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November 1 -- 30 , 2005




Doug Riemer
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November 27

     You really must be an (East) Indian to understand the planets, even with the aid of their Hindu deities' symbolism.  Yet, images of planets' primary planetary deities inspires a flavor of their energies, just as the smell of curry elicits the taste of India food.

     As discussed since the May 5 Celestial Wheel, and detailed in the June 5 In-depth Forecast, #63 Mars Summer & Fall Of Discontent, malefics Mars and Saturn are locked in struggle from July 17 to February 5, 2006:  These planets are very difficult when they join, for active Mars opposes lethargic Saturn.  Saturn thereby chafes under Mars' prodding.  Similarly, Saturn constrains Mars' rashness to push ahead.  This is an accurate capsulated description of the Mars/Saturn struggle, but it lacks flavor -- how Saturn's sourness congeals with Mars' bitterness into a sanitizing brew of sorrow and loss.

    While other planetary influences naturally continue to operate, Mars/Saturn has been, and continues to be, the primary and dominant engine of destructive change -- and also thereby an often terrible instrument of truth. The hurricanes gave an early proof to global warming, high energy prices showed the weak underbelly of dependence upon Mideast oil, the (continuing) barrage of Washington scandals demonstrates the truth-twisting misuse of power...

    Below are paintings of Mars' Mangala and Saturn's Shiva - the god of war and the god of destruction and creation.

Mangala -- Mars

Shiva -- Saturn


     Compare these with paintings of the major benefics, Venus' Lashmi and Jupiter's Vishnu -- the goddess of grace and love and the god of wisdom and preservation.


Lashmi -- Venus

Vishnu -- Jupiter

     Yet, as difficult as Mars/Saturn ignited righteous destruction is, the process is most essentially purifying. 

     Timeless OM encourages our equanimity, reassuring that Lashmi's and Vishnu's blessings do return. 


The celestial wheel of karma continues to turn



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November 21

     As stated in the October 26 Celestial Wheel about the consequences of unfolding scandals, Let's see what happens -- for how the planetary karmas actually influence is always both known and surprising.  Since The Washington Post's Bob Woodward was deposed by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald on Monday, November 14, that event could emerge as the major karma predicted for this sensitive date.  The November 19 Washington Post article, Another Grand Jury for Leak Case, suggests Woodward's information stimulated Fitzgerald to impanel a new grand jury -- the only purpose for which is to seek further criminal indictments in Bush's administration.

     Another aspect of November 14 is it's beginning the week during which protests against the Iraq War (and violence there) escalated, punctuated by Congressman Murtha calling for pulling out U.S. troops.  This dovetails nicely with Lisa Long's ( intuition, Increased blood shed in Iraq.  Some U.S. soldiers returning home – dead / alive???  It will make the news.  Note to Lisa's suggestion about the final sensitive date of November 30, Increased hostility toward President Bush – world wide and very hot and heavy in the U.S.

     This also fits with the November 3 Celestial Wheel (below) predicting public revolt (my little barber shop vignette), That the Sedona Barbershop has turned against the neoconservatives demonstrates the groundswell of popular protest from a bastion of Arizona conservatism.  This has been proven out in G.W. Bush being attacked from all sides, particularly since the difficult November 14 -- 30 interval began, and most especially about Iraq, which this writer has long labeled, Bush's Great Misadventure.

    The November 3 Celestial Wheel also discussed how the surprising high sales at the Sedona Arts Center's Pleine Aire Festival reflected the ongoing stress of the Mars/Saturn struggle (July 21 to February 5), The reason for that extravagance is people feeling so stressed, and thereby unhappy, that they bought venusian art to uplift their emotions.  The Washington Post's November 19 article, It's Shoe Love, Pumping Up Sales, stated, For the past two months, sales of shoes have been up sharply... "Women love footwear, and they use it for a psychological boost," Boettge said. "It's almost like they're saying, 'The hell with everything else, I'm going out and giving myself a lift. Enough of this war, and gas prices, and worries about terrorism and hurricanes.' "  This again cautions against excessive spending.  It also suggests that retail sales figures this fall will be inflated by this emotional-binge spending, which, in exhausting cash and depleting credit, will threaten holiday and winter 2006 spending.  Those who restrain purchases now may very well benefit from early and deep price cutting holiday sales.


