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June 10, 2013

If stormy weather caused you to miss the the Dazzling Planetary Alignment I emailed you about on May 26, there's a second chance coming up to witness celestial beauty and order in the universe. explains, "Now is a great time to spot the planet Mercury, which is usually difficult to observe despite being one of the brightest objects in the sky.  The problem with Mercury is that it never gets very far from the sun. It is the closest planet to the sun and rarely strays very far away, so most of the time its tiny speck of light is lost in our star's overwhelming glare.  On Monday (June 10), the thin crescent moon will join Mercury and Venus, and the three will form interesting patterns for the next few nights."

The Moon is waxing now and moving to the (east) left in this photo.  So, each night, it will be brighter and further from the Venus/Mercury combination.  This is actually good for viewing Mercury, for the Moon's light obscures it.

There's another cool arrangement visible  here -- Castor and Pollux in the constellation Gemini. They are the two stars above Mercury and Venus, as you can see in the above image, and also labeled in the below image.  But the remainder of Gemini Constellation is not visible because it is below the horizon.



Since Vedic Astrology uses the sidereal, star-based zodiac --it is a true astronomical and astrological model -- what you see is what you get. This not the case in the Tropical Zodiac used in Western Astrology, which is 24 degrees, nearly a full sign, ahead of the astronomical positions.  We would expect a chart drawn for today to also show Mercury in Gemini, braced by Venus in Gemini and the crescent Moon in Cancer.   Yes it does!  Notice, though, that while Jupiter is also in Gemini and close to Venus, it's not visible in the above image. This is because viewing the western sky now, Jupiter is hidden just below the horizon -- just like the remainder of the constellation Orion.

June 10, 2013

From a Vedic astrological viewpoint, Venus and Mercury is a delightful, creative and fun-loving combination.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) being Mercury's day of the week, amplifies these qualities.  I suggest doing some enjoyable for yourself, whether it's Venus' art or Mercury's communications -- or even better, a combination of both -- like a movie, a play...  We all need relief from the planetary stresses of this spring, which only become more intense this summer.  However, be careful in being too creative!



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June 11, 2013 
The June 5 In-depth Forecast, Into A Whirlwind Summer, explained the increasing malevolence of the Saturn/Rahu conjunction, a transit, will bring all kinds of ills globally, which peak from mid August until mid September.   This results because they draw close together in mid August and then crash into each other in mid September.  Remember, transits impact globally, for transits are where the planets are placed in current skies. 

     That forecast also discussed the Dasa (planetary cycle) in the U.S. chart of Mars/Ketu (major/minor) from May 28 to October 25.  This is the combination for seething anger which harkens back to both 9-11 and the seven year Ketu Dasa from late 1965 to late 1972, America's experienced a counter-culture movement.

     So now, the U.S. is challenged by both the Saturn/Rahu conjunction, with its global reach, and its own Mars/Ketu Dasa -- both happening now and continuing through the fall. 

     But, remember, Dasas are primary karma -- your lifeboat going down the river of life -- and transits are secondary karma -- weather on that river.  So, we naturally look first at Mars/Ketu Dasa and next at the Saturn/Rahu transit. 

     Now, pay attention to this,

The two fundamental rules in Vedic Astrology to make predictions are:

When Dasas and transits match up, events can be predicted. 

Results from past Dasas and transits repeat when the same Dasas and transits later recur.


     To understand more fully how Mars/Ketu operates today in the U.S. chart, we can consider how Ketu/Mars operated June 4 to October 31, 1968.  Yes, the combination is not exactly the same for the planets being reversed as to being major and minor, but the comparison is pretty close.  Some of you are too young to remember that turbulent year.  Others have pushed it out of your memories.

   Wikepedia's entry, 1968 Democratic National Convention, (Chicago) has an excellent summary,

The convention was held during a year of violence, political turbulence, and civil unrest, particularly riots in more than 100 cities following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4.  The convention also followed the assassination of Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Robert F. Kennedy of New York, who had been murdered on June 5.

    Well, Democratic President Lyndon Johnson had been in office since November 1963, When JFK was assassinated.  The people blamed him for the Vietnam War.  But civil unrest was also about desegregation and other societal ills.  The Democratic Convention itself was notable for protests and violences, including the August 28 police riot, when 10,000 protestors demonstrated. 

     The Democratic Convention problems overshadowed the Republican National Convention in Miami, where this guy was nominated and later won. 

     Remember, though, he was far worse than Johnson, having to step down early in his second term in August, 1974. 

     See listing of American Presidents and Nixon ResignsAfter two years of bitter public debate over the Watergate scandals, President Nixon bowed to pressures from the public and leaders of his party to become the first President in American history to resign.

     And if anyone seriously believes Nixon's dirty tricks didn't begin during his first term, then they are sadly naive.

     This picture shows the sentence Nixon will always be remembered by.


     This review of Ketu/Mars Dasa in 1968 certainly enlightens us as to what to expect during the current May 28 to October 25 Mars/Ketu Dasa.

     As for heavy transits, well we have the Saturn/Rahu conjunction, and it makes simple sense to ask whether these two great malefics were also in conjunction in 1968. 

