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July 5, 2012

The Celestial Wheel Notes
     I took my Mackbook Pro to the shop for a long delayed screen hinge repair Monday, June 24 -- hoping the upcoming Merury retrograde beginning June 26 wouldn't delay the work.  Well, it did.  I just got the computer back late Wednesday -- and can now get caught up on Celestial Wheel work and client services as well.  Remember, Mercury continues its confusing retrograde until July 20.  While not good for communications, especially those connected with business, Mercury retrograde is great for finding things from your past, and also yard sales!

     I've updated the home page.  The graphics are refined, and the layout more user friendly.  Take a look!

     The two current In-depth Forecasts, Into A Whirlwind Summer and Helter-Skelter, unfortunately contained images from the password-protected Participations section of the website.  This resulted in these free forecasts calling for password.  I fixed this problem Wednesday, as soon as the Macbook Pro was fixed.  If you wish to send these free forecasts to others, they can now freely open the webpages.


Predictions Check 

     The June 5, In-depth Forecast, Into A Whirlwind Summer, included a Areas of concern

     These are primary karmas, from which would flow natural consequences.

     Here are some of those.

massive destructions
political infighting
food and/or drug crisis
currency failure (or inflation)
civil unrest and riots in U.S. cities
a major blow-up in the Mideast

     a major blow-up in the Mideast would cause oil prices to rise.We've already seen Egypt erupt into massive demonstrations against the government's repressive fundamentalist policies, following by needed a military coup.  Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi, who has been backed by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood was deposed.  Oil prices are quickly shooting up, Oil prices flirt with 2013 peak.

     currency failure (or inflation)   Should we be worried about rising interest rates? is another early signal for these major issues culminating later in the summer -- the peak being mid August to mid September.  A natural consequence here is pushing mortgage rates up, which the article cites, The average 30-year mortgage rate is now around 4 percent -- that's up from 3.25 percent just a few months ago.  While this increase in the cost of carrying real estate is not dramatic yet, especially for those who have bought property at still depressed prices, higher mortgage rates mean property is more expensive to own, flushing real estate back down the toilet.

     massive destructions  The forest fires out west have certainly expressed that karma.  60 Minutes: Fighting a forest fire.

     political infighting  and civil unrest and riots in U.S. cities The immigration bill will certainly not pass in the House of Representatives.  This will anger the Hispanics and others seeking legal status in the U.S.  The Supreme court striking down the voting rights law will upset African Americans, who hold this law dear to their hearts for opening the doors to voting booths for them.  The Trayvon Martin murder trial is another festering sore for black folks.  These issues are tinder for riots later this summer.  Certainly the Mars/Ketu quality of seething anger seems to be spreading and more evident -- even in typical day-to-day interactions.  People are becoming both short-tempered and irritable.

     hurricanes  It remains too early in the season for hurricanes, but there have been unusually heavy most air flows from the Caribbean into Florida.  (A couple of flash thunderstorms got me on my scooter -- proving that waterboarding truly is torture!)  This is a omen for serious hurricanes later this summer -- again, mid August to Mid September, which happens to be the height of the Atlantic hurricane season.


Saturn Turns Forward

       Saturn, the planet of suffering, delays, denial, oppression and other lessons by experience, has been in a weak retrograde (backward motion) since February 8.  This means he's been traveling counterclockwise.

     This is a positive, since Saturn's ability to harm is reduced during retrograde.  Retrograde is especially important this year because Saturn's reverse direction makes him pull away from Rahu -- the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.

     Rahu's regular motion is also counterclockwise through the signs --the same direction as a planet in retrograde.   So, since February 8, Rahu has been chasing a Saturn which has been running away from him.

     This world transit chart for July 8 is just before Saturn's retrograde R ends.  An hour later, Saturn turns forward and begins approaching Rahu.

