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Nothing To Say

Since The Celestial Wheel began rolling along in 2002, I've always had something to write, except now.  Nothing has come to mind.

I've monitored the results of predictions this month (above) for Trump suffering losses.

The issue of not publishing is personal exhaustion.  See the February 3 entry, The Hollow Man, Trump's endless barrage of half truths and confusing aggressions is absolutely nerve wrackin.  Jon Stewart described this perfectly, 'Late Show': Jon Stewart rips 'exhausting' Trump orders, 'vindictive chaos'.

Yes, Trump has a powerful chart.  The Treasury Secretary, said it best in this article, Mnuchin: Trump has 'perfect genes,' has given ulp KFC. The last paragraph is a classic, "Since he got to the White House, he doesn't eat KFC anymore and McDonald's," Mnuchin said. "There is great food there.  Let me tell you."

However, fear not!  The March 14 entry stated, Trump will likely survive this month's buzz saw, but he will be bruised and battered for it.  This coming summer and fall, when restrictive Saturn crosses his all-important Moon two more times, will insure he's thrown out.  And his health must suffer, even with great food at the White House!


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April 4

Venus In Pisces Through May

In the summer/fall intervalSaturn crosses Trump's Moon two more times.  Rahu, (head-of-the dragon eclipse point) will bring further havoc when it changes transits intoCancer mid September.  For now, let's just make note of these future challenges as signaling Trump being thrown out.

Of immediate concern is this spring.  Venus' extended stay in Pisces to May 30 is the primary karma -- bad for Trump because Pisces is hit eighth house of scandal.  Venus in Trump's chart rules his third house of close associates and tenth house of career.

To better understand this, here is Trump's chart.  Venus-ruled Taurus is his tenth house of career and Venus-ruled Libra is his third house of close associates.  Venus is placed in the twelfth house of loss and hidden enemies with a very malicious Saturn, which rules his sixth house of open enemies.  Trump's career is beset with hidden and open enemies, and his close associates are hidden and open enemies.

One more transit karma that adds to the flooding rains.  Rahu is now crossing Trump's Ascendant point -- the exact location of the self.  This both boosts his ego and destroys confidence. making him eccentric, fearful and volatile.

The planetary karmas of Venus and Rahu bring him great harms -- which is is unable to overcome.   Let's just hope he's defanged before he can do something truly horrific -- like attack North Korea.  Thankfully, twittering is only words, not bombs.


April 9

A Retrograde Season

The Celestial Wheel has focused upon Trump because he is preeminent as a revolutionary president.  Trump is tearing up the turf in this still new Rahu (head-of-the-dragon eclipse point) 18 year planetary cycle (Dasa) in the U.S. chart.  Trump is thus only warm up act for the Second Progressive Age.  A savior for democracy is yet unknown but certainly in our future.

Rahu is not the only player on the celestial field.  Other significations come into play.  We are now in the midst of an unusually intense retrograde season.  Three planets are in retrograde motion now, and Mercury joins these tomorrow.

Planets are closest to the earth during retrogrades. which is great for planetary astronomy.

Proximity also gives planets strength astrologically on the inner plane.  There's a psychological intensity.  Retrograde is not strong in the outer plane.  Forward motion is active and assertive.  Retrograde is latent or passive.  Forward motion is driving down the road, and retrograde is taking your foot off the accelerator.

With Mercury retrograde beginning tomorrow, four planets will be retrograde until April 15, when Venus turns forward. Then, three planets -- Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury -- are retrograde to May 3.

With so much retrograde energy, it's difficult to stay on track with activities.  Progress is slowed, with some achievements actually undone.  Be patient with yourself .

Naturally, these retrogrades cause Trump and the US  problems during this push to use the Republican party's control.  Efforts will be stalled, reversed or even backfire.


April 17

Thankfully, twittering is only words, not bombs

The April 4 Celestial Wheel entry, Venus In Pisces Through May, explained that transit Venus is in Trump's eighth house of catastrophe, and transit Rahu on his Ascendant adds to challenging karma.  Hidden and open enemies emerge, and while his ego is boosted, confidence is destroyed. making him eccentric, fearful and volatile.

I'm not sure whether the title of today's entry, is prophetic or ironic. Just 3 days later Trump ordered the missile strike on the Syrian air base.  He followed that up with the Mother Of All Bombs a week after that.  Trump also sent a carrier group to the Korean peninsula with a cruiser that can shoot down missiles.

The eighth house is calamity because it is the house of life and death --  terrible violences.  Maybe he's developed a taste for blood?

Venus is currently early in Pisces, moving toward her exaltation point (strongest) of 27 degrees in her long journey through Pisces-- ending May 30.  And Rahu, currently at 7:26 Leo, is nearly on top of his Ascendant point (self) at 6:55 Leo -- for Rahu moves backwards.

Of course, Mercury retrograde creates all kinds of confusions and misunderstandings.

Still, for most of the rest of us, Venus exalted in Pisces until May 30 is generally good.



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