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April 12, 2015

Eclipse Season Energy Winding Down

     With the April 4 total lunar eclipse a week ago, the disruptive eclipse season energy is winding down.  It's not over yet, but like steady rain after a thunderstorm, destructive energies can be changed to constructive ones. Newly strengthened benefic planets are the catalysts here.

     To refresh your memory, this difficult eclipse season began mid March with the March 20 total solar eclipse in Pisces, the twelfth house of loss. It continued past the April 4 total lunar eclipse in Virgo, the sixth house of enemies.  Predictions in March VedicLeaks entries were: 

     ...all kinds of losses and disputes that get out of control and escalate.  These are misunderstood.  Bad strategies will not resolve them.  Finances and governments will be especially challenged.  The U.S. chart is hit hard.

     ...Mars (is) being very aggressive now, stimulating not just disputes, but violences.

      ...major snowy storms with heavy flooding when the Sun transits Pisces from mid March through mid April and ...since Ketu is gas and oil, expect supply disruptions then, for the hot Sun naturally afflicts Ketu.

     Following are some highlights from the news.  The dates are for the actual events.

     4/3 Massive brawl break out at Resorts World Casino in Queens as hundreds look on in horror 

     4/3 GE fire expected to burn for several days

     4/4  Walter Scott Death: Bystander Who Recorded Cop Shooting Speaks Out

     4/4  Black teen shot dead by Illinois police shot in back: newspaper

     4/7  Drought-parched California expecting welcome dose of spring rain  and California Rain and Snow: Funnel Cloud Spotted Over Sacramento

     4/7 Gas prices may have reached their peak for 2015

     4/9  Sheriff Orders Immediate Internal Investigation Into Arrest Seen on "Disturbing" Video (man on horseback beaten)

     Then, there's the Indiana religious freedom law craziness and all kinds of Mideast turmoil, especially in Yemen.


A Very Nice Spring

     Actually, the benefic planets have already begun to bring a very nice spring.  Jupiter, the great benefic, exalted in Cancer, turned strongly forward April 8.  Venus, the planet of love and grace, shifted into Taurus, her own sign, April 6.  As Jupiter does well in his exalted sign, Venus does well in a sign she owns.  But this shouldn't be news!  The March 25 VedicLeaks entry explained,

The Spring Holds Great Promise
      However, remember, Jupiter, the great benefic,, exalted in Cancer, turns powerfully forward April 8.  Along with this, Venus, another wonderful benefic, will finally escape Mars by shifting into Taurus.  Venus owns Taurus and thereby does well there.  Together, Jupiter and Venus will be a potent force for good and will repair damages.  This spring holds great promise.


     Unstated until now is that Mercury, the third benefic, escaped a very bad position in Pisces last evening.  There, Mercury was fallen (weak) and with dissolving Ketu.  I used the term demented to describe the planet of the intellect and nervous system.  Here's a chart for today showing these positive planetary dispositions.  (Note: Jupiter will continue in Cancer while fast-moving Venus and Mercury will pass through the good signs of Taurus, Gemini and Cancer for the next few months -- until early July.) 


  The energy is similar to last summer.  The June 12, 2014 VedicLeaks entry introduced this by stating,

And the planetary weather will soon shift in a very positive way.  The benefic planets are all headed into excellent positions.  In fact, Mercury is already there in its sign of Gemini, where it stays until July 28.  Venus will shift into her own Taurus on June 19, where she will reside until July 13. Finally, Jupiter, the great benefic, goes into Cancer, his exalted sign, on June 20.  He'll shine for a year.  So, starting June 19, the planetary skies will brighten with optimism and opportunity.

Take advantage of that to improve your situation and enjoy the summer as well.

     Below is a chart for June 27, 2014 showing these favorable dispositions.  Compare it to the one above for today looking at Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. 




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April 19, 2015

The below was a direct email entry.

Some Mental Turbulence And Turbulent Weather Too!

Some Mental Turbulence
The (above) April 12 VedicLeaks entry explained in some detail auspicious placements of the three major benefic planets, portending a A Very Nice Spring.  Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are all well disposed in favorable signs for the next few months -- until early July.  Don't miss this opportunity to resolve issues stabilize your life!  After all, the Millennium Contraction continues, and while the Second Progressive Age begins at the end of this year, that will be a torturous journey with many serious disruptions -- for only through turmoil comes change.

This all being said, while the next few months are generally supportive for us all, there are naturally dicey times.  Today through tomorrow morning is one of those, marked by Mental Turbulence. The below chart for today shows the mental planets -- the Moon and Mercury -- are weak and disrupted.

As you can see, this is a new Moon, and without the support of light on the Moon, the emotional/perceptional mind is vacant and vulnerable.  Plus, aggressive Mars stirs up the Moon, stimulating mood swings, anger and feeling ungrounded.

Mercury is harmed by the hot Sun firing it up on one side and hot Mars on the other.  It's like one of those electric grills with heating elements on the top and bottom. Everything gets toasted.

Together, the Moon and Mercury stimulate mental intensity, and that can result in scattering and fragmented thinking, the mind filled with chatter, misgivings, the mind too active to anchor thoughts...

So, take it easy on yourself. Use this Sunday for rest and leisurely pursuits. Being around water is grounding. Sandalwood and Chamomile are calming. As the Sun is the father and the Moon is the mother, use care with paternal figures.

The Moon shifts into Taurus mid-morning tomorrow, which will provide some relief. Mercury won't pass by Mars until Thursday however, but this combination for scheming -- liars, lawyers, thieves and politicians -- won't be aggravated by a bad perceptional Moon. Just use care in business dealings and don't allow any disruptive situations throwing you off balance to tip you over.

Turbulent Weather too!
The January 19 VedicLeaks entry predicted weather through the winter and into this spring by following the Sun's sign positions.


The (above) April 12 VedicLeaks entry documented the welcome rain at earlier this month, as predicted.

Just as the Sun shifted into Aries April 15, where violent thunderstorms, tornadoes, are predicted, this happened on Thursday, April 16, April Blizzard Causes 70-Vehicle Pile-Up on Wyoming Interstate.

The Weather Channel reports today all kinds of severe weather -- Tornado Watches Issued as Severe Thunderstorm Threat Continues for the Deep South Sunday, East Coast Monday, It has been Raining for a Week in the South...




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