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March 1, 2013

Mercury Retrograde Confusions 
     The February 22 Vedicleaks explained this February 23 to March 17 Mercury retrograde is difficult because Mars is in the planetary mix this year.  Comparing the last two Mercury retrogrades with Mars involved confirmed the virulence.  These were January 2009, when Obama took office with the economy crashing, and April 2011, when the Arab Spring was peaking and the Tea Party was roaring.  Aggressive Mars overstimulates the Mercurial mind, which is already vulnerable for being retrograde -- backwards.  If Mercury retrograde is like driving your car in reverse, then adding Mars energy is like stepping hard on the accelorator!  Beyond Mercury's calculations and skill being compromised, memory becomes an open sieve as we careen backwards at 50 MPH through our days.

     Haven't you forgotten, misplaced or dropped things in the past several days?  Have you noticed yet that you forgot to pay a bill, enter a charge in your checkbook, reply to an email...?  Has anything broken, or a communications system been frazzled in some way?  A friend at the coffee shop complained he was running late because he had run out of gas -- impossible because he had filled up on Tuesday!  Only by checking his debit card charges did he remember that was Tuesday, February 19.   

     Fundamental to this tough Mercury retrograde is heightened mental confusion, which naturally makes forecasting about it extremely challenging!  I've known very well that there are opposing planetary dispositions which steady the mental ship's journey, but not the Mercury retrograde's ragged steering,   But dog gone if I could focus down on these dispositions to explain them!  Well, this is the fourth day of trying to cross those rapids, and the delay only heightens the need to do so.

A related quality of this Mars-driven Mercury retrograde is Mars/Mercury means scheming, trying to find the quick and easy way out, deceiving and selfish.  It's the combination for politicians, liars, thieves and lawyers -- an also other oppor-tunistic animals, like sharks, wolves and vultures.

Mitch McConnell, the scurrilous Senate Minority Leader, suggested Congress give Obama the power to implement the Fiscal Cliff spending reductions, "Giving the Obama administration more authority could take pressure off of Congress to address the sequester.  But the White House is also keenly aware that it would give Republicans an opening to blame Obama, instead of themselves, for every unpopular cut he makes."  Obama didn't even consider taking that hot potato.


Sorting Out The Confusions     
   Making this tough Mercury retrograde even more opaque to objective understanding is favorable major planetary influences are also happening. 

     The February 22 Vedicleaks explained in the opening section, Favorable Planetary Influences, the four heavyweight and slow-moving planets are generally better disposed now.  The outermost planets, Jupiter and Saturn, steady the solar system by by enclosing and protecting the volatile inner planets.  And Rahu, and Ketu, the eclipse points, are not disrupting as much with their typical, throwing wrenches into the machinery.  However, it's also true in Vedic Astrology that opposing planetary influences do not cancel each other out.  All that are active must influence.  Thus, while the big planets are protecting against harms, the inner planets continue to gyrate within that fairly stable framework.  While the fence around the tennis court prevents losing balls, it doesn't keep the balls on the court.

     Thereby, the U.S. sequester, beginning today, is impossible grasp -- by anyone and everyone, including the politicians and the press, and you and me!  It's like pushing a string.  The confusion is made worse by the generally accepted idea that Federal government spending must be decreased to move toward a balanced budget.  But that itself will harm the economy.  Further, when folks are asked what should be reduced, they sputter about all kinds of waste, a favorite being foreign aid.  Cut that to fix the problem!  Point out U.S foreign aid (economic and military) is $50 billion, less than 5% of the deficit and only 1.4% of the total budget, and they still insist.  I asked about cutting this aid to Afghanistan ($12 billion, where we are still fighting) or Israel ( $3 billion) or twenty some countries receiving less than a billion in strictly humanitarian aid, and they sputter, "Stop sending money to Haiti.  It's just wasted." 

     However, nothing terrible is going to happen, at least right away.  This naturally results from the four heavyweight planets steading the entire solar system.  But, following the tennis court fence analogy, after a while, all the tennis balls end up scattered between the fence and the court -- with none available for play.  That's called game over.

     When Mercury turns forward on March 17, understanding will begin to replace confusion and reactionary thinking.  Also, although much of the world is in Mercury retrograde turmoil -- Italy now doesn't have a government, nor a Pope! -- the U.S. is in the hot seat now.  However, this will be a slow process, not an instant revelation.

