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November 27

The Planets As Living Symbols

     To many Vedic Astrologers, the planets' complex symboloty gradually evolve into living symbols.  If one is a Hindu, the symbolism is enriched by the culture, notably in its plethora of deities that represent the many aspects of their single God. 

     Still, even for Westerners practicing Vedic Astrology, the experience of dealing with the planets' manifold influences upon individual charts and world events breathes an organic quality into their symbolism. 

     This may appear similar, but is certainly not the same, as the denotations and connotations of words arising out of cultural influences.  That a person is Venusian means much more to a Vedic Astrologer than an American stating that he's a southerner, or a conservative.  Perhaps the concept of Gaia, the Greek goddess of the earth, in symbolizing the earth, more closely approximates the natures and qualities of the planets.

     It was therefore gratifying to read the November 9 Science@NASA article, Is the Moon Still Alive?  That the Moon, long believed to be geologically inactive, is still volcanic, like the earth, adds astronomical dynamism to the astrological symbolism.  The Sun is the source of all energy, and the Moon only a reflection of that energy.  But without the warming Sun and the Moon there would be no life -- for the Moon is the mother, fertility, the woman's monthly cycle, the breasts, the benefits in life...  There's another astronomical link here, for the Moon stimulate the ocean tides, without which life would not have been engendered along the shoreline.

     In closing, if we can comprehend the planets as living symbols, it is easier to incorporate them into the understanding that there is indeed order in the universe.


Mars Tuesday

     The Celestial Wheel focuses upon the various planets as their influences are definitive in mundane (world) astrology, as well as being prominent in all personal charts.

     In this regard, Mars has often been discussed, usually because its aggressive energy acts to trigger events. 

     Mars is Pitta (fiery) and the blood (hot-blooded).  Mars is the planet of war, the soldier and his weapons.  He is the muscles, naturally competitive and sports, which is an acceptable and relatively peaceful way to convert humanity's Martian violence into symbolic warfare.  (Still, Mars injures athletes and sometimes even kills them.) 

     Mars is violence, temper and anger, but also logic in achieving his ends, though not caring about the means.  When associated with the placid Moon, for example, Mars stimulates ends which are not necessarily legitimate or may appeal to base needs.  Mars is also adventures, impatience, courage and sex.  Opposite Venus's receptive energy, Mars is projective energy -- like an arrow or a bullet is a projectile.  The sex act itself is male Mars' sexual organ projecting itself into the receptive Venusian female sex organ. 

     These descriptions flesh out Mars' symbolism to some degree, which better introduces Mars' energy peak tomorrow.  Tuesday is Mars' day of the week, when he's strongest, and tomorrow is also the day that Mars projects himself across the line between Venusian Libra and Mars' own sign of Scorpio. 

     While Mars is naturally comfortable in Scorpio, and that constellation (sign) stimulates his high qualities like courage and ambition, he's also very powerful there, meaning his destructive and aggressive qualities must also express themselves.  Too, impatient Mars doesn't wait to act until he's in the middle of a sign, like Jupiter, or the end like slow Saturn.  Mars pounces as soon as he enters a sign, sometimes even before he gets beyond the weak beginning one to two degrees (called Sandhi - meaning dead).

     So, take care tomorrow, being aware of a possible Martian attack of some sort -- machines breaking, cuts, infections, arguments..* Also transiting Scorpio are Jupiter, which uplifts his energy to do good, but can also result in overspending.  The fiery Sun is in Scorpio as well, which stimulates the warrior and gives women a masculine disposition.  Last, Venus is in Scorpio, and its combination with Mars stresses relationship and can break vehicles, which Venus symbolizes.  Thus, there's a temporary stellium in Scorpio -- Malefics Mars and Sun and benefic Venus and Jupiter -- a mixed bag but still the intensity of four cats in a bag.

     There's another factor to add.  The all-important perceptional Moon will close-in on Rahu in the evening, which will overly stimulate the emotions.  This together with Mars entering Scorpio can stimulate emotionally driven aggression but also excessive emotional response -- fear.

     Expect too discord and violence spiking internationally, especially in the Mideast, which is going through it predicted culmination.  Admittedly, every day recently has seen Mideast violence escalating and spreading.  So tomorrow may appear to be just more of the same, even though it actually will be much more of the same.

