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August  1 -- 31, 2010



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August 2, 2010

     The following Heads-up was emailed directly to Subscribers this morning,


This is a Heads-up for tomorrow, Tuesday.

While the July 24 Mars/Saturn Conjunction Summer 2010 stated, There is no single date, or even set of sensitive dates, during the Mars/Saturn conjunction that point to a major event or events, the intense planetary karmas must actualize during a few dates rather than most dates.

Tomorrow, August 3, appears to be one of the more challenging dates. This will be a Mars Tuesday, Mars aspects the Moon, and the U.S. Sun in transit is blocked by eclipse-point Rahu in the eighth house of turmoil.  These influences indicate a violence causing a loss of wealth.

Further, NASA reports, A coronal mass ejection (CME)... is heading directly for Earth: SOHO movie. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras when it arrives on or about August 3rd.  While solar eruptions are not within Vedic Astrology, they do cause problems with communications and other technologies.

One known upcoming event that would be compromised by these energies is, BP aims to plug gulf oil well for good with two-pronged 'kill' shot. This is a newly released plan to, pump heavy mud into the capped but still dangerous well and "bullhead" the rogue oil back down into its source rock 2 1/2 miles below the seafloor.  As the work begins this evening, it falls into this karmic turbulence.

Regardless, tomorrow is a good day to lie low, avoiding tense, antagonistic situations and risk taking.



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Doug Riemer


August 5, 2010

Personal Transformations

     The July 31 Celestial Wheel Short-subject Commentary's single topic entry, The Mars/Saturn Conjunction Is Underway, advised,


Our individual long term and sustainable personal transformation requires objective evaluation of the Millennium Contraction. We are currently being challenged by Mars/Saturn to see that truth, setting aside subjective interpretations and reactions for their being harmful. Remember, Mars/Saturn challenges everyone. We do have the choice of not allowing it's uncomfortable and disconcerting energies to to disturb our equilibrium.


     Not so coincidentally, several clients Arizona, who are also mostly Celestial Wheel Participants, are currently advancing their plans to fit their old square pegs into the new round holes of  a transformed society.  One set a firm schedule to close her office for a comparatively late retirement within a year.  Along with this, she's completing deferred home maintenance, as part of her plan to stay in Arizona.  Another, some twenty years younger, can do a very early retirement and has moved that process up from 2013 to initiate disengagement during the first half of 2011. She plans on keeping one Arizona property but moving the primary residence to a tropical island.  A third has dedicated herself to retirement at 62, which includes taking Social Security early, selling her home and moving Back East where her children and grandchildren live.

     The July 4, In-depth Forecast, Through The Millennium Contraction, and The July 18 Commentary entry, Migration Predictions, have been motivators to these folks.  Yet, this is a process, and other Arizona clients are in the considering change mode.  One is building income to enable later relocation.  Yet another awaits grown children getting settled.

     New clients here in the East are young adults, each embarking on a new path ahead.  Employment is the natural focus.  One recently secured a position.  Another awaits interview results.  A third has simplified the life and now seeks more meaningful work in his area of expertise.  A fourth is seeking to make her current work more impactive. 

     The Arizona group's theme is to disengage from current lifestyles and simplify for both financial security and to use their seasoned skills to help others.  The East's young professionals want to change the world, which seems to result from both youthful idealism and the understanding the world really needs them.

     Other older clients from various locales exhibit various reactions.  One is set and will not change anything.  Another has retired but maintains an active investment account.  A third could retire but chooses to expand his business.

     There is a common thread here and that is the recognition society is no longer me, me, me but we, we, we.  This relates to the U.S. Vedic chart in which relationships are tightly bonded and good deeds are favored.  So, in a very real sense, this contraction is about regaining that heritage.  Even the billionaires are catching on, Gates, Buffett tap billionaires for charity.

     Note: the extremists shade that karma with their paranoia, a libertarian view that is actually anarchy.  Remember this early American flag from the March 20 In-depth Forecast, Tug Of War?