World Transits July 8, 2013

      Think of these toughest and roughest of malefic planets as two trucks on the interstate, both going north.  One loses control and crosses the lane line, running into the other truck.  It's a big accident.  But think of how much more destructive the accident would be if one truck were traveling north and the other south -- and one crossed the lane to hit the other head on.  Two trucks weighing tens of thousands of pounds and traveling some 70 mph in a head-on collision releases tremendous energy that engulfs not just the trucks but everything nearby.  That's what Saturn and Rahu will be doing September 15 when they reach exact conjunction.  Bear in mind, however, this analogy breaks down when including the factor that malefic planets on a crash course begin to bring major harm before the exact conjunction.

     The point here is that the Saturn/Rahu conjunction harms so far have been minor, compared to what they will start becoming when Saturn turns forward.  This is the major planetary karma here.  Anything else is just carnival ride bumper cars.



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July 15, 2013

So, What's Been Happening?
......         The last VedicLeaks entry on July 5 did a quick/early Predictions Check on the Saturn/Rahu conjunction.  It also cautioned that malefic Saturn turning forward July 8 would intensify these harms.  Here again is the listing, from the July 5 In-depth Forecast, Into A Whirlwind Summer.  Only hurricanes and food and/or drug crisis have yet to begin expressing their karmas.

massive destructions
political infighting
food and/or drug crisis
currency failure (or inflation)
civil unrest and riots in U.S. cities
a major blow-up in the Mideast

     Well, the Predictions Check items certainly continue to unfold, and intensify. 


Predictions Check On Civil Unrest And Riots In U.S. Cities
      The big deal in the U.S. right now is George Zimmerman being found not guilty in the Trayvon Martin death trial. It's sparking protests already, America gripped by second night of fury over not guilty verdict for neighbourhood watch man...   Although the 6 person jury was all women, their pretty quick verdict must reflect continued racism in America -- notably the thorn-in-the-side of having a black president now in his second term.  Some of you may recall President Obama saying in March 2012, Obama on Trayvon Martin: ‘If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon

     However, it's also true the ongoing Mercury retrograde until July 20 causes all kinds of confusions, which naturally muddied the evidence presented by both sides, confusing the juy.

     Another planetary karma contributing to this righteous anger is Mars, the planet of war, approaching Jupiter, the planet of justice, in Gemini.  In the U.S. chart, Gemini is the seventh house of relationships, including the social nature.  Mars' energy stimulates the otherwise placid Jupiter into demands for justice.  It is the combination for advocates.  Mars is now at 7 degrees Gemini, fast approaching Jupiter at 10 degrees.  They conjoin July 22.  So, expect increasing protests.  Of course, the U.S. chart's Dasa planets now of Mars/Ketu is the underlying karma stimulating seething anger.


Saturn/Rahu In Libra
    Interestingly, Libra, where Saturn and Rahu are transiting, is ruled by Venus, a feminine planet of the reproductive system, and also the planet of conveyances.   

     It is no surprise then, that Saturn/Rahu victimizing is being seen in several U.S. states restricting female reproductive care, using their arch conservative Christian beliefs about abortion to enact punitive laws against that federally protected health care procedure.  Unfortunately, this also restricts other female reproductive system services:  check-ups, cancer screenings, contraception....  So, far, Texas, North Carolina and Wisconsin Republican controlled legislatures, with their Republican governors, have forced laws upon the public these unfair, misogynistic and illegal laws.  There's a great irony here, for the other female reproductive services which fall under the ax by closing down Planned Parenthood and other services for women, actually increased the need for abortions, as well as harm their health!  The Republican's bible is clearly the Jew's Old Testament, not the loving Jesus' New Testament. 

     Saturn by his very nature is cruel, and intensified by foreign Rahu -- the head-of-the dragon eclipse pont -- he becomes barbaric.  However, the Republicans aren't can can't roll everyone over on this, Federal judge temporarily blocks new Wisconsin abortion law

     As for Venus symbolizing conveyances, the massive destruction Canadian train wreck on July 6, was just two days before harmful Saturn turned forward.  Then, Saturn was grinding to a halt as he was ending retrograde, making him temporarily more destructive.  Also, as Rahu is airplanes, airline crashes have also occurred:  July 7, Two dead, 168 hurt in San Francisco air crash  and Fire on Boeing 787 Dreamliner shuts London's Heathrow, July 12.