     It's certainly interesting that gasoline prices have fallen so quickly and sharply -- right on the heels of oil executives caught in the lie before Congress that they did not attend energy policy meetings with Dick Cheney in 2001.

     G.W. Bush's Far East trip was a wash-out, especially November 20 and 21, as discussed in the November 15 Celestial Wheel,


     Israel's Areil Sharon recently called for early elections this spring, and today announced he was quitting his Likud Party -- Sharon Quits Party He Helped Establish.  This is another nice fit, this time with previous predictions about Israel, as most recently discussed in the August 28 Celestial Wheel,

     Although the world continues to be a stressful place for both our personal experiences and world affairs (primarily due to the Mars/Saturn struggle), Israel's withdrawal from Gaza is a singular achievement. 

     Provocatively, Israel completed its violent six year Sun Dasa (planetary cycle) August 9 to begin its good ten year Moon Dasa.  Dasa changes are turning points in the life, and this discussed in the June 30, 2004 In-depth Forecast, #53 Part 2 The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Israel, in which I stated, Israel's good and protective ten year Moon cycle begins exactly one year later. It is expected, then, that the Palestinian discord can begin to calm beginning in August and that Israel will begin solving the Palestinian problem after August 2005. Take a few minutes to review this Forecast -- it is concise and obviously prescient.


     That In-depth Forecast continued with,


     As the Moon is female and is placed in the tenth house of government (in feminine Cancer) with elder and serious Saturn, there is a potent influence for a another female prime minister, who would be older, humble and oriented to peace.  This contrasts with the male Sun governing indicator, which has stimulated for men prime ministers who have aggressively protected Israel's interests without bringing peace.


     If the Israeli elections are held between April 4 and May 25, when Israel's planetary cycles are Moon/Moon/Venus, a very favorable outcome may result.


     While the remainder of this month is challenging, in large part for the retrogrades of Mercury, Mars and Saturn, which affects were detailed in the November 15 Celestial Wheel (below), December promises a continuation of the popular revolt against the neocons.  The public increasingly understands, and grouses,They just don't care about us.  The United States chart will be dangerous -- primarily for influences from restrictive Saturn.   It's planetary cycles are Moon/Mercury/Saturn from December 10 to March 1, and in mid December, Saturn will retrograde over Rahu in the eighth house of catastrophe.  For G.W. Bush, retrograde Saturn will cross his Mercury in early December.  Still, the prediction that Cheney will suffer physically and/or in his career by Thanksgiving is maintained.




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November 15

     Mid afternoon on Monday, November 14, Mercury began its semiannual retrograde (ending 12/4), signaling the beginning of a challenging few weeks until November 30. 

    As Mars is already retrograde (began 10/2 and ends 12/10), and Saturn joins this inward and backward planetary energy November 22.  Expect more than the usual Mercury retrograde confusion, for Mercury is in Scorpio (ruled by Mars) and is aspected by Mars.  With this double aggressive Mars hit on mutable Mercury, expect public communications to be rank with this combination's shrewdness, deceptions and reflexive reactions (not thoughtful).  Saturn's retrograde will tend to weaken further the power of authority figures and test even more the real estate markets.

     A government crisis has been predicted for this interval, and the most afflicted charts are those of Dick Cheney and G.W. Bush -- the former for career and health and the latter for career.

     Monday was the second to last of six sensitive dates this fall, first identified in the September 6 Celestial Wheel.  While nothing untoward occured in world affairs (although events are not always disclosed), many individuals experienced disruptions in their personal lives. 