{*For this astrologer, when Mars is destructive, it influences he birthchart Jupiter and Moon, both of which are Kapha (water) and the Moon is the home.  Plumbing or other water problems of some sort inevitably occur.}




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November 23

ImportedTurkey Day

     Although all of us still have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, the table is increasing tilting away -- unless you happen to be in the Second Gilded Age's moneyed elite, in which, 1% now takes in an astounding 16% of national income, up from 8% in 1980

     Somewhat surprisingly, this criticism comes from Jim Webb*, the Republican-turned-Democrat former Navy Admiral and war novel author whose win in Virginia gave the Democrats control of the Senate.  Even more unusual is Webb's egalitarian philosophy that, It should be the first order of business for the new Congress to begin addressing these divisions, and to work to bring true fairness back to economic life, was published in the November 15 Wall Street Journal! (See Class Struggle -- American workers have a chance to be heard

     Webb hits the bulls eye by targeting the now chronic malaise in America, that, The most important -- and unfortunately the least debated -- issue in politics today is our society's steady drift toward a class-based system, the likes of which we have not seen since the 19th century.  Webb doesn't use the first and second Gilded Ages concept long identified in The Celestial Wheel,** but doubtless that is his reference.  That Webb, a political newcomer, beat veteran George Allen is a powerful proof his economic concern is indeed the country's fundamental issue.  (Iraq is naturally important, but must be number 2.)

     That other politicians and leaders in the private sector should pay attention to Webb is summarized in his observation that, More troubling is this: If it remains unchecked, this bifurcation of opportunities and advantages along class lines has the potential to bring a period of political unrest.  He then throws out the gauntlet by stating, With this new Congress, and heading into an important presidential election in 2008, American workers have a chance to be heard in ways that have eluded them for more than a decade.

     So, you sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner cooked in ovens made in Taiwan your cheap Mexican- raised turkeys and side dishes harvested by illegal aliens on your Chinese china and flat ware... give thanks, not for these, but for the nascent populist movement to save our capitalist democracy which elected folks like Jim Webb.  Then over the holiday weekend, consider your karma of personal responsibility.*** 

     Reflect too that Thanksgiving is a celebration of freedom from, not just European religious prosecution, but also its unfair political and economic class system -- which has been reinvented in this Second Gilded Age.

     And if these don't convince you, pay attention when you visit your local convenience store this weekend. If your eyes are open, you won't miss the impeccably attired aristocratic rich driving their monstrously gilded SUV's and flipping out their platinum American Express cards to the $5.15 per hour clerk who's certainly not their kind of American -- and whose downcast eyes betray his economic, social and political servitude and smoldering anger.  If this seems reminiscent of Latin America's stratified culture, long criticized by Americans, ironically it is the same.

     Nascent, in meaning, coming into existence, emerging and budding, requires that we support leaders like Jim Webb.  We have a karma of personal responsibility to directly and consistently challenge America's moneyed aristocracy -- and the politicians of both parties who've been bought off by their undue economic influence.  When the election process itself becomes a national economic stimulus of over $5,000,000,000,**** democracy is stifled, and its recent promising budding out will freeze in the first frost, unless diligently nurtured.


{*Webb discussed this Wall Street Journal article on Meet The Press the November 19.  To see the video, go to Meet The Press  and click on Webb, Tester discuss U.S. economy.}

{** See the In-depth Celestial Wheels, #58a  Part I  The United States Through Its Planetary Cycles  (12/2/04) and #58b  Part II  The United States Through It's Planetary Cycles  (12/2/04)}

{See the In-depth Celestial Wheel, Commentary -- Of Philosophy, Politics & Astrology  (7/4/2003)}

{****MSNBC, Election cost -- $4 billion and climbing.}


Presidential Candidates

     The midterm elections process wasn't even completed before pundits began jabbering about who will run and win the 2008 presidential election.  Now with the election over, this has become the national pastime, if we're to believe the media.  We shouldn't, for the simply reason that the Democrat's regaining control of Congress is yet only a field of dreams for the nascent the progressive movement restoring fairness.

