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  December 1 -- 31, 2011



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December 13, 2011

Stormy Planetary Skies Are Clearing

     The November 16 VedicLeaks  discussed the tough ending of transit Saturn in Virgo November 14, followed closely by the duality of the eclipse season and a Mercury retrograde.

     Saturn's Virgo ending November 14 was described as, signifying illness, debts, conflicts and enemies in the natural zodiac (global planetary weather) and the tenth house of the public and government officials in the U.S. Vedic chart

     For the eclipse season, I wrote, November 25, a partial solar at 8 degrees Scorpio and December 10, a total lunar 25 degrees Taurus, and Mercury, does its third retrograde in 2001, from November 24 through December 13 ...With Mercury in the midst of the eclipses, this retrograde will be eventful.  This Mercury retrograde was detailed November 24, Mercury retrograde falls almost exactly into the instability interval indicated by the eclipse season.  Mercury's the rational mind, calculations, communications, nervous system, and (physically) the skin and respiratory system) are all adversely affected.  Communications includes verbal and written -- in both mechanical and electronic modes. November 30 added the last Mercury retrograde piece, That the sign is hidden and secretive Scorpio exacerbates -- and in world events, reveals secreted information.

     With the effects of the December 10 lunar eclipse falling off, and Mercury returning to normal-functioning forward motion this evening, we can all look forward to challenges ebbing and solutions possible.

     A key quality I missed was the close proximity between Saturn's November 14 ending in Virgo and the quick beginning of the eclipse season with overlapping Mercury retrograde about 10 days later.  Actually, the eclipse season begins before the first eclipse (November 25) by a week, further shortening the calm interval to a few days.  Well, it has been difficult to think clearly. Too, stuff fitting the predicted Mercury ills hit the fan. These required quick attention and were both disconcerting and distracting. 

     While Mercury remains retrograde for several hours, the tie-in between the two sets of astrological stresses is becoming clear.  Illnesses begun during Saturn in Virgo have continued and exacerbated since then.  Illness is easy to see for being so impactive.  One client's father is on his last lap in intensive care.  Another with cancer surgery had a second procedure and is now going through extreme curative measures.  Not mentioned above is that Scorpio signifies chronic illness.  Another aspect of this was discussed in the November 30 VedicLeaks,  The title, Uncertainty, speaks for itself.  Ah, the ship clearing the fog bank will be a great relief.

     So, hold your hat for one more day and look forward tomorrow to assessing harms and getting your life back on track. You may also need some overdue mental rest -- for Mercury's nervous system has truly been under siege.



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December 15, 2011

     The below Heads-up was e-mailed directly to Subscribers midday today.


     The planets ere temporarily weak today through Friday.  Weak is different from afflicted.  The former means a planet simply can't do much.  Afflicted means harms to the planet resulting in negatives -- either things that happen to us or the results of our efforts.

     This weakness arises from planets changing signs, like the edge of a river has little current, a boat doesn't move.  In Vedic Astrology, this is called Sandhi, which in Sanskrit means dead.

     Below is the chart of the natural zodiac starting at Aries, which symbolizes global planetary weather.  So, everyone everwhere is impacted.  Highlighted in yellow are three Sandhi planets -- Venus, the Sun and the Moon.  Notice the perceptional Moon is with aggressive Mars.  Mars stimulates the worldly Moon to action, but those efforts can be fruitless when other planets are Sandhi -- even when the fast-moving Moon moves well into Leo.


     Getting things done with three Sandhi planets is like pushing a string.  So, take it easy on yourself, and others too!  Slow down.  Rest as you feel you need to.  And follow the adage, Today I'll do as much as I can.  And tomorrow, I'll do some more!

     By Saturday, all three planets will have moved to stronger positions -- two degrees of more into the river, where the deeper water brings a current for effective action.



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December 20 2011

Jupiter Forward!

     We should all be looking forward to wise and fortunate Jupiter turning forward this Christmas day, ending a long four month latent retrograde since the end of August.  This has been discussed in several of these short-subject VedicLeaks and also most recently in the December 7 In-depth Forecast, Soft Landing  - the last section.

     The November 7 VedicLeaks summed up the influence change,


     The ongoing Occupy movement is the national and grass-roots effort to restore shared democratic values. As a Sprint representative just told me on the phone, I thought we were a democracy, not just a capitalist system.  Jupiter, which is ethics, has been weakly retrograde since August 30 in Aries, a Mars'-ruled sign. Mars' energy on Jupiter stimulates advocacy.  Jupiter turns forward Christmas Day, regaining his power. This suggests the new year will see protests rise in scope and action.   Don't be surprised to at news of rioting instead of watching the ball fall in Times Square.

     Jupiter is the great benefic, the planet of  the higher mind,, philosophy, religion, and thereby justice and fairness.  Because he rule two signs (Sagitarius and Pisces) and throws three aspects (glances), his current transit placement is tremendously influential.  As stated above, Jupiter is now in Aries, which as the first house in the natural zodiac -- the best possible position for global planetary weather.  For the U.S. chart, Aries is the fifth house of merit, good deeds, charity,governing and leadership -- another excellent position.

     To understand how important Jupiter's transit position is, he was transiting his fallen -- weakest -- sign of Capricorn from December 1998 for a year -- his usual stint in a sign.  Recall the economy was imploding during that interval.  (Note: for me, Capricorn is my fourth house of the home, causing me to move several times.)

     Below is a chart for today showing Jupiter's position in Aries.  Note the R to the right of his Ju abbreviation.  The R signifies retrograde.  That symbol will disappear Christmas day.  The signs/houses highlighted in yellow -- Jupiter's color -- are those Jupiter influences. The black lines show the three aspects.  Just looking at the spread of expansive and optimistic Jupiter yellow shows his dominance -- like spring flowers cover the desert floor after a big rain.  (Note:  At other times, other planets and other combinations hold sway.  It is also true in this case that restrictive Saturn is out of the way, and the Moon's nodes, Rahu and Ketu, aren't doing much either.)