     Yes they were!  The February 17,  2013 VedicLeaks analyzed past three Saturn/Rahu conjunctions in regard to the Mideast:  2001+ Afghanistan War, 1991 Gulf War and 1979 Iranian Revolution.  Going back one more cycle, the next previous Saturn/Rahu conjunction ran from January 14, 1968 to March 7, 1969.  (Note:  I've been working on an In-depth Forecast analyzing Saturn/Rahu conjunctions going all the way back to 1945 and will publish that soon.)

     Thereby, during Ketu/Mars Dasa in 1968, there was a Saturn/Rahu conjunction, and now again during Mars/Ketu Dasa in 2013, Saturn/Rahu are also in conjunction.  Using the two fundamental predictive rules, we can thereby assert this summer/fall will mirror the summer/fall of 1968,

The two fundamental rules in Vedic Astrology to make predictions are:

When Dasas and transits match up, events can be predicted. 

Results from past Dasas and transits repeat when the same Dasas and transits later recur.


     Is this beginning to happen already?  After all, the April/May turmoils are over.  Well, just look the scandals which have emerged in the past few weeks,

     NSA phone data-mining operation of all US Verizon customers revealed 

     A rare peek into a Justice Department leak probe 

     IRS scandal 

     Too, there is some active citizen unrest, 150 People Arrested In NAACP Protest Against NC Republicans

     And hasn't Second Gilded Age greed infected all of government?  Where money talks

     Beyond the U.S. and the Mideast, is the entire globe headed toward violent protests,We Are Now One Year Away From Global Riots, Complex Systems Theorists Say  (I believe this view is late, for it's this summer/fall when the planetary karmas get really tough.)

     After nearly 5 years since the economy crashed, only the rich are doing well.  The rest of us are becoming impatient, irritated, even angry that things have not only failed to improve, they've gotten worse!  Happiness Index: Only 1 In 3 Americans Are Very Happy, According To Harris Pol.  And, Americans have rebuilt less than half of wealth lost to the recession, study says The report showed most of the improvement was due to gains in the stock market, which primarily benefit wealthy families. That means the recovery for other households has been even weaker.

     In the Western U.S. the policy of preventing forest fires has resulted in even larger ones during the hot summers because too much dead timber has accumulated o the ground.  It sure look like there's plenty of timber on the ground to ignite popular protests throughout the U.S. this summer.


Post Script.  If you still don't know about or remember 1968, Charles Manson used the term Helter Skelter, which the Beatles then released on their White Album, that year.  On August 9, 1969, four of Manson's followers brutally murdered Tate, her unborn baby, and four others... Helter Skelter.



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June 17, 2013

Peering Into The Summer's Future 
     The last two Celestial Wheels have focused upon this summer being crunch time -- when the long economic contraction's suffering erupts into open conflicts -- which I have also called seething anger.

     Using  long lens, this is a repeat of  Dasas (planetary cycles) in the U.S. chart from the nineteenth century -- gilded age, then economic contraction (and conflict) and finally progressive age.  If you are new to The Celestial Wheel, or simply need a refresher, read these two In-depth Forecasts:  the December 1, 2007 Through The Second Gilded Age and the July 4, 2010 Through The Millennium Contraction.  While both remain valid, the focus was on economic results, not the social turmoil resulting from them, which stimulates regaining shared democratic values.

     The June 5, 2013 In-depth Forecast, Into A Whirlwind Summe,, and the June 11, 2013 Short-subject VedicLeaks focused upon the social turmoil issue in the U.S.  This was done by finding the same counter-culture Dasas of Mars major and Ketu minor in the U.S. chart happening now at the same time as the very tough Saturn/Rahu transit conjunction (which has global reach), as in the summer of 1968.  That is, the summer of 1968 is repeating this summer of 2013 -- Helter Skelter, Charles Mansion described and then the Beatles sang.  They further discussed how Saturn/Rahu conjunctions inflame the Mideast, which may appear to be disconnected from the U.S. but must be related since the U.S. economy runs on Mideast oil.  Plus during this era of globalization, the dominant U.S. economy and military, along with the Mideast having a preponderance in energy, results in the these two areas directing global affairs.

     This is heavy and heady stuff, and The Celestial Wheel won't even pretend to predict how these large themes change human civilization -- but the prediction can be made that they are and will!

     While we're truly just at the beginning of this whirlwind summer, following are some news articles about events and trends signaling the coming conflicts.  Some are new and others repeat previously reported issues -- like the 1% and health care problems.  Think of them as early warning signs. 

