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June 1 -- 30 , 2005



Doug Riemer
 Certified Vedic Astrologer
 Sedona, Arizona


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June 30

     Although the specific nature of and event (or events) signified by Mars conjoining with Rahu July 5 to 7 is not predicted, the June 23 Celestial Wheel noted, The only truly strange thing I've noticed is five really unusual aircraft crashes.  Rahu signifies science, advance technology and specifically aircraft.  Mars is, of course, machinery and equipment.

     Since then, four more aircraft crashes/problems have been reported:  1) private planes were stolen in Alabama and Connecticut (see Christian Science Monitor),  2) Walmart heir John Walton's ultralight plane crashed in Wyoming June 27,  3) on June 28, a Chinook helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan killing seventeen U.S. soldiers and  4) yesterday, a twin engine private plane strayed into DC airspace, causing the Capital and White House evacuations.  With aircraft mishaps now totaling nine during Mars/Rahu gathering energies, these may be a harbinger of the conjunction's peak effects during the Fourth of July holiday through July 7.

     Also, the June 28 Celestial wheel suggested NASA's upcoming July 4 attempt to shoot a probe into comet Tempel 1 will likely fail.  That result will give a further signal as to Mars/Rahu harms.

     Vedic Astrologer David Hawthorne offers insight in his June 30 -- July 6 Astroview newsletter, Mars transits Pisces from 18:25 to 23:02°.  Mars moves away from the aspect of Jupiter and into a conjunction with Rahu.  (This increases war, fires, surgery, accidents, and explosions.) 

     I have noticed too internet problems.    There was a virus spike late last week, spam volume has mushroomed and an undersea cable problem cut internet access in Pakistan June 28.  Ten million Pakistani internet subscribers won't have service until Saturday.   

     Expect recent elevated violence in Iraq to continue and increase during the next several days.  The Mars/Rahu transit occurs in Iraq's eighth house of turmoil and calamity.  This plays in contretemps to G.W. Bush's assurances in his June 28 major speech asserting great progress there -- dooming his effort to rally the nation behind him.

     Keep in mind that the summer season brings Atlantic hurricanes and forest fires in the western U.S.  These natural disasters should therefore not be attributed to Mars/Rahu, unless, of course, any become massively destructive. 




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June 28

     Today and tomorrow are sensitive dates for the antagonistic Mars/Rahu conjunction, which will peak July 5 - 7.  (See the June 21 Celestial Wheel, below.)   Today (Tuesday) is Mars' day of the week, and the all-important Moon is in Pisces now, riled up by Mars/Rahu.  The emotional Moon continues in Pisces through late afternoon tomorrow. 

     I personally already experienced this elevated strife twice.  First, a man calling at 10 PM last evening from 808 area code (Hawaii) went ballistic when I politely asked who was calling at that late hour.  Then, at 4:30 AM, a young woman called looking for a friend and then kept insisting she had the right number.  I surrendered to begin composing this Celestial Wheel at 6 AM.  

     Iraq, being a half day ahead of the eastern U.S., saw another violence spike yesterday.  Concomitantly, traders' supply fears pushed oil past the $60 per barrel barrier, demonstrating the psychological side of Rahu's eclipsing shadow harming Mars' courage.  The point here is that the objective reality of difficult events is amplified by the subjective reality of exaggerated response.  The suggestion is to avoid confrontation in your personal lives and try not to overreact to news reports. 

     I got a real kick out of a Mars/Rahu excited Jon Stewart (The Daily Show) comparing Cheney's claim the Iraq insurgency is in its last throes to Rumsfeld's statement the insurgency could last a dozen years.

     G.W. Bush's prime time speech tonight on the Iraq war appears doomed with the Moon exactly conjunct Mars at 8 PM EDT -- and thereafter sandwiched between Mars and Rahu.  For Bush, Jupiter rules his sixth house of enemies, which has been harmed by Saturn, Ketu and is currently under increasingly intense fire by Mars/Rahu.  Again, I've predicted for years that Iraq is Bush's great misadventure

     Although celebrities' antics are generally newsworthy only as entertainment, Tom Cruise's Scientology-inspired denunciation of psychiatry display's Mars/Rahu excess in the context of the United States chart's current elevated (and sexually repressive) religious mysticism.

