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May 6, 2013

     This entry begins a new monthly VedicLeaks page.

Solar Eclipse Week 
     This is a big week for having the annular solar eclipse on Thursday, May 9.  To begin the review, here again is the this spring's eclipse schedule,

     April 25 a partial lunar at 11:43 Libra

     May 9 a powerful annular solar at 25:25 Aries

     May 25 a penumbral lunar at 10:05 Scorpio

     You can see we're in the middle of this unstable interval.  An analogy, which is very apt now, is the seasonal shift from winter to spring in the U.S.  Then, warm/moist air flows from the Gulf of Mexico begin to blow northwest, crashing into the jet stream's cold/dry air sweeping down from  Canada across the great plains.  This creates powerful fronts stimulating heavy storms tornadoes, even floods.  While the first of these may be just an inconvenience, later severe weather events become truly burdensome -- including harming assets like homes and taking rising rivers to flood stages.  While other parts of the world also experience these extreme weather surges, the U.S.'s geography makes these more potent, which is why the U.S. is the tornado capital of the globe.

     Not only is the globe well into this unstable interval, and thereby more vulnerable for malefic energies that have already hit, but with the middle eclipse being the powerful annular solar, compared with the much weaker lunar eclipses -- this week brings an energetic peak.  Remember too, eclipse energies begin a week or more before the eclipse date and then tail off fairly quickly.  So, expect eclipse turbulence this entire week.

     This year, there are the added malefic energies of Mars being in the eclipse mix of Sun/Venus/Mercury in Aries and the challenging Saturn/Rahu conjunction directly opposite in Libra.  Too, since planets throw aspects (glances) seven houses away (directly opposite their positions), these harmful energies are shooting across the zodiac at each other.

     Before, however, you reject this as just more Celestial Wheel negatives, for you've worked hard to keep God (spirituality) in your lives, keep in mind four things. 

     Spring storms bring rain, desperately needed now for areas in the Midwest and Southwest suffering from major drought conditions the last two years.  There are benefits from from planetary karmas that are also destructive -- a silver lining. 

     Much of our lives can be understood as karmic ruts -- patterns we've settled into that increase skills, achievements and result in gains. But, by definition, ruts also restrict -- like trains can only travel on railroad tracks, and cars can go anywhere where there's a road, and sometimes off-road too!  Karmic ruts hold us back from growth.  So, if your path, with its well worn ruts, floods, that negative pushes you out of old ruts into a new path, where you will gradually create new ruts on higher and dry ground.  

     Stressful times like these bring us back to reality, forcing us to question, and sometimes reject, beliefs and attitudes that no longer function in this changing world.

     God brings all the weather.  And in weather ranging from calm to calamitous, he teaches us to maintain our equanimity and challenges us to face our fears.


An Important Reminder:

Recall, if an eclipse occurs within 2 degrees of any planet in your chart, that planet will be eclipsed -- blocked. 

Some believe eclipses (on charts' planets) only affect mundane astrology -- world events.  I don't agree, having witnessed and experienced personally eclipses hitting planets with demonstrable effects. 

Further, recall that Mitt Romney was hit hard by the solar eclipse last spring, which clearly harmed his campaign during the summer and into the fall.  Well, as elections are mundane astrology, and that eclipse on Romney's chart harmed his electability, then how can eclipses on charts of individuals not have an effect? 

Still, even if The Celestial Wheel is wrong about eclipses affecting individual charts, there are so many other planetary afflictions now, everyone has measurable risk of being affected.  It's best to play it safe -- don't take dramatic actions of any kind and be on the alert of challenges coming at you.  In other words, play karmic dodgeball.



Predictions For The May 9 Solar Eclipse  (This section repeats part of the same-titled section in the April 30 VedicLeaks as a timely reminder.)

     March 21 VedicLeaks predictions for April and May continue, Mideast violences, major storms (hitting anywhere) and for the U.S. chart, investments, government officials, truly severe storms and perhaps even popular revolts in impoverished urban areas.  Note I also predicted oil prices would rise.  Certainly violences beyond storms have already occurred -- the Boston Marathon bombing and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion.  Expect all will continue and peak around May 9. 

