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  July 1 -- 31, 2011



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July 11, 2011
The below was emailed directly to Subscriber Participants this morning at 9:30 AM

Heads-up  Rough Planetary Weather Today & Tomorrow

     The July 4 In-depth Forecast, Tipping Point, explained the U.S. economy has reversed direction and is heading downward again.  It did not address the Federal debt limit issue, as that is a singular political one, not economic.

     However, increasing the debt limit is a real and serious issue, and if agreement is not reached, then the worst of the economic planetary karmas suggested in Tipping Point beginning July 28 will actualize.

      Below is a screen shot from the March 7 Vedicleaks.  As you can see, the issues remain the same now three months later, and the stalemate has hardened, like mortar in a brick wall.


     That brick wall has hardened with Republicans fixated on not raising more revenue, even from closing unnecessary and truly unfair tax loopholes for the rich.  On the Democratic side, there's been an outcry against President Obama cutting the retirement and health care safety net, especially Social Security, and this article explains the issue, Change To Inflation Measurement On Table As Part Of Budget Talks, the proposal would shift how the Consumer Price Index is calculated to reflect how people tend to change spending patterns when prices increase. For example, consumers tend to drive less when gas prices increase dramatically.  They call it Chained Consumer Price IndexIt's actually just the old economic theory substitution, and it results in lowering quality.

     I sent this on Friday to Pipe-smoking Yoda, the Celestial Wheel editor, This idea of measuring inflation for Social Security COLA by using product substitution is wrong and unfair.  It lowers the quality of life.  It means we substitute chicken for steak, then hot dogs for chicken.  We substitute canned veggies for fresh veggies and then mac and cheese for the canned veggies.  It means we substitute motor scooters for cars and then bicycles for scooters and finally end up walking.  Lots of examples can be used.  Social Security is an insurance program we all paid into, which is fully funded until at least 2035, and it is unfair to change the rules and cut back benefits, and thereby the quality of life -- just because the government screwed up taxes and spending in other areas -- like the military!  This is like Marie Antoinette's famous quote about French revolutionaries, "Let them eat cake," it's cheap.  And like a chronic disease, it doesn't happen right away but rather slowly eats away at the quality of life.  The result is the Democrats are now just as adamant as the Republicans.

     And, chained consumer price index is not just happening in Washington.  It's a national movement.  See, COLA Wars: Deficit Cutting Takes Aim at Cost of Living Adjustments.  Meanwhile, income and wealth keep shifting up to the rich, and Obama's proposal continues that trend.  We're gonna need a better word for the rich.  I personally like aristocracy, like Marie Antoinette said, Let them eat cake!  (it's cheap)

     Obama's proposed cuts on Medicare have even more onerous impacts, but just understanding Obama's proposed Social Security cut is enough to sound the fire alarm.

     This article explains well the situation, Obama’s failed debt ceiling gamble.

     I haven't written much about Obama's Vedic chart, but some salient karmas are:  Accommodating Venus in the sixth house of enemies makes him a diplomat, but also a compromiser.  His fallen Jupiter robs him of wisdom and luck, and he's running that planetary cycle (Dasa) -- 1996 to 2012.  His minor Dasa planet is currently Rahu -- February 2010 to July 2012.   His Rahu (the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point) is with Mars in the eighth house of life and turmoil.  This combination makes him the energizer bunny, but it also gives Obama a shell of outer bravery and inner fear.  Finally, it brings disaster.  So, the question is like the bad joke about the Sedona sweat lodge murders, "How would you like to be cooked -- rare, medium or well done?"  Obama's proposal will not result in accord but rather makes the Democrats as unwilling to compromise as the Republicans.  He's built a brick wall too high to scale.
     Later this morning President Obama will hold a press conference, this promises to be a pivot point, for the planetary karmas today and tomorrow are really rough.  The all-important Moon is in its fallen sign of Scorpio, conjunct Rahu and aspected by both Mars and Saturn.  Further, Monday is the Moon's day or the week, and tomorrow, Tuesday, belongs to Mars.  Yet, it's true that only through turmoil comes change.

