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August 6, 2014

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Catching Up With The Planets
And Catching Your Breath!

With the benefic planets continuing to be strong, which auspiciousness continues until the end of August, there's been a lot going on!  This astrologer has been busy, busy, busy with clients making improvements in the home and his vehicle.  In fact, I just realized this morning that I hadn't composed a Celestial Wheel for a week.  That's an informal time-measure to publish.  And so today, with these tasks pretty well completed, it's time to catch my breath and refocus back to mundane astrology.

There several important considerations in using this energy effectively.

As stated several times in July VedicLeaks entries, use this energy to improve your situation. Typically, there are more intervals of challenge than opportunity.  Since this summer's opportunity karma is so unusually potent and enduring, don't miss it!

For many, the energy is so abundant, joyful, evening seemingly magical, there's a risk of being carried away with over-optimism -- forgetting to err on the side of caution.  Too, be selective in the areas of life you seek to improve.  You can't fix all your problems in two months.  You can, however, address key issues that have been holding you back, or have caused long and considerable misery.  So, make sure to catch your breath and then calmly set a wise course ahead.  Should your daily activities only involve fixing leaks -- well your boat will advance on its journey still floating.

The malefic planets are in weaker, and thereby less damaging positions than the benefic planets' more potent karma for good; but the malefics haven't left the playing field.  They always challenge us to grow with, what else but their ability to bring challenge!  Too, The Celestial Wheel has often stated the old saw, Only through turmoil comes change.  So don't think that everything is coming up roses.  Understand that even roses have thorns, which prick us into action -- and the benefics give us the opportunities for effective positive results.


Still, for some few charts, the benefics appear ineffective and can actually cause harm.  The July 30 VedicLeaks entry discussed two nation chart examples -- Israel and the U.S.  Yet, that entry also stated, And aren't the benefic planets shining on Israel, an ongoing influence banishing the darkness of hate and violence with the light of love and peace?  There is now a peace fire in Gaza.  Thereby, even if you have been, and perhaps still are, being hit hard by challenge, the benefics can turn those lemons into lemonade.  Just don't indulge in wishful thinking that all will be well.  The karma of personal responsibility requires that to improve your life, you must act to do so.  Don't let the malefics dig you into a deeper hole; but don't expect the benefics to lift you out.  You can only do that by climbing out yourself on ladder the benefics can extend to you.

For spiritual seekers, remember, manifestation is not real.  If you buy a plant for your yard,

the only way to create the hole to plant it in is with a shovel.

Beware of mystical experiences and magical cures promised by gurus.  With the light shining so bright, spirit beckons, and those who would take advantage are in full blossom -- attracting the innocent to their poisonous summer fruits.  The con artists are also at an enthusiasm peak.  You've likely all seen this recent commercial, GEICO Did You Know - Pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker?

It's always safe, and more often than we think, better, to be your own guru.

And remember, these folks are always deny responsibility and are unrepentant -- even when caught in their cons.  A whopper was landed June 17, The 'Dr. Oz Effect': Senators Scold Mehmet Oz For Diet Scams. Oz refused to admit he misled, worse for actually being a highly regarded physician.  This June 19 article, from Science-based Medicine, Dr. Oz and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, states,

What’s most remarkable with Oz is his simultaneous acknowledgment that the products he profiles lack credible scientific evidence and his simultaneous endorsement of those same products.

What’s most ironic about Oz is... he still sees himself as the victim. He’s not going to stop his breathless endorsements and quick fixes.  What’s most irritating to Oz is that promoters are using his name to promote their products.  (That's the FOX News ploy of claiming its white people audience are victims, when in fact, they control America!)

...there’s no question the Dr. Oz show perpetuates the “quick fix in a pill” mythology of weight loss and distracts viewers away from taking sensible approaches to weight loss.

There is one malefic combination that is growing in strength -- the Mars/Saturn conjunction.  The July 30 VedicLeaks entry stated, Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Libra, but they aren't yet close enough to cause major harms.  Mars is moving towards Saturn, bringing destruction, for these are the two great malefics.  They conjoin exactly on August 25.  However, like an archer, Mars fires his arrows when he is within range of the enemy -- about 3 or 4 degrees away.  Mars is currently at 14 degrees and Saturn 23. On August 19, Mars will be 4 degrees from Saturn -- striking distance.

This chart is for today and is thereby a snapshot of current planetary placements.  As such, it is global planetary weather. The benefics are highlighted in lavender and the malefics shadowed in blue.