     Cruise's birth time is not public, but I did a quick rectification to yield this Libra rising chart.  It shows the tremendous acting career, wealth, and charismatic beauty.  It also, however, reveals the sexual identity issue, emotional volatility and religious cultism -- all activated now in a Venus with Rahu planetary cycles.  Mars/Rahu, transiting Cruise's sixth house of enemies, stimulates his battling.  Saturn, now transiting his tenth house for the next two years, harms Cruise's reputation, causes depression and makes him an old man.  Like Wacko Jacko, Cruise falls from his pinnacle of success.


     On July 4, NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft will reach comet Tempel 1, a distant 80 million miles away.  Then, it will attempt to shoot an 820 pound copper probe (called Impactor) into the comet to reveal its interior.  I have no idea why this dramatic space event has not been well publicized.  A Sedona New Ager recently alterted me, claiming NASA will fire an nuclear bomb at the comet, upsetting the entire universe.  I found this My Way News' June 26 article, Fireworks Likely When NASA Blows Up Comet, in yesterday's Drudge Report.  Hitting the comet is a enormously difficult task, which will likely fail due to Rahu's harm to Mars (machinery).

     Today, NASA finally posted an article about this space voyage.  Below is an artist's rendering of Deep Impact approaching Tempel 1.



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June 23

     Yesterday, NPR commentator Daniel Shore, in describing the administration's setbacks, predicted this to be, Bush's summer of discontent.  He was almost right, failing only to look far enough ahead -- see Mars' Summer & Fall Of Discontent.   Also, it's intriguing when public figures repeat descriptive terms I've used in forecasting.  I recall this happened last year when politicians began talking about Iraq being, Bush's Great Misadventure, a term I had coined in 2003.  Here's Mark Firoe's latest political cartoon, Rewriting Reality, which also seems prescient, 

     There's naturally some intuition involved in forecasting, something everyone has but which only some acknowledge, and even fewer use effectively.  I laugh at myself when, from time to time, I observe that my old Lincoln has been running well.  And then a day or two later, something breaks.

     Intuition came forward for yesterday's Celestial Wheel, alerting again to Mars/Rahu effects because a few folks I encountered were very distracted and experiencing untoward and mystifying challenges.  This morning's e-mail included the following from Subscriber P.W.. in New Mexico,


     This has been the month from hell. Please make it stop!!!! (If only you could...).

     Usually I have to touch electronic equipment to make it crash, now things are self destructing without any help from me. It took me 5 days to download my Norton Security Update, my palm pilot lost all of its downloads, then gave me a difficult time to re-establish.  

     Mom and Dad were sick. I've been coughing, in spite of treatment, for 5 weeks. My plants are dying simultaneously from under and over watering. My water got turned off yesterday for nonpayment but I had never received a bill because they were mailing them to the wrong address. My mortgage company was trying to take an automatic deduction for my payment from someone else's account. Medicare computer suddenly doesn't recognize my mother's social security number and birth date. And who knows what other things have happened that I haven't mentioned or have yet to find out about!  

     Thought you might want to hear me whine.


     This however, is in no way critical of P.W., although I would encourage her and everyone else to employ Vedic remedies now.  These can truly ease discomfort and buffer us from challenge.  So, if you have a Vedic gemstone in your jewelry box, put it on.  Most of you have also been given the planetary mantras, which can be very effective to counteract excess malevolence.  Ayurvedic techniques to propitiate the planets can also be helpful.  {Just doing charity for poor old or young people on Saturday (Saturn's day) can be helpful.}  Too, for P.W.. who left Cave Creek, Arizona last year, there's a major forest fire burning there right now.  So, at least she's dodged house-burning karma.    

     My suggestion is to empower your intuition and to pay attention to insights you receive -- to help you avoid impulsive actions bringing loss.  Step back from  Mars/Rahu intensified desire, for this blocks intuition and stimulates a false sense of free will.  Spiritual practices -- meditation, yoga...  -- are indispensable now.  Fated influences are teaching us all lessons in acceptance and detachment. 

     It is also useful now to understand that whatever challenges we face individually, the Bush administration is failing on every front, reaping the consequences of its Gilded Age policies.  The public, and government officials too, are increasingly objecting to and rejecting Bush's neoconservative philosophy.  So, whatever harms we may individually experience, if the planetary karmas de fang G.W. Bush, the net effect would be tremendously beneficial.

