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March 29, 2006

Immigration Reform

     Of all the current issues challenging the United States during this Second Gilded Age ten year Moon cycle (1998 -- 2008), illegal immigration is most fascinating -- this problem exactly and precisely mirrors The First Gilded Age Moon cycle (1878 -- 1888).  Specifically, this repetition occurs during Moon primary and Ketu subcycle regarding labor protests.

     Both Gilded Ages are characterized by:  favoritism, business excess, huge immigration, government corruption, overworked labor at low wages and falling living standards.  In both Gilded Ages, the Moon primary, Ketu subcycle brought counter-culture, a popular revolt against these labor inequities. 

     In the First Gilded Age, the Moon/Ketu cycle ran from March to September 1986, and in May of that year that the Haymarket Square Labor Riot occurred -- Haymarket Riot.  This was a protest for an eight hour workday and has become known as May Day in the United States, International Worker's Day.  That topic was discussed in detail in the January 31, United States chart March 2 -- June 30 In-depth Celestial Wheel.  See especially Part II and End Note #1.

    This Second Gilded Age's Moon/Ketu cycle runs from March 2 to October 1 of this year.  It too signals a counter-culture revolt against Gilded Age excesses, the most prominent of which is again massive immigration holding down wages, worsening living standards and government corruption.

     An article from today's Washington Times, Mexican illegals vs. American voters, hits the bulls eye in describing the disconnect between honest public opinion and corrupt Congressmen and Senators.  Below are polling results from the article: 


     Gallup Poll (March 27) finds 80 percent of the public wants the federal government to get tougher on illegal immigration.

    A Quinnipiac University Poll (March 3) finds 62 percent oppose making it easier for illegals to become citizens (72 percent in that poll don't even want illegals to be permitted to have driver's licenses)

     Time Magazine's recent poll (Jan. 24-26) found 75 percent favor "major penalties" on employers of illegals, 70 percent believe illegals increase the likelihood of terrorism and 57 percent would use military force at the Mexican-American border.

    An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll (March 10-13) found 59 percent opposing a guest-worker proposal, and 71 percent would more likely vote for a congressional candidate who would tighten immigration controls.

     The article then quotes a National Journal survey of Congress, 73 percent of Republican and 77 percent of Democratic congressmen and senators say they would support guest-worker legislation.

     It seems inescapable that:

     The American public is rebelling against illegal immigration for lowering its wages and living standards.

     Congress has been corrupted by business interests, which profit greatly from cheap immigrant labor to, maximize illegal immigration.

     A shown down is coming in the November 6 midterm elections, when both Republicans and Democrats who support illegal immigrations will be thrown out of office by a public harmed by the flood of illegals.



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March 26, 2006

Mercury Retrograde Is Over     

     That the March 3 -- 26 Mercury retrograde is over is a relief, for communications have been truly fouled up.  This is perhaps a small price to pay, however, for the counter-culture movement's emergence and beginning to make accountable the neoconservative government for its incompetence -- about which the government is incompetent to respond. 

     The Counter-culture movement elicits from the United States chart's Moon/Ketu planetary cycle, running from March 2 to October 1, identified in the January 31, United States chart March 2 -- June 30 In-depth Celestial Wheel.  Government incompetence was identified in the January 12 In-depth World Transit Chart interpretation.  Since Mercury retrograde caused so much confusion, it's useful to recite these two pivotal forecasting efforts.

     Mercury will continue to be troublesome, however, through early May, as discussed in detail in the March 19 Celestial Wheel Commentary, below.  Continue to use care in communications, business and financial transactions, for although Mercury's forward motion is a great improvement, its weakness and afflictions these next several weeks are significant.  Physically, Mercury symbolizes the nervous system, skin and lungs.  These will naturally continue to be sensitive areas, especially for those who suffered in those areas earlier this month.


