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April 2017




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April 4 2017

Venus In Pisces Through May

The March 30 Celestial Wheel entry, Nothing To Say, summarized the results of Venus, the Sun and Mercury transiting Pisces March 14 through 26 -- Trump's eighth house of calamity,

The political and career predictions came true - in spades. Trump has faced many crises and lost significant battles, most notably the travel ban court rulings and failing to repeal Obamacare.  This last fell right in the most sensitive interval -- March 14 to 26.  The House abandoned its repeal and replace bill last Friday, March 24.  He is increasingly distrusted now. His political capital is largely exhausted. The only area that has not actualized is health issues -- at least to our knowledge.

That entry wrapped up with,

However, fear not!   The March 14 entry stated, Trump will likely survive this month's buzz saw, but he will be bruised and battered for it. This coming summer and fall, when restrictive Saturn crosses his all-important Moon two more times, will insure he's thrown out.  And his health must suffer, even with great food at the White House!


Well, it's not yet the summer/fall interval when Saturn crosses his Moon two more times.   (That, btw, will be early July through the month of September.)  Rahu, the head-of-the dragon eclipse point, will bring further havoc when it changes signs from Leo to Cancer mid September -- the twelfth house of loss for Trump and the eighth house of calamity for the U.S. chart.  For the moment, let's just make note of these future challenges as signaling Trump's downfall -- being thrown out.

Of more immediate concern is what is happening now and how the rest of the spring will unfold.  Let's go back to the March 3 entry, Crises Unfolding, which explained that Venus' extended stay in Pisces is the primary culprit in his troubles this spring,

Unfortunately for Trump (but fortunate for most of the rest of us) is that Venus goes retrograde today.. That backwards motion keeps her in Pisces for way beyond her usual 30 days -- until the end of May.  Exalted in Pisces, Venus does her best there, and being across from Jupiter, stimulates Venus' significations further -- romance, beauty, creativity, wealth, humanitarianism, grace, sensitivity, peace and contentment, joy, beauty, the arts, adornments, pleasures of all kinds....


This is bad for Trump because Pisces is hit eighth house of scandal, even downfall.  The eighth is like the sign of Scorpio -- deep, dark and chocked full of challenging karmas that surface when planets transit through.  Venus in Trump's chart rules his third house of close associates and tenth house of career. (His Venus thereby carries these energies.)  Look for Jeff Sessions to suffer further, and other close associates come under fire for their hidden transgressions --secrets revealed that reside in the eighth house.  And anticipate Trump's career will suffer.  As Venus is one of the female planets, look for women in Trump's life to also come under fire.

So, yes, Mercury has left Pisces, and the Sun will also shift out of the eighth house position for Trump soon -- on April 14.  Although these planets are not combining to put Trump into the buzz saw, Venus persisting in Pisces until the end of May must cause Trump great troubles through the spring.

To understand this planetary karma, note this red bold sentence from the above excerpt, Venus in Trump's chart rules his third house of close associates and tenth house of career. (His Venus thereby carries these energies.)  These, then, are areas of concern for Trump.  But, before we analyzed this for detail, know that the longer a planet is disposed in a sign, the greater its impacts -- like a prolonged rain brings floods.  So, the karma continues and strengthens through the end of May -- nearly two more months.

To better understand this, here again is Trump's chart.  See that Venus-ruled Taurus is his tenth house of career and Venus-ruled Libra is his third house of close associates.  Now look at where Venus is placed -- in the twelfth house of loss and hidden enemies with a very malicious Saturn, which rules his sixth house of open enemies. Thereby, his career is beset with hidden and open enemies now, and his close associates are also hidden and open enemies. (Note -- Trump's Moon rules his twelfth house of hidden enemies, and as such, is another indicator of those.  But that karma doesn't sour until the summer/fall, when Saturn crosses his Moon twice more -- as mentioned above.  Don't be concerned about this now.)


Venus in Pisces now is a transit -- a secondary karma to Trump's primary karma planetary cycles -- Dasas. Transits are less impactive than Dasas and are timing indicators.  (The Celestial Wheel most often measures transits, and for simplicity doesn't often mention Dasas.)