     There's no right or wrong here for any of these folks.  How we each navigate through the Millennium Contraction is personal choice, and there are many paths ahead.  Some journeys will be smooth.  Others will experience challenge.  The commonality is responding to the societal shifts.  Those who think ahead will naturally do better than those who don't.  Regardless, I've done my best to offer useful information via The Celestial Wheel and interpreting individual charts -- and it is gratifying to witness people using the information to their benefit.  At least everyone understands this month is a tough one -- the fourth harmful transit steering the Millennium Contraction's unfolding --


Update On Mars/Saturn

     Below is the calender for this month, first published in the July 24, Mars/Saturn Conjunction Summer 2010.

     As shown, Venus is getting close to Saturn, their exact conjunction happening Saturday.  Venus symbolizes females, marriage, vehicles, grace and happiness and contentment.  These are all challenged, and I've already experienced mechanical problems with my scooter.  I was careful to renew the registration early, reviewed the insurance and checked the oil, tires, lights, etc.  Yet, a side panel got scratched, and the battery went out.  Yesterday I found the headlight low beam is out but that the fuse is fine. Until I track down and install a replacement bulb, I'll leave it set to high beam for safety.

     Note that the above lists Venus' natural significations, which you may experience in some manner. The predictions made for Mars/Saturn are separate and distinct for their relating to all the transiting planets and charts of nations.


     Some early events have been reported relating to the predictions made for this interval -- detailed in the Mars/Saturn Conjunction Summer 2010 -- residential and commercial real estate, stocks, economic growth BP oil spill, Israel/Iran and U.S. extremists.  It's useful to keep track.

     Residential real estate  Pending Home Sales Sink 2.6 Percent in June

     Commercial real estate  Regulators close banks in Fla., Ga., Ore., Wash.  (Commercial real estate loan issues.)

     Stocks  Wall Street Lower After Latest Economic Snapshots

     Economic growth   Steep decline in GDP growth raises alarmsGold holds near $1,200; up for seventh day. (Renewed concern about the outlook for the U.S. economy) 

     BP oil spill  BP Will Start Pumping Cement to Seal Oil Well Today. (This appears to be going the other way, which is good news, but the sealing is not complete, and damages are not yet understood.)

     Israel/Iran  U.N. says Israel did not violate border in clash with Lebanon, 'Terrorists want to thwart peace',

Ahmadinejad unhurt after motorcade explosion  (Violences in both countries -- the tensions are increasing.)

     U.S. Etremists  Still more proof Sarah Palin is toxic outside her bubble



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Doug Riemer


August 9, 2010

Mass Murder Last Tuesday

     Last Monday's Heads-up (aboe) for a violence on Tuesday actualized in 9 dead in Conn. rampage, Truck driver shoots co-workers, self.  Interestingly, Venus is involved with the Mars/Saturn conjunction, and it symbolizes vehicles.  Too, as mentioned in the above August 5 entry, I've had scooter problems.  Look then for issues this month to further involve vehicles, which, by the way, includes airplanes.

     Recall this Heads-up also expressed concern  about the solar storm then.  Here's some good news, SOLAR BLAST JUST MISSES EARTH.


Cardinal Complex

    The Western Astrology analogue to Vedic Astrology's dire Mars/Saturn conjunction is the Cardinal Complex, sometimes called the Cardinal Cross, Grand Cross or Cardinal Climax.

     I know just enough about Western Astrology to misunderstand it.  Here's how my friend, Electra Jung, explained it,  It is climax...cardinal climax!  Yes, as soon as Mars/Saturn hit... then watch transit Moon cross over Jupiter/Uranus and all this with Pluto at the apex!...  I feel we all incarnated for this and no let downs allowed!

