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December 6, 2014

Four Planets In Scorpio -- A Gimme

     Gimme is a golf term.  When the ball is only a few inches from the hole, the shot is so easy, the other players agree it counts automatically without being actually played.

     Gimme can be applied to other areas of life.  In Vedic Astrology, we could say that a configuration is a gimme because it is so obvious, interpretation is automatic. 

     The four-planet stellium in Scorpio we've been experiencing is a gimme.  In fact, because Scorpio is known throughout the astrological world as a deep and dark sign of turmoil, and four planets is a major concentration of planetary energies.  Predicting turmoil is a gimme. 

     The November 24 VedicLeaks entry explained,

     With Mercury having transited into Scorpio early this morning, there's a full-effect Stellium of four planets in deep, dark Scorpio.  The above November 17 VedicLeaks entry stated, On November 24, Mercury will shift into Scorpio, making a stellium (a cluster) of four planets there.  It won't be until mid December that Venus, Mercury and the Sun clear out of Scorpio.  So, until then, expect a lot of turmoil!

     Actually, we have a little relief already, for Venus transited out of Scorpio and into Sagitarius late yesterday afternoon.  Note, the word little, for this doesn't mean severe Scorpio harms don't continue.  Mercury, the Sun and Saturn remain in that worst sign of the zodiac.  Mercury will escape Scorpio December 13 and the Sun September 16.  Only then will the planetary storms subside.

     Remember, the U.S. chart is hit particularly hard by this Scorpio pileup because Scorpio is that chart's twelfth house of loss.  The police brutality issue has gotten hotter with the New York City cop not being prosecuted for choking Eric Garner.  There's also this, 12-year-old with air gun dies in Cleveland police shooting and this, The story of how a white Phoenix cop killed an unarmed black man  and this, Utah cops avoid charges in fatal shooting of black man with samurai sword -- all white cops shooting to kill black guys.  Use care in reading the comments, for a lot of them are really nasty -- the guy deserved it for not obeying -- is a favorite.

     Scorpio-inspired protests have swept across the nation.  The police are complaining now that they are the victims!  Police: Chokehold victim complicit in own death.  My article comment is still there but could disappear.  Here's the text,

Well, if the police started emulating Sheriff Andy rather than Dirty Harry, law enforcement throughout America would become loved again, not feared and hated.  Remember the old saying, "Never talk to the police"?  It's more true now than ever.

The police have become the Pinkertons of the 21st century.  The big corporations and ultra rich can't hire private police any longer to beat on the public.  So, instead they bought politicians to pass laws laws recreating what is literally a private police force masquerading as police.  With plenty of military veterans, and more surplus military hardware than they can use (courtesy of Mideast wars), the police have become a paramilitary force.  They don't keep the peace, they enforce the peace.

And this autocracy truly extends throughout the criminal justice system.  The police beat on and arrest the poor, the minorities, anyone who "could be a threat."  The prosecutors haul them into court.  The judges throw them into prisons. That's why so many folks are in prison -- black, white, brown and yellow.  Of course, the blacks get it worse, for slavery consciousness continues.

But that's not enough.  Their strategy of repression extends throughout the culture. They use a modern version of the Roman Colosseum -- violent sports -- plus entertainment -- to promote violence over peace.  The TV program "24" is favorite.  They sprinkle on American's gun fetish and puritan Christianity to convince old white men there's a dangerous rabble that must be controlled.  And, they ceaselessly blare their messages of fear and hate in the media, stoking America's mystical paranoia.  FOX News is the modern robber barons' greatest achievement!

In their own lives, the Second Gilded Age Robber Barons ride around in armored cars and are surrounded by bodyguards when out in the public.  More private police, security gates and multi-layered electronic systems protect them in their offices and mansions.  Should any threats occur, security system alerts the public Pinkertons, who come immediately -- with force that cannot be resisted.  Feudal lords did the same.

That is their strategy of keeping the long suffering 99% from forming into mobs to storm the gates.

Oh, and they forbid anyone of their group to yell out, "Let them eat cake!"


     It seems the racial issue, combined with six long years of economic suffering, stimulates these protests, which are truly overdue.  Perhaps the U.S.'s underlying wealth has cushioned many folks, and it's much easier to be poor in a first world country than in a third world one. 


Another Gimme -- Oil Price Drop

     Everyone knows the price of gas has slid down, down, down.  This GasBuddy chart shows a peak in mid June and then a steady drop since early July.