     One really bizarre harm is also occurring -- poisoning.



A Solar Eclipse Chart And A Graph 
    Here again is the May 9 annular solar eclipse chart from the 30 VedicLeaks.  As mentioned above, the intense grouping in Aries is directly across from the also intense due of Saturn and Rahu in Libra -- from which all these planets aspect each other.

     Here's a graph showing these dispositions.  The planets are graphed for the month of May in their passages through the signs.  Again, the eclipse action is in Aries, and the Saturn/Rahu combination is in Libra.  This added visual gives you more information about how intense this all this.  (The gray slanted line is the Moon.)


     But, these images also reveal two very interesting qualities of the planetary dispositions. 

     First, the the two mental planets, Moon and Mercury -- the perceptional mind and the calculating mind -- are smack dab in the middle of the eclipse energy.  At a solar eclipse, the Moon must be in the eclipse zone, for he causes the eclipse of the Sun.  Then, the Moon is new (has no light), making him feel empty and vulnerable.  That's a big reason eclipses are destabilizing.  However, with Mercury also right in the middle oft the eclipse rumble, this second mental planet is also disturbed.  Mercury, which is very sensitive, feels gobbled up by the eclipse, under attack by Mars and spaced out by Ketu. 

     This dual attack on the mind aggravates external harms.  More importantly for you personally, it disturbs the mind.  Recall that Mercury is also the nervous system, making you jittery and rattled now.  So, keep calm, don't overreact and use spiritual practices to calm and ground your mind. 

     Second, Venus has been in Aries and is now in Taurus.  Venus rules Taurus, making her happy and functioning well there.  And, she joins Jupiter in Taurus.  Finally, although Venus and Jupiter do not aspect the malefics in Aries and Libra, in turn, those malefics don't aspect Venus/Jupiter in Taurus either.  That is, Venus/Jupiter are clean -- not afflicted in any way.

     What does this mean?  Well, Jupiter is the great benefic, the best of all planets, symbolizing optimism, solutions to problems, luck and wisdom.  Venus follows as the second best benefic.  Among other things, Venus is joy,beauty wealth, enjoyments, the grace of God, beauty, compassion and the arts.  Together, they form the most divine combination -- Ease, comfort, happiness, optimism, humanitarianism...  The only drawback is this combination is so expansive, over-indulgences and extravagances can result.  It's a good week to put your credit cards away!

     This Venus/Jupiter combination, in being so positive, must also bring good things.  This is not a counter-balance on the negatives from the malefics during this eclipse interval.  Venus/Jupiter is actually an influence separate and removed from the eclipse stresses.  Therefore, we can expect that whatever harms come from the eclipse and the malefics, Venus/Jupiter will bring something really excellent!

     As the week unfolds, look then to making lemonade out of lemons -- in the world and in your personal experiences as well.  I make just one caveat -- the expected harm is quite severe.  Therefore, even as Venus/Jupiter bring great gain, there will also be great loss.  Since Saturn, the great malefic, is involved in the eclipse grouping, his symbolism is appropriate.  Saturn is the destroyer and the creator.  He destroys that which is no longer needed to make room for the new.

     Knowing just this information more than pays for your Celestial Wheel Participation.

     In closing, here's a beautiful custom-painted Celestial Wheel by Debbie Edwards, International Medium, Author and Artist.  Debbie most graciously granted permission for its use.  Notice that beyond the inspiring art, Debbie has captured both the light and dark, which contrasting energies are our karmas.  This certainly is a Venus/Jupiter benefit.



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May 13, 2013

Solar Eclipse Wrap-up 
     Thursdays' potent solar eclipse was a focus for the planetary stresses from April 1 through late May.  Using a geographical analogy, it was an earthquake's epicenter.  However, this misleads unless one also stipulates a series of earthquakes, major and minor, during the entire nearly two month interval -- with last Thursday's solar eclipse symbolizing a peak.  All the malefic planets have been and continue to battle: in Aries -- the hot Sun, Mars and Ketu; in Libra -- Saturn and Rahu.  (Note:  if you don't know that Rahu and Ketu are the eclipse points and are understood via their Hindu mythology, you can learn about them in this essay on my website, Vedic Life Consultation.)