     I do, however, share the concern, about which I quoted Subscriber S.D. from New Maryland in Tuesday's Celestial Wheel, below.  Bush's chart indicates that emerging enemies, his sensitivity to criticism and penchant for revenge may cause a destructive temper-tantrum during the July 5 - 7 Mars/Rahu peak -- that he will try to hurt some innocent people (again) to divert scrutiny.  Mars/Rahu brings fury when desires are blocked.  This peak hits Bush's July 6 birthday, when five transit planets returning on his birthchart planets, indicating some sort of rebirth.  In order to be re-born, one first has to die in some way.

     I had an intuitive hit last year, and then again last week, about Senator Joe Biden running for President.  Biden announced his candidacy earlier this week. 

     Here's Biden's chart.  He's running his eighteen year Rahu cycle (1988 - 2006).  Biden's tenth house Rahu brings a big career serving the public, and this sign of Leo symbolizes government.  Further, last February 22, transit Rahu moved into his fifth, the house symbolizing government.

     In September 2006, Biden enters his truly great sixteen year Jupiter cycle.  His Jupiter rules the second hour of speech, the  fifth house of government and is exalted in the ninth house of fortune.  Although I haven't yet fully delineated Biden's chart, it certainly appears that he's one to watch.

Joe Biden  

     While I'm not (yet) saying that Biden, with his clarity, focus and tremendous communications skills is our White Knight on the horizon, his candidacy is an encouraging possibility.  Biden's chart is certainly stronger than John Kerry's and does not suffer from Kerry's verbal vacilations. 

     Bush's being discredited will produce a leadership vacuum that a strong and truly democratic leader, like Biden, could fill.  In this regard, Hillary Clinton would fall by the wayside.  Although Hillary's birth time has previously not been known, astrodatabank now reports  8 PM, while also citing a conflicting early morning birth time report.   An 8:00 PM birth time results in Hillary's twenty year Venus cycle ending in December 2006, fitting her rise but also being victimized by Bill.  Then, her six year Sun cycle begins, which is negative for the Sun being weak in its fallen sign of Libra.  Regardless of when Hillary was born, however, the upcoming July 21 -- February 5 Mars/Saturn struggle hits her Mars/Saturn conjunction in Cancer, which must cause her all sorts of problems.  Besides, simple common sense tells us that despite Hillary's popularity, the nation won't put Bill back in the White House. 

    In closing, I've been betwixt and between about further predictive work using the many charts I have for nations and U.S. leaders.  This Mars/Rahu energy is simply too distracting to see the type of calamity due to occur in early July, though I'm sticking with predicting that event puncturing the real estate bubble.  

     There are simply too many areas of vulnerability to even make an intuitive guess.  Also, as the world is truly becoming global, unknown foreign influences operate.  The only truly strange thing I've noticed is five really unusual aircraft crashes.  Since Mars/Rahu harms began after June 6, a tour helicopter fell into New York Harbor, an old DC3 cargo plane made a forced landing on a Florida city street and a Harrier Jet crashed in a Phoenix suburb.  Yesterday, a U2 spy plane, on a mission over Afghanistan, crashed in the United Arab Emirates, and Tuesday the Russian/U.S. spacecraft launch failed.  The astrological explanation for these crashes is that Rahu is airplanes, Venus is vehicles and both have been afflicted by violent Mars.  While as of today, Venus has transited out of Gemini (out of Mars' glare), its position in Cancer puts it conjunct Saturn through mid July.  At 9-11, Mars afflicted Rahu, and Venus was afflicted by Saturn, which in representing the masses, killed airline passengers and people on the ground.  Yet, even though I should trust my intuition here, I just don't know if the recent unusual aircraft crashes are a harbinger...

     Still, I reinforce my suggestion to stay at home during the first ten days of July, rather than be traveling when a catastrophe may occur.  If you must travel, avoid airplanes.




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June 21

     Since early April, I've written extensively about the Mars/Rahu conjunction in Pisces and the consequent energy peak on or about July 7, when Mars reaches Rahu.  The last two In-depth Forecasts, #62  A Not So Far Horizon and #63  Mars' Summer & Fall Of Discontent, examined and detailed this challenging Mars transit.  Celestial Wheel commentary has added observations on early Mars/Rahu effects. 

     This conjunction (both planets in Pisces) began June 6, when Mars first entered Pisces, where slow-moving Rahu continues.  {In Vedic Astrology, a conjunction occurs when two planets are in the same sign, regardless of how far apart they are  -- like turning on a light in the corner of a room illuminates the entire room.}  Rahu's inflammatory influence on Mars' aggressive and violent nature naturally increases as Mars' forward motion and Rahu's backward motion bring them quickly together -- a head-on collision.