     Any ship of state turns slowly, and the moneyed aristocracy isn't going to easily give up its privileges.  That so many Republicans and Democrats have become addicted to big money lobbyists and campaigns make their motives and actions suspect.  Unless the politicians tune in to the public's interests and begin to make meaningful progress in redressing society's economic inequities, there will indeed be, to use Jim Webb's diplomatic term, a period of political unrest

     This is what the next two years are about.  Only those who truly serve the greater public and turn away from the elite's corrupting influence will survive the 2008 elections -- presidential, congressional, state and local.  This is the promise of the United States chart's humanistic Moon/Venus cycle, which began October 1 of this year and gave Congress to the Democrats -- and which ends May 31, 2008.  Following Moon/Venus is Moon/Sun, which brings, not only a higher spiritual conspicuousness, but also wise, self confident idealism for the welfare of society

     For the Second Gilded Age to end now, not at the completion of the U.S. Moon/Sun cycle November 30, 2008 -- the ship of state must begin correcting course now.

     The Celestial Wheel previously suggested that Hillary Clinton wouldn't win in 2008 and that Joe Biden's chart was favorable for gaining the presidency.  These predictions should be set aside for the time being. The only thing that's important is what these and other politicians do during the next two years to restore shared democratic and economic values. 

     The only firm Vedic consideration for the 2008 election is found in the February 6, 2005 In-depth Celestial Wheel, #60 The First Baby-Boomers.  This stipulated that people born from between June 28, 1946 and December 14, 1947 all had a potent yoga (special combination) of Rahu in Taurus and Saturn in Cancer that combine for a lifelong drive for mastery in the person's field of endeavor, which brings long term success, often at the expense of others -- victimizing without conscience, but sometimes too, being the victim.  That both Clintons, G.W. and Laura Bush have this yoga, as well as other famous people with a somewhat sinister quality,* suggests the next President will also be a Baby- boomer Yoga holder -- or at least a party nominee.   Jim Webb, born February 9. 1946 does not have the Baby-boomer Yoga in his chart, which is only mentioned because Webb's views are discussed today.

(* Sylvester Stallon, O.J. Simpson, Tom Clancy, Stephen King, Donald Trump, Oliver Stone, Suzanne Summers, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Delay.  For a more complete listing, visit the The First Baby-Boomers.  This astrologer's former wife holds the Yoga, and you likely personally know of others who also do.)


Final Midterm Election Observations

     Two midterm election predictions appear off target.

     First, The October 28 Celestial Wheel predicted, Mercury retrograde (ending November 17) will cause voting machine problems, though new voting rules in several states, including Arizona, will also cause problems.  Voting tallies will be corrupted, and legitimate voters will be disenfranchised.  The planetary karmas didn't exactly follow the prediction, but many elections were not decided on November 7.* 

     Although apparently most of these elections have finally been resolved, one in Sarasota, Florida remains under challenge.  The electronic voting machines there not register all the votes for the Democratic congressional candidate, Analysis: Ballots favored Dems.  This, ironically, is the house seat vacated by the infamous Katherine Harris, who, as Florida's Secretary of State in 2000, helped G.W. Bush secure Florida. 

     Obviously, if the Democrats had not regained Congress in the midterm elections, the voting machines and voting rules issues would have gained greater prominence.  Unfortunately they should, for the system has clearly been manipulated by the Republicans in many ways and must be fixed.

     Second, the November 8 Celestial Wheel (below) stated, Karl Rove and G.W. Bush are not going to give up control of the Senate without a fight.  This prediction was clearly wrong -- but in an interesting way.  Instead of fighting election results, they choose to ignore them.  Following the election, G.W. Bush immediately fired Rumsfeld and held out an olive branch of bipartisanship to Nancy Pelosi.  The former was inevitable and the latter a transparent lie, as Bush continued to pursue his elitist agenda -- but which efforts have all failed.  (See the November 16 Celestial Wheel, below.) 

     Most amazingly, instead of disengaging from Iraq, the Guardian Unlimited reports, U.S. plans last big push in Iraq.  Other media have confirmed this planned addition of 20,000 more troops, which runs absolutely counter to the midterm election results.  The second part of this strategy is regional cooperation to the successful rehabilitation of Iraq.  The wind never even filled that sail.  As also discussed in the November 16 Celestial Wheel (below), Iraq preempted Bush in calling a conference with the presidents of Iraq and Syria.  Of course, G.W. Bush immediately condemned this conference, and one FOX reporter explained away the problem by stating the Iranians invented chess and thereby think ten moves ahead!

     The importance of Bush ignoring the election results, and instead embarking upon more actions doomed to fail, is to further weaken his administration.  This gives more opportunity for the nascent populist movement to blossom -- both restoring economic fairness and disengaging from Iraq, Bush's Great Misadventure.  So, an early ending of the Second Gilded Age has the most unlikely ally -- a President adversary who, in ignoring the voting public, encourages other progressive politicians to undue the harms he has brought upon America.  Sometimes a turkey, even on Thanksgiving, is a turkey of a different feather -- a person or thing of little appeal; dud; loser.


