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Mars/Saturn Conjunction Summer 2010


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July 24, 2010



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Mars/Saturn Conjunction Summer 2010


Recapping Previous Analyses

     I've written several times about the approaching Mars/Saturn conjunction -- each entry being another small step ahead.  Sometimes you have to sneak up on these complex planetary karmas, especially when the world is unstable, as it is now.  It's a natural process, like peeling an onion's layers.  This Forecast (hopefully) culminates those efforts with practical and useful information for readers to plan ahead.

    The July 4 In-depth Forecast, Through The Millennium Contraction. offered long term predictions for the U.S chart's seven year Mars Planetary Cycle, started in 2008, that is bringing the Millennium Contraction.  It also explained how ...transits bring events specifying how and when the Planetary Cycles' karmas actualize.  This summer's Mars/Saturn conjunction was discussed, giving preliminary and broad predictions.

     The July 13 Short-subject Commentary expanded upon the Mars/Saturn conjunction, explaining how Venus is injured here and Jupiter lacks protective power.  That entry also detailed Mars' and Saturns'' energetics and how they combine, ending with, These are diametrically opposing energies. Mars is fast and hot.  Saturn is slow and cold.  Mars pushes Saturn to move faster. Saturn holds Mars back.  Great tension results, which inevitably bursts forth, like a funnel cloud dropping from the sky to touch ground and rape the landscape.  This finished setting the stage for today's predictive effort.

     It is useful to recite the three previous harmful transits which have steered the Millennium Contraction's the unfolding to date,

     1.  The August 1, 2008 solar eclipse (a transit) exactly on the U.S. Rahu in the eighth house of calamity, precipitated an early start in September of the economic slide.

     2. Mars' winter 2009 transit over transit Rahu, signalling the Big Blizzard Of 2009.   This was a nerve-shattering economic shock, with the stock market hitting bottom at under 6500 DOW on Friday, March 6.

  3. The April 2010 BP oil spill was a transit expressing Mars' violence.  It is an enduring tragedy with long term consequences.

     This Forecast examines the results of this fourth major Millennium Contraction transit -- the July/August transit conjunction of malefic planets Mars and Saturn.


Preliminary Mars/Saturn Predictions

     This destructive transit has been in the predictive headlights since last winter.  Preliminary and general predictions have been developed and published in Through The Millennium Contraction,

(a) Further harm to residential and commercial real estate.

(b) The stock market knocked down.

(c) Economic growth to stop.

(d) The BP relief oil wells will fail and the leak could become worse.

(e) Israel will attack Iran.



Analysis Of Each Preliminary Prediction
Various influences result from the many significations each planet holds and how these combine in the signs and houses with other planets, each again having its manifold meanings.  Too, consideration has been given to both global karmas and the more specific influences found in the U.S. chart.  This is, after all, a U.S. based service, and the U.S. remains the global economic leader and brought the global Millennium Contraction.  While some planetary references are included because this is a Vedic-based publication, many are not -- to maintain clarity. 

 (a) Further harm to residential and commercial real estate.     

     Mars in the U.S. chart is landed property, investments and losses, notably through debt.  Saturn is industry, commercial real estate and income.  As shown in this transit chart (July 13, Commentary), they conjoin in Virgo, which is the U.S. chart's tenth house of career and business.

     From Virgo, Saturn/Mars aspects wealthy Jupiter in the fourth house of the home, defenseless in weak retrograde.  It's like Spock solemnly advising, Captain, I regret to inform you the shields are down and the Cleon shi has decloaked The enterprise is in mortal danger.

     Integrating these qualities brings the prediction for harms to both residential and commercial real estate.  Real estate values and incomes drop.  Debts come due and are not paid.  Foreclosures result, and these bring losses.

World Transit Chart July 30, 2010
Transit Mars across transit Saturn

     Saturn is authority and Mars blind aggression, this combination is also cold-hearted criminal activity.  Watch banks, investors and homeowners go to the mat during all of August.

    The tenth house is also government officials, suggesting a focus there.  Mars ruling the fifth house of kingship (governing) confirms the karma.


(b) The stock market knocked down

    Mars signifying investments, with this hard Saturn, indicates that karma.


(c) Economic growth to stop

    Saturn governing commercial real estate, industry and income combines with Mars' destructions, including its signification for landed property.  These widespread ills will halt the fragile economic recovery.