     The reason I'm bringing this up again is twofold.  First, Mars/Rahu is so distracting that at least some Subscribers haven't grasped my writings.  {This is partly my fault, for I'm distracted as well.  When I re-read the June 13 Celestial Wheel, I confused myself by the sometimes tortured composition!}  Second, the conjunction has demonstrated more aggravation, toxicity and destruction than I had anticipated.  Its virulence is not limited to the period around July 7, but rather began soon after Mars entered Pisces June 6 -- and it increases daily as these planets draw closer together.  

     The media has certainly been full of building conflict since June 6.  I've also seen recently that individuals are being significantly impacted by the Mars/Rahu energy, even though these planets are yet far apart.  As of today, fourteen degrees separates them.  I've heard of objective challenges in business, health, relationship and also subjective issues bringing confusion and depression -- from Subscribers, clients and friends.


     Here again is the chart for July 7, a visual to reinforce the verbiage.  Rahu's energy inflames Mars in Pisces.  Mars' aspect to Jupiter in Virgo is thereby turbo-charged, greatly harming the planet of wealth.

     We saw these Mars/Rahu harms last Tuesday (Mars' day of the week), when the all-important Moon was transiting Virgo.  Then, horrific bombings in Iraq and the San Francisco earthquake hit.  Upcoming dates of particular difficulty are:

     Saturday, June 25

     Tuesday and Wednesday June 28,29

     Tuesday - Thursday July 5 - 7

     Knowing these sensitive dates gives you the opportunity to avoid or minimize challenge directly affecting you and/or indirectly impacting you through the actions of others.

    In closing, Subscriber S.D. in New Jersey offered the following sober observation, Unfortunately for me, the distrust that I have for this administration makes me wonder if it will not try to hurt some innocent people (again) to divert scrutiny from itself.   The fear and lack of freedom that this country is experiencing even for inquiry is really startling.   This is a point we should all take seriously, even as it is also true that trends since January have de fanged the dragon in our midst.  I just hope Bush et. all don't do something untoward out of desperation.




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Doug Riemer


(The research and composition for the Celestial Wheel is underwritten by paid subscribers. 

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June 15

     Forecasting trends is naturally easier than predicting events, especially if the latter are specific.  I learned this lesson the hardest way in last fall's presidential election.  When I then examined the U.S. chart, I discovered the underlying karma of the ten year Moon planetary cycle (Dasa), bringing this second Gilded Age.  This deeper karmic current for the nation inevitably propelled G.W. Bush to victory. 

#58a  Part I  The United States Through Its Planetary Cycles  (12/2/04) 

  #58b  Part II  The United States Through It's Planetary Cycles  (12/2/04)

     While I was wrong on the election event, I'm correct on the trend that now seems inconvertible in light of unfolding history and commentary by historians and reports.  More and more, comparisons with the first Gilded Age, which peaked in the 1880s, are being publicized.  I listed six such references in the April 21, Celestial Wheel.  There are more writers making this connection daily.

     As each incarnation is a journey of learning, I've consequently been more circumspect in forecasting, with the result that forecasting efforts since January have accurately identified trends.  In this regard, I've been treading gently on the Mars/Rahu conjunction July 7 and Mars' following six month transit in Aries beginning July 21.  I've only predicted that real estate, which underpins current economic growth in the U.S., will fall due to a triggering event around July 7, that then actualizes after July 21 through early February 2006.

     In the June 13 Celestial Wheel, I commented, With Mars in Pisces since early June, Mars and Rahu have been already afflicting each other for over a week; as they daily grow closer, the pressure increases -- to their head-on July 7 collision

     Yesterday was Tuesday, Mars' day of the week, but I did not foresee much happening because the all-important Moon was safely in Leo until 7:30 PM, Pacific Daylight Time.  Here in Sedona, we're on Mountain Standard time, which is the same as California in the summer.   I didn't pay attention to Iraq being -3 hours, compared with the +7 hours for California -- a 10 hour difference.   Therefore, the all-important Moon entered Virgo at 9:30 AM Iraq time, bringing it into the Mars/Rahu glare and stimulating horrific bombings then.  With the Moon continuing in Virgo today, there are already reports of more bombings in Iraq, these killing 27.  Also, the earthquake off the San Francisco coast yesterday occurred at 7:50 PM, just as the Moon moved into Virgo.  Mars Tuesday, then, was indeed a difficult day, if one includes attention to the Moon.  As that strife -- Iraq and the earthquake, among others -- occurred when the Moon was also afflicted by Mars, points to paying the more attention to this planet symbolizing prana, breath, and thereby life itself.  9-11 was a Mars Tuesday, when Mars/Ketu in Sagittarius conjoined to aspect Jupiter/Rahu in Gemini, when the Moon too was in Gemini.

