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November 10, 2016


     The last Short-subject VedicLeaks was published October 27.  That entry explored broad expanses of the celestial sky. 

     From A Delightful Summer To A Grim fall recapped these two seasons. 

     Major October Stresses, enumerated major issues --The nasty political campaigning, the war on ISIS and the Ebola contagion. 

     The Solar Eclipse discussed eclipse revelations and suggested the elections would not be fully decided for "weeks and weeks." 

     Airplane Crashes listed five accidents, and that was before three more -- including a space rocket and a space plane. 

     Another Set Of Issues predicted health issues relating to Ebola and addictions. 

     Where The Planets Are Now, explained, "The planetary weather has improved, but major afflictions continue to most of the planets -- right up to election day, November 4."  Here again is that section,

Where The Planets Are Now

     The below chart is for today, October 27.  It is a transit chart.  The planetary weather has improved, but major afflictions continue to most of the planets -- right up to election day, November 4.

     Thankfully, the eclipses are over, although their effects linger.  Eclipse effects can last up to six months.

     Mercury has ended its retrograde but is headed toward Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point.  This is toxic thinking and paranoia.  (It's a major culprit in causing elections problems.)

     Venus is past the hot Sun but remains combust -- burnt.  Venus is unhappy, and her kindness and diplomacy are challenged.  Fighting results.

     Rahu is too strong.  This is Virgo, the 6th house of illness and aggressions, especially with foreigners.  (For the U.S. chart, Virgo is the 10th house of government officials, causing victimizing and other losses.)

     Saturn is weakly harmful as he approaches the end of Libra.  This affects Saturn's structure, duty, government officials and chronic illnesses.

     Mars is much better in Sagitarius than in Scorpio -- not too strong.  But that Mars also aspects wealthy Jupiter -- wastes wealth, stimulates real estate losses and brings militant religious fervor.  (Again for the U.S. chart, this is the first house of the self, aspecting the seventh house of relationship.  Instead for fighting so much abroad, the U.S. fights with itself.) 




    Well, the November 4 Midterm elections are over, and that cosmic dust is gradually settling.  An election recap measuring the predictions made in the October 13, The November 4 Midterm Elections is being composed for publication in a day or two.



     In the two weeks since the last Vedicleaks on October 27, the planets have shifted into better positions.  Below is a transit chart for today, using the natural zodiac beginning with Aries, which symbolizes global planetary weather.  Following the same order as above, here are snapshots of the planets.

     Solar eclipse effects have pretty well dissipated.  The Sun remains in his fallen sign of Libra but is buttressed now by benefics Mercury and Venus.  As the Sun is the father, some lost their elderly fathers recently.  The Sun being government in general, countries are turning the corner with ISIS and Ebola.

     Mercury is away from toxic Rahu in Virgo (illness) and is settled among its familiar interior solar system neighbors -- the Sun and Venus.  This position dispells the paranoia about ISIS and Ebola.

     Venus is well past the hot Sun now and enjoying Mercury's light communicative energy.  This is another positive for health, as well as cooperation globally.

     Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point, is safely alone in Virgo now.  And he's ended his powerfully harmful stationary (stopped) motion.  As Virgo is both health and enemies, without planets there to attack, there's another positive influence for the ISIS and Ebola issues.  In fact, Rahu alone in Virgo can be effective in a positive way.  Remember, the serpent's bite can either harm or heal.

     Mars continues alone in Sagitarius.  While he's still influencing for the U.S. to fight against itself, this has waned and no longer has the confirming harms from other afflicted planets.

     Not mentioned has been Jupiter, the great benefic.  He's exalted in Cancer, making him powerfully benefic and thereby generally protective since this summer.  But, Jupiter is becoming weak now as he approaches the edge of Cancer and gets ready for a long retrograde starting December 9.   So, he won't be able to do much protecting when the other planets become weak or afflicted.



There were a lot of claims before the November 4 election creating fear to discredit the Obama administration -- as well has his fellow Democrats running for office.

