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June 1, 2015

Yet Two More Earth Crust Events Today --This Makes Five

     Two undersea earthquakes shook the U.S. West Coast this morning, Sizable earthquakes strike off coast of Oregon, Two sizeable earthquakes struck off the coast of Oregon on Monday but officials say no tsunamis were triggered.

A magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck at 12:52 a.m. and a second quake measuring magnitude 5.5 hit at 4:46 a.m. Monday morning.


     These earth crust events continue to follow the earth crust predictions made in the May 27 VedicLeaks entry, Further, the Moon will continue with Rahu for another day.  Let's err on the safe side by suggesting the sensitive interval continues until June 1.  But then, the Moon will conjoin Saturn in Scorpio, it's fallen sign, June 1 to 3. So, don't let down your guard!

     With the Japanese volcano 5/28, two undersea earthquakes there May 31 and now two more undersea quakes of the U.S. west coast today -- This makes five!

     The Moon continues in its fallen sign of Scorpio for two more days, until the morning of June 3.  Let's hope any further earth crust events are just winding down the energy and that by Wednesday, the earth will stop writhing.

     Let's hope too that the severe weather that has been hitting the U.S. for now over a month will also calm.  Recall this has most recently been signified by the tough Mercury retrograde, which began late May 18.

     Yet, as favorably disposed Venus and Jupiter promise benefits, well Texas floods have also broken a long drought.  Let's see if the earth crust events somehow bring benefits -- though I can't imagine how.



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June 8, 2015


     Dichotomy:  division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups    

     Below is a transit chart for today showing a fundamental dichotomy between malefic (bad) and benefic (good) planetary energies.

     The topic has been discussed tangentially in May VedicLeaks but this entry addresses it directly.  Interestingly, the malefics are pretty well isolated from the benefics.  The only exception is benefic Jupiter throwing and aspect (glance) to Saturn, five signs away. 


In The Malefic Corner

     Saturn, the hot Sun and Mars are all malefics.  As shown in the beige box, the Sun and Mars are closely conjunct in Taurus, from which position they aspect (glance up) Saturn.  In turn, Saturn aspects the Sun/Mars duo.  The Saturn aspect is the blue line and the Mars aspect the red line.  Of course, Mercury, weakly retrograde, is harmed by all three malefics.

     Sun/Mars is fighting, and Saturn makes that into down-and-dirty.  Because secretive Scorpio is involved, which sign is sex, there have been a trio of  headline grabbing unsavory scandals: Duggar Family, Dennis Haskert and Caitlyn Jenner.  Mercury signification for reputation insures these are harmed.  Communicative Mercury in this mix also stimulates lots and lots of words.



     And there's one more! Florida child sex sting nets theme park workers from Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios among 101 arrests: cops  And another, Exclusive: Detainee alleges CIA sexual abuse, torture beyond Senate findings

     These aren't sexual, but they are big:  2015 FIFA corruption case,, Deutsche Bank chiefs quit after rate-fixing and cover-up scandals

     No, the scandal influence wasn't predicted by The Celestial Wheel, but it certainly fits! 

     The burst in earth crust events was predicted -- beginning with the May 19 VedicLeaks entry.  A wrap up was done in the above June 1 entry.  The prediction this karma would be ending in early June was also correct.

     The May 19 VedicLeaks entry cautioned about severe weather continuing -- another correct prediction.  The U.S. has been belted with thunderstorms, flooding and tornadoes.  The violence continues today, Tornado Watches Issued as Severe Storms, Flash Flooding Threaten the Northeast, Ohio Valley and Mid-South Monday.

     And there is even a hurricane!  Tropical Storm Blanca Landfall Is Record Earliest in Baja California; Moisture to Fuel Early Desert Southwest Storms.



In The Benefic Corner

     The best benefics, Venus and Jupiter, are shown the the pink shaded box in the above chart for today.  Venus transits through a sign in a month, making this the last hurrah of these benefics being well disposed this spring.  However, as Venus and Jupiter support each other, this Venus transit ending July 4 promises the most benefits.  That Jupiter is in his exalted sign of Cancer just makes it better.  (Recall this was first discussed in January and then detailed in the April 12 VedicLeaks entry.) 

