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December 14

Rahu's Sex Scandals In Cancer

Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point, transited into Cancer September 7.  It will stay there for 18 months.  Transits through signs give general but global influence.

Because birth charts show both the the signs' background influence and the houses' domains of action, they are more specific.  Cancer is the eighth house in the U.S. chart, where the dragon roars.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, a female planet, and also the memory. The deep secretive eighth house is calamity.  And because the eighth is also sex, those scandals often involve sex.

There's one more ingredient for this brew.  Vedic Astrology uses transits for prediction.  This astrology also uses Dasas (planetary cycles) as a primary tool for its very specific predictions.  The current U.S. Rahu Dasa lasts 18 years.  Dasas also have four subperiod planets, and these lower levels influence the higher levels.  Here is the current Dasa lineup for the U.S. chart,

The subperiod Venus Dasa cycle began August 24, 2017 and continues until February 5, 2018.  This matches with the U.S sex scandals.  Further, with transit Venus currently in the U.S. twelfth house of loss, the revelations of sexual abuse are at a maximum.

Is this fight for respecting women another piece of the Second Progressive Age?  You bet!


December 22

Mercury Retrograde Train Wrecks

This tough December 3 to 23 Mercury retrograde brought twin train wrecks.  There was the literal one December19 in Washington State and the figurative one, the next day -- the sweeping tax bill.

The November 2 entry explained this Mercury retrograde is afflicted by Saturn and that Mercury crosses Saturn three times due to the retrograde -- November 28, December 6 and finally January 13. These conjunction dates are more like bulls eyes on a whole target area of Saturn afflicting Mercury extends from late November to mid January.

Decisions made during Mercury retrograde are always confused, and Saturn's deceptive influence magnifies misapprehensions.  It will take a while for the tax bill to be understood -- certainly not until after Mercury crosses Saturn a third time January 13. Then, as the public's disbelief of the Republican claims about the tax bill solidifies, as entitlements are cut, and as the economy tanks (which seems inevitable), the bill will be correctly understood to be massively deceptive and harmful.


January 1

Just A Regular Guy

I had passed him at the Walmart entrance before I turned to look at again.   He was an average Joe, sitting on the park bench. Maybe in his thirties, lanky, tousled brown hair, earth colored shirt, jeans.

But something hit me, like a ray of sunlight..... It was blue.  I stopped, turned back saying, "You have God in your eyes." He turned his head a little toward me, "That's interesting. A lot of people have been saying that about me recently."

Leaving the store, though, there he still was, just being.  I said, "If you're not careful, you're gonna make a lot of people happy this Christmas."   He nodded, and as I passed by, got up and walked to my right, saying, "God bless you and merry Christmas"

I looked back after a few seconds and saw him ambling across the road to the parking area. A few seconds later, I looked again, and he was gone -- the blue sun ray of his eyes vanished like that puff of warm air.  There is indeed order in the universe.

January 7

Enough Is Enough

As we enter 2018, everyone seems to have come down with a dose of Trump Fever.  This is peaking now with Mercury, the planet of communications and the nervous system, nearing its third conjunction (on January 13) with Saturn, the planet of denial.

With Rahu energy in both Trump's chart and the U.S. chart, this destroyer of today and creator of tomorrow is wrecking havoc everywhere.

If you live next to a church, you joyful hymns.  But if you live next to an insane asylum, the cries of those wretched souls disturb -- like living in Trump's Rahu-deranged America.  Enough Is Enough.  Protect yourself from Trump Fever disruptions by tuning them out of your life.

Recall the above January 1 entry, Just A Regular Guy.  Detach from your desires.  Don't expose yourself to the current, although temporary, insanity that permeates society.  Keep your head down and live your life addressing your duties and responsibilities seriously but calmly.

The world is going through a complete transformation as the Second Gilded Age slowly yields to the Second Progressive Age.  Disruption, even chaos, is everywhere.


January 11


We're just two days away from the Mercury's final and third conjunction with restrictive Saturn.  As discussed this combination brings deception.  And when it repeats three times, that quality is strengthened.

Here's a pic of a flying sailboat over the Gulf of Mexico taken two days ago.

Is the boat actually flying, or floating above the sea?



January 18

Mercury Regaining Clarity

Mercury, the intellect, conjoined -- for the third time -- January 13 -- marking the third peak of restrictive Saturn blocking it. The effect, as explained previously, was deception.  January 12 was the day Trump made his racist comments about third world countries.

The tax bill did pass, but the remaining predictions proved out. Legislative imperatives have been, and continue to be, fractured.  And Trump's racist statements could only emerge from a president truly losing his mind.  S...hole is the word heard around the world -- finally the poison pill wrecking his presidency.



Trump -- The Hollow Man

All ego and no soul

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Febuary 3, 2017


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