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November 1 -- 30, 2009



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November 15, 2009

Fall Timeline Update

     This timeline was last updated and published in the October 29 Celestial Wheel Commentary  -- in the section, The Tough Fall Season Is Winding Down.  Then, with four planets very weak in their fallen signs, there was a feeling of impotent restlessness.

    Venus moved out of its fallen sign Virgo November 3, and tomorrow the Sun shifts out of its weakest sign of Libra.  So, Venus' significations, including happiness and love, have been restored, and the Sun's confidence and power of achievement will also begin to shine again.  Starting tomorrow, people should begin to feel this welcome shift.  Venus cannot prosper under a dim Sun.

     Jupiter remains in its fallen sign of Capricorn until December 19, compromising its luck, abundance, wisdom and optimism.  Too, Jupiter is aspected (glanced upon) by a destructive Mars.  Overspending can be an issue and resolving social and political issues, like health care, will be blocked until Jupiter becomes potent again. 


Summer/Fall Timeline


     Another favorable factor coming up soon is that fallen, and thereby weakly harmful Mars, will go retrograde December 20.  This will reduce its damages, particularly upon Jupiter.  Too, as retrograde redirects worldly influence by turning the energy inward, it will stimulate spiritual endeavors.  Mars' continuing aspect to philosophical and religious Jupiter can then give Jupiter a boost in grasping and improving the human condition -- for spirituality, after all, can only be a search for truth.   In this regard, Mars will push Jupiter's high mind, giving great energy to ethics, doing the right thing, fairness and equity in general.  It's truly possible that a good health care bill will be passed after the new year, corporate excesses will be reined in progress made in resolving the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan -- which a wise and motivated Jupiter will know cannot be won.


Timelines Are Only Transit Measurements

     Keep in mind, however, that this timeline can only measure transiting planetary energies in signs.  A Vedic chart's planetary cycles (Dasas) are the underlying karmas, the river of life.  Transits are secondary karmas, weather on the river of life.  So, improving planetary transit positions will vary greatly in the support they give charts of people and nations.  Further, the house positions of these transiting planets change with the rising sign of each chart -- some really benefit and others are actually compromised.  For example, this upcoming Jupiter transit out of weak Capricorn into stronger Aquarius, is very good for rising signs Gemini and Libra and Aquarius, for those charts have Aquarius as the good first, fifth and ninth houses.  However, for Cancer, Virgo and Pisces and rising charts, Aquarius is an evil house (eighth, sixth and twelfth) that will harm Jupiter.  (Note: the rising sign, or Ascendant, sets the first house position, and all the other houses follow, to the twelfth.)

     Yet, it's also true at as transits describe global planetary weather, they can be relied upon as forecasting for general conditions.  After all, if needed rain comes, it must be beneficial to most, although not to all.  Thereby, even if your chart is harmed in the above Jupiter example, improving circumstances in your environment will mitigate.  This could mean that the company you work for hires rather than fires, friends or family members find solutions to problems, and/or you receive needed support at work or through your associations.


U.S. Chart
     While The Celestial Wheel does not predict stock markets, it's also true there has been a a disconnection between the reality we feel and the reality we're told, as described in the October 5 Celestial Wheel.  For the U.S. chart, this tomorrow transit Sun change -- out of Libra and into Scorpio -- is negative for Scorpio being  that chart's twelfth house of loss.  There are other negative planetary karmas here that confirm.  Mercury is already in Scorpio, and Venus will enter that sign November 26.  Further, the U. Chart is running the dangerous and destructive planetary cycle of Mars/Rahu.  Mars is transiting the U.S. eighth house of catastrophe, where birth chart Rahu is placed.  Transit Jupiter is remains until December 27 in the second house of income, and its weakness there stimulates greed. 

     Expect further economic losses over the next few weeks -- and the greed-driven speculative stock market rise to halt and fall back -- Humpty Dumpty

     As stated in the December 21, 2008 In-depth Forecast, Global Economic Trends For 2009, September through December-- however, will be very rough.  Government performance and debt, further domestic violences and problems in the foreign wars are other risk areas. 

     Yet, there must also be some relief, as the discomfort of the disconnection between the reality we feel and the reality we're told ends.  It's not so much that we want Wall Street and stock investors to share losses that we've personally experienced, though they deserve that.  We instead will benefit from them becoming realistic -- so that they join the rest of the nation in the effort to more safely navigate this long term economic contraction -- the Millennium Contraction.   Banks need to begin lending again, honoring their duty as trustees of our savings, not puffing-up profits by using bailout money to trade on their own accounts and arranging mergers, and then giving themselves outrageous bonuses.   See, I'm doing 'God's work'. Meet Mr Goldman Sachs -- not exactly a search for truth.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer



November 22, 2009

Sarah Palin, James Arthur Ray & Sedona

     In August 2008, charismatic Sarah Palin captivated John McCain at his Sedona vacation ranch to name her his Vice Presidential running mate.  McCain's property on Hidden Valley Road is just five miles south of the City of Sedona

     In October 2009, equally charismatic James Arthur Ray captivated his Spiritual Warrior conference attendees at Sedona's Angel Valley Retreat Center in a sweat lodge ceremony where three died and twenty were injured.  Being north of Hidden Valley Road, Angel Valley is even closer to the incorporated part of the Sedona community.  Both were tragedies in their own unique ways. 