    Jupiter is expansion of all kinds, luck, wisdom and optimism.  Venus is the Grace Of God, compassion, beauty and enjoyments.  All the higher values are thereby supported -- humanitarianism, generosity, faith, cooperation....  The only drawback with these two in powerful conjunction, is overindulgences, even dissipation in pleasures without regard for duty and responsibility.

    As mentioned several times in The Celestial Wheel, Venus and Jupiter can make lemonade out of the malefics lemons.

     We can see this dramatically in this Weather Channel report, May 2015 Was the Wettest Month on Record in the Lower 48 U.S. States.  Tropical Storm Blanca is also bringing rain to the parched West Coast.

     It's even likely recent scandals will bring positive results.

     While the allusion of the fighting ring, where malefics and benefics face off, is entertaining, it's not exactly accurate.  The malefics are in combat with each other and isolated from the benefit-producing benefics.



     The current planetary dispositions are more like a circus -- the bad guys duke it out in one ring, while the good guys entertain in another ring.  And since this is a three-ring circus analogy, well, the Republican presidential candidates are the clowns in the third ring.



Mercury Forward June 11

     Mercury will turn forward June 11, which will bring welcome relief to communications, business and the nervous system. 

     Still, Mercury will continue in the bad guys circus ring for a while, as it has to get away from the Sun and Mars.  Actually, these two malefics will shift into Gemini, away from Mercury, June 15.  Mercury will then be afflicted only by Saturn. 

     This is great timing, for in mid June, Venus and Jupiter draw close, and the benefic Moon joins them, June 2015 guide to the five visible planets.


     The last half of his month, then, can be very rewarding.  Don't miss opportunities!




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June 18, 2015

Updating Planetary Transits

     The above June 8 VedicLeaks entry explained that Mercury turns forward June 11.  Then, mid month, Mercury is relieved of most malefic energy by the hot Sun and Mars going into Gemini.  It also addressed the wonderfully harmonious trio in Cancer of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon June 18 through 20.

     Here's a chart for today at 7 PM EDT showing these dispositions,


June 18, 2015


     These placements are favorable for all the benefics -- Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and the fast-moving Moon.  The sole affliction is an aspect from restrictive Saturn to Mercury.  But then, this has the benefit of stabilizing the changeable planet of the mind.

     At 7 PM tonight, the Moon will have reached two degrees in Cancer, making it fully functional there.  The Moon will continue in Cancer until  Sunday at 1 AM.  This means that tomorrow and Saturday will be highly favorable for literally any kind of activity, including: home, family, relationship, wealth, fortune, travels and overcoming stubborn obstacles.

     Yes, the fighting combination of Sun and Mars continues, but with the Sun moving away from Mars now, that influence is easing off.  We can see this effect in storms winding down and dropping lots of rain on parched areas -- the benefics making lemonade from malefic lemons.  And, overall, most of this summerthe the malefics are not harming each other, nor the benefic planets.

     Even after the Moon leaves Cancer, the other benefics will remain well disposed, making this interval to June 18 to July 5 unusually auspicious and beneficial.  Then, Venus will transit out of Cancer and go into Leo.


Jupiter Rejoins Venus

     As shown in this transit chart for July 14, on that day, Jupiter will join Venus in Leo.  This again is an excellent position for the duo, even as it's not quite as good as the Cancer location.  (Note the aspect from malefic Saturn to Venus/Jupiter.)  And Mercury will be battling Mars and the Sun again, but since Mercury owns Gemini, this gives it strength to deal with these Pitta (fiery) malefics.  


July 14, 2015


    Jupiter and Venus will track closely together, for Venus turns retrograde July 25.  And then, fast-moving Mercury catches up in Leo August 4, as shown in the below transit chart for that date.

August 4, 2015


     Thereby, the three major benefics will be conjunct in Leo, which is naturally excellent.  This continues until August 13, when Venus will retrograde back into Cancer.