These warnings were dire!  Hordes of black homosexual Muslim ISIS soldiers infected with Ebola were crossing the border with Mexico to kill all the white people -- because Obama was weak and bad!

Does anyone still believe that stuff?  It seems enough Republican voters did.



     While the above is welcome, even heartening, the planets will be shifting into difficult positions again soon.

     The above transit chart for today has the always-close-together trio of the Sun, Mercury and Venus highlighted.  This is to show they will soon be shifting together into Scorpio, the evil eight house of the natural zodiac, where Saturn, the planet of death, now lurks.

     The The November 4 Midterm Elections forecast discussed this issue briefly at the very end, in the section titled Aftermath.  As the natural zodiac is like the background of a painting, and Scorpio is nasty, the U.S. chart is hit particularly hard because this sign in the twelfth house of loss -- like the foreground in a painting.  (Keep in mind, in your personal Vedic chart Scorpio can be a good house, or at least a neutral one, making these transits beneficial, even though Scorpio's and Saturn's harms remain.)

     Here's that section,

Disrupted midterm elections will disrupt the nation.

Beginning November, 16, three planets will be transiting the U.S 12th house of loss -- Saturn, the Sun and Venus. Added to that harm is Saturn will naturally afflict the Sun and Venus.

Starting November 24, Mercury will join the trio, and it will also be afflicted by Saturn.

Relief won't begin until mid December, when Venus, Mercury and the Sun begin to clear out of the 12th and enter the first house. Still, Saturn will remain in the 12th, gnawing away.

Government, government officials, wealth and business will all be adversely impacted. This could be the next asset bubble burst -- the stock market. Further, as the 12th house is far and distant places and hospitals, both the ISIS and Ebola issues could really flare up again then.


     The Republican's glee at their huge win may turn sour.  They may very well end up fighting amongst themselves for the spoils of their victory. 

     Perhaps this Upcoming section title should be Incoming.




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November 17, 2014

A direct email entry

November 17 VedicLeaks
Planetary Pile-up in Scorpio

The (above) November 10 VedicLeaks entry discussed the hiatus following a tough October and early November.  But in the final section, Upcoming, it addressed approaching strife in Scorpio.  Yesterday began the planetary pile-up in that deep, dark and secretive sign.  Scorpio holds these qualities for being the eighth house in the natural zodiac beginning with Aries, and the eighth is the most destructive house in any chart.

Recall, the natural zodiac is the background planetary karma, very much like the background of a painting. It symbolizes global planetary weather.  Individual charts of people, and nations, however, will naturally be more potently affected, for better or for worse, according to their rising signs -- the sign which sets the first house of the self.  For the U.S.'s Sagittarius rising chart, for example, Scorpio is the twelfth house of loss. That is why The Celestial Wheel has expressed concern for the U.S. about this interval.

Here's the natural zodiac chart for yesterday, November 16, showing Saturn, Venus and the Sun gathered in Scorpio.

Notice the Sun, having just transited into this sign, is weak at just 0 degrees and 22 minutes.  He won't be strong until he reached 2 degrees.  Further solar weakness results from crossing Saturn, the Sun's great enemy.  In turn, however, in turn, the hot Sun burns Saturn.


The Sun is government and notably kingship -- kings and dictators.  Saturn is government officials and leaders of democratic countries.  With both planets symbolizing government leaders harmed, and weakened further by being in Scorpio's quicksand, expect governmental issues globally.  For example, the Ukraine crisis is already heating up again, As Ukraine teeters, will Putin nudge it back into war?  Too, expect the ISIS situation to also worsen, again.

As the eighth sign of Scorpio is chronic illness and death, and Saturn is the planet of these same significations, it would seem Ebola will also spike up, after subsiding for a while.

On November 24, Mercury will shift into Scorpio, making a stellium (a cluster) of four planets there.  It won't be until mid December that Venus, Mercury and the Sun clear out of Scorpio. So, until then, expect a lot of turmoil!

