Second Gilded Age, following this second 10 year greedy Moon planetary cycle (Dasa), the U.S. chart's second * 10 year Mars cycle indicates an economic depression.  This occurred in the nineteenth century -- during the first Moon and Mars cycles.  The first ten year Moon cycle in the 1880s marked the peak of the First Gilded Age.  The following first seven year Mars cycle saw the Financial Panic of 1893 begin the spiraling down that culminated in the worst depression to date.  See, The Depression of 1893 for a thoughtful analysis, which includes looking beyond that depression,

    Hard times intensified social sensitivity to a wide range of problems accompanying industrialization, by making them more severe. Those whom depression struck hardest, as well as much of the general public and major Protestant churches, shored up their civic consciousness about currency and banking reform, regulation of business in the public interest, and labor relations.

     Although nineteenth century liberalism** and the tradition of administrative nihilism that it favored remained viable, public opinion began to slowly swing toward governmental activism and interventionism associated with modern, industrial societies, erecting in the process the intellectual foundation for the reform impulse that was to be called Progressivism in twentieth century America. Most important of all, these opposed tendencies in thought set the boundaries within which Americans for the next century debated the most vital questions of their shared experience. The depression was a reminder of business slumps, commonweal above avarice, and principle above principal.


(*Planetary cycles are the heart of Vedic Astrology.  Each of the 9 Vedic planets has a cycle lasting from 6 to 20 years.  Adding these together gives a total of 120 years.  Obviously, for personal charts, no one completes the cycles of all 9 planets.  However, for a nation chart that was born more than 120 years, ago, as the U.S. was, after the first 120 years cycles set is completed, the nation begins its second cycles-set.  Chart analysis thereby includes looking at what occurred during each of the first 9 planetary cycles to learn how these planets will behave when they are active again in the second set.  For complete information on these cycles, see the December 2, 2004 two part series, The U.S. Through Its Planetary cycles, Part 1 and Part 2.   There more information on the upcoming Mars cycle in the December 1, 2007 Through The Second Gilded Age predicting an economic depression.)

(**Liberalism here is not social liberalism but rather economic liberalism.  This was termed laissez-faire capitalism, denoting no government interference on commerce, like today's neoconservative philosophy.)


The U.S. Chart's Optimism, Wisdom, Wealth & Paranoia

    For many charts, and always for particularly powerful and accomplished individuals and nations, there are definitive planetary dispositions and combinations symbolizing karmas of great potency.  The U.S. chart is one of these.

     Optimism ensues from a great, warm, devoted Jupiter ruling the Ascendant (self) and placed in the seventh house of the other -- partnerships -- and thereby the relationship of individuals to the nation.  From the seventh, Jupiter aspects the first, which binds the nation together so firmly that even the greatest divisions -- like the Civil War -- do not break the Republic. 

     These Jupiterian influences also describe the Constitution, which respects individual and group rights.

     Wisdom also comes from Jupiter, the planet of the higher mind, philosophy and religion.  This signification is cemented by being conjunct the Sun (ruling the ninth house of higher knowledge).

United States

July 4 1776  6:17 PM

Philadelphia, PA

     Wealth results from Jupiter being wealth, ruling the good first house and the fourth house of property and other fixed assets.  This rich Jupiter conjunct a wealthy Sun (ruling the ninth house of wealth) and wealthy Mars (ruling the fifth house of investments) signifies tremendous wealth of many kinds.  (Note: This Mars brings economic loss during its planetary cycle, but during the cycles of the other planets, its wealth signification flourishes.)

     Combining this optimism, wisdom and wealth, Turning lemons into lemonade is the essence of America -- as long as we can beat back the paranoia -- next discussed.

     Paranoia comes from eclipse point Rahu conjunct Mercury in the terrible eighth house of secrets and catastrophes.  That mental Mercury rules the seventh house of relationships and the social nature and the tenth house of the public, makes this a truly societal-wide issue.  Further, as Rahu is the head-of-the dragon eclipse point of a foreign nature, there is a deep distrust, even fear, of other cultures.  (Still, there's also a potent curiosity about foreign things and people.)  Powerful Rahu's influence on mutable Mercury makes Americans anxious and feel under attack, especially when under pressure.  As this does occur from time to time validates the belief, even as it is exaggerated.  Finally, the eighth is the house of mysticism, explaining why America always has religious cults of many kinds, and these often prey on American's fears and distrust of other peoples' and beliefs. 

     As the eighth house is also sexual power and forbidden activities, these cults typically bring those influences in -- and the most conservative political and religious leaders are thereby often caught with their pants down.  Note that cult here is intended to describe all the fringe groups: the evangelical extremists awaiting Armageddon, other doomsday cults, the fascists and other white supremacists, the survivalists, the conspiracy theorists, the fundamentalist Mormons, the Masons, the paranoid NRA, the neoconservatives, the false Indian prophets, and even the hippies, who for a time were protected by the lawless Hells Angels.  What brought these opposing hippies and motorcyle gang together was their shared fear and distrust of authority.  (The Appalachian Christian snake cult is the best.  It dovetails so well with Rahu.) 

     FDR said it best in his first inaugural address in 1932, when the nation was mired in the Great Depression, The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself

     To give a broad estimate of the how widespread America's paranoia is, consider that Mercury and Rahu are two out of the nine Vedic planets, and they are placed in the terrible (because it's terrifying) eighth house.  There are no other evil house placement in the U.S. chart.  2/9 computes to 22%, or a little over one fifth of the population, which not coincidentally is the neoconservative base which still believes in Cheney, Bush and the faked global war on terror.

     This mix of optimism, wisdom, wealth and paranoia is spicy, and as the planetary karmas ebb and flow, these qualities mix into distinctly different recipes.  America's is truly the most abundant and crazily diverse, yet firmly bonded, psychology. 