A Pretty Nice Summer

     All together, these dispositions bring a pretty nice summer.  Here again are the most favorable dates with their benefic conjunctions:

     June 19,20  Jupiter, Venus, Moon

     June 21 to July 5  Jupiter, Venus

     July 14 to August 4  Jupiter, Venus

     August 4 to August 13 Mercury, Jupiter, Venus


Earth Crust Events & Hurricanes

    Despite the overall excellent dispositions of the planets, there is an influence for earth crust events early August.  Saturn, which is form, structure and things under the earth, ends its retrograde at midnight August 1.  This process takes him from weakly retrograde to powerfully stationary and then strong in forward motion.  That motion intensity and switch can dislodge the tectonic plates.  Too, Saturn is a double-indicator for earth crust events because it rules an earth sign, Capricorn. 

     At that time, Saturn will be nearly exactly aspecting Venus, which rules Taurus, another earth sign.  Too, Venus then will be too close to Jupiter, which brings a planetary war -- further harm to Venus.  Mercury, ruling Virgo, the third earth sign, will be in Cancer with the Pitta (fiery) planets the Sun and Mars.  Finally, since water signs are involved, this could be a tsunami or another island volcano.

     This could affect the U.S. for transit Saturn is in the twelfth house of loss, and the Mars, Sun, Mercury combination in the eighth house of calamity.  Plus, the U.S. Dasas (planetary cycles) are tough then, being Mars/Moon/Saturn/Saturn/Mercury.

     Again considering challenges in the U.S. chart, a hurricane is likely at the same time -- August 1 to 3.  Later in the month -- August 22 to 24 -- shows even more potent hurricane karma for the U.S.

     Of course, not all violences are earth crust events and hurricanes.  The BP oil spill occurred when Mars was similarly transiting Cancer, the eighth house of calamity in the U.S. chart.



     Take advantage of the good planetary karmas this summer, and although the benefics shine brightly until August 13, it would be best to complete your summer activities by the end of July. 




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June 30, 2015


     This is a short wrap-up entry for June.

Light drives away dark, but dark never drives away light

     The above June 8th and 18th entries focused upon the positive planetary placements in the signs -- the benefics are well disposed, and overall, most of this summer the malefics are not harming each other, nor the benefic planets.

     The Celestial Wheel has repeatedly stated, Venus and Jupiter can make lemonade out of the malefic lemons.  As these two, the best benefics, drew close this week, we saw some of life's sour juices were sweetened.  Tonight they conjoin exactly in the western sky after sunset, SUNSET SKY SHOW.  This is visually celebratory and gives dramatic testament to, As above, so below.

     The June 17 Charleston church shooting was certainly horrific, but it demonstrated the light of truth about racism in this country.  Light drives away dark, but dark never drives away light.  Not only are the Confederate flags finally coming down, but the ugly stain of endemic racism is finally being known and accepted.  The lie of America being post-racial is unveiled.

     The June 25 and 26 Supreme Court decisions on the Affordable Health Care Act and gay marriage also advanced society.  Supreme Court upholds Obamacare subsidies  Supreme Court upholds Obamacare subsidies  These further serve to herald the upcoming Second Progressive Age, which begins at the end of this year.  On December 1, the U.S.'s cruel seven year Mars Dasa (planetary cycle) yields to Rahu's eighteen year Dasa.  Eclipse point Rahu (head-of-the-dragon) in the eighth house of turmoil and hidden things with changeable Mercury will stimulate fear and anger to throw off oppression -- just like in the first Rahu Dasa beginning in 1775 and the second Dasa that started in 1895.  The first threw off the yoke of colonialism; the second the yoke of economic oppression via the First Progressive Age.

     The June 18 entry listed the most favorable dates, and these are repeated for emphasis,

     June 19,20  Jupiter, Venus, Moon

     June 21 to July 5  Jupiter, Venus

     July 14 to August 4  Jupiter, Venus

     August 4 to August 13 Mercury, Jupiter, Venus

     However, because Saturn will turn forward August 1, it will begin again to clamp down on affairs throughout the country, even the globe.  And Mars will be on the move again too, wrecking havoc until Thanksgiving.  Thus, Take advantage of the good planetary karmas this summer, and although the benefics shine brightly until August 13, it would be best to complete your summer activities by the end of July.

     Hurricanes and earth crust events may be the most dramatic events, but other ills are on the horizon.  Financial losses can be severe.

PS  It turns out Yeti is just a bear.



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