     Well regarded financial astrologers are notably concerned about this configuration.  Barry Rosen at, who uses a variety of Vedic, Western and other techniques, wrote me,

Western Astrology Transits July 28, 2010


     There is a huge number of additional events in the outer planets and a number of very intense angular relationships.  Mars opposition Uranus on July 29-30 is good for earthquakes, volcanoes etc.  Jupiter opposition Saturn is also a problem again as it was in May.  There many other events also the Western astrologers that people are talking about including the Cardinal Cross around August 1-2nd. You may try to assign this to Mars/Saturn but there 10 --15 other key events going on so you may even get more than you expect.



     Arch Crawford in Tucson is similarly concerned, and although his predictions are by paid subscription, Hewitt Heiserman's Instablog features an interview with Crawford about this issue,


Let’s talk about the Cardinal Climax.

On August 1, give or take a week, we’ll have the most five-planet alignments in perhaps thousands of years.  Known as the “Cardinal Climax,” this is the meanest, nastiest, most challenging and most transformational of any planetary phenomena in all of written history!


    Gold is a good barometer for economic insecurity and loss.  This chart shows gold's steady advance since late July when the Mars/Saturn conjunction began. It's an early harbinger for the rest of the month.




Perseid Meteor Shower
   NASA reports, Planets Align for the Perseid Meteor Shower

You know it's a good night when a beautiful alignment of planets is the second best thing that's going to happen.

Thursday, August 12th, is such a night.

The show begins at sundown when Venus, Saturn, Mars and the crescent Moon pop out of the western twilight in tight conjunction. All four heavenly objects will fit within a circle about 10 degrees in diameter, beaming together through the dusky colors of sunset. No telescope is required to enjoy this naked-eye event: sky map.

The planets will hang together in the western sky until 10 pm or so. When they leave, following the sun below the horizon, you should stay, because that is when the Perseid meteor shower begins. From 10 pm until dawn, meteors will flit across the starry sky in a display that's even more exciting than a planetary get-together.


     It's been a while since there's been a striking celestial show.  It will be a good reminder of our own minutia and that there is order in the universe.

         While this will be a beautiful and exciting celestial drive-in movie night, it portends stresses in Vedic Astrology.  As shown in this transit chart for Thursday, poor Venus is sandwiched between Mars and Saturn, and a dim Moon is beleaguered by Saturn.

     Don't worry about your physical safety, though, for this guy has corner on that market!  Six Meteorites Strike Bosnian Man’s Home in Three Years.

Transits August 12, 2010


     One key prediction to watch here is Israel attacking Iran.   While this would be quite remarkable, in its absence, these countries experience turmoil and loss during Mars/Saturn, and this is a sensitive date for both.



Square Peg Already Fits Into A New Round Hole

     Subscriber Participant L.C reently offered two entertaining comments.  I found your observations on the importance of water in the geography intriguing. I am happy I kept the well—just in case.  And, If I am one of the “older” citizens who is not planning a change, do want you to know that am always planning on spiritual changes. I’ve realized how fortunate I have been in so many areas and feel blessed.  I replied to the latter, You never bought into the the materialism/greed/debt thing Lucy. So, you don't have to climb out of it.


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Doug Riemer


August 15, 2010

Mars/Saturn -- Vehicles

    Venus is vehicles, as discussed in the above August 5 entry in the Update On Mars/Saturn section.  Beyond my personal and minor scooter problems, this karma is impacting with dangerous accidents.  Nine deaths occurred at the annual Sturgis, SD motorcycle Rally -- 3rd Wisconsin Biker Dies From Accident in S.D.  Some of these were alcohol related, Rally-related accidents claim more lives.  As Venus is also pleasures, its weak and afflicted position stimulates excessiveness and addictive behaviors.  Beyond alcohol, the wife, daughters, actors, food, sex and extravagances in general are issues.  Another consideration is that Mars/Venus is passion in all things, and Mars/Rahu amplifies desire.  This latter is so potent it results in fury when blocked.  these karmas naturally increased accident risk and discords further.  So, be temperate in all your activities through midweek.

News Flash8 dead, 12 wounded as truck plows into crowd at off-road race in Southern California desert

     One very strange Sturgis event relating to sex/females is Pee-wee Herman adventures to big bike rally in S. DakotaPaul Reubens is reintroducing Pee-wee — his alter ego and 1980s cult character — to fans at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota.



