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August 25, 2006

Seething Anger

     This Celestial Wheel identifies where and how the major violence indicated by transit Mars colliding with spiritual dissolving Ketu in the sixth house of enemies (August 29 through 31) is most likely to occur. 

    This combination for seething anger was discussed in the August 20 Celestial Wheel.  Not mentioned then was that a Mars/Ketu conjunction occured on September 11, 2001.

     Another quality of the Mars/Ketu collision is that Mars aspects Rahu in the twelfth house of loss.

    Charts of leaders and nations were analyzed, bringing the conclusion that Israel would launch an air attack against Iran. 

World Transits August 29, 2006

    Following is some recent background on Israel and Iran, followed by the astrological reasoning for such an attack.



Recent Background

     Despite claims and fears of an Iranian Islamic nuclear Armageddon against Israel for August 22, this Wall Street Journal published prediction is proven false. 

     The Washington Post does report, however, that Iran chose August 22 to thumb its nose at the U.N., Iran Reportedly Rejects Demands to Halt Nuclear Efforts. Also, reports, Iran's Navy Attacks and Boards Romanian Rig in Gulf.  Yet, these actions are ho hum for the Mideast, even a slow day for for the region's growing strife and violence.

     Too, despite the ab sense of any Iranian verbal or physical violence against Israel on August 22, that same day, reports Israel notched up the pressure with a incendiary verbal barrage, Israel must be ready for any Iranian attack: minister, "We are liable to face an Iranian missile attack. The Iranians have said very clearly that if they come under attack, their primary target would be Israel," Rafi Eitan, a member of the decision-making inner cabinet, told Israel Radio.  The article concludes with the telling statement,  Israel is widely believed to be the only nuclear power in the Middle East.

     Even more worrisome is an August 24 article in the Jerusalem Post, Israel may 'go it alone' against Iran.


Astrological Reasoning

      Israel is experiencing Sadi Sati -- when transit Saturn crosses its perceptional Moon in the tenth house of the public and government officials.  This was discussed at length in the June 24, 2004 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Part 2  The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- IsraelSadi Sati is truly transformational, for separative Saturn removes that which is no longer necessary to make room for the new

     Putting this another way, Saturn, the ascetic, acts as a purifier.  The August 14 Celestial Wheel section The Karmic Clash discussed the issue, stating, ..if Israel has matured through its Sadi Sati by releasing old and no longer necessary attachments, and elects a woman prime minister as well, peace will be at hand.

     Three other results of restrictive Saturn on Israel's perceptional Moon are toughness, stubbornness and emotional suffering.


     Further, because both transit and birthchart Saturn are conjunct the Moon, Sadi Sati's purification process is amplified.  This also keeps Israel stuck in a self-imposed dismal and gloomy world view.

     Another problem is that Israel has communicative Mercury in the deep and dark eighth house of catastrophe -- just like Donald Rumsfeld.  Both are renowned for their diplomatic failings.  That the Sun (self) is also placed in the eighth house with Mercury brings an unreasonable fear of death.   Thus, this Old Testament country expresses itself in mean-spirited and cutting denunciations and intense retributions.

     As actions follow lunar feelings and mercurial analysis, Israel is always quick to fire its guns. 

     However, Sadi Sati influences for Israel to purify itself of aggression by seeking peace through diplomacy.  After all, repeated warfare hasn't brought peace in its fifty seven year history.  

     Because one of Saturn's signal qualities is that it won't be denied, any military aggression will fail or backfire, as has already occured in the Lebanon invasion.  Yet, Israel will likely not be able to resist attacking Iran, as the following explanation will show.


     To the right are: Israel's chart, Israel's Astrocartography for the Mideast and Iran's chart.  Please reference these in the following discussion.     

     Israel's Dasas (planetary cycles) are Moon/Mars/Saturn beginning August 21 and continuing for over a month.  This lineup drives cruel violence.

     Transit Mars crashes into transit Ketu in the twelfth house of loss beginning Tuesday, August 29, and continuing for two more days, through August 31.  This combination signals an attack, which could continue into late September.  

     From this position, transit Mars aspects Jupiter (fanatic zeal), transit Rahu in the sixth house of enemies (abusive violence) and birthchart Rahu (more violence) in the seventh house of relationships. 

     Rahu is airplanes, and this double Mars/Rahu combination for intense violence indicates an destructive air attack.