     This is just as easy, a real gimme, as the Scorpio stellium.  But, I missed it!

     Ketu, the tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point, is gas and oil.  On July 12, 2014, Ketu shifted into Pisces, a Jupiter-ruled sign, where he stays for 18 months.  Ketu does well in Pisces, for Jupiter is a mental planet -- the higher mind.  Jupiter gives Ketu the demon a brain.  Plus, as the ruler of Pisces, we would want to know where transit Jupiter was placed then and now.  If strong in transit, Jupiter would support Ketu; if weak, he couldn't bring much benefit.  Jupiter had moved into Cancer, his exalted sign on June 19 and stays there for a year.

    With Ketu very favorably placed in Pisces, and Pisces ruler Jupiter in his best location in Cancer, Ketu's energy was, and continues to be, favorably uplifted.  And, neither Saturn nor Mars have been afflicting Ketu or Jupiter in an intense way -- yet.



     The November 24 VedicLeaks entry, did, however, link this oil price drop back to last year's predictions about the very long 18 month Saturn/Rahu conjunction January 14, 2013 to July 13, 2014,

Recall, last year's Special Section about the long and destructive Saturn/Rahu conjunction -- A Whirlwind Summer And Fall 2013.  It included the In-depth Forecast, Mideast Karma Peaking Again. That showed the ten to eleven year Saturn/Rahu conjunction cycle uncannily matches up with major Mideast turmoils: 1945 King Oil, 1956 Suez Crisis, 1968 War Of Attrition, 1979 Iranian Revolution, 1991 Gulf War, 2001+ Afghanistan War and 2013-14 Saturn/Rahu Conjunction.  It appears, then, that this latest Saturn/Rahu conjunction turmoil is the shift-away from Mideast oil dominance.  And, won't that obviate the stranglehold kings and dictators have held, with the support of conservative Muslims?


    Notice that just as the Saturn/Rahu conjunction ended in July, the price of oil began to plummet.  Notice too that while the U.S. began bombing ISIS in Iraq in August, the organization was born and then fully formed during the Saturn/Rahu conjunction interval of January 14, 2013 to July 13, 2014, ISIS' history, emphasis added,

On 8 April 2013, the group changed its name to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.  It grew significantly under the leadership of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and after entering the Syrian Civil War, it established a large presence in the Syrian governorates of Ar-Raqqah, Idlib, Deir ez-Zor and Aleppo.  ISIL had close links to al-Qaeda until 3 February 2014 when, after an eight-month power struggle, al-Qaeda cut all ties with the group, citing its failure to consult and "notorious intransigence".


     It remains too early to understand how ISIS and the oil price drop relate and what these mean for the Mideast and the rest of the globe.  There are other variables, of course, notably the U.S. fracking bonanza and a slowdown in oil consumption growth.  In this graph, U.S. tight oil (fracking) is shown in red

World Crude Oil Production




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December 9, 2014

A direct email entry

Scorpio Turmoil -- Especially For The U.S.


The October 13 In-depth Forecast, The November 4 Midterm Elections, initiated predictions about the four planet stellium in Scorpio -- particularly harmful to the U.S. for being in that chart's twelfth house of loss.   The final section was that warning,

Beginning November, 16, three planets will be transiting the U.S 12th house of loss -- Saturn, the Sun and Venus.   Added to that harm is Saturn will naturally afflict the Sun and Venus.

Starting November 24, Mercury will join the trio, and it will also be afflicted by Saturn.

Relief won't begin until mid December, when Venus, Mercury and the Sun begin to clear out of the 12th and enter the first house.  Still, Saturn will remain in the 12th, gnawing away.

Government, government officials, wealth and business will all be adversely impacted. This could be the next asset bubble burst -- the stock market.  Further, as the 12th house is far and distant places and hospitals, both the ISIS and Ebola issues could really flare up again then.

All three November VedicLeaks entries then focused upon this Scorpio stellium.   The November 10 entry's last section Upcoming, repeated the Aftermath section and related it to the election,  The Republican's glee at their huge win may turn sour.

The November 17 entry suggested that globally, kings and dictators would suffer, and ISIS would worsen and Ebola spike up.  For the U.S. predictions were for all kinds of trials and tribulations overseas, illness, stock markets dropping and protests against racism.

The November 24 entry alerted to that day's beginning of the full stellium. On the heels of the Buffalo blizzard, it added the prediction,  Other hazardous weather is likely. Scandals and sex were also added.