     Physically, Venus signifies the face, reproductive system and kidneys, all of which are sensitive now.


Mars/Saturn -- Airplanes  

     Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point) is airplanes.  This is the modernized interpretation of the ancient Persian flying carpet.  When Venus and Rahu are both afflicted by accident-accident causing Mars, airplane accidents result. 

    The media publicized this in from Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens death August 9, which was followed by another aircraft   Investigators arrive at Stevens crash site as another drama plays out on a faraway glacier.

     This transit chart for today shows Venus hammered by both Mars and Saturn and Mars throwing an aspect (glance) to Rahu -- the red arrow. 

Transits August 15, 2010



     Note this aspect is four houses away, and the fourth house is fixed assets, which naturally confirms the karma.  Too, as Sagittarius is the ninth house of long journeys, ruled by foreign travel Jupiter, airplanes flying abroad at at most risk.

     Fortunately, Mars will pass the exact conjunction with Rahu Monday afternoon.  This is both before the all-important Moon comes under their glare and before Tuesday, which is Mars' day of the week.  No cataclysmic event is expected, but still the destructive karma will actualize for the next few days.

     It is this combination that was included the in the prediction Israel will attack Iran this month, which would be an air strike.  Still, are stated in the above August 9 entry,  While this would be quite remarkable, in its absence, these countries experience turmoil and loss during Mars/Saturn.  While both countries have been in the news recently, expect more stirrings this week.


Mercury Retrograde August 20

     Another wrinkle is that Mercury will turn retrograde this coming Friday, August 20. Mercury rules Virgo. it is like the landlord of the house.  Because the Saturn/Venus/Mars combination is in Virgo, acting like tenants, when Mercury turns retrograde (backward), earth sign Virgo's foundation will be weak.  This can signified earth crust events and/or more violent flooding.  The latter comes from afflicted Venus and Jupiter being both Kapha -- water.  Note the recent floods in Pakistan and also in the U.S.

     Mercury's mental clarity, communications and business significations will naturally all be compromised until it turns forward again in three weeks on September 13.  The retrograde will exacerbate the predicted sensitive areas: residential and commerical real estate, stocks, economic growth, BP oil spill, Israel/Iran and U.S. extremists.


Mars/Saturn Ends September 5

     The August calender, most recently published above on August 5, gives the impression the Mars/Saturn conjunction will be completed at month's end.  This is truth in the sense that Venus escapes Virgo August 31,signaling an end to the most damaging karmas.  However,Mars will take a few more days to make that transition -- September 5.

     Also, note that the longer any signification lasts, the stronger it's impacts.  Thereby, while we have seen Mars/Saturn harms in this first half of August, more will come during the last half of the month.

     It is also true that even the most challenging planetary combinations bring good.  For example, one client secured a job this week because Mars/Satun is powerful in her eleventh house of goals, enabling her to overcome her competitors.  Yes, there were some bumps in this, but it was a great success, for the job hunt has lasted many months.  Two other clients have seen love affairs get blown out of the water by Venus being injured.  As these were not good relationships, their loss is good.  Another benefit to both is that clearing these relationships out makes room for new and favorable love affairs.  In a final situation, a grown daughter faced a crises and reached out to her father, both reestablishing contact and giving support needed for her to move into safety.


Copyright 1999-2010
Doug Riemer


August 18, 2010

Vehicle Accidents

    The above August 15 entry expressed concern about vehicle accidents, including airplanes.  I inserted after publication, "News Flash8 dead, 12 wounded as truck plows into crowd at off-road race in Southern California desert."  There was also an amazing jetliner crash Monday morning, Colombian Commercial Airplane Crashes On Island Runway, Killing One Passenger -- the plane split into three parts and only one person died.