Solar Eclipse

     Wednesday, March 29 is the spring solar eclipse, occurring at 14 degrees Pisces.  If you have any planets in that part of Pisces, the eclipse will impact your chart and your life.  For more information about eclipses, review the March 11 Celestial Wheel Commentary, below.

Second Gilded Age

     The December 12, 2004 In-depth Celestial Wheel, #58b  Part II  The United States Through It's Planetary Cycles, identified the United States chart's first ten year Moon cycle from 1878 to 1888 as matching the First Gilded Age of excess, favoritism, corruption, a purity crusade..  That forecast also then found the same influences occurring in this second ten year Moon cycle (1998 -- 2008), calling it the Second Gilded Age.  Again for subscribers, this is not new information but rather a useful reminder and also pertinent now in a couple of ways.

     First, this year's counter-culture movement will likely result in the Republicans losing Congress.  With G.W. Bush finishing his nineteen year Saturn cycle May 15, the planet of retribution has certainly brought him to task this year and will continue to do so until its over.  However, Bush's life doesn't get any easier, for then he begins his sixteen year Mercury cycle, which brings loss through impulse, deception and self deception, even more stubbornness and health sensitivities.  Following the November 6 congressional elections, impeachment is a real possibility.  At the very least, Bush is already the earliest lame duck President in recent history.

     As positive as these predictions are, the Second Gilded Age does not end until November 30, 2008, almost immediately following the next presidential election.  Does this mean the nation will continue to suffer for two and a half more years -- that the counter-culture of 2006 will just be a blip and not bring the revolutionary change that is needed to reverse course back from this imperial government?

     We can get a good clue about this by comparing the U.S. transit charts during the first and second Gilded Ages, shown below, focusing upon the major planetary players.  In both, restrictive Saturn is the eighth house of turmoil and suffering.  Similarly, expansive Jupiter is in the eleventh house of goals, gains and groups.  Thereby, the big planets were operating both then and now at cross purposes.

     Eclipse points Rahu and Ketu, however, are in dramatically different positions from 1887 to 2006.  In 1887, Rahu was badly placed in the eighth house of turmoil and Ketu similarly in poor placement in the second house of domestic harmony.  These dispositions only signaled more suffering.


United States Transits 1887

United States Transits 2006

     This year, however, Rahu is well placed in the fourth house of the home and Ketu in the tenth house of career.  This auspiciousness is primarily due to these house/signs being ruled by mental planets Jupiter and Mercury.  These mental planets encourage Rahu and Ketu's best effects.  Rahu and Ketu continue in these positions until October 31, thereby giving supportive energy to the Moon/Ketu cycle's counter-culture movement throughout that cycle ending October 1. 

     It is possible, then, that this year's revolution will be successful in taking Congress away from the Republican's stranglehold and breaking the presidency -- and that this combination could signal an early end to The Second Gilded Age.


American Theocracy

     Last evening I saw a CSPAN interview with Kevin Phillips, author of the new book, American Theocracy.  This morning, subscriber S.D. in Maryland forwarded me a Truthout editorial, Apocalyptic President, which is essentially about that book.  This is interesting for again matching up to the Second Gilded Age characteristics. 

     In last evening's program, Kevin Phillips made one truly insightful comment about why the Democratic Party is out of touch with basic American values -- they traded Woodie Guthrie for Woody Allen.  Perhaps the counter-culture backlash against all politicians will stimulate new leaders coming forward.  



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Doug Riemer


The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

is underwritten by paid subscribers. 


March 19, 2006

Lunar Eclipse

     Tuesday evening's (March 14 ) lunar eclipse may have appeared to pass by without eclipsing anything.  However, the significance of that impactive astronomical event was drowned out by the ongoing deluge of weird March happenings -- stimulated by the several ongoing challenging planetary dispositions discussed in current Celestial Wheels, both Commentaries and In-depth forecasting.. 

