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Sun Conjoining Saturn

Added to the harms from malefics Mars and Saturn afflicting each other -- stress and losses -- and both afflicting Rahu -- victimizing -- transit Sun is now closing in on transit Saturn.  This is an additional, albeit. short term harm.

An indicator of the self, the Sun is greatly harmed by Saturn's blanketing and restrictive karmas --  Solar ego, confidence, nobility, power. kingship...

The Sun has been closing in on Saturn for about a week, which explains the turbulence boost in world events, crimes, accidents, fires..... and Trump's increasingly erratic behavior, including exaggerations, outright lies and vengeful actions.

The Sun will get out of Saturn's influence when he leaves Scorpio on December 15.  Then, things will calm to some degree, but most important is that Solar confidence and the ability to see the truth will be restored.



December 18, 2016

A Shift In Space Time Continuum Disturbance

This issue was first explained in the November 17 entry.  It began when Mars first shifted in Capricorn November 1 and continues through January 20.

The world has certainly experienced elevated turmoil.  Today's entry describes the anomaly continuing with Mars having shifted from Capricorn to Aquarius December 11.

Also note the green R next to Mercury, its confusing three week retrograde.  This cauldron of malefic energies is difficult to describe, much less understand -- but its a big mess comparing well to recent winter storm vehicle pile-ups.


January 2, 2017

Tonight Moon, Venus, Mars Glow To Dispel The Gloom

Mars shifting into Aquarius December 11 shifted the Space Time Continuum rift, but did not end it.  That will happen January 20 when Mars transits into Aquarius.

Saturn is getting ready to leave deep and treacherous Scorpio January 27.   Saturn has brought up secreted information during its 2 1/2 years in Scorpio.  Saturn withholds its greatest harms until the last.  That karma will increase right up to January 27.  Expect the first week of Trump's reign to be full of dramas.

Further, as Saturn will slip back into Scorpio via a retrograde June 25 through October 29, it will bring another dose of reality.  That will be tremendously difficult for Trump because Saturn crosses his wacko perceptional Moon three times -- right now, early July and late September.

Saturn crossing Trump's Moon this month: blocks his ability to advance, harms his public image, restricts his power, brings depression, plus clouds and weakens the mind.  Saturn will knock the stuffing out of him.  It is also negative for his cardiac system and will cause him to age a decade.  You can already see recent aging -- the belly pushing out, posture bent, facial lines deepening.

To help a little getting through this stressful interval, when New Years wishes are truly more like prayers without much hope, this article from, Moon, Venus and Mars after sunset, guides you to an uplifting experience.

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January 5, 2017

Could It Be?

Trump's early and ongoing denials of intelligence agency reports that Russia influenced the U.S. election are obvious defense of his campaign and following election.

He's most recently deferred his promise for a public announcement on the topic.  Now, Trump is promising further cuts these agencies.  Since he couldn't quell the reports and publicity on Russian hacking, Trump seems to have decided to delay addressing the issue until he can defang them. 

This could be the greatest coverup of all time!


January 11, 2017

Trump's Hidden Enemies

If you missed the big news today, here it is, Intelligence chiefs briefed Trump and Obama on unconfirmed claims Russia has compromising information on president-elect.

The day Trump was born, a total eclipse of the Moon occurred.  A lunar eclipse is exact when the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun -- and this one was exact at 12:30 PM, a mere half hour after birth.  So, this eclipse hit the birth chart, and the resulting life, hard.  While a lunar eclipse naturally blocks the Moon, is also impacts the Sun.  The solar ego is both large and compromised.  As eclipses are shadows, the life is shadowed.

Thereby, the entire life is eclipsed -- blocked -- in some way, and despite great power, intellect and wealth, Trump is knocked down -- thrown out -- periodically.  When Saturn has crosses his eclipsed Moon -- which happens every 29 years, Trump is thrown out of his current situation. This is called Sadi Sati.

Trump's first Sadi Sati ran from 1953 to 1960.  At its peak, when Saturn crossed the Moon, his father threw him out of the house into military school.  Trump's second Sadi Sati ran from 1982 to 1989.  Again at its peak, when Saturn crossed the Moon in 1987, he overspent on four Atlantic City casinos and was finally thrown out of those investments a few years later.  Trump's third Sadi Sati runs from 2012 to 2019.  With transit Saturn on Trump's Moon happening right now, he'll be thrown out again.  

For Leo rising, the Moon (the public and perception) rules the twelfth house of loss, which is why Leo rising folks have great difficulties relating in healthy ways to others, especially the larger public.  The twelfth house is also hidden enemies.  So, Trump's Moon brings losses from hidden enemies when transit Saturn hits it.


January 20, 2017

Trump Through The Rift In the Space Time Continuum

The January 2 entry explained the Space Time Continuum Disturbance would end January 20   -- when Mars transits into Aquarius.  This ends the long interval (since November 1) during which malefics Saturn and Mars have battled each other and afflicted Rahu.  These stresses impacted election results and the following tumult -- in both the U.S. and globally.

The January 2 entry also explained the week following January 20 is fraught with challenges.  This is a different planetary karma from the Space Time Continuum Disturbance which created a rift through which Trump came.

Saturn is the big villain here. Saturn is getting ready to finally leave deep and treacherous Scorpio on January 27.  Saturn withholds its greatest harms until the last few weeks of it transit.  Expect the first week of Trump's reign to be chocked full of all kinds of dramas.

Further, when Mars changes signs, as he is doing now, he is unstable and brings a spike in violences, accidents, anger, even earth crust events.  Mars thereby stirs up the pot of Saturn's end-of-sign harms.

Like a newborn out of the protective womb and into a cruel world, Trump will find his entering the real world through the rift he jumped through will be traumatic.  Beyond being confronted with enemies, the con man's false promises will start to be revealed for what they are.






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