Still, this energy cannot overcome the greater good from the three benefics in their current concert.  We've had a taste of that in Hurricane Bertha dissipating on the Atlantic coast and Hawaii Threatened By Back-to-Back Tropical Cyclones: Iselle, Then Julio.  While this is worrisome, Cyclone Iselle is already weakening and Julio is expected to to the same -- both landing as tropical storms.

Ancient observatory at Jaipor, India, used by both astronomers and astrologers.

Then, they were one and the same



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August 11, 2014

A direct email entry

Benefics And Malefics
Lions And Tigers And Bears
Oh My!


Predictions Check
The (above) August 6 VedicLeaks entry discussed the destructive energy of the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Libra, Still, this energy cannot overcome the greater good the the three benefics in their current concert.  References were made to the hurricanes headed toward Hawaii and the Israel/Gaza violence. The storm prediction came true with Hurricane Iselle having only 80 MPH winds at landfall and Julio passing well north of the island state.

While the Big Island experienced flooding and some wind damage, this was not a truly destructive storm. The weather forecasters suffused with doom. Living in Florida (again), I pass on a couple of comments from native Crackers,

80 MPH is nothin. Heck, I put my clothes out o the line when the wind blows that hard -- they dry faster.

Thunder storm winds reach 80 MPH every day -- and they don't even blow off bikini tops, much less bottoms!


As regards the prediction for Israel and Gaza to calm, they are bumping along with uneasy truces. But the trajectory is toward peace. Similarly, the mess in Iraq is shifting toward improvement with the U.S. selectively bombing ISIS and air dropping relief supplies.


Update On The Planetary Placements
The August 6 entry included the below chart, for the same day, ...a snapshot of current planetary placements.  As such, it is global planetary weather. The benefics are highlighted in lavender and the malefics shadowed in blue.

Here's the transit chart for today, August 11,


You can easily see the sole change that Venus has shifted from Gemini into Cancer.  This unites all three benefic planets, plus the illuminating Sun.

Note that Mercury is at 28 degrees. It (for Mercury is gender-neutral) will transit into Leo tomorrow late morning.  This, however, remains a good position for Mercury, keeping all three benefics well disposed until Mercury leaves Leo at month's end.

Looking further ahead, we see Mercury will then be in Virgo, which is its exalted (best sign).  Mercury will be conjoining Rahu (the head-of-the-cobra) eclipse point), which irritates this planet of the intellect and the nervous system and makes the person feel under attack.  That makes sense since Rahu is dragon.  Still, Mercury will not be close to Rahu until mid September.  So, we can extend the interval of the benefics all being favorably disposed for a couple more weeks.

This cobra photo clearly shows the truly ancient

Sanskrit symbol for Rahu/Ketu on his head.


The Mars/Saturn Conjunction
The (above) August 6 VedicLeaks entry discussed the sole negative in the celestial heavens, the Mars/Saturn conjunction,

There is one malefic combination that is growing in strength -- the Mars/Saturn conjunction.  The July 30 VedicLeaks entry stated, Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Libra, but they aren't yet close enough to cause major harms.  Mars is moving towards Saturn, bringing destruction, for these are the two great malefics. They conjoin exactly on August 25.  However, like an archer, Mars fires his arrows when he is within range of the enemy -- about 3 or 4 degrees away.  Mars is currently at 14 degrees and Saturn 23.  On August 19, Mars will be 4 degrees from Saturn -- striking distance.

I repeat this to emphasize that while the benefic planets shine so brightly they illuminate even the darkest corners of the globe, it's just a week now before the Mars/Saturn conjunction begins to inflict its major destructions.  Saturn is the great malefic, causing losses and sufferings of all kinds.  Saturn is old, slow and cold.

Mars is close behind Saturn, as the planet of war -- violences brought by people, animals and nature. Regarding animals, a few years ago, Mars was really roaring.  There were multiple tiger and shark attacks. So, beyond using care in your activities, including being outside, know that even your pets can behave badly -- dogs bite and cats scratch.  Mars is the opposite of Saturn in being hot and fast.

When Saturn and Mars come together, these dissonant energies symbolize destruction that can tear anything apart.  But, sometimes destruction is overdue, when, for example, building or machine is worn out and needs to be taken down or torn apart.  Then, something new and better can be created -- Phoenix rising out of the ashes -- using the beneficence of the strong benefic planets.

This then, is a time for transformation.

Religions focus upon the dictates of God.  The Bible says this is right.  The Pope explains that God requires us.....  Mohammed directs us.......