Mars/Saturn Continues Until Month's End

     Surprisingly, the globe has actually been pretty calm -- no major Mars/Saturn harms yet.  Still, as also mentioned August 1, ...note that the longer any signification lasts, the stronger its impacts.  Thereby, while we have seen Mars/Saturn harms in this first half of August, more will come during the last half of the month.  Recall Mars' vicious October 2009 through May 2010 transit through Cancer didn't signal any catastrophes until the spring, when the late April BP oil spill began a series of spring challenges.  See the May 10 entry, Exceptional 2010 Predictions.

     Still, gold is up, indicating economic fears as the U.S. economy stalls, and the stock markets are down.  Notice too the see-saw pattern in the Down Jones, which was predicted in the December 12, 2009, U.S. And Global Economic Trends For 2010.

Dow Jones Year-To-Date


     Of course, there was Tuesday's, Sen. Levin hit with pie, woman arrested.  Mars/Saturn is in the U.S. chart's tenth house of government officials.  But thankfully, Pee-we Herman survived Sturgis and is back!  We've missed you.  Here's a guy who truly has transformed himself.

     We additionally have coming up Mercury's three week retrograde beginning in just two days -- Friday, April 20 -- also discussed August 15.  Beyond the discussed sensitivities, addictions should be included, for Venus (pleasures) and Mercury (nervous system) are the addiction planets.   Addictive/compulsive behavior is, after all, excess consumption to regain calm or get back into balance.  It's better to do grounding spiritual practices like yoga and meditation, or just get exercise to use up the nervous energy.  Even gardening or any other favorite relaxing activity is helpful..  


Personal Stresses

     Instead, the Mars/Saturn energy appears to be actualizing more in personal issues.  Clients have reported:  a severe finger cut, appendix removal, kidney problems, breathing blockage and other physical issues.  There is also a lot of things breaking, from computers to water pipes...   I've used up a whole tube of super glue fixing a watch band, wallet, book, tool kit...

     Too, there's a lot of anxiety, which may be specific or non-specific, with the latter more worrisome for being unknown.

     Still, Mars/Saturn is really just another step in the Millennium Contraction that forces us to transform our lives in all ways.  No one is exempt, and no area of life gets a pass.  So, whether its relationship, home, health, career, friends, goals, family... all the balls are in the air and need to be both caught and then rearranged in your life.  It's like children tearing down the old Legos house to make a new one.


Transformation Improves Your Life

     Yes, the lavish houses, truck-sized cars, credit cards bulging wallets, $4 lattes and other Second Gilded age excesses are going away.   We're all yielding to sustainable lifestyles, which is uncomfortable but ultimately rewarding and enjoyable.   Only the folks who resist this incoming austerity tide will be swept away by it.  Just don't make the mistake of believing your guru can turn back that tide.  Beware of  any who make such promises, remembering particularly now the scam called The Secret and false Guru James Arthur Ray cooking 50 true believers in Sedona's sweat lodge, where three died last October.  There is no such thing as manifestation.  If you want a hole in the ground to plant a bush, you have to use a shovel.  There are no miracle cures.  There are no great avatars protecting us.  False gurus thrive in stressful times, preying upon the meek and weak, those who surrender their own power, who want to believe.  The karma of personal responsibility can not be dodged nor resisted.  Remember, even Yogis get sick due to past life fixed karmas.  Lady Yoginis too!  They differ from us only in that their detachment allows them not to feel the suffering, even as their bodies react.

    God, whatever form he may take in your life, is re-ording the world to stimulate our personal growth.  This is simply karma -- action.  No earthly guru can change that, and if you have one, he/she should be guiding you to this understanding.  Spirituality is never about manipulating karma but rather about recognizing and dealing positively with  karma, by finding truth.  Jupiter in Vedic astrology is Guru -- the teacher -- the dispeller of darkness.  Vedic Astrology is the Hindu's science of light, illuminating the darkness so you can see the truth, which is essentially that there is order in the universe.  Vedic's foreknowledge empowers you to take advantage of upcoming opportunities and deal with challenges too.  Of course, other religions and societies have their own divination systems serving the same purpose.