     These stresses are naturally aggravated by Mercury retrograde communications failures -- just as the United States ship of state is plagued by challenges that the staff mis-communicates on and thereby cannot steer out of harm's way.  Here are some recent articles culled from various media.  The titles alone are revealing:


Many In Congress Want to Change Nuclear Deal with India

Call for Censure Is Rallying Cry to Bush's Base

Russia says bird flu may hit US in autumn, mutate

Abramoff Interview:  Lobbyist Details Relationship With Bush, Delay, Burns

Mr. Bush's Asian Road Trip

GM Shares Fall on Rise in Loss for 2005


     Here are some more issues that collectively are onerous:

Congress raised the debt ceiling and passed another unfunded spending bill
The 2007 budget deficit soars over $400 billion 
Immigration reform is finally being debated but won't be resolved
Congress sweeps under the rug the NSA domestic spying and lobbying abuses 
The New Orleans tragedy worsens
Iraq is a mess
Iran threatens 
Gasoline prices are edging up again
The Senate approved drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 
South Dakota's abortion ban threatens Roe Versus Wade
The trade deficit spirals upward 
There are more cracks in the real estate market 
The Valierie Plame CIA leak scandal peculates
Polls show Bush in a continuing long slide down
Dick Cheney is taking a remedial sho
oting class


     Yet, the lunar eclipse did add its weight to these issues.  Its impacts can be seen in personal experiences. In checking my e-mail Wednesday morning, I found four messages in my inbox from August 28!  Later that morning, I discovered an oil leak, and my car remains in the shop, awaiting the confused mechanic to get caught up.  Too, my crazy landlord finally responded to my complaint about seven plumbing problems throughout the house by having a plumber install three new toilets!

    This spring's Mercury Madness hasn't yet produced anything to compare with last year's truly bizarre Terri Shiavo feeding tube case.  The above listing, however, is evidential of extensive and unusual stress.  Any of these concerns could erupt into a crisis, or stimulate an event with disastrous consequences.  Yet, who knows which straw could break the camel's back?

Sensitive Dates

     The March 5 Celestial Wheel commentary reminded readers that day was previously predicted to be a sensitive date.  Then, the all-important Moon conjoining violent Mars in Taurus.  Like lunar eclipse effects, this too was hidden in the cacophony of stressful domestic and international events.

     Too, predicting these activity spikes is never certain, and whether you perceive the effects depends upon where on the globe you live.

     On March 9, subscriber David Hawthorne kindly sent a similar forewarning from Professor V.K. Choudhry in Gurgaon, India, cautioning about March 12.  That day doesn't appear to stand out either.  Yet Professor Chaudhry also stated that March 23 to 27 would be stressful, notably for high level politicians.  While I agree, it seems the entire spring season through early May is difficult.

     Still, this coming Monday, March 21, can bring a discord spike.  Then, the Moon will be waning (weakening) in its fallen sign of Scorpio aspected by Mars.  The Moon was similarly disposed February 22, when the Iraq temple bombing began the now widespread sectarian (religious) conflict there.

Why Mercury Remains Afflicted Through early May

    On the right is chart chart graphic first published in the January 31 In-depth, United States chart March 2 -- June 30 In-depth forecast.  Mercury is the red arrow.

    You can easily see Mercury's retrograde (backward) motion beginning March 3 in Pisces and ending March 26 in Aquarius.  Then, Mercury in forward motion:

1)  is impacted by the March 29 solar eclipse

2)  becomes weak as it transits back across the boundary between Aquarius and Pisces from April 9 through the 13th.

3)  is in its fallen (weak) sign of Pisces from April 11 through May 1

4)  Will be conjunct Rahu April 18  




     Government incompetence was first identified in the January 12 In-depth World Transit Chart interpretation.  This concept was later reaffirmed in the January 31 In-depth, United States chart March 2 -- June 30 In-depth Celestial Wheel,

     Part 1,World Transit Chart, identified global planetary karmas signaling: natural disasters, government incompetence, increased warfare, economic retraction, energy supply/price problems, Bird flu progression and ensuing popular rebellions.  Part 2, the United States to March 1 , revealing the same set of challenges -- plus Gilded Age scandals and excesses, along with stress on G.W. Bush's and Dick Cheney's charts.

