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Subscriber Accolades

Subscriber Accolades

The CW has provided such guidance, solace and even hope through these hard times.  I don't know why people aren't jumping up and down to get this insight.  Seems that most people prefer to live in their dream world, unconscious and unaware - or only let in limited information from outside the controlled environment that provides them with a feeling of (false) safety.  I hope that the new progressive age will be about more and more willing to leave the matrix.  F.L Baltimore

Re: 2012 Mayan Calender End. Interesting undertaking to try to maintain a modicum of sensibility in the middle of all of the "channeled" craziness.
Kudos! S.W. Texas

I love reading it so much. Truly the world through Vedic eyes. S.K. Georgia and Hyderabad, India

I, for one, appreciate your research efforts. C.S. North Carolina

Keep up your research and writing. You have great gifts. D. H. Arizona

I have counted on the CW to give me the global weather forecast for years now. I ALWAYS have your forecasts and trend reports floating around in the back of my mind helping me to make decisions about what is coming up for me individually. There is probably not a day that goes by without a mental reference to the CW in one regard or another. My friends, my daughter, even some clients are regularly treated to "Well, Doug says...." . The CW provides the global sweep and perspective that we all need so much right now. M.L. Maryland

Your information is so good. J. A. Arizona

You can raise the consciousness of people - one client at a time - with this type of counseling. S.D. Maryland

There are a lot of people in need of your work especially lately. B.R. Arizona



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