(*November 11, Elections Are Not Over In Nine House Districts. November 16, 2 More Called Winners in House: 7 Races Undecided.)

(***See the In-depth Celestial Wheel, Commentary -- Of Philosophy, Politics & Astrology (7/4/03)




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The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

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November 20

Mercury Direct

     Mercury in powerful stationary direct motion did again bring this astrologer a wordily benefit, although Friday was otherwise stressful   (See November 16th's entry, below).  Because the mail was delayed, the benefit didn't arrive until Saturday.  Clients also reported stress at week's end.  Now that Mercury is firmly in forward motion, it's karmic current has calmed.  It may be that because Mercury went direct in the same sign as Mars, moving toward Mars, that the planet of war's aggressive energy temporarily overloaded Mercury's nervous system.

     Perhaps some of you subscribers also realized a benefit from this potent planetary signification?


Planets Settling Down

    This fall's predicted culmination of karma was due three concomitant planetary effects: Mercury retrograde, the intense stellium and the four major planets all changing signs almost simultaneously.

     Mercury's forward motion is the last of these planetary challenges to be cured, thereby thereby calming the planets -- shaky ground is yielding back to terra firma.

     This world transit chart for November 22 shows the stellium (grouping of four or more planets) now well dispersed.  Too, Jupiter, the Sun and Venus combine for excellent karma for most charts. From a world perspective, this indicates leadership promotion of humanitarian and uplifting social goals.


World Transits November 22, 2006

     Finally, the four major planets are settling in to their new sign/house positions.  This means that Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are beginning to again stabilize the zodiac.  A planet is Sandhi (dead) until it reaches two degrees inside a sign/house, and Jupiter at 5:45 (five degrees and 45 minutes) already moved past that point.  Rahu and Ketu are 28:48 (moving backwards as is their nature) and will reach 28:00 December 2. 

     Saturn alone will remain Sandhi because on December 6 it will turn retrograde at just over one degree.  However, as a chair (or other object) can remain upright on three legs, the absence of this fourth leg does not destabilize.  Saturn's retrograde will play an important role in world affairs over the next few months -- but this influence will be discussed in a later Celestial Wheel.


Culmination Of Karma

     The Culmination of Karma brought by the above planetary dispositions clearly actualized in the Democrats taking over Congress.  Too, as previously discussed, it dealt a death blow to the neoconservative movement that has characterized this U.S. Second Gilded Age. 

     The interesting quality of this political shift is that it occurred on a razor's edge Virginia senatorial race.  There are many aspects and qualities of karma (action and fate), but since this political weather change hinged upon George Allen's mukaka remark, there must be a powerful but not readily apparent predestination in the shift.  Of course, it could be that G.W. Bush, who always fails now, was also the balance tipper in his waiting until after the election to fire Rumsfeld.

     As with the U.S. chart bringing the Second Gilded Age, and thereby G.W. Bush's two inequitable election wins in 2004 and 2004, the upwelling of the U.S. chart karmic current appears to have been the determinative influence.  The Moon/Venus planetary cycle is the obvious influence for it's feminine humanism.

     This Culmination of Karma has also been predicted for the Mideast.  Certainly the U.S. election was a mandate for changing policy in Iraq.  This will likely reverberate in other nations there freeing themselves of the final western colonialism -- oil imperialism.  The one great benefit of the U.S. go alone policy in Iraq has been to galvanize other Mideast countries into banning together against the U.S.  There's nothing like a common enemy to bring together groups that otherwise disagree on regional interests. 

     In this regard, A.P. reports today that, Iran has invited the Iraqi and Syrian presidents to Tehran for a weekend summit with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to hash out ways to cooperate in curbing the runaway violence that has taken Iraq to the verge of civil war and threatens to spread through the region... 

     This can be the beginning of a new era for the Mideast, though, of course, the Israel/Palestine issue must also be resolved.


Your Personal Culmination Of Karma

     The planetary challenges that affect the U.S. and the Mideast certainly also impact individual charts.  Many clients and subscribers have dealt with challenges this fall, and these range over the entire spectrum of human experience.  There are karmic lessons to be learned from these, and hopefully you will use them to your benefit in now beginning to resolve issues and take advantage of opportunities.




