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October 1 -- 31, 2009



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October 5, 2009

     This past weekend saw an inspiring and vibrant full Moon, but this also brought uncertainty for being in mystical Pisces. We keep hearing the media hailing economy recovery.  The stock markets continue to soar.  But our personal experiences and the news are completely different.  The economy is stuck in the swamp, Afghanistan is another quagmire, Congress can't pass a health care bill, and the Obama administration fails on every front, including even promoting Chicago for the 2016 Olympics.  The good news is hollow.  There's a disconnection between the reality we feel and the reality we're told.  This full Moon was a final straw on the back of equanimity.

     Although it seems already a different era, less than six years ago the January 2003 Celestial Wheel, Face-off 2003 Bush/Hussein, described this same uneasiness as the country was blundering ahead toward the Iraq invasion.   That forecast even used the old blue Celestial Wheel type and Moon.

Vedic Predictive Astrology

II  Preface

     At the inception of this second year of the new millennium, uncertainty hangs like an impenetrable fog blanketing a sailing ship.  The view ahead is obscured.  The captain's fair sailing promises and favorable marine weather reports fail to dispel the crew's cold clamminess.  In this unfamiliar disconnection between personal reality and official statements, the cold penetrates right to worried bones.

     An outward optimism (a cloak over the inward discomfort) gives the confidence needed for the crew members to operate the ship.  Each must do is duty for the safety of all.  Cerebrally the crew believes, but doesn't feel the belief, that all is well.  To the senses, the fog conceals the course and hides dangers.  Instincts give alarm, stimulating a search for truth about the suddenly fated voyage.  In its cloaking of reality, the fog even steals free will.

     This fog-bound ship analogy to our nation's current dilemma doesn't suggest a prophetic "Heart Of Darkness" voyage, nor a "Brave New World" society view.  Yet, memories of these kinds of worrisome scenarios inevitably echo back from the disconnection between the reality we feel and the reality we're told.  We are figuratively floating, seeking firm ground, even as the ship blindly floats with no clear course.  As the analogous crew's fears stimulate a search for truth, we too search for certainty in our foggy sea.

     This Forecast, in applying metaphysical means, is a corollary to the ship's crew seeking other navigational aids, new information sources, which are outside the ship's captain and science.  In looking up to the heavens, this karmic weather forecaster attempts to pierce the gathering and hiding political fog, to catch glimpses of the true course and dangers ahead.  These insights are then meshed with both government/media information and the reality we perceive to divine the most likely future.


     The Pisces full Moon made sensitive Sedonians aware of an impending change, not for the good, an uncertainty about the future.  Some comments, Is something going to happen soon?  Are we close to some brink?  Why do a feel on edge?  Americans are naturally optimistic.  We want to believe the good news we hear.  But we are also living the reality of the deepening Millennium Contraction, inexorably pushing the entire society into transformation, breaking old habits of excess, trimming the fat..

     Predicting how and when the next drop will occur has been difficult for the mix of optimism and impending doom -- and the conflicted planetary dispositions.  There is, however, a signal The Celestial Wheel has written about frequently, and most recently in the September 27 entry, Moon Bomb.  Warrior Mars is coming to fiery Ketu (the mystical and dissolving tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point).  While the exact conjunction isn't until this Friday, October 9, this destructive energy is already gathering.  Take care through Friday, for you can sometimes dodge challenging karma -- but only if you pay attention.

...this is the second time Mars hits Ketu in Cancer.  The first occurance was mid June 2008, when oil and gasoline began peaking -- to $145 per barrel and over $4 per gallon respectively.  Expect another oil/gas price spike in early October.  As Cancer is the eighth house in the U.S. chart, and the sign belonging to the Moon (home), a violent hurricane is likely then.  The final risk area is the swine flu infections rising then.  Cancer being the fourth house in the natural zodiac, and the fourth is the chest/lungs, this karma is particularly strong.  Since infectious Mars continues in Cancer through May 24, the swine flu infections may continue though the late spring.


     There's already been one violence peak, Worst losses for a year as Taleban storm Nato outpost

     Added to the Mars/Ketu sensitivity now heating toward a boil is that Mercury, the intellect, remains compromised, also until October 9.  As explained in the September 20 Celestial Wheel, Mercury ends retrograde September 29, but unfortunately it then retraces its steps across Saturn, and won't be free of this blocking influence until October 9.  So, use care, keep alert and don't let yourself be thrown off balance as this turbulent week unfolds.