     Israel's Astrocartography map shows Mars and Rahu (upside down "U") traversing Iran.  This makes Iran its karmic enemy.  Another quality of these planetary lines is that, from Israel's view, Iran appears to be a terrible threat.


     Iran's Dasa planets are Ketu/Saturn/Moon beginning August 16.  Like Israel, this planetary lineup continues for over a month. 

     Transit Mars intersects transit Ketu in Iran's eighth house of catastrophe and death.

     Mars aspects Iran's peaceful and wealthy Venus and the Moon, disrupting both. 

     The Moon always signifies the home, and in this chart, it rules the sixth house of enemies.  Thus, there's a Mars attack by enemies upon the home.

May 14, 1948 4:37 PM Tel Aviv

Israel's Astrocartography

Iran (fundamentalist coup)
February 1, 1979 9:00 AM Tehran

     Although warfare, by definition, is always destructive, this aggression appears to be part of the larger cosmic plan -- this is the time in the evolution of man that a fundamental karmic issue will be resolved.  See Part I  The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Ancient Karmas  (6/18/04)


     This basic Vedic Astrology is the rationale for the Celestial Wheel's criticizing Israel's actions, just as it has torched the neoconservative Bush Administration during this, American's Second Gilded Age -- #58b  Part II  The United States Through It's Planetary Cycles  (12/2/04)



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Doug Riemer


The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

is underwritten by paid subscribers. 


August 20 , 2006

Gasoline Prices

     Although crude oil prices have continued to spike up and down, gasoline prices have gradually slid down from over $3.00 per gallon in most areas to around $2.90.

     This would seem to be inexplicable, unless the big oil companies actually have been price gouging and (temporarily) eased gasoline prices in response to pressure.

     This would be a result of public resistance, the March 2 to October 1 Counter-Culture movement in the U.S. (See the January 31, 2006 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Planetary Karmas For 2006 -- Part 3 United States Chart.)


An Early Forewarning

     The May 23, 2004 Celestial Wheel both anticipated ongoing expensive energy and the movement away from warlike, fuel guzzling SUVs back to efficient passenger cars,

     The weighty luxury sedans and muscle cars of the late sixties and early seventies yielded to fuel efficient models after the 1973 Arab oil embargo.  Today's equally heavy and fuel greedy SUVs will surely follow.  Automobile styles reflect fashion, just like clothing, films, TV shows, books and other socially driven activities.  The SUV fashion of fear -- terrorists can't get you in your personal armored vehicle -- is already yielding to a new fashion of expensive gasoline and rejecting the neoconservative's culture of violent imperialism.  For those of you considering a new vehicle, this is a good time to do so -- before SUV trade-in prices drop and interest rates rise further. 

Some Energy Hope

      Also in May  2004, The Celestial Wheel entry on the 18th offered hope for resolving the energy dilemma.  Note that this entry referenced an even earlier In-depth Celestial Wheel Forecast ( #27  A Technological Breakthrough (9/30/03),

    The September 30, 2003 Forecast, A Technological Breakthrough, predicted a major technological advance as early as January of this year.  Other astrologers and the press have reported similar findings,  although it is too early to appreciate the value of recent advances.  No one understood, for example, the tremendous importance of the 1947 invention of the transistor until its applications began to change the world.  I remember buying a transistor radio in about 1957 and being enthralled by this scientific marvel.  The point here is that a technological breakthrough could both stimulate the US and world economies and enable independence from foreign oil and polluting from fossil fuels.  Aware investors can benefit here. 


     Obviously, the timing for this advance -- January 2004 -- was early.  However, this positive planetary karma could very well actualize in the summer/fall of 2008, when the U.S. runs it's Moon/Sun Dasa (planetary cycle), and Jupiter is well disposed.  A precursor to the movement toward energy independence is this fall's elections, for public discontent then can end the neoconservative tyranny that has elevated energy prices to the benefit of its moneyed constituency.  See today's Washington Post article, Brazil's Road to Energy Independence, with the amazing first paragraph sentence, The government predicts that for the first time in its history, Brazil will achieve energy equilibrium, exporting as much oil as it imports.


Bush -- The One Trick Pony

     Although the energy companies have back peddled on gasoline price gouging, G.W. Bush et al. are clearly not giving an inch on their failed policies. 

