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May 1 -- 30, 2010



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May 3, 2010

The Afflicted U.S. Chart

     The U.S. charts' Dasas (planetary cycles) are the destructive combination of Mars with toxic Rahu -- the head of the dragon eclipse point.  That Mars occurs twice aggravates further.  As shown, this ends May 17, when protective Jupiter replaces Rahu.

    The second karma is transits, and transit Mars (red type) in the eighth house (Cancer) of turmoil.

     It has been the combination of these karmas which has been bringing recent catastrophes. 

     As Mars is landed property, and the sign is watery Cancer, (the home) the Mississippi oil spill and record breaking rain in the mid south states express that energy.

     There was also a major water line break in Boston, and, of course, the New York car bomb.  Interestingly, the bomb failed to explode because Mercury (skill) has been weakly retrograde in the fifth house of the intelligence in the U.S. chart. 

     Mars is now at 19 degrees and has thereby passed by birth chart Rahu.  His destructive karma is now easing off.  Another improvement will be Mercury turns forward May 12, ending confusions.

     Also, starting May 17, the protective, fortunate and optimistic Jupiter Dasa US. chart subcycle will begin bringing solutions to problems and blunt Mars harms.

     Thereby, expect roughness will continue but gradually moderating until May 27, when Mars finally leaves Cancer.  Then, the planetary skies will clear. 


Mars Sensitive Dates Calendar

     Here again from the April 29 Celestial Wheel is the May calendar of sensitive dates brought by the final weeks of Mars 8 month transit through Cancer.

     As stated, These sensitive dates also impact your individual experiences, especially if you're in the U.S. where the planetary seas are turbulent. Pay attention to them to safeguard your interests.

     It is also valuable to know that as the planet of desire, Mars is turbocharged by Rahu, stimulating great desire for achievement.  However, as Mars is courage and Rahu an eclipse shadow with a psychological quality, the combination brings outer courage and inner fear.  Impatience also results, and stimulates frustration, and resentments.  I both experienced these influences personally on my cross-country scooter journey and witnessed them in speaking with others about their lives during this Millennium Contraction.

     Thankfully, being aware of the energies helped me to deal with the Mars challenges -- but not without some losses.  You too have felt the pressures, in one way or another.  Knowledge is power.  I hope the Celestial Wheel information has similarly been helpful to you.



Copyright 1999-2010
Doug Riemer



May 6, 2010

Atlanta -- The Unfailingly Polite City Of U-turns

     I came to Atlanta April 20 and returned the next day after my failed venture in Greenville, SC.  I stayed at very nice Best Western in the northwest suburb of Smyra, just outside the beltway.  I got the rate lowered, as I had all across the country, for the lodging industry is vastly overbuilt.

     Smyrna is a beautiful Atlanta suburb, rolling hills, lots and lots of lush foliage, wide thoroughfares with grass medians and large setbacks for the franchise stores.  The architecture is pleasant too -- lots of brick and wood in a no frills southern style.  But still  these are essentially the same strip malls and free standing buildings in all over America.

      The continuous grass medians result in a curious thing -- u-turns at stoplights wherever you want to go.  Even if your destination is 1/4 mile down the street to the right, you can't turn left back onto the road and head home.  No, you turn right, go to the next light, make a u-turn, go to the next light, make another u-turn -- and only then be able to turn into your street.  If you have to go left onto the street, the sequence of left and right u-turns is reversed.  And, everyone drives very fast here, in nice cars, well kept, but not ostentatious.  It would be a nightmare except that everyone is unfailingly polite!  No one tail-gates, there's no horn honking, burning rubber to pass you, cutting you off.  Instead, the cars flow smoothly along the roadways, a kind of automotive southern waltz, which means to turn or spin.

     And this behavior was everywhere.  People opened doors for one another, stepped aside rather than push in front, smiled and greeted you like they actually meant it!  Motionless, they are mostly ordinary looking people, although always well groomed, often understated in their dress and general demeanor.  But when they spoke and moved -- well it was like being in the reception line for the colonel's spring dinner party.  They all just came alive, with southern-slow charm, grace, beauty and smoother southern drawls.  All the women were named Ashley or Charlotte.  All the men, Ben or John.  I found this everywhere, convenience stores, restaurants or even the local ACE Hardware, where John loosened my scooter oil plug with a huge wrench, checked on-line to make sure I bought the right oil, and then when I returned because my pliers still couldn't loosen the plug, he apologized for not loosening it enough!  He even made arrangements with Ben for the next morning to help me if I had any more problems. 

     One really odd thing is that in one day, three residents asked where I came from, and upon hearing Arizona, they all said, I used to live in Mesa, Arizona.  Welcome to Atlanta!  It must be something in the air here, or maybe it's the u-turns that somehow bend their minds?  Another Atlanta uniqueness is in asking about my scooter, which everyone did wherever I was in America.  Atlantans did this without any prompting, appreciating it as a true Italian work of art.  They weren't just being polite either -- these are esthetically refined folks.


A Model For The future?

     But, I thought, is this truly a sustainable model for the Second Progressive Age coming in 2015.  Certainly the social and cultural qualities were conducive to the cooperative and supportive needs of the future -- where who you are is defined by your achievements and how you treat others, not how big your house is, nor big screen TVs....  If you recall the various Star Trek series and movies, those were the qualities of the future.  Both Captain Kirk and Jean Luc Picard were very clear on that issue when dealing with brusque aliens and humans from the past.

     I turned to my hostess and client, S.R., born in a small town south of Atlanta.  She explained that although she lived on large acreage, and the community was well, backward and somewhat red neck, everyone knew everyone else.  There was the wonderful sense of security and warmth living in a community where people cared about you, and you cared about them.  Her parents moved to a McMansions in Smyrna in 2003, well after she had become an adult.  When visiting her parents, she found an isolated lifestyle -- people backing their cars out of McMansions garages, commuting to the city into parking garages, taking elevators to their offices and repeating the sequence at days end -- a home where your neighbors were never seen, except in their cars.  It was like being entombed, completely disconnected.  She said that when her father, a prominent professional, passed away, not one neighbor said or did anything.  Well, she said, How could they?  They didn't know us, and we didn't know them!

