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July 4, 2011



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Tipping Point


Three Perspectives

     Celestial Wheel forecasting uses three perspectives to perceive, understand and interpret the past and present and finally predict the future --  the Vedic astrology, public information (the media) and writer observations.

    Certainly the planetary dispositions for the world -- the natural zodiac starting at Aries -- together with charts of nations and leaders, is the core information.  These illuminate the dark path ahead.  For those specific charts like the U.S. chart, the planetary cycles (called Dasas) is the key predictive tool. 

Note: There are major Dasa planets lasting from six to twenty years, minor Dasas lasting from several months to a few years, sub-minor Dasas for a few months.... down to a fifth level which lasts only days.  For mapping out large themes, only the major and minor Dasa planets are considered.  The sub-minor Dasa planets are considered for event timing.) 

     As The Celestial Wheel is a U.S. based publication, and the primary and increasingly urgent concern is the economic swamp the U.S. banksters created in the real estate boom/bust, which has spread globally, that Vedic chart is the primary focus here.

The U.S. Vedic Chart
     Three consecutive U.S. chart Dasas form a double-decade subplot within the longer drama of the nation's now 235 year old history.  Below the entire Dasa sequence as presented in the December 2007 In-depth Forecast, Through The Second Gilded Age,


     After all nine planets' Dasas have run, the set begins to repeat again.  The next cycle after Mars ends in 2015 will thereby be Rahu.  Also, note these Dasa cycles each begin very late in the year on November 30.)

     Moon, Mars and Rahu planetary cycles in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were and signified:

1878 --1888 year Moon, First Gilded Age
1888 --1895 Mars, economic depression*
1895 --1913 Rahu, First Progressive Age

(*This began with the Panic of 1893, initiating the worst depression in the nation's history and lasting a full four years.  The U.S. major Dasa planet was Mars, and the minor was Mercury. )

     These planetary cycles are repeating now, with the mirrored results,

1998 -- 2008 Moon, Second Gilded Age
2008 -- 2015 -- Mars, Millennium Contraction
2015 -- 2033 Rahu, Second Progressive Age

     The Second Gilded Age ended unexpectedly early in September 2008 with the stock market collapse.  This was the beginning of what the media gently calls the Great Recession.  The Celestial Wheel views that trend as a depression, repeating the depression in the last Mars Dasa starting in 1893.  Coming just after the new millennium has begun, it's been labeled the Millennium Contraction.

Vedic astrology also considers transits* -- where the planets are and move to in contemporary skies.  As the Dasas are primary planetary karmas (influences), transits are secondary planetary karmas.  The first is analogous to the river of life and the second to weather events on that river.  Because Dasas are the primary karma, transits act as timing indicators for Dasa effects.  However, a particularly potent transit can alter, albeit temporarily, a Dasa.  This occurred when the Millennium Contraction began in September 2008 before it ordinarily would have after the depression-causing Mars Dasa began in December.

(*Transits should be familiar, for they are the primary tool used in the familiar Western Astrology.)

     The July 2010 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Through The Millennium Contraction, explains the Dasas/transits relationship and uses these linked karmas to show why the Millennium Contraction came early due to an eclipse, which is a transit, The August 1, 2008 solar eclipse (a transit) exactly on the U.S. Rahu in the eighth house of calamity, precipitated an early start in September of the economic slide.  Eclipse effects last for up to six months.  However, that Forecast also made it clear transits do not alter the essential nature of the Dasas,

     The U.S. 10 year Moon cycle beginning in November 1998 brought the Second Gilded Age.  9-11 was a companion transit, modifying the perceptional Moon's intoxication with power, mystical paranoia and greed -- to create the worldwide war on terror.  This changed the economic focus from domestic to international, most notably invading Iraq for its oil.  Four years later, New Orleans wasn't rebuilt after the Hurricane Katrina  (signaled by a Mars/Saturn transit when the Dasas were weak) because of Gilded Age corruption and selfishness.  Yet, neither of these events changed the Moon cycle's essential nature, for we still experienced a Second Gilded Age of wealth gains for the rich, a debt-laden real estate bubble and auto industry bankruptcy.

    As striking as the similarities are between this first and second set of planetary cycles of Moon, Mars and Rahu, history doesn't repeat exactly.  Beyond the obvious changes in circumstances from the late nineteenth century, fate as shown by the planets, cannot be either complete nor absolute -- whether for a person, a country, a community...  If it were, life would be simply a treadmill on the wheel of fate, endless repeating karmic cycles.  There would be no real progress, no growth in society.  We're not hamsters.  We do have free will, and, in fact, we are fated to have free will.  We use free will in response to fate, taking advantage of opportunities to grow and meeting challenges, which is another way of development.  Still, fate exists, and the Dasas express that in irresistible trends, with transits indicating when events will result.