The U.S. chart was mentioned above for Scorpio being the twelfth house of loss. Adding to this challenging karma is that birth chart Saturn (government officials, and notably democratic leaders) placed in the tenth house of government officials is being hammered by transit Rahu, the head-of-the-dragon eclipse point, in Virgo -- the sign of acute illness and enemies.  As Rahu is the planet of foreigners, expect the U.S. government will be beset with all kinds of trials and tribulations overseas.  The careful and limited military effort in Iraq and Syria could become nasty.  Ebola could cause more problems here, but other illnesses, such as flu, seem more likely.  As the Sun is also a wealth planet for this chart, both the government budget and the securities market will be affected. The stock market is, after all, a growing asset bubble.  Finally, Ferguson, Kansas is pot of racism spiced with economic suffering ready to boil over, National Guard to help ‘keep peace,’ not clash with Ferguson protesters, ...a state of emergency was declared ahead of a potentially inflammatory grand jury report over the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager by a white officer.

President Obama's chart is Capricorn rising, making Scorpio his eleventh house of goals, gains, friends and groups.  This house is both powerful and dangerous in this chart, the latter for being ruled by Mars, and Mars being placed in his evil eighth house.  Expect he will push ahead hard on immigration, the Chinese global warming deal and other initiatives; but expect too he'll receive a lot of push back.

However, bear in mind that Obama is running his good Saturn Dasa, which makes him strong, powerful, dedicated, realistic and tough.  With two years left in his term, the President isn't concerned about popularity but about enduring positive results for his eight years at the helm.  (Obama has  Saturn/Sun combination in his own chart, stimulating noble action but also mistreatment.)  Obama's subcycle Dasa planet, however, is Rahu, which he's been running since mid September and won't end until early March. This causes him to push hard but also be subject to victimizing and reversals.   And, the friends and groups qualities of his eleventh house in Scorpio will be harmed.

This VedicLeaks entry sounds very grim, but since only through turmoil comes change, there's opportunity to resolve issues and make progress. Yes, the malefic energies make doing this the hard way, but isn't that nearly always true in the combative and raucous world of U.S. politics?

Finally, bear in mind that your own Vedic chart may be able to use this stellium on Scorpio to advantage -- if you have a favorable rising sign for that.



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November 24, 2014

The Scorpio Stellium Is In Full Effect

     With Mercury having transited into Scorpio early this morning, there's a full-effect Stellium of four planets in deep, dark Scorpio.  The above November 17 VedicLeaks entry stated, On November 24, Mercury will shift into Scorpio, making a stellium (a cluster) of four planets there.  It won't be until mid December that Venus, Mercury and the Sun clear out of Scorpio.  So, until then, expect a lot of turmoil!

    This transit chart for today shows the stellium in Scorpio.  Note that Mercury is just 0 degrees and 51 minutes, weak at the edge of the sign and further harmed by approaching restrictive Saturn at 2 degrees and 38 minutes.  Yet, even as Mercury passes Saturn in the next few days, the pressure will continue.  In Vedic Astrology, a planet effects the entire sign and thereby planets in the sign.

     Again referencing the above November 17 entry, several harmful karmas with a global reach were suggested:  government leaders, governmental issues, illness and enemies.  Ukraine and the Mideast pots are boiling up again.  There have also been major violences in Kenya and Afghanistan.



     For the U.S., Ferguson Kansas has erupted, With no indictment, chaos fills Ferguson streets.  Protests echoed across the country, Demonstrators close down three New York bridges as peaceful protests occur in 90 cities across the U.S. over grand jury decision that Officer Darren Wilson won't face charges in the death of Michael Brown.  Also, Secretary of Defense Hagel resigned today.

     Interestingly, President Obama's November 21 Obama spurns GOP with expansive immigration orders hasn't resulted in much beyond huffing and puffing -- so far.  Still, there must be some kind of strife here, for the stellium is in the U.S. chart's twelfth house of loss.  With such major loss karma, perhaps there simply isn't an aggressive path against the President's executive action without costs greater than any benefit?