Hinduism, while also monotheistic (one god with many deities who manifest his various qualities) is rather a study of consciousness, and thereby spirituality.  What is spirituality?  It is the quest to advance upon ones personal path toward detachment from worldly needs and desires.  This is Kama -- desires distracting the mind from equanimity, unity with God.  Conquer all your desires, and you are no longer bothered by Kama and thereby achievement Self Realization -- which is fulfillment, and thereby true happiness.  Buddhism, which came to purify Hindu excesses, offers the same type of goal, though the approach, seeking Nirvana -- enlightenmentWikepedia explains,

...nirvana refers to the imperturbable stillness of mind after the fires of desire, aversion, and delusion have been finally extinguished.  In Hindu philosophy, it is the union with the divine ground of existence Brahman (Supreme Being) and the experience of blissful egolessness.

This month, Mars and Saturn will knock things down in our experiences.  But the benefics can lift us back up, rebuilding our consciousness a little further along the path toward equanimity. For some, the Mars/Saturn conjunction will be just be items in the news. For others, whose Vedic charts are hit hard by Mars/Saturn, the experience can be tremendously stressful.

Don't expect all your problems to be solved, all your frustrations taken away. Just chipping away at a few can be a major achievement.  Transformation is, after all, an ongoing experience -- it's just moving faster now.

(I've alerted new clients about  their Mars/Saturn conjunction exposure. For other Subscribers,
an inexpensive $50 Chart Check is a wise precaution.



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August 17, 2014

A direct email entry

Saturn And Mars Draw Close


Previous VedicLeaks entries have discussed the duality of the benefics Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in rare favorable placements, with a malefic offset this month by Saturn and Mars coming into conjunction.  The latter is disruptive, but again, the benefic energy is overall much stronger -- resulting in turmoils with positive resolutions and also favorable results.  An analogy is a hurricane, slowing in making landfall, reducing damage, but which brings rains to break a more harmful drought.

The (above) August 11 entry, Benefics And Malefics Lions And Tigers And Bears Oh My!, was an ongoing discussion of this topic, focusing on two Mars/Saturn conjunction factors: timing and the energetic quality.

Mars will be with the 3 to 4 degree distance from Saturn on August 19 that will bring him within range. The energy will then increase daily until the exact conjunction August 25.  The Moon in Vedic Astrology is all-important for being its primary planet, the mind and the benefits in life.  It is thereby a timing indicator for events when malefic energies hit it.

Here are some sensitivity peaks.

After midnight August 18, August 19 begins.  Then, Saturn and Mars will be just 3 1/2 degrees apart.  At that time, Mars be closely aspecting the Moon. That's two planetary karmas.  A third, which will kick events, is August 19 is Tuesday, Mars' day of the week.  (When there's one karma, an event is possible; when two, likely: when three of more, inescapable.)  As transits are the positions of planets in current skies, they are in the same positions all over the globe -- but time zone difference make them seem to happen at different times.  So, for example, 1 AM Eastern Time is seven hours earlier in the Mideast.

Fortunately, very fortunately, the Moon slips away from this Mars aspect mid afternoon August 19.  And, the Moon will only come under fire one more time until August 25 -- this an aspect from Saturn which begins early on August 22 and peaks early on the 24th.  As the 23rd is Saturn's day of the week Saturn, expect further turmoil then.

Recap. The sensitive interval begins early August 19 and ends August 25. There will be peak harms early August 19 and early August 22 through 24.  Of course, the exact conjunction August 25 is also sensitive.

Energetic Quality
The (above) August 11 entry also reviewed the energetic quality of this conjunction of these two major malefics, including Mars' animal nature.  We can continue this tack by comparing Saturn to an elephant and Mars to a lion.

The elephant is slow, deliberate, responsible, smelly, steady, powerful and he never forgets -- all Saturn qualities.  Mars is the lion, the ultimate carnivore, who roars, pounces on his prey and rips their throats out.

When the lion attacks the elephant, that huge beast is prodded into action, becoming rogue -- incredibly dangerous for his power.  Rogue is the term used for elephants which rip through villages, destroying buildings, killing people.

When the elephant throws off, and stomps on, the lion, he is wounded. In pain, the beast becomes even more fierce out of control. He rampages.

Expected Events
Mars and Saturn last conjoined in August 2012.  Then, hurricanes roared in a globe beset by all kinds of turmoil.  Take a look at the August 20, 2012 VedicLeaks.