     I don't know how this drama will unfold, but it will be messy.  Let's just hope for a balanced approach, Senate Democrats draft debt-reduction plan.

     The Minnesota government shutdown is the fire alarm sounding as to the dire consequences of failing to raise the debt limit, In Minnesota shutdown, workers who calculate the cost are laid off.  Let's hope both sides in Washington are not so tone deaf they don't hear and heed that warning.



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July 16, 2011

Tipping Point?
     The July 4 In-depth Forecast, Tipping Point cited three planetary pressures from challenging transits -- where the planets are in today's skies:  the July 1 solar eclipse on wealthy Jupiter; Mars transit to Ketu (July 20), the dissolving tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point; and Mars transiting Gemini July 26 to September 8.

     The July 11 Vedicleaks (above) stated, ...increasing the debt limit is a real and serious issue, and if agreement is not reached, then the worst of the economic planetary karmas suggested in Tipping Point beginning July 28 will actualize.

     This is a gathering storm, and the most sensitive date is not July 20, but more precisely Tuesday, July 19.  Yet, July 20 remains dangerous, and the next few days show only gradual improvement from severe planetary weather warnings.  (For astrology buffs, in the U.S. chart, transit Sun will be on top of Mercury, and transit Mercury will be weak at the edge between Cancer and Leo.)

     Thankfully, the all-important Moon, which governs the benefits in life and is the primary planet in Vedic Astrology, is not under attack by Mars or Saturn during this interval.  Catastrophe is thereby not indicated, but damage to wealth, government, stocks, bonds and the U.S.'s reputation are.  There remains the likelihood of gas/oil prices bouncing upward, perhaps resulting from the dollar weakening, maybe from another reason. 

     Gasoline peaked three years ago in the early summer of 2008 to over $4.00 per gallon when transit Mars last conjoined Ketu.  This was predicted in the May 2, 2008 VedicLeaks (then called a Short-subject Commentary),  Ketu is also gas and oil...Put the pieces together -- overreaching stock investors, destructive competitiveness, violence in the U.S. and Iraq, another oil/gas price spike, a deepening grain crisis, the real estate debacle continuing -- all precipitated on or about June 13.  This graph from illustrates,


Sensitive For You Too!
     Mars is the planet of accidents and infections, courage, adventures, bravery, sports and coordination, among its many meanings.  As Mars approaches mystical and dissolving Ketu, these qualities are all harmed.  Feeling nervous, sensitive to criticism, easily thrown off balance, awkward, accidents and infections are primary qualities.

     Take it easy next week.

Rupert Murdoch

     Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corp., which has been slammed in Great Britain, will face more challenges.  These seem to be spreading to the U.S.

     Murchoch began running his great 16 year Jupiter planetary cycle in 1998, coinciding with his rise in the media world, creating a global empire. His luck has run out, for he's now running a very bad fallen Mars as his minor planetary cycle since last February, and his Mercury with Ketu in the sixth house of enemies, employees, discords and expenses.  The news can only get worse for him next week.  If this reins in the yellow journalism at FOX News, as well as Murdoch's stable of newspaper horses, Mars/Ketu would have a positive result.



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July 21, 2011

Predictions Check
     The July 4 In-depth Forecast, Tipping Point, discussed three difficult transits, with the second being the Mars/Ketu conjunction peaking July 20. 

     The above July 16 entry focused further on the Martian warrior energy combining with mystical and dissolving Ketu -- the tail of the dragon eclipse point.

This is a gathering storm, and the most sensitive date is not July 20, but more precisely Tuesday, July 19.  Yet, July 20 remains dangerous, and the next few days show only gradual improvement from severe planetary weather warnings.

...damage to wealth, government, stocks, bonds and the U.S.'s reputation are all indicated.  There remains the likelihood of gas/oil prices bouncing upward, perhaps resulting from the dollar weakening, perhaps from another reason. 