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The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

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November 16

The End Of Mercury Retrograde

     Mercury's three week retrograde (apparent backward motion) is a recognizable astrological signification in both Western and Vedic Astrology.  Both systems find communications of all kinds are harmed, or mixed up, including activities relating to business. 

     Vedic Astrology, in believing that Mercury signifies cats, finds these pets suffer and act most peculiarly during Mercury retrograde.  Vishnu, the astrologer's cat, went out hunting late Tuesday evening, at which time a rising wind destroyed the patio awning.  To the cat, this must have appeared to be a giant bat in death throes!  This so frightened Vishnu, he hid in a tree all night and had to be coaxed to come out the next morning. 

    Vedic Astrology additionally gives great weight to the period when Mercury reverses its direction back to forward.  In this process, Mercury slows down, stops for some hours and then begins to gradually move forward.  Astrologers use the term stationary direct to describe this period when Mercury is literally motionless.  Then, like a roving spotlight that stops to illuminate an actor on a stage, Mercury becomes very powerful in a favorable manner.  During the last Mercury stationary direct last July 28, this astrologer held a yard sale, and a man appeared with $100 bills to spend seven of them in less than an hour -- over half the proceeds of the entire three day yard sale!  That stationary direct Mercury brought this remarkable result because it signified wealth in the astrologer's chart at that time. 

     While your individual chart will dictate how tomorrow's Mercury stationary direct may or may not actualize, it's worthwhile knowing its timing so that you may best take advantage of any resulting benefits.   Mercury begins stationary direct tomorrow (Friday) at noon (eastern standard time) and continues in this favorable disposition until 2 AM Saturday morning. 

     Some generalizations can be made about tomorrow's Mercury stationary direct.  Transit Mercury is in Libra, and because this sign is ruled by Venus, the effects of Mercury combining with Venus will be evident.  That tomorrow is Venus's day of the week emphasizes this planetary karma.   Mercury/Venus brings creativity, notably in speaking, singing, writing, art and music.  It engenders a playful nature, enjoyments and entertainment.  The mind is lightened, and serious concerns tend to melt away.  Interestingly, this combination also stimulates vegetarian food. 



The Neverending Celestial Wheel

     The Celestial Wheel could be compared with children's movie, The Neverending Story.  The tale keeps unfolding and unfolding, revealing more and more but also suggesting more and more.   Most importantly, both, in their quality of having no end, stimulate hope.  After all, endings have the finality of doors slamming shut, and a future without end must include doors that open as well.

     The Celestial Wheel's Vedic version of history's neverending quality, writes about both good and ill.  It's a process that is truly about the dauntless humanity's journey of living, learning, surviving and always eventually overcoming to advance beyond previous achievements.  After all, without challenge, there's no reason to strive,

     This fall appears to be a turning point in this neverending story.  It brings hope for the future -- the fuel to empower that future for more and more favorable results.

     I apologize if the Celestial Wheel story line is sometimes torturous, often bending back on itself like switchbacks in an Arizona mountain road.  (Since Rahu and Ketu, the two serpent halves, are so prominent in Vedic Astrology, the coiled snake is another analogy.) 

     My two surviving editors scold about this, but the nature of forecasting work requires referencing previously made predictions to later events.  After all, newly made predictions cannot be verified, and thereby the only way to value current predictions is to measure past predictive accuracy.  (Similarly, one selects a mutual fund or stock broker for future investment gains based upon past performance.)  The Celestial Wheel Of Karma turns endlessly but as it is linked to time, it turns only in one direction.  

     Further, this checking-back process ties together disparate karmic currents into an admittedly complex but a hopefully more meaningful and comprehensive version of history -- past, present and future.  Sometimes too, past predictions take longer than anticipated to actualize.  For example, the now almost ancient history October 2002 In-depth Celestial Wheel, #3  The Bush Presidency - Profile & Prediction, included in its Summary Statements:

Bush implements his father’s goals through the father’s powerful associates, who
           are his dedicated advisors.   

     Until just the day after the midterm elections, this prediction was not important, even unremarkable.  Now, with G.W. on the political ropes in his weak Mercury cycle, he finally allows Dad's friends come to the rescue, proving out that prediction's value.