There's an uncanny repetition of ills from 2012 to 2014 -- Mideast, disease, hurricanes...  This can be explained in part by the Saturn/Mars conjunctions both occurring in Libra, the seventh house of the natural zodiac, symbolizing:  partnerships, relationships, politics, and the social nature.

As Libra is Vata (air), ruled by Kapha (water) Venus, expect water storms - hurricanes.

I'll offer more predictions in the next VedicLeaks. For now, the U.S. and Israel charts are sensitive. Vehicles are vulnerable. Use care in your daily activities.



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August 21, 2014

A direct email entry

Part Way Through The Mars/Saturn Conjunction Approach


Water Storms
As discussed in the (above) August 17 VedicLeaks entry, Saturn And Mars Draw Close,

The sensitive interval begins early August 19 and ends August 25. There will be peak harms early August 19 and early August 22 through 24. Of course, the exact conjunction August 25 is also sensitive.

...As Libra is Vata (air), ruled by Kapha (water) Venus, expect water storms - hurricanes.


One never knows how planetary karma will exactly actualize, but there's been a deluge of water storms -- just not any hurricanes, yet. While wild weather events happen all the time, these four in just two days is clearly a concentration.

Hundreds dead as monsoon brings chaos to northern India, Nepal

Freak storm dumps 2 feet of hail in Mexico

Hiroshima, Japan, Landslides and Flooding Kill at Least 39, Including 3 Children; 7 Missing

Phoenix Flood: Interstate 17 Reopens; Vehicles Stranded, Residents Rescued from Homes

And look, there is a developing tropical disturbance, Tropical Threat For Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, U.S. East Coast Ahead?  Yes, it is mid August, when the peak hurricane season begins, but remember, hurricanes don't develop every year!

There were major hurricanes in August 2012, when Mars/Saturn last conjoined, see August 20, 2012 VedicLeaks. But none last year. 2013 Atlantic hurricane season explains, The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season was the first since 1994 with no major hurricanes, and the first since 1968 with no storms of at least Category 2 intensity.


Popular Protests
The August 17 VedicLeaks also noted the Mars/Saturn conjunction is in Libra, the seventh house of the natural zodiac, symbolizing: partnerships, relationships, politics, and the social nature.  This explains the popular protests, 2014 Ferguson, Missouri unrest.  These were first predicted for August 2013, in Special Section -- A Whirlwind Summer And Fall 2013.  In that section, the In-depth Forecast, Helter-Skelter, predicted popular protests, for the same planetary cycles were repeating form 1968 -- when protests raged and burned across the country in response to Vietnam War and desegregation efforts.

While protests did not flare up last year, they certainly have this year. MANY POLICE KILLINGS, BUT ONLY FERGUSON EXPLODES explains,

The response to Brown's death turned violent because of a convergence of factors, observers say, including the stark nature of the killing in broad daylight, an aggressive police response to protests, a mainly black city being run by white officials — and the cumulative effect of killing after killing after killing of unarmed black males.


While this is true, it's also true that nearly six years of economic suffering has made people desperate. There's also the underlying issue of racism raising its ugly head again because we have a black president. It's clear that America wasn't for a black president.  But it's also obvious that Obama wasn't ready for a white America.

The Ferguson rioting is part of the Millennium Contraction, mirroring the economic malaise, popular revolts and consequent and strong armed tactics of the late nineteenth century.  Then, Pinkertons (private police) confronted striking workers, wounding and killing many in repeated clashes.  Expect more strife as American continues to experience economic and racial unfairnesses -- which won't begun to be rebalanced until the Second Progressive Age begins late in 2015.

Please don't think you are exempt for this karma, for the Mars/Saturn conjunction is a transit, affecting the entire globe. Your Vedic chart will show whether you are vulnerable to Mars/Saturn harms, but even if you aren't people around you are.  This past Sunday, a friend experienced three such disturbances: a car rammed his truck, another neighbor yelled at him about third party and he sat in a chair I had just fixed and broke it!

Use care in your activities and try to perceive the lessons any turmoil in your life. Remember, Only through turmoil comes change.


November 4 Midterm Elections
In that regard, the November midterm elections, while full of strife, may not go so well for the Republicans.  The February 11, 2014 VedicLeaks entry predicted,


Looking ahead to the November 4, 2014 midterm election, below is the transit wheel for the U.S. chart, with the Dasas (planetary cycles) following.