     That the media have made incompetence this week's buzzword is testimony to how Vedic Astrology can sometimes perceive upcoming trends with tremendous specificity.  Longtime subscribers will recall the description of Iraq as Bush's great misadventure, which term was later used by politicians and the media.



     The United States' Moon/Ketu cycle (March 2 to October 1), which combination influences for a popular counter-culture movement (see United States chart March 2 -- June 30), is naturally inflamed by the this spring's Mercury Madness.  Although the information is anecdotical, in looking at the world through Vedic eyes, I find everyday people in stores and other places eagerly agreeing, Throw all the bums out!



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Doug Riemer


The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

is underwritten by paid subscribers. 


March 11, 2006

Change Additionally Caused By Instability

     The March 5 Celestial Wheel Commentary, listed 3 major planetary influences combining to stimulate change this month and next.  There are two others which are noteworthy, not for their actions being disruptive, but rather for their absence creating instability.

Jupiter And Saturn Retrograde

     The first is that the big planets, Jupiter and Saturn, are retrograde, which weakens their stabilizing steering influences upon the zodiac.  (See the January 31 United States chart March 2 -- June 30, specifically,  Section C. Focus on Mercury Retrograde & Eclipses.)  In fact, Jupiter went retrograde on March 5, almost precisely in synch with Mercury's retrograde beginning March 3.

     As a sailing ship without a keel cannot steer a straight course, and an autopilot without its gyroscopes veers the airplane off course -- when Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde in the midst of other challenging planetary karmas, world affairs at best drift dangerously and at worst result in disaster.

{Note:  Saturn is retrograde from November 22, 2005 to April 6, 2006.  Jupiter is retrograde March 5, 2006 to July 6.)


Upcoming Eclipses

     The second instability influence, also discussed in the above referenced United States chart March 2 -- June 30, is a lunar eclipse on March 14 and a solar eclipse on March 29As eclipses by definition stop the light of the Moon and the Sun, they act as blocking agents.  Further, during eclipses, the sky darkens allowing the stars to shine -- unveiling information from the depths of the universe.  There's naturally a connection between what is blocked and what is revealed. 

    This blockage of the Sun (government leaders, career, power) and the Moon (perception and worldly benefits) is the second influence for absence of stability, like the Jupiter and Saturn retrogrades. 

     Note that eclipse effects begin to build two weeks before the actual eclipse date, peak when the eclipse occurs, and tail off during the next week.  The March 14 (Tuesday) lunar eclipse is thereby already influencing and will continue to do so until about March 21.  The March 29 solar eclipse will begin its effect March 15 and end about April 5.  Thus, the remainder of March and early April are further destabilized by these spring eclipses.


More On Eclipses

     The upcoming March 14 (Tuesday) lunar eclipse occurs at 1 degree Virgo and the March 29 total solar eclipse will be at 14 degrees Pisces.  If these points are within a degree or two of a planet in your chart, that planet's effects will be absolutely nullified.  {A classic example here is the solar eclipse of October 14, 2004, which hit John Edwards' career planet Saturn exactly.  I missed this key influence upon that year's presidential election.}

     However, planetary energies are compromised to some extent when the eclipse occurs in any house/sign where the chart has any planet(s).  A direct hit by a tornado will destroy a house, and other houses near the tornado's path will also be damaged to some degree.  Yet, some houses close to others that are destroyed appear untouched, only to have hidden damage that actualizes months later.  Still other such houses will be totally unaffected -- testimony to the enduring mystery of the law of karma.


What To Expect

     This spring's March 3 -- 26 Mercury retrograde, and its later afflictions through early May, is particularly impactive because of the several other challenging planetary karmas discussed -- Saturn/Ketu government incompetence, the United States' Moon/Ketu counter-culture cycle, destabilizing effects of Jupiter/Saturn retrograde and the upcoming eclipses.