      Besides the tasteful franchise row, there were tasteful McMansions, although S.R. pointed out some were unfinished or had been turned into rentals.  She also agreed that while the restaurants and shops were humming along, there was some tension -- people were maintaining their lifestyles with plastic.  After all, it would be impolite not to meet with friends and not tip well.

     While Atlanta's social and cultural qualities are great, the post World War II suburban sprawl, carried out to an extreme in the housing boom throughout much of America, is simply not sustainable.  As S.R. e-mailed meat noon after I had moved out to Acworth -- another twenty miles beyond Smyrna, to be near the lake, Well now that you are way, way, way OTP (that's outside the perimeter), and in more southern slang- bumble f***k), I'll have to wait til traffic calms down.  Rush hour seemed to be anytime in Atlanta, but then, there are just buckets of McMansions all over the area.

     What she meant in distance is that I was 25 miles from Smyna.  And Smyrna was another 20 miles to downtown -- a 45 mile commute from Acworth -- which is actually an exurb.  Smyna is a suburb.


Stresses Behind The Facade

     After a few days in Smyrna, I moved to an extended- stay hotel further out in Kennesaw - see map again -- to get closer to Lake Altoona.

     I thought extended-stay hotels were for business folks but realized quickly some are also last ditch places for folks who have lost their jobs and their homes.

     This picture of the InTown Suites where I stayed shows a new Jaguar followed by a really beaten up old Japanese car.

     There were a lot of black folks here, all of whom seemed to come from Pensacola -- Florida has been hit hard.  They were doing okay. 

     The white folks were really stressed --  but all hopeful. 


   Besides the busy Cobb Pkwy and the noise, there was a lot of cigarette smoke and alcohol.  I asked for a different room after two nights, but even the second room stunk.  The high speed internet didn't have enough band width -- I had to go to Starbucks 3 miles away.  Fortunately, Ashley helped jump through the ATT hoops to get on line, and I was able to post Celestial Wheels. 


     This past Monday, when the big storm hit, I managed to escape, going further out to Acworth to find a decent motel -- almost out in the country, just a mile from Lake Altoona.   

     This is the shopping center next to my hotel.  As you can see, the end is derelict.  Ingles Grocery moved across the street, and other tenants are shutting down.  There are pavement cracks in the foreground, and out of sight the asphalt is peeling up.

   While in Wichita Falls, TX, I told the Wizard one day as we drove to lunch that franchise rows were temporary buildings -- not sustainable.

     Well, that's certainly a reality happening already, even in relatively prosperous Atlanta.

Suburban Sprawl

Temporary Buildings



        Below left is a Mini-McMansion development across the street from my hotel.  These a pretty big houses, though, some three stories.  When I took the photos, there were no people outside, and nobody said anything to me.

     Just a block away was an older, very established neighborhood, and this little house on the right under big old trees is representative.  You can't see the truck in the driveway. 

     After I took two pictures and got ready to ride away, a fellow called out from across the street, Mind if I ask you what you're taking pictures for?, he asked, not unkindly.  I answered, I'm doing a travelogue of my trip across the country, and thank you for asking me You have a sense of community in this neighorhood.  I like that.  He became interested and took my card when I told him he could read some of the entries free on the web.  The conversation turned to his neighborhood being sustainable, local folks working locally in reasonable homes and caring about their neighbors -- but the Mini-McMansion folks dirivng 50 miles to Atlanta -- well that probably won't work out for too long, he said.  I replied,  Neighborhoods like yours are what we need, not the Mini-Mcmansions around the corner where nobody asked me anything when I took pictures..  He really, really appreciated that.  I mentioned homes here probably didn't have any mortgages, but those Mini=McMansions must all have big mortgages.  He agreed, A heavy load for them to carry in tough times.  We'll be fine here.

     I ask about Asheville, NC, and he said I would like that because it's in the mountains, similar to Arizona.  I told him that Atlanta folks were so polite and friendly, I may stay here.  We would welcome you here, he replied.  I thanked him and in closing, said, By the way, is your wife's name, Charlotte?  (It was on the mailbox -- Ben and Charlotte.)  Yes he said, not surprised, But sometimes we call her Ashley cause that's her middle name.


     And I thought Texas was a State of mind!


Old Georgia House


     In the midst of this discussion, the neighbor whose house I had photographed came out, listened in and agreed.  Then he said, The difference here is God!  He was a little wild-eyed.  There are a lot of Confederate flags around, and Deliverance was about Georgia.  When some of the real red necks, hillbillies or whatever they are called, asked me about my scooter, What kind of mileage do you get on that?, it came out something like, Wa ki miles yu ge on thaa?  Still, they seemed to like the scooter a lot.

    These country people thought Goldman Sachs was a fancy downtown suit store.  But that didn't matter because their economic lives don't involve banksters, though the MiniMcMansion folks certainly bought into the cycle of greed and downfall.


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Doug Riemer



May 10, 2010

Exceptional 2010 Predictions

You're targeting better than a Marine sharpshooter!

The Wichita Falls, Texas Wizard



Celestial Wheel Predictions




January 9

Saturn is slowing down now and will stop in the sky (station) Wednesday, January 13 at 3:00 PM Universal time and turn retrograde late that evening.  ...then slow Saturn stations and then turns backward, and these (earth crust events) often occur.  ...underground fire blasting through the earth into the air. ...this is a recipe for volcanic activity.  ...Locations sensitive to volcanoes would be on Saturn's blue lines primarily, but also Mercury's green lines. of South America to maritime Canada.

