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January 1, 2018

Just A Regular Guy

I had actually passed him by at the Walmart entrance before I turned to look at him again.  Approaching, he was just an average Joe, nondescript -- an ordinary fellow, just a regular guy sitting on the park bench.  Maybe in his thirties, lanky, tousled brown hair, earth colored shirt, jeans.  Like in this drawing, he wasn't doing anything, conspicuous for not reading a flyer or peering into his cell phone.

But something hit me, like a puff of warm air, a ray of sunlight.....  It was blue, like the sky.  So I stopped, turned back and at about 8 feet away he was still just sitting there, motionless, pensive but without any expression.  Actually, that wasn't true.  He was in total repose, no facial expression.  He was just there, being.

I could see his eyes a little, and that was the blue.  Reflexively I said, "You have God in your eyes."   He turned his head a little toward me, "That's interesting.  A lot of people have been saying that about me recently."

That was it, my comment and his reply.

I turned back to go into the store, looking for a very mundane thing, a paper cutter, for my girlfriend's new business cards and flyer. It took me close to an hour before a reluctant Walmart employee found the last one on the very bottom shelf across from at least 20 paper shredders.  There was a certain irony in this, but I didn't ponder it, for now I just wanted to go home.  At 69 my knees ache whenever I walk through the endless isles of a Walmart Supercenter.  I also had totally forgotten the sky blue eyed man on the bench.

Leaving the store, though, there he still was.  Hadn't moved at all.  I thought for a moment he was waiting for someone, but hey, a hour had passed.  It occurred to me that he actually wasn't doing anything, not waiting, not wanting, truly just being.  And that being was for the customers hurrying in an out for holiday gifts with forced cheerfulness mixed with the usual holiday desperation -- it will be over soon!

Approaching, and again at a respectful distance of about 8 feet, I said to him, "If you're not careful, you're gonna make a lot of people happy this Christmas."  He nodded just a little, and as I passed by, got up and walked to my right, saying, "God bless you and merry Christmas"

I looked back after a few seconds and saw him ambling across the road to the parking area. A few seconds later, I looked again, and he was gone -- the blue sun ray of his eyes vanished like that puff of warm air.

Mystical events like this are rare, actually nonexistent, in Venice Florida.  This isn't my old stomping grounds of  spiritual Sedona! Mid-westerners retire here, waiting for the five o'clock early bird special, attending church and basting in the sun.

I wonder how many at Walmart that day saw the regular guy on the bench with God in his eyes and were uplifted for that?  Maybe its like the drumming circles on the beach they love for being free, and where they bring little tables for canapes and wine and wear shirts and hats with their favorite football team -- Go Buckeyes!  They don't have a clue as to the history and meaning of these authentic Native American spiritual practices, but they must take something of that energy with them.  I call these Chablis Circles for that.

I try to keep a little of that blue eyed energy with me, especially now entering a new year that can't possibly be as fraught with disastrous dramas as 2017.  Well, if Trump Fever doesn't break soon, I still have the blue light memory reminding me that there truly is order in the universe.




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January 7, 2017

Enough Is Enough


As we enter 2018, everyone seems to have come down with a dose of Trump Fever.

Astrologically, this is peaking now with Mercury, the planet of communications and the nervous system, nearing its third conjunction with Saturn, the planet of denial.  The stress seems unending and more acute every day.

The Celestial Wheel first discussed this in the November 28 entry Mercury/Saturn Triple Conjunction.

Thus, Mercury is both blocked by Saturn and confused by retrograde through December and then blocked again by Saturn the first half of January.

...The location for this mental disability is Sagittarius -- the first house of the self in the U.S. chart and the fifth house of the mind in Trump's chart.  So, the U.S. struggles against itself and Trump struggles against his mind.  Believing his own lies, Trump, risks losing his mind.  As the fifth house if also children for Trump, expect major dramas there as well.


The dates for these three Mercury/Saturn conjunction are November 28 and December 26, 2017 and January 13, 2018.

Has Trump lost his mind?  Probably.  Or, at least he's becoming more deranged.

With this Rahu energy in both his chart and the U.S. chart, this destroyer of today and creator of tomorrow is wrecking havoc everywhere, including our own experiences.  Can any of us do anything about that?  Probably not, for United States' the ship of state cannot be steered by any of us regular folks.

Consider, if you live next to a church, you hear hymns being sung with joy.  It's uplifting, regardless of how you feel about that church.  But if you live next to an insane asylum, the cries of those wretched souls are upsetting and disturbing.  Living in Trump's Rahu-deranged America is like the latter.

Consider this editorial from the Washington Post, My therapy clients can’t tear themselves away from the news — and it’s messing with their lives.