     Yet, the above discussion is about fated influences, and we do have free will.  In fact, some of these fated influences support free will expression -- as in the example of lawful Jupiter relating to the Constitution.  Understanding the mix of fate and free will is the most challenging task, and perhaps it is best addressed by this somewhat intriguing but typically enigmatic Eastern saying, Fate and free will are two blades of a scissor, and we still do not know which blade operates in cutting the paper.


America's Paranoid Second Gilded Age

     America has clearly been under the spell of its paranoid mysticism during this Second Gilded Age.  The task ahead is for the people and government to shift away from these delusions by using the Jupiter/Sun cycle wisdom.  This is already happening, for the U.S. chart's planetary cycles shifted from Moon/Venus* to Moon/Sun May 31, 2008.  Moon/Sun continues until November 30 -- after the general election -- and thereby characterizes the general campaign and the election.  This planetary cycles shift was explained in detail in the December 1, 2007 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Through The Second Gilded Age.

     The long primary campaigns honed the candidates positions, making them more thoughtful and responsive to the actual situation.  This has continued and accelerated since May 31, when the Moon/Sun planetary cycle began, thereby defining the general election campaign.  Both candidates are smart and generally ethical men, with legitimate differences, though it's truly brilliant and less inexperienced Obama who influences the more experienced McCain.  There have been valid campaign issues, even as there have also been paranoid appeals -- low blows intended to incite rather than inform.  After all, 12% of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim via internet rumors, despite no information this is true. 

     One encouraging campaign issue is that both McCain and Obama have evolved broad-based positions on solving the energy crisis.  Both now support the obvious strategy of using all alternatives, though each has his own mix.  Voters can then choose between two policies that actually address the problem, not Bush-wack it.  Let's hope that the campaigns of each stays on track refining issues, not appealing to unreasonable and unfair fears -- paranoia.

     However, there's still that 1/5 of America the fearful, and of course, part of this fear is of black men!  Racism, which runs both ways, is an unfortunate result of slavery and white America's paranoia.  This could perhaps wash, for many black folks will vote for Obama, as many racist white folks will not vote for him -- though this is an optimistic view with no data to back it up.  The point here is that Obama is not just a victim, but also a beneficiary of racism, just as McCain also receives support and lack of support from the same groups -- in reverse.


(*the U.S. Moon in the third house of desires brings an intoxication of power.  Because the Moon rules the eighth house of catastrophe, it also brings paranoia.  Venus brings overindulgence and debts.)


America's Paranoia In Action

     The following information has been peculating in this astrologer's head for the past several days.  In fact, it was composed first for this forecast.  Inspiration for the above discussion only came later today.  Read it through from the description of America's psychology.  You'll see both optimism and paranoia, sometimes combined, evidenced throughout.

     I don't want to spent too much time reading the bad news, said a Sedona businessman, focused on making his new coffee shop store a success.  Gasoline prices have been dropping -- that's good news! cheered a woman interviewed on CNN.  I need my big pickup truck.  I drive to Phoenix to buy beds, a resort owner argued defensively.  Even Vedic Astrologers dip into this peculiarly American reservoir of fearful avoidance.  Stated one, ...thinking about the plight of the world gets me wayyyyyyyy too depressed!  As another Vedic astrologer, says, "Don't worry about the world.. Things aren't as bad as you think - they're actually much worse... " 

     John McCain too pumps up false optimism in what can be derided as The Unreality Express.  Here's the lead on the Washington Post article on his speech at the Harley Davidson annual rally in Sturgis, S.D. earlier this week,

     Thousands of motorcyclists greeted Republican presidential candidate John McCain with an approving roar Monday as he sought blue-collar and heartland support by visiting a giant motorcycle rally.

"As you may know, not long ago a couple hundred thousand Berliners made a lot of noise for my opponent.  I'll take the roar of 50,000 Harleys any day," McCain said, referring to Democrat Barack Obama's recent visit to the German capital.


     But there's a fly in the Harley-Davidson ointment, a grand irony that McCain missed.  Harley-Davidson is a doomed company, a victim of its own greed and belief in its own outdated gas hogs.  This July 18 article, Harley-Davidson Takes Its Lumps, explains,

    “When the economy turns sour, motorcycles are considered a luxury item, and people stop buying them, it seems,” notes Kurt Antonius, a spokesman for American Honda, whose motorcycle sales, like almost everyone else’s in the industry are off around 20 percent so far this year.

     Harley-Davidson, which enjoyed two decades of record sales and earnings growth leading up to 2007, is the latest to feel the sting.  Sales for the second quarter of 2008, which were announced Thursday, dropped by 23.3 percent from the same period last year (which was not a great quarter).

     But Harley’s business probably can be expected to suffer more than many motorcycle manufacturers, because of the lack of diversity in its lineup of mostly cruiser bikes.  Mr. Antonius noted some of the drop in Honda’s motorcycle sales have been offset by increased sales of scooters.

“Scooters,” he said, “are flying off the shelves.”


     Even these Harley loyalists aren't immune to high gasoline crimping their lifestyle -- as their own paranoia drives them to roar for McCain's wide open oil drilling and nuclear power agenda.  Here's an August 5 blog from Hotbike,  

     Moving along Lazelle it was quickly evident that traffic was very light.  I talked with a couple people who said tat they’ve seen several hotels vacancies (which never happens).  The good thing was it made it easier to get around with less people in town, but vendors were saying people were happy and spending money.  There was a lotta cool things on Lazelle, but the real excitement came later that came later that night when we headed over to the Buffalo Chip to see presidential candidate McCain.


