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Voter Turnout Impacting Election Results

A key factor in all elections is voter turnout.

There are many tools in the Vedic toolbox, and one really works here -- Ashtakavarga. This is a mathematical system weighing planetary karmas.  Let's look at the Ashtakavarga Bindu (turned on) counts on election day.

Clinton's Moon is turns on and off  November 8, and her Mercury blinks off midday.  Her other planets are turned off.  Her attractive power is weak.  Trump has no Bindus at all that day except for his Saturn.  Both candidates then will be dim lights on the road voters will take to the polls. This suggests reduced voter turnout because the candidates are invisible, not attractive.

It seems then that low voter turnout, will result in Clinton winning.

However, the margin of victory will also then be smaller, which will bring election challenges and disputes that test the voting system and reduce Clinton's mandate.

Post Script November 5

I don't believe we're going to wake up Wednesday morning to a completed and undisputed election.  I know this isn't good news, just as we're nearing the end of this horrific election marathon, that the prediction is for another run around the marathon course.


F.B.I. Says It Hasn’t Changed Its Conclusions

on Hillary Clinton Email Case

The above October 28 entry, Venus Conjoining Saturn, explained Venus/Saturn karma will be over on Sunday .  Because Hillary Clinton is both a female and Libra rising ( a Venus sign) this fits for her.  Thus, the FBI conceded today there is nothing in the Anthony Weiner emails harmful about her.


November 13

Reflecting Back For Insight Into The Future

There is some utility in considering past predictions.

August 30 -- Rahu is in the U.S. chart's eighth house of calamity with Mercury.  Mercury feels under attack from serpent Rahu - Mystical Paranoia.  Trump's success capitalizes upon these fears.

September 7 -- Rahu in the U.S. chart eighth house is unexpected reversals.  With transit Rahu in the ninth house of philosophy, bizarre philosophies emerge --Trump.   He's finishing blowing himself up.  But he continues to have a ready, devoted. audience for this ranting and raving.

October 3 --  I'm Ready For Trump Apocalypse
                               How's About You?

October 16 -- When Jupiter Dasa comes in, Trump's belief in his kingship will soar.  However, Saturn cross his Moon three times in the next twelve months.  This sets up a tremendous conflict between Jupiter's expansion and Saturn's contraction.

October 28 -- Because Saturn's cold nature blankets Venus, women can be targets. 

November 4 -- On election day, nearly all of the planets for both candidates were turned off as opposed to turned -- making them dim lights, suggesting low voter turnout. 



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November 17

A Disturbance In The Space Time Continuum

The above November 13 Celestial Wheel entry cautioned," just watch the next 10 days for all kinds of turmoil."

Mars exactly aspects Rahu on November 21 -- this coming Monday. (I removed the house numbers for simplicity.) Also then, the all-important Moon will also have moved into the conjunction with malefic Rahu, where it too is aspects by malefics Mars and Saturn.


November 19

Trump In The Space Time Continuum Disturbance

The challenging transits then, bring enemies and fire up his aggression, while making his emotions even more unstable than usual.

Expect he'll have a war on his hands Monday, and that he'll perceive this as a personal attack, reacting with irrational vengeance.  Trump will misuse his personal power and also the power and authority of his pending presidency.


November 27  (1st entry)

Results From A Disturbance In The Space Time Continuum

In summary, major malefics are in combative dispositions. Saturn and Mars both aspect Rahu, stimulating misuse of power, victimizing, desire, anger and destructive fury. Saturn and Mars are locked together, bringing destructive stresses.

Challenging events resulted globally and also for Trump this past week -- causing hi to react with irrational vengeance.


November 27  (2nd entry)

Space Time Continuum Disturbance Continues

Although the combination of malefic planet clashes bringing a Disturbance In The Space Time Continuum peaked this past Monday, these harmful dispositions continue for months.

Saturn and Rahu both move very slowly, which results in Saturn continuing to aspect Rahu until the end of January 2017.  So victimizing continues.

On December 12 Mars will shift into Aquarius, the other signed ruled by Saturn.  And, Mars will continue to aspect Rahu.  So, the conflict among these three great malefics continues until Mars leaves Aquarius January 20.

Electors vote for the President December 19, the new Congress is

seated January 3, and the Presidential inauguration is January 20.)

When Mars shifts into Aquarius, that will be Trump's seventh house of the social nature and business -- making him so rough and uncooperative, he'll break relationships like a wrestler with a folding chair. Naturally, continuing his business activities and bringing his children into the government, will be mounting issues.  The Saturn and Mars aspects to Taurus is his tenth house of career, where his ruling Sun is placed.  There must be career stress/setbacks from that.

as many of us remain in shock from the presidential campaign, there's much more coming. As Trump the brawler would say, Get ready to rumble.



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