     Although eclipse effect precede the astronomical event by a week or so, building to a peak at the eclipse date, the influence falls off more quickly.  Already, the churning is calming -- somewhat -- or as I told Patricia Flores, my charming but very Mexican Mayan Healer friend, a leetle.  And beyond the eclipse energy decreasing, the perceptional Moon is now out of the eclipse location in Aries, as is Mercury, the intellect.  Thereby, the two mental planets have move away from a calming maelstrom.  And, in just one day, the hot Sun will leave Aries for Taurus.  Finally, warrior Mars, whose has been instigating most of the discords and physical harms, will also shift into Taurus, May 22.  So, the planetary energies will continue to calm.  But, even these succeeding downshifts don't end the turmoil.  Truly, it won't be until after the May 25 penumbral lunar eclipse that the planetary energies return to their normal levels -- the the earth will end it's long springtime trembling.

     It is also important to understand that while eclipses do as the word means -- block -- when the Sun is eclipsed, the sky darkens, allowing the starts to be seen.  Thus eclipses also reveal and are thus bring revelations.


Spring Predictions  
     Let's do a quick review of what has resulted so far, particularly during the last week -- using as a framework the Celestial Wheel predictions, first made in the March 21 VedicLeaks. (Note:  the April 30 VedicLeaks was an end-of-month prediction review.)  Just keep in mind, it's not over til it's over.  So this is truly just a mid-trip check, and it's valuable to determine the accuracy of predictions, as well as their import.  If you doubt these apply to you, see the gas price increase prediction. 

     Mideast violences   Syria threatens Israel, says airstrikes near Damascus open door to ‘all options’ 

     Major storms  April weather was terrible, as described in the April 30 VedicLeaks 

      Oil prices rising  Gas Buddy

     Poisonings  France reports first case of new SARS-like virus   Saudi Arabia says five dead from new SARS-like virus  Ariz. climber found dead, covered with bee stings  (Note:  the May 2 Predictions Check listed a dozen.)  EAST ABOUT TO BE OVERRUN BY BILLIONS OF CICADAS  (Let's see what trouble this causes.)

     Investments  Goldman Sachs employees concerned Bloomberg news reporters are using terminals to snoop   BofA Settles ‘Big Kahuna’ Mortgage Lawsuit as Another Case Looms  N.Y. Plans Homeowner Enforcement Against Financial Firms  Manufacturing data stokes fears of global spring swoon  Stocks rally but bull may still lose its party hat   (Note:  It's odd that stock prices have moved to historic highs, which indicates inflation -- while gold has dropped sharply, indicating deflation.  The big and smart money is becoming frenzied in its search for profits.  stock markets look like a Humpty Dumpty situation to me.)

     Government officials  IRS kept shifting targets in tax-exempt groups scrutiny: repor IRS APOLOGIZES FOR TARGETING TEA PARTY GROUPS  Pentagon grapples with sex crimes by military recruiters  Benghazi attack: State Department pushed for changes in the administration’s talking points  (Hilary Clinton's Vedic chart shows vulnerability now.)   GOV'T OBTAINS WIDE AP PHONE RECORDS IN PROBE  

     Truly severe storms  Again, April weather was terrible, as described in the April 30 VedicLeaks Here is May severe storms, Historic Snowstorm Hits Plains to Upper Midwest  Arkansas locations experience record snowfall, low temperatures for May

     Perhaps even popular revolts in impoverished urban areas Police vow to solve shooting that wounded 19 people during Mother’s Day parade in New Orleans  Some Gun Owners Aren’t Happy About the Open Carry March on Washington  (These are precursor to this prediction.)

Solar eclipse revelations   Amanda Berry: Three captive women chained up in grim dungeon for a decade gave birth to five babies  Doctor ordered detained on child porn charges  One hospital charges $8,000 — another, $38,000   Greenhouse Gases Hit Threshold Unseen in 3 Million Years  China may not overtake America this century after all  (This is important.  The Celestial Wheel has long held China and India will not rise to rule the economic world due to their rigid indigenous cultures.)




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May 16, 2013

Severe Weather

Several days of severe storms began yesterday with massive tornadoes in Texas.  Overseas, a tropical cyclone hit Bangladesh.

