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August 4

Moon in Leo Through Tomorrow Evening

The last two lunar trips through Leo with Rahu brought mass murders -- Orlando and Dallas. The all-important Moon transited into Leo mid afternoon yesterday. Thus, there was a vicious stabbing yesterday in London. 

Beyond the likelihood of more major violences here in the U.S. and abroad, consider again the listing of significations issuing from Rahu in Leo,

wealth issues
earth crust events
aeronautical leaps

There's already been hurricane activity in the Pacific.  When Saturn ends retrograde early August 13, violent Mars will stimulate Saturn's earth crust signification to bring earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes.

Of course, the U.S. political landscape is a mess, and both parties are receiving heavy incoming fire.  The July 25 entry, On The Eve Of Destruction Or Resurrection? was accurate in stating, "Trump's chart has both loss and emotional derangement.  Trump will likely finish blowing himself up this month."


August 11

Heads-up -- The Moon Transits Into Evil Scorpio Tonight

The all-important Moon will transit into evil Scorpio tonight -- its fallen sign -- where malefics Mars and Saturn lurk.  This is a dangerous disposition.

The August 4 entry cautioned about upcoming earth crust events, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes -- the last in the oceans as well as on land -- when Saturn ends its retrograde August 13.

The July 25 entry, "On The Eve Of Destruction Or Resurrection?" spoke to the political situation,

The U.S. chart is hit very hard by calamity and loss

Trump's chart has both loss and emotional derangement

Clinton's chart has favorable career karma but will have a

rough time speaking and convincing

On a personal level, remember transits impact everywhere and everyone. There certainly has been a lot of bizarre news items on murders, accidents and scandals -- all Scorpio stuff.

One More Caution -- Aircraft

Venus is vehicles and Rahu (the head of the dragon eclipse point) is flying machines. When Rahu influences Venus, aircraft accidents happen. The exact conjunction will be late in the day August 15 -- Tuesday. But, flying machine problems can occur anytime now.



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August 19

August Predictions Review

In the absence of hurricanes and typhoons, the destructive Mars/Saturn energy has actualized in the Louisiana flooding.  Yet, while hurricane activity hasn't hit the U.S. this month, tropical storms are popping up everywhere now.  Weather Underground reports today,  7 ACTIVE TROPICAL STORM ADVISORIES


Forest fires will likely continue, and Zika Virus is spreading -- including in the U.S.  Trump is too far behind to catch up with Clinton now.  There were 6 plane crashes mid month as Venus transited Rahu.

Mars conjoins with Saturn early August 24 -- signalling peak harms.   However, they continue to afflict each other in Scorpio until mid September.  See, EarthSky Mars and Saturn put on a show.

Into An Unstable September

September will be unstable with eclipses, Mercury retrograde, Venus fallen, Saturn aspecting Rahu more closely every day and the U.S. chart Dasas losing Jupiter for restrictive Saturn. 

This information will be analyzed in an upcoming VedicLeaks entry. The bottom line, however, remains that only out of turmoil comes change.  This still very young Rahu Dasa in the U.S. chart brings the Second Progressive Age.   These other planetary influences only drive that process ahead.


August 24

Further August Predictions Review

...violent storms and., and hurricanes are predicted

Saturn earth crust signification -- earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes

California wildfires

Zika virus hitting

Trump will likely finish blowing himself up this month

flying machine problems



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