     Here's what I reported in the September 19 Celestial Wheel regarding these final sensitive dates.  (Note: Lisa Long ( is the single intuitive who responded to this listing.  I've included Lisa's observations in blue bold below each date listing.)


     5)  I'm also concerned about November 14, when Mars will be retrograding back to an exact aspect with Saturn, and the Moon will be with Mars.

Increased blood shed in Iraq.  Some U.S. soldiers returning home – dead / alive???  It will make the news.

     6)  The final sensitive date is November 30 at 3 PM.  At that time, the transiting planets will all be antagonistic -- malefics Mars, Saturn and Rahu, will be particularly destructive.
Increased hostility toward President Bush – world wide and very hot and heavy in the U.S.


     The combination of Mercury and Mars retrogrades has already brought one truly strange event, that of the Washington Post's Bob Woodward (Watergate fame) weighing in on the Valerie Plame CIA leak investigation -- but exactly what he said and did is so obtuse it's impossible to understand how Woodward influences the continuing investigation. 

     As with other Mercury retrograde periods, use care in business transactions and in all communications.  With Mars also continuing to stimulate Jupiter to spend money, reflected in stronger than expected October consumer spending, impulse purchases can wreck your budget, especially difficult for the high expense the holiday season just a month away.

     Subscriber M.R in Massachusetts asked whether G.W. Bush will be in danger during this week's China trip.  Sunday and Monday, November 20 and 21, are challenging for Bush.

    Bush's Far East Astrocartog-raphy has a Mercury line running through Japan.  This stimulated his impulsively declaring while there that China should become a democracy -- sure to rile up his Chinese dictator hosts.

     Sun and Saturn lines run through China.  These are negative for Bush's ability to influence and popularity and could influence for him to be treated badly, perhaps even rebuked.  This certainly is not a friendship building time or location for Bush. 

    Danger for Bush is more likely found in vulnerability to his health beginning next May 15, when he enters his long sixteen year Mercury planetary cycle (Dasa).  The middle of June, 2006 is a for Bush a very sensitive time.




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November 11

     This Astrologer's website, , has been redesigned with The Celestial Wheel name adopted for world forecasting.  While these short Vedic Commentaries will naturally continue, when appropriate, longer in-depth analyses will also be published under The Celestial Wheel banner.  Take a look.  Business Consultation is also identified as a separate service. 

     Long time Subscribers will recall predictions for rising energy prices in June, 2004 Celestial Wheels.  Here's an excerpt from June 17, will continue to be an area of conflict, including terrorism.  Gas prices will be pushed upward, SUV sales must plummet and higher energy prices will put a brake on the economic recovery.  Congratulations to Subscribers K.Z of Illinois and H.K of Massachusetts for purchasing Toyota hybrid cars.

     Today's Washington Post joins a now long list of major media acknowledging the declining real estate market in today's article, Housing Slowdown.  Coming from one of the hot housing markets and a naturally protective city newspaper, this article is a mea culpa.  (I give up on the media being honest and forthcoming with the Iraq WMD debacle.)  In Sedona, where the real estate market skyrocketed 35% during the first half of 2005, retrenchment began in August.  Recall, the early prediction for a bursting of the real estate bubble in the April 2, 2005 In-depth Forecast, #62 A Not So Far Horizon.  The astrological reasoning was:


    The July 7 Mars/Rahu conjunction also occurs in this fourth house, which signifies, not just devotion, but also fixed assets, including real estate.  This suggests, as it does with the World Chart, that a violent event at that time would harm real estate. 

     Considering that the U.S. real estate boom has been the primary source of wealth gain for individuals, construction has propped up the economy and property has been an investment haven for foreigners holding too many dollars -- July 7 could signal a real estate crash initiating a recession.  An already discredited Bush administration would be unable to counter this reaping of its irresponsible economic policies.