Here's the cardinal rule for predictions -- when Dasas and transits match, predictions for major events can be made.  Let's look at Trump's Dasas this spring.  Notice that Venus is a fourth level Dasa planet from April 12 to May 2.  Thereby, Venus is active in Trump's Dasas, his transit Venus confirms the karma by being in his catastrophic sign of Pisces and the action is in the houses Venus rules -- career and close associates, who are his hidden and open enemies.

Using the rains analogy above, in this situation, the prolonged rains become downpours that cause extreme flooding.  His career suffers, and his close associates act against him, both in secret and in the open.

There is one more transit karma that adds to the flooding rains -- puts salt on the wounds -- powerful Rahu is now crossing Trump's Ascendant point -- the exact location in his first house that is the self.  Considering that Trump was born on an eclipse, this is another Rahu-eclipsing karma.  It both boosts his ego and destroys confidence. making him eccentric, fearful and volatile.  He will also do and say things that are impossible to understand, which karma has been already building up.  Acts of desperation can occur.

As unsettling, actually upsetting, as Trump's antics are, the twin planetary karmas of Venus and Rahu will exacerbate this and bring him great harm -- which is is unable to overcome with even his most devious ploys.   Let's just hope he's defanged before he can do something truly horrific -- like attack North Korea.  Thankfully, twittering is only words, not bombs.





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Doug Riemer



April 9, 2017

A Retrograde Season


The Celestial Wheel has focused upon Trump almost exclusively the past several months -- because he is preeminent as a revolutionary president.  Trump is tearing up the turf in this still new Rahu (head-of-the-dragon eclipse point) 18 year planetary cycle (Dasa) in the U.S. chart.  (Rahu Dasa runs 12/1/2015 to 11/30/20133.)  Trump is thus only warm up act for the Second Progressive Age.  A savior for democracy is yet unknown but certainly in our future.

To refresh your memory again about Rahu Dasa, read the December 1 2015 entry, Second Progressive Age Dawning -- A long time comin. A long time gone.

The December 5, 2015 entry followed with this striking visual,

Gaping mouth, sword, shield, trident, granting wishes, on lion and dark colored

The Destroyer Of Now And Creator Of Tomorrow


But, of course, Rahu is not the only player on the celestial field.  Other significations come into play.  We are now in the midst of an unusually intense retrograde season.  Three planets are in retrograde motion now, and Mercury joins these tomorrow.   Four retrogrades are a lot when one considers there are only seven planets, and the Sun and Moon do not go retrograde.  That means a maximum of five planets go retrograde.  Only Mars retains forward motion now.

Planets are retrograde when the earth passes them, giving an appearance of the planet moving backward -- like passing a car on the highway. Here's a visual.


Planets are closest to the earth during retrogrades. which is great for planetary astronomy, Close-Approaching Jupiter Dazzles in New Hubble Photo,

This proximity also gives planets strength astrologically -- but on the inner plane, not the outer one.  There's a psychological intensity here, which is complimented by bringing things from the past.

Thus, there's an inward and backward focus, which the Indians love for being spiritualy enriching.  Retrograde, however, is not strong in the outer plane -- the world.  Regular -- forward -- motion is active and assertive, moving us ahead into the future. Retrograde - backward -- is latent or passive.  Forward motion is driving down the road, and retrograde is taking your foot off the accelerator.

Here are the dates for these four retrogrades.

Jupiter February 7 to June 10
Venus March 50 April 16
Saturn April 6 to August 26
Mercury April 10 to May 3

With Mercury retrograde beginning tomorrow, these four planets will all be retrograde until April 16. Then, Venus turns forward. Thereby, three planets -- Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury -- will be retrograde from April 16 to May 3.

It's hard to judge how this impacts, but certainly the analogy of taking ones foot off the accelerator is apt.  Along with that, then, is a loss of traction -- the the tires don't track well on the road. and progress ahead is retarded.  Translate these concepts to our own personal experiences.  It's difficult to stay on track with activities, and progress is slowed, with some achievements actually undone.  If you're repairing something, for example, you may find it difficult to fit new parts in, or you may even install them incorrectly and have to redo the entire job.