With this Scorpio stellium interval of November 24 to December 16, some days are more traumatic than others.  Today is difficult for Tuesday being Mars' day of the week.  Also, Mars is aspecting the Moon, which influence is very damaging and riles up the emotions.

Here are some current articles -- today's torture report being the really huge deal.

12/8 Whooping Cough Back With a Vengeance in California

12/8 Israeli parliament dissolves itself, sets election

12/9 Senate Torture Report Condemns C.I.A.

12/9 Northeast Coastal Storm: Winter Storm Watches, Warnings Issued as Snow, Heavy Rain, High Winds Possible This Week

12/9 159 arrested in third night of California protests

12/9 Ebola 'flaming strongly' in western Sierra Leone, Guinea's forests, WHO says

12/9 California Flood Threat: Pineapple Express to Bring Heavy Rain, Sierra Snow, High Winds (FORECAST)

12/9 Hagupit (Ruby) Slams Philippines: At Least 27 Dead, 13,000 Homes Destroyed

12/9 Massive spending bill hits snag in Congress as deadline draws near




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December 15, 2014

A direct email entry

The Planetary Winds Are Shifting

The November 24 to December 16 wicked stellium in Scorpio has been breaking up and ends tomorrow. Venus and Mercury have already shifted into Sagittarius, and the Sun follows tonight. That's good news for reducing turmoil in world affairs, especially the U.S., and in your own personal experiences.

Nearly everyone will experience an easing of tensions and suffering.  The holiday season will be more enjoyable for that.


Results Of The Scorpio Stellium
The (above) December 9 Vedicleaks entry updated the issues, including a listing of articles -- illnesses, storms, government strife.  Most notable were public protests against the police and the Senate's CIA torture report.  These promise to be enduring issues reflecting societal discontent about racism, the militarized police and more unethical cruelty by the Federal government.  Of course, all of this is part of a misery package with economic malaise at its core.

There's an emerging rightful awareness and disgust with cronyism running through all levels of government -- the rich elites protecting themselves at the expense of the rest of us.  And if you don't think torture issue is relevant here, consider who in our society sacrificed our values and ethics to protect their wealth -- yes, the no-holds-barred capitalists.  Immorality is integral the laissez faire capitalism I wrote about in the September 21 Economics As Moral Philosophy & The Second Gilded Age Robber Barons.

There's an interesting calamity which I didn't report upon earlier -- the Sony hacking, which in revealing a lot of sordid stuff about Sony, has become a widening scandal, "The attack on Sony Pictures began on November 24," the very day that Mercury (communications) shifted into Scorpio. Well, that is sure another black eye for big corporations.

A Planetary Cluster In Wise Sagittarius
The Sun, Mercury and Venus will all be in Sagittarius until year's end. Sagittarius is wise because it is the ninth house of the higher mind, religion and philosophy in the natural zodiac.  This is confirmed by Sagittarius being ruled by wise Jupiter.

As the Sun is the ego, Mercury the mind and Venus compassion, these influences combine to advance concern about the government and begin advocating for a return to shared democratic values.


Mars/Jupiter Transit Opposition -- Advocacy
At the same time, Mars in Capricorn is advancing to an exact opposition to Jupiter in Cancer.  All planets throw opposition aspects (glances).  Mars gives energy and logic to wise Jupiter, bringing a second karma for advocacy.  Mars will get very close to exact opposition at the end of the year.  December 29 and 30 look intense.  Advocacy will reach a peak then, but because Mars also harms Jupiter's wealth, stock markets could take a heavy it.

Global Transit Chart For December 16

This chart for tomorrow shows the Venus/Mercury/Sun combination in Sagittarius and the potent Mars aspect to Jupiter.  Note also that Rahu is with the Moon, which riles up the emotions.  So, it really won't be until Wednesday that the celestial waters calm.



Mars/Sun Dasa In The U.S. Chart -- Fighting
In astrology, the concept of confluence is used to predict trends and events. That is, multiple planetary karmas are required to produced observable results that can be predicted.  As one of my Vedic teachers used to say, a thing is possible with one influence, likely with two and inescapable with three. Similarly in nature, good weather requires sunny skies, warm temperatures and low winds.

The stellium in Scorpio brought to the surface nasty societal issues.  Now with advocacy karma in Sagittarius and in the Mars/Jupiter combination, there is a double karma for the public to protest and support policies and leaders promoting a return to fairness.