     Because government and the public articulate through Mercury's signification for communications, government will increasingly fail to communicate effectively.  This will also be a further stimulous for incompetenance. The public will be increasingly confused by government's failures and its inaccurate, false and incomplete communications -- resulting in a deepening distrust.  As economic health is based on confidence, economic harms must result.

     While these influences are particularly potent in the United States, primarily for its Moon/Ketu planetary cycle {March 2 -- October 1), other nations must be similarly affected.  Certainly in the United States, real estate, which has driven the economy for last 5 years, is at great risk, especially because the real estate market is based solely upon confidence in higher prices.

     Here's a hint at how these challenging planetary karmas can become.  The March 5 Commentary, stated, Wells Fargo sent me a new debit card this past week, and it doesn't work in many retail stores.  In Thursday's is an alarming article, Pin Scandal "Worst Hack Ever:" Citibank Only The Start.  Read the article, and like me, you may pull all your cash from your checking account and stop using your debit card.

     As time allows, I'll review charts of leaders and nations to obtain more specific predictive information.





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The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

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March 5, 2006


Sensitive Date

     Today is a sensitive date, identified in the January 12, 2006 In-depth Celestial Wheel, World Predictions For 2006   {See the section entitled, February 6 to April 3}.  There, I wrote, Considering the position of the all-important Moon (perception and life benefits) for timing events, when the Moon approaches Mars on March 5, all hell could break loose -- resulting in another sensitive date. {See today's Yahoo News article, Pressure on Iraq's al-Jaffari Intensifies}

     Keep in mind the world has 24 time zones -- so what is March 5 in the United States now, was/is March 5 yesterday or tomorrow in other locations.  Also, governments often hide the truth, and the media sometimes misses important news items.

     In this regard, Vedic Astrology's astronomical connection will be beautifully displayed tonight in the waxing crescent Moon approaching Mars. This combination charges up the emotions, stimulates action, creates anxiety and sometimes brings sudden outbursts.  Certainly, the Ocscars will be lively tonight, and Jon Stewart won't be able to resist some zingers.

     Provocatively, the Iraq temple bombing occured when the Moon was opposite Mars on February 22.  Sorry I missed that one.

Spring Change And Growth

     While most folks are focusing on the March 3 - 26 Mercury retrograde, there are actually 3 major planetary influences this spring which combine to stimulate challenge.  Keep in mind, however, that regardless of how upsetting or disturbing the spring season may be, only from change comes growth.

     Mercury, the planet of communications, is retrograde this month and then is afflicted through early May. 

      The association between Saturn and Ketu stimulates intense focus, followed by abrupt collapse and rage.  As this particularly affects governments, Saturn/Ketu results in further government incompetence.  

     The United States chart's Moon/Ketu cycle began March 2, bringing counter-culture -- a popular revolt against government.

     Back in March, 2004, I published the In-depth Forecast, The Times They Are A Changin -- a reminiscence on the old Peter, Paul & Mary sixties anti-war song.  {I have a very sentimental Venus.)  If that title was true then, it's even more relevant today.

Some Mercury Retrograde Considerations

     Mercury retrograde brings a backward and inner look, which is not all negative.   It stimulates us to clean up our books and papers and other things from the past.  Mercury retrograde therefore also brings yard sales and other types of spring cleaning activities.

     Mercury retrograde is, however, negative for business transactions and communications equipment.  Wells Fargo sent me a new debit card this past week, and it doesn't work in many retail stores.  Also, I've been plagued with problems printing out documents, and the program I use for The Celestial Wheel got stuck this morning.

Vishnu Sulking

     Mercury is also cats in Vedic Astrology, and right on schedule, Vishnu started acting weird again on Friday. 

     He whines, demands attention, tries to sneak outside at night to hunt mice....  I wrote about this Mercury association with cats in the December 8 Celestial Wheel, about the November 14 -- December 3 Mercury retrograde.