In searching the web this morning, there was a delayed report in the Chinese press of a volcanic eruption in Ecuador January 12 -- the Tungurahua volcano. Volcano erupts in Ecuador.



December 12, U.S. And Global Economic Trends For 2010

We can see the resulting economic harms from Mars' prolonged attack through early September in the following section, Debt Bombs.  Under Mars' relentless pressure, some could explode in 2010.

April 29

Notice that Greece, Portugal and Spain are just part of a much longer list for countries that may threaten to blow up. These may all be rescued this year, but that just creates more debt and is just a short term cure, like putting the finger in the leaking dike. What's really needed here is like the the fable, adults must come in to cooperatively rebuilt the entire dike.


April 30  Rising Sovereign Debt Leads to Defaults

May 1  Europe's Web of Debt

May 5  Greece and the myth of the easy economic fix

May 6  Crisis Deepens; Chaos Grips Greece

May 10  EU Preps $645 Billion Fund to Fight ‘Wolfpack,’ Debt Crisis

February 23

Mars, the planet of war, discord and energy has brought many challenges in its difficult

transit through Cancer since early October -- and this unusually long, and thereby more impactive, Cancer transit lasts until May 27.

Continued greed by banks



Wealth destruction





Winter(y) storms




Swine Flu



Mystical paranoia (U.S.)



Continued residential real estate decline
Commercial real estate beginning to bust



Mars is also machinery and equipment, and this has resulted
in a surge of computer problems.

April 1  Silver Manipulation the “worst in history”

April 16  EC accuses Goldman Sachs of defraud..

April 25 Goldman Sachs: What Hath Fraud Wrought?

May 1 Justice probe of Goldman goes beyond deals cited by SEC

May 9  Civil And Criminal Probes Launched Against JP Morgan For Silver Market Manipulation

April 1  Pay Garnishments Rise as Debtors Fall Behind

April 11  Consumers face end of the era of cheap credit


March 31, Homes, dreams wiped out by N.E. floods

April 26 ...damage from storms that killed 12

April 28  Late-season snow dumps nearly 2 feet

May 4  More Victims Feared as Tenn. Flood Recedes

May 11  5 dead, dozens injured as tornadoes hit Plains


May 10 Mystery Disease Linked to Missing Israeli Scientist (the infection replacing Swine Flu?)


March 20  Tug Of War


April 23  U.S. Shuts 7 Banks; Year’s Failures Rise to 57

May 3 Bank Failures

May 10  Trouble ahead for Florida banks

May 10  Fannie Mae reports $11.5B loss, requests $8.4B to stay afloat


May 7, Dow Takes a Harrowing 1,010.14-Point Trip

February 25

Today and tomorrow, the perceptional/emotional Moon will be in Cancer with aggressive Mars. This stirs everything up.

8.8-magnitude earthquake hits central Chile 

March 4,

This Mars energy has activated the seesaw motion described in the ... U.S. And Global Economic Trends For 2010.  The most difficult interval will be from March 10... to May 17.  If Humpty Dumpty doesn't fall off the New York Stock Exchange wall then...

April 19

As e-mailed April 14 to the Wizard, following are sensitive dates for this Mars transit ... I've been predicting a down late this spring --- I believe this will be unexpected, uncontrollable and very fast.  Look for major bad news 4/21, 4/25, 4/28, 5/5 - 5/8, 5/16 - 5/19.  I expect these jolts will impact the stock markets and silver/gold -- the former diving big some days and the latter moving up in a series of steps.

The BP oil platform exploded April 20 and sank two days later

May 2  Boston Has Water Emergency

May 3  Officials' forecast grim about massive oil spill

May 4  Times Square bomb case

May 3  Death toll rises as river crests, floods Nashville

May 7  Dow Takes a Harrowing 1,010.14-Point Trip




March 20  Tug Of War

The U.S. planetary cycles change to Mars major and Jupiter minor May 17.  Jupiter's moderating and benevolent influence will both tone down the conflict and bring opportunities for resolution -- regardless of whether the health care reform bill passes or not. Wisdom. confidence and sound judgment will begin to calm the sea of paranoia.  Sanity will thankfully return, and we'll look back and wonder how nuts everything was!  Fox News' galaxy of stars will fade, especially Glenn Beck. And too bad for you too, Sarah Palin, but then you've both certainly have been entertaining!

May 3  expect roughness will continue but gradually moderating until May 27, when Mars finally leaves Cancer.  Then, the planetary skies will clear.

Only Time Will Tell




Longer Term

November  Global Economic Outlook Into 2012 And Beyond

1. To the spring of 2010 will be a roller coaster of major economic swings that will end on the downside.
2. The next 12 months to the spring of 2011 will show improvement, recouping some previous losses.

Only Time Will Tell




Copyright 1999-2010
Doug Riemer



May 11, 2010

Stock Market 1000 Point Crash

     The DOW Jones' 1000 point dive last Thursday, May 6, gave financial folks, governments and the informed public the jitters, for good reason.  That jolt revealed the inordinate power of banks and hedge funds and was a reminder of continued economic ills.  The astrological rational is that Mars' signification for machinery was weak, as well retrograde Mercury's communications.

     These events follow the March 4 Celestial Wheel,


      This Mars energy has activated the seesaw motion described in the December 12, 2009 U.S. And Global Economic Trends For 2009,

     The most difficult interval will be from March 10 (when Mars ends its weak retrograde), to May 17, when the U.S. chart ends Mars/Rahu planetary cycle.  If Humpty Dumpty doesn't fall off the New York Stock Exchange wall then... (Note: this jives with the November 3, 2009 Global Economic Outlook Into 2012 And Beyond)


         That forecast (Global Economic Outlook Into 2012 And Beyond) stated, To the spring of 2010 will be a roller coaster of major economic swings that will end on the downside.

