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June 2014




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June 5, 2014

Update for Mars, Mercury And Venus


The May 22 Heads-up was titled, Mars Has Calmed down, Mercury & Venus Changing Signs. Here's a quick update.


Yes, Mars has calmed down somewhat since his violent 180 turn on May 20 -- changing from  retrograde to forward.  However, Mars remains challenging, for he's been in Virgo for many months now.  This duration means his violent karma keeps building.  Too, Government, and especially U.S. government officials, has been an area of concern.  The Veteran's Affairs scandal resulted in its Secretary, Eric Shinseki, resigning.  The current hubbub over the Bowe Bergdahl's exchange with Guantanamo Bay prisoners will likely engulf government officials as well.  And don't forget the Chris Christie scandal!  That's not over yet.  Too, storms and other violences will tend to be elevated until Mars finally exits Virgo on July 14. (Note, Mars then collides with Rahu and will also be with Saturn in Libra -- but that's a separate discussion.)

Mercury in Gemini (his own sign) with Jupiter indicated a marked improvement in decision making, and understanding how things really are.  This is because these planets of the lower mind and the higher mind combine for the wisdom business.  Discussions about climate change, for example, are advancing in a positive way.  See, This Is Why You Have No Business Challenging Scientific Experts and Everything you need to know about the EPA’s proposed rule on coal plants..  There is also a surge in articles on the vast and unfair divide between the rich and the poor. Second Gilded Age excesses have reached pinnacle with, Ex-Bankers Upgrade the Good Life to Get a Violin-Shaped Pool.



But the price to the rest of us is shown in, Half of Americans can’t afford their house. And this article is really amazing! Housing 1% soars as 99%ers dive.  And thanks to the 1%, American homes are getting bigger again! -- even beating previous records! America's homes are bigger than ever.


An overlooked quantity of the web is that articles are a great measure of human consciousness. That is why The Celestial Wheel documents these.


Poor Venus is really nailed now, but take heart, she'll  soon escape the triple fusillade from Ketu, Mars and Saturn on June 18 -- just two more weeks.  Venus is females and vehicles -- Malaysian teenager gang-raped by 38 men,

Several grisly attacks on women took place this week. In the Pakistan city of Lahore, a pregnant woman was bludgeoned to death by her family in front of a top court for marrying against the wishes of her parents. And in India's Uttar Pradesh state, two teenage cousins from a low caste were gang-raped and then hanged from a tree.

And there have been three plane crashes in the last week.  Certainly too, affairs of the heart are sorely challenged now, as are Venus' joy, happiness -- and physically, the skin, face and kidneys.



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June 12, 2014

Disgruntled & Grumpy

The last two Celestial Wheels were VedicLeaks entries on May 22 and June 5 (above). Both focused upon three transit planets currently dominating the transitory planetary weather -- Mars, Mercury and Venus.

Mars, of course, continues his long stay (since last November) in Virgo, which makes his destructions continuously more harmful.  The latest is Iraq disintegrating.  Certainly murders and violences of all kinds have escalated.  Well, on July 14, Mars will finally slip into Libra.

Mercury continues in Gemini, its own sign, which is good, even as it turned retrograde for three weeks on June 7.  Added to this mental strength is that Jupiter (the higher mind) is also in Gemini. It's a trade off between retrograde confusions and Mercury being strong.  (When yesterday I left my thermos at the beach due to retrograde, Mercury's strength enabled me to remember where I left it!)  Retrograde extends Mercury's stay in Gemini -- until July 28.  That's another positive. The VedicLeaks described this combination as, Thereby, the next few weeks will see a marked improvement in decision making, and understanding how things really are. As important and useful as truth is, however, being more aware of that makes us disgruntled -- like Wile E Coyote after another bad day chasing the Roadrunner.