So, it's best to be patient with yourself this spring, and even through the summer, in setting goals and achieving them.  Use the inward and backward energy to delve into the nature of things to better focus your efforts.

Obviously and naturally, these retrogrades cause Trump and the U.S. to be in a tizzy, for there's now a huge push forward by the administration and Congress to use the Republican party's control to advantage.  And, any progress will be subject to being stalled, reversed or even backfiring.

Yet, this unusual retrograde intensity is just part of Rahu creating chaos.  Understanding it this way can bring some comfort, or at least ease anxieties, for Rahu is the dragon, which breathes fire to scorch the earth.





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Doug Riemer


April 17, 2017

Thankfully, Twittering iIs Only Words,  Not Bombs

The April 4 Celestial Wheel entry, Venus In Pisces Through May, explained that transit Venus is in Trump's eighth house of catastrophe and transit Rahu on his Ascendant adds to challenging karma.   Here's part of the summary on the home page,

Venus-ruled Taurus is his tenth house of career and Venus-ruled Libra is his third house of close associates.  Venus is placed in the twelfth house of loss and hidden enemies with a very malicious Saturn, which rules his sixth house of open enemies.  Trump's career is beset with hidden and open enemies, and his close associates are hidden and open enemies.

One more transit karma adds to the flooding rains.  Rahu is now crossing Trump's Ascendant point -- the exact location of the self.  This both boosts his ego and destroys confidence. making him eccentric, fearful and volatile.

The planetary karmas of Venus and Rahu bring him great harms -- which is is unable to overcome.  Let's just hope he's defanged before he can do something truly horrific -- like attack North Korea.  Thankfully, twittering is only words, not bombs.


I'm not sure whether the title of today's entry. Thankfully, twittering is only words, not bombs, is prophetic or ironic, but it certainly hits the bulls eye!  Just 3 days later Trump ordered the missile strike on the Syrian air base.  He followed that up with the Mother Of All Bombs a week after that.

That same day, Trump sent a carrier group to the Korean peninsula with a cruiser that can shoot down missiles.

The eighth house is calamity because it is the house of life and death.  As such, it can bring forth terrible violences, like Trump is now doing, repeatedly.

By now, everyone understands that Trump is the Liar In Chief . He never tells the truth by always misleading, deflecting and distracting.  What he says and does is never about the subject at hand but rather about influencing something else.  Because the Russians are also at the Syrian base, he labeled them as enemies to distance himself from his previous claims of friendship -- to blunt the investigations against Russian interference in the election, and collaboration with his own folks.  The same can be said for the Afghanistan bombing.  But, the naval threat to north Korea is not so obvious as to its ulterior motive.  Trump could be using military force to built up his approval ratings in order to get legislation passed -- like healthcare, which he already has said again must come first.

Or, it's more likely something more devious, beyond even his usual Machiavellian mischiefs.

But then, maybe he's developed a taste for blood with his huge military?

All I can say here is that with Venus not longer in latent-energy retrograde -- and now moving forward again assertively -- she fills him to the top with energy -- as described in the February 20 entry, Why Trump Is So "Full Of Himself' Now,

Venus is currently early in Pisces, moving toward her exaltation point (strongest) point of 27 degrees in her long journey through Pisces that ends May 30.  So, she gets stronger by the day, filling Trump to the brim, even overflowing, with energy.  And remember from the April 4 entry, his primary-karma Dasas (planetary cycles) now include Venus -- from April 12 to May 2.


Remember, Venus is his planet of career and close associates -- so expect him to continue to struggle with his job and have mashups with close associates.  They are both his open and secret enemies, and they will lie to protect themselves from their involvements with the Russians.

And Rahu, currently at 7:26 Leo, is nearly on top of his Ascendant point (self) at 6:55 Leo -- for Rahu moves backwards.  As an eclipse point, it does exactly what the word means -- blocks.