     Again he cries wolf by creating and hyping fears of terrorist attack to both quell opposition and distract from his failures -- among which Iraq continues to be his Great Misadventure, a term coined in the December 18, 2003 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Vedic Astrology Points The Way.  Even the conservative Washington Post's editorial page now admits that Iraq has fell into chaos in today's Iraq's Spreading Civil War.

     Again, with Cheney's Machiavellian ideas, Bush enlists the British to carry his poisonous water.  (See the October 3, 2003 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Tag-Along Tony Blair.)

     Truthout's article, Letter From Airstrip One: Fear Over Facts, is worth excerpting here,


     London - Swift action by British intelligence services foil an imminent terrorist strike by religious extremists that would have resulted in mass death and social upheaval on an unprecedented scale. Government ministers heatedly denounce the plotters as the evil agents of a worldwide sectarian conspiracy seeking to impose its totalitarian ideology on free nations everywhere.

    The country goes on high alert, with raids on private homes and places of worship. Native adherents of the suspect faith fall under a cloud of suspicion as "the enemy within"; neighborhoods are riven with distrust. Any attempts at exploring the grievances that so radicalized the plotters are dismissed as treasonous coddling of a monstrous foe impervious to reason.

    The year, of course, is 1605.

     The foiling of the Gunpowder Plot 400 years ago - when a small group of radical Catholics tried to blow up Parliament and the royal family - is still celebrated as one of the chief national holidays in the UK: November 5, "Guy Fawkes Day," named, oddly enough, after the chief plotter.


     Additionally, Craig Murrey, a former British diplomat, writes convincingly about his country cooking up the most recent bomb plot.  See The Guardian Unlimited article, The timing is political.  I was alerted to Murrey's views in an e-mail from The Progressives of the Verde Valley, a liberal but mainstream political organization here in northern Arizona.

     Finally, recall the July 6 Celestial Wheel, in the section, Is There Really A Global War On Terror?,

    So, is there indeed really a global war on terror?  Yes, stating it that way, for Cheney created it and Bush convinced the country, and much of the world, it exists.  However, if one asked, is there really a global terror war?  No, certainly not from the terrorists' view, who have numbered a few dozen to thousands in many countries for decades.  Ask anyone in Ireland.  Also, remember the Oklahoma Federal building bombing?

     ... It's possible that this month Bush's pushing this fabrication of a war that isn't will come into the media's sights, because for Bush, communications bring loss.  Still, it's uncertain when the truth will be fully illuminated, while it's certain to occur, for the Celestial Wheel of Karma keeps turning.


End Of August

     The Israeli invasion of Lebanon is another manifestation of the terrorism hype, but this one is unique in that it actually happened!  G.W. outdid himself this time.

     Here's a picture of G.W. Bush's meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in their May 23 meeting at the White House, from the White House's own website --

     There's no admission that Bush encouraged Olmert to take out Hezbollah, but the timing is suggestive -- that he yet again creates and hypes fears by conning yet another foreign country to carry his poisonous water.  Bush's Vedic chart (and his own track record ) is clear in his duplicity and ability to arm-twist leaders in face-to-face meetings by appealing to their most base interests -- We'll send you missiles to hit Hezbollah...

     Note that the August 10 Celestial Wheel (below) included a narrative poem claiming this conflict was instigated by the U.S. as a diversion -- from the war in Iraq.  It's convincing, and true to form for Bush et al. 

     Part of this fear-mongering is found in  Bernard Lewis' August 8 Wall Street Journal article, suggesting the on August 22, Iran will unleash nuclear war upon Israel -- August 22 Does Iran have something in store? 

     There are basic omissions in Lewis' analysis, just as craig Murrey points out in his article (above) the British terrorist plot lacked clear evidence of being imminent. 

     As available and clear information, including that from the U.N. concludes, not only doesn't Iran have The Bomb, but it has no delivery method, notably a missile.  Further, Lewis ignores the well known fact that Israel has had nuclear bombs for decades (to which it won't admit), along with U.S. missiles to deliver them. 

     Based upon the facts, if anyone should be fearful, it's the Iranians, not the Israelis.

    Do the planets indicate August 22 to be a nuclear doomsday for the Mideast?  No.  Yet it will be a difficult day, for the all-important Moon will be conjunct Saturn, and the Sun and Mars, signifying fighting, will also be conjunct and Tuesday is Mars' day of the week.  Too the Dasas (planetary cycles) for the U.S., Israeli and Iran are stressed.  Yet, expect some events then that the administration can spin into more terrorist fear.