     Jupiter has already brought some positive results since he began the Aries transit April 22 of this year.  Three despots have fallen:  Osama Bin Laden May 1, Moammar Kadafi October 20 and two days ago the North Korean Dictator, Kim Jon Il.

     The upcoming VedicLeaks will present further affirmatives since late April and suggest upcoming positive results and trends from his forward motion starting Christmas day until he ends in Aries mid May.



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December 22, 2011


    The below was emailed to Subscibers midday today.


Temporary Celestial Stresses
      We're currently experiencing temporary, but still potent stresses for the mental planets -- Mercury the intellect and nervous system and the Moon -- perception and emotion.

     Below is a current chart -- where the planets are in today's skies.  This is a transit chart, showing global planetary weather affecting everyone, everywhere.


     Mercury is nervous being close to Rahu, the voracious head-of-the-dragon eclipse point. Mercury is also being aspected by aggressive Mars, as shown by the yellow arrow.  This is the eighth house of the natural zodiac and thereby the sign of Scorpio -- a watery sign of deep and hidden dangers that cause both fearfulness and sudden intense events.

     With these afflictions, given that Mercury is also the skin and sense of touch, you may feel like jumping out of your skin. Similarly. Mercury's skill is affected.  Don't try to blow through red lights!  Too, use care in celebrating to excess.

     The perceptional Moon joined Mercury late last evening, and this is difficult for also be afflicted by Rahu and Mars and being the Moon's fallen -- weakest -- sign.

     Further, when these two mental planets combine, mental intensity amps up.

     So, take it easy. Don't panic!  Pay heed to the old Simon and Garfunkel song, 59th Street Bridge song (Feelin Groovy),

Slow down, you move too fast
You got to make the morning last
Just kicking down the cobblestones
Looking for fun and feeling groovy
Ba da da da da da da, feeling groovy

     One concern I've noticed is sudden illness, which ranges from minor discomforts, to sharp pain.  In a few cases, the indication is of an incarnation ending.  These result from the above described transits and also for restrictive Saturn throwing an aspect (glance) to the Sun -- the body.

     As concerns world events, governments, politics and business are also adversely affected. Let's just hope that the holiday vacations will interupt these enough so that none does too much damage.  The U.S. is especially affected.

     The Moon will escape Scorpio just after midnight December 24, which will greatly relieve these tensions.  Remember abundant and optimistic Jupiter will turn forward midday December 25, which will elevate the entire Celestial energy field.

     Now, Mercury will be getting very close to Rahu Christmas Day, and Mercury won't be clear of the dragon's head until December 28.  The tendency to rush and feel hyped up will continue.  But the compensating influences of the Moon and Jupiter can make this energy highly productive.  Still, keep in mind, Slow down, you move too fast.




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December 25, 2011

A Special Gift From The Heavens

As discussed in December VedicLeaks entries, the heavens have a special Christmas gift -- valuable whether the holiday is religious or secular, or you prefer New Years, less than a week away   Beyond the good fortune, it gives assurance there is indeed order in the universe, which proof truly is Vedic Astrology's gift to humanity.

Jupiter, the great benefic, turns forward today at 4:45 ET, allowing his energies to be fully expressed. Further, that Jupiter is in the fortunate position of Aries stimulates his best and highest qualities -- luck and fortune, fairness, justice, wisdom and most importantly, advocacy.  Jupiter has been in Aries since April 20, but his retrograde since August 30 has made his energy latent and thereby reduced.  It's been a long fall season.

The (above) December 20 VedicLeaks specifically addressed Jupiter forward and cited as examples of his beneficence in Aries signaled the permanent removal of three dictators since late April:  Osama Bin Laden May 1, Moammar Kadafi October 20 and the North Korean Dictator, Kim Jon Il last week.  Rising protests against Vladimir Putin, the Russian strongman trying to retake its presidency, is another positive for democracy and fairness.  Advocacy can also be seen in the ATT takeover effort of T-Mobile stopped by government regulators and the investor public shunning Bank Of America -- bringing its stock below $5, an amount seen as loss of viability.  That worst of all the Bankser Banks will likely be broken up with the pieces sold off. This is a great example of voting with the pocketbook.

You may not relate to the removal of dictators as impacting your life. But T-Mobile escaping the grasp of monster ATT and Bank of America failing have direct and important benefits to all Americans.  T-Mobile keeps cell service prices down, and BOA folding will stop their financial pillaging and raping.  Even more importantly, these are early landmark victories in the long battle during the Millennium Contraction between Gilded Age monied interests and the rest of us.

Jupiter forward in Aries continues for nearly six months, until May 15, 2012.  Use this interval of opportunity arising from good planetary weather globally to advance your own personal agendas.  Also, participate in the tough battles ahead to restore shared democratic values.  And if you don't want to become an activist for yourself, consider the grown children who can't get jobs and who spearheaded the Occupy movement.

Don't let our children, young or grown, down.

To remind yourself of the order in the heavens bringing this wonderful Jupiter, look up at night.  Jupiter is a beacon high overhead.  And Venus is the lovely bright evening star in the west.  The Moon passes by both during its waxing phase, which began yesterday.  The Moon in thin crescent will sail past Venus tonight and the following two evenings.  A quarter full Moon will conjoin Jupiter at New Years and for the next two nights.

It may even be possible to see all three together during the next several nights, as shown in this image.   The night sky will thus be both beautiful and inspiring.




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