     The July 7 London subway terrorism bombing will be understood by historians as the turning point for G.W. Bush's presidency (and real estate), as Bush returned home to a hailstorm of challenges that both build and continue to the present.   Also, recall the discussion in the November 7 Celestial Wheel that beginning November 3, Bush comes under even more pressure, and the latter half of this month may bring a federal government crisis.  His Mars planetary subcycle, however, will also see Bush fighting back, defending himself on Iraq, for fighting Mars is placed in his second house of speech.  Unfortunately, for him, insistence upon his past lies will backfire.

     Don't forget that November 14 and 30 are sensitive dates, with the intervening weeks fraught with discord -- for not just world conditions but your own personal experiences.

     Here's another Washington Post article of interest relating to previous forecasting, Biden: "I'm Running".  Subscribers may recall the June 23 Celestial Wheel identified Biden as the one to watch.  Here's the narrative:


     I had an intuitive hit last year, and then again last week, about Senator Joe Biden running for President.  Biden announced his candidacy earlier this week.

     Here's Biden's chart.  He's running his eighteen year Rahu cycle (1988 - 2006).  Biden's tenth house Rahu brings a big career serving the public, and this sign of Leo symbolizes government.  Further, last February 22, transit Rahu moved into his fifth, the house symbolizing government.

     In September 2006, Biden enters his truly great sixteen year Jupiter cycle.  His Jupiter rules the second hour of speech, the  fifth house of government and is exalted in the ninth house of fortune.  Although I haven't yet fully delineated Biden's chart, it certainly appears that he's one to watch.


        Note the added bold maroon italics, emphasizing it won't be until next September, 2006 that Biden's fortunes blossom.

     Forget about Hillary Clinton, as also discussed in the June 23 Celestial Wheel:


     Bush's being discredited will produce a leadership vacuum that a strong and truly democratic leader, like Biden, could fill.  In this regard, Hillary Clinton would fall by the wayside.  Although Hillary's birth time has previously not been known, astrodatabank now reports  8 PM, while also citing a conflicting early morning birth time report.  

     An 8:00 PM birth time results in Hillary's twenty year Venus cycle ending in December 2006, fitting her rise but also being victimized by Bill.  Then, her six year Sun cycle begins, which is negative for the Sun being weak in its fallen sign of Libra.  Regardless of when Hillary was born, however, the upcoming July 21 -- February 5 Mars/Saturn struggle hits her Mars/Saturn conjunction in Cancer, which must cause her all sorts of problems.  Besides, simple common sense tells us that despite Hillary's popularity, the nation won't put Bill back in the White House. 


     Sooner or later, and hopefully sooner as my Vedic chart indicates, recognition for predictive accuracy of important events and trends will occur.  Tell your friends!


     Here's an intriguing website about a fellow with prescient dreams



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November 7

     Over the last several months, G.W. Bush's planetary karmas (his chart) have been discussed in general terms, mostly as he relates to the unfolding of the neoconservative's downfall.  This Celestial Wheel examines his planetary karmas, referencing previous forecasting, to draw a portrait demonstrating how his personal appearance mirrors his professional life.    

     We can see this visually in Bush's face, aged and worn a decade since last spring -- like an old coal miner surfacing into the sun's revealing glare in these three 2005 photos.  Note: while American presidents always age considerably during their terms, Bush's aging is more dramatic and occured over only months, not years.  Further, as we will see below, Bush's face betrays his falling fortunes.



     Below is an excerpt from the February 21, 2005 In-depth Forecast, #61 Kama & Kendra -- Desire & Power, predicting and giving astrological logic for Bush's aging, loss of power and inability to articulate.


     ...Saturn's retrograde is for the third time blanketing his Gemini Sun -- the significator of (the body) power, prestige, government and speech.  Saturn on the Sun stifles Bush's power, as it did twice previously -- in the summer and fall of 2003 and the late spring of 2004.  Then, Bush's popularity nose-dived, his disapproval ratings increased and he was often tongue-tied.  Watch too for further aging in his face and posture.


