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July 12, 2015

Make Hay While The Sun Shines

     The June 18 VedicLeaks predicted A Pretty Nice Summer from the conjunctions of the benefic planets Jupiter, Venus and Mercury.  While this listing was repeated June 30, it's useful to insert it again so that you don't miss opportunities!  However, these intervals do not hold equal amounts of expansion and overcoming obstacles. 

     The June 30 entry explained that malefic Saturn turning from retrograde to forward August 1 (making him strong again) and Mars will be on the move again too, wrecking havoc would be best to complete your summer activities by the end of July.

     June 19,20 Jupiter, Venus, Moon
     June 21 to July 5 Jupiter, Venus
     July 14 to August 4 Jupiter, Venus
     August 4 to August 13 Mercury, Jupiter, Venus

     Here also from the June 18 VedicLeaks is the transit chart for July 14, the inception of this final really good interval, and August 4, when it will have just ended.

July 14 Transits

August 4 Transits



Not Every Chart Will Benefit, But Still...

     Of course, not every person and nation chart will equally or even unequivocally benefit from these dispositions.  But still, as transits are global planetary weather, there's a universal uplift.  A high tide lifts all boats

     That being said, the U.S. chart will continue to be hit with major and ongoing arguments and other discords -- the fighting combination of Mars and Sun is in that chart's seventh house of relationship.  Just overlay the above July 14 transit chart upon the below U.S. chart to see these clashes.  Plus communicative Mercury also transiting there stimulates lots of public coverage.  A key arena here is the Republican presidential candidates beating each other up, but then there are social and race issues in the spotlight as well.

As Mercury is faster than Mars, it is overtaking the red planet of war.  Then, the fastest planet, all-important perceptional Moon, will join the trio for a four planet stellium.  This will be a new Moon, making it weak and thereby vulnerable.

This is a close-up of Gemini from the above July 14 chart.

This combination brings intense, aggressive thinking/communications and perhaps even explosions.  Tuesday is Mars' day of the week, and that further repetition of karma influences for a major event that day.  Keep your head down! 


     Do this visual overlay again for the August 4 to see Mars/Sun in the U.S. eight house of catastrophe.  There, they hit both Mercury and Rahu.  That is why the June 18 VedicLeaks stated, a hurricane is likely at the same time -- August 1 to 3. Later in the month -- August 22 to 24 -- shows even more potent hurricane karma for the U.S.  The same time refers to a likely earth crust event as form and structure Saturn turns forward in this chart's twelfth house of loss.  (Note: Mars crossing Rahu brings tremendous events, like the BP oil spill.)

There's further potent hurricane karma in early October. 


U.S. July 4, 1776

6:17 PM Philadelphia PA


     The high tide that lifts all boats is the benefics Mercury, Venus and Jupiter together in the U.S. Chart's good ninth house of luck and fortune.  Discussion and action upon social and race issues can advance then, for only through turmoil comes change.  Too, hurricanes to bring heavy rains.  Even an earth crust event could result in a some kind of benefit -- like hitting a Second Gilded Age Robber Baron neighborhood!  Take that Bill Gates, for foisting Windows 8 upon the globe!  (I write snug and secure on my Macbook Pro)


The Donald

     While it remains too early to seriously discuss the 2016 presidential and general elections, Donald Trump's electioneering is generating so much entertainment, let's indulge our curiosity.  Again overlay the July 14 transit chart on Trump's, and you'll see the fighting Mars/Sun combination in his eleventh house of goals and gains.  Malefics do well in the eleventh house, which explains why he is so impactive.  Too, transit Mercury, plus his birth chart Mercury there brings lots of blathering.  On Mars Tuesday (July 14) his rantings will turn into maniacal shrieks.

Donald Trump  June 14, 1946

10:54 AM  Queen's Village NY


     But, what happens when one overlays the August 4 transit chart upon Trump's?  Then the hot Mars/Sun combination has shifted into his twelfth house of loss, bringing havoc, especially since he has two planets there -- Saturn and Venus.  And transit Saturn strongly forward again will be on his crazy Moon with dissolving Ketu.  He'll see imaginary enemies everywhere! 

     The Donald will go up like a puff of smoke and disappear! 


Other candidates and politicians could also self destruct then


Financial Concerns

     The June 30 VedicLeaks concluded the discussion about early and late August stating, Hurricanes and earth crust events may be the most dramatic events, but other ills are on the horizon.  Financial losses can be severe.

     I'm analyzing money issues now.  That topic deserves an entire forecast.  There are difficult economic stresses on a near horizon, and current issues in Greece, Puerto Rico and China can be harbingers.  This auspicious last half of July offers an excellent opportunity to batten down your financial hatches -- or at least forgo unnecessary spending and any debt increases.   




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July 25, 2015

Below is a direct email VedicLeaks,

Moody Blues

I've written about Malefic Saturn in catastrophic Scorpio just a little -- notably about what happens when it turns forward to become powerful again. I discussed this most recently in the (above) July 12 VedicLeaks entry -- disaster (earth crust event or hurricane) and Donald Trump going poof!   Saturn transited into Scorpio last November and continues there until late January, 2017. So, we have many months yet of Moon transiting Scorpio.

Another factor is that Scorpio is the Moon's fallen -- weakest -- sign.  With Saturn, the great malefic, in Scorpio, the Moon's transits through that sign become even more difficult, oppressive, depressing....

Thereby, every month when the Moon transits Scorpio for its 2/12 days there, moody blues casts its shadow upon the globe.

The Moon will enter Scorpio this month late this evening and thankfully gets out of this hole in the ground early in the morning of July 28.  Since Saturn is now only at 4 degrees, the Moon will be the most adversely affected as it enters Scorpio.  Tomorrow morning can find folks looking for balconies to leap over.   Maybe some more bankers will take the plunge!

However, because the Moon is both objective reality (worldly) and seemingly the opposite in being subjective reality (how we perceive), this transit is not as bad as it feels.

Objective harms are magnified by our perceptions of them.  We can deal with this challenge by understanding this -- looking at that which is real, not letting how we feel overpower us.  That is is a choice.  It is also a practical one, for letting emotions overwhelm when bad things happens only makes the bad things worse!  For example, if your mate yells at you, you can respond emotionally by yelling back, which results in a major argument.  Or, you can just give this some space and let her anger dissipate.

Watch these videos to gain a more clean appreciation of this karma.

The Moody Blues - To Our Children's Children's Children and Your Wildest Dreams

And if you still don't get it, try this! A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Procol Harum

Oh, how I miss the sixties.  With the nuclear mushroom cloud imminent, life was so real then -- you appreciated every day, for it could be your last.  Think about it.

Tomorrow and the next couple of days really ain't so bad. They can actually motivate you to action.

But, if that doesn't cheer you up, try this, Oppa Oppa In Lebanon, where religious strife seems unending, this formerly French colony brings the best of the West and East together to fight oppression and demand freedom.  Haifa Webhe is a true leader there. There is defiance in her eyes.

The Second Progressive age is finally approaching, and some recent gains give encouragement. It's time to fight back, and back to regain what we've lost.  And, if there's some suffering, even blood, well we're used to that, and they aren't.  As a nurse recently told me about patients from elite Boca Grand, They come in for band aids on shaving cuts.

I'm not gonna be a doormat for the rich any longer.  How about you?  Try doing something to rebalance shared democratic values -- anything.  How about starting your own local,


Yoda would, Numa Numa #9

If you don't, they'll surely finish destroying your life and the lives of those you love.




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