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Trump's  Trouble With Close Associates

The Celestial Wheel has predicted many times Trump would have trouble from close associates during this long Venus transit through Pisces.

Here it is!  White House adviser close to Trump is a person of interest in Russia probe  In the astrology trade, this is called a hit.


May 22

Is Tuesday Already here?

A cool predictive tools is the planets' days of the week.  Each of the seven planets owns one.  It's no surprise, then, many conflicts, wars and other violences occur on Tuesday, owned by violent Mars.

There are curiosities here.  First, calendars have changed many times since the ancient Indians devised this schedule.  But because mass consciousness believes tomorrow, May 23, to be a Tuesday, that day carries Mars energy.  The second issue is Tuesday is not Tuesday all day and night at the same time over the globe.

This today (Monday) CNN article title is self evident, Trump: 'I never mentioned the word or the name Israel' to Russians.  So, Trump got himself in hot water today (Monday) in Washington, DC but late Monday in Israel, or perhaps even Tuesday there.

As this Celestial Wheel is published at 4:30 Monday, it's already Tuesday in Israel.  If Israel's time zone is the controlling one, then whatever happened earlier today is likely to get worse for Trump during the next twenty four hours.  Or maybe he'll make other mistakes, enraging the Israelis and or Palestinians?


May 25

I Want to Hold Your Hand

We all remember this iconic song, The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand.  Here's more hand holding, but decidedly less romantic Melania Trump swats Donald Trump's hand away as he attempts to hold it multiple times on his trip abroad

Hand aggression from Trump -- today in Brussels.

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron just exchanged a white-knuckled handshake  More Trump hand aggression in Brussels today.

Trump shoves his way to front of Nato group barging a world leader out of his way

Perhaps these aggressive behaviors are early warnings of Trump again losing it when faced with failure.  Landing in the hospital incoherent can be the reason he'll be thrown out of office.  Here's article supporting this idea. Experts Say Trump's Deteriorating Speech Could Be Sign of Early Dementia.


May 31

Follow The Money

There's been so much craziness with Trump, it's easy to forget the fundamental driver for this billionaire is money.  This makes Vedic-chart sense because his Jupiter (wealth) is tremendous.

Astrocartography plots where the planets are strongest.  Below is Trump's Astrocartography map showing his Jupiter line (yellow) going through Russia and the Mideast.

Trump is attracted to areas close to this Jupiter line -- Russia and Saudi Arabia.  That's where the money is.  Through the ongoing blizzard of news by and about Trump, there's a thread that Russian and Saudi money have kept him afloat. The big international banks turned off the tap after the casinos and other debacles.

Money from these two nations is bait Trump has swallowed whole.  That's why Trump: won't release his taxes, favors these oppressive regimes over democratic friends, exerts pressure everywhere to shut down the Russian investigation -- the last which which has tendrils to the Saudis.

As the days and weeks fly by, news items and investigations will show this is Trump's treason -- unless of course he lands in the hospital with a nervous breakdown, heart attack or stroke.

June 8

Heavy Summer/Fall Transits

Transits are simply where planets are in today's skies.  They move as the planets orbit the Sun.  In fact, the word transit means to pass across or through an area -- in astrology, the belt of  the 12 astronomical constellations.  Transits thereby are global.  These influences are general in nature.  However, because transiting planets move, transits provide a moving picture (movie), which gives specific information.  Transits are akin to a building as seen from a moving vehicle.

Transiting planets can also be overlaid upon Vedic birth charts. A birth chart is simply a snapshot of the transiting planets.  That imprint never changes during the life. 

Transits are secondary to Vedic Astrology's primary birth chart planetary karmas -- planetary cycles, called Dasas.  Dasas and transits work together to unveil influences -- karmas.  The Celestial Wheel has often compared Dasas to being on a boat going down the river (of life), and transits being weather conditions on the river.

Transits, if favorable, enhance the effects of good Dasas and mitigate the effects of bad Dasas.  Again conversely, if transits are challenging, they impede good Dasas and and amplify bad Dasa planets.  Truly heavy transits, however, can overwhelm even the best Dasa.  A tornado can sink your boat, though you may be able to pump it out to float again.

This introduction to transits (and Dasas) supports understanding this forecast, which describes unusually heavy -- influential -- transits this summer/fall in a timeline.  Subsequent Celestial Wheel entries will apply this transit information to individual charts, certainly those for Trump and the United States, for these are pivital times for both.



Saturn retrograde

6/19 Saturn into Scorpio

6/9 Jupiter ends retrograde

Saturn retrograde

Saturn in Scorpio

8/25 Saturn ends retrograde

Saturn in Scorpio


8/7 lunar eclipse

8/21 Solar eclipse

8/12 Mercury begins retrograde

8/20 -- 25 Mars crashes into Rahu


Saturn in Scorpio



9/5 Mercury ends retrograde

9/8 Rahu into Cancer


10/26 Saturn leaves Scorpio



Rahu in Cancer




June 17

Why Is Everything So Crazy Now

The (above) June 8 entry discussed first how transits and Vedic Dasas (planetary cycles) worked -- individually and together -- and then developed a timeline for the significant transits this summer and fall.

As you can see, Jupiter is now forward, which is good justice.  Investigations area aready advancing.

And transit Saturn is just two days from its retrograde back into Scorpio -- very weak at the edge of the Sagittarius.  As Saturn is form and structure, this weakness prevents Saturn from exerting control.  Thus, things are clearly out of control.  Extreme weather events, vehicle accidents and mass shootings are happening daily.

As explained in the June 8 entry, Transits are secondary to primary birth chart planetary karmas -- planetary cycles (Dasas). If transits are challenging, they impede good Dasas and and amplify bad Dasa planets.  The U.S. chart is running bad Dasa planets, and this weak Saturn transit combines to bring these numerous and excessive harmful events.

The important, actually overriding karma, however, is Rahu, which 18 year Dasa the U.S. chart began December 2015.

This first half of June has demonstrated stable conditions in the U.S. are beginning to go out of control -- because Rahu Dasa energy is coming in strongly now and Saturn's weakness erodes control.  This, then, is an appetizer for the main courses of turbulence coming.

Rahu, the serpent, is reptilian.  Its attacks are unanticipated, uncontrollable and overwhelming. This exaggeration in harmful events, then, is what's coming for the U.S. -- destroying the now to create a new future.  In India, Rahu is well understood.  In the West, there is no Rahu, nor truly anything comparable. Well, Freddy Kruger, does come to mind.


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