     The U.S. is more affected because it's Dasas (planetary cycles) are Mars major and Mercury minor.  Mars/Mercury brings both mystical paranoia in the U.S. chart and great risk of economic calamity*.  And the transit influence with Mercury retrograde is obviously negative.  However, the third level Dasa planet for the U.S. chart is Jupiter -- from February 12, to April 1.  Jupiter is the great benefic, and in the U.S. chart, he's the most fortunate and stabilizing influence.  That's why nothing truly horrible has happened the past few weeks, and likely won't through March.  Jupiter is also faith and optimism, which is unfortunately giving people a false feeling of security --even while their confused Mercury/Mars minds are wildly hitting the tennis balls off the court and into the fence.

     But when Jupiter yields to Saturn April 1, the planet of loss, suffering and most importantly, reality, is going to lower the boom.  One way we can understand this is considering the economy is taking three hits.  First, payroll taxes went back up to the normal levels January 1.  Second, gas and oil have zoomed up.  Third will be the sequestration cuts.  The economy, already slowing from a growth spurt, must go into recession again as the burden of these three economic negatives tips the scales.

(*the current Mars/Mercury cycle heralds back to the Mars/Mercury cycle in 1893, the Financial Panic of 1893,Mars/Mercury then, 5/31/1893 to 5/28/1893.  That Financial Panic started in January 1893 and got worse through the spring.  The U.S. chart is again running Mars/Mercury 5/31/12 to 5/28/13. It seems the Fiscal Cliff must be the bell that tolls for a financial panic/collapse this winter/spring.)

     I have more to discuss, but this is enough for today -- for both my stressed and impatient Mercury/Mars mind, and yours too!


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March 12, 2013

Just 5 More Days Of Mercury Retrograde  
     Mercury has been retrograde since February 23 turns forward this coming Sunday, March 17, just after noon EDT.

     Not all Mercury retrogrades are difficult.  After all, Mercury does its 3 week retrograde motion 3 times a year.  This one is more challenging than most, however, due to it being in Aquarius, ruled by stifling Saturn, and also having had destructive Mars in the mix.  Mars shifted out of Aquarius March 4, nearly a week ago, but weird and sometimes ridiculous dramas have continued to unfold.

     Here's a short list of some of the best, or perhaps I should say worst, Mercury retrograde behaviors:

     2/27  Scalia: Voting Rights Act Is A ‘Perpetuation Of Racial Entitlement’ 

     3/4  Fox's Dobbs Pushes Conspiracy That Government Is "Arming Up"

     3/6  Rand Paul heads home after 13-hour filibuster 

     Overseas wasn't any better, either!

     2/26  The Berlusconi Effect: Political Gridlock Wins Italian Elections 

     3/9  Kenya’s Kenyatta, Facing ICC Charges, Wins Presidential Vote

     3/11  White House concerned over North Korean threats

     Although this is anecdotal, there's been an illness uptick.  Physiological issues result from the Sun being constricted in Saturn's sign of Aquarius and harmed by Mars.  The Sun signifies the heart, head, right eye and spine.  Infections, especially respiratory, is a Mercury affliction.  Mercury also signifies skin and intestinal problems.  The Sun moving out of Saturn-ruled Aquarius in just 2 days -- Thursday -- will provide relief from solar illness symptoms.  Mercury's resumption of forward motion on Sunday will relieve its health sensitivities. 

     However, as stated in the above March 1 entry, not much of any merit -- good or bad -- will likely happen this month of March.  Yet, with Mars now throwing a mean aspect to Saturn, which gets tight around March 23, the last week of March will see struggles building.



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March 21, 2013

Mercury Turned Forward March 17
      This challenging Mercury retrograde is most thankfully over! 

     We can see the welcome change from mental confusion to dawning clarity in the Cyprus bank bailout plan.  On Saturday, March 16, the last day of Mercury retrograde, ...euro zone finance ministers want Cyprus savers to forfeit a portion of their deposits in return for a 10 billion euro ($13 billion) bailout for the island, which has been financially crippled by its exposure to neighboring GreeceThe decision, announced on Saturday morning, stunned Cypriots and caused a run on cash points, most of which were depleted within hours.  Electronic transfers were stopped.

     With Mercury forward, reason returned on Monday, Cyprus rejects bailout plan that would make savers pay, raising anxiety in euro zoneThe plan to save Cyprus’s collapsing banks, but to charge depositors for the service, proved so controversial that not one of the 56 members of Cyprus’s parliament voted for it Tuesday evening

     The issue remains unresolved, and it appears to be a another stress point in the issue of bank bailouts versus letting banks fail when they get greedy and gamble with our money.  Certainly the Iceland example shows the latter actually works, including taking down its criminal billionaires, Iceland’s Lost Billionaires Unmourned as Riches Draw Ire.  As for Cyprus, the bell tolls this coming Monday, Cyprus bailout deadline set for Monday.