This Is All Part Of The Millennium Contraction
     The seven year Mars' Dasa (planetary cycle) in the U.S. chart, which began in late 2008, signals first an economic depression and next a long battle between the Gilded Age monied interests and the rest of us -- between the 1% who have grabbed 38% of all wealth and 18% of all income.  Remember again, with Mars primary an Ketu the secondary karma, they combine for seething anger.

     Saturn/Rahu in Libra in the natural zodiac (beginning with Aries) is the seventh house of relationships and the social nature.  In the U.S. chart, Libra is the eleventh house of friends, groups, goals and objectives.  Take these together to understand what's beginning to happen in the U.S. is a relationships being fractured among groups and changing goals and objectives.  Like breaking a leg and then having the bones reset, this will realign the public's legitimate democratic interests with both the public and private sectors.  But isn't that what revolution truly means?



Saturn/Rahu In The Mideast 
      Recall, the once a decade or so conjunction of Saturn and Rahu inflames the Mideast. 

The seventh house natural zodiac influence is a global one, indicating a breaking of relationships -- notably political -- which we can see in the Mideast and other areas -- Brazil's 'Day Of Struggle' Strike Sees Tens Of Thousands Of Public Workers Walk Off The Job Nationwide.   Too, Egypt continues to churn, and Mideast turmoil is spreading to other countries.  Syria remains mired in civil war.  Lebanon is experiencing strife,  Violence is Iraq is surging again.  Afganistan is increasingly understood as another lost war.  The Arab countries are shaking off the last of the colonial influences -- U.S. invasions and dictators and kings beholden to the West.  This is a long and messy process, which regaining their own culture then results in the Arab countries figuring out out to exercise their freedom.  We can see this already happening in Egypt, of course.  And have no doubt, this is a religious conflict --between the majority Sunnis and the minority Shiites.

     Recall the once every 10 or 11 years when Rahu and Saturn combine signals major turmoil in the Mideast.  This was last discussed in the June 11, VedicLeaks,

The February 17, 2013 VedicLeaks analyzed past three Saturn/Rahu conjunctions in regard to the Mideast: 2001+ Afghanistan War, 1991 Gulf War and 1979 Iranian Revolution. Going back one more cycle, the next previous Saturn/Rahu conjunction ran from January 14, 1968 to March 7, 1969.




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July 20, 2013

Planetary Afflictions
     The above July 15 listed several planetary afflictions: 

     Mercury confusingly retrograde until June 20

     Righteous indignation Mars, the planet of war, approaching Jupiter, the planet of justice.

     Seething anger  The U.S. chart's Dasa planets of Mars/Ketu.

     remorseless victimizing  The intensifying Saturn/Rahu conjunction in Libra.

     Mercury, thankfully turned forward earlier this afternoon, dispelling the mental clouds of confusions, miscalculations and misunderstandings.  As Mercury is also the nervous system, returning to forward motion restores some calm.  Mercury also rules the respiratory system and the skin.  Again, forward motion acts to moderate problems in these areas.

Sensitive Date Coming Up 
     There's a very sensitive date coming up relating to the above afflictions.  The Moon (home and emotional mind) moves into the cross hairs of exact aspects from Mars and Saturn Tuesday, just after midnight.  This is shown in the below is world transit chart

     The Moon is directly opposite the Sun, making it a full Moon.  One may believe the full light of the Sun gives the Moon strength to resist malefic energy..  But, it is perhaps more accurate to see the full Moon as being full of energy -- and thereby, when it is hit hard, the explosion is greater.  Similarly, a full glass spills more water when tipped over than one mostly empty.

   Notice that Mars has passed Jupiter.  But in remaining close together, this combination's righteous indignation remains at a high level. 

     Further, with analytical Mercury in the mix, mental functions are intense and actions will be reflexive and selfish.  The end justifies the means for this combination.

     The two red arrows show Mars and Saturn each throwing an aspect (glance) to the Moon.  Note how close these aspects are, which naturally intensifies --like a blow to the head is worse than one to a shoulder. 

     This causes the lunar mind to be angered, depressed and frustrated, and lunar home to be attacked.

