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Recapping The Last Week

Saturn has exited Scorpio -- finally giving relief from its 2 1/2 arduous years in this most treacherous sign of the zodiac.

The January 20entry was also prescient about Mars changing signs, "When Mars changes signs, as he is doing now, he is unstable and brings a spike in violences, accidents, anger, even earth crust events. Mars thereby stirs up the pot of Saturn's end-of-sign harms."

Noteworthy here is Trump being caught on boldface lies about the inauguration crowds and voter fraud -- which are being explained away as Alt-Truth.  Will Trump's investigation of the latter result in this -- to prevent voter fraud from the dead arising to vote?



January 30, 2017

An Updraft For The People But A Downdraft For Trump

The waxing crescent Moon conjoins with Mars and Venus and tomorrow in Pisces. amplifies Mars/Jupiter advocacy into great passion for humanitarian, fairness and compassion for others. When the public Moon joins the trio, the peoples' outcries against Trump's entry and refuge bans on select countries will reach a crescendo.

For the U.S. chart, Pisces is the 4th house of the emotions, devotion and deepest feelings and beliefs.  Mars, Venus, Moon and Jupiter energy fire up an profound, actually visceral, protest from the public. This energy is also on Virgo, the 10th house of government officials. These are thereby the target for public protest.

For Trump, Pisces is his 8th house of catastrophe.  He's going to be hit very hard by global protests.


February 3

The Hollow Man

Trump was born on a total lunar eclipse, making his life a striving for love and acceptance -- to fill an always hollow heart and empty soul.  In fact, the eclipse was already underway when Trump began this incarnation.  While a lunar eclipse blocks the Moon, is also impacts the Sun.  The solar ego is both large and compromised.  As eclipses are shadows, the life is shadowed.

Yes, Jupiter throws an aspect (glance) giving  a warm and comforting side.  And his crazy Moon throws an aspect to the Sun as well, giving the ability to connect well with the public.

Thus, Trump has a huge, even overwhelming, ego -- outer shell -- which he protects at all costs - but no soul.   He lacks internal strength -- no emotional foundation.   He is the hollow man -- appearing strong but actually weak, like an empty egg.

How does he keeps the fragile outer shell intact?  Trump's greatest weapon is his tremendous Jupiter in the second house of speech --making him very slick, along with an aspect (glance) from his nasty Saturn, that allows him to lie convincingly. He lies to both himself and others, and even the worst failures become wins.

Saturn crossing his Moon for the third time will result in him being thrown out the third time -- called Sadi Sati in Vedic Astrology.  This also suggests Trump falls ill or even dies during this Sadi Sati. 

The astrological reasoning here is the Moon is the fourth is the house of the heart, and the Sun is the heart -- both of which are tremendously afflicted in this chart.  Hospitalization is called for since his Moon rules the twelfth house of secluded places -- hospitals, caves, ashrams, islands....


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February 7, 2017

Winter Eclipse Month

February is an eclipse month this year.

Eclipses are destabilizing by blocking the light of the Moon and the Sun.  This harms the Moon's perception and worldly benefits and the Sun's ego and soul.  Also, however, with this blockage, the skies darken and the stars are shine -- giving the second eclipse signification -- revealing.

The term eclipse season is used because eclipse effects begin about a couple of weeks before the eclipse and continue for a week or so afterwards.  So, we're already experience eclipse effects, which will continue until early March.  Also, yesterday Jupiter, the great benefic, turned retrograde.  This direction reversal weakens Jupite, making him actually passive.  Jupiter's retrograde continues until June 9.

Because Trump's great Jupiter is in the second house of speech , and is also transiting there, he's been able to lie convincingly -- to not just others but also himself.  Retrograde takes the wind out of the verbal sails.

Combine the eclipse blocking and revealing truth influences with Trump's loss of ability to convince, then the prediction can be made that the courts will rule against him.  He will also be swimming upstream in his efforts to exert authority.



February 10

A Predictive Hit

The (above) February 7 Celestial Wheel, predicted, the prediction can be made that the courts will rule against him."

This morning's Washington Post article, Donald Trump just lost, bigly, stated, "President Trump has been on an 18-month winning streak.  That streak ended Thursday night when a federal appeals court upheld a lower-court ruling lifting Trump's travel ban on refugees and all visitors from seven predominantly Muslim states."


February 16, 2017

The Build Up To Crisis

Trump's mid February crisis has its roots in planetary karmas beginning January 27.  These are Venus joining Mars in Virgo and Venus//Mars opposite Jupiter.  The January 30 Celestial Wheel entry explained that for the U.S. chart, Venus joining Mars in Pisces amplifies Mars/Jupiter advocacy into great passion for humanitarian, fairness and compassion for others.

However, Pisces is Trump's 8th house of catastrophe.  With Mars, Venus and Moon there, aspected by Jupiter, he's going to be hit very hard by global protests.  Virgo is the 2nd house of speech and honesty, suggesting Trump will do his smooth talking thing, twisting the truth, as he always does.  But, with any credibility he had now vanished, he won't convince.

Early February brought the additional karmas of eclipses and Jupiter retrograde.  Eclipse blocking and revealing truth influences, combined with Jupiter turning weakly retrograde (Trump's loss of ability to convince) would result in his swimming upstream in hefforts to exert authority.

The Mars/Venus/Jupiter combination (January 27 to March 1) set the foundation for the challenging karmas this month being brought by eclipses and Jupiter retrograde.  With all three afflictions now happening, Trump is besieged, cornered and powerless.  The solar eclipse February 26 can be calamitous -- for remember, the Hollow Man must always be right, always win, or his ego collapses.  He can become unhinged.





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