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July 28

August's Karmic Onslaught Looms

Following the exact conjunction of Sun/Mars on July 26, political discords, accidents and natural disasters continue.  Events gradually calm.  While the Sun and Mars are now separating, they still afflict each other.  Expect, then, continued Sun/Mars strife until August 16.  This is akin to a cavalry battle -- the opposing armies meet fight through each other for some time.


Below is the timeline first published in the June 8 entry, Heavy Summer/Fall Transits.  You can see August brings a peak of these heavy -- consequential -- transits with 6.  The Sun/Mars conjunction is not listed, for others take precedence.  The heaviest transits don't begin until the declining-force Sun/Mars conjunction is over June 16.

The August 21 total solar eclipse is the big event.  The eclipse at 4:46 Leo is right in the middle between Trump's warrior Mars at 3:40 and Ascendant (self, body. head)) at 6:55 -- both within the two degree bulls eye range. (Thankfully, this eclipse does not hit any planet in the U.S. chart -- averting a national disaster.)

Trump's being eclipsed will take the stuffing out of him.  He will fight but lose.  He will become fearful.  As Mars rules the fourth house, this significator of emotions and the heart is included in the eclipse -- cardiac stress.

Also, Saturn is retrograde at 27:05 Scorpio, nearly on top of his Moon at 28:05 Scorpio.  Saturn is slowest this summer in a retrograde that ends August 25, at which time it will begin crossing Trump's Moon for the third time.  That turn from retrograde to forward motion will be horrific for Trump's Moon -- like being crushed in an avalanche.  The Moon is the public, career, emotions and the heart.  All will suffer.


August 6

Follow The Moon!

Tomorrow is the partial eclipse of the Moon. This begins what the  July 28 Celestial Wheel is titled, August's Karmic Onslaught Looms.  The big event, of course, is the coming total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21. It is truly a karmic sinkhole into which other transits will fall to stimulate major events. 

This article, is most informative, Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017  A partial solar eclipse will be seen from the much broader path of the Moon's penumbra, including all of North America...

The May 23 2008 Celestial Wheel stated,

There is one more wrinkle in this summer's planetary fabric -- a total solar eclipse August 1 at 15 1/2 degrees Cancer. ...within a degree of  (the U.S) Rahu -- the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  This is certainly negative and could signal a confidence collapse, revealing secreted government or private skullduggery, or a major physical disaster -- like a hurricane.

All these predictions came through in early September 2008.  The resulting suffering brought long term discontent by the white middle class, which Trump has preyed upon.

While the August 1, 2008 solar eclipse on the U.S. chart's Rahu ushered in that financial bath, this solar eclipse August 21 targets Trump's Mars instead.  He'll be knocked down -- and soon kicked out -- a step ahead in the Second Progressive Age.   Ironically, Trump returns to the White House from his vacation the day of the solar eclipse.

Likely dates for Trump's demise are August 20 for about a week and September 2.



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Trump -- The Hollow Man

All ego and no soul

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Febuary 3, 2017

August 9

Up Next -- Mercury Retrograde

The August 6 entry Follow The Moon! explained about the next day's partial lunar eclipse,"it ...marks the beginning of August's Karmic Onslaught.  Eclipse shadowing sets up feelings of loss, doubt, vulnerability and fear."

Isn't this exactly what happened with Trump in his announcement yesterday about North Korea?  Newsweek reports, Trump’s North Korea Threat Is Eerily Similar To Harry Truman’s Hiroshima Bombing Announcement In 1945.

This extreme, even irrational, statement reveals Trump's lunar emotional vulnerability.  It reinforces the prediction the remaining transits this month will be devastating for him, that ...he'll be knocked down -- and soon kicked out -- a step ahead in the Second Progressive Age.

Mercury runs its retrograde August 12 to September 5.  August transits will amplify the impact of Mercury (the planet of the calculating mind) being weakly retrograde.  Mercury's retrograde motion causes mix-ups, memory failures and nervousness.

Mercury will be retrograde in Leo, the sign of kingship -- government and those who are, or act like, kings.  Thus, Mercury retrograde issues will be a focus in the public sector, and especially for Trump, since he believes he's a king, not a Saturnian servant of the people.


August 12


With so much planetary karma this summer/fall, plus Trump magnifying these with ongoing and multiple public actions, it's best to pause and catch up!  Thus a potpourri of information, though witches brew would be more apropos!

Trump's Hidden Enemies  The Moon rules Trump's 12th house of hidden enemies where Saturn has been transiting for months now.

Leaking And Starting A War   As the Russia issue can sink the president, the Manafort raid has pushed Trump into a near panic mode.  Trump is threatening North Korea, Venezuela and Iran.   The ultimate distraction for a failing president is to start a war.

Calamity For the U.S.  Cancer is the eight house of calamity in the U.S. chart.  When the hot malefics Mars and Sun transit through there, all sorts of violent destructions will hit. (July 11 to August 16)  The New Orleans flooding is that calamity. 

Hurricanes  It doesn't appear they will hit this summer.  The fall, though, could bring a hurricane, and the first week in October looks dangerous.

Moon Waning To Exclipse  

Don't Miss The Perseids!  Also interesting in this article is information about the annual Perseid meteor shower. This streaming video is amazing,


August 18

A Supercharged Solar Eclipse

Rahu marks the solar eclipse and normally moves backward.  Rarely, Rahu turns forward.  This is happening now --August 15 through 22.  Forward motion amplifies -- a supercharger.  Remember too that the U.S. is running it's Rahu Dasa now.  No wonder Game Of Thrones is popular.  Watch this video about the dragon.

The July 28 entry explained about Trump,

The August 21 total solar eclipse is the big event. ...the eclipse at 4:46 Leo is right in the middle between his warrior Mars at 3:40 and Ascendant (self, body. head)) at 6:55 -- both within the two degree bulls eye range.   (Thankfully, this eclipse does not hit any planet in the U.S. chart -- averting a national disaster.)

The eclipse on Mars knocks out all of these significations -- aggression, fighting, disputes, logic, strength, landed property, agriculturalists, sports, sex, courage, heart and self hatred.  Because solar eclipses darken the sky, the stars are revealed.  Thus eclipses both block and reveal

Remember this eclipse also hits Ascendant (self, body. head).  Thus, self image, presentation to the public, reputation, position and the head are all sensitive to the eclipsing energy.

This listing of eclipse harms on Trump is not exhaustive.  Also karmas can play out in diverse ways.  For example, Trump can be thrown out by being hospitalized.  Also, as eclipse effects begin before the event, Trump has already been thrown out of his White House home due to remodeling.  And he moves back in on the eclipse day.


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