     From yesterday's events, we can better understand two things.  First, we can now appreciate how difficult the upcoming Mars/Rahu conjunction is and will be.  As Chicken Little said, The Sky is Falling.   Second, the Moon's position must be pivotal in the timing of Mars/Rahu harms. 

     On July 7, as shown in the chart displayed in Monday's Celestial Wheel, below, the Moon will be in Cancer, afflicted by Saturn, but not by Mars.   I've equivocated about whether July 7 is the exact date for an event triggering a trend for real estate to fall:  the 7th is a Thursday, lucky Jupiter's day, and the Moon will not be in Mars' gunsight then.  Wednesday, July 6, is Mercury's (communications) day, and then the new Moon will be conjunct the Sun in Gemini, from which both these planets will be exactly aspected by Mars.  On July 5, Mars Tuesday, the Moon will be in early Gemini, not yet exactly aspected by Mars.  Thereby, there is no day in early July when the violent Mars/Rahu conjunction matches up exactly with Mars Tuesday (or Saturn Saturday) and the Moon.  Yet, as stated above, yesterday's violence among men and in the earth's crust are a precursor to violence ahead in early July.  I'll look further by analyzing charts for the U.S. Bush, his appointees and nations charts in the Mideast to better identify the when and where qualities of the Mars/Rahu conjunction and report my findings to you.

     The Forecast, #60  The First Baby-Boomers discussed the positions of Rahu and Mars as bringing a powerful group of leaders through the nineties and the first decade of the new millennium.  This suggests there are specific intervals during which people born share certain potent traits, and these can be identified when public figures face challenge. 

     One of these birth time intervals is mid November, 1948, when Venus was almost exactly fallen, a weak Mars afflicted Jupiter, and Mercury was conjunct Ketu and aspected by Saturn.  In the February 26 Celestial Wheel, I predicted Prince Charles' (born November 14) would experience problems with his upcoming wedding,  These culminated in the Pope's funeral, requiring him to marry a day later.  The reason the difficult karma in this chart occurred then was that dissolving Ketu was hovering over his Venus.  I discussed this further in the April 7 Celestial Wheel.  Later in the April 21 Celestial Wheel, I noted that John Bolton's November 20, 1948 birth date similarly causes him problems:  Expect, then, that Bolton will continue to experience Senate approval problems for the next several weeks.  Also, since Bolton is running his seven year Ketu cycle, he may be rejected.  This is because Ketu is the past, and it's Bolton's past misdeeds that Ketu brings into the present to discredit him

     Still today, Bolton is embroiled in controversy and not yet approved by the Senate as the ambassador to the U.N.   The new information offered here is that Howard Dean is also in this group, being born on November 17, 1948, and too is suffering.  For all three fellows, Mars/Jupiter brings a controversial advocate, Mercury/Ketu/Saturn stimulates for tremendous focus (which then breaks apart) and Venus lacks success and contentment.  Ketu on Venus thereby kicked off problems for all three men.  This astrologer was born on November 19; I haven't escaped the challenging karma, although knowing of it eases the strain.  Further, if I've read my chart correctly, my star rises next fall, and you Subscribers will then be able to impress your friends by telling them you knew about the upcoming real estate fall because you subscribe to this obscure forecasting service.  (I'm not, however, making further predictions about Howard Dean and John Bolton, though I empathize with their plight and would encourage their subscribing!)