This looks like a major upset, perhaps even huge.  Not only is Rahu active in the Dasas, but he's transiting right over birth chart Saturn -- government officials.  Rahu will blow many out of office.  Transit Saturn is weak and thereby unstable at the house/sign edge, just barely into the twelfth house of loss.  This suggests other government officials will be unable to hold onto their positions.  Finally, transit Mars is in the first house of the self, and it throws three nasty aspects -- red arrows.  This means hard fighting political warfare, with many casualties.

Other stuff will be going on too.  After Mars clears out of Virgo in early July, he's going to ram into both Rahu and Saturn.  There will be destabilizing eclipses in October..

Despite what the pundits say about midterm elections favoring the administration's opponents and gerrymandered Republican house seats, this information indicates a rout.

Getting back to the 20% left and 60% middle in the U.S., that chart's Dasa planets are masculine Mars major and feminine Venus minor, women -- slower to anger than men, will turn out to vote in great numbers to protect their interests.  Mom will be cleaning house.




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August 28, 2014

 A direct email entry


This August 26 Alternet article, 8 Events That Have Turned This Summer into a Hellish Experience, opens with,

By this point in the summer, a sane person could reasonably conclude that the world is going nuts.  Spiraling out of control, descending into darkness, making optimism a delusional last recourse – that kind of feeling.

That surely douses The Celestial Wheel's optimism about the benefic planets outweighing the malefics, turning even the most sour lemons into lemonade!

But, read on, and it seems the world is not only in shambles, but we've been overcome by all the strife!

It’s stunning how steep a dive our optimism has take since the start of this century, when a Pew poll reported that an “overwhelming” 81 percent of Americans felt optimistic about the future. But this month an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll said that 71 percent of us think we’re on the wrong track...


However, at the end, the article does a one-eighty,

But Helen Keller, in her book “Optimism,” wrote that the struggle with evil is one of life’s greatest blessings: “It makes us strong, patient, helpful men and women. It lets us into the soul of things and teaches us that although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it. My optimism, then, does not rest on the absence of evil, but on a glad belief in the preponderance of good and a willing effort always to cooperate with the good, that it may prevail.”


The world is not in shambles this summer.  The media would have us think so, but that's because we're in an age of yellow journalism -- sensationalism serving corporate interests.  Yellow journalism was born in the 1880s First Gilded Age and continued to be a tool for the monied elite during the economic contraction of the 1890s.  It went on for a while during the First Progressive Age that began in 1901 under Teddy Roosevelt, but then naturally wilted.

We completed the Second Gilded Age in the fall of 2008 and have since been in the Millennium Contraction -- economic hardship and hard fighting between the rich against the poor.  The Second Progressive Age will start in 2016.

This sequence has been carefully explained in History Repeats Series -- Gilded Age To Economic Contraction To Progressive Age -- 1998 to 2015.  It's a  repetition now of three Dasas (planetary cycles) in the U.S. Vedic chart ran in the late 19th century:

Gilded Age
10 year Moon
1878 to 1888 and 1899 to 2008

Economic contraction
7 year Mars
1889 to 1995 and 2009 to 2015

Progressive Age
18 year Rahu
1896 to 1913 and 2016 to 2033

The easiest In-depth Forecast to read to grasp this big picture is the December 2007, Through The Second Gilded Age.

It's true that optimism has taken a dive, making even moderately tough news a major bummer.  This is not wrong or incorrect in any way.  It's supposed to happen -- for we are now finishing the sixth year of the Millennium Contraction, which will not be over until the end of 2015.  Our optimism has beaten down, flailed.  But don't threshing machines, in all their beating and flailing, actually separate the wheat from the chaff?

The Helen Keller quote thereby rings true, for she has reached deep in the American psychic to find a fundamental optimism.  There's something else though, something more. As we have been beaten and trashed -- our optimism knocked down -- the kernels of knowledge, of understanding, start to break free from the chaff.  These empower us to do what is right to fend off the evils of unfairness.  And we begin fighting to restore shared democratic and economic values -- the Second Progressive Age.

This summer has been a welcome respite, albeit temporary, from the travails of the Millennium Contraction.  It gives us break from the ongoing gloom, demonstrates that good can come out of bad, confirms the often repeated Celestial Wheel quote, Only through turmoil comes change.  This is the summer's benefic planets overcoming malefic harms.  Notice that hurricanes, in both the Atlantic and eastern Pacific, haven't caused much damage and are even bringing benefit?  Gulf of Mexico Disturbance to Bring Drenching Showers to Drought-Stricken Texas.


The remover of obstacles
He's a source of inspiration and hope



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