     This astrologer bought a 100 mpg Chinese scooter a year ago and gave up on his fueling old Lincoln in March -- selling it.  If he needs a car, he just rents one.  Sadly, there's no American made scooter.  The only American motor cycle company, Harley-Davidson, refuses to build one, even though it produced the Topper from 1959 to 1965.



Time To "Engage"

     As Jean Luke Picard so memorably intoned on Startreck Second Generation, to the delight of both men and women, to cast the Enterprise again into the stars, Engage

     This is the time for all of us to engage, and if we're fearful or otherwise reticent, remember what FDR said.  This election if truly a pivot point for the U.S., for the situation can become just as dire as the Great Depression.  It is, after all, up to us to decide which blade operates in cutting the paper.

     Take inspiration from others who are getting involved -- even Paris Hilton in a terrific video knocking McCain for featuring her in his campaign ad criticizing Obama's celebrity.  McCain found it funny.  Obama responded, Whatever.  And, everyone agrees, Paris has the best energy plan!

    Humor and goodwill are the best tonic for paranoia.  They also open the mind, so one can learn, even Paris Hilton, who maybe is a pretty great American herself for engaging.


Copyright 1999-2008
Doug Riemer


August 11, 2008

Back To The Grind

     The August 11 Celestial Wheel digressed from the doom and gloom forecasting that began in May with the Spring-Summer Timeline.  Hopefully too, readers found this to be a fresh and informative slant on karmas driving the U.S. 

     Two of these karmas -- optimism and wealth -- however, can overwhelm wisdom and deny the import and effects of paranoia -- one of which is to avoid reality out of fear.  After all, the last eight years have been rough, and the continuing harms to shelter, food and fuel have certainly zapped us all.  So, we deserve a break.  Things will get better, won't they?  Everything will be fine.  As a Ph.D. spiritual seeker said, in rejecting the Vedic predicted impacts of a weak planetary cycle upon his own chart, Suffice to say that "Intent" has great power.  And, here's another feel good quote from a Sedona retreat, Circumstances don't matter.  Only our state of being matters!

     After all:  The Great Depression was our grandparents' experience, the 1973 oil embargo our parents' concern and the recessions of 1980, 1990 and 2001 have been merely temporarily inconvenient to us.  In fact, following each of these last three recessions, the economy recovery brought improved conditions that attained new economic heights.  Sure, the rich grew much richer, the poor poorer and the middle class stuck in the middle, but most of us still have our toys, and America remains the land of opportunity, right?

     Consider however:  The world is in the midst of a sweeping change brought by Second Gilded Age corporate greed and government corruption, despoiling the environment and rapacious use of oil and other resources.  These combine to derail the economy and wreck the environment. 

     Here's an August 9 news article about this reality, Credit Crisis Triggers Unprecedented U.S. Response,

Not since the Great Depression have so many debt markets been in turmoil at the same time, financial historians say. During the savings and loan crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s, for example, the financial upheaval was largely contained to banks and thrifts, though the real estate market also felt the impact.

Now, the contagion has rapidly spread from mortgages to bonds and exotic securities, student and corporate lending, credit cards and home equity loans, and residential and commercial real estate. The disruption has buffeted investment and commercial banks, mortgage finance agencies, and insurance firms of different stripes.

"We have a banking crisis and an agency crisis and a mortgage crisis and a coming credit card crisis. We've never seen anything like that before. And it all seems to be coming home to roost at the same time. That's never happened either," said Charles Geisst, professor of finance at Manhattan College. He said the Great Depression was the last time financial markets were hammered by such a variety of factors. "But we did not even have credit cards in the 1930s; there were no such thing as student loans," he added.



     Notice that, the article addresses only financial institutions.  It ignores other dollar issues, like federal deficit, the federal debt, the trade imbalance, the upcoming baby-boomer social security and medicare increases, the drain of waging two wars...  It also doesn't address the growing imbalance between the rich and poor, people losing their homes, the escalation of oil prices, food price inflation and impending shortages and the already disruptive results of climate change.  Here's an August 3 article about us, Three Strikes Against Consumers.

     It is by paying attention to reality, in an objective way, and considering the global (transit) and U.S. (chart) karmas that The Celestial Wheel has long predicted looming problems.  To the extent this conflicts with gentle spiritual folks believe higher consciousness somehow erases an increasingly uncomfortable reality, and/or otherwise somehow excuses them from the karma of personal responsibility, then they've been misled.  And for powerful worldly people who believe they can muscle through any crisis, the law of karma will most assuredly teach them that no tree grows to the sky, especially when there's a guy with a chain saw cutting it down to sell wood to China. 

     Take a look at the June 4, 2003 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Commentary Of Philosophy, Politics & Astrology for a discussion about these concerns, most notably the section, The Karma Of Personal Responsibility.  Included there is a discussion about Bush's downfall, but then, we reelected him just over a year later!  Well, as most readers didn't vote for Bush, it isn't our fault, is it?  Yes it is, for we failed to act to dispute his policies and bring those truths to our relatives, neighbors, friends, coworkers and associates.  We also failed to push the media and debate, both in private and in public, those supporting Second Gilded Age beliefs.  Finally, we failed to vote with our pocketbooks by saving money at Walmart, Safeway Walgreens and other companies that import cheap Chinese goods, buy off the media, pay poverty level wages and support the neoconservative think tanks and politicians.

     In closing, here's just one area that The Celestial Wheel has long cautioned being realistic -- gas and oil.  In the below graph from shows the escalation of both crude oil and gasoline prices since 2004.