Trump voters in Washington feel like outcasts, shunned by family and friends.  Democrats and Republicans who oppose the president are struggling with a sense of uncertainty.  A remarkable number of clients report experiencing nightmares in which the president makes an appearance.  It’s not unusual for clients to recount their personal challenges in a calm and contained tone and then burst into tears while describing their concern about our political climate.

One particular aspect of this stress is, in my experience, increasing — the stress associated with news consumption.

Clients frequently admit to excessively checking Twitter and social media, to the point that it interferes with their relationships and professional productivity.  People struggling with these habits typically describe a growing sense of isolation, difficulty concentrating, increased anxiety and a feeling of distraction.  A surprising number of couples in therapy are fighting with each other about their respective modes of news consumption.  These couples report less sleep, growing disconnection and less sex. And this includes couples who share the same political views.

Enough Is Enough.  Protect yourself from Trump Fever disruptions by tuning them out of your life.  Switch channels from the news to a history program, a comedy, an old sitcom..... to bring yourself back from the contagion of Trump Fever to your regular life.  Talk about sports or gardening with your friends -- not politics.  Help your family and friends navigate the rapids.

In regard to this, recall the last Celestial Wheel, the January 1 entry, Just A Regular Guy.  Detach from your desires, especially those that disturb, like the fear Trump Fever brings.  Be one with yourself to find God.  Don't expose yourself to the current, although temporary, insanity that permeates society.  Keep your head down and live your life addressing your duties and responsibilities seriously but calmly.

The world is going through a complete transformation as the Second Gilded Age slowly yields to the Second Progressive Age. Disruption, even chaos, is everywhere.  Take care of yourself because nobody else will.




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Doug Riemer



January 11, 2018


We're just two days away from the Mercury's final and third conjunction with Saturn -- the planet of restriction.

As discussed several times in previous Celestial Wheel entries, this combination brings deception.  And when it repeats three times, that quality is strengthened.

Here's a pic of a flying sailboat over the Gulf of Mexico taken two days ago.

And here's a second pic.  The boat here looks like its floating above the water.



Is the boat actually flying or floating?   Or perhaps the slightly overcast sky has flattened the color difference between sea and sky at the horizon.




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January 18, 2018

Mercury Regaining Clarity

Mercury, the intellect, conjoined -- for the third time -- January 13 -- marking the third peak of restrictive Saturn blocking Mercury. The effect, as explained previously, was deception.  Interestingly, and not coincidentally, January 12 was the day Trump made his racist comments about Haiti and other third world countries, calling them s....holes.

This planetary disposition was first discussed in the November 28 entry Mercury/Saturn Triple Conjunction.  Looking back now, the final paragraphs amaze even me!

Thus, Mercury is both blocked by Saturn and confused by retrograde through December and then blocked again by Saturn the first half of January.

I'll write more about this in the next upcoming Celestial Wheel.  Suffice it to say now that this injured and weakened Mercury will jam up the Republican Congress' attempt to pass the tax cut bill.  Other legislative imperatives will also be fraught with challenge -- budget, debt ceiling increase, children health insurance, Dreamers, hurricane relief... See Congress has a daunting December to-do list.

The location for this mental disability is Sagittarius -- the first house of the self in the U.S. chart and the fifth house of the mind in Trump's chart.  So, the U.S. struggles against itself and Trump struggles against his mind.  Believing his own lies, Trump, risks losing his mind.  As the fifth house if also children for Trump, expect major dramas there as well.


Yes, the tax bill did pass, but the remaining predictions proved out.  Legislative imperatives have been, and continue to be, fractured. And Trump's racist statements could only emerge from a president truly losing his mind.  S...hole is the word heard around the world -- finally the poison pill wrecking his presidency by undeniably proving his racism.  Even the tax bill, however, was deceptive in promising massive tax cuts for the poor but actually giving most the benefits to the rich.

The December 22 entry Mercury Retrograde Train Wrecks addressed the tax bill,

It will take a while for this to be understood -- certainly not until after Mercury crosses Saturn a third time January 13.  Then, as the public's disbelief of the Republican claims about the tax bill solidifies, as entitlements are cut, and as the economy tanks (which seems inevitable), the bill will be correctly understood to be massively deceptive and harmful to the entire nation.

There's been little in the press about how the tax bill will impact the middle class, but this December 20 CNN article is terrific.  It shows that the typical family with one child earning between $40K and 75K will see their after tax income increase about 2.3%.   Use this calculator and see how the tax bill will affect your paycheck.

So, if you earn $40,000, you'll take home pay will increase $800, or $15 weekly.  If you earn $75,000 you'll take home pay will increase $1500, or $29 weekly.  That doesn't sound like Trump's, The largest tax cut in history, putting $4000 annually in workers' pockets, does it?



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