The Silver Lining

     Clearly, the Democrat's control of Congress is at leas one manifestation of the culmination the Celestial Wheel predicted for this fall -- when the four big planets all changed signs simultaneously, the intense stellium (grouping of four or more planets in a sign) occurred, Mercury went retrograde -- and G.W. Bush suffered his first major loss in his terrible Mercury Dasa (planetary cycle).

     This culmination concept was first introduced in the August 14 Celestial Wheel Commentary

     More comprehensively, It's a culmination of karma for both the U.S. and Mideast. 

     This truly appears to be the storm cloud's silver lining  (October 10 Celestial Wheel), as these areas are obviously intertwined.  Keep in mind, oil has always been the fundamental

karma here.*

{* #53  Part I  The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Ancient Karmas  (6/18/04)}


Pause, Halt, Reverse?

     This culmination of karma may be the early end of the U.S.'s Second Gilded Age.*   This decade-long period of an unfair power-grab will otherwise to wrap up November 30. 2008, when the U.S. chart's ten year Moon Dasa (planetary cycle) is completed -- that is, at the next presidential election. 

     The March 26 Celestial Wheel compared the positions of the four major planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) during the first and second Gilded Ages in 1887 and 2007. The conclusion was, It is possible, then, that this year's revolution will be successful in taking Congress away from the Republican's stranglehold and breaking the presidency -- and that this combination could signal an early end to The Second Gilded Age.

     So far, so good.  The scales appear to be rebalancing, but, of course, time is needed for the process of reversing Second Gilded Age abuses to be implemented.  One incontrovertible fact is that G.W. Bush continues to experience only losses in this new Mercury Dasa -- though failures is perhaps a better word.  Whether it's the midterm election loss, the timing for firing Rumsfeld, Bush's attempt to muscle through Congress the NSA spying bill and John Bolton's UN ambassadorship, or even his transparent ploy of a new bipartisanship (to spread the blame about Iraq) -- all fail, and Bush's failed presidency is about as good as the news can get, right now.

{* #58b  Part II  The United States Through It's Planetary Cycles, identified the United States chart's first ten year Moon cycle from 1878 to 1888 as matching the First Gilded Age of excess, favoritism, corruption, a purity crusade.}



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The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

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November 11

     The underlying difference between Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology is the systems use different zodiacs.  Western Astrology applies the tropical zodiac, which takes its measurements from the earth's seasons.  Vedic Astrology uses the sidereal zodiac, which in being star based, reflects the actual astronomical positions of the stars and planets.  Thus, for the latter, the astronomy and astrology match up.  Too, the astronomy naturally gives information for the astrology


     Here's a great example of how modern astronomy can dramatically illuminate Vedic Astrology.  Below is a NASA image captured by the The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory satellite coronagraph telescope.  Coronagraph simply means the telescope uses a disk to block the Sun's bright surface and thus reveal the faint solar corona, stars, planets and sungrazing comets.

     Mercury and Mars are very close to each other, and Zubenelgenubi  is labeled as a double star in Libra.  This tells us the constellation (sign) location is Libra.  (Win a 500 rupee prize if you can pronounce it!)  To the left of the Sun is Venus, both also in Libra.  (Together in Libra, these form the four planet stellium that has brought such combative intensity to the midterm elections and often in personal experiences.)   On the very left side is Jupiter, which is in the adjacent constellation of Scorpio.



    This square Vedic chart shows the current (transit) positions of the planets today.  It displays the exact same positions and relative placements of these five planets -- Mercury, Mars, the Sun, Venus and Jupiter -- in the NASA photo.

     However, while the astronomy is both complementary and informative, it lacks Vedic Astrology's ancient and complex rules that describe planetary karmas over time.

     Mentioned above was that this stellium indicates combative intensity.  A sufficient Vedic observation for now is that this pressure inevitably drains mental, physical and even spiritual reserves.  So, if you feel wiped out, take time to rest and take heart in knowing that when Mercury regains forward motion November 18, the planets will begin again to be supportive.

World Transit Chart November 11, 2006



Copyright 1999-2006
Doug Riemer


The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

is underwritten by paid subscribers. 


November 8

Awaiting Election Results

     The combination of the four major planets changing signs, the intense stellium and Mercury retrograde brought the feeling of shaky ground that made further election predictions (since November 1) elusive,difficult and uncertain. 


     One not previously stated quality of Mercury retrograde is stimulating an inward and backward look.  This recalled disconcerting memories of close elections won, and then seemingly unfairly lost in 2000 and 2004.  So, if there's some elation in the Democrats' sweep, there's also an emotional hangover -- at least for this astrologer.