     We can see further the power of the Dasas comparing the first ten year Moon Dasa in the 1890s and the second in the 1990's.  The First Gilded Ages' robber barons, a Victorian purity crusade, government corruption, massive immigration and a lowering of living standards match eerily well to the Second Gilded Age ending in late 2008.  Too, while there are certainly new Second Gilded Age robber barons (monopolist Bill Gates, the Koch brothers....), some from the First Gilded Age persist: John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil is today's Exxon, J.P Morgan lives on in JP Morgan Chase, Alexander Graham Bell's company survives today as AT&T...  The old saying, The more things change, the more they stay the same, applies to national character just as it does to individuals.  That is, the U.S. chart is fated to always be robber barons in the U.S., just as there will always be egalitarians.

      Thereby the current Mars' seven year Dasa, indicating continued economic strife ending in 2015 is strongly fated.  The peak will likely be Mars major and Mercury minor, just as it was when the Panic Of 1893 hit.  That cycle runs for a year starting at the end of May, 2012.*  However, a very difficult transit of rahu, Saturn and Mars will come a few months later in August 2013, during Ketu minor.  As transits are timing indicators, and Ketu is also a difficult planet in the U.S. chart, it signals economic disaster.  This is likely to be default on the national debt due to rising interest rates.  Through The Millennium Contraction also discusses this issue in detail.

(*That the Mayan Calendar ends December 21, 2012 should be viewed as a coincidence.  See the December 18, 2009 Short-subject Forecast, the section, Mayan Calender End.)  Yes, there will be some stress then, but the big crunch will come the following summer.)

     As stated, the Millennium Contraction will end with the Mars Dasa completion in December 2015.  Yes, there will be struggle as the new and old robber barons attempt to hold onto their wealth and privileges, and the common man resists and fights back.  We've already seen that contretemps in Republican governors strangling public sector unions by blaming them on the Millennium Contraction -- even though everyone knows that banksters caused that -- except for the gullible Tea Partiers and others in the extreme right.  But these battles will not end the war between Gilded Age moneyed interests and the rest of us.  That war will not be won until the eighteen year Rahu cycle begins, and even then, Second Gilded Age monied interests will fight each and every progressive advance.  Rahu initiates a Second Progressive Age -- restoring shared democratic values -- rescuing the country from economic oblivion.  Let's hope another Teddy Roosevelt rides to the rescue on time, for he initiated the First Progressive Age in 1901.  Interestingly, the U.S. was born under the first Rahu Dasa in 1776.  That positive result brings some comfort since Rahu is the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point, and he's located in the U.S. chart's eighth house of turmoil.  However, since only through turmoil comes change, a major thrust is needed to pull the U.S. out of the economic losses of the Mars Dasa.  Still, from the Declaration of Independence in 1776 to winning the war against England and ratifying the Constitution June 21, 1788 was a long twelve years.

     Return to the title of this forecast, Tipping Point, the year-long Mars major and Saturn minor in the U.S. chart's Dasas beginning April 22 of this year signals the temporary economic recovery is over.  The dreaded double-dip is happening, for it is a fixed karma.  Note that Saturn is a very difficult planet for the U.S. chart, and we can see this in the above Dasas listing.  The last Saturn Dasa began in 1929, signaling the Great Depression.  Also, Mars and Saturn are both malefics and harmful in combination.  

     As discussed, transits are timing indicators.  Thus, we look to harmfully impactive transits to predict when the Mars/Saturn economic shocks will occur.  One has already happened, the July 1 partial solar eclipse on the U.S. chart's wealthy Jupiter.  The June 16 VedicLeaks explained, hits the U.S. chart's Jupiter almost exactly.  That eclipse at 15:11 Gemini will be just two minutes of arc from Jupiter at 15:13 Gemini.  Jupiter is luck and fortune in general, and it rules the fourth house of fixed assets, which include real estate.  Jupiter is also the glue that holds relationships of all kinds together in the U.S. chart -- personal, business, political....  This obviously is not good and indicates a continuation of the slide that began with the first partial solar eclipse June 1.

     Jupiter, the great benefic, has several essential roles in the U.S. chart.  It binds relationships together.  Even the Civil War couldn't end the union.  Jupiter brings wealth, humanitarianism, compassion, devotion, wisdom, natural resources, philanthropy, an irrepressible optimism... and Jupiter counterbalances the selfish and destructive Mars and Saturn influences in this chart that fertilizes and nurtures robber baron eggs.  Jupiter, in ruling the fourth house of the home, is also the planet of real estate.  This last is key, for the Millennium Contraction is a real estate bust from risky and excessive lending, just as the Panic Of 1893 resulted from the same actions in railroads, which brought a depression and a consequent real estate bust

     As the Dasas on this past July 1 were also weak suggests this eclipse signals the double-dip, which turns a recession that was temporarily turned around in from May 2010 April 2011 into a real depression.  Keep in mind that eclipse effects last for several months, so risk remains through the fall.

     There are two other upcoming transits that signal economic problems.

     First, Mars will transit in Taurus to conjoin Ketu, the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point later this month.  Ketu is gas and oil.  Around July 20 may see gas prices surging again.  But that is a specific harm, not a comprehensive one.