     The Celestial Wheel has published warnings about escalating oil and gas prices since June, 2004.  This was discussed, with forecast references, in the June 11, 2007 Celestial Wheel.  Notice that 2004 was the beginning of the massive increases that have taken retail gasoline from $1.40 to $4.00 per gallon.  Since then, The Celestial Wheel has predicted accurately oil prices spikes, which movements establish new plateaus.  See the April 12, 2007 In-depth Celestial Wheel, A Springtime Tempest, Part 2 and again, the June 11, 2007 Celestial Wheel

     Most recently, the May 2, 2008 Celestial Wheel predicted about the Mars/Ketu conjunction, -- overreaching stock investors, destructive competitiveness, violence in the U.S. and Iraq, another oil/gas price spike, a deepening grain crisis, the real estate debacle continuing -- all precipitated on or about June 13

     Now, it's okay to believe what you want to believe.  We have free will.  This is a free country.  You can even believe your gas guzzler is fine -- just fill the tank 1/2.  Look, it costs the same as last year!  Fill it 1/4, and look, it's the same price as four years ago!  The problem, of course, is that 1/4 tank doesn't take you very far, for intent doesn't fill your tank, and circumstances do matter.  Escalating oil prices is just one piece of comprehensive predictions The Celestial Wheel has been cautioning for years.  Doing this forecasting is this astrologer's karma of personal responsibility.

    You can also wake up to reality and do your karma of personal responsibility.  After all, if Paris Hilton can do it...?  If you don't know how to begin, a contribution to The Celestial Wheel would be a good start. 


Copyright 1999-2008
Doug Riemer



August 26, 2008

The Challenging Summer Of 2008

     The August 18 In-depth Forecast, The Challenging Summer Of 2008, tracked a downward path for the U.S. and global economies and change in the Mideast.  Section E, Summary & Conclusions, stated, This astrologer will complete the Summary & Conclusions within the next several days.  The two basic issues are the U.S. and global economy, and in what direction the Mideast is headed

     These conclusions were delayed for time to bring clarity and to stimulate readers' understanding and consideration of the predictions-check.  The latter was additionally intended for those readers who remain in denial of the economic contraction that began last summer and which has all the trappings of becoming a major depression.  Changing our spending and consuming habits, and involving ourselves in the political process, is the only path ahead to salvage what's left of the economy and preserve what's left of our affluent lifestyles.

     As for this astrologer's conclusions, there is intense economic contraction in both the U.S. and globally, which has only just begun.  This article, from yesterday's NY Times, tells the tale, U.S. and Global Economies Slipping in Unison,

Economic trouble has spread far beyond the United States to major countries in Europe and Asia, threatening American businesses with the loss of foreign sales and investment that have become increasingly vital to their sustenance.

Only a few months ago, some economists still offered hope that robust expansion could continue in much of the world even as the United States slowed.  Foreign investment was expected to keep replenishing American banks still bleeding from their disastrous bets on real estate and to provide money for companies looking to expand.  Overseas demand for American goods and services was supposed to continue compensating for waning demand in the States.

Now, high energy prices, financial systems crippled by fear, and the decline of trading partners have combined to choke growth in many major economies.  The International Monetary Fund expects global growth to slow significantly through the end of this year, dipping to 4.1 percent from 5 percent in 2007.

“The global economy is in a tough spot, caught between sharply slowing demand in many advanced economies and rising inflation everywhere,” the I.M.F. declared last month in its official World Economic Outlook.


     For a specific look overseas, see this article about India's faltering economy, Indians Trapped by Debt as Easy Money Dries Up.

     Even the recalcitrant Bush administration is beginning to finally acknowledge the problem.  This article, focusing upon Georgia, explains, FDIC gets ready for bank failures,

Seventy-five years after it was launched during the Great Depression, the bank regulator and insurer is facing its biggest challenge in decades. Many banks in Georgia and across the nation have been battered by the slumping economy and troubled loans to home builders, developers and homeowners.

Hundreds could fail, some industry experts predict. That could force the agency to make good on its promise to insure most customers' checking and savings deposits up to $100,000 and some retirement accounts up to $250,000, putting pressure on its insurance fund.

The state's banks, which included 109 community banks that were launched since 2000, built up the nation's heaviest concentration of loans to home builders and real estate developers.  Many of those businesses have since gone belly-up, saddling banks with growing piles of bad debt and foreclosed properties.


     Switch out the business names, and this Wikepedia article about The Financial Panic of 1893 (which initiated a four year depression) could be written today (emphasis added),

A series of bank failures followed, and the price of silver fell. The Northern Pacific Railway, the Union Pacific Railroad and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad all failed.  This was followed by the bankruptcy of many other companies; in total over 15,000 companies and 500 banks failed (many in the west).  About 17%-19% of the workforce was unemployed at the Panic's peak.  The huge spike in unemployment, combined with the loss of life savings by failed banks, meant that a once secure middle class could not meet their mortgage obligations.  As a result, many walked away from recently built homes. From this, the sight of the vacant Victorian (haunted) house entered the American mindset


     The Victorian haunted house reference is, if you think about it, pretty shocking.  Some readers will be able to find similarly abandoned homes in their cities and towns, which a later authors and film makers would label something like, McMansions Possessed.

     The Mideast situation, as seen from the charts of Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Israel, support the Challenging Summer's conclusion,

     As regards the latter, crux of the issue was expressed in the May 31 Celestial Wheel,

     Here's the first glint of Mideast culmination.  It now appears the U.S. invasion of Iraq, rather than bringing the intended peaceful democracy to the region (to secure long term cheap Ketu oil), is spawning instead a collective Mideast unity.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend. is, after all, an Arab proverb.  See, As Bush's Neoceonservative Approach Crumbles, Allies Step Into the Breach.  This summer's planetary stresses will advance this still nascent movement, for oil is both the centerpiece of current global concern and a primary influence in the Mars/Ketu conjunction.