     As mentioned in previous Celestial Wheels, Mercury is cats, and Vishnu acts weird during Mercury retrograde -- whining, demanding attention, and, of course feline sulking.

     Everyone, Vishnu included, should find calmer waters when Mercury begins forward motion November 18.  This, by the way is the date for Tom Cruise's wedding, which is the least valuable bit of news ever published in The Celestial Wheel.


Predictive Accuracy

     The October 24 Celestial Wheel revisited election predictions made since last March.  These consistently forecasted: the Republicans would lose control of Congress, everything G.W. Bush attempts brings loss and the neoconservative's hold over government would be broken. 

     Also predicted were Iraq and illegal immigration to be major campaign issues and vitriolic campaigning.  Note that while voters did not throw out any sitting Democrats (as expected) due to illegal immigration, this issue was both rated as primary in Arizona (see Immigration is No. 1 voter issue), and Arizona passed four measures targeting illegal immigrants, including one making English the state's official language.

     Take a moment and consider whether anyone else offered this breadth and depth of predictive accuracy, especially so far in advance.  Tell your friends, for the Celestial Wheel subscription base has been about as successful as G..W. Bush's base.  $20 is a small amount to support the research and effort required for this predictive work.


What's Next?

    The October 28 Celestial Wheel stated, Mercury retrograde will cause voting machine problems, though new voting rules in several states, including Arizona, will also cause problems.  Voting tallies will be corrupted, and legitimate voters will be disenfranchised.   These concerns have been existent but not yet forefront issues.  But, they will be pivotal in deciding the close Virginia Senate race.  Karl Rove and G.W. Bush are not going to give up control of the Senate without a fight.  Check out The Atlantic's November 2004 article, Karl Rove in a Corner.  It's both scary and a reminder of how Rove has manipulated elections many, many times. (Thanks subscriber K.Z in Illinois for this link.)


A Celebratory Song

     Yet, even though it's not over til it's over, there is reason to celebrate at least a little.  Check out this Youtube video of George Michael's song, Freedom
(If you don't have high speed internet access, it's really worthwhile to hear.  Perhaps have lunch or walk the dog while the file loads.)  If Freedom doesn't make your spine tingle just a little, especially when you hear, I just hope you understand, Sometimes the clothes do not make the man, then you've reached this web page in error.  Too, that Michael is reputed to be a pot smoking, gay, radical, malcontent, dissident musician adds a certain gusto to the video.


Nancy Pelosi

     Nancy Pelosi, is, of course, the minority leader in the House of Representatives.  As the Democrats have gained control over The House, Nancy will become the first woman Speaker of the House.    For a good overview on Nancy and her life, see the Washington Post article, The Woman Who Would Be Speaker.


     Nancy's birth date and place are known but not her birth time.  A quick rectification of her birth time gives her this advantageous chart.

     There is a truly provocative quality to this chart.  Nancy's inborn good fortune, particularly in government, wisdom and her ability to see the big picture is tremendously elevated during the current Dasa (planetary cycles) of Jupiter/Venus.  This cycle began about March 2005 and lasts until November 2007.

     But, can be elevation to The Speaker of the House fully express this karma?  Perhaps not, especially considering The Speaker is third in line to become President.  The Washington Post had a provocative article October 13 supporting the Celestial Wheel prediction that Bush would have a nervous breakdown.  (May 7 Celestial Wheel)

     See Bush Confounded by the "Unacceptable'.   The headline alone is revealing: President Wields Word More Freely as His Frustration Rises and His influence Ebbs.  Just because Bush fired Rumsfeld today doesn't mean he's suddenly abandoned his fixity of mind.

    If Bush steps down, Cheney would not last long in charge, paving the way for Nancy Pelosi to measure the White House drapes.  August of 2007 looks bad for both Bush and Cheney.  This, however, is not a firm prediction but rather a reasonable probability.  Yet, Nancy is certainly already dressed for the part.


Two Other Predictions To Keep In Mind

     Al Quaeda usually publishes a video or audio tape just before U.S. elections, but Osama Bin Laden was deathly silent this year.  See the prediction for his death in the August 27, 2006 In-depth Celestial Wheel,

#67 The September Eclipse Season & Osama Bin Laden and recall the reports of Bin Laden's death exactly on the September 22 solar eclipse.