     Today's Washington Post leader editorial, Iraq, Then and Now, justifies its position of reporting little on the Downing Street Memos about the Iraq invasion having been agreed upon by G.W. Bush and Tony Blair by July 2002.  The Post claims these memos don't add any new facts and further that the Post reported comprehensively about these plans at the time.  Gee, I don't remember those articles because they were not on the front page.  Any were minor reports, buried in later pages and sections to avoid offending the administration.   I do remember, however, writing my first serious Forecast on July 21, 2002, titled August 2002 -- July 2003, in which I stated,

     There is one period this winter, however, that will threaten and perhaps even overwhelm hard-won gains in wealth, peace and stability.  Beginning January 7, 2003, Saturn will retrograde back into Taurus, rejoining Rahu to precipitate more victimizing. On the exact same day, Mars will enter Scorpio, joining Ketu, which was the combination bringing violence on 9-11.  (Note, the Moon, symbolizing the benefits in life, is sandwiched between Mars and Ketu that day at 10:14 Am, EST in Scorpio, its fallen constellation.)  While the entire Mars transit through Scorpio until February 23 is threatening, January 27 can bring a violent calamity or even the beginning of the invasion of Iraq.

     Again, I was correct on the trend but not the timing on the event.  G.W. Bush did want to invade Iraq then, but Colin Powell's insistence upon U.N. review delayed the attack.  However, the Challenger Shuttle disaster did occur, just a few days later, due to damage that occured on or before January 27.

     The Post editorial stated, ...Mr. Bush, Vice President Cheney and other administration spokesmen exaggerated the threat from Iraq to justify the elimination of its noxious regime. followed by, ...U.S. and British intelligence agencies genuinely believed Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and that they were not led to that judgment by the Bush administration.  This is amazing double-speak -- The Post contends that Bush's believing Iraq had WMD somehow permitted him to exaggerate the threat, allowing the Great Salesman to sell his war to Congress, the public, and of course, the media.  (Keep in mind that Bill Clinton had the same WMD intelligence information.  He chose not to invade Iraq for lack of verifiable intelligence.)  This discussion is obviously commentary on my part, but it does relate to this second Gilded Age, for the national press didn't object during the first Gilded Age either, when popular protests were ignored.  Truthout offers another view on these incriminating British memos in Full Text of British Briefing Papers Revealed More Evidence Intel Was Fixed.  This article includes the original memos.  Read them yourself to judge whether Washington Post is CYA or is actually doing its job.

     Michael Jackson's acquittal is another interesting example of correctly predicting trends but not events.  In the April 7 Celestial Wheel, I stated,

     In the March 14 Celestial Wheel, I had stated, Michael Jackson is guilty and will likely go to jail.  I predicted this in the December 13, 2003 In-depth Forecast, #37 Vedic Vignettes.  He's at greatest risk of a guilty verdict bringing imprisonment during a Mars subcycle from April 4 to June 1.  Apparently this trial will drag on for several more months, ending well after the Mars subcycle is completed.  However, the prediction for his being found guilty is unchanged.

     Looking back at Vedic Vignettes, Section III  Is Michael Jackson Guilty?? concluded simply with,

Michael has been running his long Mercury cycle since 1989, and the first child molestation charge was made just 2 years later.  Currently, his subcycle planet is his degraded Saturn.  He is guilty.   There is general agreement, even by jury members, that Jackson is a pervert, but since his verdict came after the end of his Mars subcycle June 1, he was able to avoid jail, a guilty verdict, just like O.J. Simpson was obviously guilty but escaped jail.  What Michael Jackson cannot escape, however, are the natural consequences of his pedophilia, now the world's best known dirty laundry.  He will suffer for this -- in both his career being over and tremendous financial loss during Mars six month Aries transit.  The king of pop, unlike Elvis, the king of rock and roll, is gone from the world stage, and the world is better for it.



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June 13

     Last Tuesday's Celestial Wheel discussed increased visibility of planets in the night sky.  The crescent Moon joined Venus in Gemini that night and the next.  (See the chart displayed in that June 7 Celestial Wheel, below.)  Last evening I glanced up to see the Moon having advanced into Leo, and also waxing toward 1/2 half full.  Tomorrow evening the Moon will move into Virgo, its crescent looking like an old video game munchy mouth, closing in to bite bright Jupiter.  Wednesday evening, the Moon will pass Jupiter and advance toward the bright star Spica.

     The Moon will continue to wax until it becomes full June 21, marking the summer solstice, when daylight hours will then begin to shorten.  The summer solstice Moon will be in Sagittarius, a sign ruled by Jupiter, making it generally favorable and expansive.

     Beginning Friday, June 17, fast moving Mercury will join Venus as an early evening star in Gemini, with sluggish Saturn just above in Cancer.  Mercury and Venus will rise higher in the sky each night following, as they advance toward Saturn.  After the June 21 summer solstice, first Venus, then Mercury will move into Cancer, and on June 26, Venus, Mercury and Saturn will all be conjunct.  Benefics Venus and Mercury are harmed by restrictive and separative Saturn.