Tropical Storm Fay

     Below are two messages emailed directly to subscribers,


August 18  Tropical Storm Fay

Dear subscribers,

      Tropical Storm Faye will cause damage when it hits Florida tomorrow in the morning -- Tuesday.
Several planetary karmas in the U.S. chart indicate this harm.  (Repetition naturally increases the karma.)

1.  Tuesday is destructive Mars' day of the week.
2.  Mars will be aspecting the watery Moon, which symbolizes the home.
3.  This Mars aspect to the Moon will be in watery Pisces, the fourth house of the home.
4.  Mars will also be aspecting Jupiter, which rules the fourth house of the home.
5.  The U.S. chart's Dasas (planetary cycles) will be Moon/Jupiter/Sun/Moon.

     Fortunately, the U.S. Dasas do not include Mars, which would greatly increase its destructive capability.  Still, expect more damage than anticipated, especially from flooding.  Too, the Moon will remain in the fourth house in Pisces through Wednesday, indicating storm damage both Tuesday and Wednesday.  It could be this flooding will be caused by the storm stalling. 

      Also, note this statement in yesterday's In-depth Forecast, The Challenging Summer Of 2008, about the U.S. chart's hurricane risk,

      Still, these serious predictions should not be ignored, for (solar) eclipse effects continue for at least several months, and the U.S. chart was hit very hard.  Already there is more hurricane activity, and the financial markets remain at the precipice edge...

     Fortunately, the U.S. Dasas do not include Mars, which would greatly increase its destructive capability.  Still, expect more damage than anticipated, especially from flooding.  Too, the Moon will remain in the fourth house in Pisces through Wednesday, indicating storm damage both Tuesday and Wednesday.  It could be this flooding will be caused by the storm stalling. 

      Also, note this statement in yesterday's In-depth Forecast, The Challenging Summer Of 2008, about the U.S. chart's hurricane risk,

     Still, these serious predictions should not be ignored, for (solar) eclipse effects continue for at least several months, and the U.S. chart was hit very hard.  Already there is more hurricane activity, and the financial markets remain at the precipice edge...

U.S. Transit Chart August 18, 2008


August 20  More On Tropical Storm Fay

Dear subscribers,

     On the right is today's tracking map for Tropical Storm Fay, from Weather Underground,

     It's major effect so far has been flooding, as predicted in Monday's email alert to you. 

      The below map is Fay's projected path.  Note the storm is currently stationary, and Monday's email also predicted the storm could "stall."



     On the right is the transit chart for Thursday morning, June 21.  The watery Moon has just left  kapha (watery) Pisces to enter Pitta (fiery) Aries.  Mars continues to aspect the Moon -- this time at a destructive 8th houses away.  In Vedic Astrology, the 8th is the house of catastrophe, and following that, Mars'  8th house  aspect is also destructive.  The Moon will continue in Aries until Saturday (August 13)  morning.

     These planetary dispositions suggests Fay could strengthen somewhat and bring destructive high winds and tornadoes tomorrow, Friday and until dawn on Saturday morning.  Rainfall, however, would abate. 

     Obviously, if you live anywhere near this storm path, it would be wise to secure your home and stay at home.  Because the Moon is in the lunar house of Ashwini, which relates to horses, these animals will be at risk.

Transit Chart June 21, 2008

These articles confirm the predictions,

     August 22, Fay Heads West After 4th Fla Landfall --At Least 12 Die in State and in Ga.

     August 22, Horses Evacuated from Flooded Cocoa Pasture

     August 22, Tropical Storm Fay Damages Equine Hospital

     These very specific and accurate predictions are of real practical value to readers in the Southeast -- and also to everyone, for economic losses from hurricanes impact the entire country. 

     Hurricane Gustov aims for U.S. Gulf oil facilities tells of another serious hurricane threat.  Support is needed to underwrite the time-consuming process of developing a Vedic prediction for this storm.  Please step up to make a Contribution by credit/debit card.   After all, readers can't expect this astrologer, or more philantrthropic readers, to carry the entire load.  Note that The Celestial Wheel does not include revenue producing advertising, which both distracts from the material and creates potential conflicts of interest.



The Olympics

     Years ago, curmudgeon Andy Roony stated his belief about athletic contests, Sports doesn't mean anything.  Well, that makes innate sense, doesn't it?  Whether someone puts a ball through a basket or excels at running doesn't change the society, nor the economy.  Sports is entertainment, and in a very real sense, sports is like beer -- the opiate for the masses, distracting the public from real world issues.  This article, however, states otherwise, A Victory for China

     Ignored was that China cheated 3 times -- that we know of, yet.  In the opening ceremony, the Olympics Fireworks Faked For TV.  the second fake also occurred in the opening ceremony, Chinese rail against lip-sync at Olympics Opening Ceremony.  Finally, of course, there's More Evidence of Underage China Gymnasts.  While the first two were marketing fakes, his last is critical to the integrity of the Olympics itself.

     Here's an excerpt from A Victory for China

Indeed, the 2008 Games seemed likely to go down as a political as well as an athletic victory for China, reinforcing the image of party leaders as adroit managers of the world's largest nation on a double-step march toward greater prosperity.  In the view of the Chinese, the appearance of dozens of foreign leaders during the Games, including President Bush, meant the world had effectively endorsed the Communist Party's rule, despite its continued political repression.


     G.W. Bush was one of those foreign leaders who didn't speak up against either China's political repression, nor the cheating.  In fact, there hasn't been one objection from the administration.  Given China's huge trade surplus and bushels of dollars that can be used to overwhelm the U.S. economy, the U.S. chooses not to rock the boat and rolls over and plays dead.  The appearance of anything dictates its reality. 

