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May 31

Follow The Money

It's easy to forget the fundamental driver for any billionaire is money.  This makes Vedic sense because his Jupiter (wealth) is tremendous.

Astrocartography plots where the planets are strong.  Below is Trump's showing his Jupiter line (yellow) through Russia and the Mideast.


Trump is attracted to areas close to this Jupiter line -- Russia and Saudi Arabia.  That's where the money is.  The big international banks turned off the tap after the casinos and other debacles.  Investigations will show this is Trump's treason -- unless of course he lands in the hospital with a nervous breakdown, heart attack or stroke.


June 8

Heavy Summer/Fall Transits

Transits are simply where planets are in today's skies.  They move as the planets orbit the Sun.  Transits thereby are global.  These influences are general in nature.  Transiting planets can also be overlaid upon Vedic birth charts.

Transits are secondary to Vedic Astrology's planetary cycles, called Dasas.  Dasas and transits work together.  The Celestial Wheel has often compared Dasas to being on a boat going down the river (of life), and transits being weather conditions on the river.  Truly heavy transits can overwhelm even the best Dasa.  A tornado can sink your boat.

This introduction to transits (and Dasas) supports understanding this forecast, which describes unusually heavy -- influential -- transits this summer/fall in a timeline.


June 17

Why Is Everything So Crazy Now

Transit Saturn is just two days away from its retrograde back into Scorpio -- very weak at the edge of the Sagittarius.  This prevents Saturn from exerting control

Transits are secondary to primary birth chart planetary cycles (Dasas).  The U.S. chart is running a bad Dasa -- Rahu.

Stable conditions in the U.S. are beginning to go out of control -- because transit Saturn's weakness erodes control, and Rahu Dasa energy is coming in strongly now .  Extreme weather events, vehicle accidents and mass shootings happen daily.

Rahu, the serpent, is reptilian.  Its attacks are unanticipated, uncontrollable and overwhelming.  This exaggeration in harmful events is coming for the U.S.  In India, Rahu is well understood.  In the West, there's nothing comparable.  Well, Freddy Kruger, does come to mind.


June 19

Following Saturn

The June 8 Celestial Wheelprovided a timeline from June through October -- a karmic map of an intense, turbulent and ultimately transformational period in America.

Saturn's retrograde, changing signs into Scorpio, ending retrograde (August 25) and leaving Scorpio (October 26) is potent karma.  These dispositions make the planet of loss and reality the dominant player now.

Consider Saturn now back in Scorpio until late October.  I wrote back in Scorpio because slow Saturn first entered Scorpio in early November 2014 and exited Scorpio in late January 2017.   It then turned retrograde in early April of this year, heading back into Scorpio where it has unfinished business in causing suffering and losses.  As evil Scorpio is the eighth sign in the natural zodiac, it brings harm globally.  In the U.S. chart, Scorpio is the twelfth house of loss.  Scorpio for the U.S. chart is thereby doubly destructive to planets transiting there.


June 20


This today NY Times editorial's title is self explanatory, As Government Retrenches, Philanthropy Booms.  Finally the media is beginning to recognize the real economic situation in America today.

The Celestial Wheel has long predicted the three planetary cycles (Dasas) of Moon, Mars and finally Rahu fit into our history of Gilded Age, economic contraction and then progressive age.

I submitted the below comment, which the Times accepted and published,


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June 27

Catching Up And Looking Ahead

With tempests everywhere, it's difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Themes clarity the muddy waters.  June's theme is a look ahead through October of heavy (significant) transits that will transform America.  Here again is the timeline through October,

August is the onslaught with six major transit events in 31 days. 

Transit Saturn will maul U.S. government officials and Trump's status and mental stability.  Its turning forward August 25 will bring a major lurch, as Saturn sits on Trump's Moon.  The August 21 total solar eclipse, at 4:46 Leo is just a degree from Trump's Mars at 3:40 Leo.  Mercury's retrograde beginning August 12 mixes up communications.  Mars conjoining Rahu in late August will be horrific.

Trump will be beaten down in August.  September and October are the months when he will lose the presidency.   As for Mike Pence, well he's hip deep in Trump's dramas.


July 2, 2017

August's Karmic Onslaught Looms -- But In the Meantime

June's Celestial Wheel entries were themed to heavy summer/fall transits through October that will upend America.  This will begin the transformation from the selfish Second Gilded Age the selfless Second Gilded Age. 

Yet, there are nine planets with their own roles to play.  The fast moving inner planets -- Sun, Venus, Mercury, -- and the slower outer planet Mars are less consequential.  The inner solar system planets -- as seen from earth -- are always close to each other.  However, this year the inner planets have caught up to Mars and Venus lags behind.  Mars is thereby in the midst of the Sun/Mercury combination.

This is important because the Sun and Mars are Pitta (fiery) planets --the combination for violences and fighting.  This grouping began June 15 and will end August 16.

For Trump, Mars/Sun is in his eleventh house of goals and groups in Gemini -- June 15 to July 11.  This is why Trump has been so aggressive, even hateful, recently.  Mars/Sun will next be in his twelfth house of loss in Cancer (July 16 to August 16).  Plus, sad Saturn will be right on his emotional public Moon.  Trump will continue to be aggressive, but, he will then suffer losses from increasingly demented words and acts.

Using the Mars/Sun theme for fighting in July, we can understand it's the warm up act for the headliner in late August -- Saturn turning forward 8/25, the total solar eclipse August 21 and Mars conjoining Rahu 8/20-25. Then, the bear topples.


July 9

Sun/Mars For The U.S.

The Sun with Mars grouping began June 15 and will end August 16 -- encompassing the entire month of July.  The Mars/Sun conjunction is the theme for July.

Cancer is the eight house of calamity in the U.S. chart.  When the hot malefics Mars and Sun transit through there, all sorts of violent destructions hit.  To make matters worse, notice that birth chart Mars and Rahu are posted in the eighth.  Expect that when Mars enters Cancer July 11, he will immediately began firing his artillery.  And just like Trump, the hot Sun will do the same beginning July 16.


The sensitive period for the U.S. and Trump is July 11 through July 26

Trump's and the U.S. chart's planetary karmas are naturally intertwined.  This sets up the concept Trump impacts U.S. fortunes, which can be financial, war, natural disaster...  He'll thrash, claw and bite in anger and retribution -- just as the bear is most dangerous when he's wounded.

Keep this in mind from the July 2 entry, Using the Mars/Sun theme for fighting in July, we can understand it's the warm up act for the headliner in late August -- Saturn turning forward 8/25, the total solar eclipse August 21 and Mars conjoining Rahu 8/20-25.  Then, the bear topples.


July 17

Following The Money

The May 31 entry is titled, Follow The Money.  This entry continues with that obvious focus for a billionaire grifter President by Following The Money.  Everything that has happened, is happening and will happen with Trump relates back to his links with the Russians, who have bankrolled him for decades.  New Republic Trump’s Russian Laundromat




Trump -- The Hollow Man

All ego and no soul

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Febuary 3, 2017


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