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December 1 -- 31, 2009



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December 6, 2009

The News Before It Happens

     The Celestial Wheel Home Page includes a new watchword, The News Before It HappensIt doesn't just describe event predictions.  The issues and timing for publishing forecasting are also integral to the futurist process.  Vedic Astrology is about time, and this very real version of the future is experienced as events within issues -- societal, political and economic.  Too, the issues themselves relate, like elements of a painting that combine to show a landscape.

     Below are updates on previous forecasting about unfolding issues.  You'll see there is often an uncommon connection among the issue's publication and closely following events.  Sedona Through The Millennium Contraction was written last May but not published until August 22.  Time wasn't yet ripe.  It predicted, Sedona will suffer a major financial crisis from October 2009 through May 2010.  A natural disaster is also likely.  (Note: the swine flu is likely).  Just weeks later a series of  setbacks began, peaking in the Angel Valley Disaster.  Similarly,  The November 2, ,2009 What Happened To Clovis Culture, published on November 22, 2009, was actually composed last February.   It felt premature to publish this essay.  The referenced article below about the reason for this climate change was published December 4.

     These two issues -- Sedona as a case study in the Millennium Contraction and the reason Clovis Culture vanished -- relate, in multiple ways really.  First the demise of Clovis Culture and the consequence of the later emergence of a lighter and faster spear point, is instructional in our responding to the Millennium Contraction.  Second, this new article on abrupt climate change validates the theory that a very quick cooling drove Clovis Man south and killed the mega fauna.  There is a third issue, of course, and that is of unexpected, and even abrupt climate change, due to any number of influences, or combination of influences.  Clovis Culture's end certainly dramatically demonstrated that.  The Little Ice Age is additional testimony to climate variability impacting civilizations, and that for the apparent cooling of the Sun.  But although this cold interval ended in the mid nineteenth century, even historians tend to brush it aside.  Thus, the Clovis Culture issue, which was much more dramatic, is useful in remedying humanity's short memory.

     The last part of this message is that The Celestial Wheel strives to both identify issues and their timing via events, then integrating these into a type of world view -- a karmic map.  The Celestial Wheel's structure may not be apparent to all -- thus the explanation.


(Note: There does, however, appear to be a time issue, for Clovis Culture disappeared 12,000 years ago, and the article states the climate change was 12,800 years ago.  Wikepedia corrects this problem by reporting that Clovis Culture artifacts radiocarbon date roughly 13,500 to 13,000 calendar years ago.)


Sedona's Setbacks

     The August 22 In-depth Forecast, Sedona Through The Millennium Contraction, discussed how this small red rock mountain town grew during the real estate boom and is busting now during the Millennium Contraction.

      A freak storm flooded parts of Sedona in early September., Tlaquepaque in Sedona cleans up after storm

     The Angel Valley disaster occurred October 8.  Two die at US spiritual retreat

     October also saw a record-breaking cold snap in the West.  This further dampened Sedona tourism during its fall high season.  October cold has folks scrambling to winterize

     Although the media hasn't yet reported on the below average temperatures through the fall, this astrologer knows from motor scootering at 6 AM to the local coffee ship.  Many mornings were in the twenties in November, when the average low is 36 degrees.  Frost doesn't lie.

     The Arizona Department of Transportation is reducing snow plowing Oak Creek Canyon, which area is important for tourism and is also the direct route to Flagstaff.  ADOT to cut plows

     Following Sedona Through The Millennium Contraction, the October 5 Celestial Wheel, predicted sales tax revenue drop would be a knockout punch, The ticking time bomb for both Steamboat Springs and Sedona is sales tax revenues crashing 40% or more, which will wreck the town government budgetOctober retail sales tax up -- Sedona still dropping in retail, total revenues, states, sales tax collected in October dropped significantly from $1,601,792 for Oct. 08 to $1,089,433.  That's a 32% drop, and measured against the bad October in 2008, it's conservative.

