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October 21

Down To The Wire

The (above) October 9 entry Saturn's Retribution explained that Saturn, the great malefic, was nearing the end of its reign of terror in cataclysmic Scorpio.  We're down to the wire on this, as Saturn will leave Scorpio Thursday, October 26.  Counting today, there are 5 more sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat days.

Saturn's last several weeks in Scorpio have brought all kinds of harms in the U.S. -- four hurricanes making landfall (Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Nate), horrific wildfires in the West, the Las Vegas mass murder and lots of other minor, but still deadly, ills.

So again, hold onto your hat.


October 27

Down But Not Out -- Yet

The Celestial Wheel has long predicted that Trump would be thrown out by the time Saturn leaves Scorpio October 26.

This prediction was partially validated by revolts within his own party. These are unprecedented in American history.  During Saturn's last week in Scorpio, Senators McCain, Flake and Corker denounced him, as have past Presidents Bush and Obama.  He's Down But Not Out -- Yet.

Let's see what happens as Congress's tax reform effort, which is truly a tax cut for the rich, plays out these next few weeks.  There is also the emerging catastrophe in Puerto Rico and Mueller's investigation -- either of which can crater the administration.  And remember, the stress Trump continues to be under harms not just his emotional health, but physical well being as well.


October 29

A Final Saturn Retribution?

The October 21 entry Down To The Wire stated, "Old and slow Saturn withholds his greatest harms until the very end of his 2 1/2 year transit through a sign. ... Saturn will leave Scorpio in the early dawn hours Thursday, October 26."

Waiting a day, I composed the October 27 Friday entry Down But Not Out -- Yet reiterating partial results for the prediction Trump would be thrown out by October 26, when Saturn leaves Scorpio.

That entry offered this premonition, "There are also the emerging catastrophe in Puerto Rico and Mueller's investigation -- either of which can crater the administration."

Later on Friday came the big news, " A federal grand jury in Washington on Friday approved the first charges in the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller."  This must be A Final Saturn Retribution.

Let's see if Trump finally gets caught with his pants down.


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Trump -- The Hollow Man

All ego and no soul

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Febuary 3, 2017

November 6

Destructions, Scandals & Rage, Oh My!

This is the 18 year Rahu Dasa (planetary cycle) in the U.S. chart.  The U.S. Rahu Dasa began December 1, 2015 and ends November 30. 2033.  Rahu is known as the destroyer of today and creator of tomorrow.

Trump is an early manifestation of Rahu energy -- unpredictable, uncontrollable, dishonest, greedy, violent and self centered.  Its role is to destroy outdated and no longer functional institutions and beliefs, which it does by hypnotizing the lower rungs of society with fear of the other (racism), hate, greed and violence.

In the U.S. chart, Rahu sits in the mysterious, deep and dark eighth house. There the dragon plunges into house depths, bringing up hidden influences, many of which are unsavory -- racism, foreigners, sex and killing.  Notice that mutable Mercury, the calculating mind, is also in the eighth. There, Mercury's communications blurts out out the most brazen insults and degradations.  With Rahu's influence, Mercury is always on edge, fearful and suffering fears of attack.  Mercury's influence on Rahu gives the demon a twisted intelligence.


Another primary karma in the U.S. chart is that malefics Saturn and Mars aspect (glance upon) each other, which has created all kinds of stresses and resulting harms throughout history.

What is also key is transit Rahu  now in the U.S. chart's eighth house. Eighteen months in a sign, transit Rahu has teamed up with birth chart Rahu.  Double dragon karmas, then, stir up eighth house depths until mid March 2019.

American society is becoming increasingly turbulent.  Certainly the global warming storms and fires we're seen are manifestations of Rahu energy.

But, we've also seen the beginnings of regaining shared democratic values in this new Progressive Age.  Sports players taking a knee to object to black people being murdered by the police and the unveiling of so many sexual harassment cases are steps ahead -- even as the Rahu-inspired elements of society resists these.


November 12

This Coming Week Will Be A Tough One

The November 6 entry described twin primary discordant planetary karmas in the U.S. chart -- its Rahu Dasa (planetary cycle) and also malefics Saturn and Mars aspect (glance upon) each other. Further, these two malefics in transit are also aspecting each other.

Transits November 6, 2017

Transit Mars was at 15 degrees Virgo on November 6.  Now, transit Mars is at 19 degrees Virgo, closing in on Saturn.  This week will see Mars bring deadly aggressions until the exact conjunction November 19.  As Rahu is scandals, and the eight house sex, and Saturn is government officials, expect scandals and other issues to hit hard.


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