     That greedy U.S. corporations relocating factories to China instigated the economic imbalance is, of course, a manifestation of The Second Gilded age, brought by greedy business lobbyists and corrupt government.

     While this is typical of the Bush administration, it bodes badly for the U.S. and is an area the public should demand the nations' leaders resolve -- to protect ourselves.  


Joe Biden

     Here is another correct prediction emailed directly to subscribers. 

August 22   Joe Biden

Dear subscribers,

Below is an August 13 client email expressing a Veep prediction.  Tonight's news is all cranked up about this -- an announcement tomorrow.

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Subject: Date: From: To:
My Veep Prediction
Wed, 13 Aug 2008 17:32:27 -0700
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Remember I was excited about Joe Biden, last year?-- last October or so when we spoke on the phone  He's in his great exalted Jupiter Dasa now -- bringing my interest.

Well, some say he could be Obama's VP.  Stranger things have happened.

     Two hours later, the news was leaked that Obama had selected Biden as his running mate.

     What's really interesting is that two days later, this astrologer, in doing a Google search of The Celestial Wheel, found the below entry from June 23, 2005,

     I had an intuitive hit last year, and then again last week, about Senator Joe Biden running for President.  Biden announced his candidacy earlier this week. 

     Here's Biden's chart.  He's running his eighteen year Rahu cycle (1988 - 2006).  Biden's tenth house Rahu brings a big career serving the public, and this sign of Leo symbolizes government.  Further, last February 22, transit Rahu moved into his fifth, the house symbolizing government.

     In September 2006, Biden enters his truly great sixteen year Jupiter cycle.  His Jupiter rules the second hour of speech, the  fifth house of government and is exalted in the ninth house of fortune.  Although I haven't yet fully delineated Biden's chart, it certainly appears that he's one to watch.

Joe Biden  

     While I'm not (yet) saying that Biden, with his clarity, focus and tremendous communications skills is our White Knight on the horizon, his candidacy is an encouraging possibility.  Biden's chart is certainly stronger than John Kerry's and does not suffer from Kerry's verbal vacillations. 


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August 28, 2008

Good News/ Bad News Astrology

     Everyone enjoys reaping the benefits of positive Vedic Astrologer predictions.  This is true whether the interpretation is for a person or mundane (world) forecasting, as offered in The Celestial Wheel.  Then, the astrologer is thanked and praised, even though all he/she did is look ahead at upcoming planetary dispositions.  Certainly the astrologer's doesn't change the planetary karmas.  He can only illuminates some of them -- like a geology spelunker's light reveals sparkling gems in a cave.

     Yet, clients often hold the opinion, ignoring its irrationality, that the astrological bearer of good news is responsible for it.  So, when the karmic current turns adverse, as it often does after an interval of abundance, the astrologer becomes the villain.  This is like blaming that same cave explorer for finding a sink hole threatening the land and buildings above.  For that, thanks of warning are given, not blame.

     Public feedback on The Celestial Wheel reveals this all-too-human propensity to either blame the messenger or avoid bad news by refusing to read the forecasts at all.  Even when truly important predictions, like gasoline prices escalating and real estate crashing, come true, when told, many folks then feel only fear and resentment.  The most frequent excuse for this reality-avoidance is that bad news disturbs their spiritual tranquility.  As spirituality can only be a search for truth, these people need to re-start their spiritual quest at the beginning.  Unfortunately, they instead seek temporary bliss in spiritual techniques and with spiritual teachers.  It is an inconvertible truth that when the populace in a democracy gives in to fear and avoidance, freedom is lost.

     Not everyone acts in this irrational and clearly fearful manner, of course.  Subscriber C.S. in Florida's panhandle area emailed appreciation yesterday for The Celestial Wheel's accurate tropical storm Fay prediction.  This was all the more valuable because she was out of town during the storm.  Fortunately it didn't hit her town.  Too, other Celestial Wheel subscribers have appreciated and acted upon negative predictions by switching out to higher mileage cars and not buying homes during the real estate boom.  Interestingly, the most grateful of all are two nouveau real estate investors who spent heavily against this advice.  Now, we're working together to extricate them from these debacles, even though they have no money.  So, the astrological guidance is being done with payment by donation when they surface financially.  But then, Vedic Astrology, as a spiritual craft, is a high minded profession.  We're not bankers, lawyers, stockbrokers or corporate executives, you know.

     The message here should be obvious, but I'll state the case directly.  The Celestial Wheel has a solid 6 year track record of accurate and useful predictions on specific topics and on long term trends.  Just the information in this month's publishing proves that.  No other astrologer, economist, researcher, private think tank or government agency matches this record.  Certainly some predictions haven't come to fruition, but the 70% plus accuracy is a winner, and time is the great arbiter.  In fact if you won 70% of the time at the casino or in the stock market you would own the building in a week or retire from investing in a year.

     So, read The Celestial Wheel, and use the information for your personal gain and protection against loss.  Tell others to enable a common effort to safeguard and improve society.  The March 30, 2004 In-depth Forecast, The Times They Are A Changin, reminds we sixties kids of the fundamental changes during that decade, as well as the prescience of the forecast statement,  ..the growing challenges the Bush Administration will face that may very well culminate during the Iraq turnover at the end of June


The Gauntlet

     The Spring-Summer Timeline was updated to the Summer-Fall Timeline in the August 18, 2008 In-depth forecast, The Challenging Summer of 2008.  (Note: that forecast compared predictions for the summer's tough Mars transits and the solar eclipse against results to measure the U.S. and global economic travails and the beginning of Mideast cooperation.  If you haven't read it, or found the text too lengthy, take some time over this holiday weekend to absorb the information.  It's accurate, practical, useful and important.)