   The primary culprit here is Mars, which is transiting Sedona's twelfth house of loss until May 24.  More setbacks are ahead through the winter and spring.


Why Did Clovis Culture Disappear Abruptly?

     The article referenced above about The November 22,  What Happened To Clovis Culture, is the December 4, Earth could plunge into sudden ice ageExperts: ‘Big Freeze’ about 12,800 years ago happened within month.  Strangely, the writer didn't make the connection to Clovis Culture ending at the same time -- though other research likely has.  He did, however, make an effective case using global warming to connect the Clovis Man period with the modern culture.


TV On Your computer

     The Celestial Wheel has been predicting a technological advance since September 2003,  A Technological Breakthrough.  It's time, overdue.  The February 11, 2008 Celestial Wheel discussed this topic in terms of technological convergence.

     This October 28, 2009 article, Chat with Boxee on TV's slow embrace of the Web, discusses the movement of television programming from cable and satellite TV reception to the internet via computers.  This issue is now forefront in the December 4 announcement of Comcast acquiring NBC, Merger plans for Comcast, NBC ignite battle over television access and Cable giants to put shows online.

     There appear to be two issues connected with this slow-to-come technological convergence. First, it's an example of big corporations becoming bigger and continuing their Second Gilded Age greed in dominating the economy to the disadvantage of consumers.  They don't want to let go of their power and huge executive salaries, even as their businesses are losing customers. 

     Second, of course, is technological convergence being part of the Millennium Contraction's simplifying and the demise of the consumer culture.  Now, a cell phone and an laptop computer replace both several pieces of hardware and associated communications costs.  A $60 cell phone and $40 high speed internet are all the services you need.  And, using a router (transmitter) to make your home and neighbors a hotspot splits the cost of the internet.  You can even avoid two year cellphone contracts by choosing T-Mobile, which also offers the lowest rates.  Comcast and NBC know this trend will ruin their business model and are fighting back by trying to block consumers from free internet TV programming content.


A Visual Of The Millennium Contraction

    The December 3 Washington Post, Unemployment rate by county, offers a unique view of how the Millennium Contraction is spreading across the country over time.   Its like the path of a total solar eclipse, or a giant blue/black thunderstorm. 


Sarah Palin & James Arthur Ray

     This section is only included because of the promise to complete the November 26 analysis by answering the question, What does this all mean?

     That forecasting is still being formulated.  As stated in the first section of this entry, time is a consideration and time isn't yet ripe.  Certainly, however, Ray will be soon charged by the Yavapai Sheriff, which promised in November to file indictments in December.  This could happen any day now.   Palin will also take a heavy hit.  The Mars transit in both charts' eleventh house of friends and groups is even more difficult for her.  Palin's chart becomes sensitive beginning mid December.  Reputation is a big issue.  Accidents and health issues are likely.


Sensitive Dates For The U.S.

     The November 29 Celestial Wheel suggested this coming week looks repressive, culminating in a difficult day on Friday, December 4 -- as well as December 19 and 20.  December 4 topped out a rough week for global finances.  North Korea devalued its currency, and more articles are circulating about debt bombs.  Dubia has certainly been a train wreck.

     The 2010 U.S. and global economic forecast.  Goldman Sachs is being researched now for a valid birth date and time.  Its chart would be invaluable -- a peak at the power behind the throne.  That bank now appears to be steering the U.S. markets and government policy as well.  This is truly worrisome. 

Jupiter Transiting Into Aquarius

     This is a reminder that Jupiter will finally move out of Capricorn December 21, empowering people to resolve challenges, promote optimism and stimulate good judgment.  The below timeline illustrates.  See the November 29 Celestial Wheel for a full discussion of this very important planetary shift.  (Then, all the planets except Mars will be well disposed in good signs, where they will bring support.)