     With the bird migratory season beginning. look for more Bird Flu reports.  Certainly the flu virus has been brewing in bird populations during the past several months.  See the May 16, 2006 In-depth Celestial Wheel, #66 The Risk Of A Bird Flu Pandemic.



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November 1

The Stellium Et Al

     The intense, and challenging for many, stellium in Libra is easing off a little, for Venus has moved past both Mars and the Sun.  Further, Venus, the Sun and Mars are slowly beginning to separate, decreasing the energetic intensity. 

     This is a comparative situation, however, as the stellium persists and this Mercury retrograde is bringing all kinds of communications concerns.  Also, the big planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) remain in process of changing signs, and this absence of power is why voters remain uncertain, as do election projections.  So, the shaky ground is not quite so unsettling, though its hardly yet firm.

     As many folks have felt stress, particularly if they have any birthchart planets in Libra, it's good to take advantage of this lull, and perhaps even have a laugh.  In that regard, a client who recently had surgery on his wrists, decided to help out because his wife just had abdominal surgery by buying an electric can opener.  I responded to the aunt who told me this -- that chocolates and roses don't come in tin cans. 

     Still, there will be a major bite when Mercury retrograde back to be hidden in the Sun's glare on election day, November 7 and 8.  (See SCIENCENASA, The transit of Mercury, which includes a very cool visual of Mercury crossing in front of the Sun's disk.)

     Yesterday's verbal wrestling match between John Kerry and G.W. Bush about Kerry's castigating Bush on Iraq, which Bush turned around to be criticism of the troops, is a classic Mercury retrograde effect.  That they are both running their Mercury Dasas (planetary cycles), and both have Mercury obscured by Saturn, just amped-up the miscommunication, which was then further confused by the press and politicians.  Keep in mind, however, that it is G.W. Bush who is on the line here, and his Mercury Dasa only brings him loss.  So, this classic Karl Rove attack will backfire. 

    Notice too that Bush has literally been shouting and making himself hoarse at rallies, trying to exhort his base into voting.  (See Bush rallies base to 'just say no')  This behavior results from the Mars/Sun transit going through his fourth house of the emotions.  So intent is Bush on retaining control of Congress, that the upcoming loss could very well stimulate his inevitable nervous breakdown.  (Note:  This was first predicted in the April 15 Celestial Wheel.)


A Potent Election Karmic Current

     As discussed many times, there are literally endless karmic currents described by the various charts impacting any situation -- and we can perceive and measure only some, never all.  Ocean currents are used as an analogy, for these are chiefly hidden, and sometimes there's a totally unexpected upwelling that jolts the charts of persons, groups and nations.

     The October 16 Celestial Wheel described one such karmic current -- the natural meanings of the Moon and Venus, which planets are the primary and secondary Dasas in the U.S. chart, and which energies are now upwelling.   Rather than restate that Celestial Wheel description of Moon/Venus in the U.S. chart, here's the excerpt, emphasis added,

     The result is a refined, comforting, humanistic, charming, generous, tolerant, creative, romantic, women's oriented sensitivity.  (There is also overindulgence in pleasures, including food, suggesting America's weight problem will continue and become worse.)  This plays out as aversion to, and rejection of, the neoconservative's hateful, intolerant, fear-mongering endless war, their economic unfairness and social intolerance

    That Venus sits is five houses away from the Moon bring's in fifth house morality, good deeds, charity, virtue and sense of destiny.  These additional qualities suggest the Moon/Venus cycle has a strong undercurrent of mankind's higher values and qualities that push against the karmic current of Second Gilded Age abuses.  Most valuably, since this Dasa combination began October 1, it has been stimulating the public's return to the peaceful shared democratic values America has long held dear that will drive voters to the polls in the upcoming midterm elections.  This victory can begin a course correction for the U.S..  It is the silver lining in the dark storm clouds.


After The Election?

     At this time, clouds obscure the celestial lights that symbolize the period following the elections -- though perhaps it is the astrologer's mind that's clouded by the current planetary dispositions.  While there is predictive certainty these elections will give Democrats control over Congress, and thereby end the neoconservative stranglehold on government, how the parties will react, and how G.W. will respond is simply unknown.  Expect, however, the upwelling of many karmic currents in November, which must upset many boats, and even sink some.  Of one thing we can be certain of, once the stranglehold is broken, we can begin to breath again.



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The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

is underwritten by paid subscribers.