     However, as Mars and Mercury trials have been so distracting this winter and spring, it's worthwhile reminding readers that the May 3 entry (above) the assurance, expect roughness will continue but gradually moderating until May 27, when Mars finally leaves Cancer. Then, the planetary skies will clear.

     In fact, this confidence resumption will be eerily similar to the stock markets recovery beginning Monday March 9, 2009, after the Big Blizzard Of 2009 brought the DOW to its knees at 6443 points.  If you have forgotten about this predicted decline, or are new to the Celestial Wheel, see the January 22, 2009, More On The Big Blizzard Of 2009, wealth destruction and some violence in the Rahu/Mars/Jupiter conjunction, which begins January 27 and lasts until (Friday) March 6.  (Note that The Celestial Wheel predicted this bottom to the exact day.)


The Confidence Recovery

       This confidence recovery will not be entirely rationale, however,  As stated in the April 29 Celestial Wheel, Notice that Greece, Portugal and Spain are just part of a much longer list for countries that may threaten to blow up.  These may all be rescued this year, but that just creates more debt and is just a short term cure, like putting the finger in the leaking dike.  What's really needed here is like the the fable, adults must come in to cooperatively rebuilt the entire dike.

     That the E.U. put together a 1 trillion dollar bailout plan just two business days later on May 10 makes it very clear how serious the long term situation is.  (This is larger even than the U.S. 2008 700 billion bailout -- so Europe's predicament is more dire and far reaching.)  This article explains, Stocks Surge on EU's Bailout, But How Long Will Rally Last?  Here are two more cogent and easy to follow articles on the topic, Europe's Web of Debt and Greece and the myth of the easy economic fix.

     Yes, the eyes glaze over, but if you don't pay attention to the dynamics, then you will not have the information needed to transform your life as the global economy reinvents itself.


Three Years Left Of Dike Plugging

     The November 2009 Global Economic Outlook Into 2012 And Beyond considered the charts of the U.S. and the New York Stock Exchange to formulate a long term outlook.  (Note: this forecast was actually composed in April, 2009 for Barry Rosen of, who has graciously granted its publication in The Celestial Wheel.)

     Below are the conclusions,

1. To the spring of 2010 will be a roller coaster of major economic swings that will end on the downside.

2. The next 12 months to the spring of 2011 will show improvement, recouping some previous losses.

3. From the spring of 2011 to 2012 will bring another economic contraction.

4. From spring 2012 to 2013 will be another difficult 12 months.

5. The next 12 months to spring 2014 continues the economic slide with much popular discontent.

6. From spring 2014 to 2015, expect global struggles but the economy stabilizing.

7. The final 12 months considered here, beginning in the spring of 2015, the economy will have fully transformed and sustainable economic growth will resume.


    #4 means that the dollar, and likely other currencies, will crash.  Massive public debt combined with inflation-driven higher interest rates will overwhelm governments' ability to pay.  (This means the U.S. Federal Government and likely some states and local governments -- as well as other countries.)  The April 18 Celestial Wheel, in the section, Here's The Deal On Silver, explained, You don't have to take out a calculator to figure out how much interest we'll have to pay on our increasing national debt. Texas common sense tells you that we can't afford over 7 times what we're paying now -- just like if cattle feed goes up by 7 times.


What About The Mayan Calender End?

     The December 18, 2009 Celestial Wheel  addressed this topic,


Mayan Calendar End
      As economic conditions and global warming become more worrisome, it is inevitable that people look to the Mayan Calendar end on December 21 2012.

     The December 1, 2007 Through The Second Gilded Age stated,

     Following the Dasa pattern of the Financial Panic of 1893, when the U.S. chart was running Mars major and Mercury minor (planetary cycles), the upcoming depression would also begin during Mars/Mercury, which runs May 31, 2012 to May 28, 2013.   Note that this interval includes the end of the Mayan Calendar December 21, 2012. That year has also been seen by many soothsayers and psychics as a time of great turmoil and loss.

     In fact, the Financial Panic of 1893 was heralded by a stock market crash May 5, 1893, during which time the U.S. chart Dasas (planetary cycles) were Mars/Mercury/Saturn.  Then transit Saturn was aspecting Mercury and Mars, and Mars was aspecting Saturn.  The Vedic logic here is that the primary Dasas and secondary transits combine to signify events that set off trends.

     For the Millennium Contraction, Mars/Mercury Dasa planets runs May 31, 2012 to May 28, 2013, as explained above. During that interval, there is no analogue transit combination to the Financial Panic's inception on May 5.

     Instead, there is a major planetary crunch when Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point) joins Saturn in Libra. They conjoin exactly in September 2013. The U.S. chart Dasas then will Mars/Ketu/Saturn. (Ketu, being the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point connects to Rahu the head.)  So, again, the Dasa planets and transits act together to signify an event setting off a trend.  Saturn/Rahu is a harmful combination because Rahu intensifies Saturn's harms.  Note that transit Rahu and Saturn came together in the spring of 2002, when the Afghanistan war and the economy turned sour.

     The Celestial Wheel has been researching a chart for the end of the Mayan Calendar, but there is uncertainty whether the date is December 21 or 23, 2012. The winter solstice occurring the morning of December 21 may or may not be relevant to that chart.

World Transits December 23, 2012


    Too, there are issues with the location -- the Mayan city, or center of its culture -- and the time of day.

     These caveats having been made, this (generalized) transit chart for December 23 does show major stresses in Saturn and Mars both aspecting the Moon in Aries and also the sign of Cancer.  Aries, as the first house in the natural zodiac, symbolizes the self (body), and the Moon is the planet of worldly benefits and the home.  Cancer is the fourth house in the natural zodiac, symbolizing the home.

     As Saturn is the planet of loss and suffering. and Mars that of violence and death, these planets combine to be very destructive.  So, global harms to people and homes are indicated -- although this doesn't appear to be the end of the world.