Summer-Fall Timeline



                                                  Solar Eclipse 8/1                                    

     111111111111111   111111111111111  111111111111111   11111111111111                         June                                      July                             August                           September              


                                                                 The Gauntlet                                              

    Mars conjunct Ketu      Mars conjunct Saturn


     The July 25 Celestial Wheel identified and explained The Gauntlet as the transits of fast-moving Venus, Mercury and the Sun crossing over malefic planets Ketu and SaturnVenus' grace, joy and wealth, Mercury's intellect and commerce and the Sun's power and government are all battered by crossing these destructive planets in just over a month -- The Gauntlet.  A clue to how harmful these transits are in 2008 is their doing the same in August 2007, when, the credit markets froze up, causing real estate to slide further downward.

    This year, there is continued economic disinte-gration, in both the U.S. and globally -- for transits are the passages of the planets in today's skies, which impact the entire world. 

     As Venus, Mercury and the Sun symbolize such personal attributes, there has been a lot of individual angst, and although the fast-moving quality of these planets makes the effect temporary, the results can be enduring.

     This transit chart for today shows the progress of Venus, Mercury and the Sun since The Gauntlet began July 25.  Venus and Mercury and the Sun have already passed malefics Ketu and Saturn.  The Sun is closing in on Saturn. 

     The July 25 Celestial Wheel also pointed out, The Gauntlet also includes Mars, Venus and Mercury catch up with Mars on September 8.  This combination brings fast angry moods, aggression competitiveness and passion in all things.

World Transits August 28. 2008

     Since the Sun won't catch up to Mars until the end early December, The Gauntlet will end about September 13, when Venus and Mercury will be clear of Mars.


      One obvious global impact of The Gauntlet involves the Sun, which represents government and leaders.  When the Sun approached dissolving Ketu on August 8, Russia invaded Georgia.  Veteran Celestial Wheel readers recall Ketu is gas and oil, and Russia's underlying motive was gain complete control over gas and oil from the East to Western Europe, A U.S.-backed oil pipeline runs through Georgia, allowing the West to reduce its reliance on Middle Eastern oil while bypassing Russia and IranGeorgia's oil pipeline is key to U.S. support.  

    This article also demonstrates the importance of Celestial Wheel infor-mation in its opening statement, There is more than meets the eye to the frantic U.S. efforts Friday to talk Russia and American ally Georgia out of war over an obscure mountain tract most Americans have never heard of. A look at the map and your gas credit card bill shows why.

     This map, from Armenian Club, shows gas pipelines running from the East to the West,, but there is also an oil pipeline, as mentioned in the above referenced article. 

     It would take quite a lot of research

to puzzle out the routes of the various existing and proposed pipelines, identify the nations involved and calculate and interpret their charts.  Only then can predictions be made about how Russia's invasion of Georgia will impact oil and gas supplies and prices in the clearly linked oil/gas areas of the Mideast and Eastern Europe.  With both the Presidential and Congressional elections coming up, readers can then judge candidates' positions on this topic and vote their interests -- to reduce your gas credit card bill.  Alternatively, you could just pay another $5 to $10 at the next fill-up and maintain your spiritual tranquility, though you may eat a lot of rice and beans for a while.  And, unfortunately, that kind of put-put won't fuel your car and stinks up the house.

     This, then, is an area where subscribers can underwrite The Celestial Wheel and both receive tangible benefit and help the entire country.  Use this encrypted from to make your Contribution

     Coming back to the Sun's travel through The Gauntlet, on August 16, the Sun entered Leo, the sign of government, where restrictive and authoritarian Saturn indicates Russia maintain its military presence at least until the Sun leaves Leo September 16.  Too, pressures in Georgia could come to another peak over the next week as the Sun approaches Saturn for its exact conjunction September 3.


Better This Fall

     With The Gauntlet over September 13, we can look forward to an interval of relative calm and favorable karmas for solutions to problems, wealth and expansion.  This results because abundant Jupiter will end its several month weak retrograde September 8, the Sun will pass Saturn September 4 and Mercury and Venus will pass Mars September 12.  Finally, Venus start to lift things up when it transits into its own sign of Libra September 19.  There will be a Mercury retrograde September 24 to October 16, but since Mercury is in its exalted sign of Virgo, it won't be difficult and actually helps by keeping Mercury in such a strong position another 3 weeks.  The planets' overall dispositions continue to be positive until fall -- until the Sun crashes into Mars December 1.

     Thereby, from September 13 until November 30, the transiting planets will be in generally favorable positions -- the first time really since August of 2007.  Take advantage of this window of opportunity to put your house in order, whether resolving real estate issues, paying off credit cards, getting out of your gas guzzler...

(Note; while not yet explained in The Celestial Wheel, in December Jupiter shifts into its fallen sign of Capricorn with toxic Rahu for a year -- harming wealth --; Saturn will do real damage in Leo next summer as it completes its transit there, and Mars will conjoin with Ketu again in October 2009.  These are terrible transit positions and indicate further economic travail.  Also, the U.S. chart begins its 7 year Mars cycle December 1 of this year, and the Mars cycle signals a depression -- as the U.S. chart's first Mars cycle did in the 1890s.  This was discussed in the August 7 Celestial Wheel, above.)

     The Presidential and Congressional campaigns leading up to the November 4 elections will also be favorably influenced by these positive planetary karmas.  Better than usual debates on real issues and less mud slinging are promised.  Perhaps event America's inhumane racism will abate enough to bring fair voting choices.  Analysis of the Presidential candidates and their running mates is another time-consuming project and thereby a candidate for underwriting by subscribers -- Contribution.


Tropical Storms Gustov & Hanna

     Below is the current Accuweather Satellite map showing Gustov approaching Cuba and likely headed into the Gulf of Mexico, where it would harm oil platforms and has already frightened everyone in New Orleans.  Hanna is headed toward northern Florida.


