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Venus In Pisces Through May

In the summer/fall intervalSaturn crosses Trump's Moon two more times.  Rahu, (head-of-the dragon eclipse point) will bring further havoc when it changes transits intoCancer mid September.  For now, let's just make note of these future challenges as signaling Trump being thrown out.

Of immediate concern is this spring.  Venus' extended stay in Pisces to May 30 is the primary karma -- bad for Trump because Pisces is hit eighth house of scandal.  Venus in Trump's chart rules his third house of close associates and tenth house of career.

One more transit karma that adds to the flooding rains.  Rahu is now crossing Trump's Ascendant point -- the exact location of the self.  This both boosts his ego and destroys confidence. making him eccentric, fearful and volatile.

The planetary karmas of Venus and Rahu bring him great harms -- which is is unable to overcome.


April 9

A Retrograde Season

The Celestial Wheel has focused upon Trump because he is preeminent as a revolutionary president.  Trump is tearing up the turf in this still new Rahu (head-of-the-dragon eclipse point) 18 year planetary cycle (Dasa) in the U.S. chart.  Trump is thus only warm up act for the Second Progressive Age.  A savior for democracy is yet unknown but certainly in our future.

Rahu is not the only player on the celestial field.  Other significations come into play.  We are  inan unusually intense retrograde season.  Three planets are in retrograde motion now, and Mercury joins these tomorrow.

Planets are closest to the earth during retrogrades. which is great for planetary astronomy.  Proximity also gives planets strength astrologically on the inner plane.  There's a psychological intensity.  Retrograde is not strong in the outer plane.  Forward motion is active and assertive.  Retrograde is latent or passive.  Forward motion is driving down the road, and retrograde is taking your foot off the accelerator.

With Mercury retrograde beginning tomorrow, four planets will be retrograde until April 16, when Venus turns forward. Then, three planets -- Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury -- are retrograde to May 3.

Naturally, these retrogrades cause Trump and the US  Problems during this push to use the Republican party's control.  Efforts will be stalled, reversed or even backfire.


April 17

Thankfully, Twittering iIs Only Words,  Not Bombs

he April 4 Celestial Wheel entry, Venus In Pisces Through May, explained that transit Venus is in Trump's eighth house of catastrophe and transit Rahu on his Ascendant adds to challenging karma.

I'm not sure whether the title of today's entry. Thankfully, twittering is only words, not bombs, is prophetic or ironic, but it certainly hits the bulls eye!  Just 3 days later Trump ordered the missile strike on the Syrian air base.  He followed that up with the Mother Of All Bombs a week after that.  That same day, Trump sent a carrier group to the Korean peninsula with a cruiser that can shoot down missiles.

Venus is currently early in Pisces, moving toward her exaltation point (strongest) point of 27 degrees in her long journey through Pisces that ends May 30.  So, she gets stronger by the day, filling Trump to the brim, even overflowing, with energy.  And remember from the April 4 entry, his primary-karma Dasas (planetary cycles) now include Venus -- from April 12 to May 2.


April 23

Big Geomagnetic Storm

Geomagnetic storms have appeared to aggravate planetary afflictions.

That is, when planets are afflicted, as they are now by still three retrogrades, the problems they cause are increased by geomagnetic storms.  Mishaps on airlines seem to fit here, and since airlines fly at high altitudes, passengers receive more geomagnetic energy.


April 27

Only Little People Pay Taxes

Congress is wrestling with three issues: ACA repeal, massive tax cuts and Third is passing a budget.  The border wall is out.  All this happening during a triple retrograde -- Jupiter and Saturn, (the big planets which propel the solar system) plus Mercury (steering our actions) being retrograde.

Cnsider the analogy of a storm-tossed ship losing its twin Jupiter/Saturn engines, and Mercury's steering system going out.  Forward progress peters out, and the ship is unable to maintain its course.  It flounders.  Confusions and fears arise.  Finger pointing inevitably shifts to jumping for the life boats.

The Republicans Congress, and Trump may be able to muddle through some kind of short term budget agreement.   But that's all.


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May 1

Just Two More Days Of Mercury Retrograde

For most of us, Mercury forward will be a great improvement, especially with Venus exalted in Pisces until May 30. 

These spring retrogrades have also been fortunate for progressives. The April 27 entry hit a bulles eye,  Congress reaches deal to keep government open through September,  Notable is how badly Trump failed.  The Daily 202: Eight ways Trump got rolled in his first budget negotiation.

Trump's chart will be better with Mercury forward and other minor improvements.  There remain negatives.  Trump continues to run Jupiter/Jupiter/Saturn in his Dasas until June 30, and they both are powerlessly retrograde.  Recall the analogy of these two big planets, which steer the solar system, being like the a ship's twin engines -- no propulsion.  He can't succeed just by blustering, even if his ship had a sail!