Follow-up On The Sedona Forecast
     The August 22 In-depth Forecast, Sedona Through The Millennium Contraction, discussed how this small red rock mountain town grew during the real estate boom and is busting now during the Millennium Contraction.

     Sedona has a cousin in Steamboat Springs, CO, and following are two emails comparing these resort towns, and their prospects for the future.

Subject:  Ticking Time Bomb

Dear H.B.

     Here is the series of articles about Steamboat Springs I believe I mentioned to you -- a corollary to what is happening in Sedona.  It impacts everyone and notably you for your home and rental properties holdings.  Read through my thoughts to see the likely unfortunate outcome.

     House Of Cards, 

     I just managed yesterday to get through all the 5 "Parts."  After Part 1, they seemed repetitive -- or maybe just too familiar.

     Anyway, you can get gist by reading the first article in Part 4 -   "Steamboat goes all in,"

     Then the really interesting part -- about government -- is in Part 4 "New game, new odds," toward the bottom in the section, "Government spending."  City government paid cash for capital improvements out of building taxes, didn't get into debt and avoided mixing building taxes with general revenues.  The writer uses the local county there as an example of doing the opposite and getting into trouble (like Sedona), as building tax revenues crashed. 

     However, the article shows (in the pie chart -- you have to click on it and blow it up) that like Sedona, sales tax is the major city revenue source at 45%.  Again like Sedona, Steamboat Springs doesn't have a property tax, which would provide a much more stable tax revenues stream.  Too, since City services are for properties, a property tax is the appropriate method.  However, the articles don't talk about that, which is unfortunate for otherwise excellent reporting.

     You have to go to Part 3: "Holding a losing hand" to find a number -- "Sales tax collections in Steamboat reflect sluggish spending. The figures have decreased for the nine months through May, the most recent month for which numbers were available.  Restaurants were among the categories that were down, slipping 14 percent in sales tax collections compared with 2008."  I know from news reports that sales tax revenues for Sedona and its county (Yavapai) were down 20% the first half of 2009 .  But the deepening depression here has business down about 40% now, which means sales tax revenues will also drop 40%.  The owner of and 80 unit Sedona resort told me his revenues are down 36% from last year, but when I asked him about the last six months, he didn't respond but frowned -- indicating the drop is getting worse.  Well, that also translates into sales tax revenue falling by 40%, maybe more.

     The ticking time bomb for both Steamboat Springs and Sedona is sales tax revenues crashing 40% or more, which will wreck the town government budget.  However, as Steamboat Springs, has no debt, they'll be okay, even though 40%, or maybe more, drop in sales tax revenues will be really tough.  They'll just cut staff and services.  Sedona, however, with its 76 million in debt, won't be able to pay the debt service and will likely to bankrupt.  I predicted this in the Sedona forecast,

     If the City goes bankrupt, then Yavapai County will take over City services.  That won't be a big deal for most of us because basic services like police, roads.... will be taken care of, though at a lower level.  The problem is the bad PR of the City going bust and the ending of optional services that support commerce, directly and indirectly.  Even if the City doesn't go bust, these supports will vanish.  Think about all the stuff the City does for business.  That will really hit Sedona hard -- and compromise further your property values.  There's also the issue of the property owners having some liability for City bond debt of $76 million, though I don't pretend to understand how that would happen.

      Interestingly, the motor scooter dealer's wife asked me yesterday about a nice studio rental, for they go back and forth to Prescott and currently have a camper on Page Springs Road that is getting wearisome.  I like Casitas Tranquil, the best small units in town and a very good setting and location.  I rented a studio there in April 2008 for $700 monthly.  Yesterday I found a studio there for Jill for $550,

     That's a 21% drop -- about the same as the sales tax drop the first half of 2009 -- and rental rates tend to drag behind business levels and also aren't as volatile  -- both for reasons you well understand.  But, if business revenues continue to slip 40%, home rental rates will be further depressed, and, even of greater concern, vacancies will result.  As you know well, an empty rental is zero revenue -- a 100% drop.

      Finally, I noted the Steamboat Springs articles were published from July 31 to August 28.  I wrote the Sedona forecast in May for a new magazine that never got published.  So, I finished it in August and published it August 22.

The friend who turned me on to the Steamboat articles is a retired CFO (Chief Financial Officer) with serious illnesses, who just this week left for Steamboat Springs to be with his brother. We had become friends at Java Love Cafe these last few months and shared our mutual concerns about the national and local economies.  I'll email him my interpretation here and ask for his feedback.