     However, the following Mars Tuesday, August 29, is truly challenging.  This has been previously identified as a sensitive date, notably in the August 3 Celestial Wheel, below, which stated, Then, contagious disease Mars becomes conjunct with dissolving Ketu in the sixth house of illness.  This signals the Bird Flu becoming contiguous for humans, but not yet the onset of a pandemic...  Also, consider that Mars/'Ketu is seething anger.  Further, because Mercury is combust the Sun then, and gentle Venus is conjunct cold Saturn, a major violence is indicated

World Transits August 22, 2006


World Transits August 29, 2003

     There's a caveat about August 29, for the next two days are also extremely sensitive.  During this three day interval from August 29 through the 31st, Mercury becomes exactly conjunct the Sun (blinding the intellect), Mars reaches Ketu (bringing the anger to a boil) and the perceptional Moon advances to its fallen (emotionally frail) sign of Scorpio.  Then too, charts of key nations are susceptible to violence.

     In your personal lives, it's best to keep a low profile during the closing days of this month.  Traveling, major decisions and potentially difficult interactions should be avoided.




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The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

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August 14 , 2006

The Israeli/Lebanon Conflict

     The August 3 Celestial Wheel (below) explained that the Israeli chart's Dasa planets were violent Moon/Mars/Rahu from June 22 to July 24, followed by Moon/Mars/Jupiter.  It completed that discussion stating, As Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, law and religion, its favorable disposition encourages peace.  This set of Dasa planets continue until August 21. 

     The August 10 Celestial Wheel echoed this optimism, and today's cease fire is obviously encouraging.  However, this cessation of violence appears to be a pause in the larger and millennia karmic clash that has characterized the Mideast.


The Karmic Clash

     Those nations, as well as the rest of the Mideast and the West are caught up in the The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Ancient Karmas.   The conclusions for this series of In-depth Celestial Wheels are in the final section, Part 5 The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck Iraq & Forecast Conclusions,

Forecast Conclusions
     Ketu and Rahu, the past and the future, appear to have indeed brought their ancient karmas into the current future to address in the Mideast, where a literal sea of oil draws the entire world's attention.

     Iran may be maturing into an Islamic state with a balance of personal freedoms.  Planetary cycles of Ketu and Rahu from January 2004 to January 2005 indicate Iran is encountering some heavy karma, pitting its Ketu detachment against Rahu strife with other countries.

     Israel, outside the oil concerns, is yet the lynchpin in relationships both within and without the Mideast.  That its Ketu subcycle ends in August is auspicious for calming the violence, but progress toward peace will be withheld until August 2005, when Israel enters its ten year Moon Cycle.  Then, if Israel has matured through its Sadi Sati by releasing old and no longer necessary attachments, and elects a woman prime minister as well, peace will be at hand.

     Saudi Arabia is suffering now from the natural consequences of its previous actions, which are being actualized through its Kala Sarpa Yoga.  This was activated in August 2003 and ends in February 2005.  While the country's natural inclination would be to follow the Islamic model in Iran, the royal family will be unable to accommodate this issuance of religion into their autocracy.  Look for the government to fall.

     Iraq's provisional government is a Kala Sarpa disaster just waiting to happen in the next few months.  This will cause President Bush's final downfall but also pave the way for a truly international effort to rescue the country from itself.

     In summary, there's a convergence of karmas in these four key Mideast countries occurring now that will transform the Mideast.  The question is, will the area further disintegrate into chaos or rescue itself?

     The timeline for this karmic clash appears to be when Rahu and Ketu change signs in early November, just weeks after Jupiter and Saturn also changing signs.  Thereby, all four of the planetary heavyweights will be shifting their energies literally simultaneously.  I don't know what this specifically portends, except to state that the word culmination comes to mind.

     Keep in mind that the United States general elections will be on November 7, right in the midst of this energy shift.



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Doug Riemer


The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

is underwritten by paid subscribers. 


August 10 , 2006

Neoconservative Politics

     The Celestial Wheel has described and discussed this Second Gilded Age of neoconservative rule in many ways over the past four years, almost literally since the first forecast on July 21, 2002, which predicted the Iraq invasion the following winter.

     Occasionally, a subscriber sends on thoughts of interest, which are then posted as Subscriber Comments on the website or inserted in a Celestial Wheel.  On July 27, I received this remarkable narrative poem, which is inserted below, without editing or abridging.  The writer is anonymous.