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December 18, 2009

Swine Flu

    The Celestial Wheel has predicted several times that Swine Flu infections will mount in early October 2009 and continue through late May 2010 -- due to Mars (infections) transiting Cancer during this interval.  In the natural zodiac (starting at Aries), this is the fourth house of the chest, which explains why the flu has often resulted in viral pneumonia.   (See the September 7 A Stormy Fall and the October 23 Commentary.)

    The maximum risk interval will be, from March 5 (when Mars ends its weak retrograde), to May 17, when the U.S. chart ends Mars/Rahu planetary cycle, as explained in the December 12 U.S. And Global Economic Trends For 2010.  (Swine Flu, scandals, winter storms and economic stress are all indicated.)

     However, Swine Flu is really just a more virulent form of the yearly seasonal flu and isn't a pandemic.  The May 16, 2006 The Risk Of A Bird Flu Pandemic traced back the three true pandemics in the twentieth century to confirm that the malefic planets -- Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu --to be the indicators in the those global influenza pandemics when they afflict each other.  Below are the: year, name and number of dead.

1918 Spanish Flu  550,000

1957 Asian Flu  70,000

1968 Hong Kong Flu  34,000


     Using that historical analysis, it was predicted the Bird Flu would become contagious August 30, 2006 with mass infections globally in the fall.  Well, that obviously didn't happen, although Bird Flu continues to hang around.  One explanation is that modern medicine and technology have enabled man to identify and contain infectious diseases. 

     While this sounds somewhat like proving a negative, since pandemic didn't occur in 2006 when the planets were aligned for it, pandemic certainly wouldn't occur in 2009-10 -- when the planets are well disposed, excepting for Mars.  It take more than one planetary influence to bring a major harm like pandemic.

     Still, this year's Swine Flu is not going away anytime soon and will peak out March 5 to May 17. 


Mayan Calendar End

     As economic conditions and global warming become more worrisome, it is inevitable that people look to the Mayan Calendar end on December 21 2012.

    The December 1, 2007 Through The Second Gilded Age stated,

     Following the Dasa pattern of the Financial Panic of 1893, when the U.S. chart was running Mars major and Mercury minor (planetary cycles), the upcoming depression would also begin during Mars/Mercury, which runs May 31, 2012 to May 28, 2013.  Note that this interval includes the end of the Mayan Calendar December 21, 2012.  That year has also been seen by many soothsayers and psychics as a time of great turmoil and loss.


     In fact, the Financial Panic of 1893 was heralded by a stock market crash May 5, 1893, during which time the U.S. chart Dasas (planetary cycles) were Mars/Mercury/Saturn.  Then transit Saturn was aspecting Mercury and Mars, and Mars was aspecting Saturn.  The Vedic logic here is that the primary Dasas and secondary transits combine to signify events that set off trends.

    For the Millennium Contraction, Mars/Mercury Dasa planets runs May 31, 2012 to May 28, 2013, as explained above.  During that interval, there is no analogue transit combination to the Financial Panic's inception on May 5. 

     Instead, there is a major planetary crunch when Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point) joins Saturn in Libra.  They conjoin exactly in September 2013.  The U.S. chart Dasas then will Mars/Ketu/Saturn.  (Ketu, being the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point connects to Rahu the head.)  So, again, the Dasa planets and transits act together to signify an event setting off a trend.  Saturn/Rahu is a harmful combination because Rahu intensifies Saturn's harms.  Note that transit Rahu and Saturn came together in the spring of 2002, when the Afghanistan war and the economy turned sour. 

     The Celestial Wheel has been researching a chart for the end of the Mayan Calendar, but there is uncertainty whether the date is December 21 or 23, 2012.  The winter solstice occurring the morning of December 21 may or may not be relevant to that chart.

     Too, there are issues with the location -- the Mayan city, or center of its culture -- and the time of day. 

     These caveats having been made, this (generalized) transit chart for December 23 does show major stresses in Saturn and Mars both aspecting the Moon in Aries and also the sign of Cancer.  Aries, as the first house in the natural zodiac, symbolizes the self (body), and the Moon is the planet of worldly benefits and the home.  Cancer is the fourth house in the natural zodiac, symbolizing the home.