Hi Doug 

     I just reread you thoughts on Steamboat/Sedona - Steamboat current sales & tax revue are down about 30%.

     Construction is way down but still see stuff being built that was already in the pipeline.  A project that just started this week is redo of main street/hwy40 - looks like it will be less disruptive & better planned than Sedona's road construction.

     Tourism "down about 20% from last year" is a major part of the economy but is still a lot more diverse than Sedona.

     Add to that some past & present sound financial planning, not going into to debt during the good days will help Steamboat weather these challenging times.

     As for Sedona I feel the city is in deep **** and this will have negative effect on the counties. Plus the state isn't in a place were it can help.  Sedona will emerge from this drastically changed - leaner & more efficient government only because they will have to after going bankrupt.  We both

know it will be for the better in the long run but sure challenging for many in the meantime.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer


October 14, 2009

The Mars/Ketu Conjunction

     The above October 5, Celestial Wheel reported on the three major predictions for last week's conjunction of Mars and Ketu the United States, Sedona, Arizona NASA's Moon Bomb. 

     Recall these are both Pita (fiery) planets -- striking hard and decisively.  Mars is the very worldly planet of war, and Ketu the otherworldly tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  Their dissonant Pita energies combine for seething anger.  Predictions for them can grasp this tone but cannot pinpoint their precise effects. Yet, as shown below, the results to follow the predictions.

     The October 5 entry made two cogent introductory statements,

     Americans are naturally optimistic.  We want to believe the good news we hear.  But we are also living the reality of the deepening Millennium Contraction, inexorably pushing the entire society into transformation, breaking old habits of excess, trimming the fat...

     While the exact conjunction isn't until this Friday morning, October 9, this destructive energy is already gathering.  Take care through Friday, for you can sometimes dodge challenging karma -- but only if you pay attention.

     The former statement really means that whatever violent events Mars/Ketu bring, they are powerful stimuli and integral to this long term transformation.  Thus, they should not be ignored as being temporary setbacks -- but rather acknowledged as serious, with far reaching influences upon our lives.  Note too, as explained below, this is just the beginning of Mars' extended eight month transit through Cancer to May 26, it is the opening salvo of a long three season conflict.

     The latter emphasizes that karma is not immutable.  We do have free will, but we must become absolutely realistic to successfully transform ourselves.  Taking heed of warnings, rather than, for example, ignoring them for bringing bad energy, is wishful thinking that we can't get away with any longer.  The credit cards are gone, home equity lines have vanished, investments have dropped down -- there is no more of this imaginary wealth to fall back on when we overextend ourselves and fail to downsize and deleverage to fit our square pegs into new round holes of thrift and practicality.


Prediction - United States

     The September 7 In-depth Celestial Wheel, A Stormy Fall, predicted about Mars/Ketu,

   ...the big karmic crunch this fall that will come from Mars.  The planet of war enters its fallen (harmful) sign of Cancer on October 5, and then on October 9 slams into Ketu -- the dissolving tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  The July 6 Celestial Wheel first discussed this issue, in the section, Yet Another Millennium Contraction Hit - October To May.

     Mars colliding with Ketu in Cancer October 9 marks the beginning of a very long over 8 month transit through this sensitive sign -- until May 26.  This results because Mars goes retrograde from December 20, 2009 to March 10, 2010, keeping it in Cancer much longer than its usual two months.  It's like driving to part way to a destination, returning home for something you forgot, and then starting the trip again.

     Mars's last retrograde was November 15, 2007 until April 28, 2008, and it was the culprit in Bear Stearns collapse.  As the first failure of a major financial firm, it marked the beginning of the Millennium Contraction.  See the March 28, 2008 Celestial Wheel, the section, What Happened March 14?)


     Also, this is the second time Mars hits Ketu in Cancer.  The first occurrence was mid June 2008, when oil and gasoline began peaking -- to $145 per barrel and over $4 per gallon respectively.  Expect another oil/gas price spike in early October.  As Cancer is the eighth house in the U.S. chart, and the sign belonging to the Moon (home), a violent hurricane is likely then.  The final risk area is the swine flu infections rising then.  Cancer being the fourth house in the natural zodiac, and the fourth is the chest/lungs, this karma is particularly strong.  Since infectious Mars continues in Cancer through May 24, the swine flu infections may continue though the late spring.

    This transit Mars in Cancer can bring one, two or all three of the above mentioned harms, and likely all three will be actualized to some degree.  All will be additional hits on the economy, certainly crushing any belief that an economic recovery has begun. 