     I found the poem both inspiring and spine-tingling true -- on many levels and in many ways.  I hope it stimulates your thoughts as well.


Why was the Conference in Rome unproductive?

[Why was Condi Rice practically the one person against the entire international body opposing the Israeli “cease fire”? It did not surprise me, but did not make sense either. Next day (yesterday) I saw Al Gore’s “The Inconvenient Truth.”  Although the movie had nothing to do with the ME crisis, it was a part of the same US political priorities.]

This morning I got up with instantaneous awareness

Of what is happening in the ME and the US response to it.

Condi Rice could not insist on Israel to “cease fire”

Because she, guided by her boss(es), had asked Israel

Twelve days back to start the relentless firing --

It was essentially the US diversion tactic

To draw attention away from the Iraq fiasco,

The neo-con hawks created this new strategy.

Now the media – CNN and the entire country –

Are interested in nothing else but

Israel and Lebanon.

The Bosses succeeded….Condi Rice, the “baby doll” who chimes the tune

They want her to play – which is why she was selected by the--.

She was qualified – has the best credentials, is black, a woman,

Is not a bleeding heart liberal, but a poor little millionaire herself –

Perfect. Will be easy to control and reflects a good image --

A multicolored cabinet…A perfect replacement for an outgoing

Secretary of State who did not quite play the game as they thought he would.

This baby doll is not going to disappoint them.

So she trots the world, squeaking, “No cease fire” even before

She reaches Rome. In a “surprise” stop over in Lebanon

She talks of humanitarian support

Showing “compassion” for the destroyed lives and property

Now she can send American businesses to rebuild Lebanon –

She orders destruction and then reconstruction

Double advantage for the US Military and Industrial complex.

The baby doll squeaks the tune……

The game of diversion is played out.

Why can’t we see it? Or do we?

What do we do about it?

Well, I will wait for another inspired moment.

Meanwhile awaken others...of the game.

Instigated and protected by the US, Israel does not need to relent.



Copyright 1999-2006
Doug Riemer


The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

is underwritten by paid subscribers. 


August 8, 2006

Current & Future Planetary Energies

     Although everyone would naturally prefer positive and uplifting news about the planetary dispositions, their conflicts and dissonance unfortunately continue through August and into the fall.  This Celestial Wheel hopefully cements this understanding by subscribers.  After all, being forewarned is forearmed.

    To the right are the transiting (planets in current positions) for today.

     Below for comparison is this same World Transit Chart for July 20, which was described in the July 20 Celestial Wheel.

     Note that head-of-the-Dragon intoxicating Rahu continues to aspect restrictive/separative Saturn; Saturn aspects tail-of-the-dragon dissolving Ketu, and warrior Mars throws a particularly violent aspect to Rahu.  This grouping of planetary afflictions continues until the end of August.

     Then, Mars moves out of the fifth house of the natural zodiac (Leo) and enters the sixth house of enemies and disease.  There, Mars will be conjunct Ketu, a combination for seething anger  and pandemic inception.

World Transits August 8, 2006


    The July 20 Celestial Wheel summarized these planetary afflictions stating ...major malefics, Rahu, Saturn and Ketu continue their malicious aspecting dance, and they are newly joined by warrior Mars aspecting Rahu.  This last combination brings extreme, even abusive, violence

     Rahu, Saturn and Ketu remain in their locked up positions until the end of October, when they all transit (change signs).

     Keep in mind too that expansive Jupiter influences for overindulgence, as last described in the August 3 Celestial Wheel, below.  Again, use care in spending and indulging yourself, especially as this type of feel good behavior offsets the stresses brought by Rahu, Saturn, Mars and Ketu.

World Transits July 20, 2006

     Given these planetary influences, issues nationally and internationally will tend to persist.  However, as Jupiter is the planet of the higher mind, religion and philosophy, it is also naturally the planet of wisdom and law.  Hopefully, this, the great benefic, will stimulate resolution of issues, the pressure for which must build as Mideast violence exacerbates and the United States continues its turn away from G.W. Bush's Second Gilded Age neoconservative values and policies to the shared democratic values of a second Progressive Era.