     Mars, the planet to watch (both astronomically and astrologically), continues as a brightening morning star in the west as it moves through Pisces toward Rahu -- the head of the dragon.  As an eclipse point, Rahu is naturally invisible. 

     In fact, Rahu and Ketu are called Chaya Grahas (shadow planets), describing their role as shadows blocking the light of the Sun and the Moon in eclipses.  But, they also serve to eclipse planets which cross them.  Rahu acts to inflame, while Ketu dissolves. 

     Thus, Mars' July 7 conjoining with Rahu in Pisces stimulates' Martian rage.  Ketu will not be closely conjunct Jupiter in the opposite sign of Virgo, but it still acts to dissolve Jupiter's wealth, luck and fortune.  Note also that Rahu and Ketu move backwards.  This results in Mars and Rahu racing toward each other, like cars in opposite directions rushing toward a more destructive head-on collision -- and Jupiter/Ketu doing the same. 



     Here again is the transit chart for July 7, as first published in the Mars' Summer And Fall Of Discontent Forecast.

     Following the June 21 summer solstice, the Moon will have waned, become new in Gemini (conjunct the Sun) and begun waxing in Cancer.

There, Venus and Saturn will have passed their June 26 conjunction with Saturn.  Because Venus and Mercury move at about the same speed, they will continue together.  Saturn thus stifles these three benefics:  Moon, Venus and Mercury.

     Saturn also aspects Jupiter, (three houses away) adding its restrictive harm to that of Ketu's dissolving destruction.  Mars, inflamed by Rahu, also aspects Jupiter, bringing the malefic influences upon the great benefic to three.  In Vedic Astrology, when a planet is harmed three times, it is said to be spoiled.

     Since January, we've witnessed growing discord in the world and building resistance at home to the natural consequences of G.W. Bush's poor policies and his stubborn adherence to the neocon/evangelical agenda.  With Mars in Pisces since early June, Mars and Rahu have been already afflicting each other for over a week; as they daily grow closer, the pressure increases -- to their head-on July 7 collision.   Similarly, since Jupiter ended its retrograde June 5 and began forward motion, Jupiter and Ketu are moving toward each other.  Expect the level of turbulence in the world to follow this gathering planetary conflagration through early July.

     One Vedic Astrologer suggested the Mars/Rahu conjunction will be beneficial, for their last conjunction in Pisces in January 1987 saw a rise in the stock market.  However, Jupiter was not injured then, and its being triple-harmed this July must truly spoil it.  Still, keep in mind the Mars/Rahu conjunction is predicted only to be a storm triggering an economic climate change, which Mars will later carry out during its extended six month stay in Aries beginning July 21. 

     In a sense, it is fortuitous that the planets are so visible this summer, enabling us to better connect with the cosmos.  We can take comfort during this uncertain time in the planets' certain timelessness and in the reality that we all circle the Sun together.  Whatever will happen July 7 and during the following months, is out of our hands.  The fate indicated by the planetary dispositions this summer was set when the solar system formed.  Also, whatever happens is temporary, a single click in the cosmic clock.  The world does not end.  Although no one of good heart welcomes suffering, and nobody can shift the planets, it's better for celestial fate to lance the boil this July than for the infection to continue -- for the longer the U.S. remains on its unsustainable path, the more destructive the inevitable reversal must become.



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June 7

     Because Vedic Astrology measures actual astronomical positions, there are times when planets become beacons in the night sky which we can enjoy -- encouraging us to reconnect our awareness to the celestial map.  This summer is such a period. 

     The ancient Indians naturally viewed astronomy and astrology as interconnected studies.  Upon the birth of a child, the astronomer/astrologer would climb an observatory  and observe the planets in the night sky to draw the chart.  The Celestial Wheel graphic above shows one of these astronomical observatories in Jaipur, India.  See How It All Began on the Essays page of my website.

     Modern Vedic astrology texts and teachings ignore this astronomical linkage.  Published astronomy tables replaced celestial observations in the nineteenth century for chart calculations.  Since the 1980's, astrology computer programs have obviated any use astronomical measurements.  The below discussion, resting on my very basic knowledge the planetary movements through the constellations (signs), aims to reconnect astronomy with astrology to help us recognize our intimate link to the cosmos, to remind us there is indeed order in the universe.