     Also of concern is the Rupert Murdoch scandal.

     Gas prices have moved up!  I didn't see that in the above 24 month graph.


     On Tuesday's sensitive date,  Ill-fated GOP debt plan passes in House vote.  This added another layer of brick to the already hardened wall against increasing the debt limit.  The karmas remain too intense and mixed to predict whether agreement will be reached, but then, since all politics is drama, we should expect hardened positions.

     Also on Tuesday, Rupert Murdoch and his son testified before the British House Of Commons, Rupert Murdoch testifies at hearing.  Of course, not truth seeker, Murdoch denied knowledge, but nobody believes that.  Incriminating information surfaces daily, and heads are rolling everywhere in England, and now the U.S.:  Rupert Murdoch's empire must be dismantled, Citizen Murdoch — no longer untouchable and, here's the big one, The FBI Confirms It’s Exploring Probe of News Corp., Sen. Jay Rockefeller and other key leaders, including at least one Republican, have been calling for investigations, into whether News Corp. could have violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or hacked into U.S. citizens phones.

     As the seriousness of this scandal began to emerge, I checked Murdoch's Vedic chart.  Beyond running his terrible Mars sub planetary cycle, and having Mars/Ketu in his sixth house of enemies, Murdoch's chart was hit twice during the just-past eclipse season:  His Moon was hit in the June 15 total solar eclipse, and his Jupiter was hit in the July 1 partial solar eclipse.  I explained this to the Celestial Wheel editor, Pipe-smoking Yoda in an email titled, Rupert The Dead.  Enough said.

Lots Of Bizarre Stuff
     Of course, there's the U.S. heat wave and lots of intense weirdness.  For example, an entire Arizona town has bone berserk, The Whole World Is Watching Quartzsite Arizona.  The Drudge Report home page is a great barometer for stressful planetary weather.

     And again, use care in your personal activities during this sensitive period.  You can feel rushed, personally sensitive and vulnerable... 

Another Sensitive Mars Tuesday Coming
     Mars will pass Ketu on Sunday, but then he becomes weakly harmful as he changes signs during the next few days.  This coming Tuesday, July 26, is another sensitive date as the all-important Moon will conjoin Ketu and then the weak Mars late in the day and through the night to Wednesday morning. 

     Already-made predictions for Mars/Ketu will continue to see those karmas actualize until then.  An effective descriptor of warrior Mars with spiritual Ketu, both Pita -- fiery -- planets is seething anger.  (Note: July 23 -- the violence in Norway is this energy.)


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July 27, 2011

Right On Schedule -- It Hit The Fan
     The above July 21 entry cautioned that Tuesday through Wednesday morning was a final sensitive date for the Mars/Ketu conjunction.  I somehow misread the transit wheel then and in checking it yesterday, noticed that the all-important Moon would not clear Ketu and Mars until noon yesterday (Wednesday), and that the energies wouldn't start easing off until late in the afternoon.  Well, this tough planetary weather impacts everywhere and everyone, including me!

     Yesterday, politicians erupted.

     On the Republican side, this article, GOP leaders to conservatives: ‘How could you’?, details that the mainstream folks in that party are finally rebelling against the Tea Party conservative with their groups in Congress decrying no new revenues, only spending cuts, and a balanced budget Constitutional amendment -- this last nutty because it won't pass the Senate, much less 2/3 the States.  And John McCain let loose on the same theme, McCain erupts: Conservatives are lying to America.

     There is plenty of angst on the Democratic side as well. but a more balanced view, along with control of the White House, has largely kept the lid on.

     Thankfully the markets, though uneasy, haven't yet crashed because the U.S. remains the least worst place to invest.  This phrase was first used in the December, 2009 In-depth Forecast, U.S. And Global Economic Trends For 2010.