    These storms could be devastating.  The U.S. chart has finished its protective Jupiter subcycle.  The Moon is moving into harms way.  The country remains at risk from the continuing effects of the destructive August 1 solar eclipse.  This is another important target area for intense analysis that requires underwriting.  So, here's another opportunity to make a Contribution.


Please Support The Celestial Wheel

     In closing I personally regret having to make these repeated funding requests.  It feels like begging.  Unfortunately, only a handful have supported The Celestial Wheel financially since it became public in May 2007.  If folks come through, everyone benefits from better and more complete forecasting.  (Only by working together can we reverse the harms of G.W. Bush at the helm for 8 years and begin to restore America's promise.)  If not, then The Celestial Wheel will be configured back to a premium service in September, which will unfortunately limit public access but will yield moderate subscription revenues.

     Also, if you aren't aware of this, despite the extensive training, experience and skill required, Vedic astrologers are at the bottom end of the income scale.  It was much, much more rewarding to be a waiter and bartender through college and graduate school -- but the value of The Celestial Wheel is certainly greater than serving shrimp scampi and wine coolers to Florida tourists.


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August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustov -- A Solar Eclipse Effect

     The below was emailed directly to subscribers earlier today,

Dear subscribers,

Obviously, Hurricane Gustov has become a major storm and directly threatens Gulf oil rigs and the Gulf Coast area that includes New Orleans.  It is now a Category 3 hurricane with winds of 115 mph.

Here's the current Accuweather Satellite map showing Gustov's position well into the Gulf.  Accuweather states in its today forecast, Gustav is expected to strengthen later this afternoon into a strong Category 3, possibly a Category 4 hurricane before making landfall just before midday Monday along the southern coast of Louisiana, most likely in Terrebonne or Lafourche parish...Although Louisiana is bracing for the worst effects from Gustav, residents from the upper Texas coast to the western Florida Panhandle should pay close attention for any shifts in the forecast track.


Tropical storm Hanna is also shown in this map, just north of Cuba.  This same Accuweather forecast explains about Hanna, At 2:00 p.m. EDT Sunday, Tropical Storm Hanna was located near 23.5 north, 71.1 west, or 140 miles north of Grand Turk Island. Hanna is moving to the west at 12 mph with maximum-sustained winds estimated near 45 mph. ...Hanna continues to interact with an upper-level low to the west. The interaction should prevent Hanna from intensifying through Monday. While rapid strengthening is unlikely, Hanna could reach hurricane strength by Tuesday as it moves slowly to the west.

The August 28 Celestial Wheel offered this summary information about these tropical storms, These storms could be devastating.  The U.S. chart has finished its protective Jupiter subcycle.  The Moon is moving into harms wayThe country remains at risk from the continuing effects of the destructive August 1 solar eclipse.  Subscriber J.M. in New Mexico made a Celestial Wheel contribution underwriting this analysis.  Thank you.

The U.S. chart's Dasas (planetary cycles) are Moon/Sun/Saturn/Mercury from August 31 (today) through Thursday, September 4.  These are the underlying planetary karmas -- the river of life.  In the U.S. chart, Saturn is a difficult planet, which brings forth is destructive and loss-causing qualities.  Mercury is also problematic, for it's placement in the eighth house signals turmoil, even disaster. 

Below is the U.S. transit chart for today.  Transits are the positions of the planets in today's skies, secondary karmas that are like weather events on the Dasas river of life.  In considering tropical storms, this analogy is both figurative and literal.  We consider the transit positions of these Dasa planets to evaluate these weather events

U.S. Chart's Transits August 31, 2008

The Moon is currently afflicted by Saturn, and late today it shifts into the tenth house (Virgo), where it will be subject to Mars' violence.  The Moon stays in the tenth house (Virgo) until very early Tuesday morning.  This interval -- from late tonight all through Monday -- is dangerous, and it matches with the mid Monday landfall weather prediction.  As the Moon is the home, it is the key planet in evaluating storm damage.  The U.S. chart's Astrocartography also shows damage tomorrow, although this peaks a little later in the afternoon -- 3 PM.  This looks very bad.

Lunar home destruction eases off early Tuesday morning when the Moon enters the eleventh house.  Yet, there, it will be afflicted by an aspect from Saturn.  Expect continued damage until the Moon leaves the eleventh house Friday in the early afternoon.

The remaining Dasa planets -- Sun, Saturn and Mercury -- are also difficult in transit.  Saturn is harmful in the ninth house of fortune, and also, it harms the Sun, which is both a wealth planet for the U.S. and symbolizes government.  This adds planetary karma for loss of wealth and a powerless government.

Mercury is closely conjunct violent Mars, adding yet another destructive karma.

Taking all these influences together, Hurricane Gustov promises to inflict major damage tomorrow (Monday) and storm effects will abate but continue until Midday on Friday.  Hurricane Gustov appears to be the realization of the destruction indicated in the terrible August 1 solar eclipse.

At this time, it is difficult to judge what Tropical storm Hanna may do.  The challenging planetary karmas peak from tonight through early Tuesday morning, which suggests that if Hanna will intensify and threaten the coast as a hurricane, it would be during this interval.  This too is consistent with the weather forecast.  Hopefully, Hanna will come ashore as a tropical storm and only drench Florida's East Coast.  Still, all bets are off until Friday, September 5.


     As mentioned above, subscriber J.M. in New Mexico made a contribution underwriting this hurricane analysis.  Contributions have also come in from Florida, Arizona and California.  Thank you all for this leadership role inspiring other subscribers' support.  These enable keeping The Celestial Wheel available to the public.  Recall the discussion about the karma of personal reasonability in the August 11 entry, above.


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