Venus remains in Aries, where she is hammered by being conjoined Ketu and aspected by two more malefics -- Mars and Saturn.  This ends June 18, when Venus escapes into Taurus, her own sign, where she feels welcome and does well.  As Mars hammers us and Venus is so unhappy being mauled in Aries, there's general feel of discontent -- grumpy.  Yes, we feel like him!


That the perceptional Moon has been afflicted by malefics these past several days, and is now full in scary Scorpio, is the icing on the cake for why this Heads-up it titled Disgruntled & Grumpy.

Yes, it's not fun, but overall the energy is more subjective than objective.  Unlike Wile E Coyote and Grumpy, your spirit will recover.  And there is the benefit of looking ahead into the summer and fall to improve your situation.  Certainly voting this November 4 in the Midterm elections is vital.  Recall the Celestial Wheel has suggested the Mars/Venus planetary cycle in the U.S. chart will stimulate women to vote -- that mom will clean house.

And the planetary weather will soon shift in a very positive way.  The benefic planets are all headed into excellent positions.  In fact, Mercury is already there in its sign of Gemini, where it stays until July 28.  Venus will shift into her own Taurus on June 19, where she will reside until July 13.  Finally, Jupiter, the great benefic, goes into Cancer, his exalted sign, on June 20. He'll shine for a year. So, starting June 19, the planetary skies will brighten with optimism and opportunity.

Take advantage of that to improve your situation and enjoy the summer as well.



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June 26, 2014

Planetary Weather Update & Summer Forecast

Tense Times
This message continues the direct email method of sending VedicLeaks entries.  It's the easiest and quickest way for Participants to receive this mundane astrology reporting and forecasting.

This choice is made because these are tense times.  Patience has worn thin.  More and more folks find themselves in survival mode.  There simply isn't time/energy available for leisurely reading long sometimes complex forecasts.  And, with direct emails, you don't have to think to go to The Celestial Wheel to check for new forecasting, nor remember your access codes.  The discussion below will speak to this issue.

These are tense times because we're now approaching the end of year six of the Millennium Contraction, the seven year Mars Dasa (planetary cycle) in the U.S. chart characterized by an economic depression and continued transfer of wealth to the Second Gilded Age.  (Rough transits, discussed below, have added to this tough Dasa karma.)

I had felt public revolts would begin last summer fall, as discussed in Special Section -- A Whirlwind Summer And Fall 2013 -- because the U.S. chart mirrored 1968 Dasas.  Then, public protests flamed across the nation.  Well, history repeats, but not exactly.  Revolts didn't occur last year, but the pot continues to heat on the stove.  It will boil over.  There will be a revolution, a rebellion by the long suffering masses to bring the Second Progressive Age -- to regain shared democratic values. 

Revolutions can be peaceful -- achieving change through the ballot box, for example.  The Celestial Wheel has predicted women -- the mothers, wives, grandmothers, aunts... in our society -- will vote en masse this November 4.  Mom will clean house.  However, one never knows when a spark will ignite violence, that then breeds others -- like a lightening strike starts a forest fire that rages uncontrolled over a large area.


Keep in mind, however, these direct e-mail forecasts are posted to the web. So, you can easily refer back to them. Go to the home page to see the entries with summaries and links to each entry. Forecasting, whether short-subject VedicLeaks or In-depth Forecasts, is a sequential mapping out of planetary karmas -- an ongoing thread of concepts and ideas describing in Vedic terms the world we live in.


Planetary Weather
There are nine planets, and their individual and collective dispositions symbolize the planetary weather. Below is a chart for today showing these. I've shaded the three major benefic planets in lavender and the three major malefics in light blue.   This chart, using the natural zodiac beginning with Aries, describes global karmas.

The above discussion is about the U.S. chart, which is influenced first by its destructive Mars Dasa, but also in a secondary way by transits. If you've been reading The Celestial Wheel for a while, you understand this two level planetary karma concept.


