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 April 2012



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April 1, 2012


     The below was e-mailed directly to Subscribers Sunday evening,

Heads up

These last few days of this Mercury retrograde are extremely trying and tenuous.

Tuesday is particularly challenging.  Mars infuriates the Moon then.

Mercury goes forward April 4 -- Wednesday.

And even then, Mercury will be weak, crossing signs until about April 10.

Play karmic dodge ball.

While disruptions can occur anywhere, the U.S. remains especially vulnerable.

I never panic, as longtime subscribers know well. But, this is a toughie.



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April 4, 2012

Comment On Sunday's Heads-up



Comment on the above Sunday Heads-up, referencing the horrendous tornadoes in Texas yesterday.

Just like when the huge storm swept across the U.S. in mid March, causing widespread destructions, nobody was killed.  Again, that was remarkable.  I point the reason in the March 22 VedicLeaks,

The Celestial Wheel has discussed this strongly favorable transit Jupiter in Aries many times in January and February, pointing out, Jupiter's good run from February 12 to April 4 -- and then continuing, though weaker, in Aries until the middle of May. I hope you've all used this great benefic's significations of luck, abundance and fortune to your benefit.  The turbulences this winter have certainly stimulated your doing that.   Only through turmoil comes change.   It's also true that Vedic Astrology is not just about forewarning of upcoming challenges.  Even more valuably, of upcoming opportunities.



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April 7, 2012

E-Mail Notice


I put the two April entries that were emailed to you on this new April VedicLeaks page.

Also, watch for popular protests to begin again, but on a much broader scale, starting next weekend.

See Van Jones group plans American’s “Arab Spring” revolt

                The 99% Spring Action Training



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April 11, 2012

Mercury's Finale Weirdnesses

     The above April 1 entry stated, Mercury will be weak, crossing signs until about April 10.  Actually, it wasn't until this morning that Mercury reaches 2 degrees in Pisces, far enough into that river to pick up the karmic current.  To remind us of how weird this Mercury has been, see, No need for a strip search! Woman gets naked in middle of airport for no apparent reason.  Too, she wasn't arrested, which is truly odd.  Maybe public nudity isn't a crime for good looking women.


     In another oddity in the Trayvon Martin case, which has became a Mercury weirdness sideshow of its own, Zimmerman has disappeared! Zimmerman’s lawyers withdraw from Fla. shooting case, say he contacted special prosecutor.  And there's more! Trayvon Martin's family worried George Zimmerman won't be found and State Attorney Angela Corey to present new information in Trayvon Martin case.  Sanford, Florida is north of Orlando, only 100 miles from Gibsontown, Florida.

Gibsonton was famous as a sideshow wintering town, where various people in the carnival business would spend the off season placing it near the winter home for Ringling Brothers Circus at Tampa, Sarasota and Venice in various times[1]. It was home to Percilla the Monkey girl, the Anatomical Wonder, and the Lobster Boy. Siamese twin sisters ran a fruit stand here. At one time, it was the only post office with a counter for dwarves. Aside from the agreeable winter climate, Gibsonton offered unique circus zoning laws that allowed residents to keep elephants and circus trailers on their front lawns.

     Maybe Zimmerman is hiding out with the dwarfs!  He should use care, though, for dwarfs can be very mean.  He wold be safer with Monkey Girl.

     I missed predicting the tsunami, but perhaps Mercury regaining its strength this morning, stopped major destructions, Millions breath sigh of relief after tsunami alert is lifted following double quake that spread panic from Indonesia to India.  Note the above April 4 entry pointed out that Jupiter's excellent position in Aries is protective, which is the reason nobody died in the big March storm, the Dallas tornadoes -- nor even the military plane crash, Navy jet crashes into Virginia Beach apartment building

     Still, Mercury remains weak for being fallen in Pisces until May 7.  So continue to use care in communications and business, and do not overstress Mercury's nervous system.  Yet, all planetary dispositions are good for something -- The Celestial Wheel has been unusually creative, though admittedly zany too.

     Another weak Mercury effect will be the popular protests starting this weekend to be hampered by communications issues.  Media reporting too will be flawed.



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April 13, 2012

It's Friday The 13th

     Yes, it is Friday the 13th.  In North Korea, being on the far side (west from the U.S.) of the international date line, yesterday it was already Friday the 13th when its rocket failed, North Korea’s failed rocket launch raises fears of nuclear test.