     The conclusion that can be reached at this time is that 2013 will be the year when the Millennium Contraction hits the hardest, but the initial convulsion may begin in December 2012.


     This article confirms that (the fall) 2013 is D-Day for the dollar, U.S. Debt Shock May Hit In 2018, Maybe As Soon As 2013: Moody's ...under more adverse scenarios than the CBO considered, including higher interest rates, Moody's projects that debt service could hit 22.4% of revenue by 2013.


The Bottom Line

     Given that confidence returns in June of this year, and may be maintained for another year, but the bell doesn't toll until the fall of 2013 -- you still have over three years to fit your square pegs into the new round holes of a transformed economy.

No Tree Grows To The Sky


Copyright 1999-2010
Doug Riemer



May 16, 2010

Understanding India's Mars

     Eastern and Western societies have as different ways of perceiving, and naturally then divergent world views, as their opposing directions mean in geography.  Similarly, the the connotations of shared words are dissimilar. 

     One example in astrology is how the Indians view retrograde as making a planet stronger, for it turns the attention inward to the all-important spiritual realm.  In the West, however, we perceive retrograde as weakening the planet, for the inward energetic shift reduces the worldly influence.  Certainly both views are true, for both have been proven again and again empirically. 

     Both societies denote Mars to be planet of war, but hold entirely different connotations.  In the West, external wars have positive value -- protecting freedom and stopping authoritarian regimes' crimes against humanity, corruption, etc.  In India, however, which has been invaded repeatedly for millennia, but never invaded another country, external wars are harmful.  (Note: the planets mean many things, and even a first rate malefic like Mars is not all challenging.  Mars' energy is needed for achievement, as is his courage.  Mars is also desire, sex, sports, logic, landed property, the blood, the hands, engineering, machinery, dogs, and many other important parts of humanity.)  Consider too that football in India mirrors that society just as football does in the U.S.  The same word describes sports on either end of the bell curve.

     Another example of the divergence between good Western wars of aggression and the opposing Eastern non- violent approach. is the non violence resistance philosophy.  Gandhi learned this during his youth in South Africa and later applied it to liberate India from the English aggressor/colonizer.  This is fascinating because Martin Luther King and other black leaders copied this strategy to bring the civil rights movement to America in the sixties -- freeing blacks from 300 years of slavery, followed by 100 years of discrimination.

     This analysis doesn't evaluate East and West views.  It is hoped, however, globalization will integrate the best of both to advance global consciousness  -- and thus elevate all of humanity.  As an aside, I've noticed that younger Indian clients, whether born in India or the U.S., because they travel  and communicate freely across the globe, hold a uniquely broad and wise understanding.  They integrate the best of the two disparate world views.  After all, integration is the highest form of human thought.  I don't agree, then, with the commonly held view that America is the globe's last great hope, but rather that only global citizenship offers that.  This East/West integration likely also holds true for others from the Mideast and Far East -- I just don't have much experience with these folks, and my connection with the East is via Indian's Vedic Astrology.

     Although the U.S. originated The Celestial Wheel has Participants in India, most are naturally from the U.S. There is also representation from Canada, Western Europe and Eastern Europe.  One goal thereby is to offer information that advances this needed, and increasingly necessary, global consciousness.

     Mars in India is variously commonly known as Mangaia or Kuja.   Vedic Astrology uses Kuja, notably for the term Kuja Dosha -- the Mars affliction, which brings aggression to marriage by one partner, thus victimizing the other. 

     When I first saw this word, Kuja, Stephen King's horror novel, Kujo, immediately came to mind.  As most Westerners know of the book, or its film adaptation, Kujo, the huge, rabid, mouth frothing, growling, stalking, attacking, dog/beast mirrors the worst side of the Indian Mars --- violences.  Recall the Indian Mars is dogs.  As this Mars is Cancer is very weak, bringing out his worst traits, then King's Kuja is an apt Western symbol for this unusually long and tremendously Mars-destructive transit in Cancer -- over 8 months, becoming worse at the end, from October 7, 2009 to May 27, 2010.  Kuja too became sicker and more violent in the novel until the every last page.


Mars -- Down To The Wire

     We are, fortunately, down to the wire with this Mars transit, and this previously published May calender of Mars' sensitive dates shows the intensity this month.  Notice that the four sensitive dates during the first week match up with the peaks of worst Mars harms -- U.S. oil spill, floods and car bomb, the Greek financial crisis...



     Today and Wednesday bring some further stresses, but these will not be as severe.  Here's why.  Mars' worst harms have occurred in the U.S. because that nation chart has been badly afflicted in running the destructive planetary cycles of Mars/Rahu/Mars, as shown below.  This was first published in the May 3 entry, above, along with a discussion on that topic.



     Thereby, tomorrow benefic and protective Jupiter will replace the Rahu/Mars subcycles.  This Jupiter will blunt Mars' destructiveness.  Jupiter will also bring in his luck and wisdom to begin resolving problems -- the oil well  leak and spill, for example.

   As violence brings trauma -- whether for soldiers or for victims of natural disasters or assault -- most folks have been traumatized to some degree.  This can be through their own experiences and/or disasters in the world.  Add fear, for a strong Mars is courage, and this weak Mars is fear.  This combination of trauma and fear makes you feel like a a deer frozen in the glare of car headlights -- which analogy was also used for the Big Blizzard Of 2009 (see, the March 2, 2009 CelestialWheel), when the stock markets were collapsing.  An additional result is nervousness and distraction, which is another reason why I have repeated information.  Even Vedic Astrologer Participants have failed to grasp, or forgotten Celestial Wheel prognostications.

     This perceptional issue is also why I published earlier this month, Exceptional 2010 Predictions & Results.