Is there a third, to make this karma inescapable? Yes. Here are the U.S. Vedic chart's Dasas - the planetary cycles which form the underlying karma.  (Recall, Dasas are like the river of life, and transits are like weather on that river. Dasas a thereby primary and transits secondary.)  The U.S. is finishing up a pretty long Mars major and Venus minor Dasa planet lineup.  Venus is conciliatory, a diplomat. Yes, there's passion in this combination, but not aggression.  And it's generally good for the economy, which we've experienced.

Starting Christmas Day, the hot Sun replaces loving Venus. Mars/Sun is the combination for fighting, as both are pitta (fiery) planets, naturally aggressive.


While a lot of conflicts will come this winter and spring, a major one would be on the floors of the Republican controlled House and Senate.  Although in the minority, the Democrats will be scrappy.  We've already seen this in the recent budget bill fight against unfair benefits to banks and political donors. Elizabeth Warren led the charge and has emerged as a presidential contender, Democrats divided on their path to 2016. Basically, she said no to compromise.

Warren is increasingly called a populist, which word has different connotative and denotative values than the old liberal label.  A populist is an advocate for the people, the public, and the root word popular is, well, popular.  Populists don't compromise, nor capitulate.  Liberals like Hillary Clinton do that.  They promote, they demand, they don't back down.  Populism is a breath of fresh air in American politics -- which is also what the upcoming second progressive age is all about.  It begins with Rahu Dasa at the end of 2015.

Consider this table from the October 13 In-depth Forecast, The November 4 Midterm Elections,

While it wasn't until Teddy Roosevelt took over the presidency in 1901 that the First Progressive Age began, it's also true that History repeats, but not exactly.

Elizabeth Warren is an pugnacious as Teddy.  As this biography from Wikipedia states, She became a star member of the debate team at Northwest Classen High School and won the title of "Oklahoma's top high-school debater" while competing with debate teams from high schools throughout the state. She also won a debate scholarship to George Washington University at the age of 16.

Teddy Roosevelt rescued America from the clutches of the 19th century Robber Barons .  Elizabeth Warren can do the same with their 21st century evil kin.

Get ready to rumble.



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December 28, 2014

Finishing Up 2014

     As the calender ticks away to end 2014 in just four more days, the Mars opposition to Jupiter similarly draws closer -- the primary karma globally.  That transit opposition was discussed in the above December 15 entry, in the section, Mars/Jupiter Transit Opposition -- Advocacy.  This advocacy karma will intensify during the next few days.  (There's also karma for accidents and other violences throughout the globe.)

     The exact opposition is January 1, New Year's Day.  However, just as breaking a pencil in your hands doesn't require maximum pressure, Mars aggressions upon Jupiter will also occur before the maximum pressure on January 1.   Too, remember the December 15 entry also explained the U.S. Vedic chart changes Dasas (planetary cycles) on December 25 from Mars/Venus to Mars/Sun -- and this combination of these two pitta (fiery) planets signifies fighting. 

     Expect advocacy in the U.S. protests against the militarized police to reach a crescendo, and with counter protests also escalating.  See, today's At funeral for NYPD’s Rafael Ramos, police pay their respects, show their frustrations.  But as counter-protests just add fuel to the fire, they also advance the national discussion.  See, New York City's police unions need to get a grip,

The brazen murder of NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, shot to death last weekend by Ismaaiyl Brinsley in some horribly misguided attempt at retribution over the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, is a tragedy.  But it was made worse by NYPD union officials and allies, who cynically appropriated Liu and Ramos' deaths to bludgeon their political opponents.

Pat Lynch, the president of the Patrolman's Benevolent Association (New York's largest police union), all but accused Mayor Bill de Blasio of actual complicity in the murders, saying "that blood on the hands starts at City Hall in the office of the mayor," language echoed by the Sergeants Benevolent Association.

New York cops are used to getting their way.  But they don't seem to realize how times have changed. And there's a good chance their fire-eating rhetoric could backfire.

...De Blasio's relatively mild criticism of the non-indictment sparked bug-eyed outrage from police unions and their allies.

...The problem with Lynch's blistering rhetoric is that it isn't remotely consonant with reality.  Being a cop is not even in the top ten most dangerous professions.  There were 97 fatal injuries among American police in 2013, a decline of 20 percent since 2012 and the lowest number since the series has been collected, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Looking at the overall number of cops, that gives a fatality rate of about 12 per 100,000.  A fisherman is over six times more likely to die on the job – and a logger 7.5 times more likely.