        As a world transit chart, this describes global planetary weather.    Harmful events, even brutal ones, can occur anywhere on the globe 

July 23, 2012  Washington DC 00:26AM EDT

    The Mideast is an obvious area of concern.

     I have reliable charts, tested for several years, for Israel, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia.  Israel's chart is overly impassioned, suggesting impulsive destructive action.  Iraq's chart chows increasing turmoil.  Iran's shows governmental bravado.  Saudi Arabia is a long a Celestial Wheel concern because it is running a weakly harmful Jupiter Dasa -- planetary cycle.  The kingship will fail.  The Tuesday sensitive date indicates a major violence.  After all, Saudi Arabia is one of the last Arab countries that has held back the swell of Arab revolutions against kings and dictators -- and the current king is the last in a line of now old men born under camels in the desert.


The U.S.
     The U.S. chart is badly disposed for this sensitive date.  In that chart, Jupiter symbolizes the home, as does the Moon.  This suggests violences, which can be vengeful and brutal to property.  Demonstrations against the Trayvon Martin verdict is an obvious trigger, but those can come from the black or the white side. 

      The Moon's position in Capricorn is the second house of domestic harmony and speech, giving a confirming karma for protests turning violent.  See, Doctors Warn Tri-State Area Residents About Falling Victim To ‘Heat Rage’.  That transit Mars is also crossing birth chart Venus then brings passion against perceived enemies -- but also accidents with vehicles, which includes aircraft.

     Although the karma peaks just after midnight on Tuesday, the influences will begin building Monday, and Tuesday during the day will remain risky.

Your Personal Experiences
     Some may ignore or shrug off the challenging U.S. Dasa planets and transits.  However, going blithely about ones life without care and attention to your environment is risky.  I'm not suggesting you hide under the bed, but rather be circumspect, observe your surroundings and avoid potentially risky situations.


Melissa Etheridge - Tuesday Morning Live



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July 27, 2013

False Start
     The above July 20 VedicLeaks discussed a sensitive date coming up early Tuesday morning, July 23.  Concerns included violences in the Mideast and the U.S. -- and also accidents with vehicles, which includes aircraft.

     This VedicLeaks was done in part as an alert to the planetary challenges building up:   Seething anger  The U.S. chart's Dasa planets of Mars/Ketu.  remorseless victimizing  The intensifying Saturn/Rahu conjunction in Libra.  Recall, however, these will peak from mid August to mid September, as explained in the two current In-depth Forecasts: the June 5, Into A Whirlwind Summer and the June 22 Helter Skelter.

     The former stated, Mid August marks the start of this karmic crash. Mid September, then, marks the peak.  It also identified areas of concern,

massive destructions
political infighting
food and/or drug crisis
currency failure (or inflation)
civil unrest and riots in U.S. cities
a major blow-up in the Mideast

     An early Predictions Check in the July 5 VedicLeaks, found some of these karmas beginning to actualize.  That VedicLeaks also described the energy of Saturn/Mars,

     (Note, with hurricanes predicted for mid August to mid September, here's a cool website, Historical Hurricane Tracks, from NOAA.)

     But, the above July 20 VedicLeaks on early Tuesday morning being a sensitive date was a slightly flawed -- and thereby harms did not occur to the extent predicted. 

     The chart drawn for that time incorrectly showed Saturn throwing an aspect to the Moon in Capricorn. 

     Saturn's aspect instead was one sign short, landing on Sagitarius.

     The thick black arrow in this correct chart shows that mistake.

    Yet, there was some stuff going on then.  Airplane accidents are rare, and here's one early Monday evening, Major Delays At LaGuardia Following Southwest Plane’s Landing Mishap.

    My editor and I parried about this accident.  He stated, Yes - did see it but not that impressive  I replied, This is N.Y.  There will be lots whiplash lawsuits.  He answered, that angle didn't occur to me ;-)  Wednesday, of course, was the horrific train wreck in Spain,  Driver in custody after 80 killed in Spain train crash.

     There was also major Mideast violences:  Police: More violence hits Iraq with 23 dead in shootings, explosion and 6 DEAD IN NEW ROUND OF VIOLENCE IN EGYPT.