     The McCain ranch and Angel Valley are about one mile away from each other on different roads.

     The City of Sedona's claim that Angel Valley is twenty miles away, and thereby not part of Sedona, is simply not true.  Angel Valley's mailing address is 13513 Angel Valley Road, Sedona, AZ 86336.  Fox News' claim that the McCain ranch and Angel Valley are across the street from each other is also false --although, it's a provocative exaggeration rather than Sedona's dishonest attempt to disassociate.  Both properties, however, are on loops in Oak Creek, which meanders throughout all of Sedona,  all the way to Flagstaff.

     The below Google Map shows the geography. 



     The October 22, 2009 In-Depth, Finale - The Presidential Race, and the October 24 Short-subject Commentary explain how Sarah captured McCain.

     Below are Palin's and Ray's Vedic charts.  These will be discussed in the next Commentary entry in regard to their high-energy persuasive abilities, amorality and thirst for power -- not to mention narcism!  It remains a mystery, however, one that will likely never be solved, why these two charmers committed their nefarious deeds with national impact just a mile and a year apart in Sedona. 

     However, it seems inescapable that Sedona's energies must be the catalyst -- perhaps more like a dark witch's brew than a bright spiritual one.  Well, the Native Americans never had permanent settlements along Sedona's Oak Creek, only visiting the area for spiritual ceremonies.  They also didn't use peyote daily either.


Sarah Palin

February 11, 1964  9:43 PM

Sandpoint, ID


James Arthur Ray

November 22, 1957  3:21 AM

Honolulu, HI

(Birth time rectified)



Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer



November 26, 2009

Sarah Palin And James Arthur Ray

     The above November 22 entry promised a discussion of Sarah Palin and James Arthur Ray, in regard to their high-energy, persuasive abilities, amorality and thirst for power -- not to mention narcism!

     Sarah Palin's chart is well known, the birth time time having come from a sound source in Sandpoint, Idaho.  James Arthur Ray's birth date and city are public, but so far, his birth time has not been documented.  This astrologer did a quick rectification using Vedic cycles to match lifelong qualities and events, including the October 8 Sedona sweat lodge disaster.  While rectification is not totally reliable, the resulting Virgo rising chart fits well. 

     Sarah Palin's chart was summarized in the October 22, 2008, Finale - The Presidential Race,

    Sarah Palin is running the very powerful Dasa planets of Jupiter and Moon, stimulating her rise.  Along with this, she's obviously a fierce, no-holds-barred competitor with Mars and Saturn in her sixth of competition, as we've witnessed in the campaign.  Yet, as also stated in the October 7 Celestial Wheel, she's all hat and no pony, and the electorate has quickly figured this out.

     The all hat comes from her exalted Venus with abundant Jupiter in the seventh house of relationships, which makes her a politician but also very beautiful in these planets both aspecting the first house of the self.  Mars throws an aspect to the first house as well, chiseling her features, adding sexual appeal and giving a somewhat exaggerated chin. 


     Rather than do detailed delineations of these charts, it is more useful, and compelling, to compare their traits.  Here again are both charts,


Sarah Palin

February 11, 1964  9:43 PM

Sandpoint, ID

James Arthur Ray

November 22, 1957  3:21 AM

Honolulu, HI


Saints And Sinners

     Both charts are Virgo rising, meaning the sign of Virgo was coming up on the horizon at birth, which set the first house of the self in Virgo and placed the planets in the various houses through the twelfth.  This makes makes Venus the best planet and Mars the worst, for benefic Venus rules good houses and Malefic Mars bad houses.  

     This high Venus presents purity and the low Mars brings compelling sexual power and destruction.  Those with Virgo rising charts are often saints and sinners, acting alternatively like nuns or prostitutes during their various Dasas -- planetary cycles.  Yet, they can exhibit both of these karmas simultaneously.  Also, in Jupiter, the planet of religion and philosophy ruling two strong angle houses, including the fourth of devotion, Virgo rising people can be extremely spiritual but not ethical or wise.  They gravitate toward extreme belief systems.


Personal Charisma

     James Arthur Ray shares Palin's physical beauty with his expansive and optimistic religious Jupiter in the first house of the self and a strong and unafflicted Venus in the fourth.  Venus aspects the tent of career -- giving luck and adoration from females.  Both having such potent benefics in Jupiter and Venus, they share a tremendous personal charisma.


