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December 1 -- 31, 2007



Doug Riemer

Certified Vedic Astrologer

Sedona, Arizona



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December 30, 2007


Predictions For The New Year



     These predictions were first published December 30, 2007 in a full narrative format as a Commentary.   On January 4, Predictions For The New Year was changed to an In-depth forecast, and this Commentary was reduced to summary predictions to improve information accessibility.  After all, with impatience is a major planetary karma, few are diligent enough to plow through what Florida subscriber P.C. aptly calls Vedic Calculations.


Karmic Underpinnings

     The last two Celestial Wheels discussed how Vedic Dasas (planetary cycles) signal that Second Gilded Age abuses and excesses continue until a major depression around 2012.  After which, the Second Progressive Age begins. This is the long term view, the river of life karmic influences plotting the United States' evolution. 


False Hopes

     There's another fundamental quality about the United States' greedy ten year Moon cycle (ending December 1, 2008) -- believing the monied elite will easily relinquish their power.  That is absolutely disingenuous.   


Good Karma

     In revealing that Gilded Age social, economic and political stratification -- an elite gains at the expense of the rest of us -- continues for many years, it's only practical to suggest financial conservation. Related to this, the law of karma dictates only selflessness can generate good karma to offset restrictions on your life -- in this case brought by selfish Second Gilder Agers.  


U.S. Chart Dasas

     The 10 year Moon cycle has been exhaustively described.  In Through The Second Gilded Age,

the color mix of this Moon was color characterized as sulfurous yellow

     These underlying karmas (influences) will continue a river journey economically harmful, and sometimes dangerous, for most Americans as Second Gilded Age unfairnesses and greed continue through the late spring. 

     In June, the economy will begin to recover, though gains will continue to be concentrated at the top.  While a transformational -- Second Progressive Age -- President is not given until after the upcoming depression in 2012, the Moon/Sun cycle promises the new president will act in the public's interest. 



      Higher mind Jupiter with Mars stimulates advocacy, and dissolving Ketu's influence upon stolid Saturn harms patience through April.  Thus, we'll find great changes in the presidential candidates' rankings, which has been occurring since mid November.


     These transits also impact globally, as described in the November 16 Celestial Wheel Commentary

Combining Impatience With Advocacy

     Combining an accumulation of Saturn/Ketu impatience with Jupiter/Mars advocacy from the latter part of November through April, there is a tremendous energetic surge for change over the entire globe.  The impatient masses will rise up demanding fairness and equality.  Progress will be made where government authorities acquiesce.  When they don't, violence is certain.  The U.S. is a major player here, as is the Mideast.  See the February 28, 2007 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Culmination In The Mideast, which predicted a culmination of karma beginning in March, 2007.


     Another karma resulting from these two transit conjunctions is wealth reduction.    Too, gasoline will stay high and move even higher in coming months, Gas could be $3.75 a gallon by spring.

     This transit Mars also causes problems for G.W. Bush, for Mars is his career planet, and its Gemini transit position is in the twelfth house of loss and hospitalization.  The Celestial Wheel has long predicted Bush will suffer a mental breakdown, and January 20/21 are dangerous.


Hopi Prophesy
     A client forwarded this uplifting message on New Years Day.



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Doug Riemer



December 13, 2007

Integrating Long & Short Term Forecasting

     The December 1 Through The Second Gilded Age is a long term In-depth forecast.  It compared the Moon and Mars Dasas* (planetary cycles) in the U.S. chart to predict the U.S. survives this Second Gilded Age -- only to later  (around 2012) falls into a severe depression resulting from Gilded Age excesses

(*The 10 year wealthy but tempestuous Second Gilded Age Moon Dasa ends 11/30/08 and is followed by the destructive seven year Mars Dasa.  Too, recall that Dasas are the primary karmas, analogous to the river of life, and transits secondary karmas, like weather events on that river.)


     Here are two final paragraphs in that forecast describing these predictions,

     Given these historical Dasa parallels, we should expect this final year of the Second Gilded Age to end with a still sound economy, while the public increasingly objects to being unfairly treated, especially protesting illegal immigration.  Then, during the seven year Mars Dasa that begins December 1, 2008, the economy will collapse under the accumulated weight of Second Gilded Age abuses.  That depression will be accompanied by popular protests that culminate in the Second Progressive Era.