     Saturn moved out of Sun-aged Gemini May 28, 2005 to enter Cancer  -- his first house of the self.  This planet of constriction has then began blanketing Bush's Ascendant (body and self) and Mercury, aging him further. 

     We can understand this process because the Sun and the Ascendant both symbolize the body.

     Mercury adds a second agedness influence because this youthful planet of communications placed in the first house has given Bush lifelong boyish looks.

     So, old Saturn continues to age his body, now in a twofold way -- the Ascendant and Mercury. 

     This process will continue through Saturn's transit of Bush's first house, ending November 1, 2006.

G.W. Bush


     As described in #61 Kama & Kendra -- Desire & Power, Saturn on Bush's Sun also harmed his career and limited his speech, and this influence naturally continues in Saturn's transit through his first house.

     A further influence harming Bush's body, career and speech is the ongoing battle between transit Mars and Saturn repeatedly discussed in this forecasting.  This situation was best described in the September 24 Celestial Wheel:

     Since G.W. Bush will be changing planetary cycles from Saturn/Jupiter/Moon to Saturn/Jupiter/Mars on November 3 (continuing until December 27), he would naturally be the over-spending instrument and will be similarly motivated for leadership.  However, as stated in the September 12 Celestial Wheel, For Bush, Mars/Saturn attack his tenth house of career and first house of recognition/fame, we could see a federal government crisis this fall.


     Yet another negative was described in the above quote, that of Bush's planetary cycles (the underlying karmic current upon which the weather-like transits impact), now including both Saturn and Mars.  This was described in the October 24 Celestial Wheel:


    ...the retrogrades and Mars and Saturn together will cause problems for G.W. Bush and the United States.  Bush is particularly vulnerable to career and prestige loss beginning November 3, when he runs Mars in a planetary subcycle.  Mercury's retrograde will bring its typical confusion, exacerbating a crisis in the U.S. government.  More analysis on this concept will follow in future forecasting.


     Finally, as mentioned in this last Celestial Wheel quote, the simultaneous retrogrades of Mars, Saturn and Mercury add another heavy weight to the camel's back, suggesting a crisis during the latter part of this month -- November 14 to 30. 

     Certainly, however, December would be similarly harmful to G.W. Bush.  Then, he continues to run Mars in his planetary cycles (to December 27), and transit Mars continues it's Saturn struggle of destruction in Bush's tenth house of career.

     G.W. Bush's aging is thereby a superlative example a Vedic Astrology parallel between appearance and his political decline.  To see his situation, simply watch his face.

     Although today's discourse includes some Vedic nerd backtracking predictions and events, the ongoing build-up of challenges in Bush's chart can be grasped for its declarative statements in plain English.  This astrologer continues to focus attention on making forecasting accessible to those unacquainted with Vedic Astrology.



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November 3

     Bearing in mind the ongoing (since July 21 to February 5) Mars/Saturn struggle, which has stimulated turmoil in world affairs and our own personal experiences, here are some observations about what people are experiencing.  Perhaps you resonate with one or more of these energies.  This is an application of, Seeing The World Through Vedic Eyes, which was the name of my radio program in Santa Cruz two years ago.

     First, the Sedona Arts Center's Pleine Aire (painting outside) Festival last weekend was a remarkable success -- patrons and the public purchased an amazing number of paintings, with little concern for cost.  The reason for that extravagance is people feeling so stressed, and thereby unhappy, that they bought venusian art to uplift their emotions.  Because Venus is the planet of the arts, luxuries, happiness and contentment, purchasing art is a feel good experience for a permanent enhancement of the home.  I found myself doing the same thing in purchasing plants, for Venus is also the planet of plants, most notably roses.  Remember the additional consideration that Jupiter's wealth continues to be stimulated by destructive Mars -- an influence for impulse spending.  Care should therefore be taken against immoderate purchases, especially since dollars are tight for many, and there's further spending ahead during the holiday season.