And, look what happens April 19 to 22 -- Rahu becomes active in his Dasas.

Of course, Mercury retrograde creates all kinds of confusions and misunderstandings, and accidents too. Plus with the big planets, Jupiter and Saturn weakly retrograde, their encircling the solar system can't stabilize the other planets.

Here again are the four retrograde this spring, explained in the April 9 entry.

Jupiter February 7 to June 10
Venus March 5 April 15
Saturn April 6 to August 26
Mercury April 10 to May 3

Still, for most of the rest of us, Venus exalted in Pisces until May 30 is generally good.  Retrograde Jupiter's aspect to Venus, although latent, further strengthens her significations for love, spring love affairs, compassion, grace, happiness and contentment, beauty, the arts, vehicles, women, luxuries.....  Saturn retrograde weakens his retstrictions, which is good.  Mercury retrograde, of course, can lead one down the wrong path in romance, spending, enjoyments.....   Don't overindulge.

Too, keep your eye on current events, for these influence your individual experiences, especially with a new paranoid president shooting off missiles, dropping bombs and threatening with naval warships.



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Doug Riemer


April 23, 2017

Big Geomagnetic Storm

Geomagnetic storms have appeared to aggravate planetary afflictions.

That is, when planets are afflicted, as they are now by still three retrogrades, the problems they cause
are increased by geomagnetic storms.

Mishaps on airlines seem to fit here, and since airlines fly at high altitudes, passengers receive more
geomagnetic energy.

As this week can be momentous for Congress attempting to reauthorize the budget -- or create a new one --
and health care legislation is also being pushed again by Trump, the geomagnetic activity will only make
these issues more contentious.  Of course, there are international stresses with North Korea, Syria, Iran
and France holds its first of two national elections today.

Remember, The Celestial Wheel has predicted that none of Trump's legislative agenda items will pass.




The Celestial Wheel 2002-2017©
Doug Riemer


April 27, 2017

Only Little People Pay Taxes

There appear to be three issues with which Congress is wrestling this week.  First is resuscitating their failed ACA repeal..  Second is Trump's massive tax cuts.  Third is passing a budget, with maybe Trump's tax and domestic spending cuts, and possibly the health care plan repeal?  Oh, the the border wall first in the budget and now out.

All this happening during a triple retrograde -- Jupiter and Saturn, (the big planets which propel the solar system) plus Mercury (steering our actions) being retrograde.  Here again, from the April 17 Celestial Wheel entry, are this spring's excessive retrogrades,

Jupiter February 7 to June 10
Venus March 5 April 15
Saturn April 6 to August 26
Mercury April 10 to May 3

To understand this energy, consider the analogy of a storm-tossed ship losing its twin Jupiter/Saturn engines, and then Mercury's steering system going out.  Forward progress peters out, and the ship is unable to maintain its course.  It flounders.  Confusions and fears arise.  Finger pointing inevitably shifts to jumping for the life boats.

This is what the U.S. ship of state is going through right now.  That is why I wrote above, "There appear to be three issues with which Congress is wrestling this week."

The Republicans in Congress, and the Trump administration, may be able to muddle through some kind of short term budget agreement.  But even with their control of the legislative and executive branches, they won't be able to achieve their small government (states rights) goals: lowering taxes, cutting spending, and dumping Obamacare. Trump is too crazy -- especially now.  Cherished Republican supply-side economics and shrinking government spending agendas simply won't fly in the face of broad based public resistance.  They'll be doing well if they can keep the pumps going long enough to avoid sinking until the storm passes.

This today New York Times article is illustrative, "...What Changed in the Health Repeal Plan to Win Over the Freedom Caucus, "... a waiver program that would allow states to apply to eliminate three major insurance regulations established by Obamacare.

If you're under sixty, you probably don't remember, Leona Helmsley, the Queen Of Mean. It was during her trial for tax evasion that Leona famously said, We don't pay taxes. Only little people pay taxes. Leona was found guilty and spend 19 months in prison.  Oh, in case you are Mercury retrograde confused, Leona is the one on the left.





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