Wealth Disparity
     The Shocking Amount of Wealth and Power Held by 0.001% of the World Population

     Banks profiting from overdraft coverage plans, federal agency says

     Happiness Index: Only 1 In 3 Americans Are Very Happy, According To Harris Poll

     Dana Milbank: Wealth is power in Washington

Health care
     The $2.7 Trillion Medical Bill

Inflation Coming
     U.S. interest rates could spike when Fed slows bond buying -OECD


     150 People Arrested In NAACP Protest Against NC Republicans

     When All Else Fails, Try Anarchy

(Drugs, as bad food, were part of the counter-culture movement.)
     Harm from Fukushima Radiation: A Matter Of Perspective

     Study: 28% Increase In Thyroid Problems In Babies Born After Fukushima in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington

     Strain of Bird Flu now immune to treatment


Racism  (Remember, the 1960s was the civil rights era)
     Backlash greets Cheerios ad with interracial family

     We Are Now One Year Away From Global Riots, Complex Systems Theorists Say

     Red States Get More Extreme -- How America Is Splitting Apart Without Bothering With Civil War


Mideast Heating Up  
     As anyone knows whose not doing a Rip Van Winkle, the are riots in Turkey, the Syrian war is getting worse, Iraq violences are escalating, Lebanon is in the middle of the Syrian mess.... 


Venice Vignettes On The State Of America

     I scooter to the Venice jetties each evening to watch the sunset the fisherman, the cute girls and enjoy the small town camaraderie. 

     Sometimes a pod of dolphins dives by, and quite often a manatee is seen grazing on the algae growing on the jetty rocks.

     Most of the people are old folks, though, sitting on park benches, like I remember seeing pictures of at St. Petersburg when I was a kid.  Well, now I guess I'm just one of them, except my mind remains in gear, I hope!

     Some folks are younger tourists, though, visiting mom and dad, typically heartland U.S.A. from Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, with a sprinkling of Canadians who think we don't recognize them for sentences ending in "eh?"   Here are a stories a few told me recently.

    I met a fisherman who said he was from Hinsdale, an exclusive Chicago suburb.  He was getting disgusted with his art gallery business because he couldn't sell any paintings for under $1000.  The only stuff that sold was $10,000 on up!  He wants to move to Venice, where there are real people, as soon as his youngest graduates from high school.

     A young couple taking sunset pictures accepted my offer to take a picture of them.  When I told the man about Mercury being visible, he got very excited because he had an ap for his IPhone showing current planetary positions.  All he had to do was point the camera where Mercury would be, and there is was on the tiny screen.   So there we were, staring into the tiny screen seeing Mercury, and then looking up to see the real Mercury in the sky.  I told him I thought smart phones were very cool but were making everyone blind.  He answered by saying he spent the last year rewriting health care software for blind nurses!   It's one of the requirements in the ObamaCare legislation.  He didn't think there were a lot of blind nurses, for nurses really did need to be able to see.

     Mike is retired from the DEA, put his 30 years in.  His father worked in the Ohio steel mills, and he did for a time, until his father told him the union job was good but he should go to college.   He's a young 57 and fishes a lot because he was out in the field a lot when he worked, and his wife can't get used to him being around the house.  He subscribes to the Wall Street Journal, and thinks things like the minimum wage and unions are bad because they reduce profits in the stocks he owns.  We talked some about this being like the summer of 1968, which he remembers very well!  He doesn't think open revolts and riots are good because they will drive his stocks down and may threaten his federal pension.  Mike never catches any fish.  He only came to Florida to live on the Federal dole, complain about the lazy 47%, fish and die when his time comes.  The public employees just don't get that the private sector is really suffering, but then, most people only care if they are doing okay.

     Three days ago, I heard someone say Seneca Falls -- New York.  Well, I was born there.  So I walked to a group of 4 guys and said who was from Seneca Falls?  After no more than a second, one of the guys said, "You're Bruno Riemer's son, from Romulus the one who left!."  (My brother never left.)  I was amazed.  My country doctor father had been dead for a quarter century!   It turns out he was Mike Koch, with his older brother Wayne, sons of another doctor in a town closeby.  Although I didn't recognized either, I recalled Mikey was renowned for his memory and sense of humor, as Wayne was for being a bon vivant.  They were both retired and here to visit mom, 94 and slowing fading.  We talked about what it was like growing up then, in the 50s and 60s, how our dad's worked hard and played hard too, and that it was a pretty darn good life.  They followed with good careers of their own -- industrial sales In Oregon and financial services in Boston.  They admitted things weren't looking good now but both didn't mind cutting back a little in this suffocating economy.  They did, though, miss the good ole days when there were so many opportunities and worried a little for their children.  However, they didn't worry too much, for those boys always had a lot of fun, and still did!  I gave them both my card  to stay in touch, and the bankster shave card.  They laughed -- but then Mikey said, "Doug, your father was the only serious thinker in the group of doctors there.  "Yes" I replied.  "But he didn't tell me that I would have to work for the rest of my life, and the Koch boys would always be having fun."



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June 21, 2013


Summer Solstice

Today is the longest day of the year. The Sun reaches its northernmost position. It is symbolic rather than potent astronomically or astrologically. Think of the Solstice as a bird soaring to its maximum height, from which he then gradually descends.

The bird, flying along, doesn't even notice the subtle shift.

Yet, as the Summer Solstice heralds the summer season's beginning, it's a bright and light omen for us to celebrate.

After sunset, stay outside for a while to see Venus and Mercury in the darkening western sky -- June 2013 guide to the five visible planets

Then turn around to see a blazingly bright nearly full Moon rise in the east -- Most “super” supermoon of 2013 on June 22-23.



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