     Second, people are feeling worn down by the relentless stress, and this is evidenced in feeling tired, sleeping more, even depression.  A longtime client, always cheerful and optimistic, scheduled a Chart Update, advising:

Frustrations high with work scenarios. Want out.

Really need to play more – I can’t seem to escape my seriousness.

Teenager struggling, which makes my life difficult at home.

Energy levels low.

Need cute clothes…but find it impossible to buy anything that is not black.

Lost chart – now that is bad karma!

     Recall the famously funny Saturday Night Live skit, Marlena Dietrich singing, I'm so tired.

     Third, during my last haircut, at the conservative, all-male Sedona Barber Shop, I noticed the swaggering, cowboy boots and six-gun clientele had noticeably quieted.  Gone was the Iraq war bravado, and hero worship of G.W. Bush et al, replaced by quiet concern, even consternation.  My barber was particularly and unusually upset, complaining he could barely afford to pay for gas in his twenty mile commute.  When I asked if he thought, They just don't care about us, he immediately agreed, repeating my statement with both conviction and frustration.  That the Sedona Barbershop has turned against the neoconservatives demonstrates the groundswell of popular protest from a bastion of Arizona conservatism.

     Fourth, this week, following Scooter Libby's felony indictment last Friday, I noticed a small blossoming of hope, even as people also admitted to feeling pressured.  When buying stamps, one of counter ladies at the Post Office asked me whether there was more aggravation than usual, while also pondering that she thought, just maybe things will get better?  Yes, I replied, though November will be tough, beginning mid February, conditions could begin to improve.  Recall the October 31 Celestial Wheel discussed this interpretation of the planetary karmas.

     So, if you've been buying things to feel better, felt trapped and powerless, experienced your anger rising against the government and yet are also experiencing a recent resurgence of hope, you're not alone.  All these qualities are running through the fabric of humanity.  It's best to steer a straight course, keeping your attention on your long term goals and not be overly swayed the the planetary karmas.  This is most important during the second half of this month, as Mars, then Mercury and finally Saturn become retrograde, which must rile up the cosmic waters.

     As each month brings a new Celestial Wheel page, I've begin November by launching The Celestial Wheel as the title for this world forecasting service -- a semiweekly internet publication.  The Celestial Wheel has evolved into an effective vehicle, making its name adoption common sense.  This astrologer's website will be revised this weekend to reflect that change, and the Celestial Wheel will likely also have its own stand-alone website. 

     I mention this, not just to clarify the forecasting, but also to inform that world forecasting is my specialty     -- initiated in July, 2002.  All full time professional Vedic Astrologers specialize, selecting from Vedic Astrology's vast knowledge base an area of endeavor matching their skills -- fulfilling their Dharma (life purpose).  Dennis Harness runs the American College of Vedic Astrology, James Braha writes and publishes Vedic books, Jeffrey Armstrong holds seminars on Vedic philosophy and publishes poetry, Barry Rosen runs a commodities futures business...  I'm the sole American Vedic Astrologer currently specializing on world events astrology.

     A further, and practical reason for selecting an area of concentration, is not making a living on personal consultations alone.  Part of this limitation is that doing personal consultations is truly working in the trenches of client's karmic challenges.  Those karmic confrontations exhaust the astrologer's psychic energy, requiring time off and also working in another Vedic area that does not deplete.  (Consider how other types of counselors become a little weird for their dealing in the underbelly of the human mind, especially psychiatrists.)

     I thereby greatly and personally appreciate your referring friends and acquaintances to The Celestial Wheel.  I maintain current forecasting samples on my website, which I encourage your telling others about. You Subscribers are dedicated, which I appreciate, but you're also a very small group.  Enlarging the subscription base would underwrite more time for research and composition -- to enhance The Celestial Wheel's illumination of planetary karmas affecting us all.



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