     Vishnu is sulking on the floor in this picture, because I can't compose Celestial Wheel material when he sits on my lap.

     Mars, by the way, is other animals, especially dogs.  When expansive Jupiter influences Mars, people have either really big dogs or horses.

     The point here is that you can perceive planetary energies simply by observing the world around you -- by seeing the world through Vedic eyes.  So, if your dog misbehaves, Mars is likely stirring up anger and violence.  Similarly, as mentioned above, if you look up to see the Moon closing in on Mars, you know emotions are elevated, and maybe even that the dog (Mars) would growl at your mother (Moon).

     Mercury is the lungs, and I've suffered from a chest cold, as well as having heard from several clients and subscribers of similar chest afflictions.  Some Ayurvedic (Hindu medicine) techniques you can use to protect your lungs and alleviate illness symptoms are: Passion Flower, Chamomile, Mint, Sage and especially Basil.  Oils and aromas for Mercury include Mint, Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Cedar, Thyme and Sage.  Perhaps you have some Chamomile tea in your house and/or have Eucalyptus balm to rub on your chest or use in a humidifier?

     Mercury also likes the color green.  Being in a lush tropical environment is thereby good, as is having houseplants in your surroundings.

Bush In India

     I was amazed G.W. Bush traveled to India earlier this week, right at the beginning of Mercury retrograde.  At first I thought, how could the Indians be so dumb to invite Bush right at the worst time to finalize the nuclear energy agreement?

     On Friday, just as Mercury retrograde was beginning, I saw the most amazing article in the Washington Post,  Did Bush Blink?  The article stated, close the deal during his visit, Bush directed his negotiators to give in to India's demands that it be allowed to produce unlimited quantities of fissile material and amass as many nuclear weapons as it wants.

...Critics have long denounced such an agreement, saying it would reward India for its rogue nuclear-weapons program and could encourage other nations to do likewise.

     Clearly, the Indians involved were well aware of the Mercury retrograde communications harms, and they took advantage of this to push through their demand.  Further, they have Bush's Vedic chart, thereby knowing G.W. Bush doesn't know the truth and can be deceived.   Below is an except from the October 24, 2002 In-depth Forecast, #3  The Bush Presidency -- Profile & Prediction, which includes that quality, as well as other character fundamentals.


II  Summary Statements On Bush’s Vedic Chart

      Bush’s acts to gain his father’s long withheld approval.

      Bush implements his father’s goals through the father’s powerful associates, who are his dedicated advisors.     

      The First Lady can be a stabilizing and grounding influence upon the President.

      President Bush is fearful, suspicious, violent and cold hearted, especially about foreigners, and he uses moralistic Christian beliefs to justify his actions.      

      Bush’s mind is further disturbed by limitation on judgment and ethics, lack of common sense, a changeable nature, deception and self-deception.

      The President’s charm and "poverty of speech" elevate his appeal and disguise his true feelings.  When the President "blurts something out," he often reveals his true beliefs.

      Bush’s rise to power and his misuse of that power cause an equivalent fall.  This is the unalterable fate in his life.

      Since December 2000 and until November 2003, Bush is both tremendously motivated and empowered to gain power through whatever action required, and this brings out his long dormant violence.

      Bush’s predestined fall may be precipitated by calamity on or about Jan. 27,  03.

{Note the final point about calamity in late January, 2003.  This was the original target date to invade Iraq, and it was only delayed until mid March for diplomatic reasons.  That this turned out to be calamity is now, three years later, painfully true as Iraq disintegrates.}

     As Bush was suckered into a typically bad Mercury retrograde deal, it must turn have negative consequences.  Congress must vote one this Indian nuclear agreement, which will surely to stimulate discord, especially further criticism about Bush being secretive and increasing nuclear arms.  That will further fuel the popular counter-culture movement. 



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The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

is underwritten by paid subscribers.