    The chart to the right shows the planets' transit positions for tomorrow.  Note that the planets move clockwise through the constellations in this graphic form.

     In late March, Venus was hidden behind the Sun in Pisces (top left corner), blocking its light.  This is descriptively termed combustion in Vedic Astrology.  So the Pope and other Venusian people passed on, or, in Michael Jackson's case, were harmed.  (Venus is both the grace of God and the arts.)  Since then, Venus has moved ahead of the Sun, and is now sufficiently away from the solar glare that it becomes visible this evening.  That Venus is now an astronomical evening star in Gemini (top right corner), is thereby naturally auspicious in Vedic Astrology.

     The Moon is new, having just passed the Sun in its waxing phase.  This crescent Moon is beautifully conjunct Venus tonight and tomorrow in Gemini.  Don't miss it's heartening glow.      

     Venus will continue to move away from the Sun this summer, rising later and brightening as the Sun illuminates a greater portion of its sphere.

     Incidentally, my chart is Libra rising, ruled by Venus.  Consequently, I was invisible this spring, when Venus was combust the Sun.  This is also why my forecasting efforts were cut back.  Now that Venus is free of the Sun, ( its being visible again as an evening star gives astronomical confirmation), I am more visible to others, and my writing will increase.  Further, as my forecasting is an expression of my public self, you Subscribers will again begin to read and better grasp my predictions.  This is why the in-depth Forecast, #63 Mars' Summer And Fall Of Discontent was delayed.  That Forecast, by the way, was difficult to compose, both for my Venus having been blocked, and for the complexity of the unfolding planetary karmas.  One of my editors is also a Venus person -- for his Taurus rising chart.  That his Venus now free of the Sun, enabled his offering the insight needed to clarify this Forecast.  He has well earned the moniker, Deep Thought.  Another of my editors commented this morning about this Forecast, It's extra pithy, and when I sit down to read it, I find I lack the concentration I need.  So - I'm taking it in small bites.

This is a useful suggestion to pass onto you Subscribers.

     Mercury has similarly been combust the Sun in Pisces and will also emerge as an evening star in Cancer in late June.  There, Mercury will join Venus, and also Saturn.  In fact, on June 26,  Venus, Mercury and Saturn will be conjunct.  When Mercury begins its semiannual retrograde July 23, it will slip back under the Sun's glare and become invisible again.

     Mars is also visible now, but it's located in Pisces, before the Sun, which rises in Taurus.  The red planet is thereby a before-dawn morning star.  Opposite Mars is Jupiter in Virgo, making this planet naturally visible in the evening.  Since Jupiter in Virgo is beyond Venus in Gemini, it is higher in the night sky.

     Recent forecasting has discussed Mars moving into Aries July 21, and how a retrograde beginning in October 2 will keep Mars in Aries until February 3.

     The graphic to the right, courtesy of NASA, shows the orbits of the Earth and Mars on October 31, when the faster-moving Earth will have caught up with Mars, which happens about once every two years.  As the Earth gets close to Mars in early October, Mars will appear to begin moving backwards  -- like a car you overtake and pass on a highway.  So, while Mars will then nearly completed its Aries transit, the retrograde motion takes it back to the middle of Aries, lengthening its transit there.


     Also, as the Earth approaches Mars, the red planet will continuously brighten, for from our angle of view, the Sun's will more fully illuminate Mars' disk.  (Venus is doing the same, as noted above.)  Astrology finds that the longer a planet stays in a sign, the more potent and enduring its effects become.  This is mirrored in the astronomy of Mars becoming brighter during this interval.

     The astrology for Mars upcoming six month stay in Aries brings challenge, as discussed in the June 6 In-depth Forecast, #63 Mars' Summer And Fall Of Discontent.  This astronomy also influences NASA's exploration of Mars, as explained in its Approaching Mars article, Mindful of that, NASA plans to launch the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) on August 10th, 2005. Because it takes 6+ months to reach Mars, the best time to start the trip is a month or so before closest approach -- thus, August.  Astrologically, this is not the best time to launch a Mars spacecraft, suggesting problems with that voyage.

     As summer encourages being outside and looking up at the night sky, I'll continue to reference the planets' visible astronomical positions to their astrological significance.  These tangible connections to the intangibles of Vedic Astrology will assist us all in grasping the subtle but undeniable influences of an ordered universe.



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