Most significant, however, is Trump's excessive desire.   His egotistical Sun will be transiting his tenth house of career starting mid month, joining an angry/vindictive Mars there.  His birth chart Rahu and Sun are also posted late in Taurus.  As Mars and the Sun cross his birth chart Rahu and Sun, he'll be so engulfed in desire he'll explode with anger. Trump will become increasingly brazen, argumentative and power-hungry.  This is also an interval during which his health is affected -- cardiac, stroke, eyesight....

Watch for drama all month.  He might try to show he's the boss. Mars does make Trump angry and brave.  But Venus, which rules his third house of bravery, is badly placed in the twelfth house of loss with restrictive Saturn.  He bluffs and then backs down.


May 7

Be Careful What You Ask For

This past week's party line vote to Repeal And Replace Obamacare was a forced move by Republicans to do something.

Venus all month in Trump's eight house of catastrophe is a strong negative on the new health care bill progressing .  And then, there's the backlash from the public losing health care insurances and the rich tax cut.  There doesn't appear to be a good end to this, proving doing something is not well thought out legislation.

Also for Trump, a Moon subcycle replaces Sun *May 9) to May 19. The Moon is a very bad planet for Trump, including ruling the twelfth house of loss and far and distant places. This bodes badly for the health care law, as well as his relationships overseas.  (Because Trump travels to the Mideast and Europe May 19, that trip can be poisoned before it begins.)


May 16

Wait For It

Sometimes when looking for forecasting to actualize, the Celestial Wheel entry is delayed -- blocked.  This has been the case for a major prediction made in May 7 entry, ...he'll travel abroad with a loss into hostile territories.

This article, Trump Revealed Highly Classified Intelligence to Russia, in Break With Ally, Officials Say, describes the impacts of Trump's indiscretion upon his first overseas trip.

While transit Rahu has cleared Trump's birth chart Ascendant point (self), Rahu is now nearly on top of his birth chart Mars.  So, transit Mars is crossing birth chart Rahu, and transit Rahu is crossing birth chart Mars -- a double hit of excess desire. This combination brings fury when blocked and also victimizing. This time, however, it looks like Trump is the victim.

In closing, Trump's May crisis is just the beginning of the end.  The end, Trump's being thrown out, comes in just a few months, as explained in the April 4 entry, Venus In Pisces Through May,

Well, it's not yet the summer/fall interval when Saturn crosses his Moon two more times. (That, btw, will be early July through the month of September.)  Rahu, the head-of-the dragon eclipse point, will bring further havoc when it changes signs from Leo to Cancer mid September -- the twelfth house of loss for Trump and the eighth house of calamity for the U.S. chart.  For the moment, let's just make note of these future challenges as signaling Trump's downfall -- being thrown out.

Not mentioned in this excerpt is the August 21 total solar eclipse, at 4:46 Leo, just over a degree from his birth chart Mars at 3:40 Leo.  It seems this eclipse shadowing of a man born on an eclipse must spell his doom. Then, with the destroyer of the Second Gilded Age finished with his work, the Second Progressive Age can begin to rebuild. Look for a new leader to emerge.


May 19

Trump's  Trouble With Close Associates

The Celestial Wheel has predicted many times Trump would have trouble from close associates during this long Venus transit through Pisces.

Here it is!  White House adviser close to Trump is a person of interest in Russia probe  In the astrology trade, this is called a hit.


May 22

Is Tuesday Already here?

One of the really cool predictive tools in my Vedic toolbox is the planets' days of the week.  Each of the seven planets owns one.  It's no surprise, then, many conflicts, wars and other violences occur on Tuesday, owned by violent Mars.

There are a couple of curiosities here.  First, calendars have changed many times since the ancient Indians devised this schedule.  But because mass consciousness believes tomorrow, May 23, to be a Tuesday, that day carries Mars energy.  The second issue is Tuesday is not Tuesday all day and night at the same time over the globe.  For example, Trump is now in the Mideast.  Israel's time zone is seven hours ahead of Washington, DC.

This today (Monday) CNN article title is self evident, Trump: 'I never mentioned the word or the name Israel' to Russians.  So, Trump got himself in hot water today (Monday) in Washington, DC but late Monday in Israel, or perhaps even Tuesday there.  This event sure sounds like a Tuesday Mars discord.

Of course, as this Celestial Wheel is being finished at 4:30 Monday, it's already Tuesday in Israel.  So, if Israel's time zone is the controlling one, then whatever happened earlier today is likely to get worse for Trump during the next twenty four hours.  Or maybe he'll make other mistakes, enraging the Israelis and or Palestinians?


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