    10/6  The demise of the dollar  In a graphic illustration of the new world order, Arab states have launched secret moves with China, Russia and France to stop using the US currency for oil trading. In the most profound financial change in recent Middle East history, Gulf Arabs are planning – along with China, Russia, Japan and France – to end dollar dealings for oil, moving instead to a basket of currencies including the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan, the euro, gold and a new, unified currency planned for nations in the Gulf Co-operation Council, including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Qatar.

  (Note: is the oil price spike, and it targets the U.S., which chart is vulnerable, not the rest of the world.)

      10/9 National Weather Highlight for 10 / 8 / 09: Flash flooding widespread in Missouri

      10/9 Debt-Market Paralysis Deepens Credit Drought, The continued disarray in debt-securitization markets, which in recent years were the source of roughly 60 percent of all credit in the United States, is making loans scarce and threatening to slow the economic recovery. Many of these markets are operating only because the government is propping them up. But now the Federal Reserve has put these markets on notice that it plans to withdraw its support for them. Policy makers hope private investors will return to the markets, which imploded during the financial crisis.


Prediction - Sedona, Arizona

     Sedona is also discussed in A Stormy Fall,

  Interestingly, Sedona could really suffer from the swine flu, for Cancer is its twelfth house of hospitalization.  Although in remote northern Arizona, resort areas like Sedona are at greatest risk because visitors fly in from all over the globe.  For Sedona, a swine flu pandemic beginning in early October, its high tourist season, would be an economic catastrophe.  Yet, when this was discussed, a longtime and very successful restaurateur remained in denial when he told this astrologer, The tourists come.  They always come.  was (See the August 22, 2009 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Sedona Through The Millennium Contraction.



      10/9 Two die at US spiritual retreat


     10/10  Questions About ‘Sweat Lodge’ Rite Where 2 Died


    (Note: This event, still circulating the media loop, will sour Sedona's reputation for a long time.  Already, tourist traffic during this high-season is missing.  The deeper message, however, is that The Secret, which is just another version of the old manifestation con game, has been rightfully discredited -- and P.T. Barnun's There's a sucker born every day, will be remembered.  There is no such thing as a free lunch.  I never manifested a Celestial Wheel, nor anything else -- and neither has anyone else magically gotten what they wish -- which is really just mistaking good fortune, which does exist as a favorable karma from good deeds in past lives and this life.  Karma is action and reaction -- if you want a hole in the ground for a new tree, you dig it with a shovel.  The owners of Angel Valley have been clients, but rather than pay attention to the Vedic information given them, they chose to chase a cloud of false spirituality that inevitably stormed upon them.  Spirituality can only be a search for truth -- not an escape from it.  Let's hope that wonderful Sedona is purified by this calamity and can again begin offering a purified spiritual experience that uplifts and inspires, not picks the pockets of visitors and deludes residents.  Too, recall in the Sedona Through The Millennium Contraction, the community suffers from false gurus.)


Prediction -- Moon Bomb

   In the early morning of September 9, exactly when Mars conjoined Ketu, NASA fired a missile at the Moon.  The prediction here is that the mission will fail, unexpectedly and violently due to error.  At the NASA launch time, Mars and Ketu will be just eleven minutes apart.  Mars will conjoin exactly with Ketu at noon.  So, even if the launch goes well, the result will be problematical.


   Moon Shot Not Much to See, but Data Could Prove Exciting  NASA's black-and-white imagery showed the crater looming larger and larger as the spacecraft descended. But when the booster slammed into the moon, in the darkness of the crater, there was no obvious sign of a plume of dust -- or pulverized water ice, which is what NASA was hoping to find. Instead, the video feed went completely white.

  (Note: What this will come to mean in the future is unknown, but it may depress space exploration as an unaffordable cost.)


Other Mars/Ketu Violences

Mars/Ketu violences also were found in other parts of the globe:  In Pakistan, a Deadly Resurgence, TURKEY: Protests accompany annual IMF, World Bank conference, Philippine mudslides, floods kill estimated 100North Korea Fires 5 Missiles.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer



October 23, 2009

                  Final Predictions Check On the October 9 Mars/Ketu Conjunction
     The above October 14 entry compared predictions with initial results of this destructive transit -- but even with electronic media, news reporting always lag.  Here are some further results for predictions on the U.S., Sedona, Arizona and the Moon Bomb.  This is very practical and useful information for you.


The U.S.