Violences Are Building Up
     Saturn is now at 11 degrees Libra, moving forward, toward Rahu.  Rahu is now at 19 degrees Libra, moving backward, toward Saturn.  This 8 degree of separation is still fairly high, but the pressures are building.  The all-important Moon, which is a natural timing indicator, is not afflicted now traveling through in Pisces.  Note: July 29 puts the Moon under fire again.)

     While violences are relative -- there's always something going on -- today's news is full of bad stuff:

     Brotherhood accuses Egyptian security forces of shooting dead dozens

      Egypt army launches counter-extremist operation in Sinai – reports

     Saudi ballistic missile site revealed  (With a 2000 km range, the missiles can hit anywhere in the Mideast, including Israel and Iran.)

      Satellite imagery shows scale of strike in Syria

     Hostage-taker, six others killed in Florida apartment shooting

     Then, there's been a slew of finance problems this week.  Just the Detroit bankruptcy, in itself a harbinger of coming economic crisis, is already bringing problems -- Detroit bankruptcy could hit millions of retirees and Judge approves suit tying Morgan Stanley to toxic lending in Detroit.  Also, US home resales' surprise drop snaps streak of gains.  And here are welcome, and long delayed financial regulation actions: U.S. charges SAC Capital with insider trading crimes, U.S. indicts hackers in biggest cyber fraud case in history, Exclusive: DOJ starts probe into Wall St. metals warehousing - sources.


Your Personal Experiences
     Again, all of the above, in showing the gathering Saturn/Rahu storm, is an alert to use care in your personal lives.  Too, remember, that Saturn/Rahu is pushing ahead hard, remorseless, driven to success.... and those energies express themselves both on the global stage and in your actions as well.  So, if you are involved with a major project or change in your life, use care -- don't just push ahead relentlessly.  Step back and evaluate your goals and how you are acting to achieve them.  Finally, know that from mid August to mid September, when the Saturn/Rahu conjunction becomes most intense, efforts you make now can backfire -- for this combination is also victimizing.  In other words, be conservative in all things in all ways until at least September 15.

     Still, Saturn/Rahu can bring long needed change, for Saturn is the planet of responsibility and duty, and Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point, intensifies Saturn's energies.  So this combination can blow one out of even the deepest of karmic ruts.  A stubborn client, who prefers to describe this penchant as, I have to learn the hard way you know, finally, after years and years moved from Arizona to Pennsylvania, to be close to family and support her health through positive Astrocartography there.  Another, a family member, again finally decided to seek the medical care for a chronic condition.  And she's more stubborn than a whole herd of mules!  Remember the old saying, Only through turmoil comes change?  There is always an upside to even the most challenging planetary combinations.

     Also, some of us need to start thinking outside the box -- not just another angle, but an entirely new approach -- to solve our problems.  The story of teaching the horse to talk is one that is good to bear in mind. It runs like this.

     Many years ago in a far away country a wise old teacher was in trouble with his King.  The King sentenced the teacher to death.  The jailer told the prisoner he could make one final request before being hanged the next morning.  The teacher asked for the chance to teach the King's horse to talk -- just a year.  The King liked to own unusual things and a talking horse would certainly be unique, said "yes".

      The jailer asked the prisoner "Why did you make such a stupid request? You know no one has ever taught a horse to talk."  The teacher said in reply:  Sometime before the end of the year:

     The King may die

     The horse may die

     Or, I may teach that f***ng horse how to talk!

     And hey, I get a free year regardless.

     Isn't there another lesson here?  Be your owner teacher.  You know your journey.  You don't need outside counsel.  You don't need a guru, minister, parent, mate... nor anyone else to direct your path.  Saturn is also isolation, solitude and power for achievement.  Use this Saturn to be by yourself for a while to help you truly understand, and deal with, yourself.  As Yogananda once said, solitude is the price of greatness.  But, if you remain really really stuck, hiding out for example, rather than taking action, you can get a nuts and bolts Vedic Astrology Consultation or Chart Update.  Just be prepared for your Vedic chart unveiling that which you have long hidden, even from yourself.



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