Debt Limit Aftershocks Coming
     Still, as this article explains, there will be repeated aftershocks to the debt ceiling issue, Markets could be nearing a tipping point.  Well, I just published the In-depth Forecast, Tipping Point, suggesting the same thing.  Mars' transit through Gemini July 26 to September 8 was highlighted, and this was repeated in the above July 16 entry.  Financial Vedic Astrologer (Celestial Wheel Participant and publisher of Barry Rosen recently emailed about Tipping Point, Nice piece.  ...I am stuck making a forecast but it seems like the August 2nd deadline is meaningless.  I replied,

     I've written more (after Tipping Point) in the Participant only VedicLeaks, as you know. 

     I haven't made a prediction on the debt limit issue for I just don't see it -- yet.  Too, I'm hesitant to make what would be a be negative prediction here.  After all, Mars/Saturn is gonna hit so hard, it really doesn't matter what happens with the debt limit issue.  I'm sure you noted the Mars/Saturn mutual aspect in both the U.S. birth chart and in the transits now.

     Using 6:17 PM, I have these dasas, and because I've found Mercury is so bad (in the U.S. chart), and it does retro back into the 8th on 8/16, combust the Sun, and Venus also combust the Sun in the 8th, that could be a very bad day.  The all-important Moon is opposite Saturn then.  Of course, the following days to 8/22 would be challenging as well.

Mars/Saturn/Mercruy  June 26 to August 22

This is the first time I've looked at August -- so thanks for stimulating that.  I do need to also look at Obama's chart, which stinks, as you know :-)


The U.S. Chart Is Badly Afflicted
     This is Vedic-speak, and to explain in more easily understood terms:  Malefic planets Mars and Saturn combine three times in the U.S. chart July 26 to September 8, and this confirmation of karma is deadly. 

     lThe U.S. chart is running the planetary cycles (Dasas) of Mars and Saturn from April 22, 2011 for a year.

     lIn the U.S. chart itself, Mars throws an aspect (glance) to Saturn, and Saturn aspects Mars.  This is called mutual aspect.

     lTransit Mars and Saturn are returning on their birth chart positions, which both emphasizes their harms in these placements and triggers another mutual aspect.  This is Mars' transit through Gemini July 26 trhough September 8, whih is the seventh house of relationships.  There is a stellium of four planets in the seventh house.

     For this third Mars/Saturn combination, then, warrior Mars also attacks four planets in the house of relationship.

     There's the additional harm of the U.S. chart running Mercury as a second sub cycle through August 22, as shown above, and it's retrograde only aggravates Mercury's ability to harm.

     Note that this listing is for the U.S. chart.  The rest of the globe is not as challenged, though the Mars/Saturn mutual aspect still impacts.  Some countries will largely escape strife, and others will be hit hard, according to their nation charts.

     Finally, as discussed in Tipping Point, the U.S. chart's Jupiter (wealth and fortune, and also judgment) was eclipsed in the July 1 partial solar eclipse.  Certainly politicians' judgments have been eclipsed (blocked) in the debt limit debate -- denial in the importance the U.S. raising the debt limit, which would not only cut spending 40% but also bring inflation.  Jupiter's wealth and fortune significations must thereby also be harmed.  As eclipse effects continue for several months, and often any big event follows the astronomical event, the above mentioned August 16 date looks like the tipping point for the economy.

Tropical Storms
     Notice too that a typhoon hit the Philippines, Slow Philippine storm leaves 25 dead, 31 missing and the Atlanta hurricane season has begun with Tropical Storm Don churns toward Texas.  These storms are like an omen, and their cause relates to the destructive force of Mars/Saturn.  I've researched the ten worst Atlantic hurricanes and haven't been able to find a pattern, though the transits for each were bad, especially Hurricane Katrina, which was also a Mars/Saturn mutual aspect.  However, in September 2005, Mars and Saturn were placed in more vulnerable signs than they are now.  Still, on balance, after a few years lull in destructive hurricanes, and the stresses of Mars/Saturn, plus other ills (above) in the U.S. chart, it seems inescapable that hurricanes will hit the U.S. during August and early September.  Again, August 16 is a deadly date.


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