Convincing Orators

     Both Palin and Ray are convincing orators, aided by their charisma.  Palin's second house of speech Venus is with expansive Jupiter, making her a smooth talker -- and one who appears warm-hearted, caring and wise.  Ray has desirous Mars and toxic Rahu -- the head-of-the-dragon- eclipse point -- in the second of speech, giving him great oratory power and overwhelming energy in his speech -- he simply doesn't stop exhorting his followers, which occurred in the sweat lodge.  Rahu so inflames Rays' Mars desire nature that he is inexhaustible in all his endeavors -- the energizer bunny.  But this is a bad combination, for Rahu intensifies Mar's destructions -- similar to Palin's hard fighting, no holds barred, Mars/Saturn -- Sarah Barracuda.  These malefics, however, also make Ray lie with conviction.  Ray further has restrictive Saturn very close to his Mercury in the third house of the performing arts, giving him the ability for great focus but also deception in his act.  Another potent karma for Ray is his perceptional Moon in the third house of desires, making him crave lunar material benefits, actually being intoxicated with power, like G.W. Bush, and the U.S. chart as well.


Adoring And Unquestioning Followers

    Palin and Ray also share the ability to tightly bind relationships, for Jupiter rules the seventh house of relationship and the social nature.  In their charts, Jupiter is either in the seventh of he other or the first of the self, from which Jupiter aspects the opposing house.  Thus, the self relates to the other.  Their seventh house followers thereby identify with them, bring also irresistibly drawn by their charisma, making them adoring and unquestioning believers.  Many have said, I'm not political, but I really love Sarah Palin.  Or, I won't criticize James Arthur Ray for Angel Valley.  He has been a great inspiration to me.

    Another interesting consequence of this Jupiter is that it gives a rise above the family or origin.  Both Palin and Ray came from modest backgrounds.  Combined with little education, this make them hucksters of popular psycho-babble, not sophisticated thinkers.


All Hat And No Pony

     Both charts have intellectual Mercury with the perceptional Moon, which concentrates the intellect and gives the appearance of being intellectuals.  For Palin, this is the fifth house of creative intelligence and government -- fitting her political career.  For Ray, this is the third house of the performing arts, fitting his career as a motivational speaker.  Still, with new Moons in both charts, they lack a bright Moon's perceptional capability, necessary for intellectual depth.  Hence, the description given of Palin was all hat and no pony.  Is Ray any better for his The Secret, which has no real substance?


Spiritual Narcissists

    The most fundamental key to their eerily similar natures comes from both charts having a new Moon.  As the Moon is the perceptional mind, it is the emotions, the ability to empathize, to nurture.  When the Moon is new, it has no light, obviating these qualities.  It is literally a cold Moon.  There's an apparent contradiction here, for the Sun is the ego and the soul, and the latter quality with the perceptional Moon gives a spiritual nature.  Palin and Ray thereby possess a spiritual orientation but it is cold, devoid of warmth and caring.  Looking at this another way, as the Sun is the ego and the Moon perception, they truly perceive only themselves.  They don't glow, then, with moist lunar warmth for humanity but glower with egocentric self interest, like a darkly hot ember.  Add to this that both charts have the egoistic Sun with mental Mercury, and they are supreme narcissists, acting truly only in their own self interests.


The Caricature Sketch

     So that's the the portrait, or perhaps caricature sketch of a person is a better term:   saintly charismatic sinners with powerful oratory binding adoring and unquestioning followers with philosophies lacking substance and reveling in their self acclaim.  They could be siblings for their excesses that make them such spell blinders in the long lineage of cult leaders in America.


The Social/Political Bell Curve

     But Palin and Ray are on opposite ends of the social/political bell curve -- the former an arch conservative and the latter a New Ager liberal, -- but also the two edges of the spiritual curve.  Below is the bell curve graphic used in the September 27, 2009 Celestial Wheel.  Recall this represents a normal distribution, like most men are between 5' 6" and 6' 2", and only a few are under 5' or over 6 1/2. 

    This extremism is an issue in the U.S. chart, for the two edges represent the nation's overly represented mystical paranoia.  (See the August 7, 2008 Celestial Wheel, U.S. Psychology.)   We have more than our share of religious quacks, and this has been true throughout the nation's history.  It is due to original settlers fleeing religious prosecution in Europe for their unconventional beliefs.  (See, Part I,  Part II The United States Through Its Planetary Cycles  (12/2/04)  A detailed analysis of the U.S. chart from Independence in 1776 through 2008.)