     On the flip side, some have turned this rampaging Mars energy to aggression, to stimulate fear in others.  The Tea Party is a textbook example of this, and Sarah Palin is their queen.  Remember her high school basketball nickname, Sarah Barracuda?  Fox News is, after all, named after a dog relative, and we have the old saying, clever like a fox.

     Too, for some others, this Mars has so pumped up their Mars' desire that they have, and continue to, push hard ahead.  But, like driving your car too fast for so long, they can blow a gasket.  Another issue here is that Mars cares only about the end, never the means, which can result in not seeing the results of actions.  This is the Mars in Hindu legend, winning the battle --triumphant with head held high, sword thrust to the sky, sweating body covered with blood, and all the soldiers lying dead on the ground all around him.  Mars can win the battle but lose the soul, even the entire war.   And, this fits perfectly with the Indian concept that kama (desire) is our greatest enemy, holding us back from the detachment needed for objective perception, to find God.



No Spring But Summer Will Come In June

    As Mars leaves Cancer May 27, and the U.S. chart is elevated by Jupiter May 17, confidence will return.  See again the May 11 entry, above.

   Beyond frightful events ending, there will be some investment opportunities, much like the stock markets zoomed back up immediately after The Big Blizzard Of 2009 ended March 8, 2009 -- and the DOW moved from under 6500 to  break11,000.

   In this regard, below is an e-mail exchange with the Wichita Fall, Texas Wizard.


To:  The Wizard

From: Doug

I suggest again to wait until early June to evaluate what's coming.   Nobody, and I mean nobody, is without Mars stress, which is bringing so much uncertainty, they tend to be frozen in place.  So, again, cool your jets until the end of the month -- and then take another look.  I don't think I am wrong that will see a resumption in confidence, just like March 16, 2009.  I agree that wave won't last, but it can go another year at least, giving opportunity for gaining profits and getting rid of investments that do not fit the future emerging economy.


I think you are 100% right on target... The biggest catastrophe will be the people who get sucked into the deal and ride it too long.

To: the Wizard

From; Doug

Thanks, and yes.  While it's true No tree grows to the sky, trees do grow, stop growing and grow again -- before they eventually fall over.   There's no need to stop investing beginning in June, during a growth spurt, because the tree will fall over in 3 years.


   It is also true, however, that any kind of trauma takes some time to heal, or as my Mayan Healer Friend said, recuperate.  So, take care of yourself through this month, and then take some time to recuperate your body, mind and spirit.

     In closing, my epic journey of transformation across America on my scooter took longer than I had thought, exposing me to much more Mars virulence.  May has been one hair-raising challenge to overcome after another.  However, there are always benefits.  I certainly gained experience in confronting my own fears, especially as Greenville, SC didn't work out, Atlanta didn't either and, Asheville, NC wasn't a good fit.  It wasn't until earlier this week that I found home in Hendersonville, NC.

   I'll write more about this, especially my encounter with Yoda in the North Carolina river rafting mecca, in the next Celestial Wheel.  Yoda reminded me that success in life requires the absence of kama and the courage to think.


Yoda overlooking the chaos


Here I am talking with Yoda with

other truth seekers



Copyright 1999-2010
Doug Riemer


May 21, 2010

Dialogue With Yoda Overlooking The Chaos

     Following are some thoughts Yoda shared with me, Overlooking The Chaos,

     Yoda, tell me about your view of having a good attitude during these darkening days.

     My young American Jotishi (Indian Astrologer), I will tell you this. Those who can and do actually think, and thereby have at least a glimmer of realism, would naturally have a good attitude -- contrary as this thought may first appear.  Of course, there's a real truth here, for those are the folks who will live through the bad times.

     Yoda, I had a friend in Florida who as 100 when I left there. I used to help him clean out his gutters and mow his lawn because his second wife, just 92 years old, didn't like him on a ladder.  I used to wag my finger at him, saying, Ralph, you suffer from a good attitude.  He is so old, he remembers as a boy in CT going to the neighborhood well to fill and bucket and meeting Mark Twain.

     Mark Twain and I have the same hair, my boy.

     Nothing more on this Yoda?

      Well, it is true that Mark Twain had a good attitude too.  He was the ultimate realist, you know, poked fun at just about anyone to reveal their vanities and hypocrisies.

     What about Einstein, Yoda?

     Same hair again, my boy!

     What does that mean, Yoda?

     Nothing -- except when you overlook the chaos, there are coincidences, which are not coincidences.

     Is it true, Yoda, that Einstein once said, Inspiration comes only to the prepared mind?

     No, I said that.

     Well, then, why did Einstein claim he said that, Yoda?

     It's very simple, by boy.  Einstein never had an original idea in his life until I told him that rather most basic truth, while overlooking the chaos.  When he was only later able to come up with the theory of relativity, well, even Einstein could be jealous.  After all, without me, Einstein was a patent clerk.

     And Thomas Edison, Yoda?  Would I be right that he too had the same hair?

     Yes, my boy.  You do learn, though you could speed it up a little.

('Buddha' means 'Awakened One', someone who has awakened from the sleep of ignorance and sees things as they really are.... With nothing left to obscure his mind, he sees all phenomena throughout the universe as clearly as he sees a jewel held in the palm of his hand.)


     Republished from The Yoda Dialogues



Mars Trials Continue But Are Diminishing

   The May 16 entry (above) stated, Today and Wednesday bring some further stresses, but these will not be as severe.  Yes, the oil spill continues, but some progress is being made, and the the Houston refinery fire May 17 was not a major disaster.  The Greek debit crisis has been stabilized, as are stock markets.  Even severe weather events are not as destructive, although they do continue. 

     Certainly May's first week was the peak of Mars destructions, which matched the sensitive dates for this month.