     Part of this process of change is stimulated by the United States' chart.  This was discussed in detail in the January 31, 2006 In-depth Celestial Wheel, #65c Planetary Karmas For 2006 -- Part 3 United States Chart March 2 -- June 30.  The theme was Counter-culture, the rejection of traditional authority and thereby challenging leaders in both government and the private sector.  While the media has been slow to pick up on this public rejection, today's Washington Post article finally acknowledges the trend in, House Incumbents at Risk, Poll Finds.

     The elections this November 7 can, and likely will, sweep out both sitting Republicans and Democrats to begin the process of restoring democracy.  However, each of us can do more than vote, though each must follow his/her inclinations. 

     Personally, I'm taking the opportunity presented by the public's Counter-culture consciousness to challenge greedy corporations and inept government whenever possible.  (Note: this is a productive use of the powerful connected energies of the malefic planets described above.)  Bank Of America completely misstepped in my credit card merchant application, and now the regional supervisor in Phoenix is jumping hoops to correct that problem, as well as address understaffing and poor service at the local branch.  If they want to claim higher standards, then I'll holding them to it!  Similarly, the Sedona fire department and city code enforcement folks dropped the ball on piles of dangerous brush in my backyard, property owned by a notorious time share developer.  I took digital photos to show them, and after lame excuses they gave in to my demand for clean-up.  Everyone knows about the big Sedona Fire last month, and government officials know they'll be blamed if another big fire occurs.

     A friend urges me to set up a new website, The Curmudgeon Report Card, and perhaps this will happen.  For now, Bank Of America has a failing D- and the City of Sedona an F.  Of course, this gives them both room for improvement.  Let me know what actions you take to put pressure on public and private organizations that aren't serving the public and deserve criticism.




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Doug Riemer


The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

is underwritten by paid subscribers. 


August 3 , 2006

New Celestial Wheel Commentary Page

     This first August Commentary begins a new page, #38.  If you wish to review any previous monthly Commentary pages or In-depth Celestial Wheels, click on the Archives link, above.


July 27 E-mail

     To keep all predictive information on Celestial Wheel web pages, here is the text from my July 27 e-mail directly to subscribers,

     Moving in the midst of Mercury retrograde, and the befuddlement resulting from other contrary planetary dispositions,  has been steps forward, steps backward and then redoing everything at least once.  However, the task will be completed on time, and I thank the stars I knew about these planetary energies in advance.  Hopefully, you too have persevered.

      Research for a Celestial Wheel is complete but composition is delayed for a day or two.  {Obviously, this was overly optimistic.)

      Mercury will begin slowing down  to a stop beginning tomorrow, Friday, July 28 in the mid afternoon.  This signals the ending of mental cloudiness and problems with computers and other equipment.  However, although there may be flashes of mental brilliance and insight as Mercury becomes extremely powerful in its stationary position, it's best to wait a day or two before acting.

Mercury then resumes forward motion just after midnight on Saturday, July 29.  When you wake up Saturday morning, Alice will have returned to Wonderland, and your world will have regained objective clarity.


July -- A Difficult Month

     Moving to a new rental home was, by definition, a defocusing July-long experience.  Still, relating the ever-moving planetary dispositions against a moving-target of world events and trends has been unduly daunting.  The experience has been like turning on the TV when the cable it out.  Yet, a faint signal comes through, and by quiet attention, perhaps some insights will come.

     Early in the month, on July 6, The Celestial Wheel addressed this befuddlement issue in the section,

Complex Karmic Currents,

     Most of the time we pilot our karmic vessels ahead, dealing with an intelligible mix of fated positive and negative karmic currents constructively, albeit with a mix of successes, delays and failures.  Nonetheless, even when everything is a challenge, we relate to a world that is fathomable.

     However, this month's karmic currents are both so potent and complex they befuddle the rational mind, and intuitive intelligence as well.  Rather than struggle against undersea currents that push and pull, and weather that is both fair and foul, it's best to seek safe harbor for a while. 

     This theme was expanded upon in the July 20 Celestial Wheel, section Befuddled.  Still, Jupiter's expansion (detailed in the next section) keeps nudging us to seek success and to resolve issues.  July was thereby a celestial lesson in the value of detachment -- which my spiritual teacher once brightly explained by saying, I do as much as I can today, and tomorrow, I'll do some more!

     There is one major benefit --  now that Mercury has resumed forward motion, tasks don't need to be redone with frustrating frequency and consequent loss of time and energy.