     Yes, spiritual practices can alleviate karma, but not banish it.   Prayers, chantings, breath work, ceremonies, blessings, healings, Ayurveda, Vedic gems, hatha yoga.. can all be helpful.  These also serve to advance detachment and insight to better enable seeing and understanding the truth.  But none are magic bullets.

     Here's a picture of my long sought cottage in the North Carolina woods.  It was my goal when I left Arizona on my scooter in early April, and although it took me until last week to find it.

     Notice the great grass, which you sure don't get in the desert.  I'm looking forward to putting in a croquet lawn in September to renew that hopefully harmless addiction!  And none of the amateurish American backyard stuff either.  This time, it will be English-authentic six wicket.  It's more fun than golf and certainly less expensive.



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Doug Riemer


August 21, 2010

Some Planetary Shifts

     The below was emailed directly to Subscriber Participants last evening,


Dear Subscribers,

Venus is now, finally, past Mars in transit.  So, that energy begins to fall off a little.

Mercury went retrograde this afternoon.  So, some confusions.  But great for yard sales, when people bring out stuff from the past.  Other things too can pop out.

Let's all wish subscriber S.K. in having her unavailable convertible suddenly being found in by the dealer.

Only 10 more days until Venus is free of Saturn/Mars.  And then only 5 days more until Mars is free of Saturn.

Here's a great Northern Lights image from   Auroras have been stimulated by the intense solar storms this month.



Copyright 1999-2010
Doug Riemer


August 27, 2010

Sensitive Date Today &Tomorrow

     While there is no signal sensitive date for this month's Mars/Saturn conjunction, today and tomorrow are two of the more challenging days. 

     Poor Venus, attacked by malefics Mars and Saturn, will also be at it's weakest as it approaches and reaches its maximum degree of debilitation at 27 degrees Virgo.  Today being Venus Friday, and tomorrow Saturn Saturday, add karmic weight.  Finally, Mercury rules Virgo, where Venus sits, and with its retrograde status, the Virgo foundation is unstable.

     Further ills include Saturn and Mars aspecting (glancing upon) benefic Jupiter and the all-important Moon in Pisces.

     Worldly benefits and religion are involved here, for Jupiter and Pisces are religion, and in the U.S. chart, Pisces is the fourth house of devotion. 

Transits August 28, 2010


     A major focus is Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally tomorrow -- Glenn Beck's plans for rally on a hallowed date and spot spurs countermarches.  The event is so clearly and powerfully confrontational, it is certain to stimulate discord, and likely violence.  Sarah Palin is Beck's keynote speaker. 

     Palin's chart is well known, with her too-powerful exalted Venus aspected by Mars.  These influences change Venus' diplomatic and loving charm into a messianic leader using sexually turbocharged charisma.  And Mars/Saturn/Venus in her Virgo Ascendant ignites Palin's fighting and arguing personality, abetted by warrior Mars active in her Dasas (planetary cycles).  Look for no-holds-barred shrill accusations.

     Beck's birth time is not known, but being born February 10, 1964, just one day before Palin, makes them siblings of destruction.  For the birth date proximity, Beck's Venus is just as degraded as Palin's.  Note too Beck is a recovering alcoholic, and since Venus is addictions, the planet of love, peace and cooperation must be even more poorly disposed in his chart.  Already over-the-top in reinventing history and twisting U.S. ethics and philosophy, equally charismatic, though pudgy, not sexy, Beck will be especially strident and accusatory tomorrow.  Or, he will act the innocent, and perhaps even shed crocodile tears for the country he loves so, so much.

     Here's another way to understand what happens when Venus goes south.  A good Venus makes sex an elevating, even spiritual, experience, unifying the couple, creating life.  A bad Venus degrades sex to the prostitute and the resulting venereal diseases.  Venus use the root word venom, which comes from Latin venenum, love potion or poison,

     Note that other messianic leaders --  Hitler and Saddam Hussein -- both had powerful but ruined Venuses -- their loving charm turned into hypnotic allure to the dark side.  Even in their personal lives, these despots exhibited that Venus. Hitler, of course, twisted relationship karma, and Hussein wrote sappy romance novels.

