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November 1 -- 30, 2007


Doug Riemer

Certified Vedic Astrologer

Sedona, Arizona



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November 16


Impatience And Advocacy Will Stimulate Change

     There's an upcoming interval when Saturn's impatience will combine with Jupiter/Mars advocacy and leadership to promote resolution of problems   This begins in a week and continues until the end of April, a long 5 month interval. which must bring enduring results   While other planetary dispositions in the transit chart, as well as charts of nations and leaders will operate, this combination of two potent influences will be the dominant planetary karma impacting the globe and our own personal experiences this fall and winter.


Saturn's Impatience

     The mid August through October interval was dominated by the transit Saturn/Ketu conjunction.  Mystical Ketu (the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point) first intensely focused, and then quickly dissolved, Saturn's organization and structure -- repeated big plans consequently collapsed, resulting in chaos. This has been well evidenced in: escalating oil prices, the disintegrating housing market, wildly fluctuating securities markets, the U.S. economic slowdown, a weakening dollar, stalemates in the U.S. Congress, impotence by the U.S. presidency, further destabilizing the Mideast and government crises around the globe.   

     While the peak is over, because Saturn and Ketu are now moving away from each other, their influence continues, as explained in the November 6 Celestial Wheel (below), destructive Saturn and dissolving Ketu remain in Leo until early May, they will continue to cause problems.  In Vedic Astrology, as long as malefic planets remain in a sign, they afflict each other and the sign -- just as turning on lights anywhere in a room illuminates the entire room

     When planets combine, many effects result.  Noteworthy here is that stable and grounded Saturn's patience is compromised by Ketu's strident, even maniacal otherworldly influence.  Further, as the months pass, impatience grows.  Like an acid, dissolving Ketu eats away at Saturn -- for the longer planets associate, their greater their effects.

     Take a moment to notice whether your patience has yielded more often to impatience, even annoyance and temper -- at national and global issues and life's little indignities that otherwise would be most often ignored.  Here's an example.  Wells Fargo set my Master card payment date on Monday, November 12, Veteran's Day.  I drove to, but couldn't make my payment at the closed local Wells Fargo branch.  I immediately pitched a fit, even to the extent of accusing the bank of fraud -- stimulating late payment fees by this trick, for the bank certainly knew it was a holiday.  See the October 8 Celestial Wheel, which stated, As the banks continue to experience dropping profits, their Enron-greedy executives will look to bank credit card divisions to replace real estate mortgage losses

     Veteran subscribers know well this astrologer, with his Jupiter/Mars conjunction, is an advocate.  But, we can also see this impatience from usually stolid subscriber, K.Z in Texas, who responded to my Wells Fargo tale, stating, Holy ****. My bank did the exact SAME THING. I was annoyed as hell on Monday -- same ****. And I had to drive 20 miles to get to the stupid bank only to find out it was closed!

     Saturn also symbolizes the common man -- the poor, elderly and downtrodden as memorialized in Emma Lazarous' famous poem at the Statue of Liberty, Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  This atypical Saturn impatience then, wells up from the masses, not from any economic, political, media or social elite.  Further, as Saturn is in Leo, ruled by the ego and soul Sun, this is a visceral reaction -- instinctual not intellectual, a cry of protest from the gut.

     This transit wheel for November 28 shows the position of the planets in current skies and thereby symbolizes global planetary karmas.  Thus, it is labeled World Transit Chart.

     The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu is shown highlighted in yellow.

World Transit Chart November 28, 2007


Jupiter/Mars Advocacy

     On November 22, Jupiter ends its year-long transit in Scorpio to begin another year in Sagittarius.  Jupiter is the higher mind, religion and philosophy, but also wisdom, judgment, ethics, morality and fairness.

     As shown in the above World Transit Chart, warrior Mars will then begin aspecting (glancing upon) Jupiter, and in turn, Jupiter will aspect Mars.  Mars' energy on Jupiter's higher mind stimulates advocacy -- doing the right thing, fighting the fight -- for the benefit of society.  Jupiter's energy on Mars elevates its craven desires to desire to do the right thing.   Jupiter/Mars is also thereby a natural combination for leadership

     Ordinarily, Mars would stay across from Jupiter in Gemini just two months, but this fall and winter, a Mars retrograde makes it retrace its steps (backwards), thereby greatly extending its stay in Gemini.

Mars entered Gemini September 16 and goes retrograde from November 15 to January 31, backing to the very beginning of Gemini.  Then, Mars returns to forward motion and continues in Gemini until April 28.  Thereby, Jupiter and Mars will be aspecting each other for over five months.  The longer a transit, or any transit association between planets, the greater the influence -- just like the Saturnian impatience builds due to Ketu's continued acidic influence. 