Mars Is The Villain To Watch

     Mars is the planet of  war.  He's aggressive, selfish, without guilt, unrepentant, crafty and insatiable in his greed.  Mars causes strife and turmoil as he marches through the zodiac signs -- like an invading army.  Mars is the planet of action.  He makes things happen.  Mars is thereby determinative in mundane astrology (world forecasting).  As such, Mars makes mundane astrology much easier -- just follow him to find where the action is and will be.

     As discussed in the February 22 VedicLeaks, this February 24 to March 17 retrograde is challenging  ..because Mars is in the planetary mix this year.  That entry then detailed this issue about aggressive Mars,

      As discussed before, Mercury and Venus are always pretty close to the Sun as seen from the earth, which is astrology's vantage point.  When, Mars, the planet of war, is conjoined with these, all suffer, but the Mercury retrograde interval is the most intense.

     Sun/Mercury/Venus each go through a sign in about 30 days.  Mars moves half as fast, going through a sign in about 60 days.

     Thereby, the Sun/Mercury/Venus group encounters Mars every two years.

     This last happened in April, 2011, which was a peak for the Arab Spring -- but also the Tea Party craziness.  See the March 29, 2011 VedicLeaks.

     The next previous Mercury retrograde when Mars was with the Sun/Mercury/Venus trio was late January, 2009.  Then, just after Obama first took office, the economy was in a tailspin.  See the January 22, 2009 In-depth Forecast, More On The Big Blizzard Of 2009, which noted the challenging upcoming Sun/Mars/Mercury conjunction.  Yes, there were other difficult planetary dispositions then, but the Mercury retrograde afflicted by Mars was a potent karma for disruption.

     That entry displayed a February 23 Vedic transit chart showing these dispositions.  However, Mars was just warming up by afflicting Mercury during its retrograde.  Mars continues in the Mercury/Sun/Venus mix and also is now afflicting the Saturn/Rahu combination in Libra, with a destructive aspect (glance).

     The above March 12 entry mentioned this, Yet, with Mars now throwing a mean aspect to Saturn, which gets tight around March 23, the last week of March will see struggles building.  The world transit chart for today shows that aspect.  (Note:  These transit charts are labeled World Transit Chart because they show the placements of the planets in today's skies, which affects the entire globe.)

World Transit Chart February 23, 2013

World Transit Chart March 21, 2013

     Mars, Saturn and Rahu are the big three planetary malefics.  Ketu, the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point, is another tough malefic, but his influence to dissolve generally doesn't bring the dramatic results of the other three.  However, Ketu is gas and oil, and his bringing major price swings for these is absolutely dramatic.

     The February 17 VedicLeaks discussed the current Saturn/Rahu conjunction, stating, Saturn, the planet of suffering, loss and oppression, conjoining Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point, is the worst such combination (of malefics).  Rahu intensifies Saturn's harms.  (Recall from that entry, that Saturn/Mars conjunctions occurred during the: 1979 Iranian Revolution, the 1991 Gulf War and the 2001 Afghanistan War.)

     When Mars enters the ring by aspecting the Saturn/Rahu combination, an intense concentration of malefic energy results.

     Here's a transit chart for April 13, when Mars enters Aries.  Then, Mars will be opposite Libra and thereby continuing to aspect the Saturn/Rahu combination.  That Saturn will also aspect Mars adds to the stresses.

     Plus, Mars will still be entangled with the close-together trio of Sun/Mercury/Venus.  As these move much faster than Mars, the Sun and Mercury catch up with Mars later in April and in May.

     Worse, Mars will also be conjoined with Ketu, suggesting another gas/oil price surge.  Mars will continue in Aries until May 22.

     We should expect, then, turmoil all over the globe from now until May 22, when Mars stops aspecting the Saturn/Rahu combination and Ketu.  We should expect the Mideast to be affected because Saturn/Rahu conjunctions impact the Mideast, and with Ketu afflicted, Mideast oil will be a focus.

World Transit Chart April 13, 2013

     To recap, Mars has begun seriously afflicting the tough Saturn/Rahu conjunction in Libra and will continue doing so until May 22.  Mars will also begin afflicting Ketu April 13  Finally, Mars is mixed up with the Sun/Venus/Mercury combination during this same interval, which magnifies turmoil.  Notice that these total to six planets.  Adding in the fast-moving and all-important Moon, makes seven.  In fact, the Moon's transit position often signals major events when the planets are askance.  That only leaves Jupiter escaping Mars' harms.


Plus, The Eclipse Season Is Coming   
     There's a final astrological event happening this spring -- the eclipse season.  This is additive to the above harms Mars brings.  You can see in the above April 13 World Transit Chart that the sun is at 29 degrees, nearly out of Pisces.  On April 14, the Sun enters Aries, signalling the beginning of the eclipse season.  This spring there will be three eclipses:  April 25 a partial lunar at 11:43 Libra, May 9 a powerful annular solar at 25:25 Aries and May 25 a penumbral lunar at 10:05 Scorpio.  Eclipses, which block the light of the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, destabilize.