     Predictions were for a oil price spike, a violent storm and the swine flu, The final risk area is the swine flu infections rising then.  Cancer being the fourth house in the natural zodiac, and the fourth is the chest/lungs, this karma is particularly strong.  Since infectious Mars continues in Cancer through May 24, the swine flu infections may continue though the late spring.

     In response to the dollar's weakness and the news that it will no longer be the oil currency, oil has spiked, and continues to do so.  10/20  Oil briefly above $80 as earnings beat forecasts.  Here's another worrisome article, Niall Ferguson: The Dollar Is Finished And The Chinese Are Dumping It.

     The violent stormwas reported in the October 5 entry.

    The swine flu prediction has come true with alarming accuracy.  These articles explain:  Study: H1N1 Flu Causes 'Unusual' Damage to Lungs and Swine Flu Characteristics Becoming More Evident.  Links to Pneumonia, Rapid Effects on Young Noted.  Expect the last part of this prediction, that the outbreak will continue through May, will also actualize.  As Vedic Astrology is not just knowing the life but planning the life, use its information to plan yours.  While having the swine flu vaccination is problematical for many, subscribers B. R. and N. W. of Arizona suggest large doses of vitamin C and D are preventatives.


Sedona, Arizona

     The sweat lodge deaths have increased to three, Third Arizona 'sweat lodge' death.  And the story continues in the media cycle, now two weeks after the October 9 event.   There are actually lots of print and internet articles about the this unfolding story -- but this is enough for The Celestial Wheel.  The point has been made. 

     Sedona's reputation has been badly harmed.  The red rocks seem a menacing red, not a beautifully joyous one.  The community won't begin to recover until the summer of 2011.  The August 22, 2009In-depth Forecast, Sedona Through The Millennium Contraction (free), predicted, Expect sales tax revenue to the City to also slide 40% down, bringing default on some of the whopping $76,000,000 in long term term debt.   (The City Hall complex alone has a $4 million mortgage!)  By the end of this Mars cycle in June, 2011, Sedona may have shrunken by 1/4, with the City bankrupt.  And, The eighteen year Rahu planetary cycle begins in late July 2011. . ..Rahu will signal the beginning of Sedona's reinventing itself  -- much like a company emerges from bankruptcy smaller and leaner and with a new, hopefully sustainable, business model.

     Consider too the obsevation made Sedona Through The Millennium Contraction, This Saturn/Jupiter combination also brings unrealistic leaders, puffed up with Sun/Mercury ego, and false gurus.  Sedona is plagued with delusions of grandeur.  The result was seen at Java Love Cafe early on a chilly Tuesday morning --one car outside and five men inside.

    Of course, the specific predicted disaster, the swine flu, can still occur.  And, it likely will.


Moon  Bomb

     The Moon bob itself was a disappointment, as also reported in the October 5 entry.  Here's the interesting part. NASA applauds it's success, but as these articles show, they haven't yet announced finding any water! 

10/9 A Downright Smashing Day For NASA + The Moon and 10/16  NASA'S LCROSS Captures All Phases of Centaur Impact

     There are two lessons here.  First, the government lies.  Second, all the junk on the internet from New Agers proclaming this to be a disaster are proven untrue.  Spirituality can only be a search for truth, and these predictions for doom are fear mongering, just as bad in their own way as the promises for wealth from spirituality made at Angel Valley.  This astrologer's first Vedic teacher counseled to question everything, and that has been the core of his teaching that had held The Celestial Wheel to a high standard of integrity, and thereby accurate forecasting.


Health Care Reform

     Finally for today, here's an observation about health care reform.  The basic issue is that the U.S. spends twice on health care as all other modern industrialized countries -- 16% and rising.  This results from all players being at the trough.   The doctors, the hospital corporations, the lawyers, the drug companies and the equipment manufacturers are all to blame.  There are likely more, but these are the big players.  But the debate has been exclusively about the insurance companies.  Well, finally, here's an article that identifies one more in this gang of thieves, 10/18  Medical Device Makers Court Unlikely Allies.

     This misplaced focus on only health insurance companies will block real health care reform until the Obama Administration and Congress acknowledge this basic truth and have the courage to confront those other powerful lobbies with a proposal that cuts out the fat in all these health care areas.  After all, only the truth will set us free.