     Too give you an idea of how potent Mars' energy can be when a retrograde keeps it in a sign for several months, the last time this occurred was July 17, 2005 to February 5, 2006 -- the fall when three major hurricanes destroyed New Orleans and much of the upper Gulf Coast.  (Note: then, the U.S. chart was running its destructive Moon/Mercury Dasa -- planetary cycle.  The Dasas are the underlying karma on the river of life, but the hurricanes were activated by transit Mars.)  An additional proof is found in transit Mars' next previous retrograde holding it in a sign for several months -- June 3 to December 6, 2003 -- when following the U.S.'s great victory in invading Iraq, the insurgency arose.

     The September 16 Celestial Wheel discussed this long Mars transit through the U.S. chart's seventh house of relationship,,

     On Tuesday, transit Mars will cross the U.S. birthchart Mars.  It will next cross Venus in mid October and Jupiter in late October.  Then, on November 15, Mars will go retrograde -- which motion will take it back across Jupiter, Venus and Mars.


     On January 30, 2008, Mars will begin forward motion again, which will take it over all four birth chart planets in the U.S. chart.


     Mars will thereby transit over these seventh house planets three times -- triple the harms.


     Mars will finish raking these four planets in the seventh house of relationship mid April, 2008.  A machine gun analogy is appropriate here.

    An obvious result will be to break relationships, which will test the national fabric.


     By now, we should already have witnessed this Martian destruction upon relationships.  Consider that the evangelicals have broken with the Republican administration over the environment and presidential candidates who are not Christian and/or support gay marriage and abortion.  The real conservatives have broken with the neoconservatives over excessive spending and the war in Iraq.  On the Democratic party side, a groundswell of objections over illegal immigration and ending the Iraq war has put their presidential candidates in the hot seat.  These results prove Mars' destruction on the U.S. chart, but that influence is yet without Jupiter, which, as explained, moves into Mars' view on November 22. 

     {Note: Risking going afield here, the U.S. Dasa planets of Venus/Moon/Saturn from October 26 to January 31 and then Venus/Moon/Mercury to April 26 is worrisome.  Saturn and Mercury are difficult planets for the U.S. chart.  As discussed in the October 7 Celestial Wheel   ...U.S. chart finishes its benign and excessively optimistic Moon/Venus/Jupiter Dasa planet sequence October 26; then Saturn replaces Jupiter, stimulating a harsh reality check.  The DOW Jones Industrial Average has dropping over 700 points since this Saturn subcycle began, and gasoline has risen over $0.30 to $3.12.}

     With Mars' aggressive harms during a retrograde-inspired five month transit in a sign validated, we return to the topic of Jupiter/Mars advocacy.   Jupiter naturally tones down Mars.  We're not looking then, at destruction like the fall hurricanes of 2005 or the Iraq insurgency of 2003.  Although Jupiter in transit doesn't act quickly, the mutual aspects between Jupiter and Mars from November 22 to until April 28 will stimulate public advocacy and new leadership on issues worldwide during this long five month interval.  In the U.S., for example, we'll find great changes in the presidential candidates' rankings, and a new leader should come forward as the country suffers more and more from the real estate debacle, unaffordable gasoline prices, the Iraq war... Other countries will also experience changes resulting from Jupiter/Mars advocacy, and these vary with the chart of each country.


Combining Impatience With Advocacy

     Combining an accumulation of Saturn/Ketu impatience with Jupiter/Mars advocacy from the latter part of November through April, there is a tremendous energetic surge for change over the entire globe.  The impatient masses will rise up demanding fairness and equality.  Progress will be made where government authorities acquiesce.  When they don't, violence is certain.  The U.S. is a major player here, as is the Mideast.  See the February 28, 2007 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Culmination In The Mideast, which predicted a culmination of karma beginning in March, 2007.

     Upcoming Celestial Wheels will interpret global, national and charts of leaders giving prominence to the karmas of impatience and advocacy. 


Copyright 1999-2007
Doug Riemer


November 6

Mercury Is Regaining Strength

     Below is the Thursday, November 1 email alert to subscribers, emphasis added.  Also during this interval, there were additional issues with benefics: loving and wealthy Venus moving into its fallen (weak) sign of Virgo, and the perceptional Moon transiting across the Saturn/Ketu conjunction.  With these difficult dispositions falling over the weekend, there weren't many significant political or economic events, but certainly Mussarif dissolving the Pakistan constitution on Saturday was a major expression of that energy.


Today, Mercury, the intellect, is ending its retrograde by slowing down, coming to a stop and then beginning forward motion again.

Forward motion begins about 8 PM this evening.

As Mercury slows down, its retrograde latent and weakened energy changes to a mental potency.  Then, when Mercury resumes forward motion, normal mental processing is regained.

However, there's a fly in the ointment on this change.  Transit Mercury is weak at the very edge of the sign of Virgo.  It's forward motion will carry Mercury across the sign edge into Libra the morning of November 4 -- continuing its weakness.  It won't be until late Tuesday, November 6, that Mercury regains strength in Libra.

To summarize these qualities, Mercury returning to forward motion stimulates mental clarity.  However, Mercury's weakened position in the heavens acts to subvert the intellect again.  It's best, then, to hold back on major decisions and be careful in all communications until mid next week.