A chart is a snapshot of a particular time.  It does not, however, reveal the past planetary karmas that brought us to that time.  The discussion below will address both -- current and cumulative planetary karmas. (Similarly, a weather radar image of a hurricane reveals conditions at a specific time, but a time loop can show the hurricane's path of destruction.)



The Benefics -- Mercury, Venus & Jupiter
These three major benefics are all well disposed by sign -- and they will continue thus for the next several weeks, really through July and well into August. That is good, unequivocally. This was explained in the  above June 12 VedicLeaks entry, which closed with, Take advantage of that to improve your situation and enjoy the summer as well.  But there is more going on.  Nothing is ever perfect for the planets.  Still, the blemishes do not ruin the party.

Mercury's retrograde is an issue, and now at less than 1 degree, it's even weaker. But still, Mercury is good in Gemini, and the retrograde will end soon, July 1. Venus is very strong now in Taurus, and Jupiter is gradually gaining his exalted strength as he moves slowly toward the middle of Cancer, where he is truly powerful.

The Malefics -- Saturn, Rahu and Mars
These three major malefics are in two signs and thereby in two separate energetic areas.  As of right now, in this chart, they are comparatively in good positions and not too strong -- both of which are good. Malefics are good/useful/necessary for their power to create change, although obviously, change is disruptive by definition.  If we only had benefic planets, bringing good things, there would be no energy for struggle against things that bring suffering -- unfairnesses.

Overall, then, today's chart is favorable. The planetary weather is pretty good.

Cumulative Planetary Karmas
When we consider the paths of the planets during the last 12 months, we find the stresses and strains that have accumulated into today's tense situation.  There are two causes here , both malefic planets, because that's what malefics do!

The first is the once-a-decade or so conjunction of Saturn and Rahu, mentioned above and discussed at great length in Special Section -- A Whirlwind Summer And Fall 2013.  One can summarize the energy of Saturn (the great malefic and bringing of suffering and losses of all kinds), amplified by Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point), in one word, victimizing.

This conjunction began January 14, 2013 and lasts a long 18 months -- until July 13 of this year. Notable for this conjunction is turmoil in the Mideast, which we can see has escalated tremendously with the Syrian civil war spilling over into Iraq -- threatening now stability in the entire Mideast.

I had initially thought the oil/gas fracking would be the big change, taking away the Mideast's oil stranglehold on the globe -- and the globe's entanglements with the Mideast.  And while that is happening, so is the Syrian/Iraq situation, which can very well engulf the entire region.)

Take a look at this In-depth Forecast contained within the Special Section -- Mideast Karma Peaking Again.

The second malefic karma is Mars' long transit through Virgo, which began last November and continues until July 14.  I did not to a special section on this Mars, nor even an In-depth Forecast. Instead, its planetary karmas were discussed in VedicLeaks entries.  The comprehensive one was January 15.  This telling graphic of Mars long journey through Virgo was first published then.


Mars harms were subsequently grouped into five areas:

Earth Crust Events
Violences And Storms
Economic losses

As explained, the Saturn/Rahu conjunction ends July 13 and Mars will finish terrorizing in Virgo July 14. Using the analogy of an endurance car race, the cars are pretty well beaten up and the drivers exhausted. And it's not over yet.  But, it will be soon!

The Saturn/Rahu conjunction, combined with this long Mars stay in Virgo, are the two malefic transits that have aggravated the entire globe, and particularly the U.S.

There's a caveat.  Just as Mars gets ready to leave Virgo, he will run into Rahu, an explosively dangerous combination.  The sensitive date is July 13, but err on the safe side to use care that entire weekend and into the beginning of the next week.

So, soon these destructively transformational malefic planets dispositions will be over, and all of us will have the benefit of the three benefic planets giving opportunity to improve your situation and enjoy the summer as well.  Yes, you'll still feel disgruntled and grumpy -- tension from enduring challenges -- but with favorable planetary winds, use this potent energy to your advantage.



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