This weather sensitivity will continue through at least Monday, May 20.  Wind and heavy thunderstorms with dangerous lightning and tornadoes are of greatest concern. Any flooding will be limited.

Although weather forecasters are concerned about all next week, the U.S. may get a break starting Tuesday.

Watch weather reports for your area, and regions you would travel to, and consider canceling any trips.

May 17 e-mail

See the Weather Channel's World's Week of Deadly Weather (PHOTOS)

Here's the first one,



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May 24, 2013

Lunar Eclipse Tonight

There will be a penumbral eclipse of the Moon tonight in Scorpio, beginning just after midnight, which is why it is dated for May 25, Saturday. Your sleep may be disturbed.

"The shadow of the Earth can be divided into two distinctive parts: the umbra and penumbra. Within the umbra, there is no direct solar radiation. However, as a result of the Sun’s large angular size, solar illumination is only partially blocked in the outer portion of the Earth’s shadow, which is given the name penumbra. A penumbral eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the Earth’s penumbra. The penumbra causes a subtle darkening of the Moon's surface Penumbral lunar eclipse on May 25, 2013.

This eclipse will be visible the Americas and in West Africa, but the darkening can go unnoticed. This image shows that subtle darkening, but also it's moody quality -- for the Moon is the emotional and perceptional mind.  The Moon is naturally afraid of eclipses blocking its light.  It occurs in Scorpio, the Moon's fallen (weak) sign) which location darkens the mind further but is also revealing, for the stars being more visible.

With eclipse effects beginning several days before the astronomical event, we've already seen revealing some Scorpio secrets, notably in the scandals rocking Washington DC. Other secreted information will doubtless come forward during the next few days.

Further, coming on the heals of the April 25 partial lunar eclipse and then the May 9 powerful annular solar eclipse, this eclipses' effects are more pronounced -- the third hammer strike drives the nail home.

Finally, this has been a tumultuous spring because warrior Mars has been attacking nearly all the other planets.

But Mars is now out of the way in Taurus, and this final eclipse is perhaps a not-so-bad wrap-up of spring traumas and dramas. The old saying, The darkest hour is just before the dawn, seems apt. It will be great to have some celestial peace. We all need some calm to rest up and recharge out batteries.

The degree location is 10:05 Scorpio, and as mentioned before about eclipses, if the eclipse point is within two degrees of a planet in your chart, it will be eclipsed -- blocked -- for up to six months.



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May 26, 2013

Dazzling Planetary Alignment Tonight!

Tonight, just after sunset, an unusual and truly dazzling alignment of bright benefic planets -- Jupiter, Venus and Mercury -- occurs.

See, Planetary alignment peaks with celestial show this weekend, Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest planets in the sky this month, will be joined by tiny Mercury for a rare celestial show this weekend. The celestial show peaks on Sunday when the trio will appear as a bright triangle of light in the western sky beginning about 30 minutes after sunset.

This is naturally a good omen, perhaps heralding the end of a very tough spring season.

Recall the Friday Heads-up, Lunar Eclipse Tonight, stated, ...this final eclipse is perhaps a not-so-bad wrap-up of spring traumas and dramas. There were some further unusual harms related to the eclipse, though nothing like Monday's horrific tornado in Arkansas. Missouri highway collapses after rail cars hit overpass pillars; 7 injured Two believed dead as heavy rains flood San Antonio streets; 11 Killed, 16 Injured in Myanmar Bus Accident

Whether you believe in omens or not, nature does send signals, for good or ill, reflecting planetary karmas. I noted a lot of road kill on my 1 mile scooter ride to the beach -- squirrels, possums, even an armadillo, unmistakable for his armor plating. Then, of course, vultures came, another bad omen, or at least certainly an ugly one! This fits with Mars, symbolizing animals, being ferocious this spring.

If you miss the sky show tonight, the after-sunset trio will be blazing for a few more days, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury Meet in Western Twilight May 25-28, 2013  Or, if you do see them tonight, enjoy the planetary show again through Tuesday. We can all be reminded of when gazing skyward that there is indeed order in the universe -- and although everyone has been tossed about in one way or another this spring, better times always come.



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