     Some may believe that a Friday The 13th omen can be seen in the latest horrific Texas weather event, Storm over FOUR FOOT hail: Raging downpour leaves Texas town covered in giant piles of hail stones... but is it all that it seems?

Officials from the National Weather Service in Amarillo said that the storm was so severe and the hail so unrelenting that a major highway in Potter County was completely covered.  But the photos of the one-off event are so unbelievable that an army of online sceptics have cast doubt on their authenticity, suggesting that instead they may simply show large rocks.

     However, that storm occurred Wednesday.

     From a Vedic view, these events are understood in a different way.  For North Korea's failure, Mercury signifies skill, and Mercury's continued weakness in its fallen sign of Pisces causes launch errors.  Too, Mars, which has been weakly retrograde since January 24, has been slowing down as it prepares to change direction and go forward tomorrow.  A slow planet becomes temporarily uniquely powerful for it's focusing energy on a specific point. 

     Too, Mars is violences, engineering and machines, which is why the rocket didn't just fizzle.  It blew up.  And because Mars now closely aspects Rahu (the head-of-the dragon) eclipse point, which symbolizes flying machines, explosion karma is confirmed.  This weak Mercury brought a nervous global reaction, which is perhaps backwards.  That this is third failure of North Korea's space rocket out of three tries, it doesn't work!  As this rocket can also be used as an intercontinental missile, its confirmed failure is actually good news.

     Note again, however, that no one was killed in either the Texas hailstorm or Korean rocket events because Jupiter is protective in Aries.

     Yet, Friday the 13th causes problems because subjectively many believe it's a bad luck day.  There's even a word for such worriers, as explained in, Friday the 13th: Things you should know, paraskevidekatriaphobia.   I feel at least a little paraskevidekatriaphobia today.  Don't you?


Mars Turns Forward Tomorrow

     As stated above, Mars turns forward tomorrow, regaining strength.  Its sign position is in Pitta (fiery) Leo, which is the fifth hose of kingship (government) and investments in the natural zodiac,  In the U.S. chart, Leo is the ninth house of luck and fortune.  Recall Mars is a powerful malefic and, also Pitta -- fiery.  He acts quickly and violently, harming Leo.

    Although Jupiter remains protective by throwing an aspect (glance) to Mars that blankets Mars' ability to harm, Jupiter is now past his strong mid-sign location.  That ended April 4, when Jupiter reached 20 degrees within the 30 degrees sign.  Jupiter has been weakening steadily since, reducing his protective quality daily.  Jupiter simply can't rein in Mars effectively.  As the days pass, this empowered Mars must throw off Jupiter's leash.

    To drive home this important point, with destructive Mars going forward tomorrow with great strength, and protective Jupiter weakening, Mars' harms will escalate.  Another piece of this is that Mars is already closely aspecting Rahu transiting Scorpio, which is the 8th house of destruction in the natural zodiac and the 12th house of loss in the U.S. chart.  Unleashed and aspecting Rahu, Mars' destructions are more ferocious.  Below are some areas of concern,

     Fiery Mars in fiery Leo indicates fires.  Already. forest fires are popping up in the East, Smoke lingers over Southwest Florida and Historic Va. National Forest Wildfire Grows to 20,000 Acre.   The West worries, Western states prepare for dangerous fire season.

     Destructive Mars brings storms, and from in Leo in the U.S. chart, he aspects the Moon - kapha (watery) and the home.  So, expect truly violent and destructive storms.  These will stimulate fires and floods.


     More earth crust events are expected.  Mars in fiery Leo can bring volcanoes, and with Rahu in watery Scorpio, tsunamis are likely.  (A contributory factor is that form and structure Saturn, which is also things under the earth, is both weak in retrograde and losing more power daily as it moves toward the edge of Libra.)  Yesterday, Sicilian volcano Mount Etna erupts again.

     Look for these harms to begin hitting hard next week, starting Tuesday.  Friday, April 20, looks very bad.

     Most unfortunately, Jupiter shifts into Taurus May 15, ending his calming influence on Mars.  Saturn will move into to Virgo at the same time.  And, as Mars continues in Leo until June 22, spring storms will continue into the early summer.  Further earth crust events are likely -- because Virgo is an earth sign.

     With Leo being investments and kingship, as noted above, those areas will also be harmed.  Look for stocks in the U.S. and overseas to take major hits.  Governments, especially those run by monarchies, are vulnerable -- Syria and Saudi Arabia come to mind.  As Mars in the Sun's house is military, and also explosions, these would both come into play.  Heavy military attacks to quell rebellions, and terrorist bombers are likely.