World Transits December 23, 2012


      As Saturn is the planet of loss and suffering. and Mars that of violence and death, these planets combine to be very destructive.  So, global harms to people and homes are indicated -- although this doesn't appear to be the end of the world.

     The conclusion that can be reached at this time is that 2013 will be the year when the Millennium Contraction hits the hardest, but the initial convulsion may begin in December 2012.


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Doug Riemer



December 22, 2009

     The following was e-mailed directly to Subscriber Participants.

Subject:  a Heads-up

     There are a few planetary dispositions deserving comment and reminders. 

     Referencing the the December 12, 2009 In-depth Forecast, U.S. And Global Economic Trends For 2010,

     Jupiter finally going into Aquarius is a truly welcome benefit.  Now the planet of luck, abundance, growth, wisdom and optimism can begin again to support our endeavors.

     a... partial lunar eclipse December 31 at 16 degrees Gemini  and... a potent annular solar eclipse January 15 at 1 degree Capricorn.  If either of these eclipses hits a planet in your Vedic chart, that planet will be literally eclipsed for about six months.  A planet is hit when it is within two degrees of the eclipse point.

     a... truly troublesome planetary disposition in Mercury doing a dirty dance with eclipse point Rahu from about December 17 through early February.  This long association results from Mercury's retrograde December 26 to January 15.  It will stimulate worldwide anxiety.  This is happening right now with Mercury crossing Rahu tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6 PM.   Mercury will turn retrograde early in the morning of December 26 within one degree of Rahu and thereby will cross Rahu again that day and the next two -- Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Note too that, As Mercury is the major business planet in the U.S. chart, it suggests reversals then.  The 2010 seesaw will begin tipping even before New Years.

     Referencing the December 6 Commentary (above), reiterated December 19 and 20 were sensitive dates.  This was when Jupiter became very weak in changing signs and Mars temporarily very strong in turning retrograde.  It sure was a hell of a weekend for many.

     The snow storm that slammed the Northeast also caused problems in the Mid Atlantic states, Icy roads to greet some NC commuters after storm.

     Eurostar train services canceled indefinitely explains how and why the Chunnel trains across the English Channel are shut down.

     Winter freeze kills 79 in Poland reveals the punishing weather extended to Eastern Europe.

     Regulators shutter 2 big Calif. banks, 5 others  This part of the article is particularly worrisome, The FDIC was unable to find a buyer for RockBridge Commercial Bank, so checks covering insured accounts will be mailed to retail depositors...  The FDIC was also stuck with Independent Bankers' Bank.  For Independent Bankers' Bank, the FDIC set up a temporary "bridge bank," to operate for about 45 days to allow customers access to their deposits and open accounts at other banks.


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December 26, 2009

The following was e-mailed directly to Subscriber Participants.


Dear subscribers,

The December 22 Heads-up (above) reminded you of Mercury's dirty dance with eclipse point Rahu, bringing worldwide anxiety. Mercury is communications, of course, but also the nervous system.

Mercury's close conjunction with Rahu (head-of-the-serpent) continues through Monday, December 28 due to Mercury turning retrograde early this morning.

As this conjunction occurs in Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac, the stress actualizes in religious violence.

Thursday, 5 attacks in Iraq during the festival of Ashura killed 19 and wounded over 100.

Also on Thursday, in Pakistan, a car bomb wounded 19 in a similar attempt to disrupt the festival of Ashura.

On Friday, Christmas day, a Nigerian claiming to be al-Qaida failed to explode a bomb on a Northwest Airlines flight as it approached Detroit.

Take care of the next few days until Mercury is clear of Rahu's toxicity.


    Also, as the ninth house is wealth, watch economic and stock reports this week for reversals.  Investors and financial institutions are also prey to this anxiety.


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