  Liberal Left                                                              Conservative Right



The U.S. Chart's Mystical Paranoia Is Peaking Again Now

     The U.S. is running is Mars/Rahu Dasa (planetary cycle).  This began April 28, 2009 and ends May 17. 2010.  Birth chart Rahu is in this chart's eighth house of mysticism and hidden dangers.  Transit Mars is also in the eighth from October 8, 2009 to May 26, 2010.  This sets up a powerful karma for paranoid mysticism and also violent calamities.  We've already seen this manifest in the November 5 Texas mass murder killing 13 -- the morning I sent you a heads-up cautioning about feeling overwhelmed

    The Sedona Angel Valley disaster occurred October 8, exactly at the inception of this destructive eight month Mars transit.  Sarah Palin began her advance book tour publicity this fall, coming back on the public scene with a roar, or perhaps a Sarah Shriek?

    The next November entry will explore the upcoming planetary karmas for Palin and Ray and how this fits with the U.S. chart, as well as Sedona's chart.  Finally, the question will be addressed, what does this all mean?


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Doug Riemer



November 29, 2009

Challenge  For the U.S.

     The above November 15 entry predicted rough times for the U.S. over the coming weeks.  There is no upcoming sensitive date in this nation chart, when planetary karmas collide destructively signaling a major event.  Yet, this coming week looks repressive, culminating in a difficult day on Friday, December 4.

     Another potentially two days is when Jupiter finally leaves its fallen sign of Capricorn December 19, when it will be dead in the water in changing signs.  Venus will also be at sign edge, making the two planets of wealth vulnerable.  On December 20, Mars will stop in the sky in its turn-around to retrograde.  When Mars stops, its power will be temporarily elevated, and unfortunately, Mars will then be aspecting the Moon -- stimulating emotional outbursts.  Finally, mental Mercury will be on top of Rahu -  the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point -- stimulating a feeling of being under attack.  Stock markets are driven by emotion.

       The November 15 entry specifically predicted: the greed-driven speculative stock market rise to halt and fall back, and Government performance and debt, further domestic violences and problems in the foreign wars are other risk areas.   Recall to The Celestial Wheel has long cautioned that commercial real estate is the next domino to fall in the long term Millennium Contraction.  See, the July 28, 2009 entry.

    This past Wednesday's announcement by Dubai that was stopping interest rate payments on $60 billion in debt, mostly on commercial real estate, could become the shot heard round the world -- though perhaps shot across the bow is more apt, since Dubia owns the QE2.  Dubai default threat rattles world stocks   The announcement yesterday that Rothschild appointed to help sell Dubai World assets certainly is worrisome.  Unless neighboring oil and cash rich emirate of Abu Dhabi bails out Dubia, a crisis could result, as losses in shopping centers, office buildings, hotels and rental apartments change from denial to conscious reality.  Subscriber B.R. in Colorado astutely observed,  Short term it (the U.A.E central bank) might help.  Long term, I think Sedona has better odds.  Looks like a lot of their investments are luxury/flashy orientated, which is now passe & out of style -- I'd say for at least a generation.

     State governments in the U.S. are coming to the end of the line, Stalemate in Albany as State Nears Its Last Dollar.

     Foreign wars is an issue with Afghanistan having become unsolvable, and also both wars increasingly unaffordable but with no ends in sight.

     However, there's uncertainty in these prognostications.  A bell weather will be the holiday shopping season, off to a halting start.  Whether Americans continue to be scared miserly, or revert to the carefree spending days, is the key.  Certainly the difficult transits December 19 and 20 must impact holiday shopping.

     Considering the longer term through the spring, it is destructive Mars' long eight month transit through Cancer, its fallen sign and the eighth house of turmoil in the U.S. chart, that will continue to signal strife. 

     Recall that Mars entered Cancer October 5 and stays there until May 24.  This harmful transit karma is confirmed by the U.S. chart's planetary cycles (the underlying karma) being Mars with Rahu until Mar 17.  Too, Obama's chart continues its difficult Jupiter Mars planetary cycle, with transit Mars in his seventh house of relationships.  His approval ratings fall in line with his failures in domestic and international affairs.  This Mars transit is also very negative for Iraq's chart, for Cancer is it's twelfth house of loss.  Afghanistan's chart has not yet been settled upon.


     So, while there's nothing calamitous in the planetary dispositions for the U.S. char and others of merit, there are enough negatives to suggest December, and then the winter and spring 2010, will be trying. 

     On the other hand, it's also true that the sign positions of the planets will be favorable after Jupiter gets out of Capricorn December 29 -- excepting for Mars, which will be thankfully retrograde (and thereby ineffectual) December 20 to March 9. 

     Saturn does well in Gemini, and the Sun and Venus are past their fallen (weak) signs. 

     Even Rahu and Ketu -- the head and tails of the dragon eclipse points -- are well placed now in Sagittarius and Gemini.

     Overall, these beneficial planetary placements will tend to uplift personal power and opportunity, which will be very useful as the economy and society move through another belt-tightening in the Millennium Contraction.

December 25, 2009




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Doug Riemer