Crime is far, far lower as well. It isn't 1992 anymore...


     Despite this whole topic being repugnant, it's a necessary issue in creating a movement toward shared democratic values -- which is what the upcoming Second Progressive Age is all about, and which can truly begin with the next presidential election.

     Every movement needs a spark, a rallying cry arising from the grass roots.  Recent murders by the militarized police as the modern day Pinkertons is that spark.  As today's rich also mirror the feudal lord system, the Sheriff Of Nottingham (the main villain in the legend of Robin Hood) is also apt. 

     The middle ages had the Sheriff Of Nottingham (and his men) suppressing impoverished peasants.  The nineteenth century had the Pinkertons attacking the long suffering factory workers for their union efforts.  Today's equivalent is the militarized police, using excessive force against minorities.  All three were created by a privileged minority to maintain by force their wealth and power over the proletariat.  (And remember, our nation was founded by protests against the English King's royal rights over his colonial subjects -- the tea party tax issue being the spark then.) 

     And while the protests have been about excessive police force used on blacks, the fundamental issue is this force is being used to keep them down, or actually, keep us down, as the rich continue to drain us of our opportunities and wealth. 

     Note the word movement, which may very well be what Elizabeth Warren is bringing to the country -- not only to the establishment Democratic Party.  Just as Robin Hood battled the Sheriff Of Nottingham, as early patriots revolted again the royal tea tax, as union organizers fought back against the Pinkertons, today's protests against the police have sparked a movement.  And that movement is populism, with Elizabeth Warren as its champion.

     See the December 16 Elizabeth Warren is not the left's Ted Cruz.  She is the left's Jim DeMint, Her “enough is enough” speech on the Senate floor last week went viral among progressives who share her anger at big banks. “Enough is enough with Wall Street insiders getting key position after key position and the kind of cronyism we have seen in the executive branch,”

     This December 24 article, Democrats see rising populist sentiment. But can it shake Hillary Clinton? examines the issue further,

Jim Dean, who heads Democracy for America, said that until recently, the party had “regressed” on the relationship between business and government. “With the ascendance of Elizabeth Warren and the way she has built power for herself, we are seeing a lot of movement for the party to get back to its core values,” he said.

... Tad Devine, a strategist who played key roles in several past Democratic presidential campaigns, sees far greater potential for a populist uprising to galvanize the political dialogue. Arguing that the sense of economic discontent is widespread and that the hunger for a sharper populist agenda is genuine, he said, “If somebody gets up and delivers it with credibility, it’s going to resonate very powerfully in a way that’s not indicative of the party divisions today.”


     Remember, Bill Clinton was fan of the bankers, and Hillary has been part of that.  While Bill's two terms in the nineties saw great economic growth, seeds were planted then for the rich to take from the poor.  Notably, the 1932 Glass-Steagall Act was gutted in 1999 allowing banks to use your deposit money for securities trading.  And we all know how that worked out a decade later!

     What's also interesting about this article is that Elizabeth Warren is not the only possible presidential contender to come from a populist philosophy.  Thereby, hasn't she established, and become the leader of, a movement?

     It is entirely possible that in year or two, we'll look back and see the closing days of 2014 have marked the beginning of the populism movement in the U.S.  That gives hope.

PS  Don't believe recent reports on consumer optimism for 2015.  Yes, it's great to gas is cheap now, but just because going to the grocery store at a whim is affordable doesn't mean the groceries are.  Besides, when violent Mars transits to gas and oil Ketu in February oil supplies can be disrupted.



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December 29 note. 

The societal trend espoused in yesterday's December 28 VedicLeaks is protests against the militarized police violence is the spark that ignites a populism movement to restore fairness -- basically economic, but also political and social.  Elizabeth Warren's populism thereby is coming forward when the nation is ready for it. This is not a new Celestial Wheel theory. It's been stated many times over the years.

This article, Tensions with New York City police go beyond racial issues: commissioner, acknowledges this link between the protests and the economy, "You need to understand this isn't just about policing," he said. "This is about the continuing poverty rates, the continuing growing disparity between the wealthy and the poor."

This concept is really important, for it establishes the mechanism and the timing for the third of these intervals to emerge: Gilded Age, Millennium Contraction and Second Progressive Age.