     Following the Dasa pattern of the Financial Panic of 1893, when the U.S. chart was running Mars major and Mercury minor, the upcoming depression would also begin during Mars/Mercury, which runs May 31, 2012 to May 28, 2013.  Note that this interval includes the end of the Mayan Calendar December 31, 2012.  That year has also been seen by many soothsayers and psychics as a time of great turmoil and loss.


      Short-subject Commentaries have primarily described transits, for their influences are global, impacting everywhere, including all charts -- nations, leaders, individual s...  Too, transits are like catalysts.  They signal events -- as compared with Dasas indicating underlying trends.  Transit analysis is thereby better for short term forecasting, although the underlying Dasas for any chart under consideration must be congruent for a transformational event to occur.  

     Celestial Wheel Commentaries have often painted a dark, even bleak, picture for the nation's well being -- economic, societal and political.  This is most recently true in accurately predicting the harms brought this past summer and fall by the transit Saturn/Ketu conjunction -- first discussed in the June 11, 2007 Celestial Wheel.  The resulting three-punch combination of the real estate debacle, gas prices peaking again and a decelerating economy has further stressed the masses and threatened a recession. 

     However, as powerful as this Saturn/Ketu transit has been, like the weather, it has a typically transit short-term impact.  Too, secondary-karma transits don't override the primary-karma Dasas.  In this case, the U.S. chart's Dasa planets were Moon/Venus/Jupiter from August 6 to October 26, and this trio of benefic planets, although not without some flaws, shielded the U.S. from the most severe and enduring transit harms. 

     When challenging Dasas and difficult transits combine in a chart (congruency), as they did for the U.S. on 9/11/2001 and New Orleans' destruction in September, 2005, then a perfect karmic storm occurs.  The resulting damage can overwhelm.  But if the Dasas were only temporarily difficult and then improve, their primary influence overcomes transit ills.

     In the current case of the U.S. chart's wealthy, but also tragic, 10 year Moon Dasa,* those two catastrophes only temporarily interrupted economic growth.  For 9/11/2001, the Moon major and destructive Rahu minor Dasa cycle yielded to wealthy Moon major and wealthy Jupiter minor October 31, 2001.  This Dasa planet change rescued the economy. In fact, this table, from Economic History Services, shows Real Gross Domestic Product actually increased every year -- testament to how dominant the karma of the main Dasa planet can be. 

Year Real GDP
(billions of 2000 dollars)
1998 $9066.9
1999 $9470.3
2000 $9817.0
2001 $9890.7
2002 $10048.8
2003 $10301.0
2004 $10675.8
2005 $11003.4
2006 $11319.4

     Second Gilded Age inequality of economic benefits -- the rich have gotten really rich, to a great extent at the expense of the middle class and poor -- does not negate the overall long term growth during the 10 year Moon Dasa*.

(*December 1 1998 to November 30, 2008.  The Moon rules the eighth house of hidden power and catastrophe and is placed in the third house of desires.-- giving an intoxication with power.  The Moon receives an aspect from wealthy Jupiter, and the Moon itself aspects the ninth house of wealth.  This results in the Second Gilded Age -- misuse of power by an elite to gain wealth punctuated by catastrophes.)

     This explanation is intended to clarify, and illustrated by convincing example, how the Dasas and transits operate in Vedic Astrology.  The intent here is not to teach Vedic techniques, nor convince Western Astrologer's of Vedic's unique predictive quality, but rather to impress upon readers the Vedic Dasas in the U.S. chart firmly and convincingly indicate that Second Gilded Age abuses and inequities will continue for several more years, only to culminate in a major depression that could last another few years. (Note: specific timing for the upcoming depression will be presented in upcoming Celestial Wheels.)

    The resulting suggestion is to be conservative financially.  Reduce your overheads and debt and re-balance your life away from materialism and toward other value-oriented pursuits that are not dollar dependent.  In this scenario, shop til you drop takes on a much more sober meaning.


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