     The above chart graphic has a second highlight -- yellow for the Moon approaching Mars.  Related is a red arrow for Mars aspecting Jupiter.  As the Moon is the home, and Jupiter is the planet of the home in the U.S. chart, and a lot watery energy in Scorpio, Buffalo may suffer more from the flood than from the blizzard.  Other hazardous weather is likely.

     There another really provocative karma going on with Scorpio -- scandal and sex.  Everyone knows Bill Cosby has finally been convincingly outed for his raping many women.  The eighth house is also the hips and thereby the butt.  So, on November 13, there's Kim Kardashian's publicity stunt, Kim Kardashian “Breaks the Internet” with Nude Magazine Cover.  She waves her butt like it's the American flag.

     This would not be of any merit, except that nearly half way around the world, another diva exposed her butt, to major political/religious reactions.  This article was published November 19, #BBC trending: The dress that shocked the Arab world, Haifa is on one side of the debate within Arab society.  The Islamic State represents the other extreme in people's minds and some have pointed to the contrasts between both worlds Arabs are exposed to today.  Here's the video, Oppa Haifa Wehbe Star Academy 10 Prime.  While Haifa is a similarly artificial construct as Kim for her extensive plastic surgery, she does have amazing charisma and projects herself as a symbol of modern Arabia.  In fact, Haifa is open and purposeful in her flaunting, which has its roots in her culture's sensual belly dancing -- which conservative Islamists decry. 


     Although this is not straight-line thinking, Haifa' activist celebrity connects to the article, Sun sets on Opec dominance in new era of lower oil prices.  Recall, last year's Special Section about the long and destructive Saturn/Rahu conjunction -- A Whirlwind Summer And Fall 2013.  It included the In-depth Forecast, Mideast Karma Peaking Again.  That showed the ten to eleven year Saturn/Rahu conjunction cycle uncannily matches up with major Mideast turmoils:  1945 King Oil, 1956 Suez Crisis, 1968 War Of Attrition, 1979 Iranian Revolution, 1991 Gulf War, 2001+ Afghanistan War and 2013-14 Saturn/Rahu Conjunction.  It appears, then, that this latest Saturn/Rahu conjunction turmoil is the shift-away from Mideast oil dominance.  And, won't that obviate the stranglehold kings and dictators have held, with the support of conservative Muslims?  Haifa waving her butt for freedom and liberation is a powerful symbol here.


The Five Senses Have Company

     Scorpio is the sign of hidden things, of the occult and metaphysics in general.  In this age of economic suffering, it's difficult to focus back upon spirituality -- which is accessed via Scorpio.

     This current BBC article, Psychology: How many senses do we have?, surfaces now with so much Scorpio energy unveiling secret and hidden things.  It's not a big stretch to connect this with Scorpio's metaphysics.  How else, for example, could astrology work than through the use of senses beyond the traditional five?  It is a sensory gift to perceive subtle planetary symbolisms.  And aren't Ayurveda and Acupuncture similarly subtle?  How about the benefits of meditation, yoga, breath work.... all of which expand consciousness?  What about psychics, tarot readers and their ilk? 

     Consider also people who claim to have electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which scientific analysis of just the five senses fails to explain, Could Wifi be harming YOUR health? That’s what a growing number of people believe is triggering their headaches, nausea and crippling pain.  Doesn't it make sense that electromagnetic signals are affecting one or more of their other senses?  Science has proven migrating birds use a special sense, an awareness of the earth's magnetic field to navigate across continents, even oceans.  If birds can do stuff like this, shouldn't people also be supersensitive in their own ways?

     It's time to reacquaint ourselves with these subtle senses, to reclaim our spiritually.  Scorpio is the language of spirituality -- the place where spirits dwell.  To get through the swamp of economic and social unfairnesses, we all need to reawaken the spiritual consciousness to navigate around or over the headwinds.  Truly, the flapping our wings strategy is only just flapping our wings, just as Kim is only waving her butt.



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