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September 26

Tonight's Debate -- When The Smoke Clears

It's impossible to know how this first face-off between Trump and Clinton will play out.

Perhaps the first presidential debate this coming Monday will ultimately be about this long overdue cleansing the American soul.

Let's see now this prediction plays out. Trump's chart is volatile with the all-important perceptional/emotional Moon in Cancer, his twelfth house of loss.  He'll be drawn into battle and lie profusely. For Clinton, Cancer is her tenth house of career. Saturn and Mars there can really fire her up -- attack mode.  The U.S. chart shows anger and violence with warrior Mars smack dab on the Ascendant (self) point.

An epic battle is in the stars. Expect fireworks, but it may not be until the smoke clears that we can see which candidate is left standing.



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Hurricane Matthew

The Celestial Wheel predicted hurricanes this summer, particularly in August.  The historic Louisiana flood hit August 11 to 15.  Rainfalls totaling over two feet were greater than many major hurricanes.  Hurricane Hermine began as a tropical storm August 18 and made landfall September 2 in Florida. These result from the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, which ended September 17.

Now we have malefic Saturn continuing in Scorpio, and its aspect to Rahu is very close, but this is not natural disaster energy.

However, we can see the fast moving (watery) Moon is in (watery) Scorpio with Saturn now.  She next moves into Sagittarius with Mars late Friday, where she will stay until midday Sunday.  This brings lunar water destruction with cold Saturn wind and hot Mars violences -- but not a direct hurricane hit.

Hurricane Mathew will skirt the U.S. east coast through the end of the week. Landfall, however, seems unlikely.



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Hurricane Matthew Results -- So Far

This was just published in the Washington Post, Hurricane Matthew isn’t worst-case, but damage still significant.  It is consistent with, actually fits very well, with the above prediction,



October 9

A Tale Of Two Hurricanes

This week brings two hurricanes -- one a natural disaster the other a political disaster.  Hurricane Matthew did finally make landfall, but as a Category One storm, its harms were not devastating.

The political hurricane is Donald Trump's mind.  Mars, the planet of war and aggression, is now transiting (traveling) through his fifth house of the mind.  Trump's Mars is weak there, which makes him very aggressive and also crazy.

In tonight's debate, look for Trump to become easily unhinged -- his volatile and inflamed mind jumping.  He'll, also attack and counter-attack Hillary, and anyone else who catches his attention.  Trump's raging bull persona will be center stage.  The great hero Trump will fall on his own sword.


October 16

Through The Election

The Celestial Wheel has repeatedly predicted Donald Trump will not become president.

September 3, 2015

Donald Trump will not succeed in his bid for the presidency -- beyond stirring up a lot of trouble for the Republican Party. Here's Trump's chart showing his fallen (weak) Moon in Scorpio, where it is afflicted by Ketu and Mars.  Transit Saturn there crushes his Moon and transit) Saturn's aspects are tough too for hitting his powerful Rahu/Sun combination in the tenth house of career and his first house of the self.

August 25, 2016

Trump is nearing the very end of his 18 year Rahu Dasa. Rahu can bring great gains, but then inevitably reversals. Handle a poisonous snake too long, and it will bite you.


These repeated predictions have described the karmas of Sadi Sati (Saturn crossing Trump's Moon) and Rahu Dasa (planetary cycle) in both the US chart and Trump's chart.  These explain his role and his political failure.

Trump ends his 18 year Rahu Dasa on November 14 -- just after he loses the election. Then his 16 year Jupiter Dasa begins.  His expansive and lucky Jupiter is tremendously powerful, giving him wealth, the ability to convince and - and kingship.

When Jupiter Dasa comes in, Trump's belief in his being  American royalty, will soar.  However, Saturn is not done with his Moon, crossing the Moon three times in the next twelve months.  This sets up a tremendous conflict between Jupiter's expansion and Saturn's contraction, and it is critical to know that Saturn is the one planet which cannot be resisted.

So, Trump will launch attacks refuting the election, challenging Hillary Clinton and anything else he can cease upon to create mayhem to elevate himself to King.  At the same time, Saturn will deny Trump that goal and stomp on him until he's crushed -- politically and mentally.

And this is all part of the US chart's Rahu Dasa, when America frees itself from the repressive Republican agenda, the 1% and would be dictator king Trump.


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