The Upside

     The upside, and there is always at least one positive karma in negative planetary dispositions, is that popular protests un the U.S. and abroad will blossom like tornadoes flare up in the Midwest.  Another analogy is they will flood like the Mississippi.  Protests can happen unexpectedly, with tremendous energy, and will sadly include some violences.  However, popular protests are a needed force for good in this U.S., and truly global conflict-- to begin rebalancing societies and restore shared democratic values.  After all, the militarized U.S. police will fight hard to suppress First Amendment expressions, as the police are increasingly handmaidens to the 1%.  Similarly, the Pinkertons were militarized private police that fought unions in the late nineteenth century, when the first post Gilded Age battle against inequity was fought.  

     I don't know whether race in the U.S. will play a large part, but certainly that stage has been set with the Trayvon Martin killing.  Yesterday's second degree murder charge against George Zimmerman set the battle lines.  This event has been, and continues to be, the fallen and retrograde Mercury event that recalls the Terri Shiavo case in 2005-- the last time Mercury was thus positioned.  Shiavo spurred far right's right to life beliefs that became a foundation Evangelical rallying cry for the the Republican Party's hard to right turn, politicized by the Tea Party.


Summer Eclipse Season Coming

     Adding to the turmoil will be a powerful annular eclipse of the Sun May 20, followed by a thankfully weak partial lunar eclipse June 4.  As the eclipse season brings instability, these will add harmful karma. 

     The May 20 solar eclipse will be broadly visible from the Far East across the Pacific Ocean to the U.S. West. Here's an animation of the eclipse path.  Annular means the Moon's shadow will cover the center of the Sun, but not the solar disk's edge.  It will be a ring of fire, and earth crust events will occur on the globe's Pacific ring of fire.  The solar eclipse will occur at 6:30 PM Eastern Time and be at 6:18 Taurus. This will be a powerful eclipse.

     Locations where the June 4 partial lunar eclipse will be will be almost the same as the solar eclipse -- visibile areas.  However, because it's partial, and a weak partial at that, it won't be awe inspiring.  This eclipse occurs at 7:10 AM Eastern Time at 20:12 Scorpio.  Although it will be so weak as to pass unnoticed, except perhaps for a pall over the lunar emotions, this eclipse is the second part of the unstable eclipse season.

     Remember if an eclipse occurs within two degrees of a planet in a chart, it effectively eclipses (blocks) that planet for up to six months.  It was the August 1, 2008 solar eclipse on the U.S. chart's Sun that signaled the economic collapse six weeks later.  Personal Vedic charts are not exempt!  I recently examine a man's chart for his wife's inquiry about whether he would suffer further illness.  After scouting out his chart for several days, I found that two eclipses on planets in his chart signaled first the cancer and second the loss of limbs.  So, pay attention to this May 20 solar eclipse on your Vedic chart.



     It won't be until early August, however, before hurricanes are likely to strike.  That results from transit Mars going to transit Saturn in mid August.  That is also when the February 20 In-depth Forecast, The Economy And Oil predicted Israel will attack Iran.  As Gulf oil production and Texas refineries would be harmed, mid August would bring a double-hit to oil and gas prices.  Don't be fooled with the recent minor drop in gasoline prices. 



     This VedicLeaks entry is a lot of information to grasp and digest.  With Mercury, the intellect, weak, it is doubly hard.  Further, this weak Mercury brings uncertainty and nervousness, making focus and recall difficult.  Don't be alarmed!

     As The Celestial Wheel has done since publication began in 2002, the first coverage of topics will be followed by more detailed and reinforcing entries as the time for the astrological events approach. 



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April 23, 2012

Predictions Check

     Predictions Checks are offered following predictions for intense intervals.  It's always useful to keep score, especially when the responsible planetary dispositions continue. The above April 13 predictions are summarized below and then matched with media reports.    

The above April 13 entry stated,

   ...with destructive Mars going forward tomorrow with great strength, and protective Jupiter weakening, Mars' harms will escalate.  Another piece of this is that Mars is already closely aspecting Rahu transiting Scorpio, which is the 8th house of destruction in the natural zodiac and the 12th house of loss in the U.S. chart.

     Specific areas of concern here were fires, storms and earth crust events.  Tuesday and Friday, April 17 and 20 were identified as most sensitive.