     Still, it's topsy-turvey until Mars finally leaves Cancer May 27.  And still ahead is the May 25 sensitive, date, when Mars will again stir up the perceptional Moon, and that will be when Mars is at his maximum debilitation -- a weakness that destroys.  Look for some final and major Mars destructions then.  So, even as the karmic waters calm, use care on your voyage to minimize risk and avoid dangers until after May 27.


A Final May Sensitive Date

     On May 30, Saturn, the planet of loss and misery, ends its weak retrograde, which has reduced its malefic capability.  When Saturn stops, it becomes temporarily very powerful.  This is a wrenching energy impact upon Saturn's form and structure, which we last saw dramatically January 12.  Then, Saturn turned retrograde and the Haiti earthquake and Ecuador volcano both occurred.  See the January 9 Celestial Wheel, which predicted an earth crust event at that time in that area.  That analysis also indicated the geographical areas of risk, resulting in a prediction for what, when and where.  (Yoda said I should blow my ow horn once in a while -- because nobody else will!)

   So, here's the scooter horn, one last time (maybe),



     In mid January there were confirming karmas -- a total solar eclipse and Mars aspecting Mercury (earth sign ruler) and the Moon (home.) 

     There are no confirming planetary karmas for May 30 that would bring another earth crust event.  However, there is a very strange disposition in the eclipse points Rahu and Ketu being exactly conjunct Venus and the Moon that day.

     With the Moon and Venus, the feminine planets, being eclipsed, there would be women issues that day.  The Moon and Venus also share worldly significations  -- the Moon being the home and benefits in life and Venus wealth.

     Saturn is authority figures, suggesting that a woman leader falls that day, or since it is Sunday, then the next morning on Monday.



     The signs of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and Mercury rules Gemini give a suggestion for higher mental issues.  Adding this to the mix, a female leader could make a bad decision May 30 on a wealth matter.

     These planetary karmas give hints for what may occur May 30, but the combinations are mysterious in their meaning -- as are the eclipse points in their shadowing effects.

     The U.S. chart is not impacted, but President Obama's chart is.  Israel's and Iran's charts are also afflicted, suggesting more trouble between those countries.

     May 30 may very well be one of those dates when something big happens, but the astrology won't be understood until afterward. Then it will be all to obvious, but also too late.


Copyright 1999-2010
Doug Riemer


May 25, 2010


     The below was emailed directly to Subscriber-Participants this morning,

Dear Participants,

This is a brief Heads-up for today being the last sensitive date for the long and arduous Mars transit through Cancer.

Lots and lots of stresses everywhere.  Check out the front page of today's Drudge Report if you question this.

Tomorrow will also bring some turmoil, but truly, it peaks today.

It's best to do as Yoda and Overlook The Chaos -- not allow yourself to become embroiled in it.  Do not give into fear.

Also, considering the stresses this spring, and energy levels being low with Mars' now at an ebb, people are experiencing a creeping fatigue.

Stay on the course you've set and know that Mars will leave Cancer May 27, when the summer sun will finally begin to shine. 

Give yourself some time, though, for you may need some rest to recharge your physical, emotional and spiritual batteries.


Copyright 1999-2010
Doug Riemer


May 27, 2010

Oil Well Capping & The Summer Sun

    I sent the below yesterday morning to a Washington, DC client.  It was a forward to a Tuesday afternoon message.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Thank you for your call this morning
Date: Tue, 25 May 2010 14:01:07 -0400
From: Doug Riemer <>

Mars actually exited Cancer last evening, and I can feel the discordant energies calming.

Certainly the news today is not as strife-ridden as yesterday!  The Weather Channel was doing live tornado tracking right up to sunset.

I'm hopeful B.P.'s well capping effort today will work, for that will ease a major concern by everyone.

Looking at the U.S. chart, though, I believe this will be a laborious process,for Saturn is active in the Dasas.  Yet, I believe it will ultimately be successful.

With the summer sun finally peaking out from stormy clouds, everyone's endeavors can begin to advance.


    These predictions seem to be coming true.  'Top kill' stops gulf oil leak for now, official.  The continuously severe weather is calming, and the sun is actually shining for the first time here in Hendersonville, NC since I settled here two weeks ago.

     There will naturally be repercussions in legislation tightening regulation of oil drilling.  Not so apparent yet, however, will government agency heads coming under fire for incompetence and lack of coordination.  This results because destructive Mars is now in Leo, ruled by the governmental Sun, in a weakened state.  A Vedic weighting system called Ashtakavarga reveals this Achilles heel.  Cleaning up Second Gilded Age government corruption is just another part of the reforming process.  It's just unfortunate it is stimulated by tremendous ecological and business losses.  This cleansing process has already begun, Head of Minerals Management Service fired, but there is much more to come over the next several weeks.


Exceptional 2010 Predictions

     The May 10, Exceptional 2010 Predictions (above) did not include a result in the last section,

November  Global Economic Outlook Into 2012 And Beyond

1. To the spring of 2010 will be a roller coaster of major economic swings that will end on the downside.

2. The next 12 months to the spring of 2011 will show improvement, recouping some previous losses.

Only Time Will Tell



     Regarding #1.  The U.S. economy has slowed, First-Quarter U.S. Growth Revised Slightly Lower.  As the second quarter is not over, information for April and May have not yet been published.  Certainly the stockmarket reflects the slowdown, dropping 1200 points, 11%, in the past 30 days. 




     US money supply plunges at 1930s pace as Obama eyes fresh stimulus explains how the money supply has shrunk -- and also how the U.S. Federal debt is approaching the unsustainable levels that have threatened European countries.


     This article, Is Europe heading for a meltdown?, describes the severity of the European debt crisis.  This quote is telling, Dealing with a banking crisis was difficult enough. ...but at least there were public-sector balance sheets on to which the problems could be moved.  Once you move into sovereign debt, there is no answer; there's no backstop."

     Regarding #2, it's obviously too early to measure a confidence return.  However, it is true that stocks moved up sharply today, as shown in the above graph -- nearly points.  Too, stopping the oil well leak will remove a major fear burden by companies and individuals alike.

