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November 2017




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November 6, 2017

Destructions, Scandals & Rage, Oh My!

These are the kinds of jolting transformational karmas bringing the Second Gilded Age -- plus technological advances, especially airborne.

This is the 18 year Rahu Dasa (planetary cycle) in the U.S. chart.  The U.S. Rahu Dasa began December 1, 2015 and ends November 30. 2033.  Rahu is known as the destroyer of today and creator of tomorrow.  It's malefic nature is said to be similar to Saturn's essential quality of destroying that which is no longer necessary to make room for the new.   Unlike predictable and slow Saturn, however, Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point) rages with cold reptilian instinct -- always want more and more and more, it's appetite never slaked.  A fundamental difference between these two malefics is that Saturn is duty and responsibility, and thereby reality; and Rahu, being an eclipse point, is not actually a planet but rather a psychological influence from its blocking the light in eclipses, and thus being known as a shadow planet.  To put this another way, Saturn is the ultimate symbol of sanity and Rahu insanity.

As everyone should understand by now, Trump is an early manifestation of Rahu energy -- unpredictable, uncontrollable, dishonest, greedy, violent and self centered.   Its role is to destroy outdated and no longer functional institutions and beliefs, which it does by hypnotizing the lower rungs of society with fear of the other (racism), hate, greed and violence.  Not yet out, Trump will be ejected soon, though this forecast is not about that timing.

This forecast is rather about Rahu increasingly wrecking havoc -- Destructions, Scandals & Rage -- as its influence grows during its still young Dasa and as transits trigger what can honestly be termed horrors.

Let's look at the U.S. chart and then current transits to unveil primary and operable karmas (influences).

Rahu sits in the mysterious, deep and dark eighth house.  There the dragon plunges into house depths, bringing up all kinds of hidden influences, many of which are the most unsavory aspects of society -- racism, foreigners, sex and killing.  Notice that mutable Mercury, the calculating mind, is also in the eighth.  There, Mercury's communications blurts out out the most brazen insults and degradations.  With Rahu's influence, Mercury is always on edge, fearful and suffering fears of attack.  Mercury's influence on Rahu gives the demon a twisted intelligence, making it a grimacing bully.  (If a person had this combination in his personal chart, he would be judged insane and institutionalized.)

Another primary karma in the U.S. chart is that malefics Saturn and Mars aspect (glance upon) each other, which combination has created all kinds of stresses and resulting harms during U.S. history -- but which also enables longterm elevation of society.

US July 4, 1776 Philadelphia 6:17 PM

The October 13, 2017 entry Long Reach Of The Mars/Saturn Stress described this combination when they were recently aspecting each other in transit -- where the planets are in today's skies.  These aspects are shown by the red (Mars) and blue (Saturn) arrows.

This is a difficult combination -- the two worst malefics with opposing energies pushing at each other.  Slow Saturn is irritated by fast Mars' prodding.  And Mars is impatient for Saturn slowing him down. Great destructions result.


But, as sstated above, progress also results, though grudgingly in advances that sometimes result in setbacks.  (The Republicans have been trying to get rid of the Democrat's New Deal and Great Society advances since they were enacted.)  Certainly there has always been tension in the U.S. between democratic values and greed/race. 

This Saturn/Mars stress has been exacerbated recently by the two malefics in transit again aspecting each other.  So mass murders result and sexual harassment charges blossom.  See the below transit chart for today with the red and blue arrows showing those aspects.

What is also key in this transit chart is seeing Rahu in Cancer.-- The U.S. chart's eighth house. Rahu moves backward (counter clockwise) and left Leo for Cancer September 8.  Eighteen months in a sign, transit Rahu has teamed up with birth chart Rahu in the U.S. chart's eighth house.  Double dragon karma, then, stir up eighth house depths until mid March 2019.


Transits November 6, 2017

Understand, then, that American society will becoming increasingly turbulent.  Certainly the global warming storms and fires we're seen are also manifestations of Rahu energy.

But, we've also seen the beginnings of regaining shared democratic values in this new Progressive Age.  Sports players taking a knee to object to black people being murdered by the police and the unveiling of so many sexual harassment cases are steps ahead -- even as the Rahu-inspired elements of society resists these.





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Doug Riemer



November 12, 2017

This Coming Week Will Be A Tough One


The above November 6 entry Destructions, Scandals & Rage, Oh My! described twin primary discordant planetary karmas in the U.S. chart -- its Rahu Dasa (planetary cycle) and also malefics Saturn and Mars aspect (glance upon) each other, which creates all kinds of stresses and resulting harms.  Further, these two malefics in transit are also aspecting each other.

Here are the two charts in that entry used to illustrate these discords.  Note that transit Mars was at 15 degrees Virgo on November 6, yet some distance from the U.S. Saturn at 24 degrees.  Now, transit Mars is at 19 degrees Virgo, closing in on Saturn.   Transit Mars is within striking distance to Saturn now, and this week will see Mars continuing to advance with deadly aggressions until the exact conjunction November 19.

U.S. Chart

Transit Chart November 6

This coming week will be a tough one for the U.S.  As Rahu is scandals, and the eight house sex, and Saturn is government officials, expect scandals and other issues to hit the government hard.