     Second, Mars transits into Gemini starting July 26 and stays there until September 8.

      Gemini is the seventh house of relationship in the the U.S. chart, where four planets are located.  Destructive Mars will harm each during that interval. 

     Further, from Gemini, Mars will aspect (glance upon) Saturn, and in turn, Saturn will aspect Gemini -- causing great harms and losses.  This is called a mutual aspect.

     This is why the June 26 VedicLeaks cautioned about hurricanes in August.  (Hurricane Katrina was a Mars/Saturn mutual aspect.)  There is also hurricane risk in the fall, September through early November can be deadly.  That topic will be discussed in a separate forecast.

     Multiple harmful Mars transits this summer portend economic destruction, like a wrecking ball strikes a wall repeatedly until it falls.

Public Information
      The media, which has grown to be a vast and often confusing octopus of too many arms, confuses like a carnival fun house. 

     Still, with effort and discrimination, one can sift though the reports to understand which media and information reflect a narrow agenda and which objective reality.  Yet, the writer's own lens is colored and shaped by his views, as well as what's happening in his own Vedic chart.  Objectivity is a goal, not a destination.

     Recent articles point to the U.S. economy stalling since late April, when the harmful Mars/Saturn Dasa combination began.  Following are some of the more striking examples,

Bank of America to pay $8.5 billion settlement over mortgages
Great news for the banksters!  Shares of Bank of America Corp. jumped more than 4 percent, or 48 cents to $11.30 before the market opened, with investors happy that the bank can put a very big uncertainty behind it.  Investors may now be more confident that they can get similar concessions from other major U.S. banks that created markets for mortgage-backed securities with questionable pedigrees.  In other words, BOA is off the hook on the other side of the pincer -- the folks they sold those bags of mortgage garbage to.  And now if they can just slide out from under the foreclosure backlog of empty rotting houses!  That won't happen, and it's the other side of the pincer.  Like scissors, we don't know which blade does the cutting, but certainly when both both blades close on each other, they cut.  See the next two articles.

Complex system leaves foreclosure properties to become eyesores details how challenging the housing bust is and implicitly suggests the banksters themselves will go bust as they are forced to recognize the loses. 

This photo essay follows the above article, Foreclosures pit suburbia against Wall Street

This is beyond bizarre, without even considering that the banksters are giving themselves big raises,   Backlog of Cases Gives a Reprieve on Foreclosures

We’ve gotten a lot more productive in recent years, but our wages haven’t reflected that.
The richest Americans, on the other hand, appear to be doing a better job reaping the rewards of everyone’s hard work
Good Graph Friday: You're working harder, they're making money

It's easier to relate to a personal experience than numbers, Why is housing market stuck? This family offers one answer

Section 8 folks are propping up suburbia?  Housing vouchers a golden ticket to pricey suburbs

Is Minnesota's government shutdown a prelude to a U.S. government shutdown? 
Broken deals, bitter words and a state shuts down  Coming just at the July 1 solar eclipse on wealthy Jupiter, this indicates the beginning of those harms.

This is another step in gutting public service employment, Florida state workers get pink slips, more cuts ahead

And here are two bombshells, like final finale to Fourth Of July fireworks,

The mood appears to be worsening, leading to a concern among economists and others of a self-fulfilling prophecy -- that worried consumers will slow spending, further hampering the recovery, and perhaps raising the risk of a double-dip recession or at least yielding years of sluggish growth. Does gathering gloom raise risk of double dip?

And to sum it all up, a view from across the pond, where distance brings insight, ...a country whose hallmark has always been a sense of irrepressible optimism is in the grip of unprecedented uncertainty and self-doubt
Down on the Fourth of July: the United States of gloom

Finally, in case you missed the Great Whites in Chatham MA -- memories of Jaws.  Well, a lot of folks feel like the seal these days.


Writer Observations
     This is a short section.  As I shop, talk to folks on the beach, see old friends.... everyone acknowledges the economy is getting worse.  Of course, the Realtors are crowing that sales were up in May, Florida's existing home, condo sales rise in May 2011.

     But when asked about the empty houses and condominiums, even they express doubt, saying, I hope the economy doesn't get any worse!

     The truly noteworthy observation is that Memorial Day weekend was mobbed on touristy Anna Maria Island, just across the bridge from my home on quiet Longboat Key.  This Fourth Of July, which is the big family beach weekend, was a flop.  Holiday weekend bumper to bumper-to-bumper traffic to the large public Coquina Beach simply didn't happen.  And, there were open parking spots throughout.  When I asked island merchants, they scratched their heads and said, well looks like folks are staying at home this weekend.  When I asked if it seemed like people just stopped spending money, they replied, looks like, but maybe it will get busier later today!  And, merchants said that on Saturday, Sunday, even Monday.

      Given the Vedic Astrology, the media reports and peoples' behavior, the conclusion that the economy is tipping over is inescapable.

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