    In the above May 16 entry, I wrote, Beyond frightful events ending, there will be some investment opportunities, much like the stock markets zoomed back up immediately after The Big Blizzard Of 2009 ended March 8, 2009 -- and the DOW moved from under 6500 to break11,000.  The Celestial Wheel does not predict stock prices and is not a stock picker.  However, I can offer some general investment advice based upon Celestial Wheel trends predictions.  The below is also from May 16, an e-mail exchange with the Wichita Fall TX Wizard, who does understand markets -- which is why he's a Wizard!


To:  The Wizard

From:  Doug

I suggest again to wait until early June to evaluate what's coming.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, is without Mars stress, which is bringing so much uncertainty, they tend to be frozen in place.  So, again, cool your jets until the end of the month -- and then take another look.  I don't think I am wrong that will see a resumption in confidence, just like March 8, 2009.  I agree that wave won't last, but it can go another year at least, giving opportunity for gaining profits and getting rid of investments that do not fit the future emerging economy.


I think you are 100% right on target... The biggest catastrophe will be the people who get sucked into the deal and ride it too long.


To:  The Wizard

From:  Doug

Thanks, and yes.  While it's true No tree grows to the sky, trees do grow, stop growing and grow again -- before they eventually fall over.   There's no need to stop investing beginning in June, during a growth spurt, because the tree will fall over in 3 years.


Specific Investment Information

      The Wizard is also particularly favors silver: Silver is a commodity because, beyond being "money," it has a broad range of commercial uses.   So, silver moves with inflation.  Gold, however, being much more rare and held in large amounts by governments, is often manipulated.

     Another specific area I can comment upon is commercial real estate.  The Exceptional 2010 Predictions includes Continued residential real estate decline and Commercial real estate beginning to bust.  These three Results articles discuss increasing bank failures due primarily to commercial real estate losses, April 23 U.S. Shuts 7 Banks; Year’s Failures Rise to 57,  May 3 Bank Failures,  May 10 Trouble ahead for Florida banks

     Banks stocks and commercial real estate companies like lodging and shopping centers could be unloaded as the stock markets recover.  But don't wait too long!  It's always better to sell when a stock is moving up rather than down, and nobody ever sold at the top of the market.  There's another risk area from commercial real estate losses -- insurance companies and the annuities they sell.  Insurance companies buy commercial real estate and their mortgages -- apartment buildings, shopping centers, hotels. warehouses... -- for their stable cash flow to pay annuities customers, mostly retired people.  As commercial real estate continues to weaken, both are at risk.  One can easily sell publicly traded insurance company stocks, but annuities are not so liquid.  Each annuity contract has its own rules, some not allowing redemption for cash and others requiring a deep price discount, and there isn't a strong secondary market for them.  Still, if you have an annuity, find out the details on cashing it out  from insurance company you bought it from.  Note that this concern about annuities is not new.  The Celestial Wheel raised that red flag July 28, 2009.

     You should also consider investing in yourself with a restorative vacation.  Resorts are discounting rates like never before because the entire lodging industry is overbuilt.  On my trip across eight states, did not pay rack rate once, except at the most modest motels.  Chains like Best Western and Holiday Inn were asking $90 to $120 and gladly bargained down to the $60 range.  Resorts are offering all kinds of deals, and you can likely bargain the down further -- at least having extra person charges eliminated, asking for a free extra night on a week's stay...  It's been a rough winter and spring -- so take care of yourself.


Copyright 1999-2010
Doug Riemer



May 30, 2010

Today's Sensitive Date

     Today is a sensitive date for Saturn changing directions from retrograde to forward and Venus and the Moon both being eclipsed.

     The May 21 entry (above) selected this date in the section, A Final May Sensitive Date, bug no specific prediction was made.  That section concluded with, May 30 may very well be one of those dates when something big happens, but the astrology won't be understood until afterward. Then it will be all too obvious, but also too late.

     Most know by now BP's top kill approach, which began Wednesday and was initially successful, failed and was abandoned late yesterday.

     Here's the now all too obvious Vedic Astrology,

     Transit Saturn's directional change from retrograde to forward, which ended very early this morning, was just too much restriction.  Saturn is also things under the earth form and structure -- so these were dynamic, not static, when BP tried the top kill approach.  The oil from under the earth wouldn't stay still. 

     The U.S. ran some Saturn in its Dasas (planetary cycles) 5/23 to 5/30 (today), which was unfortunate in doubling up the karmas -- transit and Dasa - and when this happens, events occur.

     Having both the Saturn transit and Saturn Dasa coincide is just plain bad luck. If it were only one or the other, top kill would have worked.

     Too, Venus and the Moon were both blocked today by Rahu and Ketu, the eclipse points. As the Moon is the home and worldly benefits and Venus is luck and wealth, their being blocked today was a contributing factor.

     I had hoped that since top kill began Wed it would work, and it did until Saturday morning, but by this morning (Sunday), it had failed.  (In fact, I predicted in the above May 27 entry that top kill would work,  a laborious process, for Saturn is active in the Dasas. Yet, I believe it will ultimately be successful.)

    Also bad luck is that top kill was seen as the last approach that would cap the well.  Now it appears the spill won't be contained until August, when the relief wells are completed. Here's an article explaining the ramifications of that failure, BP well disaster stuns hardened oil men.  The article isn't so much about oil men as it is that this failure will likely be a global energy game changer, like Three Mile Island was for nuclear power in the U.S.  Well, today's sensitive date did include an eclipsing effect, and that's one way to view the impact on oil.

     Whether this is ultimately good in the long run may be true, but the impacts on energy costs on an already weak world economy must be harmful for years to come -- as are and will be the environmental, business and social costs of this oil spill.


Copyright 1999-2010
Doug Riemer