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Doug Riemer


November 23, 2017

Americans Are Desperate For A Pause

We sometimes recall distinguished public servants' names but not who they are.  Janet Napalitano is the former governor of Arizona (2003-09) and Secretary of Homeland Security (2009-13).  Since then She has been president of the University of California system.  She is experienced, well informed, thoughtful and balanced.

In this October 20 interview on Morning Joe, Janet led off by stating Americans Are Desperate For A Pause.  This rang true -- but wrongly about Trump's pandemonium being the cause.  She was talking about the threat of nuclear war with North Kore,  But then, that's one of Trump's dramas, isn't it?

Still, this statement describes so well a national need to disengage from Trump's endless dramas.  He thrives on spewing hate, bullying, lying... in his endless narcissism.  Trump spits bile -- bait to attract the worst traits in society to hook a third of Americans into believig him.  I call it Trump Fever, which term I invented even before Trump claimed he invented the term Fake News.:-)


The other two thirds of us have been so drenched with Trump's poisonous downpour of bile, ("either of two humors associated in old physiology with irascibility and melancholy") we're exhausted -- though thankfully not infected with Trump Fever.  And to further soil our experiences, we keep finding those who we thought were good folks are now devotees of Trump's volcano of fire and fury.  It is so disappointing, even heartbreaking, to see these friends, acquaintances, fellow workers, even family members, adopt Trump's white rage that we often have to stay away from them.

In Vedic Astrology,Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon) eclipse point is in control of the U.S. chart.  It's the serpent's venomous bite that has brought Trump Fever.  Many have been afflicted.  Trump Fever will break soon enough, and the country will regain its self and soul.  Recall that Rahu is the destroyer of today and creator of tomorrow.  There's an old saying that applies here, and gives both hope for the future and an implicit caution conditions will be changing dramatically,

A crisis takes a much longer time coming than you think,
and then it happens much faster than you would have thought.

Take our uniquely American holiday weekend of giving thanks for all this wonderful nation is to unplug from the media.  Then share and reach out to others less fortunate, our just plain lonely.




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November 24, 2017

Can You See The Dragons?

This NASA video is not just very cool science.  If you look closely, you can see dragons -- forming, flying and bringing destructions -- as the narrator says, blowing in the wind.  But remember, hurricanes not only harm, they also healing by bring rain-ending droughts, nourishing the land.

Well, the U.S.'s still new planetary cycle is Rahu -- head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  Rahu, being the destroyer of now and creator of tomorrow is bringing the Second Progressive Age.  Rahu is Vata (air), fitting hurricanes as wind storms.  This cycle runs from December 2015 through November 2033.

Click here for the video.




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November 28, 2017

Mercury/Saturn Triple Conjunction often brings forward astronomical tips of astrological value that would otherwise not be noted.  Here's one Saturn-Mercury conjunction is 1st of 3   Restrictive Saturn conjoins Mercury three times in coming weeks blocking Mercury -- calculating mind, skill, nervous system and communications.

Further, deception, even self-deception results.

This article states,

The conjunction of Mercury and Saturn on November 28 is the first in a series of three Mercury-Saturn conjunctions.  The term triple conjunction is used whenever two planets, or a planet and a star, appear due north-south of each other in the sky three different times in a relatively short space of a few months.  That’s what’s happening here.

The second conjunction occurs on December 6, 2017, when Mercury swings less than 1.5o south of Saturn.  But this conjunction will be very hard to catch because – by that time – both Mercury and Saturn will be buried deeply in in the glare of sunset.

The third conjunction of this triple conjunction will the closest of them all, with Mercury sweeping about 0.7o south of Saturn on January 13, 2018.


The article does not explain, however, that this triple conjunction results because Mercury goes retrograde -- December 3 to December 23.  This causes Mercury to back up into Saturn (during retrograde) and then recross Saturn again after returning to forward motion.  These Mercury afflictions naturally causes mental upsets and communications issues of all kinds.

Thus, Mercury is both blocked by Saturn and confused by retrograde through December and then blocked again by Saturn the first half of January.

I'll write more about this in the next upcoming Celestial Wheel.  Suffice it to say now that this injured and weakened Mercury will jam up the Republican Congress' attempt to pass the tax cut bill.  Other legislative imperatives will also be fraught with challenge -- budget, debt ceiling increase, children health insurance, Dreamers, hurricane relief... See Congress has a daunting December to-do list.

The location for this mental disability is Sagittarius -- the first house of the self in the U.S. chart and the fifth house of the mind in Trump's chart. So, the U.S. struggles against itself and Trump struggles against his mind.  Believing his own lies, Trump, risks losing his mind.  As the fifth house if also children for Trump, expect major dramas there as well.




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Doug Riemer


November 29, 2017

Casting Wall Street as Victim, Trump Leads Deregulatory Charge

Take a kook at my comment in today's New York Times,

Republican power groups are jostling among each other to gain advantage with the Congressional agenda now.  Actually, it's more like jousting!


In the end, it's likely the Republican standard bearers will vanquish each other -- leaving the Democrats the opportunity to pick up and raise standard of the Second Progressive Age!




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