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January 11


We're just two days away from the Mercury's final and third conjunction with restrictive Saturn.  As discussed this combination brings deception.  And when it repeats three times, that quality is strengthened.

Here's a pic of a flying sailboat over the Gulf of Mexico taken two days ago.

Is the boat actually flying, or floating above the sea?


January 18

Mercury Regaining Clarity

Mercury, the intellect, conjoined  Saturn -- for the third time -- January 13 -- blocking it.  The effect, as explained previously, was deception.  January 12 was the day Trump made his racist comments about third world countries.

The tax bill did pass, but the remaining predictions proved out. Legislative imperatives have been, and continue to be, fractured.  And Trump's racist statements could only emerge from a president truly losing his mind.  S...hole is the word heard around the world -- finally the poison pill wrecking his presidency.


January 25

Mars Action & Eclipse Season

Mars, the planet of war, is thereby the planet of action.  His aggressively destructive and impetuous energy makes things happen. 

Transit Mars has been in Venus-ruled Libra with transit Jupiter (higher mind and abundance) from November 29 to January 16.  Mars energized Jupiter to bring advocacy.  Venus's feminine nature stimulated the peak of the #MeToo movement. -- a clear expression of the emerging Second Progressive Age.  Venus's wealth signification brought the tax cut.

On January, 16 transit Mars moved into Scorpio.  Scorpio is the twelfth house of loss in the U.S. chart.  So, the government shutdown occurred.  Expect continuing Mars disruptions bringing loss until Mars leaves Scorpio March 6.  Mars also rules Aries, which is the fifth house of government, children and investments.  Expect more fireworks on DACA, as well as stock market gyrations.

For Trump, Scorpio is his fourth house of emotions.  Mars there makes him irritable and short tempered.   Mars transiting across his Scorpio Ketu and Moonin late February/early March will add to his quick temper and emotional outbursts.

As for eclipses, there will be a total lunar eclipse January 31 at 17 degrees Cancer and a partial solar eclipse February 15 at 3 degrees Aquarius.  Eclipses naturally destabilize by blocking the light of the luminaries -- weakening barriers against Mars' stormy harms.



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Trump -- The Hollow Man

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Febuary 3, 2017

January 29

Super Blue Blood Moon -- Oh My!

Just before dawn on January 31 (Wednesday) there will be a super blue blood moon. The media is literally trembling about this awesome event!  Let's break down these terms.

Supermoon was coined by Western Astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979 to describe the Moon at perigee when full. The term didn't take hold until the media picked it up in 2011. There are no verifiable effects from the increased gravity of a perigee full Moon except 2 inch higher tide variation.  The Moon, however, will appear larger and brighter.

Blue is quite simple and also holds no meaning.  It simply refers to having two full Moons in a calendar month.

Blood is the third and last modifier describing this eclipse.  All total eclipses result in the Moon turning a reddish, copper color.

What is true about the eclipse was stated in the above January 25 Celestial Wheel Mars Action & Eclipse Season,

"As for eclipses, there will be a total lunar eclipse January 31 at 17 degrees Cancer and a partial solar eclipse February 15 at 3 degrees Aquarius. Eclipses naturally destabilize by blocking the light of the luminaries -- weakening barriers against Mars' stormy harms.

Expect more and increased disruptions through March 6. Perhaps we'll all look back at this month, January, remembering it as the calm before the storm."


January 31

Lunar Eclipse Pic

This lunar eclipse pic was taken just before Sun rose and the Moon set over the Gulf of Mexico.

There were literally dozens of hardy souls there braving the chill and cold north wind.  Some appeared inspired, others somber.

The former seem to understand that taming Second Gilded Age excesses is a long and discordant process with a bright sunrise coming. The somber ones huddled together against the cold and their unease, even fear, of a dangerous future.  Fear Not!


February 15

More On Mars Transiting Scorpio & Another Eclipse!

The January 25 Celestial Wheel entry that Mars transits Scorpio January 16 to March 6 bringing disruptions, elevated even for this planet of war.  Predictions included stock market gyrations and Trump being irritable and short tempered.

Scorpio is a challenging sign for being the eight house in the natural zodiac. But that is not the sole, or even the primary planetary karma behind these disruptions. Planetary aspects (glances) are the reason this Mars is so impactive.

Mars and Saturn both aspect Aquarius and Gemini. Aggressive Mars combined with immovable Saturn results in tremendous stresses -- like Mars as a battering ram hits a solid castle gate.  For the U.S., Emotional struggles result and Disagreements without resolution occur.  For Trump, goals are blocked and the mind infuriated.


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