     This eclipse season will aggravate any ills resulting from Mars' multiple and harmful influences upon the other planets.


Spring Predictions    
     It's impossible to predict the multitude of issues that will hit the fan this spring.  With nearly all the planets involved, there is simply too much complexity to unravel the planetary symbolism.  We can only know for certain that everything will be shaken up.  Still, a few predictions can be made now.

     The Mideast will continue to heat up.  The Arab Spring process continues, and there's more noise again about Israel attacking Iran to stop nuclear capability there.  One result is that oil prices will spike up again.

     There will also be major spring storms hitting until late May as well.  This results from both Mars and Saturn aspecting Cancer, the fourth house of the home.  These can occur anywhere. 

     As for the U.S. it's chart is pretty badly afflicted.  The Mars/Mercury/Jupiter cycle, which has run since February 12, has brought Jupiterian optimism and some luck, which is why the stock market is high and the economy seems to be expanding.  However, this won't last, for starting April 1, these planetary cycles change to Mars/Mercury/Saturn.  This lasts until May 28.  Saturn will clamp down with a reality jolt.  And all the above-described transit impacts will aggravate.  Mars position in Aries is the U.S. chart's fifth house of investments and government leaders, signaling strife in these areas. 

     The U.S. is at risk for major and destructive storms because the home sign of Cancer is the eighth house of catastrophe in the U.S. chart. 

     There is also some influence for popular revolts amping up, especially in the U.S.  Well, Saturn/Rahu is pushing ahead hard and being victimized, and Mars energy adds frustration and angry desire to the recipe.  The article, How the recession turned middle-class jobs into low-wage jobs, includes this scary income graph,

     It shows in one simple graphic why Americans are increasingly frustrated, and getting angry, that after 4 /12 years since the Millennium Contraction hit, things aren't getting better.  In fact, they are getting worse!  The January 27 VedicLeaks closed with this section, Riots In The Cities May Made Worse By Gun Fanatics,


     That prediction was made for late next summer, when hot cities steam with revolt.  Then, Saturn and Rahu will be very close, and Mars will aspect them from Cancer.  However, riots can begin this spring.

     This article, This viral video is right: We need to worry about wealth inequality, addresses the companion issue of wealth.  In the article is this startling graph showing both income and wealth by percentages of Americans.  Oh, and do watch the referenced video.  You'll be astounded. 




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March 27 2013

The next few days will be challenging

The (above) March 21 VedicLeaks described the tough planetary karmas coming forward this spring, including repeating a comment from March 12, ..with Mars now throwing a mean aspect to Saturn (Rahu), which gets tight around March 23, the last week of March will see struggles building.

That entry also stated, We should expect, then, turmoil all over the globe from now until May 22... and the Moon's transit position often signals major events when the planets are askance.

The transit Moon is now in Virgo, being aspected by Mars. Tomorrow midday, the Moon goes into Libra for the next 2 1/2 days, where it will be mixed up with Saturn/Rahu and continued to be aspected by Mars. Here's a chart for Thursday showing these planetary situations. Notice too the shaded pink area, showing that Venus, the planet of love and cooperation, is combust the hot Sun and also afflicted by Mars.


The lunar emotions and perception are sorely challenged here. Venus' happiness and contentment are also hit hard. This is difficult on everyone, especially females, which these planets symbolize.

There is also risk for vehicle accidents, since Venus is vehicles and the Moon is fixed assets. Along with this, because Rahu is airplanes, accidents in the sky are likely. Friday, Venus' day of the week, is the most challenging. But Saturday can be difficult as well.

March 31 Prediction Check

Dear Celestial Wheel Participants,

This past Wednesday's Heads-up suggested "...accidents in the sky are likely," referencing airplanes, with Friday 3/29 being the peak. If you Google "airplane crash news," you'll find even small plane crashes are uncommon.

There was a swarm of small plane crashes these past couple of days, most on Friday. The dates are for the media reports. Here are the links to media reports I found,

3/29 Plane crashes on Lake Latoka in Alexandria, Minn

3/29 Duluth's 'Rose Man' dies in plane crash

3/30 Plane crashes into the sea off Waikato (New Zealand, so consider the time zone difference)

3/30 Navy SEAL killed in Arizona parachute training accident was decorated member of famed Team 6 (The accident occurred Thursday)

3/30 Body of student pilot ejected from plane found (the accident happened Friday)

3/31 Plane crashes on takeoff at Smoketown Airport; pilot killed (The crash was on Saturday)




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