     The July 14 Celestial Wheel discussed this astrologer's Jupiter and Venus/Jupiter Astrocartography lines as promoting his success in southern Utah.  The only caveat was, ...these lines could bring overindulgence.  ...Of course, as Venus is females and Jupiter expands, I need to stay away from the polygamist towns.  The trip was cut short because the invasion of vacationing Las Vegans into the resident Mormon mountain towns was bizarre.  Everyone was enthusiastically weird in this garden spot of the Rockies.  Steven King couldn't have imagined a mix more macabre.  This is interesting in being another example of how karma actualizes in unexpected ways.  I wasn't pulled into, or otherwise involved in overindulgent activities, but the people there were -- oblivious to the dichotomy of Mormon polygamy and denizens from America's hub of decadence -- all of whom were clean cut, cheerful and friendly.

     This information is useful because abundant Jupiter is potently expansive and unafflicted in Libra, Venus's sign, from July 12 to October 15  

     Yes, Jupiter in Libra promotes romance, as stated in the July 20 Celestial Wheel.  However, it also brings a surfeit of enjoyments: from food to changing consciousness, from socializing to entertaining, from impulsive spending to spontaneous adventures. 

     Yes, there's a need for relief from seeming relentless stress this spring and summer, but keep in mind costs to the body and finances -- and don't forget that Aesop's The Grasshopper and the Ant began with the grasshopper celebrating an abundant summer with frivolities and ended in winter, when only the wise responsible ants had supplies set aside.  The suggestion here is to put one's energies and resources into a undone duties and reward yourself sensibly with activities that enrich the body, mind and spirit.


The U.S. Chart

     The June 29 Celestial Wheel predicted, ...very limited hurricane activity in July.  August, however, could stimulate tropical storm formation, as well as more fires and earthquakes.  From July 29 to August 31, the U.S. chart's Dasa planets are Moon/Ketu/Saturn (the great malefic).  This change from Jupiter's expansion to Saturn's contraction is already evident.

     We've already seen tropical storm activity, and, of course, the summer heat wave continues -- Saturn's typically tough wisdom by experience



     In Israel's chart, the July 14 Celestial Wheel stated, From June 22 to July 24, Israel runs Moon/Mars/Rahu. Mars/Rahu signifies violent abuse in general, and in Israel's chart, this quality is tremendously magnified now.  So, it appears warfare there will continue until late July, when Israel's protective and wise Jupiter replace rapacious Rahu -- the head-of-the-dragon

     There was indeed a lull in the violence early last week on July 24, but it picked up again on Wednesday, July 26.  While this millennia-old conflict has burst again upon the world like a volcano's inexplicable eruptions, know that Jupiter is active in Israel's planetary cycles and transit Jupiter is also favorable for the World, Israel and the U.S. (among other charts).  As Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, law and religion, its favorable disposition encourages peace.

     Also keep in mind that Israel is experiencing the peak of the 7 /12 year Sadi Sati (when Saturn crosses the all-important perceptional and home Moon), during which its deity, Shiva, expresses itself as the destroyer and the creator.  Shiva operates by destroying that which is no longer necessary to make room for the new

     Like the vacationing Las Vegans clashing with the earnestly optimistic Mormons in Utah was an unexpected expression of karma for this astrologer, the results of Israel's military push against Hezbollah will be similarly unforeseen, especially for Israelis.  Whatever is gained will fill the space left by a Sadi Sati loss.


Sensitive Dates

     Tomorrow, August 4, is sensitive for the transit Sun (government and power) closing in on restrictive Saturn, which causes mistreatment, physical and emotional burnout, depression and fear.  Also tomorrow, angry Mars aspects the perceptional Moon, weak in its fallen sign of Scorpio, and Mercury (communications) will be very weak as it moves from Gemini into Cancer.   This will stimulate more of Shiva's as yet inexplicable constructive destruction.  Certainly, August 4 can be a watershed for Israel, but perhaps also, in a different way, for Lebanon, which nation chart I do not yet have.

     Tuesday, August 29, is another sensitive date.  Then, contagious disease Mars becomes conjunct with dissolving Ketu in the sixth house of illness.  This signals the Bird Flu becoming contiguous for humans, but not yet the onset of a pandemic as described in the In-depth Celestial Wheel  #66 The Risk Of A Bird Flu Pandemic (5/16/06).  Also, consider that Mars/'Ketu is seething anger.  Further, because Mercury is combust the Sun then, and gentle Venus is conjunct cold Saturn, a major violence is indicated.



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