     Current harms to transit Venus must stimulate its dysfunction for both Beck and Palin -- and these peak today and tomorrow.  Whether or not President Obama is mentioned by name or position, he is their target, and they will leave no stone unturned in blaming America's ill's upon him.  In their minds, it is Obama who has sacrificed America's honor.


    Together, they will stir up the crowd, feeding on each other, to that of a mob.  This will also cause deep emotional hurt and resentment from the black community.  African Americans endured three centuries of slavery and another segregated.  President Obama is their pride renewed, their great hope.  Actually, all people of color, as well as whites of good heart, will be terribly offended by this slap in the face to African Americans.

    Other predictions for this month will also likely advance tomorrow -- harms to residential and commercial real estate, stocks, economic growth, Israel/Iran and U.S. extremists.  Notably, the prediction for this last is ...look for even more ranting and raving.  As noted above, Mars is also government officials and governing.  Combining these influences explains why extremist candidates will be even more extreme.  This will backfire, for as we move into the fall, the U.S.'s wise Jupiter will be freed from extremist Mars.

     Just as other disastrous events, like the BP oil spill signalling the end of oil and stimulating proper governmental regulation, tomorrow's Beck/Palin lemon will turn to lemonade.

     In closing, these transit ills are also affecting us individually, for we all swim in this turbulent current.  So, take care and take comfort in benefitting from current challenges.  The Mars/Saturn conjunction ills ease off September 1 with Venus escaping Virgo and then further on September 5 with Mars following.  September 12 will bring clarity and understanding to these challenges as mental Mercury turns forward again.


Copyright 1999-2010
Doug Riemer


August 30, 2010

Busy Month

    There are eight Short-subject Commentary entries this month, though no In-depth Forecasts.  When the planets are active/stressed as they have been, there's more to write about.  So, if you receive a lot of these Commentaries, that alone gives you a clue to pay attention to your world and the world around you.  I have no schedule for composing and publishing.  Insights come, usually first thing in the morning, or they don't.


The Beckoning

     This is the all-so-clever term someone gave to Glenn Beck's messianic Restoring Honor rally Saturday which I wrote about with some alarm on Friday -- see above.  Thankfully, no violence resulted, for Martin Luther King's message and technique for civil rights was non-violent.  Some may know he patterned this after Gandhi discovered it in South Africa in the 1920s and then used the approach to free India from Great Britain.  This information is useful, not just in understanding the universality of non violent protest, but also that King's message was for true freedom through real equality for African Americans.    

    What Beck was trying to say and do on Saturday is so mind-boggling, it confuses. After Washington rally, Glenn Beck assails Obama's religion, quotes Beck's theology,  You see, it's all about victims and victimhood; oppressors and the oppressed; reparations, not repentance; collectivism, not individual salvation.  I don't know what that is, other than it's not Muslim, it's not Christian.  It's a perversion of the gospel of Jesus Christ as most Christians know it.  Read this again and see if you can figure out how it describes any kind of religious thought.  One phrase stood out to me, collectivism, not individual salvation. as it mixes up, or confuses, helping others with finding God.   Instead, finding God actually means realizing ones humanity, helping others, which is not collectivism but rather giving to others less fortunate.  Hindus call it the karma of individual responsibility.  Well, I was raised Presbyterian, and those folks were very clear about charity.  Beck is saying, save yourself but not anyone elseFear is a four letter word.

     But then, this morning at the coffee shop, a former New Jersey policeman, on disability since 1986 but certainly hail and hearty, was fierce about hating big government and Obama especially.  When I pointed out we had three centuries of slavery followed by one of segregation, he complained that slavery and segregation weren't stains on the American fabric.  Other nations did worse things, he crowed, and some Africans pushed others onto the slave boatsSo, who is bad here!  He followed that up with the claim that blacks were lazy because the government paid them not to work.  Actually, it was more of a pout than a complaint, a bluster rather than honest anger.  I didn't point out he's been on the government dole for 1/4 century, on mental disability -- and don't African Americans deserve at least the same for 400 years of the the most inhumane oppressions?  Any counter to his position would have made him just more afraid.