     That entry then alerted to investments and government issues,

...With Leo being investments and kingship, as noted above, those areas will also be harmed.   Look for stocks in the U.S. and overseas to take major hits.  Governments, especially those run by monarchies, are vulnerable -- Syria and Saudi Arabia come to mind.  As Mars in the Sun's house is military, and also explosions, these would both come into play.  Heavy military attacks to quell rebellions, and terrorist bombers are likely.




     The news on forest fires has quieted this past week.  Threats remain from dry conditions and storm winds.


     4/15 Five dead in Oklahoma after at least 121 tornadoes overnight April 14, 2012

     4/15  Dangerous Tornado Outbreak Continues into Tonight

     4/23  Powerful, Cold Storm Targets the Northeast


     Earth crust events

     4/16  Mexico raises alert for Popocatepetl volcano

     4/ 17  6.7-magnitude quake shakes central Chile

     4/21  Monster volcano looming over Mexico City spews ash and steam – authorities ready population for evacuation

     4/21  Powerful quake strikes off eastern Indonesia



     4/23  Stocks Fall Amid EU Fears, Nasdaq Below 3,000



     4/15  Taliban lead attacks on U.S. bases and government sites across Afghanistan

     4/15  Neil Heywood 'poisoned by cyanide drops' in China  (This relates to the next entry)

     4/20  Corruption in China: Bo Xilai Scandal Could Unravel Everything

     4/17  Prostitution scandal ricochets through Washington

     4/21  UN monitors brings lull to Syria hotspot; Annan hopes bigger observer team can salvage truce  Last week's cease fire agreement failed.

     4/23  Dutch Cabinet Resigns After Austerity Talks Fail

     Judge for yourself how well these events fit with predictions.  Also consider your own personal experiences. 


Continued Planetary Stresses

    The above April 13 entry stated about Mars, ...with destructive Mars going forward tomorrow with great strength, and protective Jupiter weakening, Mars' harms will escalate.   Another piece of this is that Mars is already closely aspecting Rahu transiting Scorpio, which is the 8th house of destruction in the natural zodiac and the 12th house of loss in the U.S. chart. Unleashed and aspecting Rahu, Mars' destructions are more ferocious.  This Mars aspect to Rahu is not yet exact and grows closer and stronger daily -- until next Monday, April 30.

         Second, while Mercury retrograde ended April 4, he continues in Pisces, his fallen sign.  This weakness of the analytical mind, communications and the nervous system brought all kinds of weird occurrences and behaviors in March and early April.  Oregon man says naked airport protest was about free speech reminds us it's not over until May 5, when Mercury finally reaches solid ground in Aries.  Recall a woman did the same thing earlier this month, as described in the April 11 entry.  Unlike that women, however, the man was arrested.  Go figure. While Mars' aspect to Mercury has passed exact, and the influence is falling off, it does continue until May 5.

     Expect this week to be tempestuous in many ways, with the already predicted areas of concern continuing.  Next week will become easier but still challenging.

     With this transit planetary weather so turbulent all over the globe, the energies impact our personal experiences as well.  Don't forget to breathe!




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April 28, 2012

Mental Fatigue

     Put a mechanical system under duress for too long, and it begins to lose its strength and can actually fail.  In airplanes, this is called metal fatigue.  For Mercury, going into its fallen sign of Pisces at February's end, and still stuck there, it has been a long two months.  By now, we're all suffering from mental fatigue.  As Mercury is not just the intellect and the calculating mind, but also the nervous system and skill, smooth and fluid functioning has been been compromised -- like humanoid Japanese robots betraying themselves with jerky hand movements and twitchy facial expressions.  (Here's a hint to always know when it's really a robot -- robots can blink but don't wink, not even the Sarah Palin model.)

     Mercury will finally escape Pisces on May fifth, shifting in Aries to become strong there two days later.  So, like airplanes with metal fatigue, it's best to ground the fleet, make repairs and begin the journey anew beginning the second week of May.

     There are two other planetary dispositions adding to the issue.  First, Jupiter and Saturn, the big planets containing and steering the solar system, are both week now at the edge of their signs.  Beyond compromising power, this winter's Jupiter-optimism bubble is leaking now,  Growth in the US economy falls back in first quarter. Analysts blame recovery’s unevenness as they predict modest 2.5 percent growth and UK officially back in recession after 0.2 percent Q1 contraction.  If you've taken advantage of this strong Jupiter since January to advance your agenda, the opportunity-interval is over.  It's not time to fold your hand.  It's time to stand pat.