     This may begin to occur in late December, when Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, finally transits out of Capricorn, where it is weakly fallen and thereby greedy and dumb, into Aquarius.  The Celestial Wheel will examine this topic in future forecasting.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer


October 29, 2009

The Tough Fall Season Is Winding Down

    The below timeline was first published in the September 7, 2009 In-depth Forecast, A Stormy Fall.*  There, four adverse planetary significations were identified and described,

     1.  Saturn's Scorched Earth Game -- when Saturn ends its 2 1/2 year transit in Leo September 9, 

     2. ...transit Jupiter in its fallen (weak) sign of Capricorn conjunct Rahu -- the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  This association began July 31 and continues until November 2. 

     3.  Mercury went retrograde late yesterday and continues its confusing backward motion until the end of September.

    4.  ...the big karmic crunch this fall that will come from Mars.  The planet of war enters its fallen (harmful) sign of Cancer on October 5, and then on October 9 slams into Ketu -- the dissolving tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point. 


     The Millennium Contraction inevitably advances.  The four planetary afflictions discussed above represent enough destructive karma to bring its third major drop.  While this is unfortunate, it is unavoidable and will be seen historically as part of a necessary cleansing from overindulgence that will result in a sustainable and much higher quality culture beginning in 2015.  The challenge for each of us is to get out of denial and adapt to this emerging reality. 


(*Those of you who have already purchased a Participation Choice can use your codes to access this and other forecasting linked here.)



     We can see continuing fall season challenges in Mars being badly disposed in it fallen (weak) signs of Cancer and Jupiter also being fallen in Capricorn, plus being afflicted by Rahu-- the toxic head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.

     Too, as shown in the timeline, Venus, the planet of love and contentment, has been weakly fallen in Virgo since October 9, and the Sun (power and confidence, also in its fallen sign of Libra since October 16. 

     So, four planets have been in their weakest signs, which brings impotent restlessness.  Try as we might, it's just been truly difficult to get anything done. 

     However, as explained in the October 26 Subscriber Heads-up e-mail, next Tuesday, November 3, can be a bright new day -- for on November 2, Rahu will leave Jupiter and Capricorn, and Venus will happily glide into her own sign of Libra. 

     The planets will gain further strength November 16, when the Sun exits its fallen sign and goes into Scorpio.  The next significant improvement will occur on December 19, when Jupiter finally leaves its fallen sign to enter Aquarius.  Yes, Mars will remain fallen in Cancer until late May, but with Venus, the Sun and Jupiter strong again, their energetics will certainly offset Mars' harms.

     So, as the restlessness of impotency that that has gripped many will begin to fade next Tuesday, yield further in mid November, and again mid December.  This means that you will experience more and more power to deal with the challenges you face and take advantage of pending opportunities as the final months of 2009 unfold.  This doesn't mean that the Millennium Contraction, with its imperative that we all transform our lives, ends.  It indicates rather that we will be better able, empowered, to act.  So, if you've had job or debt challenges, these may be addressed more affirmatively.  On the opposite side, that of an inevitable loss, if you've been facing a major problem, like a home foreclosure, that will be finally finished.


The Indonesian Meteor

    The Mars/Ketu conjunction that became exact October 9 resulted in several violences and harms, as discussed above in the October 14 and 23rd entries.  Here's one that surfaced just yesterday.

     NASA's announced that big meteor occurred in Indonesia October 8.  As Spaceweather changes their reports frequently, here's the full text,

NDONESIAN ASTEROID: Picture this: A 10-meter wide asteroid hits Earth and explodes in the atmosphere with the energy of a small atomic bomb. Frightened by thunderous sounds and shaking walls, people rush out of their homes, thinking that an earthquake is in progress. All they see is a twisting trail of debris in the mid-day sky:

Click to view an Indonesian news report

This really happened on Oct. 8th around 11 am local time in the coastal town of Bone, Indonesia. The Earth-shaking blast received remarkably little coverage in Western press, but meteor scientists have given it their full attention. "The explosion triggered infrasound sensors of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) more than 10,000 km away," report researchers Elizabeth Silber and Peter Brown of the Univ. of Western Ontario in an Oct. 19th press release. Their analysis of the infrasound data revealed an explosion at coordinates 4.5S, 120E (close to Bone) with a yield of about 50 kton of TNT. That's two to three times more powerful than World War II-era atomic bombs.

The asteroid that caused the blast was not known before it hit and took astronomers completely by surprise. According to statistical studies of the near-Earth asteroid population, such objects are expected to collide with Earth on average every 2 to 12 years. "Follow-on observations from other instruments or ground recovery efforts would be very valuable in further refining this unique event," say Silber and Brown.



     Here are the only other news reports:  Meteor hits above Indonesia and Asteroid blast reveals holes in Earth's defences.


Copyright 1999-2009
Doug Riemer