(d) The BP relief oil wells will fail and the leak could become worse

     The April 20 BP oil platform explosion was the extreme expression of transit Mars in Cancer, the U.S.'s eighth house of calamity, where toxic Rahu is placed.  Initial reporting was 1000 barrels leaking daily, but this escalated repeatedly.  Mars did not complete its horrific transit through Cancer until May 26.  Further, the U.S. chart's planetary cycles confirmed that karma, being Mars with Rahu until May 17.  These influences indicate further damage, possibly to the well casing below the sea floor.  Protective Jupiter in the Planetary Cycles and in transit brought the good fortune to finally cap the well last week.  However, the Mars/Saturn conjunction will stress the cracked well casing, bringing leaks.  The relief wells are also at risk in not finding their well casing or the plugging effort not working.  Saturn is form and structure and things under the earth.  A final issue is tropical storms disrupting these efforts, and Tropical Storm Bonnie initiates this.  Although timing for the Mars/Saturn conjunction will be addressed in the next section, it actually already began on July 20, and Jupiter turned retrograde early Friday, reducing its protective karma.


(e) Israel will attack Iran

     The Mars/Saturn conjunction occurs in Israel's twelfth house of loss and Iran's eighth house of calamity.  Both nation charts are also running harmfully confirming Planetary Cycles.  There has been much saber-rattling about Israel bombing Iran, and Saudi Arabia has granted aircraft access from Israel to Iran.  The road is thus paved for the attack.  However, the results/ consequences for Israel appear negative.  It is unknown whether this means the attack fails to knock out Iran's many hidden nuclear facilities, or Iran retaliates directly or through proxies.


U.S. Extremists & The Midterm Elections

    This is a  new prediction.  Mars is also somewhat crazy in an irritated and aggressive way in the U.S. chart, for it rules the fifth house of creative intelligence.  Mars' association with the U.S. chart's manipulative and cruel Saturn stimulates further extremist anger and frustration -- accusations and blaming -- but no solutions.  During August, then, look for even more ranting and raving.  As noted above, Mars is also government officials and governing.  Combining these influences explains why extremists candidates will be even more extreme.  This will backfire, for as we move into the fall, the U.S.'s wise Jupiter will be freed from extremist Mars.  America's mystical paranoia, that began in April 2009 and has continued nearly unabated since then, will fade. The fear-based emotional hold will yield to objective reality.  The 20% of Americans on the far right edge of the bell curve will continue their allegiance, as they really always have.  The 60% middle America, and some of the 20% extreme liberal, will vote for candidates who offer positive solutions.  In addition, there will be the fresh breeze of new faces in Congress and in state and local governments as voters reject many incumbents for their obvious failures.  The chart for the November 2 Midterm elections is weak, bringing uncertainty.  This could further cause voters to reject extremist candidates because of the fear uncertainty brings will discourage aggressive action.


(Note.  Implicit here is that everything will begin to improve in the fall. All the Mars/Saturn ills will be addressed then with at least some success, although this may be gradual.)


Mars/Satun On Your Personal Experiences

     Alone, Mars/Saturn transits are not so harmful.  They happen fairly frequently This one is more challenging for further harming key planets.  Mars/Saturn also ravishes Venus and harms Jupiter ,the two major benefics for luck, wealth and advancement in life. Further, it hits the U.S. chart particularly badly because of Mars double-strike on Saturn and unfavorable Planetary Cycles. The summer of of 2008 was the last Mars/Saturn conjunction, and it too was very rough for involving other planets.  See, The Challenging Summer Of 2008

     So expect some Mars/Saturn destructions to impact your life, like $4.00+ gasoline did two years ago.  The harms are so widespread and pervasive, no one is exempt.  Your Vedic chart may not be badly affected, or it could be -- and if it is, Mars/Saturn will be a tumult for you.  Vedic Astrology describes life's complexities, not the the Sunday supplement feel-good Sun-sign predictions.

     However, even without a current interpretation, or update on your Vedic chart, the information here is helpful -- avoiding new ventures and proceeding with care in all areas of your life will be protective.  Concerning those who have used my Vedic services:  One client has already put real estate plans on the back burner.  Another is patiently awaiting employment opportunities.  Yet another will find a toxic romance finally ending.  A fourth is finally geting aggravated enough to resume her spiritual healing trips.  A fifth just came out with an email blast supporting Sharon Angle for Nevada U.S. Senator, but he knows in his heart, this is just hot air.



     There is no single date, or even set of sensitive dates, during the Mars/Saturn conjunction that point to a major event or events.  Keep in mind, for the U.S. chart,, this is actually a doubled Mars/Saturn conjunction -- transit Mars first crashes into transit Saturn at the end of July and then transit Mars crosses the U.S. birth chart Saturn during the last week of August.  So, the entire period will be fought with tension and losses.

     Below are month calendars for July and August with some sensitive dates included.  Arrows indicate periods of maximum stress.  As you can see, August is one continuous storm.  Kirk to Scotty,. Get us out of here, now!  Aye, Aye, SirI've just been awaiting for you.  Fire up the warp drive lads.




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