   As I suggested to a wealthy Venice, Florida retiree, who wants to buy a high-rise condominium unit in For Myers, (because it's the last one left), but likes his Venice second home location much better, is also thinking about Tampa because of the better medical facilities, and is waiting for a Boston property to sell -- DO NOTHING.  He resisted a couple of times, but when I pointed out that with 297 units in the Fort Myers high-rise, there will always be units for sale, he finally stopped fidgeting and told me a great story about his open ocean sailboat racing days.  I smiled and told him not to buy a sailboat either. 

     Second, aggressive Mars continues to throw a tough aspect to Rahu  (the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point), which amplifies desire and brings all kinds of destructions and scandals.  The above April 23 entry did a Predictions Check on this Mars/Rahu combination.  On a personal level, Rahu intensifies Mars' courage, but as he is an eclipse, he also blocks that.  So, outer courage and inner fear result.  That just makes the already weak Mercury nervous as a cat.  Mars will exactly aspect Rahu Monday, April 30 -- and only after that will this extreme and dangerous energy begin to gradually tail off.



Catchy Terms

    This winter's Mercury has also brought lots of mental confusions and aberrant behaviors.  No, there haven't been any tremendous disasters.  And when potential ones, like Greece's debt loomed, protective Jupiter, strong in Aries, brought the luck and fortune to save the day.

     Still, it's been a stressful winter, now turning to spring.  If you've already forgotten, for Mercury relates to memory, take a look at the March 22 VedicLeaks, Predictions Check --March Madness.  Along the way, the media invented, or repeated, lot of catchy terms describing this mental mayhem.  Some will be popularized, forming part of the mass lexicon.  Others will thankfully be soon forgotten.  Here are some that caught my eye.

     China’s Great Firewall  China’s mysterious Internet outage; speculation over a ‘kill switch’

     Roadside Retailing  Towns outlawing extreme garage sales

     Wheels Up - Rings Off  Secret service scandal in Colombia has agency's culture under a microscope

     Sea Sprawl  Zoning the ocean


     Baby, My Cash Money  Woman Recounts Quarrel Leading to Agent Scandal 

     Frugality Fatigue  Luxury sales boost Southwest Florida real estate market

     Dark Arts  Hacking scandal: the net tightens on the Murdochs

     Eco-Fascism  Climate Alarmist Calls For Burning Down Skeptics’ Homes

     She Hulk  ‘She-Hulk’ collars alleged T creep after lewd act

     Hopium  Data portend another tough year for Florida's economy

     Thunder Snow  Jim Cantore: Thunder Snow

     Home Seizures  Housing Declared Bottoming in U.S. After Six-Year Slump

     Fiscal Cliff  Congress steering US economy toward a 'fiscal cliff'

     Vulture Investor  Vulture investor picks up commercial land in Venice


Mystery Solved

     Many folks love cute pet pics and videos.  Others find these dismaying.  They often sprout when Mercury, the intellect, is weak and/or afflicted, as it was this winter.  But that seems to be an inadequate and mocking view, disparaging of perfectly nice and smart people -- accusing them of being weak-minded or foolish.  Come on now, fawns and Dobermans don't play together, at least for long.  Nor do cats and eagles, or kittens and dolphins, nor bunnies and lions.  Soon or later, somebody gets eaten.  Cute cats, memes and understanding the internet


Popular Protests

     Watch for the delayed, but ofen predicted, rise in popular protests to rage like a forest fire Tuesday, May 1, May Day's Radical History: What Occupy Is Fighting for This May 1st.




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April 30, 2012


    The below was emailed directly to Subscribers mid morning today,


Below is an early AM e-mail to The Celestial Wheel Editor, Pipe-smoking Yoda,

"Mars' aspect to Rahu is approaching exact today, and the Moon collides with Mars late tonight. Moon/Mars continues in conjunction through tomorrow.

Should be some really heavy doom, though likely not reported until tomorrow.  Of course, with the Mideast 1/2 day earlier, and the Far East a whole day earlier, there could be some early salvos today.

With tomorrow being May Day -- International Workers' Day -- the predicted popular protests will hit hard.  Occupy Wall Street Plans Global Disruption of Status Quo May 1.

Of course, there's the other meaning of Mayday -- distress signal.

Hard to predict how/where disruptions/violences may occur. Sensitive areas are Governments, wealth, property and marine.

Best to maintain a low profile. Play karmic dodge ball.

Too, keep your eye on The Chaos!

PS Ref. the article, We Are in Age of ‘Late Great Depression’, your comment, Another catchy phrase, the world is in a new age of austerity.  Interesting the play off of "New Age."

How about this?  We'll All Be Mayans Soon.



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