     Too, individuals experienced challenges.  A boyfriend disappeared.  A couple broke a conflicted romance.  One woman reported she was imploding, another stated she came home feeling defeated and yet another felt discombobulated.  Finally, two reported legal attacks by former mates.  Not surprisingly, this astrologer found his appointment book filling up for this week.

     Mental and communications clarity have returned on schedule.  However, with Venus weak, and moving toward an aspect from discordant Mars on November 19, romance naturally remains challenged. 


Recap -- Saturn/Ketu Conjunction

     The challenging mid August to end of October conjoining of these two chaos-creating malefic planets has thankfully peaked and is in decline.  See the October 28 Celestial Wheel, The Worst of Saturn/Ketu Is Over.  Yet, as destructive Saturn and dissolving Ketu remain in Leo until early May, they will continue to cause problems.  In Vedic Astrology, as long as malefic planets remain in a sign, they afflict each other and the sign -- just as turning on lights anywhere in a room illuminates the entire room.       

     Before we begin to look ahead again, however, it's useful to do a last predictions check on the specific, and quite bold, predictions made August 12 for the Saturn/Ketu conjunction.  Below are those predictions, with comments added:


Gasoline prices rising to a new peak

     Although oil prices have marched upward during the last few months, gasoline prices have not quickly followed suit.  Oil companies complain that soft gasoline demand haven't allowed them to raise prices.  11/2 Exxon's Profit Is Not Quite As Huge and 11/2 Chevron earnings fall over 25 percent.  The latter article explains this cogently, Margins to produce gasoline and other refined products plummeted during the quarter as prices for the fuel did not keep pace with surging crude oil prices, dragging down earnings across the industry.  

     Here's another article, explaining why In the past 10 weeks, the price of crude oil has shot up $25 a barrel, 11/5  Oil's Recent Rise Not as Familiar as It looks.

     The below graph does show, however, that gasoline prices have been soaring since mid October -- a $0.30 rise -- and there's more to come.

From Gas


Economic decline brought on by real estate crashing          

     It is self-evident, for even those who don't follow the business news and stock markets, that the housing market's stresses and worries have permeated U.S. society.  Here's a provocative 10/21 article revealing the genesis of this debacle in Phoenix, Many Valley homeowners pressured or tricked into bad loans, experts say.  The 11/5 Washington Post has a compelling article about public perception, Poll Finds Americans Pessimistic, Want Change.


     To see this economic fragility and visually, here's a current graph of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from MSN Money.  Note the volatility since August -- precipitous drops and the market's inability to sustain growth.








     Every time the market rallies, it gets knocked down by more negative news,   Here are three British articles revealing the depth and extent of the real estate bust: 11/5 Foreclosure wave sweeps America, 11/6 Markets fear banks have $1trillion in toxic debt and 11/5 Banks are braced for months of pressure.

Interesting, isn't it, that U.S. media are not as forthright.


The U.S. government entering into a two month crisis

     From the resignations of Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales to the ongoing torture and spying scandals, to frictions with Russia, China, Turkey and most recently Pakistan, the past few months have seen the administration facing more crisis than California brush fires.  Further, Congress, also dealing with the Saturn/Ketu focus and break energy, has failed to accomplish much of anything.


The Iraq war coming to a head

     We all know that the Bush/Petreous mid September dog and pony show convinced the gullible media and Congress that the U.S. has made progress in Iraq.  That finding is validated by reduced violence, 11/2

In Iraq, a Lull or Hopeful Trend?  The article, however, also gives cautions, and the 11/6 article, 2007 Is Deadliest Year for US in Iraq gives further reason to doubt progress.


Iran will be attacked by either the U.S. or Israel

     Just in case you aren't aware of the Bush administration's intends to bomb Iran, here are two articles about their public positioning on the topic, 10/18 BUSH WARNS OF WORLD WAR III? and 10/22 Cheney, Like President, Hard a Warning for Iran

The August 28 total lunar eclipse dropping Dick Cheney's blood pressure or shaming him

     The V.P. now welcomes his Darth Vedar kick name, apparently he's polling now at 11% and, of course, the Dennis Kucinich impeachment motion is neither humor nor inconsequential, Kucinich's Broadside At Cheney Is Foiled.  Too, Cheney has an upcoming sensitive interval for health and reputation during the second and third weeks of this month -- as previously predicted in the October 28 Celestial Wheel.

G.W. Bush would lose stature, power, mental capabilities -- and suffer health issues, which will sooner or later culminate in a nervous breakdown and/or an associated stroke

    No further comment is warranted at this time.


The illegal alien problem, is heating up

     There's a obvious groundswell opposition to illegal aliens, which is now being evidenced in state and local government restrictions. 



Upcoming Topics

     It's been difficult recently to compose Celestial Wheel material.  On the list are discussions about the public becoming really disgusted with all politicians, an up tick in advocacy of principles and ethics, what's happening with G.W. Bush and America's femme fatales.




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