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August 30

A Peek Into September

The August 19 VedicLeaks entry discussed results of the stressful Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio.

Because eclipses are actually transits, the annual solar on eclipse September 1 fits into this grouping -- Venus in her fallen sign beginning August 25, Mercury retrograde starting August 30, Saturn's aspect to Rahu closing and Mars' transit out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius September 17. these destabilize.

One transit stands out for Donald Trump -- Mars.  {But, before discussing this, it's important to know that The Celestial Wheel has focused upon the still new18 year Rahu Dasa (planetary cycle) in the U.S. chart as signaling the Second Progressive Age.}

The Celestial Wheel has predicted he would not become president.  His role is to pave the way for a progressive agenda by destroying the Republican Party.  Trump is truly merely a walk-on, a pitch hitter, a bit player in the expansive and long drama of the 18 year Rahu Dasa transforming America by bringing the Second Gilded Age -- restoring shared democratic values.  Yes, he will make a lot of noise until and after the elections, but he'll be shunted aside, actually shunned.

Mars is approaching Trump's all-important perceptional Moon.  Mars will be within striking ranging of the Moon on September 6.  This is when Trump will really lose it emotionally -- with Trump the winner forced into being a loser.

The Donald will go up like a puff of smoke and disappear!


September 7

A Karmic Challenge to Trump

The August 30 entry first explained the instability this month arises from four difficult transits.  The solar eclipse blocks the ego; Venus fallen weakens diplomacy; Mercury retrograde causes confusions; Saturn's aspect to Rahu brings a hard push ahead and victimizing; and Mars in Scorpio stimulates destructions/violences of all kinds.

That entry focused upon the Mars transit, which stands out for Donald Trump.  Mars is starting to lash out at Trump's Moon.  His attacks on Trump's emotional/perceptional/public mind will intensify until the exact conjunctiom September 15.

Beyond this, the transiting Moon just entered Scorpio this morning.  So, transit Mars is attacking both birth chart and transit Moons -- a double hit.  The Moon continues in Scorpio until late Friday afternoon.  The rest of this week will reverberate.


Another significant shift is the U.S. Vedic chart changed planetary cycles (Dasas) from Rahu/Rahu/Jupiter to Rahu/Rahu/Saturn on September 5.  This Jupiter subcycle has been protective, as per Jupiter's nature.  Saturn's nature opposes Jupiter, for it is the planet of contraction, delays, obstacles, loss, death, authority....

This change will shape the remainder of the presidential election cycle.  Look to the fighting to become diatribes, or worse, as this Dasa combination of Rahu with Saturn means pushing ahead relentlessly and victimizing.

With transit Rahu is in the ninth house of religion, philosophy and higher knowledge, bizarre philosophies have emerged -- Trump's influence.  Because transit Saturn very closely aspects transit Rahu, these can become fanatical.

Considering both Trump's chart and that U.S. chart, it appears then, that Trump is on his way to finish blowing himself up.  But he continues to have a devoted audience his ranting and raving. America's Mystical Paranoia is in full bloom.


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September 15

September Instability Check

The above August 30 VedicLeaks entry described instability this month brought by six tough transits -- solar and lunar eclipses, Mercury retrograde, Venus fallen in Virgo, Mars and Saturn continuing conjunction in Scorpio and Saturn's close aspect (glance) to Rahu.  Six is a lot!  After all, there are only nine Vedic planets.

In addition, the U.S. Vedic chart's planetary cycles (Dasas) changed from Rahu/Rahu/Jupiter to Rahu/Rahu/Saturn on September 5.

While the Mars transit is particularly rough for Trump, he's also been hit by the other rough transits, as has Hillary Clinton.  Recent polls show him having advanced, but the dust hasn't settled yet. Wait a little to see how this prediction for his loss plays out. Certainly the media is toughening up on Trump, and the presidential debates will be telling. The first is on September 26.

Now to The good News

By September 18, the eclipse season will be over, Venus will move out of her fallen sign and Mars out of Scorpio. Just a few days later on September 22, Mercury will end its retrograde.  These changes will greatly ease trials and tribulations globally, in your own lives and even in the U.S.

So, get ready to be able to relax a little. Then, with your batteries charged and spirit uplifted, advance your own goals, which hopefully include others suffering in this still stressed society.



September 16

Eclipses Both Block And Reveal

When the light of the Sun or the Moon are eclipsed, their light is blocked.  That darkens the skies, revealing the stars -- and thus information.

Today at 1:00 PM there was a lunar eclipse -- maximum then.

At the same time, Donald Trump finally admitted Barack Obama was born in the U.S. -- thus ending his five year effort to delegitimize the President with this totally false claim that never had one iota of fact behind it.

Here's my comment to the NY Times article, Trump Drops False ‘Birther’ Theory, but Floats a New One: Clinton Started It.


September 23

Now To The Good News

The above September 15 entry ended with the section "Now To The Good News."  The cause is improving dispositions for this month's challenging transits.

Just as Mars was getting ready to leave Scorpio late Saturday, 3 terrorist attacks hit -- NY, NJ and MN.  Although the many injured is unfortunate, the real issue is radical terrorism must thereby be a major issue in the upcoming national elections.

Adding in the ongoing unrest about the police shooting black people, and other horrific mistreatments like this -- Chief: Officers Justified in Pepper-Spraying Maryland Girl -- and we have a comprehensive issue of repression by whites against everyone of color.


  Perhaps Hillary Clinton was truly on target describing many of Trump's supporters to be a "basket of deplorables."

Ending racism is part of the Second Progressive Age's restoring "shared democratic values." The Celestial Wheel has previously focused upon economic inequality -- the 1% against the rest of us.

With the planets better disposed, the national consciousness can perceive now this societal unfairness is both racial and economic -- entwined into a single repulsiveness to be exposed in this national election.

Perhaps the first presidential debate this coming Monday will ultimately be about this long overdue cleansing the American soul.



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