     The point here is that Beck, Palin and the rest of the Tea Partiers are having a party at our expense, using the Millennium Contraction to prey on our fears by creating bogyman.  Isn't this the same as G.W. Bush using the straw man technique by claiming, Some people say.... we shouldn't fight the terrorists, shouldn't fear Saddam Hussein... Be afraid, be very afraid.  I have done a partial rectification of Beck's chart.  He's Taurus rising.  I'll finish this and interpret his chart in an upcoming Celestial Wheel.

     America's mystical paranoia, which Bush used and now Beck et al employ, raised its ugly head during the 10 year Moon planetary cycle (Vedic Dasas) -- The Second Gilded Age --and has been continued in the first years of the Mars cycle. 

     This will end September 5, as wise Jupiter is both active in the U.S. chart's planetary cycles and is freed from transit Mars influence stimulating fear.  Truly only 20% on the far fearful right can be thus manipulate.  The 60% in the middle -- the only really sane Americans -- will respond in the November 2 midterm elections by choosing candidates who offer positive and realistic solutions.  Is Obama cooked?  Yes, he likely is, but he won't give up, and the nation will march ahead.  Obama's Vedic chart offers the Second Progressive Age leadership America found in Teddy Roosevelt, but sadly, he's a man out of time, including being black -- or is that half white?  America remains too shell-shocked by the Second Gilded Age and its inheritors trying to preserve its inequality for their own personal gains to fully recognize the need for ethical reform.  However, that process has begun with legislation on health care and the financial industry, even though those bills are flawed.  Too, it appears Beck's rally has stimulated a national discourse on the right wing's extremist views.

     Of course, there is also the 20% on the far left, who are often just as bonkers, as seen in the extreme in Sedona, where people just as willingly as Beck's sheep enter into a sweat lodge to be cooked -- 18 go the emergency room and three die.  I'm sure that right now there are plenty of those fearful conspiracy theorists who believe the 500 million tainted eggs are actually infected with reptilian DNA -- and if they had hatched, tiny alien reptilians with very sharp teeth would have killed us all!  Are they so different from Beck's conspiracy believers -- communists and Nazis infiltrating the government?


Thursday Is Dicey

    While the Mars/Saturn/Venus conjunction harms are winding done, It's not over til it's over.  I sent this to a fellow Vedic Astrologer who has been tracking mundane astrology far longer than I,

My concern here is Merc backing into conjunction with the Sun -- along with Sandhi Mars and Venus and transit Ketu on birth Jupiter....

Too, the all-important Moon will transit across birth Mars.

All of these planets are active in the (U.S.) Dasas then.

With a hurricane in the Atlantic, that could be the issue.  Still lots of instability in the areas I discussed in the last CW, August 27 Celestial Wheel

One thing I've learned in doing the CW since 2002, is that it's "never over til it's over."  The other key thing is that sometimes an intensely difficult interval creates an instability that just takes one last small push to bring a major event.



Reclaim Wisdom & Beauty

     To get through the Millennium Contraction and emerge safely on the other side in 2015 to a reformed and purified society of shared democratic values, I offer these two pictures. These are truly fine, refined and most beautiful ladies who represent the best in America.  There is no anger and fear here, no posturing, no manipulation for personal grain or aggrandizement.  Their Venuses shine bright and clear with compassion.  Yes, they've suffered, and they will suffer still, but they know their present incarnations are worthless unless they do their own karma of personal responsibility.  They only help and heal, stimulating out best.  Think about it.  Isn't this what it's all about, truly?  It's not about me, it's about us.  Without them, I would likely falter in my duty.  Let them be an inspiration to us all.



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